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Boris Gorelik has been at 13 events

Joe McNally254,272Joe McNally talks with @114365500417071523054 on Twitter about Photoshop World which is this August in Las Vegas.  This is Joe's first twitter chat so follow him on @joemcnallyphoto and join in at 9pm est.  Twitter Chat2015-04-24 03:00:008  
Trey Ratcliff8,672,727Join us for the Live Show today!! :)  Every Monday 6 PM PT, 9 PM ET (Tue in GMT, Aus, NZ)  — What does the winner get?  Nothing but the pride and the amazing sweet look of defeat upon the faces of the competition! Will @102227359845636175866 win AGAIN?!?  How about @103698889037599783920 ?  Maybe even @115304645050453722342  or newcomer to the Battle, @112975185744389771900 ?  We'll see!  It's gonna be another Very Fun Show from Masters at www.TheArcanum.com ! :) You can see last week's show (and others) here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3fOz_btXi-z0enxhyh5lE2zEtF2rleDY Show 6 of the fun photography competition - The Creation Wars!2014-12-23 03:00:00168  
Moderators - HABITUAL LIGHT CATCHERS2,776*Theme for November's challenge is "panoramic"* #pano   #verticalpano    *The overall winner of this event will get a unique chance to get their work published with SHSS Magazine.*   _Guest Judges:_ @116646759434606634318 @100308714305618703961 @103236949470535942612 _In association with_ @117417642220002040799  and supported by @106632923256517196664   *Photo Credit @116646759434606634318.*  *View the original uncropped 2:1 shot, in all its wonder:* goo.gl/K2Bc8l _Photo Posting Opens - 31st October to 30th November._  *Registration open now (500 guest maximum). +1 and share the event.* *EVENT RULES:* - *TWO ENTRIES ONLY. ONE FOR EACH TAG.* #pano     #verticalpano     You can change your photo during the event but must delete your previous entry. More than one entry results in only your last photo being included, all others will be deleted. _If you want more in-depth feedback, to develop your entries, add #photocritique tag in the comment of your photo, so everyone knows you are looking for ideas/tips to improve your entry._  - *Your photos must be shots showcasing PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHY.* Sorry very little room for interpretation of the theme this time so *no wide angle or fish-eye shots please*, but you are free to use any other technique eg. Long exposure, HDR etc. *Try and keep ratios 2:1 or larger to stand out in this gallery!* We will allow vertical ( #verticalpano ) as well as horizontal  ( #pano )  framing so long as it is relevant to the composition please. Plus the shot does not necessarily have to be a landscape, so great creative.   - *ENTRIES CLOSE on 30th November,* so plenty of time to try stuff out, build ideas or showcase behind the scene setups. You can post ideas on the community page to get early feedback if you wish in "Monthly Challenges" section (but minimum three photos/edits in the community please).  - *The Open Hangout* is mainly to be used for meeting other photographers, who are online, to openly discuss work and meeting the moderators.  Keeping this challenge simple as this type of shot takes time and effort to get it to work well. There are no limits to exposure, shutter speeds or camera type so otherwise you can be as creative as you like. Looking forward to this gallery! Enjoy and have fun.    If you want to join the community, you have to be sharing your own work regularly and publicly on your profile,  request to join here:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111319705064931294553November's Photo Challenge - "Panoramic" (ONE for each tag category only, See Rules) #pano #verticalpano2014-10-31 10:00:00115  
The Photoshop Show2,026Words we would use to describe @117716331467176309008  *Master Retoucher, Artist, Educator, Photographer, Inspiring* Julia Kuzmenko McKim is a Los Angeles based internationally published Beauty, Fashion & Portrait photographer, digital artist, retoucher and educator. An International College of Professional Photography (Melbourne, Australia) graduate. Retouching Academy founder, and Fstoppers Writer.  Julia is a dedicated artist committed to excellence in all that she does and encourages excellence through education and work ethic.  Along with your regular hosts, @115571998474046088312 , @108215644829092784557 and @105845861210914905032 we have a guest panellist, the amazing @100980643623677833022 will be joining us as well. If you don't know her yet, check out some of the amazing work she does here Portfolio: www.juliakuzmenko.com  Facebook page: www.facebook.com/JuliaKuzmenkoPhotography Behance page: www.behance.net/juliakuzmenko Blog: www.retouchingebooks.com/blog Fstoppers articles:www.fstoppers.com/author/julia Retouching Academy: www.retouchingacademy.comThe Photoshop Show 61 - with Guest Julia Kuzmenko McKim2014-08-06 03:00:00166  
