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Hermine Ngnomire has been at 32 events

Hermine Ngnomire28,100Testing out the Promo App again!  Plus, I got some new bangs - want to know what you think!New Bangs2014-06-27 23:35:0612G+
Eric Enge18,025And, the journey continues.  SEO has been through a constant state of change since its inception.  Understanding where its been can provide powerful clues to where it's going, and how market forces operate.  +Mark Traphagen +Ammon Johns and I will share what we have learned along the way!Here is the YouTube Link: The History of SEO - What a Long Strange Trip it's Been!The show will air at 1 PM EDT (Boston time) on Tuesday June 24, 2014.  Say YES to make sure you get the video for live or later viewing.  We will also share the video link here for mobile viewers.Please help us make this a rocking event by inviting others and re-sharing the event.  Thank you! #SEO  The History of SEO - What a Long Strange Trip it's Been!2014-06-24 19:00:00167G+
Chef Dennis Littley563,759Join me on my favorite day of the week Friday for Good Day Google+ with my special guests +Jeanette Chen Food Blogger, Corporate consulting (Health and Wellness), Website content manager, and Writer/Photographer behind Jeanette's Healthy Living+Wayne Nix Entrepreneur , Host of Lookin' for Good Cookin', Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Thought Leader and Blogger+Kathleen DeCosmo Mom, Designer, Curator, Content Creator and Courier of "Lasting Impressions"Good Day Google+ is the perfect way to wind down your work week with some great conversation in a relaxing atmosphere where you'll eat away with new friends and quite a bit of information. You will not find any controversy just some of your favorite plussers interacting and engaging the real people. Bring your lunch or bring a friend just do not miss the best weekly HOA on Google+! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, TGIF! Friday, May 23rd at 11am PST | 12 pm MST | 1pm CST | 2 pm ESTCheck your time zone here -> http://goo.gl/sa8CdP   Watch our show here on the event page where you can leave your comments and ask your questions during The shows broadcast live. But if you can not watch it live you do not worry can always watch the replay on my YouTube Channel: http://goo.gl/3iukbR#GoodDayGooglePlus   #rockthegplushouse       #askchefdennis Good Day Google+ - Food for Thought2014-05-23 20:00:0072G+
2 Degrees Food38,301JOIN the 2 Degrees team and Founder in a bar tasting webinar to launch our new Affiliate Program!Launch of the 2 Degrees Affiliate Program for Bloggers2014-05-02 02:00:0015G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934Simply Singapore is a collaboration between +Larry Fournillier  and myself, +Azlin Bloor. Singapore food is a wonderful mix of cuisines that reflect its multicultural population: Malay, Indian, Chinese, Eurasian and that’s just for starters!Come and tantalise your taste buds with Larry and me in my kitchen as we explore the delicious wonder that is Singaporean Cuisine!I’ll be cooking a recipe perfect for Good Friday:Baked Salmon on a bed of Jasmine Rice, an aromatic dish using herbs and spices that my grandmother would have cooked with on a daily basis, in Singapore.Here is the link to Azlin's recipe: http://linsfood.com/baked-salmon-on-jasmine-rice/In the meantime, for more of my recipes, go to www.LinsFood.comJoin us on Sunday, the 13th of April for a Sweet, Spicy and Sexy time!Azlin asked a friend of hers who knows his wine, +Nick Stokes  to suggest some wines. This is what he says:"I would go for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough to complement the freshness and citrus. If there is lots of chilli then I would go for an Albariño from North West Spain which is dry but gives the impression of sweetness with its fruit and goes well with chilli. There was also this white from Crete I reviewed recently which has the citrus element but also the off-dry touch. http://www.eastmedfood.com/mediterra-xerolithia-2012-peza-crete-greece/ #hoa   #simplysingapore   #bakedsalmon   #jasminerice  Simply Singapore with Azlin Bloor - S01E012014-04-13 21:00:00131G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934Make it, Snap it, Eat it!  That's Australian, +Alice Lau (Girl In A Food Frenzy)'s motto and she will be featured on a special presentation of Food Stories.   Alice is very unique, in that, she mixes her passions food and the arts to create fun and imaginative videos.  Look at a sample of her work - How to make Savoury Bread & Butter Puddings.   You can also get some of Alice's wonderful recipes from her teriffic blog: http://girlinafoodfrenzy.comOn Saturday's show Alice will be sharing with us her Homemade Ricotta Cheese recipe and the story behind that easy to make dish. So join us LIVE at a special day and time : Saturday 22 at 7:00PM(EDT & AST)  In Australia it will be Sunday 23 at 10:AM(AEDT)As usual, don't forget to bring your favorite beverage and sense of humor to the HOA :)Food Stories is being brought to you in part by +2 Degrees Food.   Please Buy A Bar and Feed A Hungry Child.  Visit www.twodegreesfood.com and use the promo code FOODSTORIES15 to get 15% off your purchase. #foodstories   #hoa   #homemaderecipe   #ricottacheese  Food Stories - featuring Alice Lau | Homemade Ricotta Cheese (S01E07)2014-03-23 00:00:0058G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934We are back in Curacao for the 2nd episode of Season 3.  Our favorite Curacaoan beauty and home-cook,+Sheedia Jansen will be whipping up a traditional island sweet-treat,  *Ko’i Lechi* (pronounced co-ee le-chee). Literally translated as “milk thing”, it's a favorite amongst the locals.  Here is a link to Sheedia's simple recipe: http://goo.gl/6ZquJGJoin us on Sunday 23rd at 3:00PM(EST), 4:00PM(AST) for food, fun and lively chatter.  Don't forget to walk with your favorite beverage!! #hoa   #hangoutsonair    #curacao    #caribbeancooking    #koilechi  Caribbean Cooking with Larry Fournillier S3E02 - Ko'i Lechi2014-03-09 21:00:0068G+
The Huffington Post2,302,177+The Huffington Post /  #HuffPostSports  chats with U.S. gold medalist  gymnast +Gabrielle Douglas. As a member of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics, she won gold medals in both the individual all-around and team competitions. Gabby is the first woman of color and the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion, and the first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics as well as being the only American all-around champion to win multiple gold medals. She was also a member of the gold-winning U.S. team at the 2011 World Championships.We are excited to talk with Gabby about all aspects of her life and achievements as well as hearing her thoughts on the #WinterOlympics in Sochi. We will also be answering your questions LIVE on Tuesday, February 18 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT. This Hangout On Air is part of +Google+'s Black History Month Hangout series.#hangoutonair   #gabbydouglas   #olympics   #blackhistorymonth  @chris greenberg +matthew rappaport [Awesome Giftastic Banner by Huffpost's +Tiara Chiaramonte]Gold Medal Olympian Gabby Douglas HuffPost Hangout2014-02-18 21:00:00368G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934On this episode of Food Stories I will be featuring +ally phillips.  Ally  will be sharing a vintage recipe from her Croatian mother and grandmother, Zivila Kata Cheesecake.   It's part of her heritage and her Bohemian Bold culinary trademark, so come see how this rustic peasant cheesecake was such a treat for Ally as a little girl.  To get the recipe go to http://goo.gl/VCifwNJoin us on Sunday, 9th, February at 12:00PM(PST), 3:00PM(EST) & 4:00PM(AST) for food, fun and a rocking good time!I would also like to thank the show's sponsor +2 Degrees Food for supplying their delicious and nutritious healthy bars.  To order and receive 15%*off go to www.twodegreesfood.com and use the *promo code FOODSTORIES15.  Thank you!#hoa   #hangoutsonair   #foodstories  Food Stories S01E05 - Featuring Ally Phillips2014-02-09 21:00:0066G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934On this episode of Food Stories +Gail Pasternack   will be joined by her husband Alan, and they both will be cooking and sharing with us a Jewish folklore. Get To know the Pasternack’s…Gail Pasternack is a fantasy writer with a passion for food and folklore, especially Jewish Folklore. To create the cuisine for her fantasy world of Awan, Gail collaborated with her husband, Alan.  