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BobbieZen has been at 26 events

Isabelle Fortin27,197*It is time again, ladies* !! The 4th Annual Official G+ "Ladies Of Movember" event is ON! Some of us ladies wanted to show our support for #movember and as we cannot grow Moustaches, we thought maybe we can post our pictures with fake ones  The success of the event was so phenomenal it's time to do it for the 4th year ! We have raised a lot of money in the past 4 years, I am very proud of all my mo-sistas ! This event will be open for the month so please stop by anytime & don't be shy to post your pics, I have created a donation page called "Ladies Of Movember" for Canada you can find it here : mosista.co/isabellefortin Please don't be shy to post encouraging messages to those affected by cancer. thank you all so much ❤ Lastly, #fckcancer   !Ladies Of Movember - Part 4 !2015-11-01 18:30:0046  
Larry Fournillier1,467,184To kick off another exciting season of *Food Stories*, Moroccan Chef, @111859664686562826328 will be joining me and will be teaching us how to make *artisan bread*.   This is the first in a four part series in which we will learn how to make this awesome and yeast free bread.  All you’ll needed is *_water, rye or wheat flour, a scale, and a glass jar_*.  Here is @108206830508609313547's recipe for the Saturday’s show : http://goo.gl/rgsgfC Get to know *Chef Rachida Dukes* by checking out her Google + Profile : http://goo.gl/pSUT2O So join in on the fun this *Saturday 31st, January at 2:30PM EST and 3:00PM AST*.  It’s going to be a blast!!   Also, before and during the show, don't forget to ask the chef on her methods of artisanal bread-making.   *Note*:  The HOA Question App will be turned on prior to Saturday's broadcast.  However, we will only be fielding questions, during the broadcast, from the *Event stream* Don’t forget to bring your favorite beverage and munchies to this awesome ‘kitchen party’ :)  See Ya!! #artisanbread   #foodstories   #larryfournillier   #chefrachidadukes  Food Stories - Welcome to Season 2 | Artisan Bread - The Starter S02E012015-01-31 20:00:0087  
Isabelle Fortin27,197It is time again, ladies !! The Official G+ *"Ladies Of Movember"*  started 2 Years ago, some of us ladies wanted to show our support for #movember and as we cannot grow Moustaches, we thought maybe we can post our pictures with fake ones  The success of the event was so phenomenal it's time to do it for the 3rd year !  thank you so much for all your photos and messages. This event will be open for the month so please stop by anytime & don't be shy to post your pics, I have created a donation page called "Ladies Of Movember" for Canada you can find it here : mosista.co/isabellefortin Please don't be shy to post encouraging messages to those affected by cancer. thank you all so much ❤  Lastly, #fckcancer   !Ladies Of Movember 20142014-11-01 05:00:00178  
matthew rappaport221,392This, that, a refreshing drink and anything on your mind! HAPPENIN' NOW!Friday / Weekend Mini Blast w/Matthew Rappaport & Co.2014-07-12 01:58:3158  
Daria Musk3,733,947*BE MY VALENTINE!* Announcing the "Lonely Hearts Club Hangout Concert"! This Saturday, Feb 15th will you be my valentine? You're the ones I love so let's celebrate together! I'll bring the songs, you bring you. ❤ *HOW TO ATTEND* You are cordially invited to watch and most importantly _join_ my "Lonely Hearts Club Band" by Hanging Out with me for this special love-themed Concert! ❤ *RSVP YES & COMMENT HERE TO TELL ME IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE HANGOUT WITH ME!