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Andrew Wisniewski43,733Good morning-evening to allYou'll love this circle. Photographers, artists and other interesting people!Вам понравится этот круг, добавьте его себе. Фотографы, художники и другие интересные люди!#Forfriends2014-02-12 15:19:30454462485CC G+
Andrew Wisniewski41,525Good morning/evening to all. #Forfriends  You'll love this circle. Photographers, artists and other interesting people!Вам понравится этот круг, добавьте его себе. Фотографы, художники и другие интересные люди!#Forfriends  2014-01-23 12:25:34344161044CC G+
Shikha Agarwal0A circle of varied bloggers. Come join the club and make new friends. #circleshare   #circlesharing   #blogger   #sharedcircles  2013-12-18 16:33:01165000CC G+
Berry Canote4,774This is what I call my "Regulars" circle and are people I want to keep up with. #sharedcircles   #followfriday  2013-11-22 15:22:4756001CC G+
Serendipity Diamonds0Great #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedcircles well worth adding and sharing.2013-09-05 14:25:03172112CC G+
steph wanamaker82,635#followfriday  here is my awesome men who comment circle  freshly curated2013-07-19 16:10:4715464660CC G+
Don Dobbie3,342#sharedcircles  2013-05-29 19:27:12480003CC G+
steph wanamaker76,900#circlesharesunday here is my #awesomemenwhocomment circle2013-05-19 15:19:3616272260CC G+
steph wanamaker75,727#followfriday this is my newly curated  awesome men who comment circle2013-05-10 15:06:3215749454CC G+
steph wanamaker74,636#followfriday this is my awesome men who comment circle  shoutouts to birthday boys  +Ayoub Khote and +Fergus Martin 2013-05-03 15:26:2115149046CC G+
Hadrian Micciche7,927The Engagers ◦ Level 3: ☛ The Plus PeopleA circle of people who have regularly engaged with my posts by giving them a plus. Unlike many shared circles, these folks are vetted engagers -- plus they are all way cool. Add and engage with them, and they may do the same. Please feel free to re-share2013-04-27 01:26:31119605CC G+
Berry Canote2,956I shared this circle yesterday, but here it is again for #followfriday  This is the circle of folks I regularly interact with and interact with me. If you are not in it, worry not, if you regularly interact with me you may be soon as I regularly am adding to it!2013-04-19 14:40:2244001CC G+
Chris Mallory18,430A circleThat is all...No further insight need be given. No matter how detailed the description, I'm sure certain nobody will add the whole circle anyway ;) Plus, it has an aura of mystery about it when I present it this way... what ever could these people have in common? O the mystery!2013-04-02 04:52:581167114CC G+
Shane Beetson0Share of the snowball circle. To be included it is quite simple 1. Plus the Post . 2. Share the Post. 3, Add the circle. Once you have done this request in comments to be added it is that simple!! Happy connecting due to this process I have gained 22,000 great Google plus connections. Do the same!2013-02-20 21:35:08105011CC G+
Bright Smiles Dental0The Snowball Circle has a few new additions, As I said I will continue to add and share this circle as people ask to be involved. There is no better way to keep Google Plus thriving then to add other people to your circles and vice versa! It has helped me immensely with over 9500 people adding me! THX for that. This circle is now diversifying even more with Social Media experts Photographers, Film Makers, Bloggers, Interesting and Funny, Science and Technology you name it it will be in here. This is one of the greatest group of people I enjoy on g+ and I hope you find out why!#circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #sharingcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday #circlesunday #share #shared #followers #addcircles2013-02-18 06:52:1051000CC G+
Choice Bathrooms0Share of the snowball circle. To be included it is quite simple 1. Plus the Post . 2. Share the Post. 3, Add the circle. Once you have done this request in comments to be added it is that simple!! Happy connecting due to this process I have gained 22,000 great Google plus connections. Do the same!2013-02-15 01:02:24104000CC G+
Aidan Cole1,819This circle rewards those who take part in interaction as seen below..Everyone OLD and NEW Must ADD this circle to your own the latest versionsBELOW INSTRUCTIONS is what make this all possible so thanksFor newcomers and members this system is the best, we do 3 to 4 things every share.1. ADD THE CIRCLE if you can't try again this ensures you stay in the circle long term and you won't be removed2. Share the post3. PLUS the circle4. Request to be added in comments or let me know if you should be in it and for some reason are not#circleshare #circlesharing #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircles #publicsharedcircles #circleshared #publiccirclesproject #growthinfollowers #followers #addmetoyourcircles  2013-02-12 23:37:40265271327CC G+
Jens Eckleben3,990Its my special Circle for "Highpotential GPlussers" they are very active, share interesting news and hav more than 2.000 followers.  2013-02-02 18:33:4737432837CC G+
Euro Maestro41,209Weekly roundup and the Who's Who of Google Plus ! #sharedcircles   #top500   #ff   #euromaestrocircles   #euromaestro   #weeklyreview  Who are the top engagers on Google Plus this week ?Find out on +CircleCount  http://www.circlecount.com/euromaestrowhoswho/Who are the top 50 in my country ?On the top of the page change "all countries" to the country that you are interested in to see the top engagers for that country. Where am I on the list ?If you don't see yourself, just put your name in the search box and you can find your scores and ranking.  Click on "open page with profile" to see  who is right above or below you. How can I find the list during the week if I forget the link ?Click on circlecount.com then click on specials and click on Euro's who's who.Who moved up this week ?+Shailja Sharma overtook Neila Rey to get the number 1 spot this week.+Rinus Bakker reclaimed the number 3 spot this week.Ashley Tindale slipped down to fourth place.  +Hugh Jackman climbed up to number 5 from number 16 two weeks ago. +Amanda Blain always in the top 10 secured number 6 once again.+Marques Brownlee moved up to number 7.+Ali Adelstein advanced to number 8.+Trey Ratcliff entered into the top 10 for the first time at number 9.And +Luuh Santos rounded out the top 10.+Wil Wheaton has been moving up quickly from number 27 two weeks ago to numbe2013-02-02 18:14:5426519446116CC G+