Alan knows his way around the kitchen since he has worked at a couple of three and four star French restaurants which have been written about in the New York Times. What will they be cooking?During the show, they will prepare a sweet-and-sour fish dish from the Uriyana region of Awan. The recipe can be found on Gail's blog, Crossing the Demons' Threshold at http://goo.gl/1eMjvG  While they cook, Rivkah Coburn, a professional maggid (Jewish storyteller and teacher) will share a food story from the Jewish tradition.Show’s SponsorI’m also would like to thank my show’s sponsor +2 Degrees Food for providing delicious samples of their great product to all of my hangouts guests :)We will have some giveaways!!!  So watch us and join in on the fun on *Sunday 26th at 12:00Noon(PST), 3:00PM(EST) & 4:00PM(AST)#hoa   #foodstories   #larryfournillier   #jewishfolklore  Food Stories S1E4 - featuring Gail Pasternack2014-01-26 21:00:0067G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934Have you ever wondered how the constellations of Pisces and Cancer made it into the sky?  According to the ancient folklore of the Nvong Nvong tribe of Cameroon, Africa, this story unravels with friendship, betrayal and revenge when a  fishing expedition goes awry.  See what happens when you add three generations of family, home cooking and spiritual songs to the mix.Join +Hermine Ngnomire , her daughter,  Arianna Ngnomire, and the family's matriarch, Therese Mpoumedjol on Sunday 22nd at 3:00PM(EST) as they fry plantains (staple Cameroonian food) and relate this intriguing story.Also joining us will be +MoringaConnect's +Emily Cunningham and +Kwami Williams  who will be telling us all about their Ghanan Moringa project which involves improving lives there with the many uses of this 'miracle' tropical plant.#hoa   #foodstories   #hangoutsonair   #plantains  Food Stories – featuring Pisces and Cancer2013-12-22 21:00:0055G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934This Saturday in a special Christmas presentation of Caribbean Cooking with Larry Fournillier, we will be going back to the beautiful island of Curacao and cook with our good friend +Sheedia Jansen.Sheedia told me she has a very delicious local dish that she is going to prepare.  I can't wait to find out what it is!!  The recipe will be revealed on Saturday, so tune in to find out her secret recipe :)Also joining the HOA will be two very special guests (+Emily Cunningham & +Kwami Williams) from a world changing organization, +MoringaConnect.  They will be chatting with us about the benefits of the magical product - Moringa.  So, join us on Saturday 21st at 3:00PM(EST) and 4:00(AST)#hoa   #caribbeancooking   #larryfournillier  Caribbean Cooking with Larry Fournillier S02E13 - featuring Sheedia Jansen2013-12-21 21:00:0033G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934It's back!!!! The Twelve Days of Christmas a fun event which involves ALL of you.  This Event begins tomorrow, Saturday, December, 14th and ends December 25th (Christmas Day).Here is what we will do...Beginning December 14th you may post your Christmas related photos to this Event page and upload your favorite Christmas recipes(Food & Drink) to Google Drive. Here is where and what you may upload...Google Drive Folder ( http://goo.gl/wZoJmT ) -  Please upload your Christmas recipes(Food&Drink) to the public Drive folder.   You may also, include your name on your recipe/s so you can get the credit. :-)On the Event Page upload photos & videos of...                      - Decorative & gift ideas,                      - Outdoor Christmas lighting,                      - Lighted Christmas trees,                      - Traditional foods & music                      - Snowmen, snowscapes, ice-skating, etc.                      - How you and yours celebrate the Season. Please don't post semi or fully nude images  Let's all have  fun and share the good-times this Holiday Season!!#12daysofchristmas   #12days  The Twelve Days of Christmas2013-12-14 11:00:00167G+
Giving Tuesday23,982Established in 2012, Giving Tuesday brings together global charities, families, community centers, students, and more for a day of giving. This year, Giving Tuesday will be held on Tuesday, December 3. +Google+ will provide an opportunity for individuals to give back - either by directly donating to nonprofits or by purchasing goods for good - by leveraging the Shoppable Hangouts app to provide interactive opportunities for charities to raise money and for brands to innovatively sell their products. For 12 hours, Google+ is partnering with +Mashable for #GivingTuesday to feature over 24 charities and brands that users can support. The Hangout will be streamed from the +Giving Tuesday page.The Google+ Hangout-a-thon will create exciting and meaningful moments, encouraging viewers to get involved in every day philanthropy. Viewers also have the option to directly donate to the guest nonprofits and learn more about other #GivingTuesday participating partners. As social giving becomes a major innovation for fundraising, Google is providing a new opportunity for charitable organizations to share their stories in innovative and unique ways. 9 AM - +Mashable & +United Nations Foundation kick off the day9:30 AM -  +Africa Yoga Project morning yoga10 AM - +Refugees United with +United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) & +RYOT News links refugees to their families 10:30 AM - +Veterans United (+Sarah Hill)  with +Ruckabye Baby & +The Heroes Project talk about supporting our veterans 11 AM - +TOMS showcases winter styles & Marketplace 11:30 AM - +The V Foundation for Cancer Research talks with patient from Duke Hospital12 PM - +The Monday Life demonstrates art, music, and pet therapy 12:30 PM - +charity: water joins +The Elf on the Shelf to speak about their partnership and work1 PM - +Warby Parker founders Neil Blumenthal & David Bilboa share winter glasses styles and talks about their partnership with Vision Spring1:30 PM - +Code.org, +Girls Who Code, & +CODE2040  teach a coding lesson and talks about computer science education   2 PM - +Pencils of Promise founder +Adam Braun speaks with actress Sophia Bush about importance of global education while showcasing +Hucksley products2:30 PM - +WhyHunger speaks about building a movement to end hunger with actress +Emily Kinney   3 PM - +UNICEF invites the public to take action to help in the Philippines 3:30 PM - +Save the Children USA ambassadors Chris Daughtry & Jennifer Garner share their experiences with Save the Children.4 PM - +Happy Hearts Fund discusses the impact of natural disasters on global youth 4:30 PM - +Krochet Kids intl. showcases their items that empower individuals to rise out of poverty5 PM - +T#GivingTuesday Google+ Hangout-a-thon2013-12-03 15:00:007928G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934Everyone has a story, they want to tell it and I want to share it. This is the second installment in my new series of food/cooking HOAs where I will introduce you to some great folks who, like me, have a passion for fun, food and cooking.Allow me to introduce you to G+er +Sheedia Jansen   a Curacaoan who loves her country so much, she is considered the unofficial Cultural Ambassador of Curacao.  Sheedia has a great blog, Curacao Vacation Blog( http://curacaovacationblog.com) and an awesome G+ Page +Curacao 411  Sheedia is no stranger to the kitchen, she began cooking at age 18 and on Sunday's show she will be telling us her story, while preparing a local dish of Arepa di Pampuna, or Pumpkin Pancakes.So, join us on Sunday 24th, at 4:00PM(AST) 3:00PM(EST), 12:00PM(PST) and 2:00PM(CST) to hear Sheedia's fascinating story and watch her make one of her favorite snacks.Here is the recipe : http://curacaovacationblog.com/post/pumpkin-pancakes/#foodstories   #pumpkinpancakes   #hoa   #hangoutsonair  Food Stories Episode 2 - featuring Sheedia Jansen2013-11-24 21:00:0084G+
Mia Voss25,966This week we bust out a Weekend Edition for you! +Dustin W. Stout, +Michael Q Todd & +Ileane Smith will join us as we chat all things online & Social Media. Grab your cup of coffee and stay in your PJ's and bring your questions & comments. These three are POWERHOUSES of Info and you don't want to miss it!  Saturday, November 9th9:30amPST/10:30amMSt/11:30amCST/12:30pmESTFind your time zone!  http://bit.ly/18QhHTyHow & where to watch:- Google Events: You can watch, comment & ask questions right here on this event- YouTube:  Social Media Power Chat - All about Blogging with Dustin Stout, Michael Q Todd & Ileane Smith- Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheMiaConnect- TweetHappy? Follow us at https://twitter.com/TheMiaConnect and use hashtag #BatCrapCrazy          Join the #SocialMediaPowerchat  Community for updates!*http://bit.ly/HwmLXI*Can't make the show? Not to worry - you can catch the Youtube replay right here on the event or at http://themiaconnect.com/episodes/#BatCrapCrazy    | #GetYourLearnOn    Social Media Power Chat - Weekend Edition with Dustin Stout, Michael Q. Todd & Ileane Smith2013-11-09 18:30:00241G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934+Julia Senesac will be cooking a tasty island seafood dish Ahi Tuna with a Caribbean Mango Salsa. So join us on Sunday 3rd at 3:00PM(EST), 12:00PM(PST) & 1:00PM(MTN) for a fun and always unpredictable HOA :-)Here is a link to the recipe: http://goo.gl/xwMYh9I do encourage audience participation so please direct your questions to Julia or myself using the HOA Q&A App.  See you guys on Sunday!! :)Cooking Caribbean Cuisine w/ Larry Fournillier S02E12 - Ahi Tuna w/ a Caribbean Mango Salsa2013-11-03 21:00:0044G+
