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Laurie DesAutels has been at 84 events

Sean “Vire5cent” Anderson441We call on all those (globally) who are unable to attend the memorial service for Joe, to take a moment out ... set your factions aside with scanners down and a final COMM to @Delta102#RIPJoe with a one minute scanner silence. https://plus.google.com/+Ingress/posts/gU6VGAfztvj *To see some of the outcome from this amazing event, check the following link:* https://plus.google.com/+SeanAnderson/posts/M1VyxYTviy7Memorial Silence for Joe Philley2015-09-20 20:00:005874  
Ingress4,193,2191:00PM Start Point at American Legion-Charles Johnson House 2:00PM Measurement 1 3:00PM Measurement 2 4:00PM Measurement 3 5:00PM Measurement 4 5:00PM End Point at American Legion-Charles Johnson House Clusters 1-4: http://goo.gl/1NcxTo Feb 21:  Primary: Florence, IT http://goo.gl/TMBbm1  Primary: Austin, TX, US http://goo.gl/AYDXxl Remote: Las Vegas, NV, US http://goo.gl/SoqDIW Remote: Atlanta, GA, US http://goo.gl/FxLkVb Remote: Medellin, CO http://goo.gl/ABTBnZ Remote: Brno, CZ http://goo.gl/MKhX0r Remote: Alexandria, EG http://goo.gl/G048Ns Remote: Bilbao, ES http://goo.gl/fDLZXM March 28: Primary: Kyoto, JP http://goo.gl/Xmsv5W Primary: Hanover, DE http://goo.gl/fR4Mzw  Primary: Pasadena, CA, US http://goo.gl/5fg6IT  Remote: Adelaide, AU http://goo.gl/ca5Kzc Remote: Christchurch, NZ http://goo.gl/LpqeWm Remote: Guangzhou, CN http://goo.gl/rynGPy Remote: Cardiff, UK http://goo.gl/EFqXQC Remote: Reykjavik, IS http://goo.gl/znnK7o Remote: Yekaterinburg, RU http://goo.gl/Rm0aLB Remote: Denver, CO, US http://goo.gl/sCq6sR Remote: Lima, PE http://goo.gl/S2oL6A Remote: Orlando, FL, US http://goo.gl/fKXNzH #Shonin  #Shonin XM Anomaly Primary: Austin, TX, US2015-02-21 13:00:001327  
Dawn Rasmussen816Why aren’t you getting calls back? What are employers and recruiters REALLY thinking when they read your resume or talk to you?  Join us for the no-holds-barred, eye-opening discussion with Steve Levy, recruiter extraordinaire who will give you the unfettered truth. Expect a lively discussion, and bring your questions! This is your time to ask a recruiter your burning questions about the job search from his perspective.  Expect honest, clear answers and of course, no FLUFF!  Monday, October 27 at 10am PT / 1 pm ET here on Google+ Hangouts.Everything You Ever Wanted to Know From Recruiters… And Were Afraid to Ask2014-10-27 18:00:0041  
Big Android BBQ8,389*Big Android BBQ5 Opening Day* Don't miss @111169963967137030210's and @113751353481962008916's Opening Keynote! Big Android BBQ 20142014-10-17 08:00:00124  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*#TNTBootcamp - Another Look at NOD3x* @108883357423682942734 has recently relaunched with a whole new suite of features. We will talk with @100034828195835575273 to learn how it can be used to help you track brand mentions, hashtags and to help you significantly improve your Google+ performance. Coupon code: *TNTBOOTCAMP* will get you a 20% discount via www.nod3x.com ...good until the end of August 2014. *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 launched *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* aka #TNTBootcamp to an audience eager to learn more about the tools used to identify and engage with key influencers on Google Plus and to understand how to "get on the radar" themselves.  ************** *Upcoming Shows in the Series* *Monday, August 4th and Monday, August 18th* We will revisit the tools part of our series by providing a more indepth look at the *new versions* of @109096245971703802400 and @108883357423682942734 as well as discussing circle management techniques and best practices.  ************** *Previous Episodes: Tools* Series Kickoff Overview: http://bit.ly/MhiA4x   @111487545374003509241: http://bit.ly/1eOmIol  @109096245971703802400: http://bit.ly/1k6hBSM  @109096245971703802400: http://bit.ly/1ti8Zg8  @116266498226740184904: http://bit.ly/1lpAQo0   @108883357423682942734: http://bit.ly/1gWHG5w  Review of Tools Covered: http://bit.ly/Qm8VuS    *Previous Episodes: Techniques* *Using Hangouts on Air to Build Influence* http://bit.ly/1mTctAf An interview with @115620878851836664537: In his most recent best-selling book, _Google+ Hangouts for Business: How to use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business and Communicate in Real-Time_, David says “Hangouts on Air are a unique opportunity. This is the most disruptive marketing opportunity we have had for a long time.” *Connecting With Influencers To Improve Search Results* http://bit.ly/1mV7tu5 An interview with @113690073826160821557: “If you can build a strong audience of your own, or if major influencers in your market space +1 or share the content, this can get you a lot of exposure to your target market.” _Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results_ (http://bit.ly/1tXnC7v) *Using Google Authorship to Increase Visibility and Influence in Google Search* http://bit.ly/1kcmaFI An interview with @107022061436866576067: “Anyone who wants to make use of Google+ as part of an overall strategy of increasing visibility and influence in Google Search should be actively pursuing all of the following tactics: Build a strong network within Google+; Cultivate quality links from trusted websites; Use Google Authorship for your content across the Web” _How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority_ (http://selnd.com/1mShoVB )  *The Importance of Building Your Community* http://bit.ly/1kMwtqf  Community building has been at the foundation of @114918475211209783081’s success. He often uses circles to bring tog#TNTBootcamp - Another Look at NOD3x2014-08-04 20:30:00187  
Motorola Mobility1,409,136Join us for a special Ask Me Anything session with the product manager of Motorola Assist, @113006890674403997127. From 2 pm - 2:30 pm CT, ask him anything about life as a product manager, things you notice about the Assist app, Assist power tips, or even give suggestions of what you'd love to see in Assist next!Ask Me Anything with Motorola Assist Product Manager2014-07-17 21:00:00427  
Javier Fadul5,238Let's gather at White Space Houston, with the GDG Group, and watch Google I/O Extended Live!Google I/O Extended 20142014-06-25 11:00:0034  
Derek Ross1,257,253Join @111396705647796704246 @100462391117552225207 and @111777412946608276908 on another epic journey as we discuss the -Season 4 Finale of Game of Thrones- biggest stories this week from around the Android community. Will @101397516006687049364? You'll just have to watch to find out.The Original Android Hangout Show Episode 772014-06-20 03:00:0031  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*Learn How to Improve Your Video Presence in Hangouts* This Instructional Hangout on Air (HOA) will be *All About You!*... @103287507719485735107 helps you find the "You" you want to be on camera. Improve your ability to connect with others and *use the camera to your advantage* while inside a HOA. You'll love the simple truths Kellan & I will be sharing in this free live event.  _On Kellan's profile page he states the following:_ I love helping clients get past the fear of failure, create great story and present themselves powerfully on video.                                                                                                                                    There are lots of reasons we don't like to be on camera. We think: ►  We look stupid on video ►  We don't know what to say in the video ►  We are not convincing in front of a camera ►  We have no 'presence' or looks for a video. The good news is, all these things can be learned. I love to help people master the art of video performance so that their authentic self shines through. ==== ==== ==== Join us for the live show (or watch the recording if you missed it). You'll be glad you did if you utilize or plan on using Google Hangouts or HOA to communicate your message. *Feel free to load up the event with questions.* For Technical Tips... here is a post to check out: http://goo.gl/Ts3cac If you are using Hangouts and want the fast track to _*Make the Technology Disappear*_ then you'll want to signup for the *Hangout Mastery* membership... info and entry here: bit.ly/HangoutMastery === === #VideoTips   #VideoPresence   #HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #HangoutMastery  Learn How to Improve Your Video Presence in Hangouts2014-06-19 19:00:00184  
Derek Ross1,257,253Join me again this week as we discuss Android upcoming UI changes, long walks on the beach, your favorite kind of beer, and how iOS reminds of us a children's operating system. All this and more on the Original Android Hangout Show tonight. If you can't make the show, no biggie. The Hangout on Air will be recorded and posted to YouTube. If you can make it, feel free to drop by and ask a question or two. We love it when the audience participates. @111396705647796704246 @101397516006687049364 @100462391117552225207 @111777412946608276908 The Original Android Hangout Show Episode 762014-06-13 03:00:0034  
Motorola Mobility1,409,136Join us for a live Hangout with Jim Wicks, lead designer of Moto 360, Motorola’s new watch powered by Android Wear. During the Hangout, Jim will discuss the design and style features that make Moto 360 unlike any watch on the market today. #Moto360 For more information visit our blog: http://goo.gl/yZ5b2a It’s Time: Meet Moto 3602014-03-19 19:00:006775  
Captain R.B.40,098I've been debating for a while when arrr next virtual party will be and I was leaning towards the Super Bowl, but not everyone cares about that sport or the teams that arrr playing.  I've decided arrr next get together will be on Valentine's Day. It's one of those days that I've noticed a lot of people dread for one reason or another... either they arrr single, in a relationship that's not working, or feeling the pressure to get the perfect gift for their other & have the perfect date.  In my humble opinion the day has become far too commercialized and causes way too much stress; so, we'll have a virtual party.  Everyone will have something to do that day and have a "date" that they can remember fondly!  If ye were there at the last one, take a look at the pic ye submitted for New Year's Eve and if ye arrr fine with me using the same one let me know (it will save me some time harrr) Ye can submit a (new) pic of yourself either by posting to the event or sharing it in a private message to me & I will photoshop all submissions into a Valentine party/date collage!  If you have a venue / background that you would like used (and own) please post it as well... photo credits will be given so please supply your site address if you want that listed as well as the +Tag.  No real life attendance/hangout/time is needed... just a photo submission. By submitting a photo to the event you're giving me permission to remove the background, place it into a party collage, and share it online... if you arrrr uncomfortable with public reshares please do not submit a pic ;-) Only submit photos that you own or have permission to share. Love ye mateys!Virtual Valentine's2014-02-14 06:30:00433  
The Huffington Post3,628,214+The Huffington Post is proud to present its 1st Hangout On Air featuring TV Critic +Maureen Ryan and +Hangout Conversations Host +matthew rappaport discussing the Winners, the Snubs, and all the Moments from Sunday's broadcast.. especially the _FUNNY_ via Hosts Tina Fey & Amy Poehler! Join us as we talk about the best speeches and take live questions from all of you, the #awesomesauce audience on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT We want to hear from you as to who should win before the show starts (and who should've won, once it ends). You can submit your questions in both comments and using the Q&A app attached to the Hangout. We're excited as we make another +G+ Achievement Unlocked, G+ers! #goldenglobes2014   #television   #hangoutsonair   #tvshows   #tinafey   #amypoehler   #goldenglobeawards   [Video Thumbnail credit: Getty]HuffPost's 2014 Golden Globes Recap Show w/Mo Ryan and Matt Rappaport2014-01-13 23:30:00223  
