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Rizwan Shehzad has been at 3 events

Pakistan72,301Eid-ul-Azha is not just about religious rituals but is about total submission to the will of Allah Almighty...smashing down the idols of greed and fear and following the path of truth, justice, honour and dignity...without bothering about any worldly gain or loss!!! The real lesson of this EiD is to rise not only above one’s self but also all Prejudices of Caste, Color and Creed, Sacrificing personal interests for the greater good of the community and, preferring collective national objectives over petty personal gains...!!! Dear Friends / Members, Wish you a happy Eid Mubarak. May ALLAH bless us. Profound regards,EID Mubarak =)2012-10-26 21:00:00405  
Cadbury4,166,670Whether you can be there in person, or you'll be watching from the other side of the world, you are invited to join us for the other biggest event of the summer and we'd love to see how you're enjoying it! We'll be celebrating the spirit of the Games from around the Paralympic Park throughout and bringing you highlights of the atmosphere right here on Google+. Who's looking forward to it?London 2012 Paralympic Games Celebration on G+2012-08-29 22:00:00223  
Pakistan72,301One Protest One Boycott 5 AUGUST against Big Hypo-Critic Media Don't Share Don't Comment Don't Like Don't View Don't Read MEDIA CONTENTS Are you Alive? If Yes, join us in this boycott against the 'Free' media of Pakistan until the following demands are met: 1) Stop showing the nudity, Obscenity and filth of Bollywood on the name of so-called entertainment. 2) Stop showing vulgar ads. 3) Raise voice about the oppressed Muslim lands where Muslims are brutally slaughtered everyday e.g Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq . 4) Raise national issues like Drone Attacks . ========================================= آج میڈیا میراثی کلچر کا نمائندہ بن کے کھڑا ہو گیا ہے پہلے سیاست دانوں نے کیا کم اس قوم کو نوچا ہے کہ میڈیا قوم کی جڑوں پر ٹوٹ پر اور اندر سے کھوکھلا کرنے لگا ہے عریانی اور فحاشی کا سیلاب گھروں میں داخل کر دیا گیا ہے  میڈیا گیٹ نے اسکو ننگا کر دیا لیکن پھر بھی ہٹ دھرمی دیکھیے کہ قوم کی مخالفت کے باوجود عامر لیاقت جیسے مکروہ چہرہ کو دوبارہ سکرین پر جلوہ گر کر دیا گیا پھر بے شرمی کی انتہا کہ وینا کے استغفار کا ڈراما محض ریٹنگ کے لیے رچا دیا گیا اور اب رمضان کے مبارک دنوں میں قوم کو شراب زدہ ڈرامے دکھاۓ جا رہے ہیں میڈیا کی فحاشی آےروز بڑھتی جارہی ہے ایسے میں پاکستانی عوام کو ہی اپنی قوت سے میڈیا کو بتانا ہوگا کے وہ اپنی غلیظ رویے سے باز آجاۓ نہیں تو پاکستانی عوام انکو مسترد کرنے کے لئے تیار ہے اٹھیے اگر احساس باقی ہے ! ٥ اگست ٢٠١٢  جیو، اے آر وائی اور ایکسپرس کی نشریات ، پیجز اور خبروں کی شرینگ کا بائیکاٹ کریں  اپنے زندہ ہونے کا ثبوت دیں اور احساس مند ہونے کی گواہی دیں ہر سچے پاکستانی سے اس بائیکاٹ میں شرکت کرنے کی گزارش ہے ، 5 اگست کو TV Channels کا بائیکاٹ کریں تاکے اس بیہوش میڈیا کو کچھ ہوش آسکے ========================================= شکریMedia Boycott Day - 5 August, 20122012-08-05 16:00:00426  

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If you go down to the woods today,
You're sure of a big surprise.

#dunkpunked   #woods   #hand   #carved   #creepy   #scary  

Most plusones: 10

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2014-05-23 03:41:02 (4 comments; 1 reshares; 10 +1s)Open 


Latest 50 posts

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2014-05-23 03:41:02 (4 comments; 1 reshares; 10 +1s)Open 

Morning Workout

cool___Morning Workout

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2014-02-25 04:42:50 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

Good Morning

Come on, the weekend is ending......NOOOOOOOOOOO  
Happy end of the weekend to ya___Good Morning

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2014-02-18 05:02:18 (1 comments; 1 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 



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Good Morning Everybody

If you go down to the woods today,
You're sure of a big surprise.