Maria Quiban416,766Join us as we chat with Jack Osbourne of the Osbournes! and also Entourage's "Turtle", Jerry Ferrara on his new movie with Robert Deniro in Last Vegas. Come join us for Q & A!#entouragemovie   #lastvegasmovie   #jackosbourne  #Fanchat Jack Osbourne & Jerry Ferrara of Entourage2013-10-31 16:30:0036G+
Google+7,011,976The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0034310G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934Everyone has a story, they want to tell it and I want to share it.  My new series of food/cooking HOAs will introduce you to some great folks who, like me, have  a passion for food and for cooking.Allow me to introduce you to my first guest, he’s 15 year old David Garcia, a native of Mountain View, California, the epicenter of Silicon Valley.  While some youths at this age are glued to the TV, David’s not.  His passion for cooking began at the tender age of three.   Every time his grandmother cared for him, she cooked eggs and David wanted to learn how to make them. Baking for David is a way to relax, have fun and learn new things.  He loves the saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”  After high school, David plans to attend college and major in philosophy and minor in music, and then to continue mastering his cooking skills with a culinary degree.  This young man is awesome!!So join us on Saturday 26th, at 4:00PM(EDT), 1:00PM(PDT)  & 2:00PM(CDT) to hear David’s story and watch him make one of his favorite desserts, Julia Child's Reine De Saba(Queen of Sheba) Cake - http://goo.gl/W9yGDT  I do encourage audience participation so please feel free to ask David or myself any questions via the Hangout's Q&A App.#foodstories   #desserts   #larryfournillier  Food Stories - featuring David Garcia2013-10-26 22:00:0028G+
Stacy Frazer68,304We're back! Join us Wednesday, Oct 16th 6pm Pacific, for Thai One On with Stacy. I'll be preparing Vegetable Curry and a Thai Spiced Hot Toddy!+Larry Fournillier will be joining us as Moderator, along with other interesting and humorous plussers.You can watch the video right here from the event page once we go live!If you're interested in being a part of the show (peanut gallery) or know someone who would, leave me a comment or tag them into a comment.Recipes linked here:http://goo.gl/CzKSvphttp://goo.gl/9liyHQ#ThaiOneOn   #ThaiFood   #Thai   #HangoutsOnAir   #HOA   Thai One On with Stacy Episode #162013-10-17 03:00:0032G+
Daria Musk3,454,856Friday, Oct 11th is The UN's Official Day Of The Girl Child. This year's theme is "Innovate To Educate" and in celebration I (+Daria Musk) will be hosting a special Hangout On Air with some wonderful organizations and amazing young girls around the world!We'll be joined by representatives from +The School Fund and a few young female students from Tanzania who will tell us how the opportunity to get educated has impacted their lives and inspired their dreams! We'll also have a representative from +She's the First another great program that gets girls into schools worldwide! We'll also be joined by a classroom of girls from The Fraser-Woods School in Newtown, Connecticut who have been raising money to send girls their age to school through The School Fund!We'll share stories, learn about the extraordinary benefits of girls education and I'll even close things out with a song or two ;)Hooray for #TheDayOfTheGirl !DAY OF THE GIRL - HANGOUT2013-10-11 15:00:00129G+
matthew rappaport191,711New +Hangout Conversations Tonight for EPIC MEALTIME +foodporn from Chefs +Stacy Frazer and +Lucius Nite from +Thai One On with Stacy !We will be cooking, eating, chatting about everything from recipes to +H.I.R.L. ing and how +2 people can meet on +Google+ through Hangouts and have it lead to LOVE!All that and something #wetwednesday  to wash it all down!Join us for all the FUN with your LIVE Questions, comments and more tonight Plussers!! It'll DEFINITELY be tasty and FULL of Win!+G+ Achievement Unlocked  #foodporn   #hangoutconversations  Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport : Stacy Frazer & Lucius Nite join me for Tacos!2013-10-03 02:30:0012G+
Virtual Photo Walks™4,098,027A  +Virtual Photo Walks™  with  +Hermine Ngnomire  her home town Boulder Colorado guided by +Dominic Phillips  #vipcon  #denverhirl  #5280viphirl  #virtualphotowalks Twenty Miles surrounded by Reality2013-09-07 21:00:0063G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934The Denver HIRL House will come alive with a larger than life tailgating party.  Just in time for kick-off of the NFL 2013 Season,  where the Super Bowl Champions, Baltimore Ravens will be going up against the Denver Broncos!!However, before game time, +Mandy Miller  of +All American Johnny's Pizza,  will be joining me in the kitchen.   There we will be making the ultimate tailgating food: Pizza, Cajun Shrimp, Barbecue Chicken, Ribs and Sausages.  We will be pairing all that delicious food with some great tasting brew from +Breckenridge Brewery. So mark your calendars and join us on Thursday 5th September at 3:00PM(MDT) for a fun time and good food.  This event is sponsored in part by the great folks at +All American Johnny's Pizza  and +Breckenridge Brewery! #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #denverhirl   #tailgateparty  The Ultimate Tailgating Party ( A Denver HIRL Event)2013-09-05 23:00:0025G+
77Provocative and  timely discussion on Social Video and the innovations that are changing the landscape.Join us with hosts and attendees: +Sarah Hill +Larry Fournillier +George Sepich +Marilyn Ritter +Ronnie Bincer +John Ellis  and +Hermine Ngnomire  #sodelicious  Fireside Chat – Strategic Social Video2013-09-05 02:30:0051G+
Larry Fournillier1,178,934This is one of many HOAs that will be coming to you LIVE from the Denver HIRL.   On this show, I will be joined by +Mandy Miller  ,  owner/operator/Chef of a great Italian restaurant, +All American Johnny's Pizza, in Aurora, Colorado..Mandy will be sharing with us, the recipe of one of her restaurant's most popular menu item, Spicy Sausage Spaghetti.  YUMMM!!We'll be paring the delicious dish with an amazing wine from +SIP Certified Sustainable Vineyards & Wines So join us on September 3rd at 3:00PM(MDT), 2:00PM(PDT) & 5:00PM(EDT) for fun, food and drink.This HIRL event is sponsored in part by +All American Johnny's Pizza  and +SIP Certified Sustainable Vineyards & Wines! If you would like to join me in the hangout, please let me know at least 24 hrs. before we go ON AIR, thanks! :)#hoa   #hangoutsonair   #denverhirl  Cooking with Chef Larry - At Home Comforts (Denver HIRL Special)2013-09-03 23:00:0040G+
77An energetic and engaging conversation on National Social and innovations that are changing the landscape.   Daria Musk will  be performing LIVE!!Join us with hosts and attendees:  +Larry Fournillier  +Daria Musk  +Gil Melo  +Matthew Miller  +Michael Tangen +Hermine Ngnomire  and +Breckenridge Brewery #denverhirl  Fireside Chat - Strategic National Social with Breckenridge Brewery2013-09-03 02:30:0041G+
Maria Quiban416,766#Fanchat   Amy Brenneman,  Rapture, Blister, Burn  PLUS:  Mike Tyson,  “Being: Mike Tyson”#FanChat Amy Brenneman, and "Iron" Mike Tyson2013-08-20 17:30:0042G+
Maria Quiban416,766#Fanchat w/Property Brothers Drew & Jonathan!! #HGTV#Fanchat w/Property Brothers Drew & Jonathan!! #HGTV2013-08-09 17:30:0024G+
Tim Clary259,166Come get yer drink and yer draw on with the fine folks at Roc Brewing Co. (http://rocbrewingco.com/)! Enjoy a tasty brew while checking out my very first solo art show! Who knows, you might even see yourself on the wall!The final week of June is a great time to be in the city as Rochester plays host to the Rochester International Jazz Festival (http://www.rochesterjazz.com/). There are several free shows scheduled for that weekend, so the town will be rockin’ long after we’re tired of doodlin’.My show will be up until the end of July, so if you can’t make it for this event and you’re in the Rochester, NY area stop in anytime. Hope to see ya there!Drink N Draw - Reception2013-06-29 00:00:007G+
Maria Quiban416,766Who's on deck for our #HOA  here at +FOX 11 Los Angeles tomorrow (Thursday)?1) Kerri Walsh Jennings,   3 Time Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist/Tempur-pedic SpokespersonTwitter:@kerrileewalshInstagram:@kerrileewalsh2) Tatiana Maslany,   Black OrphanTwitter  @TatianaMaslany@OrphanBlack@BBCAMERICA: https://twitter.com/BBCAMERICACelebrity Hangout w/Kerri Walsh, Tatiana Maslany2013-05-30 17:30:0033G+

