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John Belanger has been shared in 6 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Trever McGhee10,989Fill your life with positive photos for they will give energy to get to where you're going faster. You deserve to achieve what you seek from the heart sooner, rather than later.+john adams added me to this amazing circle of photographers, that has some pretty amazing people in it that I follow. So I added the entire circle to check out the rest and suggest you do the same. If you like what they bring to your stream keep them, if you don't delete them for now but save their name, you just never know how they will fit in later on down the road.2012-08-14 12:44:24499231224
john adams4,692been a while since i posted my photog circles.. heres the next 500 all a great bunch worth adding.2012-08-13 14:42:115009314
Gailen Mapes12,496Hand Picked Photographers Circles - Other or Unknown Camera A-F - 11 of 14Note: These circles are sorted by camera type and last name. I have had to split some circles because they exceeded 500 members.I am now sharing one circle per day, for the reason see: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103752943025677384806/posts/RrPNTzHhQuHAs before these circles are photographers that I admire. They also have "more photos, less spam." There have been many additions and a few drops (mostly for spam or inactivity).Be sure to get all 14 circles. Share! If you miss any of the circles they can be found at: +Gailen Mapes and scroll back to July 1st for the start of this set.  (Previous complete set was published June 15.)I am hard up against the 5000 limit. From here on, I am going to have to become rather more strict about the "spam rules." Essentially if I have to go back more than a screen on your profile before I hit original material, there is a good chance that I may drop you from the circles. Of course there will be mitigating factors...Because of the way that Google no longer presents every person who adds me to their circles to me it is quite possible that I have missed some pretty good photographers.  If I am following you, chances are that you are already in one of these circles or in my "check later" circle.  If you think you have been missed, tag a comment on one of these posts and I will check your profile out for inclusion.  Guidelines for inclusion can be found at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103752943025677384806/about2012-07-11 15:23:32368675
john adams3,454time to share my photogs circles again this group includes artists as well as photogs a great bunch to have in your circles2012-06-24 14:58:40500839
Russell Wageler953New Circle Announcement The Photographers with less then 5000 follows initiative Over the last two days I found a group of Photographers with fewer than 5000 followers. So I'm creating the shared circle as an initiative to can some new followers that can enjoy photography. All these Photographers post are mainly their photos and not a lot of re-share of post. If any one knows of a photographer with less then 5000 followers please add them to the comments and I will try to add then updated list in a few weeks.I ask you kindly re-share, +1 and Comment on this post so that we can hit the What's Hot/Trending to promote as many of the photographers as possible.2012-04-28 16:36:19150452931
Russell Wageler842My Top Picks of Google Photographers2012-04-17 01:54:06198404


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