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Jessica Clark-McDowell11,942I haven't shared a circle in a while so I'm going to share my 2 favorite (this one is my Christian one) circles for my friend +John Stinnett who is new to G+... And, all of you should add him too :)2013-05-25 14:07:01327405CC G+
AJ Durling05) The fifth of today's circle shares - G+ ChristiansThese are people who, from time to time, share some useful, edifying, thought-provoking and amusing musings on Christianity. Most of them simply add these nuggets into already interesting streams on many other subjects, too.Again, if you like this, feel free to share it. If not, feel free to ignore it.Notable mentions: +Tim Young  +BJ Hewitt +Kevin Minnett +Brian Hoch +James Shiels +Theophilus Ibn Iakobos +Tre Lawrence +Justin Reeve +Keith Tackel  +Jeff Abel +Aaron Downs +Jorge Bessa +K.C. Hartman  +Adrian Warnock  +Rob Lamont  +Kevin Adams +Jeff Abramovitz  +Nathan DiGesare  +2012-10-19 15:26:4522018412CC G+
Tim Young1,428Wanted to share a circle of G+'ers who share commentary about being a follow of #Jesus Christ. Enjoy ;)2012-05-30 16:17:21453504CC G+
Mark Spencer435Made some updates to my circle and thought I would share it with all of you. If you would like to be added to the circle, let me know.2012-05-19 14:11:39500401CC G+
Mark Smith2,765Yay! Here is circle one of the Christians I know of here on G+. I have a second one I'll post in just a minute. If you are reading this, are Christian, and are not in this OR the second circle that I'm about to share... then my apologies. Please reply and let me know and I'll get you added right away. I'll be sharing both of these circles a couple more times over the next couple of days!2012-05-04 14:38:02401616CC G+
Aadel Bussinger1,795Christians2012-05-02 00:10:51500213CC G+
Tim Young1,042This is my circle of folks who follow Jesus Christ, it includes people of all backgrounds, geography and denomination, etc. Pass it along and expand the community ;)If you wish to be removed from the circle please let me know.#add #share #reshare #follow #circle #circles #follower #followers2012-03-23 19:25:42426145CC G+
Jessica Clark-McDowell4,517It's been a while since I've shared a circle so I wanted to share this one for those who are new to my page and would like to get connected with other Christians on G+2012-02-26 03:43:39378537CC G+
Chris Morgan5Its been an crazy explosive week, with the plethora of circles being shared. I'm still getting organized, having circled 3500 google plussers this week. I'll start sharing more circles as I consolidate more. Here is my current Christian circle.Chris Morgan shared a circle with you.2011-10-15 13:24:472051825CC G+

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My mind is set on Jesus Christ only.

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I am having relational problems with my father when i stepped through my door my other "self" who had a great relationship told me father loves me very much and i need to be more appreciative and seen images of reasons why and had to do with the past and other things. shown that it was not completely my fault and that i had to do what was best and would know what was that was..

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Does this guy ever wear a shirt in any video? OK he's buff so what. What is youtube the new american idol or something

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That's an interesting  documentary watched whole thing not anything haven't heard but still intriguing..

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2014-05-04 20:07:00 (7 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

2014-04-22 01:50:15 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Graduating from the U of U :D

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2014-04-17 02:01:50 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

A meditation on Holy Week

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2014-03-17 15:21:11 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

That's Cool :D I'm going to be at Comic Con this year

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2014-03-17 15:18:07 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Now that you (hopefully) have a badge, it's time to see what we know so far will be at this year's #SDCC: http://ow.ly/uCHKZ  

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2014-03-12 15:53:38 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Praying for New York

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2014-03-04 00:58:45 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

It's been a gorgeous week on campus. #UofU  

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2014-03-03 16:21:26 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

wow thats a big one. i suspect the majority of these are either true aliens or top secret government projects where they are testing the technology of the future. I suspect the technology is that far ahead of us and the government wants us to think we are in the 21st century when they have star trek technology their hiding

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2014-02-28 16:11:50 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 0 +1s)

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2013-11-17 16:24:31 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Best Frakkin Finale!!! I've wanted to go to one of the Comic Cons so bad where the BSG ppl r there but i haven't been able to make it out yet..I LOVE BSG! 

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2013-10-13 18:39:02 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

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2013-09-17 23:46:29 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

My mind is set on Jesus Christ only.