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Joe Martinez61,582My Favorite People & Brand Pages on Google+ - June 2014All these people are amazing and fun (hence why I follow them)! :) If you are looking for people to follow then this is definitely the circle for you! There is a little bit of everything here! From people who love photography, tech, music, art... the list is endless! Enjoy!!  Some of the awesomesauce in this circle:  +Hanna Silver, +DJ Spin, +Tanya Muse Diaz, +Tiffany Henry, +Ant J, +anthony feliciano, +jessi roman, +Bronwyn McGuckin, +Renata Sherwin, +Cynthia K Seymour, +Natascha Otero, +Daria Musk, +Kamal Tailor, +Emily Jiménez, +Carms Perez, +Christopher Lira, +Eleanor Hoh, +Chris Pirillo, +2014-06-23 04:01:3650138638CC G+
khairul efendi0 Keep this simple!1. ADD the circle2 Share the post3. Plus the post.4. Comment to be added. BAM that is all easy right!? #circleshare  #circlesharing #sharedpubliccircles #snowballcircle #hyberballcircle #publicsharedcircles      #ownsocialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #circlesharingpages   #sharingcircles   #whatshot   #followers   #googleplustips #CircleSharing #CircleShare #CircleOfTheDay #Circle #SharedCircles #Google #Google+ #GooglePlusTips #AddCircle #ADD #SharedPublicCircles #SharedCircle #Circles #Shared #Friends #Blogging #SharingCircles #CircleofFriends #Blogger #Engagers2014-06-20 07:31:49501204CC G+
Robert Connor9,868this is a good circle to add and share1. Add us to your circles, if you haven't done so already.2. Publicly share this circle to public, your circles and extended circles.3. If possible, leave a comment on this postcircle #circleshare #sharingcircles #addme #followme #followmeback #circlesharing #yourcircle #circleoffriends #topcircle #helpingcircles #followers #topcircleshare   #topcircles #curatorscircle2014-06-12 12:11:124487410CC G+
Shivakant Tripathi1,773IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS WORK PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:  1. Plus the post  2. Share the post  3. Add the circle if you can, if not try again later.  4. Request to be added in comments or let me know if you should be in it and for some reason are not.#sharedcircle #publiccircleshare   #circleshare   #circleoftheday #circleshares   #circlesharing   #circlesshare   #publicsharedcircle #publicsharedcircles   #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedcircleoftheweek   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircle #todayspublicsharedcircle #todayssharedcircle   #publiccircle #circle   #circles   #awesome #awesomeness #awesomepeople #shareyourcircle   #bestengagers #followers #followback   #awesomecircles #topsharedcircle #topsharedcircle   #myseoissocial   #besocial   #socializethesocial   #trust #circles #sharedcircle   2014-06-05 23:05:224351038CC G+
Harry Day305Google Friends! - You're in this Circle - Share the circle·         +1 this circle·         Share this circle·         Add this circle to your circles·         Comment on this post#SpecialNew #circles #sharedcircles #addcircle #veryimpcircle #circle #circleshare #circlesharing #circles #fashoncircle #fashion #model #pinterest #women #sharedcircles #share2014-05-16 11:29:50433337CC G+
Eric Kirchner3,312I don't see a lot of Circle Shares anymore, but since it's become harder and harder to find public hangouts going on, I thought I would share my, very diverse, circle of those that frequent #Hangouts  #CircleShare #HangoutPost2014-05-14 06:33:04104725CC G+
Cartoons Full Movie633Google Friends! - You're in this Circle - Share the circle *'"*:•:•* •-::-•:*:•-:¦: Share and Be Shared :¦:-•:*:•.::• •-:•:''''*                                              114This is a super Circle and in it I put together a group of really interesting and active people on Google Plus to add in your circles.I'm talking about the top Google+ users that share unique and original contents.Follow this advice and grow your G+ community with people that share amazing content that will surprise you:Boost your visibility on Google+ - Share the circle!If you want to be added to the next Circle you have to do these simple steps:1 - Include me in your circles 3 - Share the circle (Publicly) 4 - Add +1 to the post 5 - Follow your dreams and smile to life.More you share more you get! :)Thanks!#circles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #sharedcircles #sharingcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #share   #shared   #followers   #addcircles #publicsharedcircles   #share   #addpeople   #addcircle #addfriends   #circle2014-05-12 00:43:324708113CC G+
Bui Van Nam9095Google Friends! - You're in this Circle - Share the circle *'"*:•:•* •-::-•:*:•-:¦: Share and Be Shared :¦:-•:*:•.::• •-:•:''''*                                                 This is a super Circle and in it I put together a group of really interesting and active people on Google Plus to add in your circles.I'm talking about the top Google+ users that share unique and original contents.Follow this advice and grow your G+ community with people that share amazing content that will surprise you:Boost your visibility on Google+ - Share the circle!If you want to be added to the next Circle you have to do these simple steps:1 - Include me in your circles 3 - Share the circle (Publicly) 4 - Add +1 to the post 5 - Follow your dreams and smile to life.More you share more you get! :)Thanks!Circle Networkhttps://plus.google.com/b/112542593288160483901/112542593288160483901/postsNetwork Circleshttps://plus.google.com/b/112542593288160483901/communities/113362757071870225795#circles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #sharedcircles #sharingcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday #circlesunday   #share   #shared   #followers   #addcircles #publicsharedcircles   #share   #addpeople   #addcircle #addfriends   #circle   #socialmedia#Circlenetwork2014-05-07 16:07:274019515CC G+
Bui Van Nam9091Google Friends! - You're in this Circle - Share the circle *'"*:•:•* •-::-•:*:•-:¦: Share and Be Shared :¦:-•:*:•.::• •-:•:''''*                                                 This is a super Circle and in it I put together a group of really interesting and active people on Google Plus to add in your circles.I'm talking about the top Google+ users that share unique and original contents.Follow this advice and grow your G+ community with people that share amazing content that will surprise you:Boost your visibility on Google+ - Share the circle!If you want to be added to the next Circle you have to do these simple steps:1 - Include me in your circles 3 - Share the circle (Publicly) 4 - Add +1 to the post 5 - Follow your dreams and smile to life.More you share more you get! :)Thanks!Circle Networkhttps://plus.google.com/b/112542593288160483901/112542593288160483901/postsNetwork Circleshttps://plus.google.com/b/112542593288160483901/communities/113362757071870225795#circles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #sharedcircles #sharingcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday #circlesunday   #share   #shared   #followers   #addcircles #publicsharedcircles   #share   #addpeople   #addcircle #addfriends   #circle   #socialmedia#Circlenetwork2014-05-07 16:06:164014110CC G+
Ryan Johnson4,294Circle of  ORIGINAL CONTENT Creators  to add or share1) +1 this post2) Share this post publicly3) Comment below (ask to be added)4) Add the circle (if you can)#circleshare   #circlesharing   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles     #publiccircle   #teamelitecircle   #teameliteengagercircle   #dontconfusethecircles  2014-05-07 11:36:00464322654CC G+
martin shervington372,768Circle of thanks!Well, it has been a wildly busy couple of weeks and I want to give you all a quick shout out and thank you for your support.Have a lovely day/evening/morning or night, wherever you may be. #thankyou  2014-05-01 23:40:361474615104CC G+
Shinta putri anggun2291. Plus The Post2. Comment3. Add People To Circles4. Share The Circle! #circlesharing #circleshare #circles #circle #circleoftheday #indonesia  2014-04-26 11:37:514415319CC G+
Shivakant Tripathi1,650IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS WORK PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW:  1. Plus the post  2. Share the post  3. Add the circle if you can, if not try again later.  4. Request to be added in comments or let me know if you should be in it and for some reason are not. (。◕‿◕。)#sharedcircle #publiccircleshare   #circleshare   #circleoftheday #circleshares   #circlesharing   #circlesshare   #publicsharedcircle #publicsharedcircles   #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedcircleoftheweek   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircle #todayspublicsharedcircle #todayssharedcircle   #publiccircle #circle   #circles   #awesome #awesomeness #awesomepeople #shareyourcircle   #bestengagers #followers #followback   #awesomecircles #topsharedcircle #topsharedcircle   #myseoissocial   #besocial   #socializethesocial   #trust #circles 2014-04-16 21:12:284362111CC G+