Aaron Kasten22,2892013 is almost at an end.  Let's celebrate the new year together. We'll have the first massive New Years Eve party #throughglass   At midnight everyone takes a photo and shares it with #newyearsthroughglass   You can also take photos or record videos of the count down and share them throughout the evening. We'll document the New Year as it happens from the perspective of  #glassexplorers We could even try to get some hangouts going!#NewYearsThroughGlass2013-12-31 23:00:00136  
The White House3,112,252Over the course of the season, about 70,000 people will tour the White House holiday decorations. On Thursday, you're invited to take a peek virtually through a Google+ Hangout. During a live event from the State Floor, White House pastry chef Bill Yosses and florist Laura Dowling will discuss this year's décor and answer questions from young people around the country.Holidays at the White House2013-12-19 18:30:00458  
John Blossom126,247*Exstream Week Episode 7 - Early Edition!* As promised, I have set up an earlier time for Exstream Week this Friday, so folks who are in Continental/MEA/South Asian time zones and folks who are busy Friday night can have a crack at the fun! Lots to talk about as always in all things streaming to your TV, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Hulu, HBO GO, Roku, and lots more. Stop on by to join us or ask questions on the best Hangout On Air for extreme streamers!Exstream Week - Episode 72013-11-22 20:00:008  
Maria Quiban427,627Meet: 1) Joe Mantegna ,  (tentative) 2) Cristian de la Fuente,  8th Wonder of the World-EXCLUSIVE REVEAL 3) +Matt Atchity from RottenTomatoes.com#Fanchat Joe Mantegna plus announcement of 8th wonder of the world, Cristian de la Fuente & Matt Atchity2013-11-01 16:30:0034  
Yifat Cohen83,633*Have you ever wondered exactly how to send your story to a reporter or editor?* Do they want an email, a phone call, a press release, or something else entirely?  *HERE'S WHAT WE'LL COVER* _Time permits_ How your story is your brand’s fingerprint. It’s what makes your message unique. How to tell stories that the media and bloggers can’t help but share. What it really means when the media says they’re looking for unique stories. Seven ways you can hook the media, so they cover your story NOW. How to tap into the conversations your customers are already having -- instead of starting from scratch. Why you have to be totally turned on by your work to sell your story. *BONUS!!* Join me and get exclusive training on How To Submit Your Story to the Press, including *free access* to Brigitte's *pitch template* and magazine contact cheat sheet. *WHO IS BRIGITTE?* +Brigitte Lyons  founded Unfettered Ink after a decade working at PR agencies on behalf of corporate clients. She got in the game, because She wanted to use her gift for strategy and passion for story-telling to do good. But, instead of championing causes she believed in, she found myself infiltrating public meetings. Although her chosen career wasn't what she expected, she's grateful for those early experiences. She learned from some of the best in the business. Former editors inked up her copy, whip smart marketers challenged her creatively, and CEOs wouldst rest until their message was heard. At Jasculca Terman, she learned *how a movement was organized from the ground-up*, at Hill & Knowlton, she battled a governor and won, and at Arment Dietrich, she worked with top tier media like CNN and Bloomberg. Now she has a laser-sharp talent for communications, which she gets to devote to a group she cares deeply about. Thought leaders, change-makers and problem solvers. ---------- #pr   #hangoutsonair   #howtohangout   #unscripted   #MEDIA   #pressreleasetips   #pressrelease   #mediapitching  How To Submit Your Story to the Press2013-10-31 17:00:00100  
Google+11,890,872The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0033759  
Maria Quiban427,627Fanchat with our celebrity guests:  Paula Patton, Orlando Jones, Diana Nyad (Woman who swam from Cuba to US), Valerie & Cindy Ananias (survivors of Costa Concordia), Matt Atchity...#FanChat Orlando Jones, Paula Patton, Diana Nyad...2013-09-27 17:30:0021  
John Blossom126,247W00t! What a busy week in streaming TV, leaving us lots to talk about on #Chromecastfridays  tonight. The new PlayOn interface for Chromecast and Roku, more skinny on Sony's new Google TV appliance, Aereo's good news in a court ruling, YouTube support for Chromecast in embedded apps, Sony PS4 details, the Emmy awesomeness of streaming TV programming and lots more. If you're a Chromecast fan or an expert on any and all things about streaming TV, come join us for this On-Air Hangout!Chromecast Fridays! Episode 92013-09-21 03:00:0010  
David Kutcher10,788The term "blogging" continues to evolve and with it, how bloggers can get the best readership, engagement, and goal conversions. In this Hangout we will be discussing Google+ and Blogger, including two Google Top Contributors +Jaana Nyström and +David Kutcher for those respective products, content expert +Christina Trapolino and Teacher Broadcaster +Mike Downes. Our goal: helping you get the most quality "bang" for your content using these two great platforms together. Putting two Google products to great use together: Google+ & Blogger2013-09-12 18:00:0076  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*Learn how to make Google Drive Presentations for Google Plus* This live HOA Discussion will walk you through the process of making Google Drive Presentations that can be easily posted in Google Plus and be used as part of your Hangout On Air presentations. @107290419352782290509 is our featured guest. Those watching on Mobile use this YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9puOREqyzU The live show will be visible just to the left... when you see a Play Arrow in a video player, Click on the Play Arrow to watch. Mobile viewers will be given a YouTube Link to use just before showtime. Feel free to invite others to this event. And leave questions/comments for us to address as part of the show. - - -  #HOAtips   #GoogleDrive   #PresentationTips   #GooglePlusTips  Making Google Drive Presentations for Google+2013-09-09 19:00:00147  
John Blossom126,247*Chromecast Fridays! Episode 7 - Fall Tech Announcements and More* With the fall announcements of new TV and mobile tech upon us, this week's #Chromecastfridays  episode on Friday will be a great place to catch up on the latest in Google's new  #Chromecast  streaming TV appliance and on all things streaming to your TV. This week's guests will include +Google TV Ambassadors +Derek Ross and +Laurie DesAutels, technologist +Thomas Pratt, +Luis Cortes - a home entertainment installation guru (bring questions!) - as well as others who are deep into the fun and the technology of today's smarter TV experiences. If I can swing it, I'll give you a hands-on tour of my own Chromecast install also! See you then.Chromecast Fridays! Episode 72013-09-07 03:00:0042  
MasterChef1,961,012MASTERCHEF Fans! Want a chance to cook alongside your favorite finalists in a first-of-its-kind cooking series? Now you can! MasterChef will be streaming its live Cookalong via Google+ Hangouts. On each one-hour “Cookalong,” up to four fans will cook and interact with a Season Four MASTERCHEF finalist in real time as he/she prepares a favorite summer dish.  The next “Cookalong” takes place on Tuesday, September 3 at 7:00 PM ET with MASTERCHEF finalist Jessie Lysiak. Jessie will be making Shrimp and Grit Cakes with Sweet Tomato Relish and Spring Vegetable Salad. The cookalongs will stream live at 7:00 PM ET on the MASTERCHEF Google+ page (https://plus.google.com/+masterchef/posts), as well as on FOX’s YouTube Channel, (http://www.youtube.com/FOX), where the cookalongs will also be available for playback. The “Cookalong” series will be moderated by Laura Vitale, creator of “Laura in the Kitchen” (YouTube). You can watch all previous cookalongs here: http://fox.tv/MCcookalongs Don't miss all-new episodes of MASTERCHEF on Wednesdays at 9/8c, on FOX! MasterChef TM & © 2013 Reveille Independent, LLC. All Rights Reserved.MASTERCHEF COOKALONG w/ Jessie Lysiak2013-09-04 01:00:001536  
Jesse Wojdylo891,290In the last few weeks there has been an uptick in interest when it comes to Google+ and business. We are going to discuss just how professional "the Plus" is compared to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. As always, the questions and details are available here: http://wojdylosocialmedia.com/google-plus-chat-twitter-chat/ Oftentimes I explain that Google+ is somewhere between LinkedIn and Facebook with some Twitter and Pinterest baked in. You can use it in whatever way you desire but there is a level of professionalism when it comes to posting. This brings about plenty of business transactions and business opportunities. Here are the questions in text format: 1. Do you use Google+ more for business or pleasure? 2. What is your business or profession? 3. What unique ways have you used Google+ professionally? 4. Do you find Google+ to be a professional social network? Why or why not? 5. Pimp your website, business or service. Links welcome 6. Are you part of the Google Plus for Small Business Community? If you are looking for more business or clients Google+ is a great place to start building relationships. Join us for #googlepluschat  on Tuesday at 2:00 pm est to get more information on using Google+ in a personal and professional way. #googleplus  Google Plus Chat Twitter Chat2013-09-03 20:00:0032  
John Blossom126,247*Chromecast Fridays! Episode 6* All the content, none of the tech fat - that's #Chromecast , the $35 streaming TV appliance that's changing the way that people think about TV entertainment. Come join us for #Chromecastfridays , our regular series of On-Air Hangouts in which we discuss the content, technology and business of Chromecast and of all things streaming to your TV.   This week I am pushing CCF! up by six hours, in part because I have an evening commitment and in part because some folks in other time zones have wanted to get on for a while. Lots to discuss, so please join us! Next week we'll be back to our usual 9PM ET/0100UT+1 time slot.Chromecast Fridays! Episode 62013-08-30 21:00:007  
John Blossom126,247*Join Us for Chromecast Fridays! Episode 5* Hang on to your hats, it's yet another Friday on the horizon and another chance to join #Chromecastfridays , when we get together in an On-Air Hangout to talk about the new Google #Chromecast TV streaming device and all things streaming to your TV. Lots to talk about this week - new content partners for Chromecast, the @102139249949018843498 may be coming to @115229808208707341778 soon, Sony's baking up a TV bundle and launching its new PS4 soon, +TwitchTV is expanding its coverage of live computing gaming and more! I will be taking a break next week for the holiday weekend, so please come join us! Chromecast Fridays! Episode 52013-08-24 03:00:009  
Helpdesk Hangouts977*Please leave questions on the moderator page* Webmaster & Web Search related questions & discussions.  If there's anything you'd like us to cover, please post it on the moderator page linked below. Moderator page: http://goo.gl/q210ie International Times: http://goo.gl/53a1kFWebmaster/Search Helpdesk Hangout #612013-08-23 20:00:0018  
Maria Quiban427,627#fanchat  with Lisa Marie Presley (yes, daughter of you know who!) Plus  Ron Livingston talking about his new movie "Drinking Buddies" & hello- he's also in "The Conjuring!!" & how about "Sex and the City"?! Plus Matt Atchity from RottenTomatoes.com Join Me! and please share this post!#Fanchat Lisa Marie Presley, Ron Livingston star of The Conjuring2013-08-23 17:30:0059  
Helpdesk Hangouts977Webmaster & Web Search related questions & discussions.  If there's anything you'd like us to cover, please post it on the moderator page linked below. Moderator page: http://goo.gl/X4ODJF International Times: http://goo.gl/23gvfpWebmaster/Search Helpdesk Hangout #602013-08-16 20:00:0031  