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2013-01-31 18:21:10 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Share THIS-
 End it movement www.enditmovement.com

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2013-01-23 02:35:15 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

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2012-12-30 18:57:09 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

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2012-12-20 23:19:49 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 5 +1s)

2012-11-28 02:21:58 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

November 27
Ephesians 1:7
The forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.
Could there be a sweeter word in any language than that word "forgiveness," when it sounds in a guilty sinner's ear, like the silver notes of jubilee to the captive Israelite? Blessed, for ever blessed be that dear star of pardon which shines into the condemned cell, and gives the perishing a gleam of hope amid the midnight of despair! Can it be possible that sin, such sin as mine, can be forgiven, forgiven altogether, and for ever? Hell is my portion as a sinner-there is no possibility of my escaping from it while sin remains upon me-can the load of guilt be uplifted, the crimson stain removed? Can the adamantine stones of my prison-house ever be loosed from their mortices, or the doors be lifted from their hinges? Jesus tells me that I mayyet... more »

2012-11-22 15:12:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

No Condemnation 
"In those days, and in that time, saith the LORD, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found: for I will pardon them whom I reserve" (Jeremiah 50:20).

A glorious word indeed! What a perfect pardon is here promised to the sinful nations of Israel and Judah! Sin is to be so removed that it shall not be found, so blotted out that there shall be none. Glory be unto the God of pardons! Satan seeks out sins wherewith to accuse us, our enemies seek them that they may lay them to our charge, and our own conscience seeks them even with a morbid eagerness. But when the LORD applies the precious blood of Jesus, we fear no form of search, for "there shall be none"; "they shall not be found." The LORD hath caused the sins of His people to cease to be: He hath finished transgression... more »

2012-11-22 01:31:42 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

O, give thanks to the Lord!

(James Smith, "Sunny Subjects for All Seasons" 1858)

"O, Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endures forever!" 1 Chronicles 16:34 

O, give thanks to the Lord, Christian, for He has not dealt with you after your sins, nor rewarded you according to your iniquities! He has . . .
  pardoned your sins,
  justified your soul,
  renewed your nature, and
  given you a title to everlasting life!

He has thus . . .
  prevented your ruin,
  borne with your follies,
  supplied all your needs,
  guided your steps, and
  promised to conduct you to glory! 
His mercy has been ever great toward you!

"O, Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His mercy endures forever!

2012-10-24 03:31:40 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

(David Harsha, "The Savior's Intercession")

"O Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive
 to my cry for mercy." Psalm 130:2 

Prayer is the motion of our renewed hearts towards God.

Prayer lifts the soul unto Him in sweet and heavenly 
communion, 'Unto You, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.'

Prayer calls down upon us the choicest blessings of heaven.

Prayer brings our spirits near the throne of 
God, and fills them with inexpressible delight.

Prayer elevates our views and affections far above 
this world of sensual and perishing enjoyments.

Prayer is the Christian's vital breath!

No true child of God can live without prayer.

If we have the spirit of adoption, we 
will be often crying, 'Abba, Father!'

"O God, Youare m... more »

2012-10-21 16:28:33 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Daily Spurgeon for Today:
"Noah came into the ark and his wife, and his sons and their wives. Their obedience was unquestioning. We do not find them asking anything at all, about the reason for the command; but they came as they were bidden. They passed through the doorway, and they were all in the ark. Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and their wives, daughters and their husbands, and all of you, oh that the blessed Spirit would put you now into such a frame of mind that you should at once yield to the divine precept which says, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.”

Have you not asked questions enough? You have had some of them answered, but every answer has only helped you to invent another dozen questions. Oh, those questions! these quibbles! those debates! those doubts! those cavillings! They are ruining thousands. "

From aser... more »

2012-10-18 00:18:08 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Today's grace Gem:
"The Profligate's Doom!

(Theodore Cuyler)

"He who is often reproved and hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy!" Proverbs 29:1

Not many years ago, an eminent London clergyman observed among his regular hearers, a young man whose appearance excited in him an unusual interest. He took pains to learn the young stranger's history, and found that he was the son of pious parents, and had been trained to respect the gospel of Christ. A devout mother had added to her prayers the fervent precept, "My son, if sinners entice you--do not consent!"

