The CircleCount Shop (shirts, mugs, flip flops and more)

We are proud to present the new CircleCount Shop, where you will be able to buy some great shirts, mugs, flip flops and more…

CircleCount Shop

They are all designed by +Rick Lutz our fantastic star designer. So a big thank you to Rick as well.

With every item to buy you support CircleCount with 1-3$, which we really hope is ok for you guys.

We have started with a .com and .de shop, which you can reach under the following URLs:

Both shops are in English and you can find the same articles in both shops, but you can save some shipping costs by selecting the one or the other (for example the .com for USA and .de for Europe).


We are looking forward to see your photos with CircleCount! 😉

Average growth of the follower numbers

Yesterday we saw a decrease in the follower number of the most Google+ profiles. Here is a post by +Markos Giannopoulos who posted as one of the first about this change.

It looks like Google+ made a Spring Cleaning and a lot of spam-profiles / bots have been removed. Google+ is doing that regularly, but this time the loss was higher than in the past.

We have created a new page showing the Average Follower Growth on Google+ for every day. To calculate this number we are checking all profiles with more than 5,000 followers and their daily change in the follower number. Right now the chart looks like that:

google plus average follower growth per day - CircleCount

We can clearly see the Spring Cleaning of yesterday. The average growth is updated every hour, so that we will see in the coming days probably the average growth getting back to 0.1 – 0.2 %.

It is real uncommon to see people being happy about less followers, in that case we can absolutely understand this feeling, since we all “lost” bots in the follower lists.

Have you also seen a drop in your follower number?
You can check your profile here.

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