Maria Quiban427,627#FanChat w/Matthew Modine, Actor from "JOBS" movie & "Full Metal Jacket", "Birdy", "Weeds" & so many more!#FanChat w/Matthew Modine, from "JOBS" movie2013-08-16 17:30:0019  
John Blossom126,247I hope that you'll have some time to stop by Friday for Chromecast Fridays!, our weekly get-together in On-Air Hangouts. Much to discuss as the world of Chromecast continues to burst open with new sources of content - file streaming from Dropbox, Plex in the wings, a Raspberry Pi wannabe and more! Tell your friends about  #chromecastfridays ...Chromecast Fridays! Episode 32013-08-10 03:00:009  
Helpdesk Hangouts977***There was an issue with the hangout from last week where it could not be done. We are pushing ahead and doing it this Friday. We look forward to seeing you. *** Webmaster & Web Search related questions & discussions.  If there's anything you'd like us to cover, please post it on the moderator page linked below. Moderator page: http://goo.gl/tzIB7l International Times: http://goo.gl/CsWg3OWebmaster/Search Helpdesk Hangout #592013-08-09 20:00:0028  
Google AdSense1,781,340Site design and engagement opportunities are important elements of the user experience. Join this event page to live stream the Hangout on Air on August 6th from 11:00am - 11:30am PDT. In this session, we'll talk about the fundamental techniques you can use to guide and engage your users. We'll add the live stream link to this event page when the session begins on Tuesday, August 6th. Hope to see you there!  *After the event:* *Check in and share your feedback* by filling out this form: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/as10checkin/ *Test your knowledge* on User Experience: Engaging Your Users by reviewing this optional worksheet: http://goo.gl/LYqYmyAdSense 10 Challenge - Week 7: User Experience: Engaging Your Users2013-08-06 20:00:00216  
Helpdesk Hangouts977Webmaster & Web Search related questions & discussions.  If there's anything you'd like us to cover, please post it on the moderator page linked below. Moderator page: http://goo.gl/2XR92 International Times: http://goo.gl/H3jLSWebmaster/Search Helpdesk Hangout #572013-07-19 20:00:0014  
Helpdesk Hangouts977Webmaster & Web Search related questions & discussions.  If there's anything you'd like us to cover, please post it on the moderator page linked below. Moderator page: http://goo.gl/WGT4b International Times: http://goo.gl/cje9FWebmaster/Search Helpdesk Hangout #542013-06-28 20:00:0031  
Yifat Cohen83,633**How does the human media changes the game.** Since +Sarah Hill is such a game changer in this sphere, we don't feel comfortable keeping her all to ourselves. So our last session tomorrow is going to be *open to all!* *Watch it live here* because when it's done we're taking it down and making it available only in our members area. *JOIN US TOMORROW AS SARAH SHARES:* -- Production tips to make good G+ Hangouts great -- How can G+ Hangouts expand exposure and engagement  -- How can G+ Hangouts attract MORE G+ Followers faster and easier? -- *How Glass is changing the Human Media.* ---------- #hms   #humanmedia   #hangoutmarketingsecrets   #glass   #livehoa   #hangoutsonair  HANGOUT MARKETING SECRETS WITH SARAH HILL.2013-06-26 18:00:0069  
Maria Quiban427,6271) Jada Pinkett Smith,  Talking about  the film “Free Angela & All Political Prisoners” and the scary numbers in Human Trafficking today. Official Site:    www.freeangelafilm.com Twitter:  #FreeAngela Jada Pinkett Smith: http://www.jadapinkettsmith.com/ Twitter:@jadapsmith 2) Michael Rooker,  "The Walking Dead"   #thewalkingdead   (tentative) 3) Val Kilmer, “Citizen Twain” (tentative)  www.valkilmer.com    Twitter @valekilmer 4) Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams Book: “The Willingway”    Twitter @MarielHemingway  Join me, +Tony McEwing , +Tshaka Armstrong & Gang... Gonna start the hangout a little early so be ready for the invite! 8:20amPST    Hope you can join us for the Q & A! Be sure you have me circled along with @111485336776535088248 to tune in! Superstars!! Jada Pinkett Smith, Val Kilmer, Michael Rooker here at +Fox11LosAngeles ....2013-04-01 17:30:0050  
Helpdesk Hangouts977*Hangout on Air Link post* See the link below.  We will start a little after 2pm Central US Time. This Hangout will begin at 2pm Central US Time.  See the link below for times across the world. We will talk about Google Docs and Google Drive topics.  This Hangout will highlight Google Forms but any questions/concerns/issues can be addressed. This Hangout On Air will be hosted by Google Docs and Google Drive Top Contributors. For World Times: http://goo.gl/qGs4C (Note that you will have to be a follower of the Helpdesk Hangout Page in order to get an invite, since G+ Brand Pages/Hangouts on Air are treated differently from ordinary accounts.)Docs/Drive Helpdesk Hangout #12013-03-27 20:00:4740  
Google for Nonprofits2,200,863Learn how to overlay a map in Google Earth, and toggle back and forth between the map and the underlying aerial imagery. This is the second of five Hangouts we will be doing with the Google Earth Outreach team. Be sure to RSVP, and leave any questions you have for our experts in the comments!Earth Outreach Hangout 2 of 5: Overlay a Map in Google Earth2013-03-20 18:00:0091  
Life at Google2,571,555You probably know that we employ lots of software engineers to build and maintain our products and services. But Google also relies on a variety of other technical teams including Site Reliability Engineering, Test Engineering, Developer Relations and User Experience & Design. On Tuesday, March 19 at 11:00 a.m. PDT/6:00 p.m. UTC, we're holding a *Hangout on Air* with set of Googlers who work on our Cloud products. Each team member brings a unique background to a different technical role, and in this Hangout they will discuss the individual careerpaths that led them to Google. If you have questions for the Googlers in this Hangout, post them on our Moderator page (http://goo.gl/RAFNH) or the Comments section below using the hashtag #GoogleTechHangout.Beyond Software Engineering: Technical roles at Google2013-03-19 19:00:00405  
Dell363,650*Dell Services* is excited to host another insightful *Think Tank* on *Tue., Mar. 19th* in *Dallas, TX*! The round table discussion will be moderated by *Brian Ahier, Health IT Evangelist* at *Mid-Columbia Medical Center*, and will focus on the *Future of Information-Driven Healthcare.* *Tune in on Mar. 19th to watch the expert-level conversation via Livestream here:* http://dell.to/ZudIZS   #HIMSS13 #HIMSS #HIE #healthit #DoMoreHIT  The Future of Information-Driven Healthcare - Think Tank Livestream2013-03-19 16:00:0058  
Sarah Hill2,852,299Calling all inhabitants of the Ghost Town.   Let's #HIRL in Austin, TX!!!   (Hangout In Real Life). Hear how ★ Plusketeers are using the +Google+  platform to create their own #humanmedia posse and how 2013 could be the year for + Google +.  Our venue only holds 100 so you *must RVSP* early and email googleplus@vu.com if you'd like to join us for lunch. +Veterans United is picking up the tab for free food and drinks but you're ghosts...so you don't eat much right?  ♥♥♥   #SXSWHIRL  HIRL in Austin, TX2013-03-09 12:00:00246  
Maria Quiban427,627Come join me as we chat w/Iron Mike Tyson. And then w/UFC champ Ronda Rousey!Mike Tyson & Ronda Rousey2013-03-08 17:30:0052  
Google AdSense1,781,340As part of our recent series on user experience, we’re hosting a Hangout On Air to talk about how you can provide a better experience to your users. The Hangout will take place on 26 February, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. GMT, here on our AdSense Google+ page. We encourage you to leave your user experience questions on this event page. The Hangout On Air link will be added to this event when the session starts. We’re looking forward to seeing you all online on 26 February!Learn with Google: Discover how to improve the user experience on your site with our AdSense Hangout On Air2013-02-26 17:00:00768  
NASA2,761,680Having trouble watching the event? Try watching directly on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8LI5JiWEfs --------- Have you ever asked a question to someone in space? No? Well now’s your chance. In a first for the agency, NASA will host a Google+ Hangout live with the International Space Station on Feb. 22 from 10:30 a.m EST to 11:30 a.m. EST. Google+ Hangouts allow people to chat face-to-face while thousands more can tune in to watch the conversation live on Google+ or YouTube. This unique opportunity will connect you, our fans, with astronauts living and working on the orbiting laboratory 240 miles above the Earth. During the event, several video questions will be selected and answered by astronauts on the space station and on the ground. Additionally, NASA will ask real-time questions submitted by our followers on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Unique and original questions are more likely to be selected. You can view the Hangout live on the NASA Google+ page or the NASA Television YouTube channel to watch the astronauts answer the questions. SUBMITTING REAL-TIME QUESTIONS To ask a real-time question during the event on Google+ or Twitter, please use the hashtag #askAstro. You can also post a comment on a thread on NASA’s Facebook page that will open for questions on the morning of the event. WATCHING THE GOOGLE+ HANGOUT To join the hangout, and for updates and opportunities to participate in upcoming hangouts, visit NASA's Google+ page at http://plus.google.com/+NASA. During the hangout, astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn will answer questions and provide insights about life aboard the station. Station crews conduct a variety of science experiments and perform station maintenance during their six-month stay on the outpost. Their life aboard the station in near-weightlessness requires unique approaches to everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and exercising.NASA Long-Distance Google+ Hangout to Connect with Space Station2013-02-22 16:30:008320  
pio dal cin82,824Samantha will be sent with four other astronauts to the ISS where she will spend six months experimenting . Join me on a live Hangout where she will talk about her new great challange. She was chosen among thousands of candidates for the 2014 mission.Interview with Samantha Cristoforetti Astronaut on the ISS2013-02-15 17:00:00276  
Google Play9,111,498Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, two of film’s biggest comedy stars, are now its most unexpected interns in their new movie, “The Internship.” Join Vince and Owen in a live Google+ hangout hosted by Conan O’Brien on Wednesday, February 13 at 11am PT to get the inside story about their latest comedy and be the first to view the trailer.  For a sneak peek at what’s in store, check out Vince and Owen in the video, and submit your questions for the comedy duo using #TheInternshipHangout with Google Interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, as they debut “The Internship” trailer, hosted by Conan O’Brien2013-02-13 20:00:0010922  
Jessica Northey1,884,469Join COUNTRY MUSIC SWEETHEART *Sarah Darling* for some Country Music Chat on a LIVE VIDEO #CMchat  we call +TWANGOUT on Monday February 4, starting at 6pPT/9pET!  Twangout is where we combine Twitter and Google+ #HangoutOnAir technology to let you watch and chat with guests!  We're very excited to have this Country Music "Star on the rise" hangout with +Jessica Northey and friends! Sarah is releasing her NEW EP January 29 and will be opening for *Season 10 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery* as they kick off the *Weekend Warrior Tour 2013* on Valentine's Day! She was also included in CMT's "Next Women of Country" list recently. You can participate by watching from page when the show is live or go to http://www.cmchatlive.com/twangout and sign in with your Twitter account. MORE ABOUT SARAH The magic of Sarah Darling's artistry lies in the power and passion of her voice, the cool believability of her approach and the grace and assurance of her stage presence. Collectively, their effect on industry pros and everyday fans alike has brought her an enviable set of milestones. She hit #1 on CMT.com with the video to her 2011 single, "Something to Do With Your Hands," and performed on the stages of both Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. Press accolades include The New York Times noting her as "a sophisticated songwriter" with a "crisp, powerful voice." She has seen "Blackbird," her contribution to the Linda McCartney tribute/breast cancer fundraiser “Let Us In,” take off as a video across country's television networks and as a featured song on Sirius XM. https://twitter.com/_SarahDarling http://www.sarahdarling.com/#CMchat Video Twangout with Sarah Darling2013-02-05 03:00:0024  
