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Jack van Lelyveld has been shared in 25 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Bearman Cartoons57,480Thank YouThis is just a thank you to all the people who have ever shared me in a circle since my beginnings on G+I share this not to tell you to reshare, or to even follow them (but you will find many gems), just merely my way of showing a little appreciation for the attention they have given me!  So thanks!!2013-10-02 14:01:02192732196CC G+
Claude A Robinson III10,010My Engagers CircleThese fine folks all have in some way or another recently engaged with me. If I have forgot to add you please forgive me and accept my apology. Just let me know in the comments and I will add you to this circle! Thank you to all of you for making my Google plus Feed fun and awesome, you all ROCK!2013-08-28 16:14:45143712961CC G+
Share a Circle583Ad & Share this Circle to be included  #sharedcircles   #circleshare   #circle   #circles   #circlesharing   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharepoint   #sharedcircleoftheday   #shareacircle   #friends   #friendsclub   #follow   #followme   #followback   #followers   #ad  2013-08-07 22:09:49272358CC G+
Blair Kunkel9,438Welcome to SHARE CIRCLE #8. Want to be added to this SNOWBALL CIRCLE?  To be added to this circle you must do these things in this order:1.  You must PLUS the post.2.  You must SHARE the post.3.  You must ADD the circle.4   You must comment below when you have done the three above to let me know.If this circle reaches 500 people, I will then add you to another one of my SHARE CIRCLES. Once each one gets filled up, I will create a new one.#circleshare #sharecircle #circlesharing #share #snowball #sharecircle82013-08-01 13:58:2930719715CC G+
Claude A Robinson III5,802SuperCircleNow it is my turn to share my FAVORITE Google plussers. This is my "Favorite Google+ Peeps" circle. If you were notified that means you are included and are AWESOME and you make my Google+ experience wonderful.Thank you for being FABULOUS!!!This circle contains a mix of people, all who together form my favorite stream. Some of you were the first friends I made on G+, some of you I know IRL, and some of you I just love what you share. I also included the people in this circle who actively engage with me regularly.  Introduce yourself if you like, promote your best or favorite post. When  +Richard Green  did this I found a ton of people whose content I really liked and added them to this circle. I hope you will find some awesome folks as well..I will keep this circle updated 1-2 a month.If you like to be included in this circle please leave a comment about your interests and link to a post of yours you would like to promote!!!Of course you guys are welcome to plus one the crap out of this circle and share it away...Thank you again for making my Google plus experience awesome and keep it interesting!!!A special Thank you to the following people who have me in their regularly shared circle:+Scott Buehler +Ludovic Moreeuw +*** +Richard Green (Thank you for letting me blatantly copy your idea of having people introduce themselves in the comments) +Alessandro Folghera +Thumb up your Followers ► +Marlo Angelo Tito +Christine DeGraff (special thanks for helping share Christine) +Zbynek Kysela +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh (the only and only creator of CircleScope) +Italian Lotto +Cesare Riccardo +2013-07-20 14:40:353061533692CC G+
Claude A Robinson III2,443This circle was just shared with me so I'd thought I'd re share the love with you guys... Enjoy2013-05-18 19:30:5416814214CC G+
Bearman Cartoons30,283Thank You for Sharing Me with the WorldEvery so often I like to share the circle of Plussers who shared me in one of their circles.  Just my way of saying thanks and glad you are out there.Also had to test the new circle share feature since you can't click on the circle to open it up anymore.  Just click the "Add People" button and you can see all the people in the circle and pick and choose if you want to add some to a new/existing circle.2013-05-17 15:05:3016726833CC G+
Model Photos & Art Works526Model & Photo Circle Update March 2013enjoy, comment, vote and share this circle.Please add my special friend +Andreas Denstorf photo artisthttps://plus.google.com/u/0/101775378004698597747/posts #model   #models   #modeling   #modelshoot   #photography   #photographers   #artist   #artists   #fashion   #fashionstyle   #design   #designer   #designers   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircle   #fotograf   #fotografía   2013-03-24 12:28:07333003CC G+
Share a Circle218Circle Update ... share it with your friends.And please add the artist +Andreas Denstorf modern art artworks https://plus.google.com/u/0/101775378004698597747/posts #sharedcircles   #friends   #circleshare   #friendship   #sharedcircle   #art  2013-03-24 11:57:21217367CC G+
Trever McGhee19,640+Take2seconds to smile to help me thank these amazing people within this circle who are helping our projects go into Phase 2 this summer to support people...and to save lives.Phase 1 was entirely funded by my family and there were times over the last seven years when we nearly stopped over the last seven years, but we're still going and we will not give up thanks to these incredible people within this circle who have helped me connect with 19,630 people and climbing on Google by either creating a circle or by sharing a circle with me it.It's because of their help that Phase 2 of training leaders within communities to maximize our ability to help more people is becoming a reality.Phase 2 is about showing the world how people can just +Take2seconds  of their lifetime with a simple click of a button to follow me and just by doing that, they can help make a difference. They can help create a lifetime for others.It's all about showing businesses that the best return on their advertising dollars is from investing in projects to support their customers, their workplace, their environment and other businesses they’re connected with for growth.Every new follower engages sponsors’ calculators of how much they’re willing to invest in projects that will support people and save lives.Thanks to 19,630 people who decided to +Take2seconds to follow me, we now have sponsors for the first level with others like Samsung and Coke watching to see when we hit the higher levels of followers.