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Linda Dee has been at 111 events

Ronnie Bincer113,749*Community Centered Hangouts on Air - why you'll want to use them* _This public HOA training session will take a close look at proven techniques to build an engaged community utilizing the power of Hangouts on Air (HOA)._ We'll be joined by @107941607363534146959 &@115032606587326676576 who have taken this technique to a fine art and increased engagement and numbers of members in their *DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Community* using the power of Community Centered Hangouts on Air. Also in the filmstrip will be @111146738410976090034 &@102041111232254279863, both of whom are part of the team that developed the methods this Public Community started out with before they fully refined it for their own purposes. All those listed above are part of the *Hangout Mastery* private membership community where wonderful things like this are developed and tested. To join us in the private membership visit www.bit.ly/HangoutMastery We have completed our private training on the *why and how to make this work* inside the Hangout Mastery areas and the video of that session is archived for all existing and future members to watch as often as they like. To take a look at the referenced Public Genealogy Community click this link: http://goo.gl/aELc2K or go right to the place within the community that is used to show the HOAs via: http://bit.ly/MyrtsNext And if you're interested in taking your Hangouts to the next level, please join us in the month to month membership community by visiting: www.bit.ly/HangoutMastery === === #HangoutsOnAir   #HOAtips   #CommunityCenteredHOA   #CommunityTips  Community Centered Hangouts on Air - the public show2015-04-28 22:00:00164  
Casa Chiesi533*A wonderful view from way on top!* Yes, folks!….Time to have some fun. We will try our best (weather and police permitting) to go on the top of this architectural cathedral and give you some oversight of this marvellous church. We expect to do a 30 minute show via mobile 3g/4g connection (depending on which way the wind blows) along with our dear friends Chef Dennis Littley, Mia Voss and Debi Davis. No Applause or Showcase Apps on this one!!...just a fun tour! Betti will be highlighting some interesting information regarding the church and I will try to fend off the authorities! Should be challenging! Here are is a link to the Duomo web site which provides some interesting information regarding this timeless masterpiece: http://www.duomomilano.it/en/ Here are the times for diverse zones: GMT/UTC: 3:45 PM EDT: 10:45 AM, CDT:9:45 AM, MDT:8:45 AM, PDT:8:45 AM #casachiesi   #Duomo   #milan  Casa Chiesi Italian Lifestyle2014-09-24 16:45:0049  
Jason West Jones9,751*Every Friday @ 8pm West Coast Time* *Remember folks, this Hang Out On Air is open to everyone. You are all welcome to come and go as you please. There is no set format. I am working hard so anyone can come in, and have fun. Maybe say what is on their mind ect. This is a whole new concept for the HOA Thanks to everyone who is checking this out, and or is coming on. Though this is pretty much a newer HOA. The concept behind it has been around for a long time. A no stress, very free flowing appreciation of people who love to play music in any form or style. And if you are new to Hang Outs On Air? You could not ask for a better group with more patience* If anyone is wondering what this is? This is an HOA jam for musicians. There is no set format. This is  a blank  canvas. No one is running the show, not even me. The only rule is respect for the creative process. JWJ is Part of " PANGAEA'S PEOPLE (Global Arts Network) TM. 2014 " http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/page_object_bio/534632 http://www.reverbnation.com/label/label_releases/19996 Disclaimer.  http://www.reverbnation.com/c/fr5/label_19996?eid=L19996_13551398_  http://tinyurl.com/nk5mqwo        My free music on Google Play http://reverbnation.com/drivenmadness      My free music on Reverbnation My youtube channel     http://youtube.com/drivenmadnessband I like to jam on Fridays. That is what I am doing, and I have over 170 non profit songs that I have written to choose from.  You can ask questions or make request if you know my music. More over, chances are I will be very spontaneous blah blah blah. Have a great blah...  *I do welcome other musicians!! You need to have decent audio gear though, or at least something you would want to use, if you wanted to go back and listen to yourself. Thanks - JWJ*The Milk Jam *Show 13* HOA2014-09-20 05:00:0019  
martin shervington1,206,704You know I spend most of my time on Google+, right? Well, increasingly I've been valuing the role of using Twitter alongside - the cross platform connections make a huge difference to building relationships. So, I thought you all may like to dig a little deeper and there is no one better to ask in than @108947920975167979671 on this one as he is just bringing out a new edition to his book. He has a solid business view of social as well. So, hope to see you on Wednesday; and we will be taking questions so please ask away! About the book: The book was initially created to solve a problem. The most common question am I asked is, "Can you help me understand Twitter?"  That is just not something that can be addressed over a cup of coffee! So I wrote this book, first to help my students, but it caught on has loyal fans all around the world.  The Tao of Twitter teaches you the practical MINDSET for success, not just a bunch of theoretical or technical suggestions. If you follow the strategy in the book, I know it can work for you because I have seen it impact hundreds of lives. The Tao of Twitter is beyond a book. It's a movement. Welcome to a global community that is unleashing the power of this amazing communication platform to connect to the world and drive new business benefits in wonderful and unexpected ways! The Tao of Twitter! (And the Te of Google+ :D)2014-07-30 18:00:0091  
Daria Musk3,733,947*Expand to read the story and learn how to join live!* Three years ago to the day, I stood in front of my computer - a guitar in my hands, songs in my heart, fingers trembling - about to press a button that said, "Hangout". I was still waterlogged with rainy nights of lugging my amps into tiny clubs and tears from the not-knowing-what-would-happen to my dreams. That night, when I hit "Hangout" you saved my dreams, you saved me. Your faces popped in. We sang all night. Six hours later my heart was six million times bigger and I would never be the same. Every year I want to celebrate that day. I want to thank you face to face. I want to meet back at our special place and sing your praises. It's time for Hangoutiversary III.  *PLEASE, BE CELEBRATED* So please, meet me on July 16th. Right here, inside the place where we had our virtual first date. Comment back and let me know that you're planning to come, I will organize special circles of you all, so we can rotate the 10 seats and meet and meet and meet again. I'll sing our songs of celebration. I'll sing new songs of adoration, to you and this crazy world that gives us a chance just when we think maybe it can't. Come with your hopes and your dreams to be amplified and your updates and your friends and families and fantasies. Let's sing 'til our throats go weak and dance in front of computer screens, like the silly beautiful people we know ourselves to be.   *HOW TO HANG* In case you're new or rusty all you have to do to join this Hangout is:   ✪ RSVP a big fat *yes* here. ✪ On Wednesday, July 16th come back to this page when the Hangout starts (6PM Eastern US Time). ✪ You can watch or click "join" to on my page @100974258168375166691! ✪ Don't for get to comment and let me know if you want to join and around what time. I'll be sure to circle you and invite you when you're web-camera-ready! ✪ Come with song requests, stories and even a "dream to amplify". The theme of this hangout is #amplifyyourdreams  cause that's what you guys did for me. You turnt it up to 11! *SRSLY, MESSAGE ME* Send me a private message or chat or comment to me here if you'd like to arrange a special invite or if you're new and want to join the family and need some tips for getting in. I think I'm going to make invite circles for each half hour, so let me know when you want to join. Everyone's invited. It's really the greatest possible gift, just to let me sing for you and get to know you again and again and again.  *SPREAD THE LOVE* Share this invite too. Let's grow the family. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine and deserves some showcased virtual face-to-face time. *XO, Daria* PS. *CONNECTED BY* This concert celebration is being supported by our new friends at CO-OP Connected Credit Unions. CO-OP is all about connection, just like our epic House Of Blues Concert, they've partnered up with us to make sure we stay together and keep banking on this amazing feeling we get when we connect through ethernet lines HANGOUTIVERSARY CONCERT2014-07-17 00:00:00386  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*Building Influence by Teaching Others - #TNTBootcamp  series* An interview with: @113055030863291439319 - Chef, Food Blogger, HOA Host - “I began blogging in 2009 as a resource for my culinary students, and soon found myself with followers around the world, at which time I began posting "real food recipes for real people" - In 2011 I was awarded "Most Valuable Foodie" by the food blogging community at Foodbuzz, for the work I have done in the community.” *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 launched *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* aka #TNTBootcamp to an audience of over 300 who were eager to learn more about the tools used to identify and engage with key influencers on Google Plus and to understand how to "get on the radar" themselves. Click here to watch the first episode in the series and to read the recaps put together by several of the audience members: http://bit.ly/MhiA4x  ************** *Upcoming Shows in the Series* *Monday, July 21st and Monday, August 4th* We will revisit the tools part of our series by spending a few episodes providing a more indepth look at the *new version* of @109096245971703802400 as well as discussing circle management techniques and best practices.  ************** *Previous Episodes: Tools* Series Kickoff Overview: http://bit.ly/MhiA4x   @111487545374003509241: http://bit.ly/1eOmIol  @109096245971703802400: http://bit.ly/1k6hBSM  @116266498226740184904: http://bit.ly/1lpAQo0   @108883357423682942734: http://bit.ly/1gWHG5w  Review of Tools Covered: http://bit.ly/Qm8VuS    *Previous Episodes: Techniques* *Using Hangouts on Air to Build Influence* An interview with @115620878851836664537: http://bit.ly/1mTctAf In his most recent best-selling book, _Google+ Hangouts for Business: How to use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business and Communicate in Real-Time_, David says “Hangouts on Air are a unique opportunity. This is the most disruptive marketing opportunity we have had for a long time. At a stroke you can dispel doubts about who you are and what you do, reach people, form relationships, and create new potential customers, and you can do it both in real time and asynchronously, increasing your marketing footprint with time.” *Connecting With Influencers To Improve Search Results* An interview with @113690073826160821557: http://bit.ly/1mV7tu5  “If you can build a strong audience of your own, or if major influencers in your market space +1 or share the content, this can get you a lot of exposure to your target market.” _Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results_ (http://bit.ly/1tXnC7v) *Using Google Authorship to Increase Visibility and Influence in Google Search* An interview with @107022061436866576067: http://bit.ly/1kcmaFI “Anyone who wants to make use of Google+ as part of an overall strategy of increasing visibility and influence in Google Search should be actively pursuing all of the following tactics: Bui#TNTBootcamp - Building Influence by Teaching Others2014-07-07 20:30:00175  
Paul Griffiths4,166Episode 15 - 'Live and Uncut' I chat with my new friends from The Arcanum cohort for Street photography.'The talk on the Street is...'2014-06-27 21:00:0021  
Miha Ucakar35,829*Upload your Sunset photos to this Event on June 21*   _the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of winter and the shortest day in the south._ Use the #SunsetDay hashtag in a public post to celebrate the longest / shortest day of this year! I borrowed #SunsetDay tag form last similar event organized by @102191030161937606640 on September 19, 2013 There was *1234 Sunset Photos* uploaded during last event.  _*Can We reach this milestone this time?*_ 1. Take your sunset photo on June 21 2. Upload your sunset to this event 3. Mark the location and use #SunsetDay hashtag on post 4. Celebrate the Sunset Day *Let's Sunset Photos Connecting The World on June 21* _This project is part of_ @114306238315218578526  *Terms and privacy* I really meant this event would be like this: - it is northern solstice! - take your camera or phone --> take a picture - post photo to this event And there will be lots of the same sunset from around the world. (and the ownership is not the main point of this event) *Photography Copyrights* _You are allowed to post the photo to this event if You have licence to post the photo to Google+ social network_ Terms of posting such photo are described in licence.Sunset Photos - Connecting The World - #SunsetDay on June 212014-06-21 11:00:00193  
Stephen Sabludowsky817Come Hangout with Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady.  When was the last time you hung out with a Miss USA?  Well, me too.  Here's our chance.  Watch and meet Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady, in a Bayoubuzz.com Google Hangout On Air for  Monday 12 Noon CST. Join @114918475211209783081 @117465476555941682843 @101696764219780312734 @105076725141939280120 @110746124112827812577 @108210288375340023376 @102041111232254279863  The Miss USA Pageant is June 8 in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  Miss Brady, Miss Connecticut, will answer your questions  during the hangout webcast.  What has the past year been like?  What is her future?  Her greatest life lesson?  Ask your question during the event.  Have fun.  A Youtube link for you to comment in Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXxojSNQn2I #erinbrandy   #missusa   #missusa2014   #NewOrleans   #batonrouge  Come Hangout with Miss USA, Erin Brady2014-06-02 19:00:0073  