*  I'll add you to a special circle that will be invited to join the windows in the Hangout during the show. As always I'll rotate the seats and sing as long as it takes to see you! We'll date, face-to-face all night if we have to ;) *DAY + TIME* I know real v-day is on Friday, so I thought holding our global-date-night on Saturday instead would make it even more inclusive and awesome! Even if you've got romantic plans (ahem not me haha) we can all team up into one big "Lonely Heart's Club Band" on Saturday! (Sunday for you Kiwis and Aussies, ;) *WHAT TO EXPECT* We can eat chocolates and toast to love in all it's forms! We can sing and shout and laugh and leave no-date-behind! You can bring your loves (even if they're pets, or or kids, or friends or fiancés) or come solo and be my date! I prefer roses and tulips thank you ;) *SHARE THE LOVE* Share the love and share this with anyone and everyone you want to celebrate with and remember to tell you love them too!  So bring on the lovebirds and lonely hearts worldwide! Get ready to be loved! See you on Saturday!  *XO, Daria*Daria's Lonely Hearts Club ❤ Hangout Concert!2014-02-16 00:00:00305  
Larry Fournillier1,467,184On this episode of *Food Stories* I will be featuring @116964560192816837828.  Ally  will be sharing a vintage recipe from her Croatian mother and grandmother, *Zivila Kata Cheesecake*.   It's part of her heritage and her Bohemian Bold culinary trademark, so come see how this rustic peasant cheesecake was such a treat for Ally as a little girl.  To get the recipe go to http://goo.gl/VCifwN Join us on *Sunday, 9th, February* at *12:00PM(PST), 3:00PM(EST) & 4:00PM(AST)* for food, fun and a rocking good time! I would also like to thank the show's sponsor @114035095761571532708 for supplying their delicious and nutritious healthy bars.  To order and receive *15%*off go to www.twodegreesfood.com and use the *_promo code_* *FOODSTORIES15*.  Thank you! #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #foodstories  Food Stories S01E05 - Featuring Ally Phillips2014-02-09 21:00:0065  
The School Fund165,492Join us for a conversation with grammy-nominated musician +Carolyn Malachi as we discuss The School Fund's innovative approach to ensuring students in high-poverty countries can go to school.  UPDATE: Carolyn is also providing free downloads of her single "Free Your Mind" through SoundCloud! Just follow this link and click the download button: https://soundcloud.com/carolynmalachi/free-your-mindThe School Fund's Holiday Hangout2013-12-20 00:30:0026  
Larry Fournillier1,467,184*It's back!!!!* *The Twelve Days of Christmas* a fun event which involves *ALL* of you.  This Event begins tomorrow, *Saturday, December, 14th* and ends *December 25th (Christmas Day)*. *Here is what we will do...* Beginning December 14th you may post your Christmas related photos to this Event page and upload your favorite Christmas recipes(Food & Drink) to Google Drive.  *Here is where and what you may upload...* Google Drive Folder ( http://goo.gl/wZoJmT ) -  Please upload your Christmas recipes(Food&Drink) to the public Drive folder.   You may also, include your name on your recipe/s so you can get the credit. :-) *On the Event Page upload photos & videos of...*                       - Decorative & gift ideas,                       - Outdoor Christmas lighting,                       - Lighted Christmas trees,                       - Traditional foods & music                       - Snowmen, snowscapes, ice-skating, etc.                       - How you and yours celebrate the Season.  *Please don't post semi or fully nude images*    *Let's all have  fun and share the good-times this Holiday Season!!* #12daysofchristmas   #12days  The Twelve Days of Christmas2013-12-14 11:00:00172  
Isabelle Fortin27,197Hello again !! Last year, some of us ladies wanted to show our support for   #movember  and as we cannot grow Moustaches, we thought maybe we can *post our pictures with fake ones*  The success of the event was so phenomenal it's time to do it all over again  !  thank you so much for all your photos and messages. This event will be open for the month so please stop by anytime & don't be shy to post your pics, I have created a donation page called "Ladies Of Movember" you can find it here : mosista.co/isabellefortin Please don't be shy to post encouraging messages to those affected by cancer. thank you all so much ❤  Lastly, #fckcancer   !Ladies Of Movember ... Part 2 !2013-11-01 05:00:00263  