$  10,000 when we hit 100,000 followers is guaranteed.$  25,000 when we hit 1,000,000 followers is guaranteed.$  50,000 when we hit 5,000,000 followers though we believe this will be secured once we hit 1 million$100,000 when we hit 10,000,000 followers$1,000,000 when we hit 100,000,00 followersPlease +Take2seconds  to help me thank these people by sharing this circle in the public stream.If you add the circle, you'll be amazed at the richness and quality of posts it brings to your stream.If your following one of these people, please plus or leave a comment to let others know how amazing they are.2013-01-26 17:31:374971325880CC G+
matt vovakiss0Appreciation Circle!!! :DAll the #great #google #plusers that interact with me. You can be included in this circle too, by plus 1'ing, commenting or #sharing any of my posts. My #circle of thanks, for #everyone to #enjoy . All recently #active #users .  Please add and share with your #friends . #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharepubliccircle #circleshare #circlesharing #circles #circleoftheday #topcircles #experimental #maximpact #bestsharedcircle #awesome #awesomesauce #awesomepeople #awesomeness #tagging  2012-12-26 15:32:54420234344CC G+
matt vovakiss0Maximum SHARE! Version # 3.2Another group of Random #AWESOME   #people  from my #circles  . An #experimental   #top  circle share for #everyone  to #enjoy  . Please add and #share  . #maximpact   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circles   #circleoftheday   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharepubliccircle   #topcircles   #peace   #love   #maximum  2012-12-19 13:05:38500141616CC G+
matt vovakiss0Maximum SHARE! #3Another Max #circleshare . 499 #random #people from my #circles . Like I said about Max share #4 these people have to be good, to be in my circles. Only the #best #peeps hang out with me! :D Please add and #reshare . #circleshare #circlesharing #circles #circleoftheday #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharepubliccircle #maximpact #max #best #topcircles #awesome #ultimate  2012-12-15 17:12:29500235CC G+
Trever McGhee12,584Extraordinary circle of amazing people to follow, that will brighten your day in more than one way.There's someone for everyone to follow, add the circle..watch the stream and then keep the ones that excite you and save the rest for another time..One of the people you'll want to check out in this circle is+Birgit Backlund-Palander  An art and work enthusiast ^-^ - teacher***Please note.... if you think you've already have her circled check again, her Google account malfunctioned and she's now starting over again.+You're Amazing  +Take2seconds 2 #Smile  2012-10-02 21:19:094551273270CC G+
Kurt Smith0Variety G+ers Circle ShareG+ers that share amazing photos, funny cartoons, inspiring messages, etc. They are definitely worth circling and following. Add and share this circle. #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleslist   #circles   #circleshare   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles  2012-08-01 18:13:23107939CC G+
Bearman Cartoons16,267The Greatest Circle on Google PlusWhy?  Because this is my circle of people who have shared ME in a circle. Why does that matter to you?  Because this is a group of people ranging from 100 to over a million followers, all who obviously have shared a  circle or two.  So if you aren't following them, they probably don't know you are out there and will never include you if they ever share something in the future.  Circle AND ENGAGE!!!!Hey why I am not in this circle?  Well now whose fault is that...hahah2012-07-18 12:33:3610423520CC G+
steph „gingerninja“ wanamaker46,204this my top engagers circle ! all of these people will make you laugh more than +Jimmy Fallon and +Justin Timberlake put together !  happy #fallonfriday     here you go +Jocelyn Fall 2012-07-06 15:48:5145936620CC G+
steph „gingerninja“ wanamaker45,060here is my top circle of engagers! Circe these people +Dave Levine and you will get lots of comments on your posts ! some will make you spill  your coffee! 2012-06-18 21:32:2344848518CC G+
steph „gingerninja“ wanamaker44,523this is my MVP circle  (most valuable players) and I would trust each one of these people with  my first born or my puppy dog!  Add this circle and there is no way you will think Google Plus is a ghost town again 2012-06-08 18:22:3744033927CC G+
steph „gingerninja“ wanamaker43,784this is my top Engager's circle I would trust any of these people with my first born (or my puppy dog!)2012-06-01 17:58:4842945321CC G+
John Kellden6,655Google Plus People Worth Reading And Listening To, take two+Shamil Weerakoon was perceptive enough to notice I had set my phaser to stun, sharing this circle only to my extended circles. Here it is again in all its public glory. :) I tweaked it a bit to be able to squeeze in a few more...2012-05-08 17:45:22500512439CC G+
Qadir Ishrath351Shared Circle on: 01.04.122012-04-01 08:24:03352035CC G+
Jack van Lelyveld0Thank you for sharing, +Trever McGhee and +Alicia Reyes and others who make up this circle. Artists, Art lovers, Art dealers - View share and grow this circle. There are so many fine Artists internationally that every good opportunity for exposure is good to introduce the world to their talents.2012-03-13 08:46:2868404CC G+
michalis athanasiadis9102012-03-11 17:54:19500529CC G+
The Best Circles on Google+0Circle of AppreciationGenerally we share our favorite circles that you have created. Once a month we share our favorite circle of you ! Thanks for making 2012 a great year.Nominate your favorite circles2012-02-28 16:05:4925019520CC G+


