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What are "followers"?

Followers are persons who have added someone to one of their circles.
The number of followers shows how many people added someone to a circle and indicates the range of the person, since all the published updates of this person get directly sent into their followers' stream.

What is "following"?

The "following" number is the number of persons someone has added to his circles.

How can I get a dashboard for my Google+ Page?

A video tells more than 1,000 words: Pages on CircleCount by James Lawson-Smith.

What is the "CircleRank"?

The CircleRank is the position of a person in the ranking of followers. The smaller the CircleRank is, the higher the person is ranked among Google+ users. (Google+ now has a lot more than 100,000,000 users)

Why are the CircleCount.com numbers wrong?

The numbers that are shown at CircleCount.com are the public numbers that are shown at Google+.
You can check these numbers directly in Google+ (as described in the help section). Open your profile and click on the field "View profile as" and choose "Everyone in the web".

The numbers shown on your profile are not updated live. Google+ is caching the numbers so that there is the actual number is not always the one currently shown. Unfortunately there is no official rule as to when these numbers are updated.

Why can't I find myself on CircleCount.com?

CircleCount.com doesn't automatically track everyone at Google+, but everyone who wants to.

You just have to copy your profile url or your profile id and paste it in the form on our starting page.
To find out your profile url just open Google+ and click on the profile image on the left sidebar.

Why am I not shown in the country rankings?

You can find a detailed description here on how to setup your profile so that CircleCount.com knows where you are.

Where can I get more help?

You can join the CircleCount Community on Google+.