Michael Husband (DazeHub)0Time for a Special Circle Share also known as the SnowBallShare. This is a Fast Building Circle! It's only at 498 Currently so let's see how many we end with! Follow the steps +JUSTIN MATTHEW put together for this to work and gain with us! This circle will also within a week start my Social Media Skelton Key Circle! So follow the steps bellow    1. Add this circle to yours this is needed to keep you in it and to add you to    the circle).  2. Share the circle publicly. Use hashtag #snowballcircle   3. Plus the circle and spread the word! 4. Once you have done this comment to be added The growth speaks for itself as +JUSTIN MATTHEW is now ranked 580 in the USA and met some great contacts!Note: If you share this circle, you can delete the previous one from your profile.#circle     #circles   #CircleDaze     #public     #publiccircles   #publiccircle     #circleshare       #circlesharing     #sharedpubliccircles     #circleoftheday   #followers 2013-01-13 17:00:42494617CC G+
Dirk Puehl2,754#followfriday #circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #history #art #literature  "The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are" (C.S. Lewis)Well, since Friday is for following... here comes a big thank you to the wonderful people I interacted the most with last week, a motley crew of artists and writers and historians and role-playing gamers and litterateurs and connoisseurs and just... friends from all over the world, Serbia, Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria and Germany, the US and whatnot. And since they all post very interesting content - they are highly and cordially recommended for following.2012-12-14 12:37:286228623CC G+
Vanessa Arrowsmith546Here are some people I enjoy following.  That means they're at least somewhat interesting and that they're taking G+ at least somewhat seriously.  Maybe you'll enjoy following them too!PS - If you want to get into this circle, share it, and we'll talk :) #sharedcircles #circleshare  2012-11-25 05:49:1119812616CC G+
Martin Jackson0Justin does it again!JUSTIN MATTHEWThis is a public circle #thesnowballcircle   #snowballcircle    most of you know it and for some others this is new,  it is composed of people that would like to be circulated in order to discover new people with similar interest and to gain more followers, if you would like to be included please follow these steps.REMEMBER CURRENT MEMBERS STILL ADD CIRCLE FOR NEW MEMBERS    1. Add this circle to yours this is needed to keep you in it and to add you to    the circle).  2. Share the circle publicly. Use hashtag #snowballcircle    3. Plus the circle and spread the word! 4. Once you have done this comment to be added The growth speaks for itself as I am now ranked 534 in the USA and met some great contacts!Note: Always ADD circle and if you can't try again the next day :)#circle     #circles       #public       #publiccircles     #publicsharedcircles       #circleshare         #circlesharing       #sharedpubliccircles       #circleoftheday     #followers  2012-11-18 00:24:54146010CC G+
Michael Husband (DazeHub)0Time for a Special Circle Share also known as the SnowBallShare. This is a Fast Building Circle and My 3rd One! It's only 83 Currently so let's see how many we end with! Follow the steps +JUSTIN MATTHEW put together for this to work and gain with us!    1. Add this circle to yours this is needed to keep you in it and to add you to    the circle).  2. Share the circle publicly. Use hashtag #snowballcircle   3. Plus the circle and spread the word! 4. Once you have done this comment to be added The growth speaks for itself as +JUSTIN MATTHEW is now ranked 580 in the USA and met some great contacts!Note: If you share this circle, you can delete the previous one from your profile.#circle     #circles   #CircleDaze     #public     #publiccircles   #publiccircle     #circleshare       #circlesharing     #sharedpubliccircles     #circleoftheday   #followers  2012-11-17 01:25:29348213CC G+
Linda Huscher12,163Update for My Peeps circle share...This circle would not complete without my dear friend +Rumiana Nikolova This is a circle of my Peeps. They are an intelligent, friendly, humorous, and respectful sort.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Have a great day!2012-10-30 14:24:07782311CC G+
Ivan Raszl6,155Here is my #atheist #circle . Feel free to follow these fine folks (or unfollow depending on your views ;). Unfortunately only 500 people can be shared at one time. Reshare this post and add a comment if you want to be included! #circleshare   #circles   #circlesharing   #atheism   #religon   #secular   #humanism   #gsm   #brights   #nogod   #god   #freethinker   #freethought   #freethinking  2012-10-19 18:59:50501805CC G+