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar1,461,195*RSVP for the* *Google+* *Hangout with* +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  *on 26th January at 8.30pm IST, 10.00am GST, 3.00pm GMT* *Theme* : *What can we do for a Violence-free, Stress-free society* ? *Post your questions here with Hashtag* #srisrihangout   *Login and say* ' *Yes* ' *to this invite and get a reminder on your* *Google+, Calendar and Gmail to catch the live-stream else just click to* http://youtube.com/ArtofLivingTV *This event will also include an* ' *online guided meditation* ' *by* +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  *Add* +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar *to your circles and join the* " *Art of Living Community* " *to always stay connected* .Google+ Hangout With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar2013-01-26 16:00:0032000  
Yifat Cohen83,633*25 tips on how to use Apps that you wish you knew.* _This Hangout is public. Feel free to share and invite._ It is hard to convince an organization to change, especially after years of being invested in software and organizational behavior that define the daily operations of a company. Still ZeroDivide did. They have made the switch to Google Apps. and have seen a great reduction in overhead costs and actual money saving.  *HOW SO?* Join +Rolando Brown from +Grovo   and +Amro Radwan Director of IT at ZeroDivide as we discuss the Going Google Journey in details. *We'll talk real numbers, challenges and victories:* What was ZeroDrive using before they switched to Apps? What were their costs? What made them consider switching - what challenge were they trying to solve? What was their journey like switching to Apps - were there any issues along the way? How much did switching to Apps cost them overall? How much did they save switching to Apps? Did their work style change at all with Apps - more working remotely? Any insights on making the decision to switch and the journey itself easier for other companies? *AS WELL AS* 25 tips on how to use Apps that you might not have known before... *WHO IS ZERODRIVE?* ZeroDivide was founded in 1998 as the result of groundbreaking advocacy work and coalition building by 134 community organizations during the merger of two telecommunications companies: Pacific Bell and SBC Communications. Originally called the Community Technology Foundation of California, the foundation invested almost $50 million in about 400 nonprofit organizations working with underserved communities. To help build community assets, ZeroDivide developed a social enterprise program to nurture and support community entrepreneurs dedicated to creating jobs, building skills and cultivating broad-based community wealth. Read more here: http://www.zerodivide.org/our_story --------------- #googleapps   #goinggoogle   #hangoutsonair   #gplusgotogal   #zerodrive   #grovo   #googleappstips    #tipsandtricks  Should you invest in Google Apps, or continue running your business with free tools?2013-01-24 18:00:0031  
Jessica Northey1,884,469Live Video #CMChat +TWANGOUT /Hangout On Air with *Amy & Ron Shirley stars of HIT REALITY TV Show Lizard Lick Towing" on Monday 1/21/13 at 6pPT/9pET, same day as the premiere of the new season on *truTV*. ALSO JOINING US: *DeeJay Silver* who is currently on tour with Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan as well as recent +ACM - Academy of Country Music  NOMINATED BEST NEW FEMALE VOCALIST +Sunny Sweeney !!!!!! (i needed southern translators!!!!) To interact with hosts and guests: Via Twitter: use #CMchat in Tweets or sign in Twangout.com Via Google Plus: comment on this event page or +Jessica Northey home page! Ron and Amy Shirley primarily repossess vehicles and machinery. Their clients are lien holders. Ron's role is to locate and repossess property, while Amy deals with irate owners who come demanding that their property be returned. Ron opened Lizard Lick Towing in 1998 with one truck. With Amy's help, the business grew over a period of 10 years to become a successful company with a staff of 15 and a fleet of 20 trucks. Ron, who is an ordained minister with a soft spot for people who have fallen on hard times, prepares a huge barbecue meal each year to help some of the people who have had their property repossessed by Lizard Lick Towing.TWANGOUT with Amy & Ron Shirley from truTV's Hit Reality Show "Lizard Lick Towing"2013-01-22 03:00:00119  
Dell363,650Featured on Dell's #Inspire  100 list for how they empower and inspire people through their use of technology, we're catching up with them at Sundance to talk about their latest projects, what inspires them and how they are making an impact in the film industry and beyond. What inspires you? Leave a comment, like the video and share with your friends. See you at 5:30 MT. *WATCH LIVE HERE at 5:30 Mountain time / 4:30 Pacific time / 7:30 Eastern time. http://youtu.be/6BPN1HjhE9Y *Dell Chats with Jesse Williams & Andre Des Rochers on what #Inspires them2013-01-19 17:30:00153  
Dell363,650Featured on Dell's #Inspire  100 list for how they empower and inspire people through their use of technology, we're catching up with them at Sundance to talk about their latest projects, what inspires them and how they are making an impact in the film industry and beyond. What inspires you? Leave a comment, like the video and share with your friends. See you at 5:30 MT.Dell Chats with Jesse Williams & Andre Des Rochers on what #Inspires them2013-01-19 17:30:0010  
Larry Fournillier1,466,715                   *Show Time: SUNDAY 6TH @ 6:00PM(EST)* *International viewers please check your Times Around The World, here*: http://bit.ly/S7o4Aq  Welcome!!  Meet +Michelle Li Korean cook extraordinaire and presenter of her brand new HOA cooking show *Michelle Li's Korean Kitchen*.  Before we get into Sunday's recipe, I would like to share a little of how Michelle's acquired her culinary prowess.  Here is the *_back-story_*, in her own words:  I'm a Korean-born American using my birth mother's chops from her noodle shop in a nature vs. nurture experiment.  I was adopted by Mid-westerners but fell in love with Korean food at an early age.  After several volunteer trips to Korea, I started cooking. My Korean mother is pretty good at cooking - she once owned a pop-up noodle shop in Busan, South Korea.  My American mother keeps it basic.  It's shown me that passion for cooking is really something you're born with - even if you have no idea what's on the ingredient list. My food will be easy, cheap to make, and fun to eat... it will also have a twist of the Midwest, since I tend to pass on anything too fishy. We'll be cooking easy and inexpensive Korean food!                                     ************************** On Sunday's show, Michelle will be making *Mandu Two Ways* - (*Mandoo*) She’ll be making fried dumplings and dumpling soup.  It’s the perfect Korean comfort food to start off the wintry New Year!  Here is the recipe: http://bit.ly/S7hvOn *Watch Michelle LIVE on this Event's page, on +Larry Fournillier's Profile Page* or on www.hangoutnetworks.com  #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #michellelikoreankitchen   #koreanrecipes  Michelle Li's Korean Kitchen - Mandu : Episode 01 - 6:00PM(EST)2013-01-07 00:30:0058  
HEATHER FAY1,997,962JOIN ME IN THE STUDIO TOMORROW! Get a behind the scenes look at the recording process! Come and ask questions or just be a fly on the wall!HANGOUT FROM THE STUDIO with HEATHER FAY2013-01-03 18:00:0032  
Michelle Li656,175HOA NOTICE:  Your #GoogleTVAmbassadors  will be hosting a Q&A session on the Hisense Pulse Friday, Dec. 28th.  @107538503004482952974-(recently featured on the Suggested User List for Android Authority) will be hosting, though we'll post the link inside this event.   1.  Ask for an invite 2.  Write your question below. 3.  Share the event 4.  See you Friday -- @106225237550328045057 Hisense Pulse Q&A2012-12-29 02:30:0066  
Yifat Cohen83,633*Google+ changes the Truth about social media marketing.* _This is a public Hangout, feel free to share and invite_ Have you noticed the date? *Today the world is ending.* And it's a wonderful, wonderful thing. *Everything you know*, or think you know, about online marketing, social media, engagement and where's the money is online - *is no longer true*. *IN THIS HANGOUTS WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME TRULY CONTROVERSIAL CLAIMS* @116901017556394771817 is going to show you why you should pay attention to Google+ now, if you want to make money online.  He'll show you why the *money is no longer in the list* How the conversation have moved from one-to-many to *many-to-many* How you can *broadcast your Hangouts simultaneously on hundreds of sites* And most of all - *how to position yourself in front of this trend that is going to turn the social media world upside down.* *BUT WHO IS ALEX MANDOSSIAN TO BE CLAIMING THIS?* His colleagues and students acknowledge him as the Warren Buffet of the Internet because of his unique ability to teach his students how to make BIG money with very little risk.  Alex has generated $243 million in sales and profits for his small business students, clients and joint venture partners since 1993.   Many of the business strategies you'll learn today transformed his annual income in 2001 to be a monthly income in 2003; and eventually daily income by 2006. These marketing principles helped him grow his student data base from 200 people to 20,000 during his first 2 years in business ... and to over 200,000 during the following 3 years. He has engaged with best-selling authors such as Jack Canfield, @112439370122733503773  @105578574150809713602 and @113217646903708244617 (4-Hr Work Wk) Business leaders such as Donald Trump, Vic Conant of Nightingale Conant and Ivan Misner, CEO of Business Network International, and celebs such as Larry King and Mohammad Ali to name a few. *As a family-centered entrepreneur who works from home*, his goal is to become the world’s 1st "work-at-home" billionaire, not just in Net Worth, but by creating 1,000 other Internet millionaires …The money is no longer in the list, so where is it?2012-12-20 18:00:0059  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*Watch the 4th in the series about Google Plus Communities (GPC)* _Private Community Focus..._ We cover what we have learned and now see with GPC after working with them for about 2 weeks. _*We are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.*_ Last week we had a surprise guest: the Google+ Pgm. Mgr. for Communities @103515259519634902605 - This week we are adding in @116971095029701257834  The video up top will play the Live Video once we get started. Due to a bug in the G+ Events Tool the *TIME for the Live HOA* may not be showing properly... It started at 12 noon PST/3pm EST on 19-Dec. 2012. *_Scroll Down for more info..._* *Have you made your own GPC yet? _Have you joined and left any yet?_* Listen and watch as @116024884086268367178 @116049412326685043114 @108210288375340023376& Jeris discuss the ups and downs of this 2 week-old Topic Based Community tool for Google Plus. *Feel Free to Share this Event with others to help them get up to speed!* Find all the previous discussions in this YouTube playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh2TCfgo3UtvWhn9rV0qox1Vj2KHykLl1 or if you prefer check them out here... To get ready, you can *watch part 1 here:* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIvlKooab-c *watch part 2* via this link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1PWWSrnzhA  *watch part 3* via this link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ica-tWpmSnY *watch part 4* (this one) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrQEgBE8Xcg Tell your friends, come join in the discussion as we will try to bring in some of the comments from the stream into the live show. *Feel free to share this event and invite others to join in!* Check back soon for the next installment currently planned for Jan 2, 2012. - - -  #communitytips   #googlepluscommunities   #communities   #onairdiscussions   #community   #GPC   #GPCtips   #GPCweek2   - - - Google+ Communities - What we know after 2 weeks2012-12-19 21:00:3890  