martin shervington1,206,704*The Freaks Will Inherit The Earth!* An interview with @118320665823821681206 about his latest book. Now THIS is going to great. The book is rockin' and Chris loves helping people get their freak on. If you are interested in finding your voice in the world, starting a business, and generally embracing a new reality, well now you have permission. The Universe told Chris to tell me to tell you, the time has come.  And for those who know, there will be a #FreakQuest  coming you way too. See you then! *Book content includes...* 1 Business New and Old and New Again 2 The Wild Colors and the Solid Spine: What Makes Some Freaks Successful and Other Freaks Strugglers? 3 Choose Your Own Adventure: Defining Success 4 Skill Building for Your Business Goals 5 Fall in Love with Not Knowing 6 Structure a Framework for Your Days 7 Are You an Employeepreneur? 8 Create Systems That Work for You 9 Are You a Solo or Small Business Owner? 10 Fall in Love with Not Knowing, Redux 11 Worship Obstacles and Challenges 12 Build Your Own Media Empire 13 Connect with Your Freaks 14 Own Everything 15 When It All Goes Wrong 16 Take Action! Fight Crime! Save the World!The Freaks Will Inherit The Earth!2014-05-14 17:40:00154  
martin shervington1,206,704*The Power of Visual Storytelling.* Do you know Ekaterina Walter? Well, seeing as we've been having a very visual time lately, you will love to hear her talk about visual storytelling. You know how people love pictures, right? Well, personal branding through to large corporate campaigns can be transformed with the visually compelling components.  Intrigued? Well, let me take you on a journey as I ask expert and buddy of mine @116774709566587280072 to explain how we can all tell our story even better. See you all then! *About her book...* Attention is the new commodity. Visual Storytelling is the new currency. Human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. Web posts with visuals drive up to 180% more engagement than those without. Viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos. Filled with full-color images and thought-provoking examples from leading companies, The Power of Visual Storytelling explains how to grow your business and strengthen your brand by leveraging photos, videos, infographics, presentations, and other rich media. The book delivers a powerful road map for getting started, while inspiring new levels of creativity within organizations of all types and sizes. “This book is not only a complete overview of [visual storytelling] but, most importantly, the key to doing it right, a total Right Hook!” —Gary Vaynerchuk, New York Times bestselling author of Crush It! and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook “A valuable guide to understanding how to develop powerful marketing programs using the art of visual storytelling.” —Guy Kawasaki, author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur and former chief evangelist of Apple “The Power of Visual Storytelling is the new marketing bible!” —Nancy Bhagat, Vice President, Global Marketing Strategy and Campaigns, Intel “If a picture is worth a thousand words, The Power of Visual Storytelling is worth a million.” —Scott Monty, Global Digital & Multimedia Communications for Ford Motor Company More on her here: http://www.ekaterinawalter.com/The Power of Visual Storytelling.2014-05-13 17:00:0086  
martin shervington1,206,704*"Let's get visual on Google+" with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick!* A exploration of which images seem to fly on here, what design principles can we apply when creating content, and what did we learn from using canva.com to create our content. Thank you to @104858643838035519891 and @112374836634096795698 for agreeing to be a part of it. And a BIG thank you, as always, to all the community members who are a part of the sharing on Tuesday 6th May."Let's get visual on Google+" with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick!2014-05-07 19:00:00261  
martin shervington1,206,704This week I'll interview @115415882981569471878. Barry loves me; in fact, Barry loves me so much he called me a knucklehead earlier. Yes, that much. But here is the thing, that is Barry, it expresses who he is - an energetic, straight talking, 'from the hip shoot' King of personal branding. And that is what I want to show you. Not just 'go read his stuff', but to show you how to infuse your personality into everything you do online. I'll be learning too, of course. p.s. I met Barry at the Social Media Marketing World conference, and he is starting to 'get' Google+, and maybe even fall in love with it as well. So, please join me, to shake out your branding cobwebs, get fresh, and be inspired this Wednesday!How to build an AWESOME personal brand!2014-04-30 20:00:00105  
Denise Wakeman17,675*Adventures in Visibility | Building Lasting Relationships on Google+* @103507319847335351139  welcomes @114918475211209783081  of @106422607009487632392 to *Adventures In Visibility* to discuss how Martin builds relationship on Google+. Martin Shervington is a consultant, speaker, trainer and coach on all things Google+. As the community manager for both Plus Your Life and Plus Your Business! his role is to support individuals and new businesses to use Google+. With a post-grad in Organizational Psychology he often runs fun experiments to learn more about the power of Google+ and share the results back with the community so we can learn together. *On the Hangout we'll discuss:* ~ Martin's approach to building relationships on Google+ ~ How Martin got started on Google+ ~ How relationships impact search on Google *Martin's social links:* http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/ https://www.google.com/+MartinShervington http://www.youtube.com/user/MartinShervington https://soundcloud.com/martinshervington http://twitter.com/martinsherv http://instagram.com/martinsherv http://pinterest.com/martinsherv/ *Please click "Going" to RSVP, +1 this event, share this event, and be sure to set a reminder to return to this page at the scheduled date and time.* *Watch previous Adventures in Visibility here:* http://denisewakeman.com/hoa If you'd like to get on the email list to get notified about future Adventure Hangouts and when video replays and show notes are posted, go to http://AdventuresInVisibility.com or reply below with a request to be added to my G+ Adventure Circle. #AiV   #HOA   #denisewakeman #plusyourbusiness #adventuresinbusiness #martinshervington   #adventuresinvisibility  Build Lasting Relationships on Google+2014-04-17 18:30:00122  
Glass in the Class32*Glass in the Class Episode 5: Who cares if I can work in a group or not?* Youtube Live Event URL: http://goo.gl/02HvQD Here's the rundown:  My classroom for 15-20 minutes with my students. 3 perspectives: Google Glass, The computer camera, and the camera on my guest. Discussing how communication and changing technology has affected the life/work of my guest. So who's my guest to discuss group communication you ask?! Many of us easily forget how often we work in groups. Well one person who has always espoused the importance of groups, communities, and tribes is @114918475211209783081. So who better to have talking to my students about group communication today! With the incredible tools we have, such as Google+, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and more group communication hasn't only become easier, but it's gone global! Understanding how we can most effectively communicate in groups then, especially considering cultural differences is imperative to business today. Let's just hope my students see that by the end of the show ;) As always I'd also like to thank @100470926227322431614 for running my cameras for me (it's really early in the morning for him) and @115091224082668507135 for the mad imaging skills on the banner! Live Event URL: http://goo.gl/02HvQDGlass in the Class Episode 5: The importance of Group communication2014-04-15 17:30:0062  
Ryan Hanley13,429*How to Google Plus Your Business* _Geek out on Google+ and learn to harness Google's "social layer" in your business._ This week on Content Warfare TV we're joined by @114918475211209783081, Google+ strategist/evangelist and owner of the @103129680883464681559 and @106422607009487632392 communities. Martin is joining us to geek out on *Google Plus for your business.* This is question so many business owners and marketers are dealing with in regards to Google Plus: _How do we grow our business?_  _What activities yield results?_ _How do "Plus our Business?"_ There are very few people in the Google Plus place with both the technical know-how and the witty delivery of Martin Shervington. This will be true infotainment at it's best. Visit Martin's web properties to learn more: http://www.martinshervington.com http://www.plusyourbusiness.com Learn more about the *Plus Your Business Academy* here: http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/academy ======= _If you can't make the live event I encourage you to subscribe where it's most convenient and never miss an episode of Content Warfare TV:_ Youtube Subscribe link: http://goo.gl/My8UpZ iTunes subscribe link: http://goo.gl/o6u9G6 Stitcher subscribe link: http://goo.gl/HAoxVR #googleplus   #plusyourbusiness   #contentwarfare  How to Google Plus Your Business with Martin Shervington | Content Warfare TV2014-04-11 17:00:00181  
Jason West Jones9,751*Hope Carey is a friend of mine, and a music lover. She has always expressed a connection with the Indie Artist on G+ .. And too my point. I think she is a kind soul, and deserves more than the hand she has been dealt. You see, Hope Carey is undergoing surgery on 3/26/14. Oddly enough on a day, I am playing another show online. But what I'm about to say next will only make me more passionate about everything I am doing. There is a chance that this might be the last time Hope Carey gets to hear the music she loves so much live, here on G+ HOA. I do not know how much of a role I play in what she enjoys about that element. But that is what this EVENT is about. I plan on playing as many of my songs as I can as an attempt to lift her spirits. I want to do everything I can to make sure she goes into the Hospital knowing the musicians she enjoys so much? Well, we enjoy you back, Hope Carey.  I plan on doing this show by myself, unless other artist step forward. If you are an Artist, more so Indie? Please let me know if you want to join this HOA. We wish you the best, Hope! And if I have to do it myself. I will play the strings til my fingers bleed if it helps you. Thanks all for your time and reading this. I will see you at the Hang Out. I will be playing my Stratocaster, so I can go into those empathic areas that I hope will heal* Sorry for the short notice all, but the date she goes into the Hospital is very soon. Again, Thank You All. - Jason West JonesHOA Concert For Hope Carey - Hosted By JWJ2014-03-24 00:30:009  
martin shervington1,206,704Starting at 2.30pm PST #RubikTuesday  Sharing our love of Rubik's Cube!2014-03-18 22:04:2916  
martin shervington1,206,704*Who wants to join me as I interview Jay Baer about his New York Times best selling business book?* We will be talking about the attitude/culture/approach of 'helping', including how Jay finds the culture on Google+; where he thinks we should be putting our attention right now, and where it is going in the future. Whether you are a business or an individual looking at your own approach, this should be a lot of fun and give you new insights too! *What is 'Youtility' all about?* Jay says..."The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those two letters are critically important to your company’s success. You’re not competing for attention only against other, similar products. You’re competing for attention against everything. To win in this hyper-competitive environment, you must ask “How can we help?” If you sell something, you make a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life. This is Youtility." Sound good? See you then!An interview with Jay Baer about his book 'YouTility"!2014-02-25 20:00:0073  
martin shervington1,206,704Well, one of the incredible things about Google+ is how hangouts enable people to connect. I've just been hanging out with @115053167331986298823 - he was just featured on Good Morning America, and now we will hangout for an interview and a little music tomorrow. More here: http://www.inquisitr.com/1143827/kelvin-jones-british-college-student-goes-viral-with-song-call-you-home/ Amazing way to connect. And he is a Brit!  Will you join us? You can say you knew him before the world finds out he is AWESOME.Hangout with Kelvin Jones! (just been featured on Good Morning America).2014-02-24 20:00:0068  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*Learn How to Start a HOA (Hangout on Air) best practices mid-Feb '14* _It is no secret that things change a lot here on Google Plus... come learn the latest suggested way to start up a Live HOA Broadcast._ This live training event will take you step-by-step through the process for setting up and starting your own Hangout on Air (HOA) using Google Plus and the Hangouts Menu. There are other ways as well, but this one is the way that Google is wanting us to use, so I'll treat it as the 'best way' to start things up for now. Things have recently changed to make this method better than it was before for marketing your HOA Event. This training event will go through the steps you'll need to take to get going and after the slides have been shown there will be some time for Q&A. *Invite your friends* and leave questions in the comments for us to address... _we'll get to them if they relate to the Hangouts menu method we'll be covering here._ Find out much more about Hangouts and HOA by becoming a part of the *Hangout Mastery* membership group. Details here www.bit.ly/HangoutMastery === === #HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #ScheduledHOAEvents   #HOAevents   #EventsTips   #HangoutMastery   #TheHangoutHelper  How do I start a Hangout on Air? Best practices mid Feb 20142014-02-13 19:00:00261  
martin shervington1,206,704I am delighted to be interviewing @104858643838035519891 @108493275257625053433 and @111798765849955344981. And here is the plan... I am going to ask every question about social that I can think of, but I need you help. What would you like to know? What are the gaps you need to be filled? How about cross platform posting? Tools they use? This is going to be a great opportunity to look at Google+, alongside Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and beyond. Can't wait. It is going to be a lot of fun too.Interview with three of the very best in Social Media!2014-02-11 20:00:00119  
martin shervington1,206,704*Google Plus for Individuals and Business!* _Including launch of the free 'Quickstarter' courses..._ There have been so many changes in the Plus over the past few months, and as such we wanted to get together to re-launch the website, tell you about some of the resources and pick up on some of your questions as well. So get yourself ready and see you on Monday!The PYB team talk about some amazing, free resources available for Google+!2014-02-10 21:00:00115  
