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Matthew Graybosch

Matthew Graybosch 

I'm a metalhead who writes sci-fi for metalheads. No elves, no damsels, and no bullshit. I also code for a living.

Occupation: Lunch Break Novelist (Starbreaker: Heavy Metal Science Fantasy)

Location: America, LLC

Birthday: 09/24/1978

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Matthew Graybosch has been at 20 events

Matthew Graybosch90I'm doing my first signing at the Altoona, PA Barnes & Noble. I have no intention of this being my last. Bring your paperback, or buy one in the store. If Altoona, PA is too far, contact your local bookstore. I also do chemical weddings!Author Signing at Barnes & Noble2014-07-26 19:00:003  
Matt Gibson1,061,804Tonight I will be working on my new song, Rage in a Bottle, live in a Hangout On-Air.  Watch me live at 9 PM EST or catch the YouTube archive later.  Let's get this record finished!  If you would like an invite to the HOA let me know. ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm1CUvr6BTUMatt Gibson Live Songwriting - Rage in a Bottle2014-07-21 03:00:0046  
Damien Boath1,497We have the honour to interview one of the great fantasy authors ever! Stephen Donaldson, author of the Thomas Covenant series (Lord Fouls Bane etc) If you like fantasy, then this is a must listen! Join us to ask questions of the man via our Q&A! From www.stephenrdonaldson.com      Born in 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio, Stephen R. Donaldson lived in India (where his father was a medical missionary) until 1963. He graduated from the College of Wooster (Ohio) in 1968, served two years as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, doing hospital work in Akron, then attended Kent State University, where he received his M.A. in English in 1971.      After dropping out of his Ph.D. program and moving to New Jersey in order to write fiction, Donaldson made his publishing debut with the first "Covenant" trilogy in 1977. That enabled him to move to a healthier climate. He now lives in New Mexico.      The novels for which he is best known have received a number of awards. However, the achievements of which he is most proud are the ones that seemed the most unlikely. In 1993 he received a Doctor of Literature degree from the College of Wooster, and in 1994 he gained a black belt in Shotokan karate from Sensei Mike Heister and Anshin Personal Defense.      After completing the five-book, seven-year Gap sequence of science fiction novels, Donaldson spent quite some time "on vacation." However, he has now returned to work. His most recent book prior to The Man Who Fought Alone was a second collection of short fiction, Reave the Just and Other Tales. He is currently hard at work on "The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant".The Newbie Writers' Podcast Episode 131 - Stephen Donaldson!2014-05-03 01:00:003  
Excalibur Rimini - Escursioni in Barca41(1° Giorno)  Ore 10,00 Imbarco alla Marina di Rimini.  Sistemazione a bordo. Navigazione lungo la costa Romagnola alla scoperta delle bellezze del luogo. (durata della navigazione 1.30 h.) Durante la navigazione i clienti si potranno rilassare a bordo prendendo il sole, leggendo libri o ascoltando musica. L’esperienza per i neofiti, è molto affascinante visto che i clienti si trovano a contatto con la natura navigando con tutta tranquillità lunga la Ns. costa; per i conoscitori è una gioia da gustare periodicamente.       In tarda mattinata approdo allo stupendo “Parco San Bartolo”  che  si caratterizza principalmente per il tratto di costa alta a Falesia viva, rara in tutto l'Adriatico.  La Falesia emerge dalle basse spiagge come un susseguirsi ondulato di speroni e valli, intervallate da pareti a strapiombo. Le cime, che sfiorano i 200 metri, costituiscono un paesaggio inusuale rispetto alle coste sabbiose. Arrivata l’ora di pranzo, verranno serviti a bordo tipici prodotti romagnoli. Terminato il pranzo il tempo in barca trascorrerà tra relax, sole e splendidi bagni. Rientro previsto per le ore 17.00 circa alla Darsena di Rimini. La serata continuerà con la cena presso il ristorante della Marina, Molo 22, bellissima location dove si potrà godere a pieno un panorama fantastico della Ns. riviera gustando tutti i sapori che il mare può offrire. (2° Giorno) Ore 9.00 colazione a bordo Uscita di Mezza Giornata con rientro per le 13.00 alla Marina di Rimini PER MAGGIORI INFORMAZIONI CLICCA SUL LINK E SCARICA IL FILE. http://www.excalibursailing.it/excalibur/download/ESCURSIONI%20DUE%20GIORNI%20IN%20BARCA%20EXCALIBUR.pdf Tel: 388-7573048 Raffaella Mail: info@excalibursailing.itSTANCHI DEL SOLITO WEEK-END.....L'EXCALIBUR PROPONE UNA SOLUZIONE2014-05-01 19:00:0011  
Traveling Guitar Foundation258,110We will post links to the live events as they happen here on the event page.  Click live event links to watch!Traveling Guitar Foundation Music and Art Festival2014-04-04 14:00:00102  
Matt Gibson1,061,804Tonight I am going to do some actual recording passes of the acoustic guitar parts for Breathe in the Sky!Tracking Acoustic Guitars for Breathe in the Sky2014-01-17 01:30:0039  