Collectors Hangout568,802This will be the _last_ regularly scheduled +Collectors Hangout show of 2012 before we break for the Christmas and New Year holidays! We have a special show in the works but we are nailing down the details and will let you know more as soon as we can. Join us on this show and let us know what is on your collecting wish list for Christmas! As always we'd love to see and hear about your current collection and why you collect what you do. +Collectors Hangout is a weekly (every Tuesday 8pm-9pm EST) Hangout On Air (HOA) show that brings together collectors, sellers, artisans, and appraisers. Our aim is to help collectors find pieces to add to their collection, help sellers to connect to a larger audience of potential buyers, and help all to have a better appreciation for collections of all kinds by guest hosting appraisers and artisans on a regular basis. - The HOA video will be added above when the show goes live. You can watch it later or join our live discussion here in the Event. Please add your comments and we'll try to address them live on air. - To showcase items you'd like to sell or to let our network of collectors and sellers know what you are looking to buy, circle +Collectors Hangout so we can send you an invite! Also follow us on twitter.com/collectorsHOA Official website:http://collectorshangout.tvLast Show of 2012 | Collectors Hangout - Episode: 82012-12-19 02:00:0031  
Andrij “Andrew” Harasewych384,771It's been a pretty disappointing year for some of us, celestial sights wise. There have been the usual meteor showers (it was cloudy for me every time), the transit of Venus (also cloudy) and several eclipses (none were visible from my area). Luckily, we still have the Geminids left. They're generally considered to be one of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year, so hopefully we'll get a good show. They will appear to radiate from the constellation of Gemini, and you could spot up to 120 meteors per hour. The moon will be new meaning that visibility should be very good. Although Dec 13th-14th is the peak, meteors will be visible for several days before and after that so don't forget to look up this week. As usual, if you get any good photographs/videos please send them our way!Geminid Meteor Shower2012-12-14 00:00:00161  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*Come watch the 3rd in the series about Google Plus Communities*...  We discuss what we have seen and wonder about after using this new area for about 1 week. We were please to add to the show this time, the Google+ Pgm. Mgr. for Communities @103515259519634902605  It is quite obvious that all of Google+ has been waiting for Communities. The massive amount of activity tells the story better than anything else. *Have you made your own? _Have you joined 1, or 2 or 15?_* Listen and watch as @116024884086268367178, @116049412326685043114 & @108210288375340023376 discuss the ups and downs of the week-old Topic Based Community tool for Google Plus. *Feel Free to Share this Event with others to help them get up to speed!* _Scroll Down for more info..._ To get ready, you can *watch part 1 here:* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIvlKooab-c And *watch part 2* via this link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1PWWSrnzhA  For the link hungry, here is the link for this version (part 3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ica-tWpmSnY Tell your friends, come join in the discussion as we will try to bring in some of the comments from the stream into the live show. *Feel free to share this event and invite others to join in!* See ya next time! - - -  #communitytips   #googlepluscommunities  #google+communities #communities   #onairdiscussions   #GPC1week   - - - Google+ Communities - What we know after 1 week2012-12-12 21:00:0082  
Google Play9,111,498Join us for a special hangout with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John on Tuesday, December 4th, at 6 pm PT as the original stars of _Grease_ (http://goo.gl/gHb32) talk about their acting careers and latest album. About the Hangout John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's recently released album, _This Christmas_ (http://goo.gl/qu45m), marks their first collaboration in more than 30 years. Google Play presents: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John2012-12-05 03:00:00693  
Daria Musk3,733,947*You, Me & A LIttle Music History!* Join me - virtually - on November 29th for a very special live in-studio, interactive Hangout Concert from Times Square in New York City! *How To Join The Hangout!* ★ RSVP Right Here! ★ Circle @109766514680275896293  They're our gracious Hangout Hosts ★ Be a VIP by commenting below! I'll add you to my early-invite VIP circle! ★ We'll rotate the Hangout seats to get as many people in as possible! ★ Global Start Times: http://bit.ly/QbrDDv *Tell Me More...* I have a feeling this virtual, interactive, multi-dimensional concert will be another amazing night to remember and share together! We'll have cameras, lights, lots of songs and tons of action! This is the launch of a new series of Hangout Event Series by +Stonehenge NYC and I'll be singing and hanging with you from world-famous KMA Recording Studios where everyone from Whitney Houston, to Karmin to Jay-Z have laid down their tracks!  And our secret(ly awesome) undisclosed location has been revealed! It's The Brill Building - where hit songs have been written and recorded generation after generation. The walls are singing with music legends past and now you and me will be a part of it's storied history! Woop! :) *One More Surprise* is on the way... Something special for everyone joining the Hangout... I can't wait to light up New York City with you... More deets to come ;) XO, DariaDaria & You ★ In-Studio Concert From Times Square ★ Live At Stonehenge NYC2012-11-30 02:00:00380  
Google TV383,244Join us at 3:30pm PST TODAY for a #GoogleTV  hangout to discuss Voice Search.  Send us your question ahead of time to see them answered live and on air. If you would like to attend, leave your name in the stream below.Voice Search Hangout2012-11-30 00:30:00267  
Yifat Cohen83,633If you follow me and hear me talk, you know I'm all about engagement and I'm convinced that Hangouts will change the world and make it more personalized. (In a -good- great way). But it's almost impossible to do with over 35K followers (can't even imagine what people with over 100k or a million do..) *SO LET'S GET PERSONAL. I DARE YOU.* Let's just Hangout and get to know each other, shall we? *THE HANGOUT WILL BE INITIATED FROM THE @106909313027624222688 PAGE* You'll have to follow that page in order to be able to join us. So do it now, it takes 2 sec. RSVP and when this goes live you'll see a link to join the Hangout. *First come first serve*.  If the hangout is full, stick around and a spot might open for you.  *I'll Hangout for an hour with as many people who show up - just for fun* *THIS IS NOT AN ON-AIR HANGOUT* So no one will see you but the people in the Hangout. Meaning, if this is your first time, feel free to jump in and give it a try. *You can ask me anything you want if I can ask you anything I want* ;) We can talk G+tips, Hangouts questions, or just about us and stuff we like (Have you watched the last James Bond movie? I got a few things I have to say about that one...lol) *So RSVP now, and let's get to know each other - up close and personal* ---------- #gplusgotogal   #hangouts   #engagement   #howto   #googleplustips  Want to Hangout and not sure how? Give this a try.2012-11-29 18:00:0041  
Larry Fournillier1,466,715Hey everyone, if you are celebrating *Thanksgiving*, and want to share your turkey, sides or desserts photos with the community, feel free to post them here.  Please remember to caption the photos.  Let's all have some fun with this!! :) *Note: All non-Thanksgiving photos will be immediately removed*!! #thanksgiving   #turkeyday  Thanksgiving Day - Publish Your Photos Here!!2012-11-22 20:30:0031  
Google TV383,244Wanna Hangout? Then join us for a #GoogleTV #hangoutsonair tomorrow morning at 10am PST with special guests including Product Manager +Greg Funk and Product Specialist +Rex Brown Jr.  We'll be going over the latest Google TV updates including Voice Search, Primetime, and YouTube.  Make sure to post your questions in the stream below and we'll do our best to answer them live and on air. And, if you would like to attend the hangout, leave your name in the stream below.Google TV Hangout2012-11-15 19:00:00651  
Collectors Hangout568,802http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-3w8VaTJkw Collectors Hangout is a weekly Hangout On Air (HOA) show that brings together collectors, sellers, artisans, and appraisers. Our aim is to help collectors find pieces to add to their collection, help sellers to connect to a larger audience of potential buyers, and help all to have a better appreciation for collections of all kinds by guest hosting appraisers and artisans on a regular basis. To showcase items you'd like to sell or to let our network of collectors know what you are looking to buy circle @118272315152101553264! Also follow us on twitter.com/collectorsHOA and sign up at http://collectorshangout.tv @118272315152101553264 is a part of the hangout10.com networkCollectors Hangout - Episode: 12012-10-31 01:00:0010  
Dell363,650Join @117161668189080869053 (@DellSMBUS) and @107541140737897190868 from @111979267402487646552 (@TrendMicro) on Twitter for a chat about *5 Ways Mobile Workstations Fuel Innovation.”* _What we’ll cover:_ 5 ways mobile workstations fuel innovation, including: 1)     Allow connectivity 2)     Enhance visualization 3)     Foster productivity 4)     Instill cost reduction 5)     Protect with advanced security _How You Can Participate:_ We recommend using a tool like TweetChat to follow the conversation. Just sign in with your Twitter account, enter the #DellWorkstation hash tag, and join the conversation as if you were in a chat room. Find more details here: http://dell.to/TtE61h We hope you can tune in! #DellWorkstation  5 Ways Mobile Workstations Fuel Innovation - TweetChat2012-10-30 18:00:0030  
Unofficial Google+ Film Festival480,064As part of the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival's ongoing series of hangouts, we are proud to welcome director and +True Blood  star +Carrie Preston, actress +Marcia Debonis, and writer +Kellie Overbey  to talk about the release of their film +That's What She Said.  “That’s What She Said” had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is now opening in select theatres in Los Angeles and New York City on Friday, Oct. 19. If you can’t wait for the film to open in your city, it will also be available on VOD. NYC Release - http://www.cinemavillage.com/chc/cv/show_movie.asp?movieid=2617 LA Release - http://www.laemmle.com/viewmovie.php?mid=8613 Join the creators of this film for a live video chat where you can ask them about their experiences creating the movie, the unique cast of quirky characters portrayed, and how the storytellers captured the misadventures of single women everywhere through a single day in NYC.  Ask questions in the comment thread of the video and we will select the best questions for our guests to answer. Stay up-to-date on theater release dates and other happenings by adding +That's What She Said to your circles, liking “That's What She Said" on Facebook - http://budurl.com/7exw - and following on Twitter - http://budurl.com/qrdg. #ugpffTWSS #filmmaker #filmmakers #CarriePreston   #TWSSMeet the Creators of “That’s What She Said" - A Filmmakers Hangout with Carrie Preston2012-10-19 21:00:00169  