Chef Dennis Littley834,292Join me and my Co-host +108641528210325220263 with are very special guest +108210288375340023376  for the ninth show in our series on *How to Use Google+ Effectively* This weeks topic will be *Hangouts on Air  aka HOA's*  How to start one, using all the great tools and why you should be using them!  Every Monday  for thirty minutes we will focus on a different aspect of Google+  offering guidance and  answering questions.    If you have questions please leave them in the Comment Bar of this event  before the start of the show and we will do our best our best to answer them. The goal of our series is to help everyone understand how Google+ works and what they need to do to become successful on G+.  Once G+ begins to make sense to you, you'll be able to enjoy your time on the plus, making new friends, engaging in communities and seeing some pretty amazing search engine results.  While our series will be focused on Bloggers everyone is welcome and we hope to see all of you with your questions-    You can also join us at the G+ Food Bloggers Community - http://goo.gl/IEKmsV  where we discuss all the issues that Bloggers have as well as sharing best practices. All of our previous episodes are on Youtube  http://goo.gl/3iukbR Monday February 10th @ 1 PM EST/12 PM CST/11 AM MST/10 AM PST #googleplustips   #bloggers   #Gplusfoodbloggers  The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Effectively - HOA's with Ronnie Bincer2014-02-10 19:00:00130  
martin shervington1,206,704*Ready for another SearchPlunkity, fun game show style HOA?* Well, let's see how we roll this time. There were moments of utter genius from the contestants in the last event, and you are welcome to sit back and watch, enjoy. Quick background: This is all about finding patterns, and having fun with Search. I will ask the contestants, and you watching too, whether you can spot which combinations of words will 'stay number one' and if they don't, well you get SearchPlunked! It is a lot of community based fun, so I hope you can join us then!The second SearchPlunk event!2014-02-07 20:00:0020  
martin shervington1,206,704Well, I have arrived in SF but only seen a few people from Google+ so far, including +George Cohn +Marilyn Ritter and +Jörg-Peter Rabanus. As such, I am putting this event 'out there' now as it would be great to meet up with some more people before I head to San Diego in March. I know, I know that is ages away but time is running at a pace these days. So... The location will be as shown above (on Mission) and people can stay as long/short as they want. Also, I am planning we go somewhere near the water :D Hope to see you then. _p.s. HIRL means 'hangout in real life' - it is a G+ thing..._San Francisco Google+ HIRL!2014-02-01 14:00:0025  
martin shervington1,206,704Well, now I've had the experience of this virtual reality headset I would like to revisit and review with @101477866356937362560 (who gave me the demo) and @110662267657699806914 (if he is about!) Hope to see you on Monday!A second chat about the Oculus Rift!2014-01-28 04:00:0016  
Jeffrey Hellman25,627I am happy to announce my first local show in the San Francisco South Bay! I will be performing at Caffe Frascati in San Jose next Saturday at 7 PM.  They have wifi there so I hope to broadcast the first set as my One More Saturday Night webcast. The hangout will be open to anyone who wants to be included I would love to see some friendly faces at the cafe and share the music I have been working on since I last played for you. Cafe Frascati has a wonderful menu and atmosphere. As always you can find my latest recordings at  www.soundcloud.com/steelrainn. Thanks! Their website is at www.caffefrascati.com Caffe Frascati 315 S. 1st. St. San Jose, Ca 95113 (408) 287-0400Steelrain @ Caffe Frascati2014-01-26 04:00:0015  
martin shervington1,206,704Ok, I've rebooked - same time but on a Wednesday. Hope we can get together then! *The event...* This is going to be an experiment to see if the SearchPlunkers out there have special powers when it comes to spotting patterns in Google Search. Should be a bit of fun too :D See you then! p.s. due to reasons I will explain on the day, I will be using an unlisted HOA url and a PYB blog post as the centre of this event - all will be explained.A HOA on SearchPlunk!2014-01-22 20:00:0034  
Ronnie Bincer113,749Join us for the #KraftyCooking Live HOA. If on mobile watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA9zva5bRnU This is a follow up to our blog post http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/use-google-hangouts-krafty-cooking/ which contains video interviews of all the chefs on the panel. We’ll be talking about how these Chefs have used Hangouts and Hangouts on Air along with their culinary skills to help people learn the joys of cooking. The event info above shows your local time, but as a reference we start at 1pm EST (New York) on 8-Jan-2014. We will likely go into some behind the scenes stories as well as how they incorporate some of their own childhood food experiences into their online cooking endeavors. All tied into how they have been Krafty in their Cooking showmanship! Please invite others to this event to watch and interact with the live show or to view afterwards and help us spread the word on how Google Plus and #KraftyCooking ideas are an incredible combination. === === #KraftyCooking #GooglePlusMarketing #HangoutsWithFood#KraftyCooking and 5 Chefs’ Stories Live and Uncensored2014-01-08 19:00:00247  
martin shervington1,206,704If you haven't heard about this tech yet, then you will want to hop on board for a roller coaster ride of emotion!  I will be chatting with Oculus Rift developer Robert Klados about this interface into a virtual reality world that looks like it 'feels real' Then, when I am in San Francisco, I will be booking in for a trial myself - _gulp._ Check out some people's reactions here: http://youtu.be/N9r50bcBuq0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoQ0OXJCbaE And know that this won't be just about gaming, this really could change the landscape of many fields... Hope to see you then!Oculus Rift - an interview with Robert Klados2014-01-02 17:00:0055  
martin shervington1,206,704I thought this weekend would be a great opportunity to meet some of the community members from PYL and PYB.  So, are you around on Sunday? Well, I'll just post the link to the hangout and we can roll from there. p.s. it won't be on-air, so you can turn up in a santa costume, your pj's or having had a few too many eggnogs. Hope to see you then, MartinChristmas meet up!2013-12-22 17:00:0056  
Best Buy577,287Best Buy's #LastMinuteGifts Google+ Shoppable Hangout2013-12-18 01:16:04281  
Unofficial Google+ Film Festival480,064http://ugpff.com Live, interactive and showing in a city near you including New York, Singapore, Wellington, New Zealand, Seattle, Mexico and more.      • Watch great short films and web series.      • Interact with filmmakers live.      • Attend film panels with industry experts.      • Meet other filmmakers and film lovers. *Seattle Event Information:* RSVP here, limited seats available. http://www.celebrations.com/rsvp/zh2ne64yk663gwz2f   The 3rd Annual Unofficial Google+ Film Festival in partnership with +SnagFilms, is becoming the world's largest short film and web series festival.  Live and interactive, this global event celebrates the best in short cinema from around the world and allows the audience to attend a world class film festival from the comforts of their own home.   The future of film festivals is finally here.3rd Annual Unofficial Google+ Film Festival2013-12-13 19:00:00468  
martin shervington1,206,704*The event:* This week we have a special treat in store. I will be joined by best-selling author David Carter to discuss his book 'Breakthrough' and how we can apply his approach in every day life. I've hungout with David and he is awesome. Really. And his very select client list is second to none. But this is all about you... David says, "I believe that the purpose of life is being and becoming the very best version of ourselves. Every day we face dozens of choices. We must ask ourselves, “Which choice will help me become the very best version of myself that I can possibly be?” Understanding this simple truth, and committing to it, is what separates the best from the rest." So, join me this Wednesday, welcome David to Google+, and I am sure there will be personal and business applications throughout this session. Also... *A freebie:* Here is a free PDF from David to get you ready for the event: http://martinsherv.com/8 *About the book:* BREAKTHROUGH is a practical guide to personal mastery by David C. M. Carter, who is widely regarded as the world's leading mentor. It reveals his Top 20 most effective BREAKTHROUGH ideas - previously only accessible to his select handful of exclusive international clients. The message and intent of THE MENTOR in BREAKTHROUGH is simply this - that you choose to become the very best version of yourself - and keep on choosing it - no matter what. With simple, easy-to-action BREAKTHROUGHs outlined in each chapter, complete with 'how-to' tools - you'll no longer have any excuses to live anything less than the life you were destined to live! *Want to hear what others say?* http://www.davidcmcarter.com/testimonials/ (very cool) See you then!An interview with David Carter - the world's leading mentor.2013-12-11 20:00:0057  
Anthony Quintano764,654Today is JetBlue's launch flight of their new onboard high-speed wifi called, FlyFi. Will attempt a Google+ Hangout from the air using the new service. JetBlue FlyFi Launch Flight2013-12-11 10:00:004  
martin shervington1,206,704Join me for what may well be a lot of fun as I interview Waylon. We've hungout before and I know you will like his style, especially if you are running around 'clicking lots of buttons' online! A bit about this dear fellow... +Waylon Lewis is quite new to Google+ but is keen to get involved with us all. He calls himself a “Dharma Brat,” or second generation American Buddhist, and is founder of elephantjournal.com (5.5 million readers/month) and host of the Top 10 US Green Video Series “Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis,” he’s interviewed hundreds of leading thinkers and doers. Named Treehugger’s Eco Ambassador & Changemaker, Discovery Network’s “Green Hero,” “Prominent Buddhist” by Shambhala Sun (!), Greatist’s 100 Influential People in Health & Fitness, & 5280′s Top Denver Single, Waylon is a mediocre climber, lazy yogi & 365-day bicycle commuter. Sounds interesting? Well, we hope to see you all then!"Busyness is lazyness" - what the heck does that mean and what can we do about it?!2013-12-05 18:00:0065  
martin shervington1,206,704Join myself and +David Amerland for a session all about the first modules on Google Semantic Search.  *Have questions?* _Well, I've created this event ahead of time so we can capture your questions on the event thread._ So check out the course: http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/training-courses/#semantic And we will see you next week! Q&A and review of modules 1-3 of Google Semantic Search course from PYB2013-12-04 17:00:00129  
martin shervington1,206,704Would you like to explore social from a Google+ perspective? Of course you would! This coming Thursday I will be discussing Google+ for Business in a fast paced, energetic hour with one of the most knowledgable people around, the man that is...Chris Brogan, best selling author, speaker and Sunday morning coffee companion for thousands reading his newsletter. Tune in and learn new things. Yes, NEW THINGS! Are you in? Excellent see you then.The role of Google+ in Social Media Marketing2013-11-21 17:00:00154  
Eric Enge24,110*Learn How To Rock in Google Plus Q&A Event* The YT Link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw7TuVAnRiU This will be a 100% Q&A event with +martin shervington and +Ronnie Bincer.  Bring your questions, we will be taking them one by one all show long. The show will take place at 10:30 AM ET (Boston time) on Wednesday November 20th (this is a change in days for The Digital Marketing Excellence Show this one time only due to other schedule conflicts with the speakers)! The live broadcast link from YouTube will be posted here, and the event comments right before show time.Rocking Google Plus II With Martin Shervington2013-11-20 16:30:00346  
martin shervington1,206,704Catch up with our taches, and probably a laugh or two on the way...Week Two of Movember with The Plustachios2013-11-09 18:00:0035  
Jason T. Wiser22,582*How to Manage Multiple Networks* READ THE FULL BLOG HERE http://jtw.bz/PegBlog You have your business strategy, you've defined your product, now it's time for marketing.   Last interview we spoke to Ronnie Bincer about video for marketing, this week were going to look at Social Media Marketing.  There are hundreds of article that start with "11 ways to improve your [fill in the blank] marketing" where [blank] is Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on.   But, "which networks are best for your business?" and "Will you be able to manage more than one?" That's why we've invited Social Media Marketing Expert @104858643838035519891  to the program this week.  And Peg's going to help us understand which questions we need to be asking ourselves even before we get started with social media. Of course if you're listening to this video, you are already on social media. So the next question is, "How's it working for you?" is your social media strategy meeting your marketing goals? If yes, this is not the interview for you. But if your not reaching your goals, maybe it's time to step back, reassess, and go back to the planning board and start over. Peg will answer questions like:  ⇒ Which Network is best for my business and why? ⇒ How many networks do I need to be on?  ⇒ How many networks are too many? ⇒ Which tools can I use to manage multiple networks? We will be taking your questions on this event, start asking on the event comments.  Be sure to subscribe to YouTube http://bit.ly/u2beWS  We will also be chatting on Twitter using the hashtag #OnTrackTips  and Facebook App http://jtw.bz/FBonTrack Most importantly, please share this with a friend and send them to http://ontracktips.com so they can also learn from the experts.How to Manage Multiple Social Media Networks2013-11-07 19:00:00123  
martin shervington1,206,704Well, you probably know we are doing Movember but what you may not have realised is that we are going to keep you informed of every bristle along the way. Yes we are.  So, please join us tomorrow for some laughs and awareness raising for the great causes of Movember. See you then!Movember: our first HOA - all welcome!2013-11-02 18:00:0029  