#dunkpunked   #woods   #hand   #carved   #creepy   #scary  ___Good Morning Everybody

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2014-01-09 04:45:17 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 


Fill a glass with water to rinse your teeth with, instead of leaving the tap on!
Take a shower instead of a long bath.

• 97.5% of the worlds’ water is salt water and only 2.5% is fresh water.
• We can go without food for around a month, but we’d only survive around week without water!
• 70% of Human Body is made up of water. 
#islam  ___Save WATER

posted image

2014-01-09 04:44:01 (1 comments; 2 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Good Morning ALL

You dont have to be rich to be able to take care of your children
#islam  ___Good Morning ALL

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2013-11-27 04:55:11 (1 comments; 1 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Good Morning

When working on my last ticket before the holidays.___Good Morning

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2013-11-07 05:08:33 (1 comments; 2 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 


Because bears.

via dickieman.tumblr.com___WTH

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2013-10-31 04:29:16 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Good Morning All :)

Juste Dessin 3D ........!?___Good Morning All :)

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2013-08-16 13:22:07 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Best Free Antivirus

Best Free Antivirus___

posted image

2013-08-14 05:54:24 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 2 +1s)Open 

Independence Day Doodle 

+Google Pakistan celebrates #Pakistan   #Independence  day with a new Doodle which prominently depicts Pakistan's national animal #Markhor  with #K2  (2nd highest #mountain  in the world) in the background.

This #Google   #Doodle  will appear on www.google.com.pk on August 14, 2013.

More about Markhor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markhor
More about K2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K2___Independence Day Doodle 

posted image

2013-08-14 05:43:09 (0 comments; 2 reshares; 7 +1s)Open 

Happy Independence Day

Salute to the Nation for still being on its foot even after more than 10 years of planned Terrorism

Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis ☾☆ Pakistan Zindabad 

#pakistan   #terrorism   #xperiencepakistan   #14August2013   #independenceday2013  ___Happy Independence Day

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2013-08-10 06:59:35 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

This is the disadvantage for not learning mathematics

Plus all applicable local & state taxes... Bringing us to a grand total of $237.72....___This is the disadvantage for not learning mathematics

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2013-07-04 13:18:26 (3 comments; 3 reshares; 8 +1s)Open 



2013-06-15 08:16:19 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Any comment by Muslims?

Any comment by Muslims?___

posted image

2013-06-07 05:13:08 (0 comments; 2 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 


اس پیارے چمکتے تارے محمد کی قسم جب یہ معراج سے اترے۔ سورہ 53 آیت نمبر 1

#معراج   #Miraj  ___#miraj

posted image

2013-05-31 15:49:42 (2 comments; 1 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

+Oya Şanlı What you say about this?

In Turkey, at least 100 injured as police use teargas, water cannons against protesters at Gezi Park: http://reut.rs/18DxojA

Police raided the camps of demonstrators at dawn on Friday. The demonstrators have been in the park for days to protest plans to build a shopping mall. Clouds of teargas rose around Taksim Square, a historic venue for political protest in the country. 

Protests began on Monday after developers destroyed trees in the park. It has since widened into a demonstration against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's political party, perceived policy brutality, and the government’s stance on Syria.

Amnesty International said it was concerned by what it described as “the use of excessive force” by the police.

Continue reading: http://reut.rs/18DxojA

Photos: Reuters photographers Osman Orsal___+Oya Şanlı What you say about this?

posted image

2013-05-19 08:52:50 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 



posted image

2013-05-19 08:41:53 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 



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2013-05-14 04:15:33 (0 comments; 2 reshares; 8 +1s)Open 


This is funny truth!!___#prices

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2013-05-11 03:26:59 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Good Morning
All Dead

+Luke Shiras ___Good Morning
All Dead

2013-05-10 04:45:32 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 0 +1s)Open 

WoW What a great community!

