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Camilla Corona

Camilla Corona 

I am Camilla Corona and I am a STEM Ambassador, doing Education & Public Outreach. Not only do I share knowledge about our Sun and Space Weather, but I also encourage girls to pursue a career in S

Occupation: STEM Outreach Ambassador (Stanford Solar Center)

Her ProfilesRankThis is the rank of 'Camilla Corona' out of all Google+ Profiles (individuals).: 4,208 (GenderRankFor the gender 'Women'.: 1,768)

Her CircleRankThis is the rank of 'Camilla Corona' out of all indexed profiles (individuals) and pages (businesses) at CircleCount.com.: 10,176

Followers: 26,315

Following: 96

Views: 3,999,164

Cream of the Crop: 04/21/2012

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James Field2,849It's been a while since I shared my 'Space' circle, so here it is.If you're at all interested in space, this is a great place to start.  This circle is a mixed bag of people & pages.  It includes astronauts, agencies, journalists, publications, space historians, futurologists, Google Lunar X-Prize teams, spaceship manufacturers, space probes & rovers, stargazers, astrophysicists...  There really is something for everyone!Please feel free to pass on the space love. #SharedCircles   #CircleShare   #Space  2014-04-08 14:56:03275000CC G+
John Nuntiatio29,767#circles #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #circleoftheday #bestofcircles #bestcircleshare #share #tech #business #sport2014-03-14 06:27:36393014CC G+
John Nuntiatio29,767#circles #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #circleoftheday #bestofcircles #bestcircleshare #share #tech #business #sport2014-03-14 06:26:50393033CC G+
John Nuntiatio29,767#circles #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #circleoftheday #bestofcircles #bestcircleshare #share #tech #business #sport2014-03-14 06:26:17393011CC G+
John Nuntiatio29,767#circles #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #circleoftheday #bestofcircles #bestcircleshare #share #tech #business #sport2014-03-14 06:25:52393011CC G+
John Nuntiatio29,767#circles #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #circleoftheday #bestofcircles #bestcircleshare #share #tech #business #sport2014-03-14 06:25:16393204CC G+
Ravishankar Ramanathan9,848*Are you even a bit interested in Science ?  Add this to your circles then. Simple. *===========================+Peter Edenist  originally shared: TESLA Super Science Circle 2014!!!! : A quality circle curated carefully and tended over 2 years. If you like science or are interested in science, this circle is a must for you! Add and share for science.+Who is in this circle? NASA, KQED Science, MNN, Bioscienca, Scientists, (Garett Lisi too!).... have rejigged the circle for the nth time and cleaned it to include people who are active on the Science on G+ community. Community link is here http://goo.gl/46uFH and the Page is +Science on G+!Add and Share for Science! Its what makes our cars run, our cities exist, the lights burn and has been instrumental in our progress.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want to nominate someone? Please do so in comments. If you want to recommend something let us know. People who are notified are part of the circle.#science #tesla #scienceongplus #scienceeveryday  2014-01-25 18:41:543253213CC G+
Peter Edenist29,163TESLA Super Science Circle 2014!!!! : A quality circle curated carefully and tended over 2 years. If you like science or are interested in science, this circle is a must for you! Add and share for science.+Who is in this circle? NASA, KQED Science, MNN, Bioscienca, Scientists, (Garett Lisi too!).... have rejigged the circle for the nth time and cleaned it to include people who are active on the Science on G+ community. Community link is here http://goo.gl/46uFH and the Page is +Science on G+!Add and Share for Science! Its what makes our cars run, our cities exist, the lights burn and has been instrumental in our progress.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want to nominate someone? Please do so in comments. If you want to recommend something let us know. People who are notified are part of the circle. #science #tesla #scienceongplus #scienceeveryday  2014-01-25 16:26:413258181109CC G+
Core Marketing4091. Plus The Post 2. Comment3. Add People To Circles/Include Yourself4. Share The Circle!#sharedcircle   #topsharedcircle   #circleoftheday   #sharedcircle    #circlesharing   #circleshare         #circles       2013-12-28 07:48:32495859CC G+
Core Marketing2921. Plus The Post 2. Comment3. Add People To Circles/Include Yourself4. Share The Circle!#sharedcircle   #topsharedcircle   #circleoftheday   #sharedcircle    #circlesharing   #circleshare         #circles       2013-12-27 07:10:04496245CC G+
David Leonhardt3,391This is basically the Megamix 19 of +Tancredi Matranga .   To grow your contacts on G+,:1. Plus the post2. Leave a comment3. Save the circle.4. Share the saved circle (but make sure to tick "include yourself" when sharing).#circles #sharedcircles #addcircle #sharedpubliccircles #growfollowers #circleshare #publicsharedcircles #circleoftheweek #circlesharing #publiccircle #findcircles #circlemeup #influencers #influencer #influence #influencermarketing #sharedcircle     #circleshare   #thursday   #thursdaycircle   #circlethursday  2013-12-19 16:54:54498101315CC G+
Tancredi Matranga11,444WEB INFLUENCER MEGAMIX 19Have a great Thursday my Google+ Friends!I am happy to share with you my 19th #sharedcircle named Web Influencer Megamix.I put together a mix of #TopEngagers  - Really Interesting People who share unique and original content.   Do yo want to be added to the Web #Influencer Circle?To be included, be so kind to:   1 - Do +1 t the post   2 - Comment the post and specify your "category" (job or interest)         (ex: fashion, photography, seo, social media marketing)   3 - Include the circle among your circles   4 - Share the circle (include yourself)   5 - Be free and smile to life! :)   #circles #sharedcircles #addcircle #sharedpubliccircles #growfollowers #circleshare #publicsharedcircles #circleoftheweek #circlesharing #publiccircle #findcircles #circlemeup #influencers #influencer #influence #influencermarketing #sharedcircle     #circleshare   #thursday   #thursdaycircle   #circlethursday  2013-12-19 10:54:49498876696CC G+
Lo Sauer2,493This is a great circle combined of active engagers, creative folks and  some of the best and brightest people on google+. A thank you in this circle-inclusion-shoutout to: +Peter Terren +Michael Műller +Carlos Esteban +Justin Chung +Malthus John +Marta Rauch +Rajini Rao +Katherine Vucicevic +Jonathan Eisen +Mike Allton +Scott Buehler +Mario Falcetti +Zvonimir Fras +Krithika Rangarajan +sridhar krishnan +Joanna Ortynska +Seamus Smyth +Chuck Croll +Michael Schobel +2013-11-19 18:19:4843218317CC G+
