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Tony Payne has been at 1 events

Baber Afzal13,215@114476892281222708332 and I are proud to announce that the *G+ photowalk* we have been planning for is under way! Linda Vista Community Hospital has been abandoned for over 20 years and the reason it was shut down was because of the high death rates in the hospital. Since then, the hospital has been used for many big movies and tv series e.g. Se7en, End of Days, Pearl Harbour to name a few. You can find the rest of the list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Vista_Community_Hospital We are fortunate enough to arrange this photowalk before they demolish/revamp the hospital soon so its an awesome opportunity for you all to capture whatever you can out there. The HDR shot you see above (set as the theme) is a shot I took when I was in the boiler room which was in the 2nd basement of the hospital. It felt great and creepy too at the same time since I was the only one shooting at that time and the only sound you could hear was off the camera going *click*! :) I would like to also point out that to get hold of this location and to reserve it for ourselves, we have to pay a permit fees. Hence, each individual/photographer who would like to participate and confirm their attendance to us would have to pay *$35* as permit fees. You may click on the link below for payment and confirmation (Map and location also shown in link below):  https://pnla.eventbrite.com/ The address of the hospital is: *610 S St Louis St* *Los Angeles, CA 90023* We also plan to hold two short sessions as well during that time too: 1. *HDR Photography Fundamentals* session, by @107023475113646570269  (myself) 2. *Extended Exposures* session, by @114476892281222708332  If there is anyone I have forgotten to send an invite too, please inform them too. *Invite in and share it* with your friends too who would be willing to participate in this awesome event! Can't wait to get clicking again! We really look forward to meeting you all there!  Start charging up your camera batteries and don't forget to bring a spare too! ;)G+ Photowalk - Linda Vista Hospital2012-08-11 22:00:0025  

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