Social Sports and Entertainment Show #SSEshow694,338Join hypnotist @108334646868626337317 as he discusses his stage hypnosis shows, the benefits of hypnosis, and even attempts to hypnotize @101255318321339751547 and others within the hangout! Let's hear from you below what wacky things you would like Paul have Chris do during this time?Get Hypnotized with Paul Ramsay2012-10-18 03:00:0023  
Jessica Northey1,884,469*THIS IS THE RESCHEDULE for the DONNA D'ERRICO* @115263347034954886450  Thankfully her son is OK and she will join us on WEDNESDAY 5pm PT! . I very excited to have my good friend former *BAYWATCH* Castmember and ALL-AMERICAN sweetie @103862427682535021450 come and @115263347034954886450 with us! :) This will be her first Google hangout ever. JOIN me, my co host @111956683258824284439 and out  *MUSICAL GUEST* @107291158434082397409 and @102002299339025067376  follow Ryan on Twitter @Ryan_VanSickle   http://ryanvansicklemusic.com/ follow Heather on Twitter @HeatherFayMusic http://heatherfay.net/ DONNA D'ERRICO is *President and CEO of Rhyman Productions, Proud Mother of Two, Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, Explorer, Documentarian, Videographer, Mountaineer and Conservative* *ABOUT DONNA* Donna D’Errico is an American film and television actress, perhaps best known for her role as “Donna Marco” on Baywatch.   After leaving Baywatch, Donna excelled in more selective independent movie roles, displaying impressive creative range as an ensemble cast member alongside such actors as Colm Feore, Jennifer Tilly, and Andie MacDowell.  Currently, this talented young woman also wears the hats of producer, writer, director, videographer, and explorer. Donna D’Errico is a full-time, single mom of two (no nannies!).  For nearly a decade, she also raised three stepchildren full-time as well.  D’Errico does not use any domestic help, a rarity in Hollywood.  She proudly cooks, cleans, does household laundry, washes windows, tends a vegetable garden, and everything in between – herself. Beautiful, sweet, and funny, Alabama-born D’Errico is the epitome of a down-home, southern gal.  But don’t underestimate her – she’s tougher than she looks.  D’Errico is educated, well spoken, and fearless.  After spending weeks in a hospital ICU with a near-fatal MRSA infection in late 2010, Donna decided to do what she has dreamed of doing since she was eight years old: climb Mount Ararat in search of the Biblical Noah’s Ark. This past August and September 2012, Donna embarked on a dangerous expedition up Mount Ararat in Turkey to search for the Biblical Ark.  Due to the danger involved in climbing Mount Ararat, including the threat of kidnap by local rebels, Donna chose not to bring a film crew for the documentary she is currently producing about the search.  A surprisingly skilled videographer and photographer in her own right, Donna handled all filming and directorial duties throughout the entire two weeks that she and her climbing partners were on 17,000' Ararat.  After climbing to an altitude of about 12,000’, Donna lost her footing and nearly fell to her death.  Incredibly, though injured, D’Errico refused to give up.  Trained in emergency response and first aid, Donna treated her own wounds, dusted herself off, and carried on with the expedition and documentary. While in Turkey, D’Errico was also searching for Donald MacKenzie, a Scotsman who disappeared on MountHangout on TWANGOUT with Donna D'Errico Actress, Explorer and Documentary Producer2012-10-18 02:00:00111  
Billy Wilson1,546,807Wow, the 28th episode of my weekly show, thank you guys for being so supportive of my weekly on air G+ variety show @108595299975404341987. The show brings together some of the most interesting people you can find on G+ for a hangout! This week I'll have joining me Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and Geek @107234826207633309420; Creator of the Uglydoll Brand @101041881026971694523; @107375322906605680039 of LearningNerd.com; Linux System Admin @114228869493885222559; Engineer @112353210404102902472; and Special Musical Guest @106481981826916607971 ! You can talk with us and other people watching the show by commenting on this event once the show is live! The episode will be live on this event and the recording will be available immediately afterwards. You can watch previous episodes here: http://goo.gl/ceHtHTSBW #28: Technology, Learning, Toys, Live Music and More! (On Air Hangout)2012-10-13 04:00:0070  
Roush Fenway Racing1,296,694*LIVE from RFR HQ* - 12 noon to 1pm EST - don't miss a good time with @115088417600178277677, @106694307447607346257 and @115027744197383085115 as well as live reports and action from all the FUN going on for you fans at the @113123598790887033235 Campus! 'The Professor', @112528443699803395789 will be back as MC, so don't miss a minute of the laughs. _See you there!_Roush Fenway Racing Fan Day Hangout2012-10-11 18:00:0079  
Breast Cancer Answers®661,037Jay K. Harness, past president of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, and leading breast health experts from around the country are joining forces to teach proper breast self-exam techniques. Participants are encouraged to submit questions to our experts. This one-hour live Google+ hangout will contain no nudity. #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancercare #womenshealth #healthcare #healthyhabits #behealthy #breastcancersurvivors #breasthealth #selfexamination  LIVE Breast Self-Exam Google+ Hangout2012-10-01 01:00:00177  
Jon Ray14,244Google for Entrepreneurs is coming to Austin! See full schedule and get your FREE tickets at: http://g4eaustin.eventbrite.com The City of Austin Small Business Development Program is partnering with Google to host Austin's first ever Google for Entrepreneurs day on September 27th. Our Google team will be on site to host trainings and take questions on Google's tools for businesses and entrepreneurs. Topics will include how to utilize Google+ to attract, engage, and understand your online users, tools to reach and engage new audiences, and an insight into how Google's startup culture fosters innovation. Entrepreneurs who have a business or just a great idea are all invited to apply to attend all this event. We hope to empower entrepreneurs to build and scale businesses and be successful online. UPDATE: You're also invited to join Google and RISE Austin for a special evening celebrating Google for Entrepreneurs Week! The evening will feature Bridgette Sexton, Google’s Global Entrepreneurship Manager, in a lively keynote discussion on entrepreneurship in the digital age, followed by a Google Q&A. RSVP: http://g4ehhaustin.eventbrite.com/Google for Entrepreneurs Austin2012-09-27 08:00:0054  
Yifat Cohen83,633*THIS IS A SOLD OUT EVENT THAT YOU CAN ATTEND VIA HOA* I've always wanted to host a Hangout from Austin's land mark - the Alamo Draft House and this is one of the best events to take place there. As part of this Hangout you will get to watch the amazing speakers and even *interact with the panel* - asking the questions and offering your suggestions. *FEATURING:* Hugh Forrest, *Director, SXSW Interactive* as the main speaker *Panel I: Change Makers*  Dan Gillett, CEO, Kimbia Karen Bantuveris, CEO, Volunteer Spot Erine Gray, CEO, Aunt Bertha Jose Alejandro Flores, Founder, VOS  *Panel II: Change Facilitators* Steve Wanta, Exec. Program Dir. Whole Planet Foundation & Co-Founder/Chief Compadre, Center61 Kevin Koym, CEO, Tech Ranch Paul O'Brien, Co-Founder, Cospace *BACK STAGE GOODIES* We're working on offering back stage interaction during the break, so stay tuned. *INVITE YOUR FRIENDS* This event is open the the public, so feel free to share it with any of your friends who  wants to see Digital. Global. Action. *Official web site* http://mashable.com/sgs/Mashable's Social Good Summit on Google Hangout2012-09-24 16:00:00140  
Daria Musk3,733,947CAMPFIRE CONCERT ♨ SAT SEPT 22ND Let's sing farewell to summer and welcome fall together, around the campfire, around the world! KUMBAYA, BABY! We're taking the newest way of sharing back to it's oldest roots. Singing, stories, human connection, and s'mores. Ok maybe they didn't always have s'mores. ;)  Some great friends like @112471890387110967375 @115121555137256496805 @103765013042311928518 @103038287804535196503 @107158210554763556081 @112005390393978914665 and more are coming to share their own campfire-style songs, stories and games. We'll marathon, sing-a-long and rotate seats 'til the sun goes down. So grab some hot cocoa, flashlights, sleeping bags and come hang! _Comment below to let me know if you want a special early-invite or if you'd like to share something! We could use some good 'ol harmonica to set the mood!_  *XO, Daria*Campfire (Hangout) Concert!2012-09-22 22:00:00547  
Dell363,650Join us for a *Live Broadcast* this *Thursday, September 13th* as we host *A Day of Innovation in Education*, Dell’s fourth *Social Think Tank* to focus on education, in Cambridge, MA at the MIT campus. Learn more about the Think Tank and how to tune in to the live broadcast here: http://dell.to/QfoFdj The goal for this Think Tank is to create an open, honest and collaborative forum with 20+ leaders in learning and innovation, including students, parents, bloggers and school administrators. *Discussion topics include:* _*Data Driven Innovation and Student Driven Transparency_ _*The Future of Innovation in a Non-Text Book World_ _*Closing the Learning Gap_ *FYI:* The second live broadcast, *Education Nation Town Hall*, will take place at 2 PM – 3 PM CST on the same day. #DoMoreEdu #EdTech  *A Day of Innovation in Education - Social Think Tank*2012-09-13 16:00:0034  
Yifat Cohen83,633*Have you met* @100948891249021511115 yet?* *I WILL BE SHARING THE HOA LINK HERE BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS* He's a computer science guy who lives in Trinidad and loves to cook. He started sharing pictures of his dishes on Google+ way back when... When he was asked to cook on Hangouts he decided to teach instead and the *Learning How to Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier* cook show was born. Google loved what he did and added him to their Hangout commercial and the SUL, but that's not really what's important to Larry. The fact that his show inspires others not only to cook Caribbean but also to paint (like @107771181372242547518 who created the theme picture of this event - Splash of Flavor Body Paint http://youtu.be/eqp9FPiUJZk). Hangouts changed Larry's life, gave him purpose and meaning, and it even inspired him to create *a woman only social site*. *HOW DID HE DO IT?* Come meet one of the most easy-going and friendly SUL guy face to face and learn how it's all about *the people you meet* and your *relationship* with them.Finding Your Life Purpose Through Hangouts2012-08-09 18:00:0057  
Google Play9,111,498Get your song requests and questions ready for @110748045588517484202! On August 3rd at 12PM PST Suite 709 will be hanging out live on @106886664866983861036. If you want to be chosen as one of the lucky participants, circle @106886664866983861036, submit your best questions and song request below. Please also submit the best way to contact you here: http://goo.gl/Bx2Ic.  Suite 709 is a Chronicle-Award-Winning soul band based in Austin, TX. Constantly innovating and finding new ways to bring music to fans on G+, they have been recognized as "Top 5 Soul Bands of 2011" - Austin Chronicle. Check out their music on Google Play http://goo.gl/3wl9u Google Play presents: Suite 709 Hangout on Air2012-08-03 21:00:00108  