Rank Kemeng0This is a group of individuals that has personally shared four of my best circle sharing circles in the last month (or so).  They also include a mix of new circle sharers and some that are just trying to learn it for the first time. :) :) :0)They are individuals, to a large degree, that are very interested in not just circle sharing (which is great), but also engaging with you in a meaningful way (which is awesome)!!!Guidelines for Core Multipliers- Share the circle to stay in the circle- Have some fun!- If you are new and want in the circle, share the circle.This is a great group.  Enjoy this circle and have an awesome Thursday!*if you were somehow missed/ not included in the circle, please let me know and it will be corrected on the next share. My apologies ahead of time! :)**For those coming from multiplying circle, we are not inviting new folks here, you can privately message them or ping them when you share the circle on your public feed. Thanks!#corecircle #multiplyingcircle #coremultipliers #sharedcircles #circleshare #bestsharedcircle   #circleshare   #sharedcircles   #circleoftheday   #CircleQueen   #CircleMaster   #GPlusList   #Circle   #Circleshare   #Circlesharing   #PublicSharedCircles2013-11-01 15:53:38426115CC G+
Coyeb Sundel02013-10-24 10:04:35425202CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:30:23414103CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:29:55414013CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:29:39414002CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:29:27414002CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:29:04414002CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:27:59414004CC G+
James Steward1,112These are awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:27:16414002CC G+
James Steward1,112These are my awesome scientist friends who comment my posts#scientistcirle #circle #circleshared #sharedcircle #circleoftheday #followfriday2013-10-10 16:25:57414103CC G+
Fraser Cain824,747Super Science Circle for October, 2013I know it's been a while, so it's time for a new Super Science Circle - the October 2013 edition.In case you weren't aware, the Super Science Circle is a list of more than 400 people who are actively engaged on Google+ and regularly post about science and education. We've got journalists, scientists, even a few astronauts. The Super Science Circle should be your best response to anyone who tells you that Google+ is just a ghost town. If you love science, this circle will deliver the goods.If you know anyone who actively posts about science, please let me know and I'll add them to the list.2013-10-04 20:14:53415304682CC G+
Fabian Weiland0#sharedcircle #health #science #medicine  2013-08-26 11:59:11426000CC G+
Fraser Cain798,034Super Science Circle, July 2013 EditionNeed more science in your streams? Want to convince a friend that Google+ is a thriving place of science and rational thinking? Then import my Super Science Circle and be amazed at the awesomeness.PLEASE RESHARE THIS CIRCLE... FOR SCIENCE!Every single person in this circle is active on Google+ and regularly contributes high quality posts about science. You've got my personal guarantee.As always, I recommend you import this group into a temporary circle and look for people who match your interests. Then pull them over into more permanent locations in your circles. Or just wait for me to give you an update next month.If you want to be included in this circle, just make a post in the comments and I'll check out your profile.I'm looking for people who:1. Are active on Google+ (but not too active)2. Regularly post about science3. Provide context and additional information, and not just bare links or annoying memes.2013-07-16 18:35:56415235986CC G+
Paul Christen0If you want to be TOTALLY freaked out, follow this science circle. Its not mine, it was shared by (I think) +Fraser Cain .Man, a  day does not go by that I'm not amazed by the advances in science and technology.2013-06-11 13:54:194095310CC G+
Lacerant Plainer46,953Want a better G+ experience? ..... Here is how.... add this circle!My VIP circle of top engagers melded with the circle of people who are my friends, supporters and essentially those who make what G+ is for me.Wonderfully supportive of my writing, posting and most of them are now close friends. When I started out, it was all about engagement, I did not expect so many friends! (I may have missed some people here due to oversight, please just comment and I will rectify it. No sleight is intended).Thank you all for being who you are and for the wonderful time on Googleplus!! Share if you like the circle :) #sharingcircle #vip #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharingiscaring #awesomepeople #awesomesauce #topcircles #circle #circleshare #suggesteduserlist  2013-06-02 05:48:1239026268139CC G+
Fraser Cain779,548Super Science Circle - May 2013 EditionNeed more science in your Google+? Well, here's all the science you can handle! Enjoy my latest, heavily curated edition of the Super Science Circle.Please share this circle... for Science!For the uninitiated, I maintain a circle of 450+ people who are active on Google+ and regularly post on Google+. In this circle you'll find scientists, journalists, astronauts, educators, and science enthusiasts. By importing this circle into your own circles, you'll immediately gain a vibrant and fascinating feed of amazing science stories.I recognize that it might be too much science, so I suggest you create a brand new temporary circle and evaluate the people in the circle. Only transfer the keepers to your permanent circles. Then, when I update the circle next month, rinse and repeat.Are you active on G+ and regularly post about science? +mention me and I'll check out your profile.Remember, please share this post2013-05-22 19:26:51456348390CC G+
Fraser Cain770,050Super Science Circle - April 2013 EditionIt's time for another sharing of my Super Science Circle. This is a collection of 400+ active people on Google+ who often post about science. If anyone tells you G+ is a ghost town (not that anyone does any more), get them to import this circle. PLEASE SHARE THIS CIRCLE... FOR SCIENCE!I have personally reviewed each and every person on this list, to make sure that they:1. Are active and engaged on Google+2. Regularly post science-related stories on Google+In this list you'll find scientists, journalists, researchers, professors, astronauts and general science enthusiasts. Not everyone in this list is going to be to your personal liking. So what you'll want to do is import the list into a temporary circle. Then move people over one by one into more permanent locations in your circles.I'm always looking for more people to add to the list, so if you know people who meet my criteria, feel free to nominate them.Again, please share the circle. Every little bit helps2013-04-26 21:02:03419226277CC G+