Ronnie Bincer113,749*How Google Semantic Search Changes Online Behavior* _*Ask Questions by playing the video you see then use the green button!*_ Mobile Viewers YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qd1XcGWTiTM Check out the Live Discussion with Mr. Semantic Search himself @115620878851836664537, Google Authorship Expert @107022061436866576067, Social Psychologist @114918475211209783081 and myself pushing the Hangout Buttons ;-) Also visit the Plus Your Business Community for additional follow-up: http://goo.gl/QpLimS We'll be using the New Scheduled HOA tool and the Questions app so feel free to watch the preview trailer video and leave some questions for us to discuss in the live show. You can also up vote the questions you like that you see others have submitted. The Event should translate to your local date/time but as a reference point the show will start live on Halloween… Thursday Oct. 31, 2013 at 1pm ET (New York) time. As a reference after the Promo video is removed, here is the YouTube link to that short 3 min. video: http://youtu.be/Ip05TjjsvRY == == == #SemanticSearch #SocialSEO #GooglePlusTips #SemanticSEO #HOAdiscussions #TheHangoutHelperHow Google Semantic Search Changes Online Behavior2013-10-31 18:00:00210  
Google+11,890,872The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0033759  
troy mc laughlin17,355*Join me As I interview +martin shervington   for the Art of Giving HOA series* I'll be asking about giving? Why it's important. _Why anyone can do it and how it can change others and change the world around us._An Interview with Martin Shervington2013-10-26 18:00:0020  
martin shervington1,206,704I thought I would take the opportunity to chat with Jessica, who I haven't hungout with for ages, and see how she has taken the online world by storm in relation to country music. A bit of fun for the Plus Your Life community! Tune in to hear about some of the incredible interviews she's done in the past year and how Google+, combined with Twitter, had enabled it all to happen. She has a great story, is real fun, and knows how to be turn social into the music business. Hope to see you all then!Interview with Jessica Northey!2013-10-23 18:00:00106  
Joshua Berg37,516Come join us having fun & talking about all things Blogging, Social Media Optimization, SEO & Google Plus. This event is Tomorrow (Mon). With special guest +Peg Fitzpatrick a natural Social Media Optimizer (this girl knows how to socialize). [Update: And now we also have the privilege of another great blogger and popular SMO influencer +martin shervington joining us. Show time is on schedule & you will see it generated in your local time above.] There will be lots of amazing stuff to learn here, but most importantly we're gonna have fun doing it. So be sure to set some time aside tomorrow at 5:00 PM ET. Peg recently wrote a neat article *Goodbye SEO, Hello SMO (Social Media Optimization)* which you might want to read up on, to know more about SMO. plus.google.com/104858643838035519891/posts/cFsvN36ybgf #SocialMediaOptimization #SocialSEO #GoogleAuthorship #SMOforSEOBlogging, Social Media Optimization, SEO & Google Plus - REALSMO Hangouts2013-10-21 23:00:0096  
Thomas Hawk7,871,460One of our favorite San Francisco photographers is very shortly to become one of our favorite London photographers.  Yes, Chris Chabot has joined the flock at Twitter and is moving to LONDON! To send Chris off in style, we will be having one last epic Chris Chabot photowalk -- and what better place for a photowalk with Chris than the annual Burning Man Decompression event. If you have never shot Decom before, you are in for a treat.  It's a visual smorgasbord of pure delight. We will meet at the *second* entrance, near the corner of 20th and Minnesota Streets at 2:30 pm sharp.  Bring your Canon or Nikon or iPhone or Android... or better yet, be like Chris and bring a Leica!   Whatever you shoot, come and hang out with some great SF photographers and help send Chris off in style.  All skill levels welcome. It's $15 to enter Decom.  More details on the event here:  http://goo.gl/XkJlgnIt's the Chris Chabot Farewell Decompression Photowalk!!!!2013-10-13 23:30:00128  
martin shervington1,206,704We plan to cover as much of the following as we can in an hour: Want to watch on a mobile? http://youtu.be/WeCZ-Z9us7M How to properly Create a HOA Event Use the "Details" area of the Event to achieve your goals Properly Invite people and communities to the Event Encourage Event Comments and Sharing of the Event Before the show Send out Reminders to Guest based on Attendance Status Connect the HOA Video feed to the Event (making is a HOA Event) Use Hangout Toolbox v.2 to self identify and Guide the Focus of the Show Utilize the Event Comments as part of the show Bring Comments on screen with Comment Tracker stand-alone App Save Comments for later review Engage After the Event Identify people via comments that fit your target audience Engage with them in comments, add to circles Invite to future events, via circles Invite to future events and Event’s Message Options Repeat to build valuable relationships using HOA Events Why are we doing all this for free? This is a promotion for Ronnie's Hangout Helper Mastery programme which you may like to know I've joined myself as a paying member as I need to keep up my skills too. And no, I am not on commission :) See you then!How to build valuable relationships using HOA events!2013-10-11 18:00:00361  
Chef Dennis Littley834,292Join me as I kick off my new series *Good Day Google+*  where you'll find some of the best and brightest plussers on the planet!     We're not here for just a Q&A , we're here to have fun and because we love being on G+. My first broadcast will be this Friday (September 27th at 1:00 PM  New York time) and my first guests will be +David Amerland (Google Semantic Search) +Jaana Nyström (G+ Helper) and +Ronnie Bincer (The Hangout Helper) so join us as we talk about Google plus!    *Check your own time zone here* --> http://goo.gl/sa8CdP #Gooddaygoogleplus   #gplustips   #askchefdennis  Good Day Google+ - Lets Talk Google Plus2013-09-27 19:00:00222  
martin shervington1,206,704I will be picking +Mike Allton and +Ana Hoffman's brains on how they do what they do so well! So, tune in if you want to build up an actionable list of points to make a big difference to your own website. It won't matter if you are blogging about shoes, creating videos on origami, being a social media maven, or just looking to connect more people to your great ideas - tune in and there will be something for you all!  Mike loves to help small businesses and organizations that are interested in using the Internet more effectively - www.TheSocialMediaHat.com Ana runs www.trafficgenerationcafe.com who, in six quick months, her blog grew to be an authority on traffic generation. Her blog’s traffic (it was ranked under 15K on Alexa), reader engagement, and sales showed you that I was on the right track.  And we will ask them both about how they get great results, and how you can to!Tactics to massively increase your website traffic!2013-09-23 18:00:0075  
martin shervington1,206,704When it comes intelligence, let's face it, Moms know their stuff. And none more so than Kimberley Blaine - my guest for a show this coming Sunday! We decided we would get together and be intelligently social for around 30 minutes.  "What will you get if you 'tune in'?" I hear you cry. Well, Kimberley is the the executive producer of mental health webseries, www.TheGoToMom.TV and a very positive and uplifting influence in the Plus - with a good sense of humor too (I missed the 'u' out to make my American friends feel comfortable!). So it should be really fun one! See you then, MartinHow Social Intelligence Influences Your Social Media!2013-09-22 18:00:0037  
Jeffrey Hellman25,627A place to gather and share stories of road trips and concerts; life altering, consciousness enhancing, experiences we would never have known if not for the Grateful Dead. Share links to favorite videos and recordings and other resources. Musicians are welcome to come and play songs. There will be no set agenda, we'll go with the flow of the moment and hangout until the last ember. Message +Jeffrey Hellman for more information and/or suggestions. Anyone can invite others.One More Saturday Night2013-09-22 04:00:0013  
martin shervington1,206,704I am really excited to be interviewing +Marques Brownlee this Wednesday. It was great to read when +Vic Gundotra said he "is the best technology reviewer on the planet right now" and I know many people will nod their heads in agreement. As such I contacted Marques and asked if I could ask him a few questions about how he has used YouTube (which I know he loves) and Google+ to help him become the best. Oh, and I may even get a chance to see how he is getting on with Google Glass as well... This is one event you won't want to miss! _p.s. I will be taking questions..._Interview with Marques Brownlee!2013-08-28 20:00:00145  
Camfed649,631Join our special guests for a live Hangout on Air hosted by Camfed to discuss why girls' education matters, and to learn more about Camfed's work in the field and what you can do to help. Our guests include: - Faith Nkala is Deputy Executive Director and Head of Impact for Camfed Zimbabwe. Faith is proud to have grown from being a beneficiary of Camfed’s programs to a leader and role model. Faith Nkala knows the enormous hurdles that girls from poor rural families face; her life bears testimony to the transformative power of education. She has previously spoken on high profile platforms including a plenary session at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford. - Brooke Hutchinson joined Camfed International in July 2004, and went on to establish Camfed USA's office in San Francisco in 2006. Brooke has represented Camfed at national and international-level forums including the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, and the Clinton Global Initiative. She works closely with Camfed’s team internationally to manage relationships with corporate, individual and foundation donors, and leads Camfed’s pro bono relationships with US firms specializing in law, communications and technology. Prior to joining Camfed in 2004, Brooke studied in Kenya, and conducted field research in The Gambia with the UK Medical Research Council. Brooke holds a BA in Anthropology and Biology from the University of Colorado and an MPhil in Biological Anthropology from the University of Cambridge - Ross Kauffman is the director, producer, cinematographer and co-editor of BORN INTO BROTHELS, winner of the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary. Other projects include award-winning feature documentary In A Dream (Executive Producer) and Academy Award nominated Postergirl (Consulting Producer). In 2001, Kauffman formed Red Light Films, a New York based production company specializing in narrative and documentary films. Currently, he is working on a variety of projects including; E-TEAM, a documentary feature about three intrepid human rights workers for which he was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant; WAIT FOR ME, a short documentary chronicling the story of a mother’s spiritual and emotional search for her son who went missing twenty-three years ago; and BOY BOY GIRL GIRL; a comedic narrative feature film about a gay couple trying to adopt a newborn baby from a drug-addicted pregnant woman and her abusive girlfriend. - Jenny Perlman Robinson is a nonresident fellow with the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, where her work focuses on promoting access to quality education for children and young people in developing countries. Previously, Jenny managed the Women’s Refugee Commission’s work on education and youth. Prior to joining the Women’s Refugee Commission in 2003, Jenny worked on issues of women’s empowerment, human rights and development with other non-governmental organizations, the United Nations anA Hangout On Air on Girls' Education hosted by Camfed2013-08-26 18:00:00177  
Google Plus Week TV Show489Back in April, we discussed if Google VP, and occasional special guest on Google Plus Week, +Vic Gundotra would make a good replacement for Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer. Tonight, with the official announcement from Balmer that he will retire within a year, we'll be revisiting that topic. We'll also be looking at the latest changes in our favorite social layer and across the Google product line, as well as take your questions and comments. All this, and more, as the sun sets on another Google Plus Week! #gpw20130823  Google Plus WEEK!2013-08-24 02:30:0037  
Ronnie Bincer113,749Join +Ronnie Bincer The Hangout Helper and 3 featured guests: @107022061436866576067 @114918475211209783081 & @107431520081154066675 for a Live Q & A session about Google Plus Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. Mobile Viewers can watch via this link on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P493WsQm1mQ Those interested in the Hangout Mastery membership, click this link to learn more: www.TheHangoutHelper.com/members I've had many requests to do a Public Q & A session regarding how to best use Google Plus Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA). Here is your chance to ask and get answers to your most pressing questions/concerns. Please leave your questions (make them short if possible) in the comments of this event. We'll try to get to as many as we can in our 45 min. time-frame. *Feel free to invite others here to the Event...* More Special Links and help info will be added after we go live... see you soon! - - -  #HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #GooglePlusTips   #HVCtips   #HangoutsTips   #GooglePlusHangouts   #SocialMediaMarketing   #TheHangoutHelper   #EventsTips  Google+ Hangouts - Live Questions and Answers event2013-08-21 18:00:43185  
troy mc laughlin17,355Join me as I interview the Semantic Search expert David Amerland and we talk about the importance of giving and community. The Art of Giving Hangout on Air; an interview with David Amerland2013-08-19 20:00:0011  
martin shervington1,206,704I am delighted to chat this Friday with Glass Explorers +George Cohn and +Daniel Fontaine! We will explore the pros, the cons, and whether we should be putting them on our Christmas lists (well, maybe the New Year). Hope to see you then, MartinTalking all about Google Glass!2013-08-16 18:30:0062  
Jeffrey Hellman25,627Many people with many questions about YouTube live events and how to set them up. The process is definitely not trivial. I will cover how to use 'Wirecast for Youtube' as your encoder with your webcam. Flash Media Live Encoder  can also be used, but I will leave that for another time. I will screenshare the process of setting up a live event and answer any questions that I can. YouTube Live Event Setup - step by step2013-08-09 04:00:0025  
martin shervington1,206,704This is a special event with funny man +Philippe Schafer! In this session we will be guided how to find out funny when we are on and offline.  Philippe is a comedy coach and standup comedian - as such, the perfect guest to show us the ropes.  Hope to see you then...Finding your 'funny' in the Plus!2013-07-28 20:00:0011  