Drink and Click New York City/New Jersey572Hey Clickers! Now that the island is finally open, it's about time we visit. So let's meet up at the ferry terminal (manhattan side) and see what the island has to offer! Afterwards, we can hit up one of the many many bars in the Financial District. Happy Clicking!Drink and Click NYC....Hits up Governor's Island!!2014-07-12 15:00:0012  
Curating Content for the Attention Economy19,724*Take a moment to +1 and Share this Event!*  All G+ public can vote and comment on photos!!  Click "View all photos" and pick your favorites! *_4 EASY RULES:_* 1. You *must register here* >>http://goo.gl/EAgTGK to enter 2. Photos *must be posted publicly on G+ within the last 14 days* 3. Enter *only one photo* in the Contest 4. Original work only, submitted by *original photographer* _The photo *posted within the last 2 weeks* does not necessarily have to be *taken* in the last 2 weeks._   A photo = still shot; not gifs, animations, etc.  Previous winning photos of this contest are excluded. Deadline for entry is Sunday morning, sooner is better because *the photo with the *most +1s _and comments*_ here wins!*  Votes (+1s) are accepted for 1 hour past Event notification, unless otherwise posted.   Administered by Malthus John.  Other questions?  Ask in the Circle-Photo share post!  >>http://goo.gl/EAgTGK.  Entry constitutes permission to post the photos as winners of the contest. Check out last week's winners >>http://goo.gl/8gaEyJ 1st Place - *Margaret Tompkins* 2nd Place - *Peter Ebner* 3rd Place - *Toshi Nakamura* Honorable Mention - *Graham Hartle* *These 3 (placed) photographers will sit out for 1 week*, and will select an "Honorable Mention" next week with Malthus John. 2014 PEC Winners Photo Album >>http://goo.gl/pzCz4B New 2014 PEC Honorable Mentions Album >>http://goo.gl/b9o9LA Also see the 2013 Winner's Photo Album >>http://goo.gl/prDTcA You need to be a member of the PEC, or a guest..  Anyone in the PEC can also invite more guests (they still need to register!).  Please explain/translate as needed! #photographycontest   #photo_of_the_week   #PEC   #photo_exchange_club   #photographers   #googleplusphotoevents   #curatedcontent  G+ PEC Photo of the Week Contest / Show2014-03-09 16:00:00222  
The Photoshop Show2,026*Considered one of the best creative plug ins for Photoshop* *The Nik Collection by Google* Join +Jan Kabili and +Ron Clifford as we welcome +Dan Hughes of +Nik Photography.  Seriously creative tools for your Photoshop and Lightroom.   Dan is an accomplished photographer and educator who focuses on creating and dispersing educational content for many of the premiere companies in the photographic industry. He is as passionate about teaching the art as a craft as he is at helping to foster creativity by breaking away from the norms.  In this demonstration we will talk about creating depth, form, and movement in our photographs. We will focus on techniques using the Nik Collection by Google along with Photoshop to get the most control out of the post process. .  Join the comments on the Event right here where you can ask your questions and share your thoughts.  We are looking forward to seeing you Tuesday night at 9pm eastern / 6pm pacific You can also watch live on our YouTube channel and if you can't make the live event, It will be here for re-broadcast right after the event is over.  Right here or on our YouTube Channel here: http://bit.ly/1lLAh6k Our Fantastic producer and our regular and engaging panelist +Dave Bell and +Erika Thornes will help bring your questions into the live event!The Photoshop Show 48 - with guest Dan Hughes2014-01-08 01:30:00141  
Ali Elhajj29,994Join us for a discussion with Canadian glamour and wedding photographer +Joe Pearson.  Joe will be presenting a live model shoot in-studio focusing on beauty lighting.   If you've ever wondered about the ins & outs of an in-studio shoot, this is the hangout for you! We will be broadcasting on the +Vidcast Network  as well as on Hangouts on Air and will also be taking questions via chat.  PlusPhotoShow OnAir in-Studio Shoot2013-02-12 02:45:0027  