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2014-04-17 05:29:55 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

This scientific proof why coffee is really good for you! Go on...drink the stuff!

2014-04-14 14:22:27 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Hey there Guys! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! What makes it so very special, is the fact that we don't even know each other personally, and still you transmit these good wishes!

May all of you have a crazy fantastic week for your thoughts!

Jack  ;=))

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2014-04-08 06:11:43 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Hi all my friends

A tragedy is unfolding in Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa.

IOO OOO Signatures are needed urgently to try and stop the AMCU Union from striking any longer in their demanding salary strike against the mines in the area. Their actions are directly causing misery on a mounting scale.

The striking group is approximately 80 000 strong and that minimum number of counter signatures are needed to oppose them. People are starving, businesses are closing down...it's getting bad, please help by reading the article below. It is in Afrikaans language, but to read it simply copy the content and translate in Google from Afikaans to your particular language, then support those people by signing the petition on the link provided, or go here directly to sign the petition:
... more »

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2014-04-02 08:00:32 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

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2014-04-01 06:05:04 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

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2014-01-20 07:41:28 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 1 +1s)

How companies work at eliminating hiring bias and hire the best possible staff

posted image

2014-01-13 06:14:22 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 1 +1s)

posted image

2014-01-02 03:52:19 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 4 +1s)

I have already removed my presence from Facebook a year ago as it did absolutely nothing for me

posted image

2013-12-31 03:53:24 (11 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

It's good to see civilisation taking back the streets from these thugs. It is a problem that should be similarly addressed worldwide

posted image

2013-12-30 08:25:58 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Things to ponder about for 2014

posted image

2013-12-30 08:12:44 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

This briliant comment shows just how easy it is to hire the wrong Mr/Mrs  right

posted image

2013-12-25 11:51:44 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

In the spirit of all things new - start 2014 thinking about the office and work of the future...very interesting and entertaining!

posted image

2013-12-24 03:58:51 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

All the bad raps about the TSA I read about in the media really seems to  have a lot of substance if you read this article.

They give the word "arrogance" totally new meaning

posted image

2013-12-10 03:53:54 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Excellent and to the point!

posted image

2013-12-05 05:41:18 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

posted image

2013-12-05 04:04:04 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

posted image

2013-10-18 18:44:51 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

posted image

2013-10-18 15:31:04 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Shopping Basket Online news update...

Want to know why SBO  is a good gateway for shopping, check this article from Business Insider about buying books etc. and buying digital.


Shop digitally online at   www.shoppingbasketonline.net  - a gateway to  the best online merchants...Amazon...Kalahari.com...Opensky, Buy.com to name a few

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2013-09-03 04:22:02 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 2 +1s)

I received this e-mail with this wise poem and asked to share.., but here it is...enjoy

Courtesy I believe from


 When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value.Later, when the nurses were going through his meager possessions, They found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital.
One nurse took her copy to Melbourne. The old man's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas editions of magazines around the country and appearing in mags for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent,p... more »

posted image

2013-08-27 04:24:54 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 7 +1s)

Guys..guys...guys, I just received this video of "The Good, the Bad & The Ugly" Clint Eastwood movie soundtrack composers (don't know if they are the originals however) in an e-mail and boy, does this clip bring back memories!

