More numbers need better charts

3 weeks ago we were celebrating that got 3 months old with the launch of a table showing the follower number history. Today we are proud to show you the new follower chart at

Follower Chart

This chart is based on the Google Chart API and is more interactive and more clear than the old one. You can check the exact numbers for each day only with going with your cursor over the chart. Try it out!

Beginning of this month we also announced that you can share your follower graph with just a few clicks. And this is still working! So, what do we have now?

  • an improved chart
  • the option to share your follower graph with just a few clicks
And just between ourselves 😀 :
That’s just a small preview of what we are building in the coming weeks 😉

The Cream of the Crop

Are you searching for interesting persons?
Are you tired of finding only persons with so much followers, but without interesting postings?

Then you should check the Cream of the Crop at

Cream of the Crop

We will show you every day some interesting persons, who get a lot of comments, +1 and reshares on their postings and in the same time don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers: The Cream of the Crop!

You will find these persons on the startpage of at the right side. This list will change daily, but you can browse the daily cream of the crop with our date navigation on the detailed page.

RSS-Feed of the Cream of the CropYou can also get the Cream of the Crop directly into your feed reader with the Cream of the Crop rss-feed.

Enough said: Check out the interesting persons of today.


We have reached before some days 500 Facebook fans and as already mentioned we want to celebrate the milestone of reaching 1,000 fans.

As soon as we reach 1,000 fans, we will feature one of the first 1,000 fans and the 1,000th fan on our startpage. You will be a whole month here:

1000 facebook fans

Here you can find our Facebook page.

This section on the startpage will also be changed in the coming days, so that you will be at the top of the Cream of the Crop. You don’t know what this means? Stay tuned, we’ll explain it as soon as this new section is launched 😉


Our Facebook page has reached the next milestone: 500 facebook fans

Maybe “500” looks like a small number, but: it’s a Facebook page for a Google+ project 😉

We want to say thank you to each one of our Facebook fans and want to pick out the 500th: Piyapong pomz (@CircleCount) from Thailand.

Piyapong Pomz

The next facebook milestone is set and we are going to double this number.
Stay tuned, since we will prepare something very special for this date!

A roundup about the photographer phenomenon

Today Olaf Bathke has written a very nice (german) article about Google+ and the phenomenon that more and more photographers are entering the rankings.

Olaf Bathke Blog

Olaf Bathke Blog

It’s an interesting article for photographers on how to handle the best social media, but also for non-photographers (like me) to see how they are using social media.

We are proud that Olaf has used to get some analysis on the Google+ data. Thank you Olaf for mentioning and linking to our project!

The most popular persons at Google+

The follower numbers are a not the best measure for the quality of what people are posting. That’s what we’ve heard of some of our visitors and this is absolutely true.
Our follower ranking is not mentioned as a quality ranking but more as (what it really is) a quantity ranking.

Today we’ve launched a new ranking: The popular persons at Google+

The most popular persons at Google+

The most popular persons at Google+

You will find in this ranking the persons getting the most comments, +1 or reshares per posting. Only the postings of the last 4 weeks are taken into account, so you won’t see here someone who have posted something very interesting before some months. For example, in the moment you won’t find Jake Gross in this ranking, although he had a posting that was shared more than 10,000 times!

You can filter this ranking (as usual at by gender and/or country. Check out for example:

Numbers, numbers, numbers…

Tomorrow is getting 3 months old and we have collected a lot of numbers in this short time. From the beginning we have shown you your follower numbers in your profile page at as a chart:

Follower Graph

Now, the most of the profiles have a lot of numbers to show and therefore from today on we will show you an additional table with the follower numbers of each day we have tracked:

Claudia Brunen

Thanks to Claudia Brunen for this interesting chart (check here the background of the chart).

A new Nr. 1 in Germany leads to a new statistic page

The new Follower History page

Yes, the title is very strange, but let me explain it 😉

Today Andreas Vichr has written about the new nr. 1 in Germany. Klaus Herrmann has passed Sascha Lobo in the german ranking. He also writes about Google+ being the new platform for photographers.

Andreas Vichr created a nice picture showing the top german photographers including their follower charts. And that was how the idea was born to add these charts in our statistic page with the Follower History of the Top 10.

Andreas' Vichr post

Andreas' Vichr post

You can open this statistic gender- and/or country-specific, some examples:

Now it’s your turn!
Find some interesting facts at and post about it in Google+.

Share your follower history in Google+

Today we’ve made a small change to the +1 button and you are now able to share your follower history with only a few clicks.

You just have to open your profile in (you can use this link) and click on the +1 button right next to your name (blue circle):

Share your follower history

Share your follower history

As you can see in the red circle your follower history is directly choosen as thumbnail.

What do you think?
Is that better or worse than the profile image we used before?

Redesign of

Today we proudly present you the new design of!

The new design of

The new design of

Maybe you already know this fact: was started (and “designed”) from a developer of everygain.

After we have seen a lot of traffic and great feedback regarding the functionality of we started to work with our designer on a new design for the website.

artoflutzart oflutz has worked hard to create our new design. You can (and should!) check his great portfolio at

We like the new design!
What’s about you? Any feedback is welcome!

PS: You can find some screenshots of the old design here.

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