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Ryan Mills (Ry4n) has been shared in 49 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Johnathan Yesson26,597Complete Circle Of Google Employee'sAdd this circle if you want to connect with the lovely people who work at our beloved Google.I have curated this circle personally and it list's ONLY Google staff.I personally LOVE Google in it's many forms and I think the people behind the scenes deserve some appreciation, so if your reading this follow these steps if you agree:1.) +1 2.) Comment3.) RE-SHARE4.) Add people***************************************************************The following people are some of my favourite G+'ers and I'd love them to re-share this circle if they would be so kind:+Christine DeGraff +Tancredi Matranga  +Vladimir Samsonov +Ludovic Moreeuw  +CircleCount +Edith Kukla +Miguel Almeida Sharing  +Michael Q Todd +Amanda Blain +Mikhail Petrovsky +Daniel Mihai Popescu  +Gorka Ortiz  +Erik Barrett  +Cristian Bianchi +Hoang Duong  +AyJay Schibig  +2014-04-16 12:59:42501214CC G+
Irina Sadokhina19,423Hello my dear friends!!!This is my weekly #mondaycircle   . This #circle    is very important for me because there are people who were with me last time, commented my funny pics, and just made me happy. Also, there are people who RE-shared my last #mondaycircle  . Thank you so much for this!!! And I would like to ask you Re-share this awesome circle  on your stream, please. If you wanna be included in my next #mondaycircle   . Apr. 21st, just:1) plus2)re-share!!!Thank you. You all have a wonderful week.Make sure you share the original version! #circle   #circles   #circlecirclecircle   #circlescirclescircles   #circleshare   #hyperball   #plusmastermind   #crazycircles   #circleoftheweek  2014-04-14 16:53:094557959120CC G+
Irina Sadokhina18,499Hello my dear friends!!!This is my weekly #mondaycircle  . This #circle is very important for me because there are people who were with me last time, commented my funny pics, and just made me happy. Also, there are people who RE-shared my last #mondaycircle  . Thank you so much for this!!! And I would like to ask you Re-share this awesome circle  on your stream, please. If you wanna be included in my next #mondaycircle   . Apr. 14th, just:1) plus2)re-share!!!Thank you. You all have a wonderful week.Make sure you share the original version! #circle   #circleshare   #circlescirclescircles   #circlecircle   #circlecirclecircle   #circles   #hyperball   #plusmastermind   #crazycircles  2014-04-08 12:47:424927152105CC G+
Irina Sadokhina17,311Hello my dear friends!!!This is my weekly #mondaycircle  . This #circle   is very important for me because there are people who were with me last time, commented my funny pics, and just made me happy. Also, there are people who RE-shared my last #mondaycircle  . Thank you so much for this!!! And I would like to ask you Re-share this awesome circle  on your stream, please. If you wanna be included in my next #mondaycircle . Apr. 7th, just:1) plus2)re-share!!!Thank you. You all have a wonderful week.Make sure you share the original version! #circle   #circlecirclecircle   #circles   #circlescirclescircles   #circleshared   #crazycircles   #hyperball   #plusmastermind   #circleoftheweek  2014-03-31 18:07:204536761108CC G+
Irina Sadokhina16,720Hello my dear friends!!! This is my weekly #mondaycircle  . This #circle   is very important for me because there are people who were with me last time, commented my funny pics, and just made me happy. Also, there are people who RE-shared my last mondaycircle . Thank you so much for this!!! And I would like to ask you Re-share this awesome circle    on your stream, please. If you wanna be included in my next  #mondaycircle   , March 31st. just:1) plus2)re-share!!!Thank you. You all have a wonderful week.Make sure you share the original version! #circle   #circles   #circlecirclecircle   #circlecirclecircle   #circlescirclescircles   #hyperball   #crazycircles   #plusmastermind   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circleoftheweek   #circleoftheday  2014-03-24 18:59:534707758121CC G+
Irina Sadokhina15,346Hello my dear friends!!!HELLO! This is my weekly  #mondaycircle . This  #circle   is very important for me because there are people who were with me last time, commented my funny pics, and just made me happy. Also, there are people who RE-shared my last  #mondaycircle . Thank you so much for this!!! And I would like to ask you Re-share this awesome  #circle   on your stream, please. If you wanna be included in my next  #mondaycircle   , March 17th just:1) plus2)re-share!!!Thank you. You all have a wonderful week.Make sure you share the original version! #circle   #circles   #circlecircle   #circlescirclescircles   #hyperball   #rustyball   #crazycircles   #plusmastermind  2014-03-11 16:53:09467695399CC G+