John Nuntiatio33,635#circles #share #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #bestcircle #news 2014-04-15 20:17:2642922610CC G+
Jeff Shapiro1,005Dangerous Women 2.0A circle of women of G+ who make us laugh, cry, engage, and above all, think. If you know someone who belongs in this circle (and we all do), nominate them!2014-04-11 22:29:0750002CC G+
Carms Perez47,102Here's a circle with amazing women to follow on G+! My most recent find is+Kristen Macready  who is very engaging and always has a positive and uplifting word to say! Do you know any other amazing G+ women that I'm missing in this circle? Please mention them in the comments! :) #ns  2014-02-26 23:30:07425809CC G+
Becky Collins3,213Baseball circle #Baseball  #circles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlecircle   #beckyscircle   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday  +Becky Collins 2014-02-26 10:30:413883216CC G+
Larry Chuon74I'm new to Google+.  My circle of PlusOne is for those who are leveraging Google+ to grow their circle and business.2014-02-08 04:36:20236304CC G+
Hulk Hogan1,408Welcome to the RingOnly share this circle with someone who is a +Hulk Hogan or +Hostamania fan, keep it real.Hey all you Plussers! Thanks for the support here on google plus.I got my profile back, verified and I am badged up.I put it out there into the universe to see who was a +Hostamania  and #hulkamaniac   and the response was fantastic.Believe in yourself, your brand and be consistent with all that you do!" Even when you are reinventing yourself!Thanks for the great hangout www.steadydemand.com ! Thanks for everything plussers!2013-11-24 19:11:43144242876CC G+
Lany Sullivan2,409This is my +Go2Girl Favorite Engagers Circle Share #1. 1. Plus this post* 2. Leave a comment* 3. Share this circle publicly to your stream* 4. Add this circle to your circles Please make sure you plus and comment on the original post or else I won't notice it**************EXTRA CREDIT*****************  Subcribe to my YouTube Channel  to be added to my +Go2Girl  AllSTARS Circle Share: http://bit.ly/1d6eeZtMy Pages:Go2Girl -  Women's Powerhouse - http://bit.ly/Ic0ui9If I forgot to add you... doesn't mean I don't like you.... I just forgot to add you :) 2013-11-23 23:38:09500172233CC G+
Dustin W. Stout27,048The Most Helpful People On Google+This shared circle contains a highly curated group of the most helpful Google+ users. This is part 2 of my ongoing #circlesplosion  series (dustn.tv/circlesplosion). I guarantee that when you add this circle and begin interacting with some of the awesome people here, your Google+ experience will be greatly enhanced! This can also be your go-to list when you have questions about Google+ or want to keep up on the newest #featureupdate  as these folks have their thumb on the Google+ pulse. Be on the lookout for the next crowdsourcing post tomorrow!  #googleplushelp   #googleplustips   #sharedcircles  2013-11-14 02:03:57127444982CC G+
Matt Gibson920,723Ok so we are going to try something different here...As you may have noticed, I am sharing a circle of really cool people and pages for you to add to your circles.  If you want cool content from cool people - add the circle!  It's that simple!  If YOU would like your profile to be shared to almost 1 million people, leave me a comment that tells me a little bit about YOU.  What do you like?  What is your favorite music?  Where do you live?  Let's get to know each other!  What are your social network or website addresses (simply posting a link without telling me about YOU won't make the cut btw)?Here is an example:Hi!  My name is +Matt Gibson and I am an independent artist working on my 1st album!  I like all forms of music but I tend to lean towards metal.  I play guitar, piano, drums and saxophone as well as sing!  You can check out my website at www.crimsonsymphony.com and you can subscribe to my +YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/crimsonsymphonymusicI like books by great authors like Tolkien, +TERRY BROOKS  and Raymond Feist among others.  I read a lot of non-fiction as well on subjects like business, marketing, antiques and tech.I am an amateur gardener and I aspire to own my own beehives.I like reading your posts because you are such a handsome fellow with that long wavy hair and manly beard and....ahem ok you can skip that part unless you really mean it LOL.Now that's not hard is it?  Tell me about yourself and get your profile shared to a million people!  Not a bad deal eh?New and OLD friends can participate but no cheating or dumb comments like "add me" or "hi".  You should all thank +Amanda Blain for giving me this idea to steal for our benefit btw... so let the fun and networking begin!!PS If your comment is really cool you may find yourself in the next Cool People circle and who knows, maybe we will become friends or colleagues? 2013-10-03 00:47:03249721342CC G+
Pradeep Sanyal120,484The 500 Best of the Best on Google+!Make sure to share and add this circle so others can know about it! This circle includes fun, interesting, and engaging people that you definitely want to follow! #sharedcircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedpubliccircles   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circleoftheday   #circleoftheday  2013-09-27 04:31:395009512CC G+
Till Hansmeier925You are a sportsfan? Especially soccer? Than you should add these people! #sharedcircle #circle #circleshare #sportscircle #soccercircle #circles  2013-09-20 11:12:32501002CC G+
Bojan Jančar - Bo5,165Circle of awesome people on G+ #31. Plus this post. (Original post)2. Comment on this post.3. Reshare this circle publically to your stream.4. Don’t be a blue head.  #CircleShare   #SharedCircles2013-09-09 22:06:5446820925CC G+
Brett Bjornsen39,607G+ 2 Year AnniversaryIt's hard to believe it's been two years of plusin' already.  I've met some incredible people in my time here since those first days of beta, and it's changed my view of what "social" really is.  When I received my invite to G+ beta back on June 28, 2011, I came here thinking of this space as an easier way to share things privately with people I already knew.   It didn't take long until I began discovering new and interesting people that changed my opinion for the better and I began circling and interacting publicly ( "public or it doesn't count" ring a bell to some of you? ).Almost half this circle is filled with great people I have met in person thanks to Google+.My thanks to everyone in my circles for continuing to enrich my social experience here. #sharedcircles   #googleplusanniversary   2013-06-28 07:48:25166431238CC G+
Hope Carey2,297A circle shared with me. Person also seems to be suffering from cabin fever. I'll be adding those of you who have made my internment just a little more bearable. May If we circle each other up, it will better for all of us. Happy Saturday and lets get our Google+ On,2013-06-22 21:29:111905311CC G+
matthew rappaport165,364Fun, Funny, Techy and Random #awesomesauce  +Shared Circles on G+ In this circle, YOU+ will find Amazing Plussers to circle that will lead you to everyone that is Epic  and not in this #sharedcircle  through comments, +Reshare s and +mention s!Also, circle anyone that comments below that they weren't inthis circle and Add them to a circle named Oopsy Daisies FTW!+G+ Achievement Unlocked :P2013-06-04 08:41:55450512864CC G+
Joe Martinez49,987The 500 Best of the Best on Google+ - May/June 2013!I know it's been awhile since I've shared this circle but here we go again! Make sure to share and add this circle so others can know about it! This circle includes really fun, interesting, and engaging people that you definitely want to follow! Here is a sneak peek at some of the awesomesauce that's included in this circle share: +Muse TD, +Euro Maestro, +Tiffany Henry, +Renata Sherwin, +Amanda Blain, +Krystyn Chong, +Chris Pirillo, +Mike Elgan, +Daria Musk, +Hanna Silver, +Casey McKinnon, +Gisel Ocañas, +jessi roman, +Derek Ross, +Bronwyn McGuckin, +Chris Hadfield, +Mike Stenger, +Amanda Rosenberg, +2013-05-30 00:33:42500705466CC G+
Don Dobbie3,342#sharedcircles  2013-05-29 19:26:154863212CC G+
