¡CircleCount ya habla español!

Octavio Alonso Maya Castro

Octavio Alonso Maya Castro

¡El dia de hoy anunciamos el acceso libre al publico de CircleCount.com en español! Usted podrá encontrar paginas en español en http://es.circlecount.com/

Con la grandiosa y muy rapida ayuda de Octavio Alonso Maya Castro nuestros visitantes hispano hablantes podrán navegar por los portales de CircleCount.com en su propio idioma.

¡Queremos agradecer a Octavio por todo el trabajo!
¡Estamos muy felices de tener tan buen socio en Mexico!


Today we are launching CircleCount.com in spanish! You can find the spanish pages at http://es.circlecount.com/

With the great and very quick help of Octavio Alonso Maya Castro our spanish visitors will be able to browse through the pages of CircleCount.com in their own language.

We want to thank Octavio for the whole work!
We are happy to have such a good partner in Mexico!

Extension v0.6 – Now in the Hovercard

Today we are updating our Chrome Extension to version 0.6.

In this new version you will find information about the users also in their hovercards.
After the extension is updated, you can move the mouse over a name of a person or a page on Google+ and you will find some additional information there:

CircleCount.com in the Hovercard

CircleCount.com in the Hovercard

This makes it easier to see some key facts about the user without having to click on the name or the extension icon in the toolbar.

Thanks to +Mohamed Mansour for the tips!

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