Jimmy James6,807Music#circles #sharedcircles #addcircle #sharedpubliccircles #growfollowers #circleshare #publicsharedcircles #circleoftheweek #circlesharing #publiccircle #findcircles #circlemeup #hyperballmaster #hyperballcircle2014-01-08 17:59:521340215CC G+
Sean Cowen43,829My Morning Circle: By Far, The Most Interesting and Unusual Circle I've Ever Created...In the beginning of October, I asked people to dig down deep and give me names of great people to add to a must-read morning circle. ( http://bit.ly/16ow9Cm ) This is the FIRST CIRCLE of those names. I have omitted a few names by my own prerogative and I've left off PAGE names as I'd like to create a separate circle for those. By and large, though, this list is the result of all the recommendations I received. There are more names to follow, as I'm still working down through the comments...What I Originally Asked of Anyone Leaving Comments and Recommendations...I'm looking for a SINGLE CIRCLE of pure awesomeness - a circle that gives me incredible content, insight, analysis, humor, a dose of the erudite, funny, sad, melancholy, happy - in short - I'm looking for one circle to throw into my stream that gets my days started off on the right foot.But I need your input. Who should I add to this circle?We all know the usual suspects (and some of those people will definitely be included if you recommend them), but I am seeking and searching for those little mentioned and possibly unknown to me people who will jump start my day.I'm not looking for popularity or anything specific - just let me know about the people you would include if you were creating this same circle. #circle   #coolcircle   #recommendedcircle   #circleoftheday  P.S. Added myself against my better judgement as I was chosen on this list as well. Now you know... :-)2013-10-20 15:53:26499613067CC G+
Till Hansmeier1,689Health is wealth! Share this circle and learn how to live a healthy life! #sharedcircles #circle #circleshare #health #healthcircle #sharedcircle  2013-09-26 12:22:50306013CC G+
Scott Buehler21,514Astonishing Engagers Monday Hyperball Full content: Click "Read more"These people are my engagers for the week. They all have shared, commented, and +1 my content with an emphasis on those who reshare what I post. I do this weekly to reward those active on Google Plus and to archive my top posts throughout the week.Want to be added to the #hyperball? Simpler than ever.1) Add me to your circles.2) Reshare anything that interests you on my stream (profile) from today or the rest of this week.2a) Or reshare this circle share.3) +1 and comment4) Don't be a bluehead. I like to share real people.Please Connect with Scott - My Directory of Social Accountshttp://xeeme.com/TygrScott or http://about.me/TygrScottWant to start a website? Full video training absolutely free:See it: http://www.webhostingchoose.com/first-website/Please +1 and Circle My New Page/Project Animammals.comhttps://plus.google.com/107029877155830383764/A will be doing a circle share hyperball for this page on Wednesdays as soon as Google allows me to add more than 100 people a day to the page (still too new).=========================================================Scott's FavoritesHere I list all of my favorite topics and things that happened for the week.Ultimate Guide to Google PlusOn G+: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/3WL7edPMgQKThe Guide: http://t5a.co/googuidUltimate Guide to Google AuthorshipOn G+: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/f1g5gLtoCqmSee it: http://t5a.co/googauthPhotos of the WeekAn awesome bedroom design idea for bunk beds.2,157 +1; 573 Shares; 224 CommentsSee it: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/71Wv6QamKhuCat Sneak Attack - My first viral animated Gif from +Animammals+975 +1s; 473 Shares; 117 CommentsSee it: https://plus.google.com/107029877155830383764/posts/N2GvJHHKusSRepublic of the Maldives1,747 +1; 306 Shares; 175 CommentsSee it: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/bSroSFGLHp6For the bird lovers, a bird about to feed on a preying mantis.1,590 +1; 340 Shares; 164 CommentsSee it: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/WFRp4p3F9j6Jacuzzi of Mt. Roraima1,199 +1; 206 Shares; 157 CommentsSee it: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/8aT4meGyyXsBaby elephant thinks he can fly. Haha1,121 +1; 251 Shares; 199 CommentsSee it: https://plus.google.com/107415989115407435914/posts/1YhGq7udC7pCat bank2013-08-12 10:18:1148222786124CC G+