The young man at length was missed from his place in the church. The watchful eye of the minister sought for him in vain. He had met with a company of witty and engaging skeptics, who had persuaded him to abandon the house of prayer, for the... more »

2012-10-09 23:41:45 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 3 +1s)

(John Flavel)

Christ is the very essence of all delights and pleasures--the very soul and substance of them. As all the rivers are gathered into the ocean, which is the meeting-place of all the waters in the world--so Christ is that ocean in which all true delights and pleasures meet!

"Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend!" Song of Songs 5:16

2012-10-09 03:51:43 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Today's Grace Gem - Wow--what a humbling reminder - this is what Christ has done for us! Drinking down the wrath of the Father down so that we can be right with God . Thank you Father God. Thank you.

The cup of wrath!
(Andrew Bonar, "The Cup of Wrath!")

"In the hand of the LORD is a cup full of red wine mixed with spices; He pours it out, and all the wicked of the earth drink it down to its very dregs!" Psalm 75:8

There has been only One who has ever drunk this cup down to its very dregs!

Cain has been drinking it for 5,000 years and finds that his punishment greater than he can bear--but has not come to the dregs.

Judas had been drinking it for some 2000 years, often crying out with a groan that shakes Hell, "Oh that I had never been born! Oh that I had never seen or heard of the Lord Jesus Christ!" But he has not... more »

2012-10-07 05:16:38 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Tribulations, difficulties, and disappointments

(Letters of John Newton)

"Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is!" 1 John 3:2

Let us not be greatly discouraged at the many tribulations, difficulties, and disappointments which lie in the path which leads to glory--seeing that our Lord has foretold us of them, has made a suitable provision for every case we can meet with, and is Himself always near to those who call upon Him in His almighty strength--as a sure refuge, and a never-failing, ever-present help in every time of trouble!

Note likewise, that He Himself was a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief for our sakes. He drank off the full cup of unmixed wrath for us--shall we then refuse to taste of the cup of... more »

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2012-10-06 13:45:00 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Here is a couple of pictures i got from the Todd Agnew/ Jason Gray concert. it was really neat last night. Both Todd & Jason are used By God in many ways in the body of Christ around the world

2012-10-06 13:42:25 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Here is yesterday's Grace Gem, Sorry for the delay i was at a concert last night:
And will He feed His birds--and starve His children?

(John MacDuff, "Looking unto Jesus!" 1856)

"Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Matthew 6:26 

From the general care of God for these lower creatures--with what confidence may we infer God's special care for His people, who are His by so many close and tender ties!

Are the birds of the air fed? Do they find their food provided by a hand which they cannot recognize? Does He who gave them being, and who has assigned to them their appointed place in the ranks of creation, supply their daily needs, so that none of their species perish for lack of sustenance, but continue, from age to... more »

2012-10-03 13:01:08 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Faith's Checkbook for today , a real treat:
October 3
Reflections of the LORD's Beauty
"As for me, I will behold Thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness"   (Psalm 17:15).
The portion of other men fills their bodies and enriches their children, but the portion of the believer is of another sort. Men of the world have their treasure in this world, but men of the world to come look higher and further. Our possession is twofold. We have God's presence here and His like-ness hereaften Here we behold the face of the LORD in righteousness, for we are justified in Christ Jesus. Oh, the joy of beholding the face of a reconciled God! The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ yields us heaven below, and it will be to us the heaven of heaven above. But seeing does not end it: we are to be changed into that which we gaze upon. We... more »

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2012-10-01 15:13:17 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

2012-10-01 15:13:00 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Todays' Grace Gem:
The sum total of my experience is:

(The following is an excerpt from the diary of James Smith)

March 27, 1861.
Jesus is precious--very precious, to my soul. I love Him, rest in Him, preach Him, and wish that I could exalt Him a thousand times higher than I do!

The sum total of my experience is: I am nothing--but Christ is all! I am sin--and Christ is my salvation.

No one ever needed Jesus more, no one will be under greater obligations to Him, than I am. I am never so happy as when I am alone, thinking of Him, reading of Him, or writing about Him--unless it be sometimes, when I am preaching about Him, assisted by His ever blessed Spirit.