Ole Olson58,949It has come to light that Google has started funding and supporting some of the most vile right wing extremist collectives and corporate front groups in America. Join us by changing your avatar and boycotting every single Google service for one day in protest.  *On Wednesday, December 11th make a serious attempt to not use anything Google.* No Google Searches. No Google+. No gmail. No Youtube. No Google Calendar. No Blogger. No Google Maps. No Google Photos. No Google translate. No Google reverse image search. No Google Play. No Google Drive. No Google Books. No Google Shopping. Nothing.  (Android is immune since it is Open Source).  If nothing else, just think of this as a challenge to see if you are able to spend a day on the internet without using a single Google product or service or just take the day off and enjoy the real world for a change.  _Google, many of us are your most loyal users, and we love the technical direction everything is heading by rolling all services into Google+_ but it must be understood in no uncertain terms that we vehemently disagree with your decision to start to fund proto-fascist, right wing extremist, anti-environmental, anti-worker, and anti-science shock fronts like: •ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) •American Conservative Union •Americans for Tax Reform •CATO Institute •Federalist Society •George Mason University Law School Law and Economics Center •Heritage Action •Mercatus Center •National Taxpayers Union •R Street Institute •Texas Public Policy Foundation ________________________________________________ *More information:* Don’t Be Evil? Google Funding a Slew of Right-Wing Groups http://billmoyers.com/2013/12/04/dont-be-evil-google-funding-a-slew-of-right-wing-groups/ Tell Google CEO Larry Page to Cut Ties with ALEC http://org.salsalabs.com/o/632/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=14651 Tell Google: Don't Be Evil With ALEC http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=8648 #ShameOnGoogle  #Google    #DontBeEvil  One Day Boycott of ALL Google Products2013-12-11 07:00:00159  
UNICEF USA457,894Join our End Trafficking team as they host a Google+ Hangout on Air to talk about the importance of addressing the demand for human trafficking. Human trafficking is a business, operating on the principles of supply and demand. There is a large demand for commercial sex, cheap labor, and cheap goods. As long as there is a demand, there will always be someone willing to meet the supply, even at the expense of another human being.   We'll be joined by our friends at CAASE and +Not For Sale's Free2Work. CAASE will discuss the demand for sex trafficking and how they're working to address it, specifically with youth. Not For Sale will share about the demand for cheap goods and therefore cheap labor and how their app, Free2Work, helps inform consumers about the purchases they make.  A link to the Google+ Hangout on Air will be posted on this event page, as well End Trafficking's Twitter account and Google + Community, shortly before we go live. Twitter: https://twitter.com/EndTraffick Google+ Community: http://bit.ly/19JiLzs  After our initial discussion, we will open it up to Q&A from the audience, so be sure to leave your questions for our panelists on this page!Why We Need to Address Demand2013-11-14 19:00:00103  
Matthew Graybosch19,647Please join me as I reveal the new cover for my first novel, _Without Bloodshed_ (Part One of Starbreaker), available in electronic and paperback formats on *Sunday, 17 November 2013*. Tell your friends. In addition to revealing the cover, I'll be reading excerpts from my novel if I can get hangouts working on my computer, and answering any questions you might have about +Starbreaker -- as long as it doesn't involve spoilers. It's gonna be a black Sabbath. Join me, or carry your regret to your grave! #starbreaker #revelation #release  Without Bloodshed - Cover Revelation2013-11-03 15:00:0054  
Jessica Northey1,918,685 Hey guys! Join us for a discussion about things you should be considering when you are negotiating your Social Media influence.  Maybe you're even thinking "wow, I spend a lot of time online...how can I make it make money for me?"    I've learned a LOT over the years on how to maximize influence and create a sustainable revenue stream. A great deal of what I've learned has come from my peers, notably my Agent/Mentor @101620823497739763601  and great friend as well as Master of all things Media @116917622532960535097  .  They will join us for Google Plus Hangout and interactive Discussion on Wednesday October 30th at 11am PT/2pm ET.   You will be able to watch live from this page and join the conversation across all social media platforms by using #HomeSweetSocial     Feel free to leave questions on this page you want answered even if you can't join us the day of.  MORE ABOUT Micah & Jenni. +Micah Johnson  founded MediaStars in 1998 and has become one of the top executives at discovering and mentoring talent.  In his more than 25 years of work in broadcasting, he’s earned a reputation as someone who is knowledgeable, insightful, and with an undeniable “eye” for recognizing talent. http://www.mediastars.tv/micah-johnson +Jenni Hogan  is an Emmy award winning journalist, lifestyle expert and entrepreneur. She is passionate about inspiring others to embrace the power of social media to impact people in a positive way. http://www.jennihogan.com/about/Protect & Maximize Your Social Media Influence2013-10-30 19:00:00120  