Ben O'Hanlon5,226A G+ Hangout focussing on Social SEO. We've confirmed @107022061436866576067, @107187240364808249726, @101553645463759781942 (from Dell), @103481343935202339450 and @114918475211209783081 will be there! A great opportunity to gain valuable insight into making the most out of your social networks and the communities you manage. Let us know any questions you'd like to ask in the comments below.myCMGR Worldwide Edition: The Rising Role Of Social In SEO2013-07-24 14:00:0060  
martin shervington1,206,704'Plus Your Life and Business' communities event. This promises to be a brilliant event with fellow Brit +Marc Winn  He is a smart fellow, successful businessman and super cyborg in the making! We will be discussing his recent trip to the Singularity University in California and discuss the implications for individuals and businesses alike. Look forward to seeing you then! MartinThe Singularity University, interview with Marc Winn!2013-07-17 20:00:0081  
Michael Muraz28,644This next episode of the European Photo Show will be all about portrait and people photography. We will welcome +mamo delpero, +Thorn Button, +Julie de Waroquier and +Frank Doorhof as our guests. They will show their work and talk about their creative process. Join us on Thursday at 8PM CET.  Please share the event and invite people!European Photo Show #52013-07-11 20:00:0092  
martin shervington1,206,704I will be doing an interview with +Mark Traphagen this Friday to look at 'how to' set up authorship. This session will only quickly cover the 'why to' and dive into the differences between rel= author and rel=publisher, and what you need to make sure you have in place. Hope to see you then!All about the 'How to' of Google Authorship, with Mark Traphagen2013-07-05 18:00:00134  
martin shervington1,206,704This is our fourth and final voyage to some exotic places, with Dan Probert and some of the crew from Google Plus! Hope to see you then...Luxury Travel Show!2013-06-02 20:00:0016  
The Chopra Well295,981Our fourth hangout will be on the controversial topic of Bullying. Please join us with poet @112514804825078227939  whose video for "To This Day" went viral due to it's honest, heartbreaking prose about the lifetime effects of bullying. Margot Leitman, author of "Gawky: Tales of an Extremely Long Awkward Phase" will also be joining us and Kevin Epling of @116086404057036791777  who has lobbied to get bullying legislation passed both in his state of Michigan and in Washington. Life coach and co-moderator of the Aspire to Inspire series @114918475211209783081  is also going to join in the conversation! Please leave any questions you have for our panel here or join our #AspireToInspire community to join in on the conversation.Bullying - An Aspire to Inspire hangout2013-05-30 20:00:3321  
Michael Muraz28,644It's more than time for a second episode of the European Photo Show with +Ugo Cei and +Michael Muraz! Discover some of Europe's finest photographers through their images, but also through their lives, their genres, their city and their best spots. This week we are welcoming +Athena Carey, +Julia Anna Gospodarou, +Michael Diblicek and +Andy Bitterer for a show around Long Exposure Photography. We'll discover each photographer and their long exposure universe and they will share their latest images. Join us next Thursday at 8PM CET! Please share the event and invite as many people as possible.European Photo Show #22013-05-30 20:00:00162  
martin shervington1,206,704Continuing out Luxury Travel hangout show extravaganza... You know by know I love the beach so we will be exploring some of the most beautiful places to get to do watersports - from windsurfing, to surfing to diving and more. We will talk about Australia and Hawaii as I've had a lot of fun at both locations. And of course, +Dan Probert will be helping is along with some stories of how those without a budget love to travel! Wherever we  may end up, as always, we will have a laugh on the way as well. Hope to see you then!Luxury Travel - activities in and on the oceans!2013-05-19 20:00:0015  
martin shervington1,206,704Do you want more confidence? Well, I am delighted to announce we have a very special event this week! Marisa Peer has just joined Google Plus and I thought I'd ask if she would do an interview for the Plus Your Life! community. She said 'YES'. So, this Wednesday we will talk, well, all about confidence. And no better to ask than Marisa as she is the author of 'Ultimate Confidence', with rave reviews and numerous television programs, radio shows and magazine articles.  Marisa has also featured on weight loss shows for the UK's Channel 4 and ITV. She was the most successful weight loss therapist on the Channel 4 show Supersize vs. Superskinny. Background: Marisa is recognised as one of the very best therapists worldwide because of her individual approach that always gets results. She has spent over twenty five years working with patients and during this time developed her own unique “transforming therapy”. Initially specialising in eating disorders and weight related problems, she went on to work in television. She has an extensive client list including actors, rock stars, musicians, media personalities, Olympic athletes and even royalty. After university Marisa went into the fitness industry and became a fitness expert in London and Los Angeles. She also studied diet, nutrition and eating disorders whilst training in hypnotherapy. Marisa set up a practice in Los Angeles specialising in anorexia and bulimia before returning to London to build a practice in the UK. Sound good? Well, we hope to see you then!Ultimate Confidence with Marisa Peer2013-05-15 20:00:0028  
Euro Maestro98,207Live hangout on air with Alexis Ohanian - co-founder of RedditSpotlight on Alexis Ohanian with Euro Maestro - Live Show2013-05-15 17:00:0064  
martin shervington1,206,704Please join us for our second on-air luxury travel show. This time we will be guided through Malaysia by Jaana, chilling in the Caribbean with Dan and venturing to Costa Rica with me! There will be many other guests with their stories to tell as well.  Load of pictures and probably a few laughs on the way. Should be a lot of fun; we hope to see you then.Luxury Travel Show!2013-05-12 20:00:0058  
martin shervington1,206,704Have you heard of a chap called Kevin MacCleod? Well, you almost certainly have heard his work... It has been estimated that in the region of 800,000 videos on YouTube have included music he has created. 800,000! And so many of those videos have thousands upon thousands of views. He has over 1000 entries on IMBD as the composer the music for movies as well. WOW. Kevin is not only a powerhouse who has transformed how people access music through a creative commons licence, he is one heck of a nice fellow. We met in a hangout the other day and he has agreed to an interview on everything from why 'giving it away' works, about his most successful tracks (will a quick taste if we are lucky), and all about the documentary they are making on him as well. Should be a lot of fun.  Hope to see you then!Interview with legendary Composer Kevin MacCleod, the chap from Incompetech!2013-05-08 20:00:0022  
martin shervington1,206,704What's it all about: Today (SUNDAY) we will be jetting off for the first of a series of four shows, taking a look at some of the best beaches in the world! From Bora Bora, through to the Seychelles and the Maldives. Let's explore our luxury travel dreams and have some fun on the way as well. So, grab your towel and let's travel in our minds for a while... How can you get involved: Here is the post from last week where we crowdsourced your suggestions for the locations we will chat about... https://plus.google.com/u/0/114918475211209783081/posts/NdYrJA1tEKJ I am building up circles of different destinations to cover in the shows, so please keep the suggestions coming as to your dream luxury travel spots. I will format the next shows based upon your suggestions. This will put you at the helm of the show! Duration: 45 minutes of pictures and chat with some friendly faces from the Plus. Sponsorship: I am delighted to announce that the show will is sponsored by +JetVizor who has just joined the Plus.  Headed up by +Dan Probert you will here about some of the incredible trips he creates for some of his clients as well.  And hey, we can all dream of such things! Looking forward to see you all tomorrow.Luxury Travel Show! (Pilot)2013-05-05 20:00:0063  
martin shervington1,206,704In this interview I plan to ask every question I can think of to understand the relationship between Google+ and Google Search results. I will start with the most basic ones and then get into the nitty gritty. Joshua and I have already spent some time chatting and we know you will be in for a treat, no matter what your level of understanding. See you then. Background: Joshua know his stuff when it comes to this area. Here are just a few articles he wrote (you'll find them in search) Ⅰ.Is G+ PageRank behind suspicions of AuthorRank?  Ⅱ.How PageRank in G+ is Earned. Link Myths Busted!  Ⅲ.Why PageRank in G+ Matters To You & Connections  Ⅳ.PR in G+ - PageRank is Still Guts of Google Search  Ⅴ.PageRank, Link Juice & SEO for G+ Communities.  Ⅵ.Balance Returns to PageRank. Avoid The Dark SideHow does our activity on Google+ potentially influence our search engine results? An interview with Joshua Berg2013-04-20 13:00:0042  
Cook Taste Eat108,994Come get inspired to cook healthy (and vegetarian) for spring. +Cook Taste Eat will be sharing their best ever Kale Salad recipe and +Jerry James Stone will provide tips for eating green during this Hangout on Air. Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking - Kale Salad for Spring2013-04-04 20:00:0080  
martin shervington1,206,704As part of the 'Plus Your Life!' community I am delighted to be interviewing our resident Google+ relationship expert and sunny California resident Kurt Smith. He says..."Men, Women, Relationships, Love and Health . . . aren't these topics we all have in common . . . ones we all need to understand better . . . things we all could learn more about from each other???" So join the conversation and think, learn, and laugh with along with us in this hangout on air! I'll be asking for a load of hints and tips, so get yourself a note pad ready :DHow to have awesome personal relationships, an interview with Kurt Smith2013-04-03 20:00:0046  
martin shervington1,206,704Ronnie is my main go to guy for all questions about YouTube. As such, I thought I would grab some time and ask him things like: Why should people on Google+ be looking at YouTube now? Anything we should be avoiding doing when we get started? What does he think about monetizing videos? How can people use it for business? Are there ways to get better YouTube search results? What top tips does he have for people getting started? How does he approach doing analysis? How can we increase our subscribers and why is this useful to do? And many more to follow... Just click on 'YES' and we will see you then!Loads of YouTube hints and tips for Google Plussers, with Ronnie Bincer2013-04-01 18:00:0068  
martin shervington1,206,704In this interview with the brightest chap on the subject, I ad going to be asking every question I've wanted to ask Mark for months! We should all get the most understanding on this whole subject area in a rapid fire, energetic and dense 30-40 minute session. Content will include... What is ‘authorship’? How do you set authorship up? (G+ account, website, publishers) What is the benefit of setting it up? Can a business Page have authorship? What is ‘rel publisher’ all about? What is PageRank? (simple version!) Is this all about ‘relevance’? How do the people you to whom you are connected matter now? What advice would you give to: a) an individual, and  b) a business to get it all set up! See you all there :DJust about everything you need to know about 'authorship', 'author rank' and 'social SEO', with Mark Traphagen2013-03-30 18:00:0093  
Google Science Fair3,009,532*Wild, Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Whales!* There's probably a lot you don't know about whales - and Joy Reidenberg wants to tell you some of their deepest secrets. Come see whale bones and fossils, and hear why whales are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Friday, 29 March, 2013 9:00AM PT / 11:00AM CT / 12:00PM ET / 1600 GMT / 1700 CETJoy Reidenberg - Google Science Fair 2013 Hangout On Air2013-03-29 17:00:0074  
martin shervington1,206,704What is it all about? The leadORS indicator gives you insight into your own communication style and the journey you need to lead to conduct effective "online conversations" personally, and within your organisation. Why is this important in business today? Attracting and engaging with customers, leading and retaining staff and staying ahead of the competition is of paramount importance for today’s business leaders. The leadORS indicator provides a solution to these challenges by understanding your communication style and helping you to transform business thinking through social engagement and digital citizenship. Sound good?  What do you before the hangout? Well, it take about a minute to complete the questionnaire here: http://www.leadors.co I've done it. I am a 'Scout' The indicator will… • Identify your preferred communication style online • Take you on a journey to become Open, Random, Supportive (ORS), the most effective way to behave on the internet • Identify simple steps to build your profile and communicate effectively online • Show you how you can interact with communities online • Review your team styles and identify typical brand advocates • Build your business brand online and stand out ahead of the competition Once we are rolling I will give you some more information on it all as well. Here is the link for the questionnaire again: http://www.leadors.co ORS - a Friend As someone who is Open, Random and Supportive (ORS), you are inclined to be free-flowing, accepting and supportive of those around you. CRS – a Manager Someone who is Closed, Random and Supportive, (CRS) tends to be reluctant to promote themselves online but that does not necessarily mean that they are closed to the Internet.  OSC – a Mentor Someone who is Open, Selective and Controlling (OSC), tends to exhibit an open mind and are careful with what they choose to hear and share. They like to gain control of people and situations. CRC – an Engineer Someone who is Closed, Random and Controlling (CRC) tends to be reluctant to reveal themselves online but is accepting of new data insights. They may seek to control others and situations around them, using the information and knowledge you generate from the Internet. Often keen to game systems. ORC – a Scout Someone who is Open, Random and Controlling (ORC) tend to be free-flowing online and accepting of most things. They tend to seek control of others and situations, using the online data they receive. CSC – a Chief Someone who is Closed, Selective and Controlling (CSC) tends to be closed about themselves, choosy or skeptical about the data they absorb. These people are direct opposites of the behavior of the social web, which can lead them to control people and situations. They are often skeptical about the role or value, the internet can play in their own lives. CSS – an Analyst Someone who is Closed, Selective and Supportive (CSS) tends to keep themselves to themselves online and are selective of new data insigLearning more about 'Lead ORS', with Thomas Power2013-03-27 20:00:0044  