Alex Maxham2,074Last night, I made a post about starting a brand new Android circle. Many of you added a bunch of people. There are over 250 people in this circle and it's time to share it :D*Original post: http://goo.gl/cRbaM *_If you think you belong in this Android circle, leave a comment below... _2013-02-26 20:01:49248315CC G+
Jesse Moreno411My first circle share.  I'm mainly doing this for +Deb J Canales who I can see is becoming more active on +Google+ .  Good on ya, friend!This is a circle of people and groups who share my passion for all things technology.  If you're not in it and feel you should be, go ahead and comment here and I will gladly add you.Happy interacting!2013-02-03 07:47:52472628CC G+
Richard Law5,962100 Most RelevantWeekly share of the people who G+ thinks are most relevant to me. There are 8 changes this week.  #sharedcircles   #circleshare   #sharedpubliccircles  2012-12-17 12:18:55100112CC G+
Carms Perez29,721Another 500 spectacular people that you should know!2012-12-12 06:59:3850117514CC G+
Richard Law5,812100 Most RelevantWeekly share of the 100 people Google thinks most relevant to me. 4 changes this week. #sharedcircles   #publicsharedcircles   #circleshare  2012-12-10 12:23:02100134CC G+
Richard Law5,385100 Most RelevantWeekly share of the 100 people G+ thinks are most relevant to me. Only 3 changes this week -- of particular note is +Rinus Bakker, whose photography is amazing. #circleshare   #sharedcircles   #publicsharedcircles  2012-12-03 12:15:13100001CC G+
Richard Law4,879100 Most RelevantWeekly share of the 100 people G+ thinks are most relevant to me. Only 3 changes this week. #circleshare   #publicsharedcircles   #sharedcircles  2012-11-26 12:10:22100122CC G+
Richard Law4,381Weekly -100- 99 Most RelevantMore changes this week than usual... 8 new folks and MOAN LISA has gone missing. #circleshare   #publicsharedcircles   #sharedcircles  2012-11-19 16:31:2399123CC G+
Richard Law4,056Weekly 100 Most RelevantFour changes this week. These are 0.2% most relevant people to me, according to the Goog. If Google says, it must be true. Circle 'em up! #sharedcircles   #publicsharedcircles   #circleshare  2012-11-11 14:36:39100012CC G+
Richard Law3,549Top 100 by Google relevance (to me).Weekly share in an effort to reverse engineer the algorithm Google uses for determining relevancy. Gmail correspondence seems to be the weightiest factor.Enjoy! #circleshare   #sharedcircles   #publiccircles  2012-10-20 11:37:34100013CC G+
Richard Law3,526Top 100 by RelevanceAbout 9 differences from last week. Hey, G+ figured out my wife is one of the 100 most relevant people to me. Thanks, G+, for not causing marital strife. #sharedcircles   #circleshare   #publicsharedcircles  2012-10-12 19:04:21100424CC G+
Andrew Jackson0So it's a Friday thing.. here's a few Android folks I follow#sharedcircles   #circleshare   #sharingiscaring   #followfriday   #ff  2012-10-05 14:28:01501104CC G+
Eric Aultman0+Charise Strandberg shared a TB circle today and asked me to share mine. Circle +Tampa HIRL and +TBFitClub for Hangouts In Real Life and fitness motivation. By this time next year, I'd like to see the TB Circle be 1k+.2012-10-04 20:20:57355102CC G+
Ylenia Leaf4,729It's time to share a big circle of Androidians! #android #androidian #sharedcircle #circleshare  2012-09-13 22:14:585000514CC G+
Scott Spence2,220By request from +Leon Ormes here's my uber android circle!Of course this is only a fraction of my circles and if you want to have a really interesting stream then I suggest you use the shared circle database here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ao1OX3UN25EvdHRWR3lwWXQ0a0RhWnFuWml5RnJHdkE2012-07-26 20:55:13337605CC G+
Thew Raslletem1,062Well Apparantly my #top99  circle has 3 non G+ users...I tag em, and they getthe email, but they will not sign up. Oh wellHere's my top 96.2012-07-24 12:57:4196103CC G+
Tony Simons10,384Looking for some #CircleShare luvin' to get you by until the weekend arrives?These are a hand-picked bunch of some of the greatest people and profiles on +Google+ These folks are highly-interactive and are always more than happy to help newcomers with any questions they may have. Add them, share them and have a great afternoon!If you were notified, that means you're in!2012-06-14 18:43:2710128823CC G+