Fraser Cain759,117The Return of the Super Science CircleOkay, I'll admit, I made a mistake in retiring the Super Science Circle. I wasn't wrong; Communities are still the future and the best way to make friends here on Google+. But I realized that the Super Science Circle is simple and efficient way to get new people to see that Google+ isn't a ghost town.PLEASE SHARE THIS POST... FOR SCIENCE!When I was attending +ScienceOnline 2013, I must have helped dozens of people join Google+, and the first thing I had them do was import this circle. It's an invaluable tool for getting new people up to speed.So, I just did a complete refresh on the circle. I examined every single member and judged them according to my two-part criteria:1. Active in the last 30 days or so.2. Regularly post on scientific topics.If you know anyone who might make a good candidate for this circle, please let me know.As always, import this circle into a new, temporary circle, and then you can refresh it when I share a new version.DON'T FORGET TO SHARE THIS POST2013-03-19 22:39:3139967163160CC G+
Justin Fournier534Tech Engage CircleHello Everyone just following the footsteps of +martin shervington  and attempting to circle share fully engaged circles with you.  Below I'm sharing a circle of definite Technology posters. If your new to this platform and needed a circle for sure fire tech news and help.  *Be sure to add and re-share this circle.*  Later Guys!2013-03-10 16:15:55296516CC G+
César Bustíos Benites5,560250 most relevant for this week!Great people you should add to your circles to improve your Google+ experience#circle   #circles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circleoftheday   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #publicshare   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles   #publiccirclesproject   #addmetoyourcircles   #awesomecircle   #awesomeness   #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle +Circles +Full Circle +SharedCircles +Best Shared Circle +Circle Me Up !!! +The Best Circles on Google+ 2013-03-08 17:53:4125113721CC G+
Nicole Gugliucci19,829UPDATED First Ladies of Science CircleRemember that whole thing that happened a while ago when +Pamela Gay realized she was the only lady on the Science & Nature Suggested Users List? Well, not only were more women added as a result of our discussions (Thanks, Google!) but we put together a list or YOUR recommendations for your favorite ladies of science. These women do science, teach science, talk about science, or just plain LOVE science, and they share it with all of us here on Google+. Still missing you or one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments! 2013-02-27 04:41:0515610312CC G+
David Antonacci0David Antonacci shared a circle with you2013-02-19 15:29:17500348CC G+
Nicole Gugliucci19,685I'm resharing my "First Ladies of Science" circle from last week ago based on your suggestions of the fabulous women of STEM here in Google+. Sorry, I've been busy with travel and haven't updated it and plan to do that... but I wanted to share from the new profile in case you missed it. 2013-02-09 16:05:091208815CC G+
Fraser Cain694,882The Final Super Science CircleWell, this is it, this is going to be the last posting of the Super Science Circle. Why? Communities, that's why. In case you didn't know, I've been maintaining my Super Science Circle from the very beginning of Google+. As soon as the feature to share circles was enabled, I was happy to share those circles around into Google. I did this because it was very difficult for people with related interests (science) to be able to find each other. I wanted new G+ users to realize this place isn't a ghost town; there are vibrant groups of people actively discussing scientific topics.But it was a hack. Each month took me almost an entire day to curate down the list of people, remove the inactive, and incorporate newly active people who often posted about science. And it was always imperfect. Some people got a massive boost in followers and engagement, while other, equally deserving people were left out.It was inelegant, inefficient and arbitrary.But now you can do this all on your own. You can go into any Community that matches your interest and instantly discover thousands of people who share your enthusiasm for a topic - just joining a Community will bring a trickle of posts about topics that interest you back into your stream. Keep your participation in the Community, or circle the most interesting people and harvest them back into your own stream.In the coming months, I'll be suggesting Communities you should join, instead of people you should circle. Thanks to everyone for using the shared circles and helping science get such a firm foothold here on Google+. Thanks to all the past and present members of the Super Science Circle for sharing such wonderful stuff.Science!2013-01-17 02:59:31420544084CC G+
GJ Primus (飞行)2,236Time to share my aviation circle again. If you would like to be included please add and share. #Aviation   #sharedcircles  2013-01-17 01:19:32106101CC G+
Peter Smalley (Merkabah)10,068#sharedpubliccircles   #science  It's been a while since I shared a circle. Let's fix that, shall we? Here is my Circle of Science. Here you will find people who are practicing scientists, science writers, and science enthusiasts - and sometimes all three at once. There are biologists, chemists, physicists, microbiologists, food safety scientists, mathematicians, neurologists, astronomers and many other disciplines represented here. But regardless of their specialties they are intelligent, interested, and interesting.I won't call this a curated circle per se, but I can personally speak to quality of many of these individuals. Many of them are true gems.FOR SCIENCE!2012-11-26 17:29:545015211CC G+
Paul Christen0To the person that originally shared this circle with me (I forgot who...)Thank you.I am getting really tired of the glorification of stupid and the vilification of intelligence. I am afraid that its a systemic problem and frankly, I see no end in sight. Its similar to American politics in many ways."Well sure, professional athletes shouldn't rape women, but the dood can throw a football!" "Well, yeah, he ran a dog fighting ring, but let him play football and be a role model to  children anyway."We had a President, that was re-elected, that on any scale was a buffoon at best.The list goes on, and lets not forget the other side  of the  proverbial  coin, how often have we heard politicians talk about the "elite smart people"?Watch an episode or two of "Big Bang Theory". REALLY funny show, I refuse to watch it. I saw two episodes and both portrayed intelligence as negative.I heard an adult say (and I shit you not) "Kids don't need to learn what the mathematical median is, its useless knowledge, average is good enough." I tried to explain how it differs from average and how knowing the average and the median can help get a better view of the data (no point in going too deep) and got "nope, not needed".Whatever, I'm ranting and off the rails here.Do what you need to do to keep YOUR intelligence up and those around you, for the love  of Xenu, fight the good fight. Following this  circle  might help.2012-11-07 13:15:584135110CC G+