Virtual Photo Walks™5,112,269View Paris from the Eiffel Tower with +Laurent Jean Philippe, 10am Eastern 3pm Paris timeView Paris from the Eiffel Tower with +Laurent Jean Philippe2013-03-17 15:00:00116  
Cynthia K Seymour (Seymour Results)26,059*Join us Today as we chat with Tim McDonald about Social Media, Community Management and New Media NewsCasting on the HuffPost LIVE* Undoubtedly, Social Media has changed the way that the world communicates.  Today, News is Immediately broadcast via Twitter and every smartphone user can be a "citizen journalist".  The Huffington Post is one of the earliest blogs to encourage citizens to submit relevant editorials.  This democratization of the news media was a visionary approach that rocketed The Huffington Post from an online blog into a globally recognized online news source.   HuffPost LIVE is even more ground breaking.  Daily, a series of online newscasts are produced with relevant topics in all areas of interest including: politics, world news, entertainment, technology, business and more.  What makes these news segments revolutionary is the conversational nature of the news stories.  Using a platform with Social media chat capabilities enables viewers to get into the conversation via Twitter, Facebook and Video via webcam. +Tim McDonald is the Community Manager at HuffPost Live We will be chatting with Tim about Community Management, Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations using New and Traditional Media. Tim is Founding Mentor at My Community Manager. A community for community managers. Providing resources for community managers through online and off line events. #huffingtonpost #socialchat #socialchats #communitymanagement #communitymanager #newscast #newscasters #webcasting #webcastlive #newsmedia #broadcast #broadcasters #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #publicrelations #newmedia #blog #blogging #citizenjournalism #citizenjournalist #globalnews #hangout #hangoutsonair #twitter #facebook #video #webcam #conversation #newmedia #transmedia #transmediastorytelling  Social Chats with Tim McDonald of HuffPo LIVE2013-03-15 18:00:0041  
martin shervington1,206,704*What is the event?* I am delighted Mari has agreed to talk on how we can all apply 'Relationship Marketing' principles to our social time. I am building up questions from everyone so please send them to me and I'll do my best to include as many as possible. *About Mari...* Mari Smith is hailed as the premier marketing expert of 'another' social platform and one of the most influential and knowledgeable new media thought leaders in the world. But we can see she has Google+ on her radar for sure! A passionate believer in the power of social business, Mari is a top online marketing expert with her innovative strategies that accelerate profits through the use of social media. Dubbed by Fast Company as “the pied piper of the online world,” Mari Smith’s international social media consultancy and training agency works with organizations and entrepreneurs around the globe. Mari is also author of The New Relationship Marketing and co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day. *What next:* Click 'YES' and let's make Mari even more welcome on the Plus side of things!Relationship Marketing for writers, bloggers and everyone social!2013-03-11 20:00:0080  
martin shervington1,206,704*Dear Googleverse!* Could I interest you in a hangout for an hour to discuss how people can stop making noise as writers and start making an impact? Well, if the answer is 'YES' then get yourself ready for what promises to be a high impact event with best-selling author +Chris Brogan! In a 30 minute interview, he will look at how to apply 'The Impact Equation' for bloggers, authors and writers in general. And even if that _doesn't sound like you,_ be assured, I've read the book and know you will it will help shift you from _making noise_ to making a huge difference with your online activities. Sound good? *Next steps:* Click 'YES' and see you there! *What else?* This is the third session I am putting on for writers, all kicked off by +Guy Kawasaki and +Shawn Welch. Hopefully you will be find the enthusiasm you need to get writing, keep writing and bring your book out in a way that truly works.Chris Brogan interview - how we can all make a greater IMPACT social media.2013-02-26 20:00:0059  
martin shervington1,206,704*Why?* Well, as part of the 'Plus Your Life!' community, I guess it will be to find out what the _beep_ you want to do with your life! *Who?* Our presenter is genius, comedian Chris Tabish who is a Silicon Valley Professional whose career has been dedicated to transformation, ranging from technical projects to multi-million dollar business initiatives. His passion for visioning developed as a result of seeing so many engagements succeed or fail as a result of this one critical factor.  Chris observed that the concepts and methodology are applicable across the board and therefore continually shares with a portfolio of clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 Companies. And he is seriously funny! http://visionpeak.wordpress.com/about/ *When?* Sunday 24th February @ 7pm GMT See you then!What the [beep] are you doing with YOUR life! - A SESSION ON VISION2013-02-24 20:00:0025  
NASA2,761,680Having trouble watching the event? Try watching directly on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8LI5JiWEfs --------- Have you ever asked a question to someone in space? No? Well now’s your chance. In a first for the agency, NASA will host a Google+ Hangout live with the International Space Station on Feb. 22 from 10:30 a.m EST to 11:30 a.m. EST. Google+ Hangouts allow people to chat face-to-face while thousands more can tune in to watch the conversation live on Google+ or YouTube. This unique opportunity will connect you, our fans, with astronauts living and working on the orbiting laboratory 240 miles above the Earth. During the event, several video questions will be selected and answered by astronauts on the space station and on the ground. Additionally, NASA will ask real-time questions submitted by our followers on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Unique and original questions are more likely to be selected. You can view the Hangout live on the NASA Google+ page or the NASA Television YouTube channel to watch the astronauts answer the questions. SUBMITTING REAL-TIME QUESTIONS To ask a real-time question during the event on Google+ or Twitter, please use the hashtag #askAstro. You can also post a comment on a thread on NASA’s Facebook page that will open for questions on the morning of the event. WATCHING THE GOOGLE+ HANGOUT To join the hangout, and for updates and opportunities to participate in upcoming hangouts, visit NASA's Google+ page at http://plus.google.com/+NASA. During the hangout, astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn will answer questions and provide insights about life aboard the station. Station crews conduct a variety of science experiments and perform station maintenance during their six-month stay on the outpost. Their life aboard the station in near-weightlessness requires unique approaches to everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and exercising.NASA Long-Distance Google+ Hangout to Connect with Space Station2013-02-22 16:30:008320  
martin shervington1,206,704*This weekend:* Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about iMA and how it can help you understand the differences in people, communicate and connect with them on their wavelength.               *The principles:* Realise that although that every person is as unique as her/his thumbprint, each person has a Comfort Zone (iMA high colour) that is positioned within a systematic, predictable framework. Recognise that your iMA high colour  influences what you want, need, and expect from yourself and others. People will tell you their iMA high colour if you know what to listen and look for. Each of the 4 iMA high colours speaks and understands a different dialect. Every person speaks one dialect naturally, in which they feel the most comfortable giving and receiving information. Respond to people in her/his iMA high dialect and you will reduce tension and increase communication, co-operation and trust. *About James Knight:* James, the creator of iMA, is brilliantly enthusiastic and dedicated to personal growth and development. He will create energy in the hangout, adding humour to the presentations, and sharing information and tools necessary to make positive changes in your life. *Sound interesting?* Well, join us for the on-air event and learn more about yourself and others. #iMA  Introduction to the universal language of iMA2013-02-17 20:00:0031  
martin shervington1,206,704*What is it?* A bunch of friendly folks from the community have decided to come together and put on an cool event! We will fling open the doors and meet even more people on the virtual porch i.e. hangouts. (Ok, there are no doors on a porch, but you know what I mean!) By opening up a load of hangouts, it gives us all a chance to meet even more of the neighbours. We did the same thing last year and it was an awesome event. Interested? Well, click 'yes' and we shall see you then... *When?* We will start the hangouts in the morning (European time) and then continue to flow them throughout the day. Just to mention a few people getting involved... +Shefali Burns will kick start about 9.30am CST and +Rosie Battista and +Ande Lyons will get some hangouts rolling 1pm EST. Lots more people will open up hangouts and invite their circles as well, so it should be fun. *How:* We will post the hangout links on this event's comment thread and sent out invites as well. Simple. *What else?* Wherever you are in the world, we should well have some hangouts going that will work for you. Say 'yes' and we will see you then! #commoogle  Commoogling around the world using Google+ hangouts2013-02-17 11:30:0018  
pio dal cin82,824Samantha will be sent with four other astronauts to the ISS where she will spend six months experimenting . Join me on a live Hangout where she will talk about her new great challange. She was chosen among thousands of candidates for the 2014 mission.Interview with Samantha Cristoforetti Astronaut on the ISS2013-02-15 17:00:00276  
Cowgirl App!2,782*Cowgirl App! will be hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air with Google's own Niantic Labs, and a few cool, geeky, Ingress gamer ladies (and a "Gentleman Cowboy") on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.*  We'll be talking about the mobile alternate reality game Ingress, what it's about, and why we love playing it. The Hangout will be live and streaming from here, on the Event. *Participating in the Hangout will be:*  Google/Niantic's own +Anne Beuttenmüller , +Brian Rose and +Brandon Badger Some neato gamer ladies that are hooked on Ingress +Valerie Wallace +Linda Besh +Amanda Blain , and +Mara Mascaro +Stefan Hoth who is a *true* "Gentleman Cowboy", and whom without this Hangout would not have happened! And of course, +Cowgirl App! is going to be there. (That's +Pamela Poole and +Samantha Villenave , folks!) Watch the Hangout LIVE here from the Event, and talk to us in the comments. Tell us why you want to play Ingress, or share your Ingress inspired artwork with us, during the hangout, for a chance to win an invitation to play the game. Oh, and a _very special thank you_ to +Cédric VILLENAVE for making us this lovely promo video! #ingress   #nianticproject   #nianticlabs   #cowgirlapp  Cowgirl App! Hangout on Air with Niantic Labs2013-02-05 21:00:00418  
martin shervington1,206,704*Would you like to join myself and John for a hangout-on-air?* We will cover topic such as: The communication dance How we achieve results Appreciation of people's internal worlds How to tailor one's language to respect how people process information, and much more! To join, click on the 'YES' and join us on Sunday.Learning to influence even more effectively, with John Seymour2013-02-03 20:00:0022  
martin shervington1,206,704*Why?* If you are looking for personal development, this will give you a bundle of skills to take away and use in your own life! *What:* Content will include...life skills, communications skills and how to manage your mind even better. *When:* Sunday 27th Janurary at 2pm EST Sunday 3rd February at 2pm EST *Who:* Martin Shervington and John Seymour, who started working together in 1997, have written two books together and really know their stuff! _Click 'YES' to see you there!_Personal Development and Communication Skills2013-01-27 20:40:0053  
martin shervington1,206,704*Want to ask questions about publishing YOUR book?* Well, next week I will be joined by Shawn Welch, co-author of 'APE: author, publisher, entrepreneur'. I am sure he will have a lot of answers for you as well. *When.* Sunday at 7pm GMT; 11am PST; 2pm EST. *What it is all about.* Since reading Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch's book 'APE: Authors Publisher and Entrepreneur' I felt inspired to help more people follow their dream. I've motivated people for years to find their enthusiasm of writing, and published a few books myself along the way (both traditional and self-publishing). *The Plan:* Guy has launched the FREE 4 session course and Shawn will take us into Session two. So get yourself ready with some interesting questions! Then, in the following two on-air hangout sessions, I will help you get some structure in place that will help motivate you to become a successful author - I've gone down the publishing and self publishing route myself.  There may also have additional guests to the subsequent hangouts to get you focused and inspire your inner author! *Next Dates:* 17th Feb 17th March *Interested in getting involved?* Click ‘YES’ on the event, read Guy’s book and I’ll see you at the launch! Want to know more about Guy and Shawn’s book check out this post on my blog: http://www.martinshervington.com/getting-books-published-with-ape-author-publisher-entrepreneur-self-publishing/Going 'APE' with Shawn Welch!2013-01-20 20:00:0060  
The Chopra Well295,981Everyone gets overwhelmed throughout the year. As part of +SELF Magazine      13 Resolutions for a Better 2013 series, +Mallika Chopra (Founder of Intent.com, daughter of +Deepak Chopra ) of +The Chopra Well  will host a hang-out on air to discuss how to find your inner Zen, calm your body, quiet your nerves and try meditation (no chanting necessary). It begins this Wednesday, January 16 at 2PM EST/11AM PST.  Fellow panelists will include: +Gabrielle Bernstein  (The New York Times Bestselling author of May Cause Miracles) +Gretchen Rubin  (Author, "The Happiness Project")  +Get Some Headspace  (Andy Puddicombe, former Buddhist monk) +martin shervington  (Executive coach and marketing consultant) +Soren Gordhamer (Founder of Wisdom 2.0 conference). Remember to use the hashtag #13for13   if you want to ask questions or follow the entire series!!!DE-STRESS : SELF Magazine's #13for13 Resolutions for a Better 2013 HOA2013-01-16 20:00:16108  
