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Annie Y.

Annie Y. 

Multilingual. Speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, Irony and Sarcasm fluently.

Occupation: SAP / Independent

Followers: 14,053

Following: -

Cream of the Crop: 10/17/2012

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Annie Y. has been at 2 events

Jacob Dix37,043Post your sky images here. Comment on other's sky images. Mobile, DSLR, film are welcome. Have fun. The sky is beautiful.Sky 3!2012-09-29 00:30:0033  
Jacob Dix37,043For some time now I have been doing a project, an experiment, an exploration, a study in light. My object has been the sky, through the limited vantage point of my kitchen window and my backyard. The result, so far, is this album called *Sky*: http://goo.gl/phGuR Forget about that for right now. Show everyone your own sky! The best, the worst. I've seen people mention avoiding it because it means they have no "object" to shoot. Don't listen to those people. It is the most challenging palette of light there is. Let's see 'em! You have a full day and a half! Please spread the word too.Sky!2012-09-02 00:00:0023  

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