M Monica0My 75 Secret Weapons Circle I don't often share circles, because I don't usually see the need.But this is the one circle I check most often, on a daily basis, and I end up resharing from it most often. So here it is, my secret weapon circle: Folks who post a lot of science like +Philip Plait  are in here, as well as +Rajini Rao  and +Betsy McCall  The insightful commentary and daily curated threads of  +Alex Grossman are important in my stream too, as is the humor of +Steve Barry.  +Natalie Villalobos is in there for her beautiful yoga pictures, which always relax me.  +James Williams for digging up the best articles and also funny pics.  +Chase Sterling  for her blog, +Melissa Carlson  as an excellent news anchor using Plus. +P E Sharpe  for her off the wall style humor, (and stunning art.)  When I look at this list I'm amazed by the quality of people I've been able to meet here.  This circle does have a handful of well known folks like +Mike Elgan  and +Larry Fournillier, +Amanda Blain,  in here. (Just because they're well known does not mean they are not high quality.) But there are also some pages you may not be so familiar with like  +Liz Krane, +Sonny Williamson, +2012-10-16 12:20:437525531CC G+
NOD3x1,128An amazing group of 500 people you should get to know...Each very different... each has their own tale to tellWho's in your top 500? #circleshare  2012-10-05 16:28:2650028823CC G+
NOD3x906Being social and active takes time, patience and 'guiding lights'...This circle is group of guiding lights - so if you're looking for diverse content to populate your streams you can't go wrong by adding these to your circles #circleshare  2012-09-28 16:13:10501241429CC G+
Xabier Ostale0I'm not very popular in this messy thing that is G+, maybe this circle would get more success if it is shared by you. And I will keep adding people who +1 it or who comment below and I'll share it again some two days later.A circle about The Brain!!! Neuroscience, memory, intellectual faculties, regulatory functions, emotion, perception, neurotransmitters, chemical and electric processes, development, learning, brain injuries and diseases, MRI, animal brains... even topics related to history of neurology and conceptualizations of the brain, experiences, anecdotes, disorders and treatments. I wish people contributed with what they know, with interesting links, with doubts or questions, with experiences. All from expertise to daily life. A circle to share and enjoy :)2012-09-17 06:08:2826241336CC G+
Matt Hall2,162This is my Archaeology/History/Evolution circle.If you like anything old, and are excited to learn how we got where we are, you're wasting time reading this. Circle them now! #Archaeology   #History   #Anthropology   #Paleontology   #Evolution   #Sharedcircle  2012-09-14 14:01:2442013CC G+
Xabier Ostale0This is the first time I share this circle about The Brain : neuroscience, memory, intellectual faculties, regulatory functions, emotion, perception, neurotransmitters, chemical and electric processes, development, learning, brain injuries and diseases, MRI, animal brains... even topics related to history of neurology and conceptualizations of the brain, experiences, anecdotes, disorders and treatments. I wish people contributed with what they know, with interesting links, with doubts or questions, with experiences. All from expertise to daily life. A circle to share and enjoy :)if someone wants to be included please +1 or comment. I will share this circle again with the new ones (well, I don't know if I can include the new ones automatically or I need to share it again with the new ones).2012-09-13 18:52:4221506CC G+
Matt Hall2,153What do you mean you haven't circled these people yet!?This is my core circle. Some of the most informed/engaging/cool people on here.So start circling! #Sharedcircle   #Sharedcircles  2012-09-12 14:18:5670101CC G+
NOD3x491Our first 500 people following us... :)Thanks for your continued support, feedback, discussions and banter.We're sharing this a little thank you - if you're seeing this in your stream, then we can strongly recommend checking these people out and adding them to your circles.They are from all over the world, post on various subject matter and know how to have a good laugh...Plus, they're all great engagers :) #sharedcircles   #fridaycircles  2012-08-17 17:59:5950026637CC G+
Zachary Roovenback (Zach Attack)1,335Sharing my Atheist and Fellow Freethinkers circle again.  Almost 1,800 strong.  You can only add 500 a day, so let me know if you need it shared again.Stay thinking, my friends.2012-08-10 04:29:445016412CC G+
Tim Brooks3,886Now releasing the long awaited, newly updated, circle of Anti-theists and people who actively oppose religion.This is the most active atheist circle on Google+ as far as we know, there are others but not like this :) If you are an anti-theist or someone who actively opposes religion please feel free to comment on this post to be added.Add this circle. Enjoy this circle. Share this circle.  #atheism   #antitheism   #nogod   #antitheist   #atheist #SharedCircle #circleshare  2012-08-02 21:00:1723815517CC G+
NOD3x380We know it's not #FollowFriday  but as another milestone is reached - we wanted to say thank you to our 1st 400 followers.We really appreciate all your feedback and support.If you're looking for a great bunch of people to engage with - please add these to your circles.Lee & the NOD3x Crewhttp://nod3x.com #sharedcircles   #CircleShare   #ThankYou  2012-08-02 10:52:5840019330CC G+
NOD3x309I didn't think we'd be doing another circle share this week after reaching 200 followers on Tuesday - but here's our first 300 (323 actual) followers.Thanks very much for your continued support and feedback.NOD3x Crew2012-07-27 13:32:5532232328CC G+
AP Foto Semarang0This #SharedCircles   about people that love to #AddBack   if you add themPlease Share it, Thanks2012-07-26 16:17:06200297CC G+
David Stroz1,083Today I share with you another group of awesome people I follow here on Google+!  There is no real theme for this circle but you should all add them and share this with your friends :)2012-07-23 17:26:444971108CC G+
