Your Followers on a Map

Did you ever wonder where your followers are from?
Starting today helps you understand this better.

After you login to you can click on “Your Follower Map” and check it out:

Your Follower Map

Your Follower Map

Here you can see the follower map of Daniel, who was very surprised to have followers all around the world. You can directly click on one of the follower-pins on the map and see who is located there.

You will find also some statistics about your followers on this page. Just check it out!

There are some limitations:

  • We can (and want to) show only publicly visible followers. That’s an important privacy issue and there is no need to have private informations about these people on the server of It’s enough that these informations are on Google’s servers. 😉
  • For people with more than 10,000 followers we can get only a proportion of all followers. We’ll update this as soon as the Google+ API will offer more informations.
  • We don’t have everyone in our index, but as soon as you have updated your followers on we’ll try to get them into our index.

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