Zbynek Kysela760Super Science Circle - November, 2012 Edition*****************************************************HOW TO BE PART OF IT: 1) Add this circle to your circles - Add circle2) Share added circle with option "include yourself in shared circle" and original text + hashtags (copy, paste). Done. You're welcome :) +Zbynek Kysela*****************************************************Created by +Fraser Cain :It's time once again for another round of super science goodness. In case you've never seen this before, I personally curate a special list of people who are active on Google+ and regularly post about science-related topics. Please share this post. For science!I'm always looking for more people, so if there's someone in your circles who has a lot of sciency things to say, post their name in the comments below and I'll add them to the list.As always, I suggest that you maintain a separate, temporary circle for these people. Not all of them will be to your taste. Then try out this circle, and move people over to your more permanent circles.P.S. There was no October edition of the Super Science Circle.2012-11-07 10:56:11414209CC G+
Fraser Cain461,262Super Science Circle - November, 2012 EditionIt's time once again for another round of super science goodness. In case you've never seen this before, I personally curate a special list of people who are active on Google+ and regularly post about science-related topics. Please share this post. For science!I'm always looking for more people, so if there's someone in your circles who has a lot of sciency things to say, post their name in the comments below and I'll add them to the list.As always, I suggest that you maintain a separate, temporary circle for these people. Not all of them will be to your taste. Then try out this circle, and move people over to your more permanent circles.P.S. There was no October edition of the Super Science Circle.2012-11-06 21:39:344133912796CC G+
Fraser Cain246,278Super Science Circle - September 2012 EditionThe time has come to share the latest edition of the Super Science Circle. Got a boring stream? Then import this massive list of 400ish people who are active on Google+ and regularly post about science. We've got scientists, journalists, science fans... even a few astronauts. Circle them and your stream will get really busy.Please reshare this circle... for science!As always, I highly recommend that you import this circle into a brand new circle. Then you can extract interesting folks into more permanent locations in your circles. Play around with the noise controls in the circle to crank up the volume or turn it down, to get the right mix in your main stream.Want to be in this circle? I'm always looking for more people who are:1. Active on Google+ (but not too active)2. Regularly post science-related topicsJust mention your name in the comments, and I'll take a look at your profile.2012-09-17 16:47:1239665219207CC G+
Pierre Markuse9,415Science and Tech CircleYou like science? You are interested in technology? Then add these circle of really nice science and tech people to add some of that to your stream.Please reshare to get even more science-loving people connected!You believe you should be in this circle? Drop a comment! Your stream should feature science and/or technology of course.#science #sharedcircle #technology #tech #circleshare  2012-09-07 22:33:4955028CC G+
Pierre Markuse9,297Science and Tech CircleYou like science? You are interested in technology? Then add these circle of really nice science and tech people to add some of that to your stream.Please reshare to get more science-loving people connected!You believe you should be in this circle? Drop a comment! Your stream should feature science and/or technology of course.#science #sharedcircle #technology   #tech  2012-08-31 00:55:3853112CC G+
STEM Women on G+2,184STEM Women on G+ Shared Circle (Release 3)This is the first crowd-sourced, collaboratively curated circle of Women who work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields that are also active on G+.We had some simple criteria for inclusion in this circle; every woman in this circle has a job that relates directly to STEM or is an advanced student of STEM. They are all active users of G+ and post Publicly about their STEM discipline regularly (i.e. at least once a week).• Import these people into a brand new circle, and then move people over into your permanent circles if you like what they post.• Reshare this post, to get the STEM goodness out to as many as people as possible :)• If we have missed someone that should be included in this circle in time for our next update, please nominate them at http://goo.gl/rvKEf. We will be actively curating this circle once a month or so, removing inactive users, adding new active users, so consider this a work in progress :)• Please also make sure that the nominee has added the STEM Women on G+ Brand Page to their circles (we cannot include the nominee in this shared circle unless she does that).--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This circle is curated by +Buddhini Samarasinghe, +Rajini Rao, +Christine Paluch, +Liz ℚuilty and +Liz Krane. A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported this crowd-sourced effort by sharing the original post and by nominating people for it - this wouldn't have been possible without you! #STEM #stemeducation #science #technology #engineering #maths #sharedcircleday #SharedCircles  2012-08-17 05:03:27167110233CC G+
Zachary Roovenback (Zach Attack)1,335Sharing my Atheist and Fellow Freethinkers circle again.  Almost 1,800 strong.  You can only add 500 a day, so let me know if you need it shared again.Stay thinking, my friends.2012-08-10 04:29:445016412CC G+
Pierre Markuse6,971FollowFriday - Science and tech people - Share it!And again it is #followfriday , if you like science please circle these nice #science and #tech people and share it so other science lovers can join!I still want to expand this circle so if you believe you should be in it just drop a comment, your stream should feature science and/or tech posts of course.#circle #circleshare2012-08-03 23:45:4347002CC G+
Pierre Markuse6,853FollowFriday - Science and tech people - Share it!It's #followfriday again, if you like science please circle these nice #science and #tech people and share it so other science lovers can join!I still want to expand this circle so if you believe you should be in it just drop a comment, your stream should feature science and/or tech posts of course.#circle #circleshare2012-07-27 22:57:1345423CC G+
Caitlyn Bowyer1,076Hey look! I have a Top 99 too! Except, unlike most everyone else sharing circles, mine has mostly small fish in the big pond of Google+ but they are the ones who are most relevant to me, and in most cases that I've spent a fair amount of time with in hangouts. :) Way to go +Google+. Sometimes you terrify me Skynet ... Google. via +Carter GibsonShare your Circle of your 99 most relevant people. Click on the Circles navigation button on the left. Select 'Your circles' if not already selected. Select 'Relevance' if not already selected. Drag and drop the top 99 into a new Circle.Share, share, share!2012-07-24 16:52:03100715CC G+