Matt Gibson1,061,804Yep sorry for the short Notice!  15 minutes from now!Crimson Symphony - Dream - Kickstarter Interview2013-10-17 03:00:0013  
Daria Musk3,766,806Friday, Oct 11th is The UN's Official Day Of The Girl Child. This year's theme is "Innovate To Educate" and in celebration I (+Daria Musk) will be hosting a special Hangout On Air with some wonderful organizations and amazing young girls around the world! We'll be joined by representatives from +The School Fund and a few young female students from Tanzania who will tell us how the opportunity to get educated has impacted their lives and inspired their dreams!  We'll also have a representative from +She's the First another great program that gets girls into schools worldwide! We'll also be joined by a classroom of girls from The Fraser-Woods School in Newtown, Connecticut who have been raising money to send girls their age to school through The School Fund! We'll share stories, learn about the extraordinary benefits of girls education and I'll even close things out with a song or two ;) Hooray for #TheDayOfTheGirl !DAY OF THE GIRL - HANGOUT2013-10-11 15:00:00130  
Lauren Oliver305,647New York Times best selling author Lauren Oliver and a panel of writers will be hanging out to talk about banned books, censorship, and writing about difficult themes. Use #LO_bannedbooks  to send us any questions or thoughts you'd like to see discussed. Lauren will be joined by fellow panelists Lev Grossman - TIME Magazine Book Critic and Author of The Magicians - and Lexa Hillyer - Author, Poet, and Co-Founder of Paper Lantern Lit. The  panel will be moderated by the fantastic Betsy Bird - Author and Children's Librarian at the NYPL!  Lauren Oliver captivated readers with her first novel, the New York Times bestseller Before I Fall, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. She followed that up with Delirium and Pandemonium, the first two books in her bestselling trilogy, which concludes with Requiem. Delirium has been optioned for film by Fox 2000 Pictures. Oliver is also the author of two luminous novels for middle-grade readers, The Spindlers and Liesl & Po, which was named a Kirkus Best Book of the Year. A graduate of the University of Chicago and NYU's MFA program, Lauren Oliver lives in Brooklyn, New York. You can visit her online at www.laurenoliverbooks.com. www.lauren-oliver.tumblr.comLauren Oliver and Friends: Banned Books Week2013-09-25 23:00:00229  
Denise Wakeman18,534*There are at least a thousand ways you can market your book.* And, that is so darn overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know what tactic will work the best? How about starting with ONE or two tactics? That's manageable, right? That's why I'm presenting a *free webinar* on how to use one specific tactic to start building an audience for your book... *3 Clever Ways to Use Images to Promote Your Book* There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways you can use images to market your book. In this brand new webinar for Authors and Online Entrepreneurs, you're going to learn three fast and easy ways to create and use images that will attract attention and help you sell more books. *3 Clever Ways to Use Images to Promote Your Book An Adventure in Visibility for Authors* You will learn: > 3 Super Simple Types of Images that will Attract Attention for Your Book > 3 Ways to Use Images on Your Social Networks so You Engage Your Audience > At least 3 Tools to Create and Enhance Images so They Stand Out And more! *DATE* Thursday, September 19 1 pm PT/ 4 pm ET Details here and registration here: http://denisewakeman.com/images-to-promote-your-book/ This webinar is free and designed for Authors and Entrepreneurs who are writing a book, or have written a book,  and are looking to build their author platform as well as boost visibility for their book.  If you cannot make the live webinar, you will get the replay video if you register.3 Clever Ways to Use Images to Promote Your Book! An Adventure in Visibility for Authors2013-09-19 22:00:0022  
Jamie Ford301,908I'll be at Vroman's in LA on Tuesday for a talk, signing, interpretive dance, karaoke by request, the usual.Willow Frost Tour: LA Edition2013-09-17 19:00:008  