Dede King0The (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ CircleWho adds sparkle to your day? - That was the question I asked my circles. I give you 500 answers. Feel free to share and spread the awesome ☆。.:*:・’゜★+The Best Circles on Google+ +Public Circles +Shared Circles on G+  #circleshare  2012-06-08 20:42:51500641742CC G+
Jon M Curley4,601+Mike Boodoo These are the ones I follow for Android related schtuff.  If you recieved a notification that I shared this with you, it means you are in the circle.Personal Android Circle share2012-06-06 15:23:3547609CC G+
Kevin Medeiros3,101Yeah yeah, this is a huge circle to share. These guys and girls are a bunch of geeks. Geeks of what type you might ask? Well, of all sorts..you'll just have to find out. I've gone through and weeded out some of the inactive users myself in order to stay under the 500 person limit. These guys make up a big portion of my stream and never fail to keep me informed about awesome shit.You may also be asking why I didn't sort them out into sub-geek categories? The answer to that is because I'm not your damn secretary :-)Just check'em out :)2012-05-26 19:20:2947711714CC G+
Robyn Miller7,847Ok, I'm too tired to go on. Based on suggestions from this post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101445247481137522686/posts/cpmgysbsKNR I did some quick adds, some quick scans. I call this circle LAUGHRIOT because some are people that offered up people who make them LAUGH, some are the ones they said make them LAUGH and some were just added to cause a RIOT, I think, either because of insanity or boredom :P I admit I played editor for some, and probably missed others in my haste to get this done as it is 10:40pm and I have been awake since 5am and did not get home until after 8. Meanwhile, I give you the LAUGHRIOT circle. See someone in here who is neither? Please let me know ;)Please share this!2012-05-17 02:42:05198121120CC G+
Tony Simons9,316Here are a SHIT-TON of #Android Fanatics...Add them all now and then re-share the circle. Or we'll send little green robots to destroy your neighborhood.2012-04-19 21:16:544991927CC G+
Martijn van der Meulen2,841Looking for people that are active on Google+?People that both post great content, but also engage? Then this is the Circle you want to add. Yesterday I managed to get a group of great people together who love interacting with others - so if you post quality content you know that with this Circle you can broadcast it to an audience that's very active here.It has taken me about two hours to get this ready, so I hope people will appreciate it. And please re-share it if you think that your own followers will benefit from it as well.Just two small disclaimers:1) Being an "engager" doesn't mean that these people randomly click on any of the people that have them circled and start interacting. Like I said, it just means that if you post great content than this time you at least know that you're broadcasting it to people that are very active on Google+. (thanks +Annie Yim and +Meirav Berale for pointing this out).2) Most extensions for adding all people in a post are broken, so I had to add everyone by hand. Apologies if I've forgotten a few of you, such as +Missy Hope and +Arvid Bux. Make sure you add them! :)Enjoy!2012-04-13 13:10:34291491133CC G+
Tony Simons8,910Check out this wonderful circle full of Android fanatics.This is an amazing group of people who actively post about all things Android related.If you're on #TeamAndroid , help us out by pressing that share button!2012-04-13 04:49:304994116CC G+
Sivan Rehan6,130The coolest Android people circle.If you want to be added please let me know!2012-04-04 18:58:0846250318CC G+
Kevin Medeiros2,549This is my circle of geeks. Definitely an active circle that share geeky shit that "others" may not understand, but you do, right?Circle them if you want instant fun. Seriously..I weed out the lame ones all the time..be prepared for the onslaught of awesome when you add this circle!2012-03-23 21:02:4544913919CC G+
Derek Ross16,474Ultimate Android Community Curated Shared CircleAll users in this list were submitted by fans of the community here: http://goo.gl/aCkaWThis list is full of Android developers, bloggers, manufacturers, pages, fans, community celebrities and most importantly, everyday +Android Enthusiasts like you and me. If you're in this Circle, share the Android love, share this Circle of Android awesomeness.Original Post: http://goo.gl/aCkaWWe've reached the 500 user limit. Any names added to the original post list from now on will be added to a second circle. See someone that isn't in this list and should be? Visit the original post and join the game of tag. #CircleSunday2012-03-19 01:15:28500345346CC G+