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Yes, I am one; (E=MC2) -- it went to school with me!

Let's see who gets it!

#STEM   #TBT  

+Jeri Ryan 

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2014-04-22 16:35:48 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 9 +1s)

Where is your #GlobalSelfie  for Earth Day? How are you celebrating our Planet today?

Hello from Frankfurt, Germany! I am having a wonderful time with the Neumann Family. And of course with PinkLittleDragon. 

So, I wanna see more selfies. C'mon people. Here is the link to get your own sign. Don't be shy! 


#NASA   #EarthDay   #EarthDay2014   #STEM  

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2014-04-21 19:31:08 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 7 +1s)

Do you remember the Norwegian skydiver who just happened to film a falling meteorite very close to him?

Well, thanks to STEM this mystery just got solved... 


#STEM   #skydiver   #Meteorite   #Norway  

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2014-04-18 21:22:16 (9 comments, 15 reshares, 44 +1s)

What a #STEM  -tastic way of giving a compliment! 

Happy Friday my friends! 

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2014-04-16 18:01:08 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 10 +1s)

Saying my good-byes to ESOC (European Space Operations Center) at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany. 

Since its creation in 1967, ESOC, located in Darmstadt, Germany, has planned missions, operated more than 60 satellites and ensured that spacecraft meet their mission objectives. The mandate of ESOC is to conduct mission operations for ESA satellites and to establish, operate and maintain the necessary ground-segment infrastructure.

Next stop - seeing my wonderful family friends "The Neumanns"! 

2014-04-14 18:49:17 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

This is for my German speaking friends! Great interview of Alexander Gerst, German Astronaut and launching to the space station in just a little over 40 days. Even more cool, my dear friend (who I will soon see again) Eico Neumann got one of his questions answered. And it was a good one too... special appearance by +Samantha Cristoforetti - she flies almost as graceful as yours truly (in zero-G that is!). 

And Alex is taking a mouse mascot with him to the ISS! He and Reid Wiseman rock. They really do. 

#ESA   #STEM   #Deutschland   #ZDF  


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2014-04-12 21:06:07 (4 comments, 4 reshares, 32 +1s)

Today was an incredible day here in Rome. I got to visit the Vatican Observatory. Wow!

In its historical roots the Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest astronomical institutions in the world. The first foreshadowing of the Observatory can be traced to Pope Gregory XIII and the constitution of a committee to study the scientific data and implications involved in the reform of the Julian calendar in use since 45 B.C. That calendar contained a tiny error in determining the length of the year, and by the late 1500s the error had grown large enough to make timing of Church holy days out of sync with their respective seasons. The committee working on the project included Fr. Christoph Clavius, a Jesuit mathematician from the Roman College, who expounded and explained the reform of the calendar.

The staff of the Vatican Observatory spend a great deal of their time on research projects... more »

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2014-04-12 20:41:46 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 13 +1s)

Why do I celebrate Yuri's Night?

#STEM   #History   #YN2014   #YN14  

I Celebrate Yuri's Night Because - Camilla Corona SDO

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2014-04-11 14:54:15 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 13 +1s)

Ciao from Rome! We have arrived, already done some sightseeing and now we are doing the ‪#‎Lucatweetup‬ here with the wonderful people from the +European Space Agency, ESA.

My buddy Daniel Scuka is ready and gives the thumb up!
ESRIN, known as the ESA Centre for Earth Observation, is one of the five ESA specialised centres situated in Europe. Located in Frascati, a small town 20 km south of Rome in Italy, ESRIN was established in 1966 and first began acquiring data from environmental satellites in the 1970s.

Earth Observation data has grown in importance as more and more international and national agencies recognise the many uses to which it can be put. Satellites for Earth observation keep a constant watch over the Earth and the data they provide help to safeguard the planet in which we live.

Since 2004, ESRIN has been the headquarters for ESA's EarthObser... more »

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2014-04-10 17:19:02 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 18 +1s)

Are you celebrating Yuri's Night on April 12? Yes, every year on this date we come together and celebrate and remember the very first spaceflight. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin launched on April 12, 1961 and made history; the first human in space. On the very same date but 20 years later, the first Space Shuttle launched into orbit. 

Great reasons to commemorate and have fun. Find a party close by at http://yurisnight.net./ 

I have my Yuri's Night pin and t-shirt, thanks to my dear friend Angeliki Kanellopoulou!

#STEM   #YN2014   #YN14   #YourisNight   

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2014-04-03 20:50:56 (11 comments, 9 reshares, 386 +1s)

Hello from Boston and the National Science Teacher Association 2014 Conference.

Wow, look what I got to see! This is an Eurasian Eagle-owl. They combine fast and powerful flights with shallow wing beats and long, fast glides. They also soar on updrafts, displaying a type of flight similar to that of soaring hawks like the Red-tailed Hawk. Eurasian Eagle-owls are among the world's largest owls and their pumpkin orange eyes and feathery ear tufts make them one of the most striking owls in the world. 

Their wingspan is between 5-6 feet and they are about 2 1/2 feet long, weighting up to 9 lbs. Their scientific name is Bubo Bubo! LOL

#NSTA14   #STEM   #Boston  

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2014-04-01 18:02:12 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 12 +1s)

Happy April 1st! We all know what day is today, right?

So, I came across this great April Fools joke and I wanted to share it with you and give you my thoughts on it. It's from +Southwest Airlines and their latest destination; Mars!

Now let's review this and allow me to give you my suggestions.

When you book your flight with SWA from Earth to Mars, don't fly before July 27, 2018. Why? Well, that's because we will be much closer to Mars that day, then let's say next week.

On April 8, 2014 we will be 57.5 million miles away from Mars. But on July, 2018 we will only be 35.8 million miles away.

Why is that? Well, planets don't orbit the Sun in a circular orbit. They orbit in an ellipse one. That is why in January Earth is closest to the Sun and in July Earth is the furthest away from our Star. The difference is a good 3.1 million... more »

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2014-03-29 14:49:31 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 4 +1s)

This dad is one cool dad. And talented too. He is making very short clips of his son, nicknamed "Action Kid". Here is one that I really enjoyed. "3, 2, 1.... liftoff!" 


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2014-03-27 14:39:31 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 14 +1s)

Oh! Look what my dear teacher friend Janelle Harrier Wilson just found in her school's media center? 

