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Today we have an upgrade for your dashboard at

With this upgrade you get a table with all of your public posts. This table is sortable, so that you can easily find for example your most reshared and plusoned posts.

Sortable table of your posts

Sortable table of your posts

For each post you will find

  • the first part of the text, which is directly linked to your post
  • the date and the time
  • the number of comments
  • the number of +1’s
  • the number of reshares
  • the sum of +1’s and reshares
    • that’s a good indicator of the “overall popularity” of a post. The number of comments has been ignored, since everyone can raise this number by oneself

You will find this new table in your personal dashboard but also in the dashboard of your Google+ Page. If you didn’t add your Google+ Page to your profile yet, you can find out how to do this here.

You can also sort the posts in the same time on multiple columns. You just need to hold the shift-key on clicking at the column headers.

Normally you would analyze the posts with the most reshares, +1’s or comments. But there are also interesting findings if you sort the other way around. For example the Google+ Page of CircleCount has no post without at least one +1 or one reshare! 😉

Analyze your posts in your Dashboard

Analyze your posts in your Dashboard

Analyze your posts by

3 thoughts on “Analyze your posts

  1. Hey Guys,

    first of all thanks for your service – been a great help 🙂
    I was wondering about the dashboard for pages – has it changed recently? You seem to have added trends-data within each row.
    Before that I was able to copy-paste the raw data into a Google spreadsheet and work with the data. Is there any other way to extraxt the “raw” post engagement data?


    • Hey Anatol,

      you are right, we have added the trends in each row (also in the dashboard for profiles).
      Right now, there is now way to extract this data without getting the trend but we are working on a premium section where an export will be also available.

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