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In Germany Nicole ( was the first one to write an article, in which all providers of ranking tools were mentioned. It is more than interesting to see how many ranking-sites were build in such a short time. Moreover it is interesting to see the development process of each indiviual site, in such an early stage.

Google+ Linkliste und Verzeichnisse rund um Google+ Nicole @ 0511web

Google+ Linkliste und Verzeichnisse rund um Google+ Nicole @ 0511web

Differences are for example:

  • the design
  • the clarity of the design and the navigation
  • different ranking tools from Germany or the USA
  • available languages
  • the ranking tools from the US have a little advantage, since they have got more attention. Conclusion of the US press; they watch and write more often about small internet projects than the german press does (interested in the internet)
  • how are profiles caught and how many become evaluated / processed
  • response time
  • kindness and Spirit

We are more than happy that we were mentioned in this blog.

Thank you very much Nicole!

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  1. Thanks for this great article. I wish the very best for the future of CircleCount.
    Your Social Attention to Tweets of your topic and mentions, G+ Users comments and questions plus the blog-articles people wrote – is great. Never leave this and you will get lots of feedback to improve.

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