The Importance of SEO for App Discoverability

In this day and age, being noticed on the internet is more important than ever.  However, as people start using their smartphones more often, the ability to be noticed on a mobile device has taken precedence over desktops and laptops.  Therefore, search engine optimization – or SEO – for apps has become vital.  As you will see, changing your strategy to become noticed by people on-the-go can be done with some simple tweaks.

What Is SEO?

Before we can begin to discuss how to use SEO for apps, we need to define what it means.  As discusses, “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.”  By using certain techniques, you will be able to raise your website on the the results lists when people search for certain terms.

It consists of several parts – three of which will be discussed here.  Quality pertains to your specific product or service.  You don’t want people going to Apple computers when you are an apple farmer.  Right?  Being more specific gives more quality content.

Quantity is just what it sounds like.  When you have built up and audience of the people you want to focus on, creating more traffic to your site and app will definitely help.

Lastly, there is your organic audience.  While ads can create a significant portion of the search engine results pages – or SERPS – organic defines traffic that you don’t have to pay for. 

SEO Isn’t Just For Websites Anymore

However, it is no longer good enough to create results for just any old website.  You have to remember that people use the internet on their phones.  As a result, tweaking your SEO for apps is more important than ever.  After all, if people can’t find your app, it won’t be noticed, and all the work spent developing will be for naught.

With over 1 million apps available, how will yours get noticed?  Thanks to search engines like Google, there are new ways to discover an app organically with posted suggestions for relevant search queries.  As a result, organic searches will now yield better results comparable to website search results allowing more users to download those apps. 

Diversify your SEO Strategy

So, how is this done?  Let’s discuss the basics.  As Search Engine Watch discusses, “Most big engine mobile apps source results from their web index – hence, applying mobile SEO best practices is essential to visibility in both web and apps.”  Therefore, it is important to remember some things.  “Using a single URL strategy is best.  But a subdomain or subdirectory can help provided you adhere to these tips.”

  • Crawler access allows all crawlers access to desktops and mobile websites to understand page structure and consolidate signals
  • Being mindful of page load speed helps because mobile users often have slower connections
  • User experience is important. You want to make sure that people can find everything and interact with your app.
  • Remember to optimize page elements and content to keywords
  • Use code that doesn’t need Flash or Javascript. Otherwise, you could create unnecessary obstacles 

Enhance Your App

One great tool that you can use is a software development kit – or SDK.  It is a development tool that create apps for a certain platform.  Doing so allows your app to support certain services.  Several companies offer SDKs to allow for such support.

One such software, known as Enhance, allows app owners to implement any SDK on their apps.  It’s simple to use, as well.  Best of all, it’s free.

All you have to do is select the service you want to implement, and upload your compiled app file.  Then Enhance patches, and injects, the services into your app.  Now, all you have to do is download, and publish, your Enhanced app.  It’s that simple.

Features include toggle SDKs, DIY ads, crash reporting, advertising tools, and income reporting.  You can even install third-party services that your development tools don’t support.  With just a few steps, your app is better than ever.


 Search engine optimization has been an important website tool for several years.  However, the same level importance is now placed on those who create apps.  But, the information presented should help explain what people need to do to rise up on the SERPS.  Plus, tools like Enhance make apps easier to use.  This information should allow you to create an app that will be noticed in no time.



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