Jesus is mine--and I am His. I think I may go even further than this, and say as the spouse did, "I am my Beloved's--and His desire is toward me." O to honor His dear name... more »

2012-09-30 04:20:59 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Ascertain what kind of a Heaven a man desires

(James Smith, "The Wondrous Love of Christ as Displayed in His Intercessory Prayer!" 1861)

"Father, I want those you have given Me to be with Me where I am, and to see My glory, the glory You have given Me because You loved Me before the creation of the world." John 17:24

Our eternal happiness will consist in our seeing, enjoying, and being like Christ. We have no conception of Heaven beyond this. We desire no Heaven but this.

May I but see my Savior in His glory,
may I but enjoy His presence and His love,
and may I but be like Him--and I have enough!
Anywhere with Christ--I shall be happy.
Anything with Christ--I shall enjoy.
Let me but be with my Savior--and I ask, I desire no more!

Ascertain what kind of a Heaven a man desires--and you will know what a man is.... more »

posted image

2012-09-29 16:44:02 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Want to know what Passion is all about? Watch this video. So exctied for what God will do Working in and through College Students like me. Ready for Passion 2013? I am! Get your Ticket now they go up on October 1st. Atlanta will be the place to be on January 1st, 2013 :)

posted image

2012-09-28 05:51:45 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 5 +1s)

2012-09-28 05:26:03 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

Today's Grace Gem:
We have expected too much from 'the creature'

(Octavius Winslow, "The Lord's Prayer" 1866)

"Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?" Isaiah 2:22

We have expected too much from 'the creature', more than any creature could possibly give. 

Who has not, in some instances, found . . .
   their love fickle, 
   their promises capricious, 
   their opinions harsh, and 
   their judgment fallible? 

We reposed a while beneath our pleasant gourd--and in a night it perished. 

We nursed our bosom flower--and in an hour it died. 

We leaned upon the strong and beautiful staff--and in a moment it broke. 

We came to the crystal stream that had so often refreshed us--and, lo! it was driedup! 

more »

2012-09-26 03:40:31 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

"Today's Grace Gem:
This perfect pattern

(Thomas Brooks, "The Privy Key of Heaven" 1665)

"He who says he abides in Him, ought himself also
 to walk even as He walked." 1 John 2:6

Oh that this blessed Scripture might always lie warm
upon our hearts. A Christian's whole life should be
nothing but a visible representation of Christ. It is not
only our liberty--but our duty and glory, to follow Christ
inviolably in all His moral virtues. Other patterns are
imperfect and defective--but Christ is a perfect pattern!
Of all His children, they are the happiest, who come
nearest to this perfect pattern."

"Leaving you an example, that you should follow
 in His steps." 1 Peter 2:21

2012-09-25 18:30:24 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Spurgeon's Morning Devotional was Really Encouraging:
Romans 3:26
Just, and the justifier of him which believeth.
Being justified by faith, we have peace with God. Conscience accuses no longer. Judgment now decides for the sinner instead of against him. Memory looks back upon past sins, with deep sorrow for the sin, but yet with no dread of any penalty to come; for Christ has paid the debt of His people to the last jot and tittle, and received the divine receipt; and unless God can be so unjust as to demand double payment for one debt, no soul for whom Jesus died as a substitute can ever be cast into hell. It seems to be one of the very principles of our enlightened nature to believe that God is just; we feel that it must be so, and this gives us our terror at first; but is it not marvellous that this very same belief that God is just, becomes afterwardst... more »

2012-09-25 18:26:55 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

The best way to come to Christ is to come meaning to get everything, and to obtain all the plenitude of grace, which he has laid up in store, and promised freely to give. Some poor souls who come to Jesus Christ seem as if they wanted a little relief from fear, a hope that they may just get saved, and a fair chance of going to heaven when they die. Pray do not come in that way, my dear friend. Come intending to obtain the fullness of love, the uttermost of grace. 

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Coming - Always Coming,"

2012-09-20 23:38:05 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

"Man’s books have usually far less in them than we expect, but the book of the Lord is full of surprises, it is a mass of light, a mountain of priceless revelations. We little know what yet lies hidden within the Scriptures. We know the form of sound words as the Lord has taught it to us, and by it we will abide, but there are inner store-houses into which we have not peered; chambers of revelation lit up with bright lamps, perhaps too bright for our eyes at this present. If Paul, when the Spirit of God rested upon him, could see so much in the songs of David, the day may come when we also shall see still more in the epistles of Paul, and wonder at ourselves that we did not understand better the things which the Holy Ghost has so freely spoken to us by the apostle. May we at this time be enabled to look deep and far, and behold the sublime glories of our risen Lord."