Michael Husband (DazeHub)0This is a #MultiplyShareCircle and continuously circulating, it takes multiple forms, based on the members included! This Circle is Valuable and one you don't want to miss the chance to be included in.The #popular and #trending  circle began with the Master of Influence himself +JUSTIN MATTHEW and will continue through all our channels and  all you have to do to be in the circle there are 3 things everyone does.1. Plus the post2. Share the post3. Add this Circle.2012-06-29 02:25:3850161413CC G+
Bea Wellman0This is a great circle of people that I enjoy following.  Some of these posters are not for the faint of heart...er I guess that should be "faith" of heart.   My fellow Freethinkers / Atheists / Secular Community / and the obligatory badasses.  I have another circle with more of the same - but this is the circle that tends to share the most.For all of you that are in this circle - thanks for sharing and making me realize what a great community of thought I belong to.2012-06-26 04:14:29496114CC G+
Justin Matthew (Jmhhacker)10,928As promised and due to popular demand the once a week #snowballcircle  share is underway. We have new people added as I promised to do and are up to 498!I personally have gained atleast1,000 great people since starting this circle 9 weeks ago or so!To be in the circle there are 3 things everyone does. 1. Plus the post2. Share the post3. ADD THE CIRCLE.As long as everyone does this it will continue to be one of the fastest growing circles on all of google plus!Oh and by the way, I don't pigeon hole people into a category like ONLY PHOTOS. This circle is made up of the fabric of gplus.  #circleshare   #publiccirclesproject   #sharedpubliccircles   #circlesharing  2012-06-25 23:47:034985010693CC G+
John Ward4,989This is a circle I have set up for people who enjoy Science Fiction or Fantasy. If you'd like to be added to the circle, please let me know in the comments. Also, make sure you guys add the circle as well; so you can see other people's recommendations on the subject. Feel free to re-share this post. #circlesharesunday  2012-06-24 22:05:395014938CC G+
Tom Itoya0A stunning circle to take a look at 149 awesome people that without would make g plus a very dull place for me!AS usual when I share a circle I like to have diversity of all skill types.We have #astronauts #science #technology #bloggers #photographer #filmmakers #writers #tips #advice #funny you name it!It has been great slowly but surely putting this together. Oh and by the way if you want in simply plus the circle add it share it and comment that you want in. This is a community and we will help grow it!This process has been critical in myself surpassing 10,000 followers and help keep google plus going strong! Do the same add this circle and share it. Hope to see your requests!#circleshare #publiccirclesproject +Circle Plus +CircleCount +Public Circles2012-06-24 05:48:27149123CC G+
Angela Estrada5,066I reached over 5000 followers last night ....So its time for a circle share. ;)My Top 500I follow only 578 people...so if you were left out..I don't know who you are and you may be removed soon.  I did leave out a couple of my favorites..because I feel they would of not of wanted to be shared. ;)ENJOY2012-06-14 13:11:2750118717CC G+
Tim Brooks3,572*Updated*Here is the new and updated, long awaited update of the Google+ infamous circle of Anti-theists and people who actively oppose religion.This is the most active atheist circle on Google+ and can easily provide you with all the atheism related discussion you will need.Circle. Enjoy. Share.If you would like to be added to this circle just leave a message in the comments. (on original post)#antitheism #atheist #nogod #atheism #antitheist #circleshare #thevoice #religion #religiousdiscussion #fathersday2012-06-13 23:09:3322043718CC G+
Karen Morrison0WOW who knew when this circle of 33 people started about 3 months ago it would grow into 412 today! I personally have had 1,216 people add me from the first time I shared it and many have become great friends on google plus!I added up the 18 times this circle has been shared and it has a total of 611 plus 1's 423 shares and 334 comments. Let's really add to those numbers this time!Well I had many requests last week and as promised added those requests. As usual everyone in the circle to remain in it must plus it share it and if you want to be in the circle just mention it in the comments, I have been good about adding lately.Lets get this circle jamming and shared all over the best social network GPLUS!#circle   #circleshare   #circles   #circlesharing   #share   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #shared   #publiccircles   #publicsharedcircles   #circlecount  +Public Circles +Circle Plus +CircleCount +Meagan Cignoli  #technology   #youtube   #writers   #blogger   #filmmaking   #astronomy   #scienc2012-06-12 21:50:38174101CC G+
Tim Brooks3,552Here is the new and updated, long awaited update of the Google+ infamous circle of Anti-theists and people who actively oppose religion.This is the most active atheist circle on Google+ and can easily provide you with all the atheism related discussion you will need.Circle. Enjoy. Share.If you would like to be added to this circle just leave a message in the comments. (on original post)#antitheism #atheist #nogod #atheism #antitheist #circleshare #thevoice #religion #religiousdiscussion #fathersday2012-06-12 19:25:12201921019CC G+
Alan Bombria5,910This is my atheist/humanist/freethinker circle.  People are in this circle not just for being "good without god", but for being critical thinkers, contending for their position without being contentious, or just plain posting interesting or thought provoking material.  This is the circle I maintain the most meticulously.  Enjoy!2012-06-10 15:48:58267406CC G+