Sivan Rehan5,190+Mark Smith This is my Parents circle.+Ryan Moore , you were also interested at one point..If anyone wants to join this circle, please let me know. I didn't edit it in a while so if I forgot you , just tell me and I will re-share it after editing.2012-03-14 13:33:561202709CC G+
Sivan Rehan4,457My updated Android interactive users circle.Share it so we can meet more awesome people!2012-02-29 15:33:27476221113CC G+
Lisa Bimmerz7,038Per request, I am sharing my Galaxy Nexus circle again...It has grown some, since I shared this circle last week. If you ARE in this circle, please add this updated one to your existing Galaxy Nexus circle, and then please share it publicly. The more the merrier - right?! =o)If you have a Galaxy Nexus or are planning to get one, and would like to be included in this circle, simply add this circle name it Galaxy Nexus (or whatever you want), then add yourself to it, and then share it publicly.Please note; if you are not adding people back from this circle and you are in it, then it kind of defeats the point of having a Galaxy Nexus circle. Since Google has removed incoming streams, we will not see your postings shared with us, unless we have mutually added one another to circles.2012-02-04 02:34:323823206CC G+
Suzanne Haggerty13,661PAY IT FORWARD SHARED CIRCLEThe "Pay It Forward" Circle is over 500 people now. G+ only allows me to share 500 with you. If you have a smaller version of this circle, don't forget to add all the new folks in - it's easy and only takes a few seconds.(And a big thank you to those of you who have circled me tonight!)1. ADD CIRCLE 2. ADD YOURSELF3. ADD 1 PERSON TO PROMOTE 4. SHARE CIRCLE Please copy and paste instructions into your Circle Description when sharing, including this sentence. ENJOY & PAY IT FORWARD, everybody gets in.2011-11-30 05:29:12500438CC G+
Hermine Ngnomire8,052+James Lawson-Smith +Stuart Williams 1. ADD this, Pay It Forward Circle.2. ADD an extra person to promote.3. SHARE Pay It Forward Circle. THERE IS CHECK MARK AT BOTTOM WHEN YOU SHARE, TO ADD YOURSELF!!4. COPY AND PASTE INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU SHARE, Pay It Forward Circle. EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD G+, MORE WILL BE ADDED!5. ADD MORE TO YOUR PAY IT FORWARD CIRCLE THROUGH TIME, AND SHARE IT MORE TIMES IN FUTURE AS WELL.6. ADD DIFFERENT, Pay It Forward Circles through time and share those. That will allow everyone to add new Pay It Forward circles, and new added users they've never met before somewhere also.6. YOU'LL CONNECT WITH MORE PLUS-USERS ANYWHERE!7. KEEP IT GOING. KEEP IT GOING. KEEP IT GOING. KEEP IT GOING. KEEP IT GOING.2011-11-30 03:35:11221115CC G+
Derek De La Cruz (androiduser2008)832These people are great.... +Ryan Mills thought you might interested in this circle :)AndroidActivist.org CrewDerek M. De La Cruz shared a circle with you.2011-10-25 13:41:0716005CC G+
Jake Southers2,490Android Peeps in one way or another....Jake Southers shared a circle with you.2011-10-13 15:08:595001026CC G+
Hans Seifert0Hello people as you can see, our ever-increasing circle in GOOGLE Would be glad if you could invite a couple of friends in our circle Even a simple letter and assign a comment + How did your group in this description so Read it already goes in this circle around your well The Means: This circle you will get the opportunity to do something too far against the world banking crisis. Your personal security of real estate - property - have your children with this circle in your hand How are you going exactly in the next time out here! Ps: What economic policies do not take the little people now in their own hands Have fun in this districtPeter Schrader hat einen Kreis mit Ihnen geteilt.2011-10-07 05:21:53500114CC G+
Cameron Wright (GreenCameron)1,348Android peopleCameron Wright shared a circle with you.2011-09-29 06:58:05250704CC G+
Alberto Vildosola1,033My Android peepsAlberto Vildosola shared a circle with you.2011-09-27 14:24:4151516CC G+
Jeremiah Bostick0My Android circleJeremiah Bostick shared a circle with you.2011-09-27 02:54:45135906CC G+
David Shellabarger4,204Android PeepsHere is a huge circle of people interested in Android. Some of them are developers or journalists but most of them are just Android fans.Add +John Brooks too. David Shellabarger shared a circle with you.2011-09-27 00:24:1924347817CC G+