Google+11,890,872The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0033759  
Chef Dennis Littley835,018Join me this week for *Good Day Google+* with my guests +Michael Bennett(Photographer & Google Drive Authority)  +Craig Fifield (Web Marketing Developer & Wordpress Fanatic) and +Jean Layton (Naturopathic Physician & Gluten Free Specialist) as we discuss life and Google+. Bring your lunch or bring your questions, just don't forget to check in for what's becoming one of the best new shows on Google+!   Friday October 11th at 1 p.m. (New York time) Check your own time zone here -->  http://goo.gl/sa8CdP #gooddaygoogleplus   #glutenfree   #googledrivetips   #wordpresstips  Good Day Google+2013-10-11 19:00:00107  
Video In Person™ Conference89An energetic and engaging conversation on National Social and innovations that are changing the landscape.    Daria Musk will  be performing LIVE!! Join us with hosts and attendees:  +Larry Fournillier  +Daria Musk  +Gil Melo  +Matthew Miller  +Michael Tangen +Hermine Ngnomire   and +Breckenridge Brewery  #denverhirl  Fireside Chat - Strategic National Social with Breckenridge Brewery2013-09-03 02:30:0041  
Psicólogos Distrito Federal0• Alcoholismo, Drogodependencias • Alto Coeficiente Intelectual / Superdotación • Anorexia, Bulimia y Obesidad • Ansiedad, Depresión, Estrés • Conductas Adictivas • Dependencia emocional • Dificultades del Aprendizaje • Duelo • Educación Hijos, Orientación Profesional • Fobias • Formación y Talleres • Género, Identidad sexual e Identidad de género • Inseguridad, Autoestima • Miedo a Hablar en Público, Timidez • Modificación de la Conducta • Orientación sexual • Pánico, Relajación, Habilidades sociales • Problemas de la Memoria • Programas de Psicoestimulación • Psicología Empresarial, PNL, Coaching • Psicopedagogía • Psicoterapia Humanista Integrativa • Sexología. Trastornos de la sexualidad • Tabaquismo. Dejar de Fumar • Técnicas de Estudio • Terapia de Pareja • Terapia Virtual • Trastornos de la Personalidad • Trastornos Obsesivos Compulsivos • Tratamiento del Estrés PostraumáticoPsicólogo, Psicoterapeuta, Psicoterapia, Psicología, Coaching, Coach y Capacitación2013-07-24 02:00:0010  
Eric Aultman22,799::Updated location:: Capitol City Brewing Company - Arlington We WILL be in DC the weekend of June 7-9. We WILL be HIRL'ing. How many are planning to head to the city for an unforgettable June Friday night? On June 8th, I'm doing the Run or Dye run: http://www.runordye.com/locations/Washington-DC-2013 Registration will be under the team name: TBFitClub A password is required to sign up for the team; it is: runordye I don't have a huge DC base, so spread the word for this HIRL to anyone in the area, or those willing to drive/fly/bus/swim/TARDIS into town that weekend! See you in June!!! Since +Florida HIRL is a nonprofit entity, I am looking into what charitable functions might be going on for Sunday the 9th for anyone interested. I'll update that when I get more information. Florida HIRL goes to Washington DC!2013-06-07 19:00:0048  
Andreas Horn3,829Da Capo besteht aus 6 Blechbläsern, die alle aus Posaunenchören aus Kassel und Umgebung kommen. Zusammen haben sie schon viele (Benefiz-)Konzerte gegeben, bei denen auch schon mal Vuvuzelas und Plakate auf Leitern zum Einsatz kamen.  Auch das Programm ist immer sehr abwechslungsreich zusammengestellt. da Capo spielt Musik aus allen Epochen und Stilrichtungen. So wird auch dieses mal wieder, nachdem "das hässliche Entlein" im Saal erklungen ist, die Filmusik, "Wie im Himmel" aus dem gleichnamigen Film, vorgetragen. Es wird ein spannendes Programm und ein hoffentlich kurzweiliger Abend. Seien Sie dabei und feiern mit uns 1100 Jahre Kassel!Da Capo - 6 Blechbläser spielen Musik von Brass bis zum Choral2013-05-25 18:00:002  