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2014-04-17 12:08:49 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Earliest ancestor of land herbivores discovered
New research demonstrates how carnivores transitioned into herbivores for the first time on land. Previously unknown, the 300-million-year old fossilized juvenile skeleton of Eocasea martini is less than 20 cm long. Found in Kansas, it consists of a partial skull, most of the vertebral column, the pelvis and a hind limb. By comparing the skeletal anatomy of related animals, scientists discovered that Eocasea martini belonged to the caseid branch of the group Synapsid. This group, which includes early terrestrial herbivores and large top predators, ultimately evolved into modern living mammals. Eocasea lived nearly 80 million years before the age of dinosaurs.

2014-04-16 00:31:25 (2 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

So I was dreaming about some weird 10 story haunted house when someone knocked on my door needing gas and directions to the state forest. To go tent camping. While it's below freezing. While wearing flip flops. After dark. 
Gave her some gas, and just woke up garbled directions. I hope she makes it and doesn't freeze to death, but next time I'm staying in bed and making it to the top floor of that house. 

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2014-04-16 00:11:16 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Interesting picture of the day, from the Iron Age La Tene culture of central Europe. La Tene warriors were famous for their wine consumption and large scale feasting, and for being a major thorn in the side of Roman imperial expansion. Thanks to @Celtic Legacy: an archaeological journey for finding this great picture.

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2014-04-15 13:18:28 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

How to move a T-Rex dinosaur across the US
Inside a museum basement in Montana, a small team of scientists have been preparing a dinosaur for an extraordinary road trip.

Bones the size of a child and others that are mere fragments have been examined, photographed, checked off lists, placed in cushioning cradles and packed in 16 wooded crates.

These are the 66 million-year-old remains of the Wankel T-Rex, one of the most complete tyrannosaurus skeletons ever discovered and now bound for the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

"The work has been intense because of the scrutiny this fossil is under from the media and the public," says Cathy Van Arsdale, a physical anthropologist with the Army Corps of Engineers, which owns the bones because they were found on government land.

For a quarter of a century, the Wankel... more »

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2014-04-15 13:01:28 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 5 +1s)

NASA Cassini images may reveal birth of a Saturn moon
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has documented the formation of a small icy object within the rings of Saturn that may be a new moon, and may also provide clues to the formation of the planet's known moons.
Images taken with Cassini's narrow angle camera on April 15, 2013, show disturbances at the very edge of Saturn's A ring -- the outermost of the planet's large, bright rings. One of these disturbances is an arc about 20 percent brighter than its surroundings, 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) long and 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide. Scientists also found unusual protuberances in the usually smooth profile at the ring's edge. Scientists believe the arc and protuberances are caused by the gravitational effects of a nearby object. Details of the observations were published online today (April 14, 2014) by the journal... more »

2014-04-15 12:55:24 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coincide on the
Iberian Peninsula
The meeting between a Neanderthal and one of the first humans, which we used to picture in our minds, did not happen on the Iberian Peninsula. That is the conclusion reached by an international team of researchers from the Australian National University, Oxford University, the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, University of Maryland, Universitat de Girona and the University of Oviedo, after redoing the dating of the remains in three caves located on the route through the Pyrenees of the first beings of our species: L'Arbreda, Labeko Koba and La Viña. The paper, entitled The chronology of the earliest Upper Palaeolithic in northern Iberia: New insights from L'Arbreda, Labeko Koba and La Viña, has been published in the Journal of Human Evolution.

Until now, the carbon 14 technique, ar... more »

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2014-04-14 20:20:30 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Paying Farmers to Welcome Birds

"The Central Valley was once one of North America’s most productive wildlife habitats, a 450-mile-long expanse marbled with meandering streams and lush wetlands that provided an ideal stop for migratory shorebirds on their annual journeys from South America and Mexico to the Arctic and back.