Danial Hallock6,447The Power of FiveFor the next five months, I will be taking the last five circles shared by five individuals and comparing them against one another for people who appear multiple times.  After all, we all have circles that we routinely share because we think the people in them are awesome, so if we all end up sharing the same people, then we all agree that they're awesome, right? This month, I took the following people and put their last five created and shared (not transitive shares) circles into one circle per person (e.g all five of +martin shervington's circle went into one circle).  I then hovered over each and every one of the individuals in those circles and my own (300: http://goo.gl/kqE8h) and for every person that appeared in 3 or more (50% or more) of the circles, I added them to this collaborative circle.This month is:+martin shervington+Armando Lioss +Cesare Riccardo +Carter Gibson +Kurt Smith These five sponsors provided about 19 circles and 1,400 people; and the resulting 58 people were endorsed by at least fifty percent of the sponsors.Next month, I'll add to this circle the collaborative efforts of:+Kate Savage +Euro Maestro +Mike Elgan +Dede Craig King +Stephanie Van Pelt  #circleshare   #sharingiscaring   #thepoweroffive   #collaborativecircle  2013-05-02 16:19:355916110CC G+
martin shervington81,949Commoogling Engagers Circle 1 (April 2013)These circles are some of the longest and deepest connections I have made during my time on Google+. Thanks to everyone who make Google+ such a positive learning environment.Still learning... #commoogling  2013-04-11 17:23:23456401440CC G+
Dolidh Young499,930This is a cool wee circle that will add some colour to your stream.... Some of my favourite people are in here!To those in the circle.... Hello!! ^_^2013-03-27 22:35:13989217CC G+
Matthew Shuey1,381Socially Influential Google+ UsersThis is a hand picked circle of highly influential Google+ Users.To be added tho this or other circles do the following.1. Share this circle publicly2. Make sure your profile description is complete and country are visible in your profile3. Leave a comment4. Have a wonderful experience! #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday  2013-03-18 22:46:5842726913CC G+
Matthew Shuey1,289Socially Engaged Google+ Users Updated 3-15-13Shared public circle of socially engaging and socially influential Google+ users.Feel free to add and share. To be added to this or other circles please do the following.1. Share this circle2. Confirm your share by leaving a comment on this postThis is a hand picked circle. #sharedcircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedpubliccircles Enjoy!2013-03-15 20:29:3641813515CC G+
Dolidh Young499,458*Happy International Women's Day!* To all those lovely ladies out there!!I thought I'd put together a mega-women's circle to share this #WomensDay  These are women that I've circled that have been active this year or I know personally. <3If you've never heard of international women's day, then pop on over to http://www.internationalwomensday.com to get yourself up to speed on what it is and what's going on. The short of it if that it's an international day of celebrating political, social and economic achievements of women, whether it be in the past, present or future.Today, we remember all those important female women who fought for rights, scientists and successful women... But really it's not just there we can stop.. We can remember all those women that have come before... the important ones that we don't necessarily have any more... Mum's, aunties, sisters, partners and friends.Have a great day everyone! It's a fabulous Friday!2013-03-08 13:33:4141217840CC G+
Matthew Shuey880Socially Engaged Google+ Users UpdatedThis circle contains socially influential and socially engaging  Google+ users.2013-03-08 04:24:2537411310CC G+
Matthew Shuey734Socially Engaged Google+ Users #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #circleoftheday #circleshare #circlesharing #circleoftheday  2013-03-03 16:20:563541368CC G+
Joe Martinez44,982Best of the Best on Google+ - February 2013 Shared CircleI did some major cutting, trimming, and added some fresh new faces! This circle is perfect to add if you are new to Google+ and want to follow people with fresh ideas, amazing photography, music that will make your ears happy, and some of the most thought provoking & fun people on Google+! Feel free to share and add these amazing people! Some of the wonderful people you'll meet in the circle share are: +Tiffany Henry, +Chris Pirillo, +Krystyn Chong, +Euro Maestro, +Hanna Silver, +Amanda Blain, +Daria Musk, +Chris Hadfield, +Renata Sherwin, +Trev Warth, +Casey McKinnon, +Muse TD, +Michelle Marie, +Marques Brownlee, +Philip Plait, +Mohamed Mansour, +Emily SiXx, +Hanae Kimura, 2013-02-28 06:40:0650137941CC G+
Kelly Bergman2,120Here is a list of my top Google+ friends for engagement. #share   #sharedcircles   #sharedcircleoftheday  2013-02-25 15:30:5749026726CC G+
Ram bo0I was a long time not here, therefore I want share a circle with you, with a lot of fun and interesting people. please add and share it2013-02-21 09:39:35467235CC G+
Alan Terieur0Dear Foodies and Friends,I'd like to share a Circle Of Foodies and the related pins I developed. I uploaded some new Food pics and pins I hope you enjoy and share.Also, feel free to expand the Circle with your name in it if your a devoted foodie!Happy sharing!http://pinterest.com/lovefoodsex/Warmly,Alan2013-02-01 00:09:3464211CC G+
Linda Dee81,807☆═════██▀╔╗═╦╗╗║╦░╔╗░░╔╗❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆☆═════██▀╠╣░╠╣╚╝║░╚╝╗║╚╗❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆☆═════██░╝║═╩╝░░╚╝░░╚╝╚╝❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆☆═════██░❤▄❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆❤º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º☆I have thoroughly enjoyed myself since early July, 2011 engaging in conversations on the G+ HangOuts with thousands of interesting, appealing, and charming strangers from every corner of the world. While I have experienced the 24/7 International mélange chatting extravaganza I’ve observed various peoples with a superior voice quality and some with supplementary charm, influence & magnetism. The following Circle has the name “Beautiful Voices & Sexy Accents”. I anticipate you will enjoy it2013-01-26 12:02:3789617CC G+
Drake Forester3,677Web MarketingI thought it would be a good time to reshare my circle of Web Marketers. These are people that know how to leverage the internet to benefit their companies. Plus just some really good content to read up on once in awhile. Stay in touch, share and enjoy! 2013-01-16 14:55:51337736CC G+
AyJay Schibig13,770ENGAGERS CIRCLEFeel free to add  and re-share. my new edition  of my Engagers Circle!#circleoftheday   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlesharingforthepeopleplc   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircleday   #publiccirclesproject   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles  #sharedpublicircles   #circle   #circles   #circlemeup  #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle   #circleme   #sharedpoint   #sharewithyou   #ShareYourCircle2013-01-14 21:17:4136815529CC G+
Joe Martinez42,309The Best of the Best on Google+ - January 2013 Circle Share!Here we go again! The first circle share for 2013 is jam packed with some of most interesting and engaging people to follow on Google+! If you are new this is definitely a circle you want to add! Feel free to share and add the circle! Some of the awesomesauce you can find in this circle: +Tiffany Henry, +Bobbi Jo Woods, +Jaana Nyström, +DJ Spin, +Euro Maestro, +Ant J, +Hanna Silver, +Mike Elgan, +Daria Musk, +Aaron Wood, +Monika Ljubičić, +Amanda Blain, +Linda Lawrey, +Idrialis Castillo, +Em Wells, +Renata Sherwin, +Sze Liu, +Alida Brandenburg, +2013-01-11 01:23:22501211021CC G+
Bennett Garrison1,440My most watched Google Plus Circle of personalities that engage themselves with posts, interact and comment frequently. #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #publiccircle   #publicsharedcircles  2012-12-26 12:04:44168205CC G+
Dolidh Young496,339I've had so many amazing people surround and support me from Google+ over the last year.This is a list of wonderful people that I've been blessed to hangout with, meet, chat, to, help and be helped by... To each of you in the circle... thank you! You're in my giant 2012 circle of awesomesauce.I love your faces!I'll probably share a more in-depth post over the next week :D2012-12-23 22:52:3818324837CC G+
Stephan Irgenfried200Joined the ENGAGERS CIRCLE today and share it again to invite you to join it.2012-12-13 15:05:5145110119CC G+
AyJay Schibig11,911ENGAGERS CIRCLEFeel free to add  and re-share. this Circle of Engaging G Plussers! #circleoftheday   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlesharingforthepeopleplc   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #sharedcircleoftheday   #sharedcircleday   #publiccirclesproject   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles  #sharedpublicircles   #circle   #circles   #circlemeup  #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle   #circleme   #sharedpoint   #sharewithyou 2012-12-10 03:03:0845017230CC G+