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2014-04-24 12:04:27 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

+Toast is bringing a real wood skin to the Acer Chromebook C720. This is the walnut version. I love it. Gives the Chromebook a much better feel.
It's releasing in the next few weeks!

posted image

2014-04-24 04:46:57 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

No, really?!?....


posted image

2014-04-24 04:42:29 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 3 +1s)

Your balls may be more beautiful than you know. 

posted image

2014-04-24 04:38:51 (7 comments, 1 reshares, 2 +1s)

FDA to propose new regulations for electronic cigarettes

+The Wall Street Journal: The Food and Drug Administration plans to impose new regulations on electronic cigarettes, eventually banning sales to minors and requiring makers gain FDA approval for products.

Makers will be required to disclose the chemicals used in the devices, and new health warnings will note that the nicotine they contain can be addictive.

Read more:  http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304788404579520131790105314

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2014-04-24 03:57:49 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

I wanted to test out a new email client because I am bored. I didn't think I could find anything worth a damn.... I was wrong. I have yet to see a blog or site look at Circles Mail.

Circles mail is a third party alternative to the stock app. Add your gmail, outlook, yahoo, ect... Or add them all and pick a default. It has an awesome UI that is both minimal and filled with options.

If you are looking for something new I would suggest this.

#email #gmail #yahoo #aol #hotmail #outlook #mailbox #android #app #suggested #good

posted image

2014-04-24 03:34:21 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 19 +1s)


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2014-04-24 03:34:01 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 14 +1s)


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2014-04-24 02:47:19 (9 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

Seriously LOVE these icons.... If this themer doesn't add more to the mix, someone else should.

#justsaying #sorrynotsorry #icons #theme #mod #android #apex #nova #actionlauncher 

posted image

2014-04-24 02:17:59 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

I really wish they would add more icons.

posted image

2014-04-24 01:57:40 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Go Heat baby!

#whitehot #goheat

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2014-04-24 01:38:45 (13 comments, 1 reshares, 13 +1s)

This is the One by OnePlus. Could it rival the Nexus? http://engt.co/1prVM3g

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2014-04-24 00:48:27 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

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2014-04-24 00:44:13 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 24 +1s)

Dessert time! 