Billy Wilson1,547,101Another Episode of my weekly G+ variety show @108595299975404341987 ! The show is one of the largest & longest running on G+ and brings together a variety of the most interesting people on G+ for a hangout! This week we have a great group of Photographers joining us including @102384669117825357195, @117681034834791918293, @106539835304510344813, @104723167398398004122, @104306683219947597418, and @114728245424310221692; Storyteller @113690413034777001392; along with our Special Musical Guest @104512939554821050751 ! The show will be embedded on this event where you can watch and chat with us and other people watching the show, the recording will be available immediately afterwards. You can get reminders about the show if you RVSP by saying you're "Going". @111188574736819390850 loves to share screenshots of himself posted to the event!  You can watch previous episodes here: http://goo.gl/ceHtH The player is embedded above. #ThatShowWithBillyWilson       #TSBWTSBW Variety Show #40: Photography & Fun along with Live Music from Danni Rosner ! (On Air Hangout)2013-01-05 04:00:00157  
SmugMug46,986Ever wonder how world traveler and humanitarian photographer +Colby Brown creates such stunning images? Please join SmugMug, +Nik Software  and Colby himself to get an exclusive sneak peek into his personal Lightroom workflow. He'll show you how you can do everything from import to upload in one single program, including using Nik Software's Plugins to quickly produce perfect pictures. Unleash the power of Lightroom and start processing like a pro! More from Colby: http://www.colbybrownphotography.com/ We'll host the hangout on +SmugMug, so keep an eye on our page for updates.Hang With Colby Brown, Nik Software and SmugMug2012-12-19 03:00:00419  
Ron Clifford2,916,237+Jan Kabili Myself +Ron Clifford Joined by our always fantastic panel are excited to bring you techniques you can actually use!  and to help us do that +Ali Elhajj Is joining us to to talk about ad demonstrate editing single and multiple raw HDR with Photomatix, Lightroom and Photoshop! This is a very popular topic and Ali will help us demystify the secrets behind the techniques to get stunning images. *A Little bit about Ali:* "I'm an Orlando based Photographer and educator specializing in HDR photography.  My style borders on the surreal and I am drawn to elegance and highly dramatic scenes full of tension and conflict:  I revel in the moments before a storm.  I teach workshops regularly and am always up for a good photowalk." Other Tidbits: I'm a canon shooter and spend most of my editing time in photoshop and lightroom.  I use photomatix for HDR.  I also run a non-profit that delivers Christmas gifts to orphans, children with special needs and children suffering from post-traumatic stress in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  For future updates, show times announcements and recordings of previous shows, follow our Page at +The Photoshop Show  _and please share, it's always appreciated_The Photoshop Show 21 with Guest Ali Elhajj2012-12-12 03:00:00136  
Rufat Abas11,949Camera and photographer - the perfect match. All the photographers are invited to *share the photographs that have a camera on it.* You can share photos *(up to five)* you've already taken or take a new one. Submit photos of cameras2012-09-22 21:00:0023  
Trey Ratcliff8,672,727I can't wait for this great event!  I'm flying from New Zealand to New York and a few hours after landing, I'll see you here.  It'll be great fun! *What to bring:* ANY Camera, even mobile phones.  And yes, if you have a tripod, you can bring that too.  They can't stop all of us! *Who to bring:*  It's a family-friendly event, so bring your photo-curious kids, friends, or anyone! *When:*  Aug 14th starting at 6PM New York time!  The sun sets at 7:54 PM that day. *Cost:* Free.  All my PhotoWalks are free as a way to give back to all of you that have given me so much.  These photowalks are simply a great celebration of photography. "Where:" We'll start in the WTC area and end up in Battery Park.  Here is more exact info below: Google Map Spot:  http://goo.gl/maps/PEdHO 24 Cortlandt St New York, NY 10006 If you do streetview and look across the street from Century 21, there is a long wall where we can meet: http://goo.gl/maps/Kauff *Sharing Afterwards:*  Attach your photos to this event And/Or use the tag #TRNewYorkPhotowalk Thanks to @108531255239680225213 for helping me out with this!  Also, maybe my friend @114092052797730247075 can help me set up for the @106837773805813749834  so that we can get even more people to join in the fun!New York PhotoWalk! Join me for a Free and Fun evening!2012-08-15 10:00:00473  

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