Farmers and engineers have long since tamed the valley. Of the wetlands that existed before the valley was settled, about 95 percent are gone, and the number of migratory birds has declined drastically. But now an unusual alliance of conservationists, bird watchers and farmers have joined in an innovative plan to restore essential habitat for the migrating birds."

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2014-04-14 11:01:59 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Sharing because Scotland. 

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2014-04-14 10:59:36 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 3 +1s)

Why I believe that Serbian and Turkish word Basamak is important for understanding the meaning of the Lia Fáil, the stone of destiny of the Tuatha de Danann and the meaning of the word Dolmen, Stolmen.


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What would life be like if you were always on vacation? Dark Rye meets one family who considers "home" to be an ever-changing location (via +PBS Food).

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Ancient Rome just got a little older. Excavations inside the Roman Forum have found the remains of a wall dating back to 900 BC – suggesting that the Eternal City was settled two centuries earlier than previously believed.http://ow.ly/vJZ9U

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Can we drive our own evolution? Specific examples of human cultural adaptations driving gene changes include lactose tolerance among peoples who raised milking cows and sickle-cell disease as a response to malaria.  Not mentioned in this interesting article, but described in Christopher Wills's fascinating Children of Prometheus, is the way advanced clothing and shelter methods enabled humans to colonize the Tibetan Plateau, necessitating major changes in blood chemistry that give Tibetans their vaunted tolerance of the thin air at high altitudes.


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Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night
Depending upon where you live on the planet, a lunar eclipse will occur starting either late April 14 or in the early morning hours of April 15.  NASA provides the times in Universal TIme (UT):

For viewers in North America, here's the approximate timing for viewers on the West Coast (PDT time zone):

10:58pm (Mon) partial lunar eclipse begins
12:07am (Tues) total lunar eclipse begins
12:47am (Tues) maximum lunar eclipse
  1:25am (Tues) total lunar eclipse ends
  2:33am (Tues) partial lunar eclipse ends

The moon will actually start to dim around 9:55 pm as the moon starts to enter the earth's penumbra, the dim edge of the earth's shadow, and it won't fully exit the penumbra until 3:36 am.

The moon will be very high inth... more »

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Mount Greylock, North Adams Mass, on the drive home this morning.

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8 Ways Roads Helped Rome Rule the Ancient World

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Earliest evidence of human presence in Scotland found
Archaeologists have uncovered the earliest evidence of the presence of humans in Scotland it was announced today.
An assemblage of over 5,000 flint artefacts was recovered in 2005-9 by Biggar Archaeology Group in fields at Howburn, near Biggar in South Lanarkshire, and subsequent studies have dated their use to 14,000 years ago. Prior to the find, the oldest evidence of human occupation in Scotland could be dated to around 13,000 years ago at a now-destroyed cave site in Argyll. Dating to the very earliest part of the late-glacial period, Howburn is likely to represent the first settlers in Scotland. The flint tools are strikingly close in design to similar finds in northern Germany and southern Denmark from the same period, a link which has helped experts to date them. The new findings were revealed today (9th April) by Fiona Hyslop,... more »

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Soil Science May Be Important Key to Tackling Climate Change

Studying the important partnership between soil and plants may lead to some solutions for the ongoing problems arising from climate change. The +East Bay Regional Park District's Sharol Nelson-Embry highlights a recent panel discussion in San Francisco with local soil scientists and author Kristin Ohlson on carbon sequestration - learn more at KQED Science. 

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"Several iconic Adirondack birds are in trouble, with declines driven by the size of their wetland habitats, how connected these wetlands are to one another, and how near they are to human infrastructure, research finds. A new report presents an evaluation of the potential influence of climate change and habitat alteration on species occurrence patterns over time".

(Posted by +rasha kamel)

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In an era of potent concern over internet pornography, cyber-bullying, and drugs, it is hard to imagine a game being controversial. But 30 years ago Dungeons & Dragons was the subject of a full-on moral panic http://bbc.in/1n0uJtP

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Nearly 300 years ago, two great alliances collided on the Great Plains in a battle that  changed the course of American history. But until now, no physical evidence of the storied conflict had ever been found.

In the summer of 1720, where the Platte River meets the Loup in eastern Nebraska, Spanish soldiers, New Mexican settlers and their Pueblo and Apache allies clashed with warriors from the Pawnee and Oto nations of the Plains.

In a daybreak raid, the Pawnee and the Oto — possibly with the support of French traders — routed the Spanish, killing their commander, Don Pedro de Villasur, along with 35 soldiers and 10 Pueblo scouts.

The attack proved to be a turning point in the Spanish conquest, marking the end of the empire’s eastward encroachment across the continent.

Villasur’s defeat was well-documented by survivors at the time, but perhaps nowhere wasit more ... more »

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Took the puppy for a hike/jog/walk in the state forest. It's surprising how many sticks there are in the woods. And pine cones. And interesting smells. And mud.