I will be seeing Janelle and many other teacher friends next week at NSTA in Boston. Are you ready Jennifer Cheesman, Kaci Pilcher Heins and Ljo Hammer?

Who else will be there?

The NSTA is the National Science Teacher Association and they have been helping science educators for close to 70 years. NSTA also helps connecting teachers with each other - in person and online! Ultimately, it is about the kids and getting them excited about STEM! 

#STEM   #NSTA14  

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2014-03-19 15:33:10 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

I can't believe my friends from Expedition 40/41 will be launching to the International Space Station soon! I had such a wonderful time training with them in Star City. 

Well, why don't you get to know them a little better? Here is NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman, ESA Astronaut Alexander Gerst and Commander and Russian Cosmonaut Maxim Suraev. 



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2014-03-17 19:41:07 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 28 +1s)

Oh my goodness! I just learned I got a big honor! I got a "Certificate of Excellence" and got declared "A Distinguished Science Educator" by the Stanford Solar Center:

For your enthusiasm and excellence in inspiring, teaching, and spreading awareness of astronomy, space science to students and the public through Facebook, Twitter, and other realms of social media.

For your appearance and inspiration at public science events.

For your incredibly successful efforts at popularizing NASA's SDO and other missions, and

For your sustained success in inspiring students, educators and scientists from around the world to work together.

The Stanford Solar Center declares:

Camilla Corona

A Distinguished Science Educator

#STEM   #Stanford   #Educator  

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2014-03-14 14:29:36 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

What a great +European Space Agency, ESA  contest! You can name an upcoming mission! And not only any mission - Astro Tim Peake's mission to be precise. Take a look. 

#ESA   #STEM  

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2014-03-14 14:22:20 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 20 +1s)

Wishing Astro Mike Fincke a very happy Birthday! He is turning something like 29 today. He has spent 381 days in Space (Exp 9, 18 and STS-134) and done over 48 hours of spacewalking! That's pretty impressive. Plus he has also spent time below surface; NEEMO2 (living and working under water) and CAVES 2012 (living and working underground). 

Send him a Birthday Tweet:@AstroIronMike 

Smooches, Spanky!

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2014-03-12 20:06:12 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 12 +1s)

How fascinating! Space Diaries from the International Space Station. I am curious if Astronaut +Samantha Cristoforetti  will write one too?! 



posted image

2014-03-12 16:21:47 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

My dear friends Rachel Esterline and Marissa Kaiser put together a great video about their adventures at the NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center #NASASocial (now named NASA Armstrong). Yours truly makes an appearance as well! 

Check it out the video here:

#NASA   #nasasocial   #Social   #SocialMedia   #STEM  

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2014-03-06 17:07:06 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 17 +1s)

Train Like an Astronaut - 

Alexander Gerst (ESA Astronaut and member of the upcoming Expedition 40/41 to the International Space Station) is pushing me go to harder. 

Being physically fit is very important for space travel. Here are some great resources on how YOU can train like an astronaut! 


#Fit   #Health   #STEM   #SizzlingHot  

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2014-03-04 15:40:01 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 5 +1s)

Social Media & Networks are great tools for scientists to share some of their knowledge, understanding and projects they work on. And it let's the public get a first hand view and understanding. 

Here is a great article written about this topic and it features my very dear friend +Karyn Traphagen and yes, yours truly too. 

#STEM   #SocialMedia  


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2014-02-20 21:31:38 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 12 +1s)

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Well, how about being an Engineer? Check it out! 



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2014-02-20 17:54:24 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

My #TBT   - you probably all know I love hockey. And not just any hockey club. I am a big San Jose Sharks fan. Here I am posing with S.J. Sharkie, wearing my beloved Team Canada jersey that Cynthia Coer Butcher made me! 

Tomorrow Team Canada will play Team USA at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. I am so excited to see this game, as some Shark players will battle each other. 

Who do you think will win? 

Teachers, here is a "Science of Hockey" class room activity. #STEM   all the way! 


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2014-02-19 00:56:37 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 14 +1s)

So the big news today was that +Sports Illustrated did a Zero-G flight with supermodel Kate Upton. In a bikini, of course. 

I wonder why I wasn't invited to that photo shoot as I am, clearly, floating as graceful as Kate. Ok, perhaps a little bottom heavy, but still! All in the name of STEM! 

#STEM   #ZeroG   #KateUpton  

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2014-02-18 15:17:00 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 11 +1s)

Petr - this is some of the most beautiful aerial footage I have seen. Wonderful job and hopefully someday I will be in your part of the world! Just beautiful. 

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2014-02-15 22:22:20 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 12 +1s)

The wonderful ladies from the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago taught me how to identify animal pool properly. There was no chicken poo - we don't do that... 

The Lincoln Park Zoo is dedicated to connecting people with nature through a free, family-oriented wildlife experience.

Feces identification, also known as scat, can be a difficult task as feces change according to the animal's diet. However, by asking the right questions you can go a long way to reduce the number of available suspects.

Be safe. Droppings are dirty and germy. Avoid handling droppings without proper protection, which includes avoiding inhaling around it. Some diseases may contracted through dust borne particles. 

#FamSciDays   #AAASmtg   #STEM   #Chicago  

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2014-02-15 21:43:36 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 9 +1s)

Hello from Family Science Days. There is so much hands-on including touching and learning about the brain. Your brain is the boss of your body. It runs the show and controls just about everything you do, even when you're asleep. Not bad for something that looks like a big, wrinkly, gray sponge.

These here were not human brains (obviously, these would just roll around inside the skull..hehehe). But the human brain is a complex organ that allows us to think, move, feel, see, hear, taste, and smell. It controls our body, receives information, analyzes information, and stores information (our memories).

The brain produces electrical signals, which, together with chemical reactions, let the parts of the body communicate. Nerves send these signals throughout the body.

The average human brain weighs about 3 pounds (1300-1400 g).

At birth, the human brain weighs less... more »

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2014-02-14 21:48:33 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 14 +1s)

And what do you give a gal who has almost everything she wants? That's right! An International Space Station pin with all the flags of the countries which are involved on this flying laboratory. 

