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2015-02-28 02:23:13 (17 comments, 45 reshares, 295 +1s)
Danìndu Wakìsta (18,649 followers)Open 


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2015-02-28 01:24:45 (2 comments, 7 reshares, 49 +1s)
Cathi Higdon-Lora (95 followers)Open 

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2015-02-27 21:58:04 (500 comments, 16 reshares, 2104 +1s)
田島芽瑠 (126,347 followers)Open 


今日も早起きして出発してます^ ^

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2015-02-27 20:57:12 (9 comments, 28 reshares, 63 +1s)
Raymond Mendiola IV (700 followers)Open 

Thank The Force It''s Friday ! ( #TTFIF )

At last the weekend is here... celebrate it the Star Wars way.

View all my Star Wars memes here:

#StarWars   #Friday  

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2015-02-27 18:48:25 (49 comments, 9 reshares, 286 +1s)
Cris Nayare (18,739 followers)Open 

Hola a todos !!! Como están ?
Sígueme o agrégame ❤️

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2015-02-27 18:21:05 (14 comments, 15 reshares, 87 +1s)
XxLovingAnimeForeverxX (350 followers)Open 


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2015-02-27 18:19:39 (6 comments, 25 reshares, 194 +1s)
Cathi Higdon-Lora (95 followers)Open 

Please Follow: +Aunty Acid

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2015-02-27 17:41:48 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 51 +1s)
Juan Bellas (534 followers)Open 

En esta maravillosa imagen, el arco iris parece ejercer de arquitecto y nos diseña el arco de un puente que parece llevarnos al paraíso.

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2015-02-27 17:31:23 (22 comments, 61 reshares, 367 +1s)
Pιzzα нυт (2,358 followers)Open 

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2015-02-27 17:30:32 (51 comments, 49 reshares, 456 +1s)
Özlem Küçükkaya (9,262 followers)Open 

Peribacaları Otel, Göreme

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2015-02-27 17:15:04 (12 comments, 20 reshares, 184 +1s)
Kostas Kastrinakis (6,166 followers)Open 

Tibetan Mastiff.............

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2015-02-27 17:11:02 (131 comments, 62 reshares, 611 +1s)
Kostas Kastrinakis (6,166 followers)Open 

china lion Tibetan mastiff                                                                                              EINAI ENA KAΛΟ PHOTOSHOP  ΓΙΑΤΙ ΕΑΝ ΠΡΟΣΕΞΕΙΣ Ο ΑΝΔΡΑΣ ΟΣΟ ΚΟΝΤΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΝΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΔΕΝ ΕΧΕΙ ΣΚΙΑ!!!!!!!!

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2015-02-27 17:06:10 (64 comments, 54 reshares, 420 +1s)
giancarlo vola (37,987 followers)Open 


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2015-02-27 17:05:19 (85 comments, 28 reshares, 176 +1s)
Dany Daneshka (5,303 followers)Open 

❤ #Beautiful  ❤ #Beauty  ❤ #Woman  ❤
La beauté d''une femme 
L''attirance des désirs se choisi par la ou les beautés ! 
Quel est la meilleur beauté, qu''il faut choisir ? 
La beauté d''un visage, des yeux, d''un sourire, du corps, du coeur, de l''âme ! 
La beauté du visage et du corps ne donnera jamais la certitude d''avoir dans ses bras un amour merveilleux. 
La beauté d''une âme fera toujours de la femme ! 
La plus belle femme du monde dans le coeur aimant de l''homme. 
Pour l''homme qui a fait le choix de la beauté de l''âme ! 
Mais rare sont les hommes pouvant voir la beauté de l''âme chez la femme. 
Le visage et le corps sont souvent choisi par l''homme en premier. 
Attirance par les hormones et non par le coeur ! 
L''homme qui ne voit pas dans l''âme avancera qu''avec ces hormones et tous les" Je t''aime " qui seront d... more »

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2015-02-27 16:48:10 (8 comments, 2 reshares, 91 +1s)
Bod Kum (2,029 followers)Open 

#krokusy #blumenfotografie #flowers #krokus #naturephotography #fauna #flora #macrophotography #artistphtographeramateurorprofessional

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2015-02-27 16:47:49 (165 comments, 53 reshares, 1631 +1s)
Cris Nayare (18,739 followers)Open 

Hola a todos !!! Como están ?
Sígueme o agrégame ❤️

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2015-02-27 16:46:44 (122 comments, 33 reshares, 1427 +1s)
Cris Nayare (18,739 followers)Open 

Hola a todos !!! Como están ?
Sígueme o agrégame ❤️

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2015-02-27 16:15:10 (10 comments, 0 reshares, 83 +1s)
Koh. Watanabe. (283 followers)Open 


#100tokyo   #cooljapan  

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2015-02-27 16:14:47 (500 comments, 30 reshares, 2488 +1s)
矢倉楓子 (148,050 followers)Open 


ブログも ぜひっ読んでください(,,> <,,)♡

ゆいちゃん 、まま、弟のお手紙も 嬉しくて嬉しくて(´•̥ω•̥`)


みなさんは あたたかくて


これからもみなさんと一緒に もっともっと上を見て

その先を目指していきたい !!