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Genetic circuits: Bacterial 'FM radio' created
Programming living cells offers the prospect of harnessing sophisticated biological machinery for transformative applications in energy, agriculture, water remediation and medicine. Inspired by engineering, researchers in the emerging field of synthetic biology have designed a tool box of small genetic components that act as intracellular switches, logic gates, counters and oscillators.
But scientists have found it difficult to wire the components together to form larger circuits that can function as "genetic programs." One of the biggest obstacles? Dealing with a small number of available wires.
A team of biologists and engineers at UC San Diego has taken a large step toward overcoming this obstacle. Their advance, detailed in a paper which appears in this week's advance online publication of the journal Nature,... more »

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Recreating Nordic Grog
The woman, dead at 30, was buried 1,900 years ago in an oak log near Juellinge, Denmark. Interred with her was a long-handled bronze strainer that still held residue of a fermented drink she may have been meant to enjoy in the afterlife. 

Now the ingredients and even the flavor of that drink, a “grog” made from local fruits, grains, and herbs mixed with grape wine from southern Europe, are becoming clearer. University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Patrick McGovern has applied biomolecular techniques to organic residue taken from four ancient Scandinavian artifacts, including the woman’s strainer, a clay jar, and pieces of Roman bronze drinking sets, dating to between 1500 B.C. and A.D. 200.

Using a method called solid phase micro-extraction, McGovern found volatile organic compounds that are biomarkers for ingredients such as lingonberry, bogcranbe... more »

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The Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. +Mashable has taken a deep dive into what sites require password changes. Protect yourselves!

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Fhtagn-y goodness. But the shipping from R'lyeh is crazy. 

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This has to be my favorite photo in history.

J #DoctorWho   #Awkward  

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3D printer company asks client not to print 3D printers. #LoL   #Recursion  

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Study tests theory that life originated at deep sea vents
One of the greatest mysteries facing humans is how life originated on Earth. Scientists have determined approximately when life began (roughly 3.8 billion years ago), but there is still intense debate about exactly how life began. One possibility -- that simple metabolic reactions emerged near ancient seafloor hot springs, enabling the leap from a non-living to a living world -- has grown in popularity in the last two decades.
Recent research by geochemists Eoghan Reeves, Jeff Seewald, and Jill McDermott at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is the first to test a fundamental assumption of this 'metabolism first' hypothesis, and finds that it may not have been as easy as previously assumed. Instead, their findings could provide a focus for the search for life on other planets. The work is published in Proceedings of... more »

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Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting
Archaeologists at the University of York are challenging the traditional view that Neanderthal childhood was difficult, short and dangerous.
A research team from PALAEO (Centre for Human Palaeoecology and Evolutionary Origins) and the Department of Archaeology at York offer a new and distinctive perspective which suggests that Neanderthal children experienced strong emotional attachments with their immediate social group, used play to develop skills and played a significant role in their society.
The traditional perception of the toughness of Neanderthal childhood is based largely on biological evidence, but the archaeologists, led by Dr Penny Spikins, also studied cultural and social evidence to explore the experience of Neanderthal children.In research published in the Oxford Journal of Archaeology, they found that Neanderthal... more »

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Here's How The World's Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days

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The Sutton Hoo Helmet, now in the British Museum, is one of the most important Anglo-Saxon finds of all time. It was buried in a 27 metre long ship, inside the grave of a warrior chieftain. Although the helmet belonged to a powerful war-leader archaeologists are not certain who was buried at Sutton Hoo. When it was found it conjured up images of the warrior culture of the great Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf, written around the same time.

Now Cate Blanchett is said to be in talks to play the amateur archaeologist Edith Pretty, one of the driving forces behind the 1938-9 excavation of Sutton Hoo, in a period drama 'The Dig'.

Read the news report here:

#SuttonHoo #AngloSaxon #cateblanchett

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From athletes to couch potatoes: Humans through 6,000 years
of farming
Human bones are remarkably plastic and respond surprisingly quickly to change. Put under stress through physical exertion -- such as long-distance walking or running -- they gain in strength as the fibres are added or redistributed according to where strains are highest. The ability of bone to adapt to loading is shown by analysis of the skeletons of modern athletes, whose bones show remarkably rapid adaptation to both the intensity and direction of strains.
Because the structure of human bones can inform us about the lifestyles of the individuals they belong to, they can provide valuable clues for biological anthropologists looking at past cultures. Research by Alison Macintosh, a PhD candidate in Cambridge University's Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, shows that after the emergence of... more »

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About 112 million years ago, a long-necked sauropod dinosaur traversed some intertidal flats near what is now Glen Rose, Texas. Coming after it — perhaps hours or days later, or perhaps hot on its tail in a dinosaur chase scene — a meat-eating theropod followed, overlaying some of the sauropod's footprints with its own. Read more: http://ow.ly/vsRj1

Image credit: Peter Falkingham

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Futures coming.

Its been theoretically possible to take seawater and air, break the water into hydrogen and oxygen, and mix that with carbon dioxide to make long chain polymers that look and burn like gasoline. there are various processes that can do that, ranging from organic enzymes, to artificial photosynthesis, to plasmification/distillation. they each use a very different and energy intensive process.

