5 Useful Features MailChimp Offers Your Business

MailChimp is a unique online website that offers a quality online list building system to build your newsletter. If you are trying to create a business and get more of your clients to continue coming back, you need to save your clients’ emails as best as you can to reconnect with them down the road. There are other sites that offer lost building services, but you’ll come to find that MailChimp is the best one because of how they handle their clients and their features. Take a look at these 5 features that showcase how great MailChimp is for marketing.
Their Great Apps

If you’re an Internet marketer who is always on the go, their responsive apps are perfect for being able to do everything on the go. When you’re trying to send out another email blast or you just want to look at the data analytics, you can do it all on their apps. They actually have a myriad of apps to help you with multiple tasks. This makes it so much easier when you’re trying so hard to be able do tasks without having to stay on your computer.

Specific Customer Individual Profiles

When you have somebody join your list, it is hard sometimes to be able to know exactly what that person is doing and if they even read your emails. If you want to know what the person behind each email is doing, you can do that with MailChimp, tend not many autoresponders online can do this. The Subscriber Profiles are a unique and different part of MailChimp, and it allows you to see everything about the person. You can see what time zone that they are in, if they’re mobile or not, what email client they like more, and other great things to know about them. You can search for their name right in your account, and you can get valuable information about this exact person. Being able to do fast market research this way is definitely a unique way to do this.

Custom Thank You Pages

When a person signs up to your list, you want to be able to thank them personally by simply offering to write a custom thank you page. On MailChimp, your visitors instantly get lead to a “thank you” page that you can personally customize for your specific list. There are some people who hate the “please wait for the confirmation email” page, and it can be very boring and bland. Using MailChimp allows for you to entertain your guests and keep them happy. You can also use mailchimp for gated content if you don’t mind the double opt in process.

Great Editor

They have a great editor. You can edit your emails and your subscription forms so well. They have a very simple drag and drop system that allows for you to edit forms so easily. Their MailChimp editor is highly respectable for getting a top notch design that will work well on all devices. You don’t need to know anything about HTML or coding to utilize their designs. With their templates already available and easily customizable designs, you don’t have to worry about spending days just to work on getting your form ready. Their tablet and mobile apps can let you do all of this from your phone as well.

MailChimp is by far a step ahead of other websites that offer autoresponders. Building business mailing lists takes time, and it is vital that you use the right site to build your list and newsletter. MailChimp is definitely the best site you could use if you want to build a list and easily update them with emails using an easy to use platform.


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