2014-04-23 22:42:50 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

The only video service that will get my money with be the one that takes Hulu and Netflix and combines them for around $10 a month. It also has to support all of the major devices; Xbox, PS, Chromecast, AppleTV, Web, iOS, Android, etc.... Until then, I don't care.

posted image

2014-04-23 20:22:22 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

" A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."
- Ingrid Bergman

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2014-04-23 20:15:10 (8 comments, 1 reshares, 13 +1s)

Sorry, +OnePlus.  Nope nope nope. Call me silly, but I won't buy a phone with capacitive keys, especially if they're not even in the same order as the virtual ones.

And no, disabling them doesn't make sense to me, because why increase the bezel?

nope nope nope

posted image

2014-04-23 20:13:36 (3 comments, 1 reshares, 4 +1s)

My issues with the OnePlus One

I just can't get over how weird/bad some of the decisions are that +OnePlus made while designing this thing.

CyanogenMod as the stock phone software? That means you'll be getting the slowest updates in the industry. The usual Samsung+carrier update cycle is about 3-5 months, CyanogenMod typically takes about 6 months to port everything over to the newest version. (A stable 4.4.2 version of CM isn't out yet).
Update: CM Community Manager +Abhisek Devkota says the 6 month mark is "an overstatement" of the time it would take to update. We'll see. =)

The attention to detail is so high that OnePlus claims the the internals are "specially dyed and treated with a matte black finish, with each part meticulously aligned to be visually pleasing and functional," yet when it came time to do thatouts... more »

posted image

2014-04-23 17:39:39 (8 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Urgh... Here we go.

2014-04-23 15:50:03 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Getting my ears lowered by the best in Tampa.


2014-04-23 13:39:26 (17 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

First reaction: #neversettle so I'll pass.

#thanksforplaying +OnePlus.

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The colors in my back yard are awesome. I wish they would all bloom at the same time.

#colors #flowers #nature #earthday #earth #mothernature 

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Samsung is preparing for a 'post-Google era.'

Samsung Medial Solution Center President Hong Won-pyo told reporters today that Samsung is rapidly developing its Tizen operating system as an alternative to Android in preparation for a "post-Google era."

He said Samsung will release products that run on Tizen "as early as possible" and is looking for mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process of moving off Android.

The biggest barrier right now, he said, are "poor market conditions" (i.e. that Tizen doesn't have any apps). 

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Were you aware...?

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Very true...#geek

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This thing again?

#morebabies #floridalife

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Don't miss that shot! If you need quick access to the camera on your Nexus device all you need to do is swipe from the right from the edge of your lock screen.

Have your own camera tip? Visit our Nexus Google+ community (http://goo.gl/6xOFw), Nexus Forum (http://goo.gl/yItQcM), or share it in the comments below!

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Google inks huge wind power deal with Warren Buffett’s Iowa power company

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Titanfall for $36.99 USD 

#Gaming   #XBoxOne   #PC   #PCGaming   #XBox360  

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Doesn't Google have solar farms and energy efficient generators for YEARS? 

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Absolutely beautiful!

I can't wait for these to hit the market, I will be first in line!

#LG #GWatch #Android #AndroidWear #smartwatch #wearables #mobile #Google

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Vapers... Any opinions?

Vamo V5
Kanger Unitank

#vape #ecig #ejuice #vaping #cloudmaking 

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#freehugs #awesomesauce 

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Stream hasn't updated in over an hour.....

#fixit +Google+

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+Drew Dauffenbach in true Dauffenbach form. 😊

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The new house has an In-Law suite....


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Seems legit!

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The metaphor of children sleeping.

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Six foot gator... Background my house.

He isn't even the biggest one.

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I would love to know what they do believe in. See what keeps people from trying to understand a scientific theory.

#science #usa #theory

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I may be wrong here but, no matter what the captain says if that boat is sinking I am abandoning ship. Its a ferry, I am only supposed to be on it to go from point "A" to point "B".

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Dark or light?

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Take your pick: Square and Google were/were not in acquisition talks

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Good morning and happy national surprise drug test day!

#421 #nationalsurprisedrugtestday #420 #drugtest 

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Go Heat baby!!

#whitehot #goheat


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