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I am loving Project FI #Nexus6P #Huawei 

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My husband just sent this to me Powerful ! #SocialMedia #Isolation

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#Google #Apps

#Google #Apps___

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#EasterEgg #Starwars

#EasterEgg #Starwars___

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What are your thoughts about the NEW +Google+​ #GooglePlus

How do you like the new Google Plus?

☆☆☆ Please share this post..maybe Google will hear us !! ☆☆☆

Ping +Google​​​___What are your thoughts about the NEW +Google+​ #GooglePlus

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Good Information to Bookmark

For those of you who will be traveling the roads this holiday season, check out this interactive and informative map of various driving laws... (Note, know the law in the area your driving.)
#fb ___Good Information to Bookmark

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Soooo #TRUE +Scott Greenstone​

#truth___Soooo #TRUE +Scott Greenstone​

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#LOL Only this would happen at #Walmart #blackfriday #smh

#LOL Only this would happen at #Walmart #blackfriday #smh___

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#Insomnia A great article on what not to do and things that can improve your sleepy day

Needed this. ___#Insomnia A great article on what not to do and things that can improve your sleepy day

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All Starbucks card holders ! Spend $15 tomorrow and receive 8 bonus stars Online or In Store #Starbucks #Coffee #CyberMonday

All Starbucks card holders ! Spend $15 tomorrow and receive 8 bonus stars Online or In Store #Starbucks #Coffee #CyberMonday___

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#GooglePlus #Tips h/t +Peggy K​

New Google+ Pro Tip for Circle Users

If you don't like how the new Google+ adds all your new connections to Following automatically, and long pressing on mobile isn't a good enough option, simply delete your Following Circle (renaming alone won't do it) and it will always prompt you for your preferred Circle. That said, they may add a solution for the web version similar to the long press solution for mobile, so if you can live without this option for now... do so.

