Your Google+ Elements

A few days ago we have launched a new page called “The Google+ Elements”.
Here you can see the most followed people who fit to a chemical element.

The Google+ Elements

+Mz Maau and +Geoff Dennehy mentioned that such a periodic table would be even more interesting with people only from the own circles. A great idea!
Today we are giving you the ability to put the people from your circles on a periodic table.
Short How-To: open this page, that’s it!

If you are not logged in on CircleCount you will see the Sign In button of Google+. After a click on this button you can authenticate who you are and login on CircleCount.
You don’t need to create any account on CircleCount or remember a new password.


On the page with your elements there is a button to reload the people from your circles. With this button you can not only update your circles but you can also choose which circles should be used for the periodic table. Just click on “Edit list” (or “Liste bearbeiten” like in the screenshot) and choose your circles.

An important privacy note: we won’t get any information about specific circles (for example their name or who is in one specific circle). We are getting through the Google+ API only a list of persons/pages that are included in one of the chosen circles. That’s absolutely enough for this feature and a great decision by Google+ to protect (y)our privacy.


After you have chosen your circles, we will check the persons/pages and put them on the periodic table on the place they belong to.


Feel free to make a screenshot and share it with your followers. A few of them will be probably on the screenshot đŸ˜‰

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