Tomorrow is a free and fun Family Science event from 11AM - 5PM here at the Hyatt in downtown Chicago. Hope to see some of you there? 

More info here: http://meetings.aaas.org/public/family-science-days/

#STEM #Chicago #AAASMtg #FamSciDays

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2014-02-14 21:46:14 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 21 +1s)

Happy Valentine's Day my friends! 

I am currently in cold Chicago for #IPSEC2014  and I am learning a lot about #STEM  education and outreach. Wonderful people here. 

Oh, I wanted to share these two beautiful images with all of you. 

I hope you are doing well. Sending you warmth and light. 


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2014-02-12 16:26:07 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 17 +1s)

From last week at the SEEC Conference in Houston. These STEM teachers are truly wonderful, inspirational and such an asset to all of us. Thank you to all you educators out there! You make a big difference - sometimes not seen for years. 

From left to right: 
Jennifer Cheesman, Becky Loy, Michael Wilkinson, Jacqui Flowers, Maria Nickel, Diana LeSueur

#STEM   #SEEC2014   #Education  

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2014-02-12 15:45:27 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Today I am dedicated my thoughts to Jennifer, 6 years old and suffering from DIPG. 

"Yesterday 7 children died from cancer.
….my child wasn’t one of them.
Today 7 children will die from cancer.
My daughter is one of them.
She gifted me her first and her last breathe. . .
and so many beautiful ones in between."

A Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) is a tumor located in the pons (middle) of the brain stem. The brain stem is the bottom most portion of the brain, connecting the cerebrum with the spinal cord. The majority of brain stem tumors occur in the pons (middle brain stem) and are diffusely infiltrating, (they grow amidst the nerves), and therefore are not able to be surgically removed.

I am sending her mom, dad and her three other siblings my best thoughts. Hopefully someday we will be able to cure any sort of cancer.Unfo... more »

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2014-02-12 15:10:41 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 5 +1s)

Are you all watching some of the Olympic Winter Games? I have been enjoying learning about the science behind some of the disciplines. 

Let's look at Curling (what actually looks boring, is in fact really fascinating). 

#STEM   #Sochi2014   #Curling  

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2014-02-12 15:08:29 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 7 +1s)

Good morning from cold CHICKaGO! Ha! 

I am here for the 2014 International Public Science Events Conference & AAAS Annual Meeting. 

Science festivals are proliferating rapidly across the globe, and growing in scope and impact in the communities where they are already taking place. It's a wonderful way to get #STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and inspiration into the communities. 

So I will be learning what others do, hopefully give some feedback and most importantly, inspire and get inspired.

  #Chicago   #IPSEC2014  

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2014-02-11 19:13:45 (4 comments, 1 reshares, 10 +1s)

The Sun is always changing and NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is always watching. Launched on February 11, 2010, SDO keeps a 24-hour eye on the entire disk of the Sun, with a prime view of the graceful dance of solar material coursing through the Sun's atmosphere, the corona. SDO's fourth year in orbit was no exception: NASA is releasing a movie of some of SDO's best sightings of the year, including massive solar explosions and giant sunspot shows.

SDO captures images of the Sun in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. Different temperatures can, in turn, show specific structures on the Sun such as solar flares, which are giant explosions of light and x-rays, or coronal loops, which are streams of solar material traveling up and down looping magnetic field lines. 

The movie shows examples of both, as well... more »

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2014-02-11 15:52:04 (1 comments, 6 reshares, 20 +1s)

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, best known for cutting-edge images of the Sun, has made a discovery right here on Earth. 

"It's a new form of ice halo," says atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley of England. "We saw it for the first time at the launch of SDO--and it is teaching us new things about how shock waves interact with clouds." 

Ice halos are rings and arcs of light that appear in the sky when sunlight shines through ice crystals in the air. A familiar example is the sundog—a rainbow-colored splash often seen to the left or right of the morning sun. Sundogs are formed by plate-shaped ice crystals drifting down from the sky like leaves fluttering from trees. 

Four years ago, during my launch my Atlas V rocket 
destroyed a sundog—and that's how the new halo was discovered. 

"When the rocket penetrated thecirrus, ... more »

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2014-02-11 15:48:31 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 9 +1s)

It's already been 4 years! 

Today in 2010 our Little NASA SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Right after the lift-off the Atlas V rocket destroyed a Sundog. Check it out, 1 min. 45 sec into this video. 

#Rocket   #NASA   #SDO   #STEM  

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2014-02-10 22:26:48 (1 comments, 4 reshares, 15 +1s)

Have you been following the Olympics? Maybe figure skating? Well, there is some spinning STEM involved. Legendary MIT physics professor Walter Lewin describes some of the science that will be in action during the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

#sochi2014   #STEM  


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2014-02-10 18:05:50 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 10 +1s)

Hey Chicago - I will be back this week! Mark your calendars. This Saturday is a free and fun event you should come to and spend some time with me! This will be at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago (Purpel Level) from 11 AM to 5 PM. 

Explore interactive science exhibits, learn about cool science jobs, and have your questions answered by scientists! Family Science Days are free and open to all.

This free community science showcase features hands-on demos, shows, and other activities appropriate for K-12 children and their families. The event features a broad range of educators and scientists promoting an interest in science among the general public.

More information here: http://meetings.aaas.org/public/family-science-days/

Thank you +AAAS for this great event. 

PS: I was in Chicago last year with my friend Mark. I dared him to wear a San Jose Sharks hockeyje... more »

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2014-02-07 21:49:34 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 16 +1s)

Oh, I also have to tell you about this morning's keynote speaker! Somebody very special! 

Astronaut Jerry Ross delivered a very fascinating keynote. I enjoyed listening to his stories. 

He is the co-holder of an amazing record of seven space-flights. Imagine that - 7 trips to Space. 7 times leaving Earth's gravitational pull and 7 times coming back and meeting that force again. 7 times experiencing the moment of weightlessness. Just amazing! 

Astronaut Jerry Ross supported the Space Shuttle Program as an Astronaut from before the first launch in April 1981 to the last landing in July 2011. He also supported the International Space Station Program from its inception through the completion of assembly of the ISS in 2011.