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Oh crap! I can't believe it. My mom just joined google+ -- before even joining Facebook! Has anyone else's parents joined? How on God's green earth do I make sure she doesn't see my posts?

Oh Crapola!!!! I can't even let her know I exist here or she will definitely follow. And I don't want to block my own mom, but heck! What do I do????

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2014-04-21 01:10:46 (12 comments, 24 reshares, 24 +1s)

The World's shortest grant application.  Thousands will be given out to people and organizations that have great ideas to make the world a better place.  Simply Tweet (Twitter), post (Facebook) or share (Instagram) your idea with the #140Difference  with your idea.

+So Delicious Dairy Free  tried to run this campaign on google+, but rules do not allow brands to set up contests on plus, so please #140Difference  with your idea on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  This is the pre-launch and we are letting people know about it on plus, before it goes live to the public on 4/22/14.  

Brought to you by _http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/the-140-difference_.   #140Difference  site will go live on 4/22/14, so please check back in.  Grants will be awarded weekly for the next three weeks so visit the site to see if your awesome post has inspired change and won agrant.... more »

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And this little piggy got gobbled up. #foodporn #sixthpiggy #wolfhuffedandpuffed

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Join the Simple Science and Interesting Things Community and share interesting stuff!


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No No NO

What is this thing called Go(o)d? That's Religion explained now let's talk Peace!

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Look who I got to hang with tonight!  Yes - back from the dead :)  +John Fanavans 

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My most recent trip to Oregon where we ventured out into wine country and I stayed in room 404 FNF :)

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am coffee etc.

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Testing out new promo app once again!

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Testing out the Promo App again!  Plus, I got some new bangs - want to know what you think!

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Testing promo app for the first time.

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How to Plug the Holes in Your Content Funnel That Are Costing You Money

Mike King says content is not king (oh, the irony).

In the realm of content marketing, the customer is ruler of our domain.

Without falling deep into a series of Game of Thrones allusions, let’s agree that all content must be created with the customer’s needs in mind. Otherwise we are wasting time and resources as marketers.

Using different exercises to identify content gaps helps you plug the holes in your funnel and get more out of your content.

Mr. King shows you here:

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2014-06-22 17:52:09 (6 comments, 1 reshares, 31 +1s)

Spent the day with Google Glass Founder and visionary +Tom Chi.  We were in Boulder, CO at the Unreasonable Institute where he shared and coached us on rapid prototyping...  Cool experience.

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Need some insight from an MD

Good friend just got diagnosed with Stage IV Liver cancer.  It is in the liver and has spread to the colon (she just had surgery to remove the tumors in the colon) and it has also spread to her lungs, lymph nodes and shoulder (around the bone area).  I need to understand realistically what her chances are for 1. survival or 2. how long she has left. 

Any feedback or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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Happy Birthday +Andy Bohm !!!

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Want!   Hahahahah

For beer, of course!


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Will +YouTube  please take this unfortunate crap down?  This is such a bad look.  why couldn't your algorithms have picked this up?
Elliott Rogers Warns University Of Santa Barbara Students Of Killings Before He Does Them

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Is this the new facebook / google+?

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what strength and courage.  wishing him nothing but the best in his career.  There are a lot of professional NFL players over the years who have been in the closet and I hope that this will allow more and more to be who they really are--in public--albeit super human athletes or just plain human beings.

Not the best picture


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"Icons Of The Bible" Depicts Famous Biblical Figures as People of Color

Do you think that these photos might more accurately resemble what Elijah, King Solomon, the archangel Gabriel and others from both the Old & New Testament actually looked like?

#bible   #huffpostreligion  

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2014-05-06 04:18:13 (10 comments, 1 reshares, 3 +1s)

Would you believe that Wu-Tang has a stronger/larger vocabulary than William Shakespeare?

Peep this infographic

h/t +Andrew M 

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2014-05-06 02:35:15 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 4 +1s)

The Silent Scream is LIVE tonight at 9pm EST

Topic of discussion: Real Men Being Men.
We have four (4) panel members and You..

If you have ANY question to ask MEN call in LIVE...
You can call in (678) 381-1973


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And this little piggy got gobbled up. #foodporn #sixthpiggy #wolfhuffedandpuffed

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38 Blogging Masters Reveal Their Number One Tip For New Bloggers!

Tips from +Daniel Sharkov +Guy Kawasaki +Cindy Ratzlaff +Mars Dorian and more.

+Cindy Ratzlaff's tip:

Write for a specific audience. Don’t write for everyone.

"If your true expertise and passion is helping authors create more visibility for the books, write for authors. Don’t write for small business owners AND authors.

No matter what anyone has told you in the past, you are not a generalist. You have a specific sweet spot and if you speak to that audience in the language they use, you’ll have the best chance of standing out in a crowded virtual world and claiming your own spot as a thought leader."

Pin it now: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/111816003223257413/

Read it here:http://www... more »

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Thank you so much for sharing this +Mike Searle It has brought me to tears.  I am thankful that you continue to share your emotions with us as I can only say that you, Angel and family are in my heart and prayers--always.

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2014-04-29 19:18:57 (27 comments, 0 reshares, 15 +1s)

Never Been more proud of Americans standing up for what is right in the past few months.  From forcing Paula and Brendan out to Banning Donald for Life!!!  CEOs beware--bigotry will not be tolerated.  

