How to get in the ranking of your country

Do you know the world map at

The most followed persons in Google+ on a map -

The most followed persons in Google+

Here you can find the global Top 100 (or 1,000) people on a map. You can also set a filter for a country and/or a gender and get a specific map:

The most followed US-Ladies in Google+ on a map -

The most followed US-Ladies in Google+

We are asked from time to time, why someone is not on this map or in the rankings of a specific country. That’s quite easy when you know which informations are available for

We can identify your country only if you have set a location as public in your Google+ profile. You can check this with the following steps:

Open your profile in Google+ and click on the button “Edit Profile” (or just click here):

Your Profile at GooglePlusClick on the map or on the label “Places lived“:

Type in the name of the city where you are living or the name of the country. Take care, that you have choosen “Anyone on the web” and click once on the green pin so that it get blue. The blue pin shows your current location:

Click on the button “Save” and then on the button “Done editing“. That’s all.

Afterwards you just have to open your profile at (you can also use directly this link) and reload this page, so that your location is updated at

PS: Thank you Mark for supporting us making the screenshots 😀

Exploding numbers and a new Nr. 1 for the ladies

After Google+ has been opened for everyone in the last days, the follower numbers for the Top 10 exploded. You can see this big change in our statistic page which is showing the growth of the Top 10 follower numbers:

Top 10 Follower History 2011/09/22

Top 10 Follower History 2011/09/22

Even more exploding is the follower number of Britney Spears, the new global number 1 of the ladies at Google+. Is this the female Ashton Kutcher at Google+? 😉
Congratulations Britney!

Britney Spears at

Britney Spears at

Check also the other 9 ladies at the Top 10, there is a lot of action in this list! goes Google+ API

The official Google+ API is now available and we can use this API to get some more interesting data about the top Google+ user, that is you!

We are starting with some statistics about the activity on Google+:

Activity statistics for Google+

Activity statistics for Google+

You can find now on every profile page the average number of comments, reshares and +1s for the last postings of the user. These are very interesting numbers, since they are showing the influence of a user.

In the screenshot above you can also see the impact of Google+ getting open for everyone for the number of followers of Tom Anderson.

But that’s not all, we are working right now on the next interesting features!

Google+ API; Google+ opens to all; holidays

YummyThat’s a weird title, I know, but that’s the shortest conclusion of the last two weeks. 😉

While our development team has been in holidays, a lot of things happened. The most interesting for is the launch of the Google+ API which will help us expand our project. We will work in the next days on a better integration but also on new features. Stay tuned!

The second big news is that Google+ is now open for everybody. No invitation is needed anymore to get registered at Google+, this could lead to a lot of new people at Google+ who are sharing a lot of interesting stuff with us.

GooglePlus at

GooglePlus at

What’s the learning we have taken from the last two weeks?
When there is a lack of news around Google+ we should go to holidays and great news will come 😉

Some statistics about is getting 2 months old tomorrow, and since we have started our small fun project on the 5th of July we are getting a great response from our visitors. So let’s take this special milestones (two months! 😉 ) as a chance to present you some statistics about… you! 🙂

The first one won’t surprise the most of you, but it’s really interesting. More than the half of our visitiors are using Chrome as browser. That’s probably normal since we are talking here about Google+ and the Google Browser, but it’s showing also the growth of Google Chrome, which is now 3 years old.

Browser Statistics

Browser Statistics

The second image is showing where our visitors come from. The leading country is USA. More interesting for us, a project coming from Germany, is that Germany took the second place, although we have started only in english and didn’t make any advertising specifically for Germany. The next countries in the Top 10 are asian countries (Taiwan, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand) and there are also two european countries more in the Top 10: France and Spain.

Country Statistics

Country Statistics

Another interesting fact: in the first two months we have had visitors from 157 countries.
I can’t repeat it so often as I want: You are great!

These numbers are very interesting for us, since we want to serve your needs. Maybe the next languages will be choosen from a statistic like this.

Compliments from experts

Today GoogleMapsMania published a very nice article about at GoogleMapsMania at GoogleMapsMania

We like it very much since GoogleMapsMania is specialized on Google Maps and mashups using Google Maps. They surely know if a Google Maps Mashup is it worth to be mentioned.

We are following this blog since years and that’s like a dream coming true to be reviewed there. Thanks a lot Keir Clarke!

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