Brett Lipton23,732Pick some friends & bang um silly!Plus Phuck Phriday! DEFINITION: A PlusPhuck is a display of true (well maybe not true) love when one plusses all the posts & photos of a phriend. Like a big phrikkin notification wake up call to get that red box glowing.2013-03-29 05:00:00684  
Google for Nonprofits2,200,863In partnership with Google+, join us for a hangout celebration on World Water Day, March 22nd at 10:30 am PST! This year we are focused on raising awareness for the 780 million people that do not have access to clean water -- and what we can do together to solve the water crisis.              The hangout will feature representatives from +charity: water, +Water.org, +Water For People, +WaterAid, +PEOPLE WATER, +WHOLE WORLD Water, and be moderated by YouTube Star +Justine Ezarik. The participants will be discussing the water crisis at large, and how we can take action. #WorldWaterDay2013World Water Day Google+ Hangout Celebration2013-03-22 18:30:00470  
The White House3,112,252First Lady Michelle Obama is kicking off a nation-wide tour to celebrate the third anniversary of Let’s Move! and you’re invited! On March 4th, the First Lady will join her first-ever +Google+ Hangout to discuss Let's Move!, her initiative to ensure that all our children grow up healthy and reach their full potential. Mrs. Obama will join families from around the country in a virtual conversation moderated by Kelly Ripa, co-­host of +LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Tune in to the First Lady’s Hangout live on the White House Google+ Page or Let's Move YouTube channel at 11:10 a.m. ET on March 4th. #firesidehangout   #LetsMoveTour   #letsmovehangout  First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Hangout2013-03-04 17:10:0012660  
Stacy Frazer79,692_Thai One On with Stacy_ featuring +Stacy Frazer and hosted by +Larry Fournillier. Wednesday's delicious Thai recipes will be a *Thai Beef and Noodle Salad* coupled with a *Tamarind Martini* .   *Starting 6pm PST*   Join us!  Recipe links Thai Beef & Noodle Salad http://bit.ly/VNf276 Tamarind Martini http://bit.ly/UFtm1p #thaioneon   #HOA   #hangoutsonair   #thairecipes   #thaifood  Thai One On with Stacy2012-12-20 03:00:0063  
Blythe Metz293,138+Blythe Metz  +Blythe Raw Live  and +Shawna Coronado  will teach their favorite #EatHealthy   #TurkeyDay  treats and discuss the best ways to enjoy the holidays without putting on the pounds. #EatHealthy #TurkeyDay Tips with Blythe RAW and Shawna Coronado2012-11-20 01:30:0087  
Tim Utzig15,342Thought it might be fun to post a pic of your country, city or state this week, now through Wednesday - as many or as few as you'd like. Just thought it would be a fun way to share a little bit about your country, experiences and some of your favorite destinations and maybe meet a new person. Just take a pic and post it here. Open to invite friends as well.  #YourFavoritePlace  Your Favorite Place2012-11-17 18:00:00191  
Tea for Ten1,345,725All about herbals. A live field trip to Celestial Seasonings in Colorado will be part of the show, as well as herbal tea experts on hand to answer your questions. Join us live on G+ and YouTube at a special time, especially you Europeans and Africans!Tea for Ten - Herbal Teas2012-10-22 23:00:0041  
martin shervington1,207,244*Are you batty for Bond, get mesmerised by 'M' or simply revel in the quintessential Englishness of Q?* Well, the 5th of October 2012 is the day you won't want to miss! To celebrate the anniversary of James Bond how about we post some iconic images, some favourite quotes and maybe even have a themed hangout or two. We could go for favourite gadgets in one, most thrilling chases in another and maybe even have one dedicated to celebration of Pussy Galore?! Honour Blackman would be delighted. More details on the day here; feel free to invite everyone you want to join in on the fun. #jamesbond007   #jamesbond   #globaljamesbondday   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/jamesbond/9509677/Global-James-Bond-Day-to-celebrate-007s-50th-anniversary.html p.s. it happens to land on #007riday  as well, which is all the more perfect.Global James Bond 007 Day - to celebrate the 50th Anniversary2012-10-05 09:30:00139  