そのために わたしも もっともっと成長するからねっ。

これからも一番近くにいてください(,,> <,,)
... more »

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2015-02-27 16:13:09 (13 comments, 5 reshares, 95 +1s)
Juan Bellas (534 followers)Open 

El abandonado Hotel del Salto, #Colombia

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2015-02-27 16:04:55 (10 comments, 5 reshares, 68 +1s)
Juan Bellas (534 followers)Open 

"Había una vez dos novios que no tenían ni Facebook ni Twitter y vivieron felices para siempre.. FIN."

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2015-02-27 16:04:02 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 154 +1s)
Peter Sporraedli (2,665 followers)Open 

... sunset at the old boathouse ... Staad ... Lake Constance ... Switzerland ...
... yesterday sevening eems like the first in spring ... waking up this mornig ... fresh snow...!!

#sunset   #sunsetphotography   #lakesphotography   #harbour   #boathouse   #lakeconstance   #bodensee   #schweiz   #switzerland   #staad   #nikond750  

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2015-02-27 15:46:33 (39 comments, 14 reshares, 523 +1s)
Nico Kaiser (15,273 followers)Open 

uuuuuuund weg ist sie... die Sonne!

An klaren Winderabenden ist es zwar knackig kalt, dafür wird man aber auch oft mit einem ganz besonderen Licht belohnt. Meistens kann man in der Stunde nach Sonnenuntergang noch wunderbare Stimmungsbilder einfangen.

Hier sehen wir das kleine Schloss Blutenburg im Nordwesten Münchens. Eigentlich wollte ich auch hier Langzeitbelichtungen bei Sonnenuntergang machen, war aber a) mal wieder zu spät (habe gerade noch so die Sonne erwischt) und b) hatte ich nicht bedacht, dass das Wasser vor dem Schloss ja auch gefroren sein könnte ;)

Hier fängt es übrigens gerade wieder an zu schneien... Schönes Wochenende euch Allen! ;)

#munich   #munichphotography   #sunset   #moody  

#photomaniagermany   #hqsplandscape   #btplandscapepro  +BTP Landscape Pro  #bellesphotos  

posted image

2015-02-27 15:44:41 (108 comments, 47 reshares, 322 +1s)
Оксана Гачева (14,248 followers)Open 


Автор видео:
Автор первоначального текста - Алек Иванов:


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2015-02-27 15:37:41 (32 comments, 53 reshares, 495 +1s)
Paul Richardson (15,255 followers)Open 

Friday afternoon, have a great weekend wherever you are ...
Sunrise over Tower Bridge by Yuli Song ....
Tower Bridge (built 1886–1894) is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London which crosses the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, from which it takes its name, and has become an iconic symbol of London.
#london      #towerbridge      #sunrise      #SunriseOverTowerBridge   

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2015-02-27 15:35:37 (18 comments, 1 reshares, 177 +1s)
Ferdi Meiners (3,137 followers)Open 

Den ganzen Winter Überlebt.

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2015-02-27 15:34:40 (23 comments, 11 reshares, 154 +1s)
Mac Vogt (1,783 followers)Open 

MUTED conferences 
between blisters and suns 
after many years
of salt our shoulders loosen 

the wind erodes our trappings

at low tide 
gulls gather laughing
brings a promise drops it
out on the open wet sand

to be run awash
must be thousands adrift waterlit
only turtles emerge at night 
to push eggs into our mouths
one night

one night I saw a woman lift herself
out she stumbled off towards a silhouette
she was caked in moongems

at high tide the crabs circle 
in the familiar drama
a beach ball lands
out on the open wet sand

from nowhere
we all strain our necks

one day

one day I saw a man lift himself
out he chose to swim I can hear
the water screaming against his skin... more »

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2015-02-27 15:29:35 (3 comments, 42 reshares, 163 +1s)
Edinson Esp (2,970 followers)Open 

No claudiques

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2015-02-27 14:47:14 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 22 +1s)
Gianfranco Gargivolo (62 followers)Open 

COME ELIMINARE  la MACERAZIONE della cute e le infezioni  all’ INGUINE  con forte  FETORE  nauseante 

In questo giorno vi parlerò di questa pianta miracolosa! 

A quanti di voi è sorto il problema sopra indicato?   

Molti sono talmente presi dalla loro frenetica vita quotidiana, fatta spesso di cose inutili se non addirittura dannose, che non apprezzano i doni che la Natura ci dona quotidianamente e l''Aloe Vera è uno di questi.

Coloro che la utilizzano quotidianamente sanno di cosa sto parlando.

Molti testi antichi parlano dell''ALOE e delle sue doti terapeutiche. Testimonianze di questa pianta possono essere ritrovate sulle tavolette di argilla sumeriche risalenti al 2200 a.c.

Gli Egizi la definivano "PIANTA dell'' IMMORTALITÀ" e neriportano i disegni e le... more »

posted image

2015-02-27 14:18:01 (16 comments, 42 reshares, 349 +1s)
Earth My Mother - Красивые Фотографии нашей Земли (18,951 followers)Open 

Русская сказка Путешествие и Отдых в России Куда поехать Где отдыхать Что посмотреть Фото Тур
Russian fairy tale Travel and Recreation in Russia
Photo by Марина Rina