beatstone2,056,134+Artists In The Plus is proud to bring you a very special "Concerts In The Plus!' with Guitar Legend +Preston Reed. (Banner Photo By +Ralf Hebauf ) +Preston Reed has virtually reinvented how the acoustic guitar is played. Reed practices a flamboyant self-invented style, characterized by percussive techniques and simultaneous rhythm and melody lines that dance and ricochet around each other, giving his music a level of excitement that is unparalleled among today's guitarists. Playing an array of guitars from acoustic to electric to classical Reed's vast range of explosively original music will forever change your expectation of a guitarist. First-time listeners find it impossible to believe that they're hearing just the one musician, in real time. Reed attacks the entire instrument in a never-ending search for the orchestra he knows is lurking inside. At full tilt, his fingers, thumbs, fists and hands at once suggest a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and several guitarists at work. The most impressive thing about Reed's technique, though, is that it doesn't draw attention to itself. His compositions are far from abstract virtuosic displays; even without lyrics he creates vivid, engrossing scenes. Sometimes the effect is almost onomatopoetic. Reed generates visual stimuli with every tweak of his instrument, thus augmenting his wordless compositions with an aura of the poetic. Each tune is a story in itself with a potent, cinematic atmosphere and an almost tangible thread of communication between Preston Reed and the listener. Reed's entry into this guitar odyssey was inauspicious enough, his path thereafter largely self-discovered. A few chords learned from his guitar playing father, a brief, very brief, flirtation with the ukulele, clandestine practice sessions of his favourite Beatles and Stones songs on dad's guitar .... and then a too-strict classical guitar teacher led to premature retirement. At 16, however, Reed heard Jefferson Airplane's rootsy blues offshoot, Hot Tuna. His interest was rekindled big time. Acoustic guitar heroes John Fahey and Leo Kottke were studied, their styles absorbed but not imitated, and at this point things really begin to get interesting because, at 17, Reed, by now precociously proficient, played his first live gig, supporting beat poet Allen Ginsberg at the Smithsonian Institute. Just getting on a train from his native Armonk in New York State to Washington was a cool adventure. And it was just the first of many, not least of which was the one which resulted from his signing his first deal with a major record company, MCA, through the auspices of his friend, country singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett. Determined to make the most of this opportunity, Reed pushed himself to go beyond the standard fingerpicking styles he'd perfected. The result was the beginnings of Reeds startlingly innovative style, with its percussive, two-handed fretboard attack, that you hear today and which has caused guitar luminaries such "Concerts In The Plus!" Preston Reed2013-05-26 21:00:0071  
Matt Gibson1,061,804Join Matt (Vocals and Guitar) and T-Bone (Drums) in a LIVE jam session and performance of some of the songs that will be on the new record! Crimson Symphony Live on Google+ and YouTube2013-03-31 01:30:0097  
Brett Lipton23,551Pick some friends & bang um silly!Plus Phuck Phriday! DEFINITION: A PlusPhuck is a display of true (well maybe not true) love when one plusses all the posts & photos of a phriend. Like a big phrikkin notification wake up call to get that red box glowing.2013-03-29 05:00:00684  
pio dal cin82,761Samantha will be sent with four other astronauts to the ISS where she will spend six months experimenting . Join me on a live Hangout where she will talk about her new great challange. She was chosen among thousands of candidates for the 2014 mission.Interview with Samantha Cristoforetti Astronaut on the ISS2013-02-15 17:00:00276  
Electronic Frontier Foundation2,271,547Happening now! Watch/participate via https://twitter.com/efflive. You can see the tweets even if you don't have a Twitter account. And if you are on Twitter, join the conversation with hashtag #Dodd. MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd's is giving a talk about "Creative Content and the Cloud" at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club -- and EFF's activism team will be on hand to cover the event through our live Twitter account,@EFFLive. We're going to provide a steady stream of humorous and thoughtful commentary throughout Dodd's speech, so please join us online or in San Francisco. Chris Dodd pushed hard to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a bill that would given content holders new tools to censor the Internet in the name of stopping "piracy."  Dodd has also said that he is "confident" negotiations for a SOPA revival are taking place. While it's tempting to write off that confidence as the result of watching one too many zombie movies, it should be no surprise that the MPAA is pushing for a new backroom deal. That's why EFF and other Internet freedom advocates are committed to fighting for an uncensored web. Follow our live coverage on Twitter @EFFLive or buy tickets to attend in person: https://doddandnewsom.eventbrite.com/ EFF Livetweets Chris Dodd's Speech in San Francisco2012-10-03 03:00:0059  

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