#SEEC2014   #STEM  

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2014-02-07 21:26:04 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 8 +1s)

Flight Director +Ed Van Cise  and I got into the TARDIS and took a trip back in time. We arrived in a room full of history. A room filled with greenish big and bulky stations, big buttons and dials, old telephones, and a pneumatic tube canisters in consoles. At times cigarette smoke filled the room and a flight director with a vest was leading the groups. Today this room is a National Historic Landmark, filled with space flight stories.

Since 1965, Mission Control has been the helm of America’s human spaceflights. Since International Space Station assembly began in 1998, the center has become a focal point for human spaceflight worldwide. The teams that work in Mission Control, Houston, have been vital to every U.S. human spaceflight since the Gemini IV mission in 1965, including the Apollo missions that took humans to the moon and the more than 110 space shuttle flights since 1981.
... more »

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2014-02-07 19:33:52 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 12 +1s)

I just got to visit with my favorite Flight Director! +Ed Van Cise is truly one hard-working, smart and inspirational person. Ed is in the Space Camp Hall of Fame, just like Liz Warren, who I visited with yesterday. 

Ed stressed that teachers need to stress to students the importance of teamwork, communication and leadership. You must learn to get along with others. 

Ed will be the Flight Director for Expedition 40/41 with Astro Reid Wiseman and Alex Gerst. You know, the crew I was supposed to be flying with. But now I will cheer them on from the ground and it will be extra special. Just wait! I have some awesome things planed. They will be launching in just a little over 100 days from now... 

Ed's story is a good one! He was born in Bay City, Michigan and earned a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 2000. Edjoi... more »

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2014-02-07 16:52:48 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 5 +1s)

With the Olympics Games beginning, here is something very great. Various disciplines are all about STEM. 

#STEM #Sochi 


2014-02-05 18:39:01 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

I am on my way to Houston and I got the most heart-warming letter this morning! Dear Colin has been asking me to come and visit him and his family again. We might go and visit Chabot Space & Science Center's "Touch the Sun" exhibit. We both love it! Anyway, here is Colin's wonderful letter: 

Dear Camilla,

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write back. 

We've been to the Sun exhibit at Chabot. I like the big screen that shows pictures of the Sun. I like that you can change the pictures of the sun to see different things. I know that the pictures on the screen were taken by Little SDO. 

Don't worry about the miniature golf clubs, I will help you play the game. When I first played miniature golf, they seemed big for me, too. 

When you come this year, can I show you my toys? I like to build with Legos. Would youlik... more »

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2014-01-31 19:54:44 (6 comments, 9 reshares, 21 +1s)

New footage of Felix's jump back "home". This is absolutely incredible. Look how peaceful it starts out only to become very violent. Wow! 

#RedBull   #GoPro   #STEM   #RedBullStratos  

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2014-01-31 19:00:46 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 10 +1s)

Zuni Hills Science Expo last night was so much fun. Great kids. Great Inventions.

The US has become a global leader, in large part, through the genius and hard work of its scientists, engineers and innovators. Yet today, that position is threatened as comparatively few American students pursue expertise in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)—and by an inadequate pipeline of teachers skilled in those subjects.

Only 16 percent of American high school seniors are proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career.

Even among those who do go on to pursue a college major in the STEM fields, only about half choose to work in a related career. The United States is falling behind internationally, ranking 25th in mathematics and 17th in science among industrialized nations. In our competitive global economy, this situation, my friends, isu... more »

posted image

2014-01-29 22:30:10 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 12 +1s)

What a fun day I have had here at the Merrymount Elementary school in Quincy Massachusetts. 

We were playing reading Jeopardy - and this team had named themselves the 5 Quackers - so I became their mascot. I suppose that's ok to be the Quacker's mascot, right? After all, there are some people who nick-named me "The Duck!".

And then we had a very special guest speaker here. Do you recognize this gentleman? 

Yes, this is Astronaut Stephen Bowen and he is the first Submarine Officer selected by NASA in July 2000 as a mission specialist.

A veteran of three trips to space, STS-126 in 2008, STS-132 in 2010, and STS-133 in 2011, Astro Bowen has logged a total of 40 days, 10 hours, 4 minutes and 37 seconds in space, including 47 hours and 18 minutes of EVA in 7 spacewalks.

Astro Bowen told the kids to work hard and remember what they learn.H... more »

posted image

2014-01-17 19:15:58 (0 comments, 4 reshares, 13 +1s)

Antsonauts now on the International Space Station - in the name of science, research and the development of better algorithms for autonomous robots. Wow, #STEM  is awesome. What a great Stanford University project, lead by Professor Deborah Gordon. 

I wonder if any of these ants have experiences SAS (Space Adaptation Syndrome) on the "Garn Scale" 


#Stanford   #NASA   #Space   #ISS  

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2014-01-16 15:18:05 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 22 +1s)

Good morning everyone! 

Oh, I have a wonderful story for you all today.

Ever wondered why a flock of birds always flies in a V formation. Why not a Z or G one? Well, scientists have found that birds position themselves and time their wing beats so perfectly that, according to aerodynamic theory, they minimize their energy use. It's a task that requires each bird to monitor subtle changes in its wing mates' flight and alter its own path and stroke accordingly.

When the researchers analyzed the data from 14 young ibises flying in a V, they found that each ibis placed itself an average of four feet behind the bird in front of it and at an average angle of 45 degrees. That's just the configuration needed for individual birds to catch the rising air generated by the flapping of the bird in front of it. By capturing this rising air, or "upwash," the bird... more »

posted image

2014-01-14 19:05:10 (1 comments, 1 reshares, 10 +1s)

This totally made me smile. I just came across this write up on the PBS website. Oh, the wonderful memories! 

This picture was taken on the Red Square in Moscow and Astronaut Ride Wiseman thought it would be funny to introduce me to a monkey... what happened next was that I got a big kiss and ended up with monkey pox! 

The sunrise picture was right before the Total Solar Eclipse on the beach of the Gold Coast in Australia. 

#PBS   #STEM   #Fun  



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