J. Greene & The Steady410,055RSVP Here to save $3 on Admission: http://do512.com/event/1022510 Friday September 28th, Suite 709 will be debuting their First Official Suite 709 Music Video to the single "Life Won't Let You Down," which they filmed in Chicago while on tour.  Also joining Suite 709 for their release is local Austin Blue, Rock, Roots band, StrawberryJAM, also fresh off the debut of a brand new album.  Houston's critically acclaimed Deep Ella will also be performing, along with the Eric Turner Band, half of which you may have seen as a finalist on America's Got Talent's latest season. Suite 709 has been taking Austin by storm since they launched at SXSW 2010, racking up the Austin Music Awards for "Top 10 new Bands" in 2010 and "Top 5 Blues/Soul Bands" in 2011 alongside Gary Clark Jr. and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.  The Band released their new record, "Night & Day" in July which debuted at #13 on iTunes R&B/Soul Charts. Recently off their first major national tour and first Rolling Stone feature, the band's new single "Life Won't Let You Down" has been in the Top 10 most played songs on Austin's 93.3 KGSR. Doors are at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm. Tickets are $7 w/ an RSVP on Do512.com or $10 at the door at Antone's.Antone's Presents: Suite 709 MUSIC VIDEO Release w/ StrawberryJAM, Deep Ella, & Eric Turner Band2012-09-28 20:00:0033  
Traveling Guitar Foundation258,642*Join us for the Traveling Guitar Foundation's Hangout On Air Rockin' LIVE Event on August 23rd, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM EDT!* In order to bring awareness to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign (http://www.indiegogo.com/savemusicinschools) we will be joined by an all-star lineup of musicians who will be performing their work and answering questions about the role of musical education in their lives. The lineup will include the likes of:    @101465854435804471513    @107291158434082397409     @107296660002634487593     @102002299339025067376     @104529496791803750773     @102281167585967362169     @109170393627308957355  ....and maybe some special guests to come! You can freely post questions and comments on this Event page or online with the hashtag #savemusicinschools  and we will try to answer them live during the event. Photos will be posted on there as well. The wonderful @113782143364018397839  will be graciously moderating the event. This is an extremely important event as we strive to reach our goal of $5,000 for our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. We need to save music programs in schools, the kids need us! Let's make this event a huge success, we must reach our goal in a matter of days! Don't forget to visit http://www.indiegogo.com/savemusicinschools. To learn more about the @118042591107628705154 check out the 'About' section on our Google+ Page.   Be sure to reshare the link to this event on all your other social networks! Very excited to rock out with you all!Google+ Hangout On Air Concert: Save Music In Schools2012-08-24 02:00:00197  
Google Play9,111,498Get your song requests and questions ready for @110748045588517484202! On August 3rd at 12PM PST Suite 709 will be hanging out live on @106886664866983861036. If you want to be chosen as one of the lucky participants, circle @106886664866983861036, submit your best questions and song request below. Please also submit the best way to contact you here: http://goo.gl/Bx2Ic.  Suite 709 is a Chronicle-Award-Winning soul band based in Austin, TX. Constantly innovating and finding new ways to bring music to fans on G+, they have been recognized as "Top 5 Soul Bands of 2011" - Austin Chronicle. Check out their music on Google Play http://goo.gl/3wl9u Google Play presents: Suite 709 Hangout on Air2012-08-03 21:00:00108  

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