WoW What a great community!___

2013-04-25 04:24:58 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 0 +1s)Open 

I found it amusing

I found it amusing___

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2013-03-02 07:23:37 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Try World's best Free Antivirus

Try World's best Free Antivirus___

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2013-02-10 11:23:01 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 2 +1s)Open 

Social Heroes

#googleplus   #facebook   #huffingtonpost   #reddit  ___Social Heroes

posted image

2013-01-25 07:50:27 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Muhammad P.B.U.H.
The Savior of Humanity

Image courtesy: imgur.com

Muhammad P.B.U.H.
The Savior of Humanity

Image courtesy: imgur.com___

posted image

2013-01-24 12:42:31 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 


___ #obamafail  

posted image

2012-12-30 06:40:04 (2 comments; 1 reshares; 7 +1s)Open 


I must go___WTH

posted image

2012-12-30 06:33:28 (1 comments; 3 reshares; 2 +1s)Open 


Next time your having  your cornflakes in the morning...

remember...Kellog's Corn Flakes Were Invented as Part of an Anti-Masturbation Crusade


#cornflakes   #kelloggs   #breakfast   #cerial   #anti   #masterbation   #dunkpunked  

Animated by +Dunken K Bliths ___Horrible

posted image

2012-12-30 06:24:26 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 


#facebook  ___Narcissistic 

posted image

2012-12-25 16:05:04 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.” ― Stanley Wolpert | Book: Jinnah of Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah - The man who boosted, directed and commanded the national policies of nearly hundred million human souls; The man who motivated and is the main reason for the birth of a major state and freedom of a beautiful nation ‘Pakistan’.

"My guiding principle will be justice and complete impartiality, and I am sure that with your support and co-operation, I can look forward to Pakistan becoming one of the greatest Nations of the world. (Presidential Address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 11th August, 1947.)"

Father of Pakistan - This soil, that was withered by I managed to collect them and build a land, their hearts were torn apart I tried to join the pieces back, those eyes were far lost in the dark I took the lamp and enlightened their path. 

Salam Pakistan, Have a great day
Happy Jinnah Day to every Pakistani.

(Shared By: +Nouman Nazim )___Muhammad Ali Jinnah

posted image

2012-12-25 07:11:00 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Pakistan's Sold-out Media

Pakistan's Sold-out Media___

posted image

2012-12-25 07:07:38 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 


#Ishqemamnu  ___

posted image

2012-12-25 06:53:09 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 



posted image

2012-12-25 06:51:40 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 


#Iqbal  ___

posted image

2012-12-25 06:04:22 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Happy Quaid Day

Happy Birthday to our beloved Quaid-e-Azam (RA).
May Allah bless him with a high rank in Jannah and everlasting peace, Ameen!___Happy Quaid Day

2012-12-23 03:31:30 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Great Commumnity 

Great Commumnity ___

posted image

2012-12-22 11:11:41 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

Against Racism

Like and Share -

#quoteoftheday  ___Against Racism

posted image

2012-12-22 11:10:36 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 


Owh Please Doctor - 0_o

#funny     #Child     #Cute  

Follow us 4 More   :-)___ #cute  

posted image

2012-12-22 11:09:31 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 



posted image

2012-12-22 11:08:32 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 7 +1s)Open 


So Cute -

#caturday  ___ #caturday  

posted image

2012-12-22 11:07:51 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 


Happiness is Not the Money -

Share if You Agree ?     #happy  ___Agree

posted image

2012-12-22 11:03:18 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 



posted image

2012-12-22 11:01:44 (2 comments; 2 reshares; 7 +1s)Open 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. :P

#Dog     #Fox     #Funny     #Gif  ___ #quickbrownfox  

posted image

2012-12-20 16:19:26 (0 comments; 1 reshares; 2 +1s)Open 

Just Try

___Just Try

posted image

2012-12-20 16:02:53 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 2 +1s)Open 

Apples Maps leads to Death

Apple maps...
#endoftheworld   #applemaps  ___Apples Maps leads to Death

2012-12-19 15:16:28 (3 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

Great community. I love Sir Allama Iqbal.

Great community. I love Sir Allama Iqbal.___

posted image

2012-12-18 13:44:52 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Mozilla - the non-profit maker of Firefox - makes it their mission to keep the Web open, safe, transparent and a force for good. That's why I support Mozilla - will you join me, and help make the Web a better place? http://mzl.la/UXQwiq

Mozilla - the non-profit maker of Firefox - makes it their mission to keep the Web open, safe, transparent and a force for good. That's why I support Mozilla - will you join me, and help make the Web a better place? http://mzl.la/UXQwiq___

posted image

2012-12-10 07:17:07 (2 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

Love this

Georgia, Tbilisi

Beautiful Houses. :)___Love this


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