martin shervington1,206,704*Are you ready to publish your book in 2013?* _After all, everyone has at least one book in them!_ This event will get you more inspired, focused and motivated than ever before. *When.* _Sunday at 7pm GMT; 11am PST; 2pm EST._ *What it is all about.* Since reading Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch's book 'APE: Authors Publisher and Entrepreneur' I felt inspired to help more people follow their dream. I've motivated people for years to find their enthusiasm of writing, and published a few books myself along the way (both traditional and self-publishing). *The Plan:* Guy will launch the FREE 4 session course on Sunday 13th January. So get yourself ready with some interesting questions! Then, in the following three on-air hangout sessions, I will help you get some structure in place that will help motivate you to become a successful author.  _We will also have additional guests to the subsequent hangouts to get you focused and inspire your inner author!_ *Next Dates:* 20th January (same time) 17th Feb 17th March *Interesting in getting involved?* Click ‘YES’ on the event, read Guy’s book and I’ll see you at the launch! Want to know more about Guy and Shawn’s book check out this post on my blog: http://www.martinshervington.com/getting-books-published-with-ape-author-publisher-entrepreneur-self-publishing/Live hangout on-air with Guy Kawasaki! Going 'APE'.2013-01-13 20:00:00369  
TriniGourmet289*This is a Hangouts On Air Event* *Note: Due to the current issue with the correct time conversions in Events, follow this link to get the Event's start time in your local time-zone* http://bit.ly/WrBEA1 *This Thursday at 7p.m. EST* +Sarina Bland   the +TriniGourmet   will be presenting the second episode of her series *"Sweet Han': Caribbean Cooking With Sarina"*. "It’s Christmas season here in Trinidad & Tobago. The sounds of parang are in the air and cheer and food abound! That’s why episode 2 of “Sweet Han: Caribbean Cooking With Sarina” is all about adding a dash of Holiday Glam™ to your table this year.  I’ll be making my Butterflied Roast Chicken with Spicy Molasses Glaze, pairing it with Jamaican Rice and Peas and a crisp Coleslaw. Then we’ll wash it all down with a glass or two of refreshingly sweet Sorrel. *Menu (all recipes available at http://ow.ly/g8knD • Butterflied Roast Chicken with Spicy Molasses Glaze • Jamaican Rice and Peas • Coleslaw • Sorrel *Musical Guest:* +Navid Lancaster  _Navíd (pronounced: Nah-veed) Lancaster is a Trindadian musician/producer and the owner of LANCAST, an independent company that creates music, soundtracks, jingles and commercials. He is also an audio and video editor. Navid has worked in various recording studios and at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (N.A.P.A.). He is currently studying for his MA in New Media and Society from the University of Leicester, England. He is also the composer of the 'Sweet Han' theme!_ *So join us on Thursday, December 20 at 7:00PM (EST) and watch Sarina create Trini magic in the kitchen.* Watch LIVE on the Event Page, 's profile or on http://www.hangoutnetworks.com *Official website:* http://www.TriniGourmet.com *Watch past episodes of Sweet Han':* http://ow.ly/g10m1 #hangoutsonair   #hoa   #sweethan   #caribbeanrecipes #caribbeancookingshow #caribbeancooking    #trinigourmet   #sarina #hangoutnetworks  #christmas #xmas  #HolidayHangoutSweet Han': Caribbean Cooking with Sarina - 7PM Eastern2012-12-21 01:00:0031  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789*Ahoy Mates*!!  On Sunday's show, +The Pirate's Pub  very own bartenderess +Julia Senesac  will be cooking a tasty Caribbean dish and mixing a refreshing *_Angostura Rum_*© inspired cocktail.  *ARRRR*!! Here is what Julia will be cooking in the galley: *Drunken Creamy Coconut Shrimp with Calypso Rice and a Trinidadian Rum Runner* We might even have some of the scurvy crew of the pirate ship *_The Silver Shark_*  drop by.  Here is a link to the tasty dishes: http://bit.ly/V6PlO9 So join us on *Sunday at 4:00PM (EST)* for Pirate *fun, grub, grog and lot of laughs*.  Watch us LIVE on the Event's page, on +Larry Fournillier's profile page or on www.hangoutnetworks.com #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #learninghowtocookcaribbean   #trinidadrumrunner  Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier featuring Julia Senesac2012-12-02 22:00:0053  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789                                *_This is a Hangouts On Air Event_* On Sunday's show +Sarina Bland, the +Trinigourmet will be returning to cook a triad of Trinidadian goodness and a *Divali Special*, *The Electrolyzer -  a Smoothie to live for* *Tridoshic Dhal - the featured dish* and *Curried Channa and Bhaji (Chickpeas and Spinach)*  All are delicious and 100% Caribbean.  Here are the recipes: http://bit.ly/TIwVEU This is all part of the lead up to her new *HOA* series "Sweet Han': Caribbean Cooking with Sarina" launching here on *G+ Hangouts On Air, December 6th*! So join us on Sunday18th at 4:00PM(EST) and watch Sarina make  *Trini magic* in the kitchen, *Watch LIVE on the Event Page, +Larry Fournillier's profile* #hangoutsonair   #hoa   #learninghowtocookcaribbean   #caribbeanrecipes   #trinigourmet   #larryfournillier    #divalirecipes   #diwalirecipes  Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier featuring Sarina (The TriniGourmet) A Divali Special2012-11-18 22:00:0067  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789                             *This is a Hangouts On Air Event* +Daniel Fontaine, the Vegetarian Guy, will be coming back on the *On Air* cooking show to make one of his specialties, *Stuffed peppers with quinoa, portabella, corn and spinach*.   So join us as we watch Daniel does what he does best - cook!  *Here is a link to his recipe: http://bit.ly/STae1S*   *Watch it LIVE @4:00PM(EST) on the Event page, on my stream +Larry Fournillier or on www.hangoutnetworks.com* #hangoutsonair #hoa #healthyeatingprogram   #healthyeating   #stuffedpeppersrecipe   #healthyliving   #eatright   #healthykids  Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier featuring Daniel Fontaine2012-11-11 16:00:0042  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789*Ahoy Mates !*   Buccaneer Voyage #7 happens on +The Pirate's Pub  starting at our *_new time_* *TODAY at 5:30PM (EST)!*  Join +George Sepich +Larry Fournillier +Richard Wooding and their crew of *_The Silver Shark_* for yet another night of pillaging fun!   The *Grub, Music and Grog* will all be flowing freely, so be sure to watch our Hangout On Air!  Friday Night at *5:30PM (EST)*  *_Be There Or Walk The Plank_*!   *ARRRR...*  *AVAST!*The Pirate's Pub - Voyage #72012-11-09 18:00:0033  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789                                         *This is a Hangouts On Air Event* On tonight's show, @102356002992627997696 will be preparing a *_Creole Roasted Cornish Hen with Cognac Grape Sauce_*.  Do check out her recipe for this delicious dish on her blog : http://bit.ly/VD9wsF So, drop by the Event and see Cynthia prepare this wonderful dish right in front of you or if you choose, you can cook-a-long with her - FUN!!! *Watch LIVE right here on this Event page, or on @100948891249021511115's Profile Page or even on www.hangoutnetwroks.com*  _Photo Credit_ © Africa Studio - Fotolia.comLearning How To Cook Louisiana Creole with a Tropical Twist with Cynthia K. Seymour2012-11-07 20:00:0050  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789                              *_This is a Hangouts On Air Event_* On Sunday's show, I would like to introduce a good friend and fellow Trinidadian @100542459002102612546.  Sarina is an avid Caribbean food-blogger (www.trinigourmet.com), an excellent home-cook and just a pure delight to be around.  On the show, Sarina will be preparing a delicious Surinamese (*Suriname - a country in northern South America*) dish - *_Bami Gorenga_*.  This easy to follow recipe can be found here: http://bit.ly/TqpeR4 I would also very proud to announce that Sarina will be joining my talented *Cooking Family* and her new show, *Sweet Han': Caribbean Cooking with Sarina* will be premiering on *Thursday 6th, December at 7:00PM(EST)* right here on G+ and on www.hangoutnetworks.com. Watch Sunday's show right here on the Event's page, on @100948891249021511115's profile page or on www.hangoutnetworks.com Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier featuring Sarina2012-11-04 16:30:0043  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789*Ahoy Mates !*   Buccaneer Voyage #6 happens on *The Pirate's Pub* starting Friday Night at 6:00PM (EDT)!  Join @116638958379604473194  @100948891249021511115 @111734237778995429762  and their crew of *The Silver Shark* for yet another night of pillaging fun!   The *_Grub, Music and Grog_* will all be flowing freely, so be sure to watch our Hangout On Air!  Friday Night at 6:00PM (EDT)  Be There Or Walk The Plank!    It gives us pirates great pleasure to announce that our musical guest will be the talented and beautiful @106481981826916607971   *Arrrr...*The Pirate's Pub - Voyage #62012-11-02 17:30:0032  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789                                       *This is a Hangout On Air Event* @102356002992627997696  comes on board to cook on *_The Silver Shark_*  during a special Halloween combo edition of @118252934082486983748   and *Learning How To Cook Louisiana Creole... * Here's a sneak peek of the *Creole Pumpkin Sweet Potato Soup*  that Cynthia will be cooking on board the ship.  The show is at a *_special earlier time, Wednesday 31st @ 6:00 pm EST)_*  Here is a link to Cynthia's delicious recipe: http://flamingolips.com/creole-pumpkin-soup/seymour/ Don't miss this special Halloween Show where *Pirates* meet *Creole* in a spooktacular *Monster Mash* of *_cooking, pumpkin carving, music_*, and all around Halloween fun!   Join @102356002992627997696  @100948891249021511115 , @116638958379604473194 and the rest of the  Pirate gang! *It all starts tomorrow, Wednesday at 6pm Eastern. Be There For Our Awesome Hangout On Air!!!* *You can watch it LIVE right here or on @100948891249021511115's Profile Page or on www.hangoutnetworks.com*  Learning How To Cook Louisiana Creole with a Tropical Twist - Halloween Edition2012-10-31 17:30:0036  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789*>* On Sunday's show and from their *_Mountain View*_ kitchen, @117875987563872032638 and @101888088652157354149 will be making a traditional Trinidadian fish broth called *Maracas Beach Fish Broth*.  This delicious dish was first prepared by the fishermen around the island , who after a night of  fishing would come ashore and cook  a tasty pot of fresh fish  broth.  The dish is now a staple in a 'Trini's' diet, and the recipe can be found here: http://bit.ly/TJxign ^Watch the Event LIVE right here or on my profile page, @100948891249021511115 and on www.hangoutnetworks.com*   #hangoutsonair   #learninghowtocookcaribbean  Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier featuring Marilyn & George2012-10-28 15:30:0057  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789*Ahoy Maties...Arrr!* Don't miss +George Sepich, +Larry Fournillier  +Richard Wooding  along with the rest of the crew of our galleon *_The Silver Shark_*  as we take to the high seas once again for +The Pirate's Pub.  Join us for a swashbuckling good time *Friday at 6pm Eastern* for our *Live G+ Hangout On Air*.  As usual we will feature an unpredictable mix of *Pirate Grog, Grub, and Live Music*.  Enjoy musical performances from crew members +Paul Platt  and +John Miller  along with other very special music guests that will be boarding our ship.  Our pillaging combo of *Food, Folks, And Fun Will All Be Happening on The Pirates Pub*,   Watch us Live, *Friday @ 6pm Eastern at http://hangoutnetworks.com  or on our Pirates Pub Page @ http://thepiratespub.com/gplus* #thepiratespubThe Pirates's Pub - Voyage #52012-10-27 00:00:0029  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789      A good friend and fantastic home-cook, @105489064367742025310 will be cooking a mouth-watering *Thai/Caribbean* meal and whipping up a thirst-quenching cocktail, all from her Seattle kitchen. Stacy is pulling out all the stops on this show, she will be treating us to a delectable Vegetarian *Tom Kha Gai Soup(Thai)*.  Following that, she will be doing a favorite salad of mine, a delicious *Chick Pea Chaat Salad(Caribbean)*.  After which, she is going to attempt making my very own concoction,a *_Kick Ass Lemongrass Hangout Punch_* cocktail. Here is a link to the three recipes: http://bit.ly/WydYce So join us on *Sunday 4:00PM(EDT)* for food and fun.   *Watch the Event LIVE right here or on my Profile Page @100948891249021511115 and/or on www.hangoutnetworks.com*Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier featuring Stacy Frazer2012-10-21 15:30:0093  
Larry Fournillier1,466,789*Yo Ho, Yo Ho!* Join Us For A Friday Night Of Pirate Fun! @116638958379604473194  @100948891249021511115  and @111734237778995429762  set sail with their scurvy crew every *Friday Night @ 6:00PM(EDT)* If you like *Grub, Grog, Live Music With Awesome Music Guests Along With Pillaging And Walking The Plank The Pirate's Pub  Is For You!* Watch it all happen Live In Our *Hangout On Air* This Friday At 6:00PM(EDT) View All The Skullduggery LIVE, right here on this Event or at  www.hangoutnetworks.com  and/or *G+ The Pirate's Pub Page* at http://thepiratespub.com/gplus    *Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me!  Arrrrr... Avast!*The Pirate's Pub2012-10-20 00:00:0048  
martin shervington1,206,704*Are you batty for Bond, get mesmerised by 'M' or simply revel in the quintessential Englishness of Q?* Well, the 5th of October 2012 is the day you won't want to miss! To celebrate the anniversary of James Bond how about we post some iconic images, some favourite quotes and maybe even have a themed hangout or two. We could go for favourite gadgets in one, most thrilling chases in another and maybe even have one dedicated to celebration of Pussy Galore?! Honour Blackman would be delighted. More details on the day here; feel free to invite everyone you want to join in on the fun. #jamesbond007   #jamesbond   #globaljamesbondday   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/jamesbond/9509677/Global-James-Bond-Day-to-celebrate-007s-50th-anniversary.html p.s. it happens to land on #007riday  as well, which is all the more perfect.Global James Bond 007 Day - to celebrate the 50th Anniversary2012-10-05 09:30:00139  

