CircleCount spreekt Nederlands!

Luc SuyVanaf vandaag kan je CircleCount ook bekijken in het Nederlands!

Dankzij het vertaalwerk van +Luc Suy kunnen nederlandstalige bezoekers onze pagina’s bekijken in hun eigen taal.
De nederlandstalige pagina’s vind je op

Wij willen Luc bedanken voor het hele werk!
We zijn blij er weer een goede medewerker bij te hebben, dit keer in België!


CircleCount speaks Dutch!

Today we are launching in Dutch!

With the great and very quick help of +Luc Suy our Dutch speaking visitors will be able to browse through the pages of in their own language.
You can find the Dutch pages at

We want to thank Luc for the whole work! He was also a great help in improving our translation tool!
We are happy to have one more good partner, now in Belgium!

Oggi lanciamo CircleCount in Italiano

+pio dal cinOggi lanciamo in Italiano.Potrete trovare la pagina nella vostra lingua a:

Con il prezioso e veloce contributo di +pio dal cin I nostri visitatori potranno sfogliare le pagine di nella loro lingua.

Vogliamo ringraziare +pio per l’intero lavoro svolto con rapidita’ e professionalita’.
Siamo felici di aver trovato un cosi’ valido collaboratore in Italia.


Today we are launching in italian! You can find the italian pages at

With the great and very quick help of +pio dal cin our italian visitors will be able to browse through the pages of in their own language.

We want to thank +pio for the whole work!
We are happy to have one more good partner, now in Italy!

¡CircleCount ya habla español!

Octavio Alonso Maya Castro

Octavio Alonso Maya Castro

¡El dia de hoy anunciamos el acceso libre al publico de en español! Usted podrá encontrar paginas en español en

Con la grandiosa y muy rapida ayuda de Octavio Alonso Maya Castro nuestros visitantes hispano hablantes podrán navegar por los portales de en su propio idioma.

¡Queremos agradecer a Octavio por todo el trabajo!
¡Estamos muy felices de tener tan buen socio en Mexico!


Today we are launching in spanish! You can find the spanish pages at

With the great and very quick help of Octavio Alonso Maya Castro our spanish visitors will be able to browse through the pages of in their own language.

We want to thank Octavio for the whole work!
We are happy to have such a good partner in Mexico!

Extension v0.6 – Now in the Hovercard

Today we are updating our Chrome Extension to version 0.6.

In this new version you will find information about the users also in their hovercards.
After the extension is updated, you can move the mouse over a name of a person or a page on Google+ and you will find some additional information there: in the Hovercard in the Hovercard

This makes it easier to see some key facts about the user without having to click on the name or the extension icon in the toolbar.

Thanks to +Mohamed Mansour for the tips!

Your Followers on a Map

Did you ever wonder where your followers are from?
Starting today helps you understand this better.

After you login to you can click on “Your Follower Map” and check it out:

Your Follower Map

Your Follower Map

Here you can see the follower map of Daniel, who was very surprised to have followers all around the world. You can directly click on one of the follower-pins on the map and see who is located there.

You will find also some statistics about your followers on this page. Just check it out!

There are some limitations:

  • We can (and want to) show only publicly visible followers. That’s an important privacy issue and there is no need to have private informations about these people on the server of It’s enough that these informations are on Google’s servers. 😉
  • For people with more than 10,000 followers we can get only a proportion of all followers. We’ll update this as soon as the Google+ API will offer more informations.
  • We don’t have everyone in our index, but as soon as you have updated your followers on we’ll try to get them into our index.

Define your own ranking criteria

There are a lot of discussions around the web about rankings, influence, transparency and ranking criteria. Today we will try a very new way: we have the data and you will get the control!

Control panel for your ranking

Control panel for your ranking

With the control panel you can choose which criteria shall influence your ranking. You can also define for each criteria the weight for the ranking. You can get a detailed description of each criteria with the tooltip at the question mark. You can also choose a specific country and if you want to see only profiles or pages.

You will get directly the results on this page and can also share it with your friends.

Try it out, it’s very easy: Login at and afterwards got to Your ranking.
Here you can find for example the ranking of Daniel.

Daniel's ranking

Daniel's ranking


Today we have reached 1,000 fans on our facebook fanpage!

This is great, since we are talking about a Google+ project!
btw: In Google+ we got the 1,000 followers after 2 days 😉

As we have announced it here, we will feature the 1,000th fan and one random fan for the next month on our startpage.

Congatulations to +Frank Deichmann (the 1,000th fan) and to +Valmir Hazeri (the random one)!

Frank Deichmann

Frank Deichmann

The number of Valmir Hazeri

The number of Valmir Hazeri

Continent-specific country distributions

You probably know the statistics pages at CircleCount showing the country distribution for profiles and pages.

Now you can browse through the continents and see the continent-specific country distribution for each continent:

The world

The world

Here are the direct links:

Analyze your posts

Today we have an upgrade for your dashboard at

With this upgrade you get a table with all of your public posts. This table is sortable, so that you can easily find for example your most reshared and plusoned posts.

Sortable table of your posts

Sortable table of your posts

For each post you will find

  • the first part of the text, which is directly linked to your post
  • the date and the time
  • the number of comments
  • the number of +1’s
  • the number of reshares
  • the sum of +1’s and reshares
    • that’s a good indicator of the “overall popularity” of a post. The number of comments has been ignored, since everyone can raise this number by oneself

You will find this new table in your personal dashboard but also in the dashboard of your Google+ Page. If you didn’t add your Google+ Page to your profile yet, you can find out how to do this here.

You can also sort the posts in the same time on multiple columns. You just need to hold the shift-key on clicking at the column headers.

Normally you would analyze the posts with the most reshares, +1’s or comments. But there are also interesting findings if you sort the other way around. For example the Google+ Page of CircleCount has no post without at least one +1 or one reshare! 😉

Analyze your posts in your Dashboard

Analyze your posts in your Dashboard