#PlusOnly___#GooglePlus #Tips h/t +Peggy K​

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My current Nexus 9 is about to crap out . I need some tech help . Should I jump on this or WHAT do YOU recommend ?
#Android #Tablet #Nexus9 #HELP
Update I bought another Nexus 9 - Only 32GB WI-FI left..

My current Nexus 9 is about to crap out . I need some tech help . Should I jump on this or WHAT do YOU recommend ?
#Android #Tablet #Nexus9 #HELP
Update I bought another Nexus 9 - Only 32GB WI-FI left..___

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#BlackFriday DEALS! That is just within the last 15 min....

#BlackFriday DEALS! That is just within the last 15 min....___

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#BlackFriday #GooglePlay DEALS!!

+Google Store​ Black Friday Deals!

Save $80 on Nexus 5X
Save $200 on Nexus 9
Save up to $100 on select Android Wear watches
Buy 2 Chromecasts for $50
Save $50 on select Chromebooks
Save $30 on Nest Cam
Get $50 Google Play Credit with Nest Thermostat
Save 50% on cases and covers

___#BlackFriday #GooglePlay DEALS!!

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#GooglePlay DEALS! All of them!!

Complete list of Google Play CyberWeekend Deals

___#GooglePlay DEALS! All of them!!

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30% off one season of a TV show at Google Play

https://play.google.com/redeem?code=TVSEASON2015___More DEALS!

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50% Off Any album!! #GooglePlay #GoogleMusic

50% off any one album on Google Play Music___50% Off Any album!! #GooglePlay #GoogleMusic

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My husband just sent this to me Powerful ! #SocialMedia #Isolation

My husband just sent this to me Powerful ! #SocialMedia #Isolation___

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#Thanksgiving photo with that dude I married ;)

#Thanksgiving photo with that dude I married ;)___

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#Thanksgiving with my Mom and +Jacob DesAutels​

#Thanksgiving with my Mom and +Jacob DesAutels​

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#HappyThanksgiving from The DesAutels :) +Jacob DesAutels​

#HappyThanksgiving from The DesAutels :) +Jacob DesAutels​___

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Be a part of an awesome opportunity to help shape +Huawei Device USA​ 'S future smartphone's. Apply today! #Huawei #Nexus6P #Hexus #Android

Be a part of an awesome opportunity to help shape +Huawei Device USA​ 'S future smartphone's. Apply today! #Huawei #Nexus6P #Hexus #Android___

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No Turkey +Mr. Jingles​ ??

No Turkey +Mr. Jingles​ ??___

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Can anyone help +Howard Suissa​ cc: +Derek Ross​ +Scott Greenstone​ #GoogleApps

Anyone else getting these popups when updating apps in the play store? ___Can anyone help +Howard Suissa​ cc: +Derek Ross​ +Scott Greenstone​ #GoogleApps

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G+ Web Preview Updates
As promised, we're continuing to listen and respond to feedback on the new Google+.

Today we're launching a number of updates to our Web preview including:
- Adding a 3 column stream view for very wide screens
- Adding the ability to reply to comments in context
- Removing the limit on circle streams in the menu (previously 6)
- Adding the option to view 'Posts from Circle' from the Following screen

These changes (which you can see in the image below) will be rolling out today. And look for more updates on Android, iOS, and the Web soon. Thanks~

G+ Web Preview Updates
As promised, we're continuing to listen and respond to feedback on the new Google+.

Today we're launching a number of updates to our Web preview including:
- Adding a 3 column stream view for very wide screens
- Adding the ability to reply to comments in context
- Removing the limit on circle streams in the menu (previously 6)
- Adding the option to view 'Posts from Circle' from the Following screen

These changes (which you can see in the image below) will be rolling out today. And look for more updates on Android, iOS, and the Web soon. Thanks~___

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow - Cherish every moment with loved ones . Thanksgiving was not always PERFECT - Tomorrow would have also been my Dad's Birthday . Do not sweat the small stuff and be grateful for the beauty in your life . Also eat til your belly hurts ! #HappyThanksgiving #Gratitude #Family #Love

As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow - Cherish every moment with loved ones . Thanksgiving was not always PERFECT - Tomorrow would have also been my Dad's Birthday . Do not sweat the small stuff and be grateful for the beauty in your life . Also eat til your belly hurts ! #HappyThanksgiving #Gratitude #Family #Love___

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#Android #BlackFriday

#Android deals are coming. #BlackFriday___#Android #BlackFriday

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#TMobile #Sprint #Money

#TMobile #Sprint #Money___

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#CyanogenMod #Android

CyanogenMod 13 is officially available now for select devices! Will you be flashing? 


#Android   #CyanogenMod   #Marshmallow  ___#CyanogenMod #Android

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How many people can YOU follow and/or Circle on +Google+  Regardless of how many people Circle or Follow you ?

How many people can YOU follow and/or Circle on +Google+  Regardless of how many people Circle or Follow you ?___

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I love that Google is always paying it forward!
+Google donating $1/$1 if you use #AndroidPay   - h/t +Scott Greenstone  and +Peggy K 

Google will donate $1 for every purchase made with Android Pay to special needs education projects - and $2 per transaction on Black Friday

Through December 31st, some restrictions apply.

Void for residents of AL, HI, IL, MA, MS, SC, and where prohibited. Standard data rates, terms and conditions apply. May not be available from all service providers/devices. Between 11/24/15 & 12/31/15, Google Inc. will donate $1 to Donorschoose.org for every purchase made using Android Pay and $2 for every purchase made on 11/27/15, up to $1,000,000 in total. Charity information at www.donorschoose.org. App uses are not tax deductible___I love that Google is always paying it forward!
+Google donating $1/$1 if you use #AndroidPay   - h/t +Scott Greenstone  and +Peggy K 

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#googlemusic IT IS NOT Google Play Official..

An official desktop player for Google Music http://buff.ly/1Te1gKh___#googlemusic IT IS NOT Google Play Official..

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#Starwars Sides are rolling out! Which side did you choose? #Chooseyourside #GoogleMaps

I just noticed my car changed into an x wing this morning according to Google maps. #starwars___#Starwars Sides are rolling out! Which side did you choose? #Chooseyourside #GoogleMaps

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This is a MUST Have ;)

Damn, I wish I knew about this before my last Road Trip. I had +Joel Solomon and +Alan Birstok sharing a USB battery pack in the back seat

http://amzn.to/1lFGoAg___This is a MUST Have ;)

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Wow Does this surprise you ?

Wow Does this surprise you ?___

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The Real Reason Why Samsung Gear VR Headset Sold Out On Amazon And Best Buy: Price - http://goo.gl/pe0CCB +Brian Rose​

#samsung #VR #Amazon 

The Real Reason Why Samsung Gear VR Headset Sold Out On Amazon And Best Buy: Price - http://goo.gl/pe0CCB +Brian Rose​

#samsung #VR #Amazon ___

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#ProjectFI #Tips

___#ProjectFI #Tips

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This looks cool.. Always wanted one...
Enterprise, one to beam up...


Google Made a Secret Prototype That Works Like the Star Trek Communicator


This looks cool.. Always wanted one...
Enterprise, one to beam up...


Google Made a Secret Prototype That Works Like the Star Trek Communicator


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I thought I would be creative and buy trick candles .. Phew . Our house almost burnt down !!

I thought I would be creative and buy trick candles .. Phew . Our house almost burnt down !!___

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#Starwars #SNL

#Starwars #SNL___

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#Collections #GooglePlus +Lady Deidre HurlsWaterballoonsLikeAPro​​
Here is how I moved a few posts over to collections. Three steps in the photo below. 
Pick a post
Click Settings/Move to a Collection
Pick a Collection or create a new one :)

#Collections #GooglePlus +Lady Deidre HurlsWaterballoonsLikeAPro​​
Here is how I moved a few posts over to collections. Three steps in the photo below. 
Pick a post
Click Settings/Move to a Collection
Pick a Collection or create a new one :)___

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Happy Birthday to my AMAZING husband +Jacob DesAutels​ #happybirthday 

Happy Birthday to my AMAZING husband +Jacob DesAutels​ #happybirthday ___

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Go ahead and laugh! I'm freezing my tail off! #Texas #weather

Go ahead and laugh! I'm freezing my tail off! #Texas #weather___

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#lol #punday

___#lol #punday

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#Collections #GooglePlus

Make the Most out of Google+ Collections Feature for Your Business___#Collections #GooglePlus

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Google's new 'About me' privacy settings explained http://wired.uk/cNSkJi

Google's new 'About me' privacy settings explained http://wired.uk/cNSkJi___

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#googleplus #circlestreams

How To Bring Back Circle Streams In The New Google+ 

#Android   #googleplus   #update   #circlestreams  ___#googleplus #circlestreams

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Be grateful for today . I can not believe this was eight years ago
Miss YOU Daddy #memories #GooglePhotos #Love #Gratitude

Be grateful for today . I can not believe this was eight years ago
Miss YOU Daddy #memories #GooglePhotos #Love #Gratitude___

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I am loving Project FI #Nexus6P #Huawei 

I am loving Project FI #Nexus6P #Huawei ___

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h/t +David Thiery​

Google predicts your future......___h/t +David Thiery​


A special service of CircleCount.com is the following button.

The button shows the number of followers you have directly in a small button. You can add this button to your website, like the +1-Button of Google or the Like-Button of Facebook.

You can add this button directly in your website. For more information about the CircleCount Buttons and the description how to add them to another page click here.

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