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A Very Bizzar Accident Took Place In China

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Ninja Gymnast Toddler

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A Turtle Helping His Friend

A Turtle Helping His Friend___

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Huge Waves Are Made When Launches Of Large Ships Are Made

Huge Waves Are Made When Launches Of Large Ships Are Made___

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A Robot That Stitches Skin
Stitching Grape Skin

A Robot That Stitches Skin
Stitching Grape Skin___

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Back Flippin' Kitten

Back Flippin' Kitten___

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JT Holmes Skis, Glides, And Parachutes Off The Eiger Mountain In Switzerland!

JT Holmes Skis, Glides, And Parachutes Off The Eiger Mountain In Switzerland!___

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Wrestling With Wolves!

Wrestling With Wolves!___

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Big Cat Hugs!

Big Cat Hugs!___

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Eeewww, Doesn't Quite Smell Right

Eeewww, Doesn't Quite Smell Right___

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Where Did It Go?

Where Did It Go?___

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Genius 2 Year Old Ninja!

Genius 2 Year Old Ninja!___

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Wedding Oooops!

Wedding Oooops!___

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Beware Of The Dog

Beware Of The Dog___

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Super Squats

Super Squats___

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Drop Corn PopCorn

Drop Corn PopCorn___

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10/10 Core Strength!

10/10 Core Strength!___

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CatFish Cats Who Love Water!

CatFish Cats Who Love Water!___

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Massage Kitty

Massage Kitty___

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How To Deal With A Bully If You Are THIS Much Bigger Than They Are

How To Deal With A Bully If You Are THIS Much Bigger Than They Are___

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Barbie Doll Wannabe Removes Ribs For Tiny Waist!

Barbie Doll Wannabe Removes Ribs For Tiny Waist!___

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How To Salmon Ladder

How To Salmon Ladder___

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Meanwhile In Canada

Meanwhile In Canada___

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Baked Pumpkin Pasta!

Baked Pumpkin Pasta!___

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Amazing Artistry Of This Wood Carver!

Amazing Artistry Of This Wood Carver!___

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2015-11-28 06:07:52 (4 comments, 16 reshares, 166 +1s)Open 

Ninja Weight Lifter Chick Lifts More Than Her Weight

Ninja Weight Lifter Chick Lifts More Than Her Weight___

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2015-11-28 04:22:33 (4 comments, 44 reshares, 157 +1s)Open 

Hooman Dolphin Spritzing Match!

Hooman Dolphin Spritzing Match!___

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2015-11-28 02:21:32 (5 comments, 44 reshares, 150 +1s)Open 

Dogs That Get Excited About Snow!

Dogs That Get Excited About Snow!___

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2015-11-28 01:05:45 (6 comments, 128 reshares, 202 +1s)Open 

Ninja Moves!

Ninja Moves!___

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Big Cat On A Roll

Big Cat On A Roll___

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2015-11-27 15:10:00 (27 comments, 126 reshares, 240 +1s)Open 

A Very Bizzar Accident Took Place In China

A Very Bizzar Accident Took Place In China___

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2015-11-27 14:56:11 (4 comments, 28 reshares, 159 +1s)Open 

Squirrel TrollingA Shiba Inu

Squirrel TrollingA Shiba Inu___

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2015-11-27 13:10:27 (1 comments, 18 reshares, 101 +1s)Open 

Pet Croc

Pet Croc___

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2015-11-27 10:24:09 (5 comments, 72 reshares, 159 +1s)Open 

Baby Likes A Belly Rub

Baby Likes A Belly Rub___

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2015-11-27 08:58:20 (8 comments, 73 reshares, 210 +1s)Open 

Awesome Artistic Carving!

Awesome Artistic Carving!___

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2015-11-27 05:38:24 (4 comments, 26 reshares, 128 +1s)Open 

Bad Ass Kitten!

Bad Ass Kitten!___

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2015-11-27 00:36:39 (2 comments, 37 reshares, 123 +1s)Open 

These Are Desert Sand Cats.  They Are Endangered From The Deserts Of Northern Africa
#caturday   #sandcats   #endangeredspecies  

These Are Desert Sand Cats.  They Are Endangered From The Deserts Of Northern Africa
#caturday   #sandcats   #endangeredspecies  ___

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2015-11-26 21:22:23 (5 comments, 137 reshares, 272 +1s)Open 

Lazy Lion Ball Play

Lazy Lion Ball Play___

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2015-11-26 17:44:05 (6 comments, 196 reshares, 304 +1s)Open 

WOW! What A Great Lobster Diver!

WOW! What A Great Lobster Diver!___

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2015-11-26 14:17:00 (6 comments, 56 reshares, 178 +1s)Open 

* A Somali Red Kisses The Judge At A Contest*
Is that cheating?

* A Somali Red Kisses The Judge At A Contest*
Is that cheating?___

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2015-11-26 09:45:20 (2 comments, 26 reshares, 155 +1s)Open 

I'm So Excited!I'mSoExcited!ImSoExcited!  It's My Birthday!

I'm So Excited!I'mSoExcited!ImSoExcited!  It's My Birthday!___

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2015-11-26 08:38:10 (3 comments, 50 reshares, 139 +1s)Open 

American Dog
Armed and Dangerous!
#funny   #lol   #animalgifs  

American Dog
Armed and Dangerous!
#funny   #lol   #animalgifs  ___

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2015-11-26 08:10:54 (4 comments, 42 reshares, 135 +1s)Open 

I Love My Mini Hooman!

I Love My Mini Hooman!___

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2015-11-26 01:20:50 (3 comments, 68 reshares, 187 +1s)Open 

I Overate For The Holidays

I Overate For The Holidays___

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2015-11-25 22:46:48 (6 comments, 258 reshares, 337 +1s)Open 

Ninja Gymnast Toddler

Ninja Gymnast Toddler___

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2015-11-25 20:10:18 (5 comments, 63 reshares, 176 +1s)Open 

Kitty And Lizards!

Kitty And Lizards!___


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