Seawater fuel is currently more expensive than pulling it out of the ground.... so might be limited in its usefulness.

That is, unless a large and powerful organisation decides to mass produce the means to make it... 

But who would do that?

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Check out this incredible engraving of London, mapped by balloon.

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like a modern day Moisture Farm on Tatooine or what the Freman might use on Dune
Each tower costs approximately $550, and can be built in a few days by village residents, and using locally available materials. The Warka Water Tower uses a fog-harvesting fabric and can collect up to 100 litres of safe drinking water per day.

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Want a 3D printer? Here's a Kickstarter for a USD $300 printer with a 4" cube print volume. Comes pre-assembled, and it prints both PLA (biodegradable) and ABS (pro-grade) plastic.

They offered $200 and $250 models, but they're already sold out. This project funded in 10 minutes, so jump in now if you want one!

Made in America; shipping not included. Ships in November (at least, that's what they plan).

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First peanut genome sequenced
The International Peanut Genome Initiative -- a group of multinational crop geneticists who have been working in tandem for the last several years -- has successfully sequenced the peanut's genome.
Scott Jackson, director of the University of Georgia Center for Applied Genetic Technologies in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, serves as chair of the International Peanut Genome Initiative, or IPGI. The new peanut genome sequence will be available to researchers and plant breeders across the globe to aid in the breeding of more productive and more resilient peanut varieties. Peanut, known scientifically as Arachis hypogaea and also called groundnut, is important both commercially and nutritionally. While the oil- and protein-rich legume is seen as a cash crop in the developed world, it remains a valuable sustenance crop in developing... more »

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Hummingbirds' 22-million-year-old history of remarkable change
is far from complete
The first comprehensive map of hummingbirds' 22-million-year-old family tree—reconstructed based on careful analysis of 284 of the world's 338 known species—tells a story of rapid and ongoing diversification. The decade-long study reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on April 3 also helps to explain how today's hummingbirds came to live where they do.

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Lab uses 3-D printing to make historical artifact chess sets
Over the past month, a Virginia Commonwealth University lab has been using 3-D scanning and printing technology to create chess sets, with each piece a 3-D-printed replica of historical artifacts found at archeological digs at Jamestown, Mount Vernon, Montpelier, Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest and elsewhere.
"Sometimes when you're scanning, it's kind of boring. It takes about 20 minutes to scan an artifact," said Bernard Means, Ph.D., director of VCU's Virtual Curation Laboratory. "So we thought, you know, it'd be kind of fun to make chess pieces out of items from archeological sites." The lab was launched in 2011 as part of the Department of Defense's Legacy Resource Management Program, which aims to preserve the United States' natural and culture heritage, including through... more »

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I watched the most fucked up movie yesterday.

This kid sees his parents get murdered, and then becomes a recluse, living his entire life with some kind of mental condition where he regularly experiences psychotic hallucinations. The result of generations of incest, he is shunned by all of society but at some point finds a girl who is able to cope with his delusions and starts a family of his own.

He has morbid dreams about death with increasing intensity and frequency; and during an episode in which this nigga takes some fucked up drug with his granddad, eventually gives in to voices in his head instructing him to do bizarre things that he is convinced are for the good of humanity, including collecting birds and insects and keeping them, unfed, in squalor, in hand-built containment cells that he forces his family to build for him.

People eventually learn what he is... more »

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JOIN OUR SCIENCE COMMUNITY: https://plus.google.com/communities/117223878465519159814

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Researching some western Massachusetts First Nations history has made me thirsty. 


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There are many things #Honda designed its ride-on lawn tractors to do—going 120 mph probably wasn't one of them: http://cardrive.co/62639yDU #LawnTractor

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Top 10 Iron Age Forts in Britain -- what's your favorite? We love Maiden Castle because of this: "Who was the man that said, 'Let it be built here!'—not on that hill yonder, or on that ridge behind, but on this best spot of all? Whether he were some great one of the Belgae, or of the Durotriges, or the travelling engineer of Britain's united tribes, must for ever remain time's secret; his form cannot be realized, nor his countenance, nor the tongue that he spoke, when he set down his foot with a thud and said, 'Let it be here!'--Thomas Hardy, "A Tryst at an Ancient Earthwork"

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Large Harappan-era site buried under Rakhigarhi village
Is a village in Haryana sitting on top of a rare archaeological site that is older and larger than Mohenjo-daro, perhaps the best-known human settlement of the Indus Valley civilization?
Research and findings by archaeologists and officials in Haryana have indicated that this could indeed be true for Rakhigarhi village in Haryana's Hisar district, over 200 km from Chandigarh. Located on the Jind-Hansi road, about eight kilometres from Narnaund town, the seven mounds in the area could change history related to the Indus Valley civilization (now referred to as the Harappan civilization), researchers say. Vijai Vardhan, Haryana's principal secretary for archaeology and museums, told IANS: "This site could throw up new information about the Indus Valley civilization. Archaeologists who have been to Rakhigarhi say that the town... more »


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