I have no idea who's to thank for it, but would like to know and personally praise him/her for making it available.

It is beautiful and just jogs those childhood memories like magic! Share and enjoy and share your memories with everyone

posted image

2013-08-09 10:38:44 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 2 +1s)

Go SA home boys!!!
South African invention should make it big...


posted image

2013-08-09 10:37:16 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


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2013-08-05 03:54:52 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

News from Shopping Basket Online

What's the youth unemployment figures like where you're at? How does it compare to other regions in the world?

Check out the following figures internationally and how this article points out how we could potentially address the problem. Then follow the link to Shopping Basket Online Free studies page to see how you can contribute to alleviating your own and also others' skills shortage...for FREE! ...IT'S THAT EASY


Now see how Shopping Basket Online contributes to assist you in getting better skilled


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2013-07-26 04:20:00 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

posted image

2013-07-24 03:56:07 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

This is the funniest clip I've seen in a loooong time...enjoy!

posted image

2013-07-23 03:42:21 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

2013-07-19 15:26:21 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

This is going to be interesting to follow...will these folks have the guts to actually follow through?...let's see!

Spread this and let's watch the action

posted image

2013-07-12 07:40:52 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-11 04:28:56 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

I am very alarmed and disgusted with this article and how it turned out...this is all wrong. What is happening to society's sanity?


What is wrong with this picture?

"A woman in Canada was alarmed by Carter's questionable comment and notified authorities. Carter's home was then searched (although no weapons were found) and his computer was taken. The teen spent his 19th birthday in jail; this is the first time he's been incarcerated."


"A jury in Texas' Comal County charged the teenager with making a terroristic threat in April, which is considered a third-degree felony. That means Carter could spend ten years in jail for... more »

posted image

2013-07-11 03:51:51 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Don't we just find ourselves in this sometimes embarrassing situation every now and then? Here's some advice that might help...

2013-07-10 04:11:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

News Flash from Shopping Basket Online!

New Free Certification Courses released for enrollment.

1) Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management Systems

This free online course from ALISON enables the learner to study information tools used in business' decision making processes. The course describes the theories and methodologies of business intelligence. Learners will also become familiar with knowledge management and the systems used by business professionals to improve the quality and/or efficiency of decision making.
2) English for Tourism - Tourist Information and Guided Tours

English for Tourism introduces the key vocabulary and skills needed to speak English with tourists, essential for anyone working in the tourism industry anywhere in the world. This free... more »

posted image

2013-07-09 04:06:27 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)

This is a noteworthy event and we should at least be aware of this happening...


posted image

2013-07-09 04:03:02 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

For all the Baseball fans out there who don't know yet...

Orioles third baseman Manny Machado made an incredible play on Sunday, showing off his strong arm and throwing out a runner from deep in foul territory.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/video-play-manny-machado-baseball-world-buzzing-2013-7#ixzz2YW9o51gO

2013-07-08 04:31:30 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Yesterday afternoon we felt a slight earth tremor in my area:


I have been living here for 45 years and this only the second time during this time this occurred...maybe something is stirring in the area (both times the last 2 years in the same geological area)

posted image

2013-07-08 04:11:14 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-08 03:49:48 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-04 04:28:15 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 1 +1s)

This article clearly illustrates the extreme importance of education, especially Tertiary studies.


If you cannot afford this, consider alternative solutions, for example my Free Studies and Free Certification Solutions at:


At Alison you can follow valuable, Free courses AND get certified Free....ideal workplace skills development that will prove very valuable in advancing your career options, or even just landing a job...there's no excuse for knowing nothing!

posted image

2013-07-04 04:21:00 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

LinkedIn power demonstrated in this article


posted image

2013-07-04 04:12:08 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-04 03:40:44 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 2 +1s)


2013-07-03 14:02:56 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-03 04:26:57 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 1 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-03 04:21:34 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-03 04:09:46 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)


posted image

2013-07-03 03:46:44 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

If one does not take care to mind some good manners in the new workplace, these issues might become troublesome...good advice shared here from Anita Bruzzese - The Fast Track


posted image

2013-07-02 06:53:18 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Exciting stuff happening at Firefox.....Firefox OS coming soon...


posted image

2013-06-27 04:08:39 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

Breaking news about a new Scheme that's being toted around the web?: Rippln

Before plunging head over heels into this scheme, first get your ducks in a row and check out this important link, then do your own Googling background check and go through life with your eyes wide open.

Best wishes to all my friends and connections!


posted image

2013-06-19 04:30:41 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)



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