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2014-04-24 19:56:12 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

And Then

Last month, my wife's uncle died in a tragic accident in LA when the bicycle he was using to get lunch was hit by a truck. At the memorial service his daughter relayed a very touching story. 

She said her dad (who was her best friend) called every day to talk. But instead of opening the call with the customary "How are you" or "What's going on", her dad always opened the conversation with "And then?" Her father viewed each conversation as a continuation of the last, and what pained her the most was that there were to be no more "and thens". I cried. 

Since then I've thought a lot about how similar this is to our life's endeavors. We pour our heart and soul into our work and it becomes something we love and cherish. But even the challenges we work on today will one day become "and thens" as wem... more »

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Can anyone please contact me if you are a heavy Reddit user?

Would love to chat with you on how best to approach and use.

2014-04-22 18:04:54 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Trying to set up my iPad mini with my gmail, but ran into the problem of the dual authentication password.  Anyone know how to navigate to set it up properly?  I tried google search, but I am not getting the results that I need--so I am posing the question to the experts here on google+

#ipadmini   #ipadsetup  

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2014-04-21 01:10:46 (12 comments, 24 reshares, 24 +1s)

The World's shortest grant application.  Thousands will be given out to people and organizations that have great ideas to make the world a better place.  Simply Tweet (Twitter), post (Facebook) or share (Instagram) your idea with the #140Difference  with your idea.

+So Delicious Dairy Free  tried to run this campaign on google+, but rules do not allow brands to set up contests on plus, so please #140Difference  with your idea on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  This is the pre-launch and we are letting people know about it on plus, before it goes live to the public on 4/22/14.  

Brought to you by _http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/the-140-difference_.   #140Difference  site will go live on 4/22/14, so please check back in.  Grants will be awarded weekly for the next three weeks so visit the site to see if your awesome post has inspired change and won agrant.... more »

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So cute

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How to create a 'plus post ad' within Google Adwords (NEW BLOG)
Here is a VISUAL step-by-step guide on how to create ads that will gain more exposure for your Google+ posts.
#googleplusforbusiness   #pluspostads  

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2014-04-17 22:47:02 (10 comments, 1 reshares, 28 +1s)

Why Google+ will always be better than Facebook!!!
Video Calling on Facebook While it seems exciting, the process is entirely broken.  For starters, the page suggests that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  However, it is not--especially if you are a Mac User.

1.  I started by following the link to start the video calling process.  To start, I need to pick someone with whom I would like to share a video conversation.  This first problem took me 5 minutes to solve as I didn't know whom I wanted to chat with--via mobile or by desktop.  
2.  Download plug-in was too challenging as the developer is not approved.  So I went to my security settings and made the adjustment.
3.  Oops, now I need some Java JDK for it to run appropriately.  ugh
4.  So I install the JDK and then the plug-in, only to get this wonderful error message: 
https://w... more »

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Papa's Soul Food!!! Eugene, OR. Yum!

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2014-04-14 01:14:54 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 19 +1s)

I am loving Eugene!!!!

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2014-04-10 20:22:54 (5 comments, 1 reshares, 6 +1s)

 Millennials Drive Everyone A Little Nuts
This article gives some insight for those of us who are and manage them.


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quote A fanbase chooses when and what to watch. Compare this with YouTube, loads of titles, +Netflix over a hundred thousand titles and then the BBC who have 6, yes just six movies on the iPlayer right now. I want to watch the Joanna Lumley +will.i.am piece, but it was available for 6 days on iplayer, taken down only to be republished for a BBC2 air on Sat 19 April at 2am - my view, the licence fee payer owns that tape. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01s6ykr

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Good morning Google+!  We hope you are having a GREAT Sunday! Today is the final day of the +Traveling Guitar Foundation Charity Music and Art Festival on +Google+ and +YouTube !  

Thank you for your support and donations in support of music education in schools! We have some great broadcasts today for you so be sure to tune in! #tgfmaf2014   #savemusicinschools  

Donate Today! 


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2014-04-05 19:07:47 (38 comments, 0 reshares, 15 +1s)

Oh crap! I can't believe it. My mom just joined google+ -- before even joining Facebook! Has anyone else's parents joined? How on God's green earth do I make sure she doesn't see my posts?

Oh Crapola!!!! I can't even let her know I exist here or she will definitely follow. And I don't want to block my own mom, but heck! What do I do????

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2014-04-05 04:39:32 (15 comments, 1 reshares, 17 +1s)

HANGOUT BLACKOUT A hangout for +Superdave Houdini !!!!  All Black :)  Well not entirely....

Sorry +Renata Sherwin We didn't mean to scare you off, we were just having fun!  Where is +Rory S?

+Brad Thompson +Andrew M +Calvin Henderson +Larry Fournillier +Robert Headley 

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2014-04-05 02:36:13 (8 comments, 0 reshares, 15 +1s)

'SpeedPaint' portrait from Hangout with +Hermine Ngnomire!
Have a blast everyone!
- Daniel

2014-04-04 23:38:26 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

Hello gooplustube community. I am just dropping in to say hello and ask a small favor of the community. Can anyone here recommend an individual who can teach how to go live on google+ and YouTube to a couple corporations and agencies. Possibly even help produce some content?

Need someone who has client side experience (knows how to work well with people at all levels of a corporation) and will stay focused on getting the team up and ready (leaves social strategy out of the convo).

Thanks in advance!!!

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2014-04-04 17:27:14 (16 comments, 1 reshares, 17 +1s)

What is my next verse?
Got my new computer!  I went with the base model 15 inch Macbook pro as it was the entry-level model with the quod-core processor.  I am definitely happy with it.  I haven't noticed much difference with the retina display (and my old one), but I am sure someone will be pointing it out.

Thank you +Bobbi Jo Woods , +Sam Palahnuk , +Darolyn BrooksLemon +Brian McDonald , +Robert Anderson , +Andy Bohm, +Rudy Rodriguez +Fabrice Sherif +Meg Tufano +Ryan Juza 

Life is once again great!  143 my Macbook.  Also, if anyone knows how to change the scrolling (it is in reverse to what I have become accustomed) it would be greatly appreciated if you could instruct this novice :)

Step 1: Buy awesomely beautiful computer
Step 2: Buy and install Office 365
Step 3: Download Chrome
*Step 4: Download and InstallGoogle Talk Pl... more »

2014-04-02 23:21:57 (3 comments, 1 reshares, 1 +1s)

Ft Hood Shooting

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2014-04-02 03:57:29 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 6 +1s)

this is an excellent #spoof  on #brand #marketing

2014-04-01 07:18:45 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 9 +1s)

Happy Birthday +Bobbi Jo Woods!

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2014-03-30 23:53:49 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 18 +1s)

I wish I would have put forth the effort to meet in person when I had the chance, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.  I'll catch you in the next lifetimes +Dirk Talamasca 

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2014-03-30 23:29:49 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 9 +1s)

My heart breaks as I tell everyone that #getwellDirk  is now #RIPDIRKTALAMASCA. He passed away surrounded by his family today.

I do know service details and will edit this post with more information once I can see well enough through my tears to write more.

If you share the post, please disable comments and have them redirected here so I can print and send to Dirk's family. It will provide them much comfort.

I will be sending this post with comments and something for the service.

2014-03-30 20:10:55 (18 comments, 0 reshares, 0 +1s)

OMG STAT: Since 1973, Legal abortions have killed more African-Americans than AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and violent crime combined.  Care to Discuss???

I think this single stat has just swayed my political affiliation!  For years I have been pro-choice, believing that it is really a woman's right.  While I still believe it a woman's right, I wonder why the right is so disproportionately practiced within certain sub-cultures of US society. If I was a Republican in power, I might try to win back the black vote with this single stat alone.  However, I suspect that this stat simply benefits all those in power and is in actuality bi-partisan.

FYI... This is for all the people who question why there is a Black Google+ Community


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