Manage Your Favorite Posts on Google+

Many people have searched for a way to get a workaround since Google+ doesn’t give us the option to manage our favorite posts directly on Google+.

You can use for example a private community like +Jaana Nyström described here or use an empty circle like +Google Plus Daily described here.

Today we would like to show you another way to manage your favorite posts, without having to leav the stream on Google+ and with a nice result you can show to everyone.

Together with +Martin Matysiak we worked on a connection between his chrome extension Favorite Posts for Google+™ and Your Favorite Posts on
After you have installed the chrome extension, you can click on the left sidebar on Google+ on “Favorites” and choose “Connected Services” via the options icon:

Connected Services

Besides Instapaper and Pocket you will find also CircleCount which you can add as a service within this extension. After a click on “Add” you will be asked to give the extension permission to write in your favorite posts on CircleCount:

Request Permission

After you have enabled CircleCount, you will find a button at each post on Google+ with the CircleCount logo:

Send to CircleCount

With just one click you can send a post to your Favorite Posts on CircleCount.
The title of the post and the tags will be automatically extracted but you can update any information you want directly there:

Edit Favorite Post on CircleCount

You will get a page on CircleCount which you can share with your friends or anyone else to show your favorite posts in Google+ for a specific tag or for any tag:

Favorite Posts on CircleCount

Here are a few examples of how great these pages can look like:

You can disconnect at any time the chrome extension on our new Apps-Page:

Your Apps





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