From a sermon byC... more »

2012-09-19 22:35:36 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Todays' Grace Gem is a real Treat:

The littles

(Charles Spurgeon, "A Safe Prospective," 1869)

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows!" Matthew 10:29-31 

I would, with special earnestness, beg you to believe that God is in little things. 

It is the little troubles of life that annoy us the most. A man can put up with the loss of a dear friend sometimes, better than he can with the burning of his fingers with a coal, or some little accident that may occur to him. The little stones in the sandal make the traveler limp; while great stones do him little hurt, for he soon leaps over them. 

Believe that God arranges the littles.Ta... more »

posted image

2012-09-19 20:19:28 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

posted image

2012-09-19 20:03:37 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

2012-09-16 23:00:54 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Here was yesterdays' Grace Gem apology for the delay one of my mice died for my computer and i had to buy a new one today

"We should sweetly acquiescence in God's will

(J.R. Miller, "Intimate Letters on Personal Problems" 1914)

"Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave--and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised!" Job 1:21

We should sweetly acquiescence in God's will, in faith that whatever He permits in our life, is right and best for us.

"He is the LORD; let Him do what seems good in His eyes!" 1 Samuel 3:18"

2012-09-14 20:21:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Here is a response to todays' modern day critics or critics of the film Zietgiest:
Question: "Is Jesus a myth? Is Jesus just a copy of the pagan gods of other ancient religions?"

"Answer: There are a number of voices claiming that the accounts of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament are simply myths and were the result of the writers borrowing stories from pagan mythology, such as the stories of Osiris, Dionysus, Adonis, Attis, and Mithras. The claim is that these mythological figures are essentially the same story as what the New Testament ascribes to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As Dan Brown claims in, The Da Vinci Code, “Nothing in Christianity is original.”

However, once the facts are examined, these claims are proven false. To discover the truth about these particular claims and others like them, it is important to: (1) unearth the history behind theirass... more »

2012-09-14 01:29:39 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

"Christ's sleepless vigilance over His people! 

(Octavius Winslow)

"Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age!" Matthew 28:20 

What an exalted and endearing truth, is Christ's sleepless vigilance over His people! Imagine yourself threading your way along a most difficult and perilous path, every step of which is attended with pain and hazard, and is taken with hesitancy and doubt. Unknown to you and unseen--there is One hovering around you each moment . . . 
  checking each false step,
  guiding each doubtful one,
  soothing each sorrow,
  and supplying each need. 
All is calm and silent. Not a sound is heard, not a movement is seen; and yet, to your amazement, just at the critical moment--the needed support comes--you know not from where, you know not from whom! This is no picture of imagination--but adivine ... more »

2012-09-13 02:55:34 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Tonight's Grace Gem
Son, you are ever with Me, and all I have is yours!

(James Smith, "The Love of Christ! The Fullness, Freeness, and Immutability of the Savior's Grace Displayed!")

"Jesus has revealed Himself as a Father to His people. Having begotten them again unto a living hope--He treats them as His children, and deals with them as a wise, kind, and tender parent. He cares for them--and bids them cast all their cares upon Himself. He has promised to provide for them--and encourages them to expect all necessary blessings from himself. They occupy His attention, and engage His mind every moment! He dwells among them and calls them His dear children. He expresses Himself most tenderly, and acts most wisely toward them. He . . .
  corrects their errors,
  instructs their minds,
  feeds their souls, 
  and guides their feet; but... more »

2012-09-12 15:56:04 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Grace Gem for today:
The stage

(Thomas Boston, "Human Nature in its Fourfold State")

"For I know that you will bring me to death, and 
 to the house appointed for all living." Job 30:23

Death is the great leveler!

Though their lifestyles along the way may be very 
different--the king and the beggar must dwell in one 
house, when they come to their journey's end.

"The small and the great are there." Job 3:19

We are all in this world as on a stage; it is no great 
matter, whether a man acts the part of a prince or 
a peasant; for when they have acted their parts, they 
must both get behind the curtain, and appear no more.

"For I know that you will bring me to death, and 
 to the house appointed for all living." Job 30:23

   ~  ~ ~  ~  ~... more »


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