Today we have reached 1,000 fans on our facebook fanpage!

This is great, since we are talking about a Google+ project!
btw: In Google+ we got the 1,000 followers after 2 days ;)

As we have announced it here, we will feature the 1,000th fan and one random fan for the next month on our startpage.

Congatulations to +Frank Deichmann (the 1,000th fan) and to +Valmir Hazeri (the random one)!

Frank Deichmann

Frank Deichmann

The number of Valmir Hazeri

The number of Valmir Hazeri

Continent-specific country distributions

You probably know the statistics pages at CircleCount showing the country distribution for profiles and pages.

Now you can browse through the continents and see the continent-specific country distribution for each continent:

The world

The world

Here are the direct links:

Analyze your posts

Today we have an upgrade for your dashboard at CircleCount.com.

With this upgrade you get a table with all of your public posts. This table is sortable, so that you can easily find for example your most reshared and plusoned posts.

Sortable table of your posts

Sortable table of your posts

For each post you will find

  • the first part of the text, which is directly linked to your post
  • the date and the time
  • the number of comments
  • the number of +1′s
  • the number of reshares
  • the sum of +1′s and reshares
    • that’s a good indicator of the “overall popularity” of a post. The number of comments has been ignored, since everyone can raise this number by oneself

You will find this new table in your personal dashboard but also in the dashboard of your Google+ Page. If you didn’t add your Google+ Page to your profile yet, you can find out how to do this here.

You can also sort the posts in the same time on multiple columns. You just need to hold the shift-key on clicking at the column headers.

Normally you would analyze the posts with the most reshares, +1′s or comments. But there are also interesting findings if you sort the other way around. For example the Google+ Page of CircleCount has no post without at least one +1 or one reshare! ;)

Analyze your posts in your Dashboard

Analyze your posts in your Dashboard

Dashboard for Google+ Pages

We have asked you and you said you would like to have the dashboard at CircleCount.com also for your Google+ Pages. The result of the last days is:
You can get now a dashboard for your Google+ Pages ;)

Take a look for example on our dashboard:

The Dashboard for Google+ Pages

The Dashboard for Google+ Pages

Here you can see that we get the fewest comments on Thursday. Let’s try to change this with the post to this announcement on a Thursday ;)

At the moment there is no way through the API of Google+ to find out if you are the admin of a page, so we are working with a short post you have to send through your page to verify that you are the admin. We hope this workflow is self-explanatory. Try it out!

The Alltime Popular Profiles

You probably know the ranking of the popular persons of Google+.
Here you can find popular persons, where their last 10 posts which have to be in the last 4 weeks have been very popular depending on average comments, reshares or +1′s received.

Starting today you can find at CircleCount.com a ranking of the most popular persons depending on all of their posts!

The alltime most popular persons of Google+

The alltime most popular persons of Google+

Here you can find all persons, that have opened their dashboard, where all public posts are analyzed.

Like the most rankings at CircleCount.com you can select a country and/or a gender to get a special ranking.

More infos about Google+ Pages

We are very proud to announce that there are now more than 5,000 Google+ Pages on CircleCount.com!
It makes us especially proud, that these are not indexed via a script (like for the profiles) but each one of them was manually added from a visitor, means: You!
This is great! These are 5,000 pages within 2 weeks!

We want to say thank you to all of you and give a present in the form of
Local Google+ Pages Ranking!

Let’s start with an example: The Top Google+ Pages in Germany
Why Germany? Because CircleCount.com is from Germany and has currently the 3rd most followed Google+ Page in Germany ;)

If you are missing your Google+ Page in the ranking of your country all you have to do is to add a contact address in the settings of you Google+ Page:

Set the country for your Google+ Page

Set the country for your Google+ Page

Afterwards open the Google+ Page at CircleCount.com and the location will be updated in the next minutes.

There are also two new statistics pages:

Country Distribution Of The Google+ Pages

Country Distribution Of The Google+ Pages

Tracked Google+ Pages at CircleCount

Tracked Google+ Pages at CircleCount

Google+ Pages at CircleCount.com

Today (only a few hours ago) Google+ has launched the Google+ Pages.

CircleCount.com has also its own Google+ Page now. Now you can circle CircleCount.com (thanks for this wording +Frank Poliat ;) ).

But the more interesting news are that you can find the most circled Google+ Pages now on CircleCount.com. Check it now: The Top Google+ Pages

If you are missing a Google+ Page here, feel free to add it to CircleCount.com (copy the url into the left field on the startpage).





Your personal Dashboard at CircleCount.com

Starting today you can login in CircleCount.com with your Google+ account. You don’t need to register anything or remember a new password, just click on “Login” in the menu and confirm that you are you ;)

Your Dashboard at CircleCount.comAfter you have been logged in, you can access directly your profile page at CircleCount.com and the brand new dashboard with personal statistics about your activity and CircleCount.

We start the dashboard with some analysis of your activity, showing you in a timeline, on which weekday and at what time you got the most feedback (comments, reshares, +1′s). This analysis is made depending on the time you have written your post. This can be very interesting, since in Google+ you can have followers in a lot of different timezones.
Here you will be also able to “zoom” into your follower chart, so that you can get more details for a specific date.

Analysis in the dashboard of CircleCount.com

Analysis in the dashboard of CircleCount.com

Your settings at CircleCount.comTo get the correct analysis you should define your timezone in the settings-page. If you don’t do this, you probably will see some weird statistics, since the default timezone is set to Germany.

More numbers need better charts

3 weeks ago we were celebrating that CircleCount.com got 3 months old with the launch of a table showing the follower number history. Today we are proud to show you the new follower chart at CircleCount.com:

Follower Chart

This chart is based on the Google Chart API and is more interactive and more clear than the old one. You can check the exact numbers for each day only with going with your cursor over the chart. Try it out!

Beginning of this month we also announced that you can share your follower graph with just a few clicks. And this is still working! So, what do we have now?

  • an improved chart
  • the option to share your follower graph with just a few clicks
And just between ourselves :D :
That’s just a small preview of what we are building in the coming weeks ;)

The Cream of the Crop

Are you searching for interesting persons?
Are you tired of finding only persons with so much followers, but without interesting postings?

Then you should check the Cream of the Crop at CircleCount.com.

Cream of the Crop

We will show you every day some interesting persons, who get a lot of comments, +1 and reshares on their postings and in the same time don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers: The Cream of the Crop!

You will find these persons on the startpage of CircleCount.com at the right side. This list will change daily, but you can browse the daily cream of the crop with our date navigation on the detailed page.

RSS-Feed of the Cream of the CropYou can also get the Cream of the Crop directly into your feed reader with the Cream of the Crop rss-feed.

Enough said: Check out the interesting persons of today.