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Paul Terry Walhus has been at 168 events

MyBlogU331Please chat with us on Twitter!#MyBlogU Twitter chat2015-07-02 17:00:0076  
Mia Voss34,981Heads Up: *This is a paid webinar, not a free HangoutOnAir* Yup, I'm taking all the great tips & info I've picked up over the last 2 years and piling it into an action packed webinar called ... *How To Give Great Video™*   Video... it's where it's at! Want to learn how to look, sound, act, not act and get set up for video? Afraid to jump in front of the camera? Then this webinar is for you! YouTube Host & Interviewer Mia Voss of The Mia Connect has hosted and appeared in over 300 YouTube videos and has mastered the art of the what to do/what not to do for Video Content. Tuesday, June 9th, 1pm PT / 2pm MT/ 3pm CT / 4pm ET Some of the webinar topics will include: -  Why Video Content Marketing is important - The 360 Approach - How to look and sound your best on video - Presentation & speaking tips - Crafting Your Message - Setting goals & focus of the video message - Finding your video comfort level - Dealing with panic & nervousness - Setting up your own Broadcast Tower - equipment & setup - How to be your best authentic self on video! This one hour session also includes a Q&A session at the end. Can’t make the date? Don’t worry! You’ll have access to the webinar for a limited time after the broadcast. *Now pay attention... the webinar will NOT happen here on this link - this is just the invite*   I've partnered with @105076725141939280120 of @112429230126703393593 to broadcast the webinar on Business Hangouts. Head over to my website & click on the PayPal link. Sign up now and take advantage of the discounted price of $57  OR click on the tickets link here on the event. http://themiaconnect.com/how-to-give-great-video/ Space is limited.How To Give Great Video™ Webinar2015-06-09 22:00:0087  
Plus Your Business!12,402Want to learn from an amazing lady who has made over $100,000 profit herself (for the past 4 years!) using Zazzle.com? This will be an inspirational story of creativity applied to online business, with @101786515522146664278. Myself and @117280999720765084191 look forward to seeing you tomorrow.The PYB Show!2015-05-14 20:00:0080  
Nadia Yvette Chambers6,986I'm #godless I'm #communist I'm #transsexual and I'm in a layover in Salt Lake City. http://patreon.com/NadiaYvette https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYepluWl4sxnNAcV2jfImDRgAoD-tOU5uE65Fzu1XZHefv5bNQ?authuser=0&hl=enA Godless Transsexual in Salt Lake City #22015-04-10 06:15:003  
Plus Your Business!12,402Myself and the masterful @117280999720765084191 will be your guides in a journey into the unknown. Yes, partly as the guest I had booked hasn't replied to me yet - you know who you are @103241250131535707588 from Pick Your Plum! - and partly as we are going with the flow. You'll be in it though, shout outs, tips etc.  Hope to see you all then! MThe PYB show!2015-04-09 20:00:0087  
Plus Your Business!12,402Myself and hangout-on-air expert @117280999720765084191 will be connecting with the masterly @108210288375340023376 on Thursday. All being well, hotel bandwidth allowing, we will have a fun show streamed live from San Diego. You never know what is going to happen with this one, and who may well pop in, so hope to see you then!The PYB show from SMMW15!2015-03-26 19:00:00103  
Drink and Click ™ SA273*Erin go Bragh* The St Patricks River Day Parade is Sunday March 15th. Join Drink and Click™ San Antonio at 2pm to walk through events in La Villita, Live music at Arneson River Theater. Parade at 4:30 The river will be dyed green and there will be some Green Drinks waiting for us! Everyone is welcome, with any level of camera! Lets hope for great Weather, or warm Irish beverages! Please share this event and bring your friends and family too!  Hosted by San Antonio Chapter Lead: @110852710106351348247    https://www.thesanantonioriverwalk.com/events/murphys-st.-patricks-day-river-parade-festival *MEET* at the rear of La Villita, at the bridge on N. Presa. Parking lots nearby and right on the bus and bike routes, if you dont like traffic and parking fees :)  *MAP* of proposed walk:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z43tR3J4InAM.kGD2hmznb5CA Parking noted on map. Proposed routes, changes of pace, alternate views of the area,shown. Enjoy the streets and please upload your cell shots to the Event as you take them! Love cell phone users!  *Happiness* This Month's Drink and Click Photography Challenge is Happiness:   Smiles, Places, People  Anything! Great Prizes sponsored by: Black Rapid, Rocky Nook and Think Tank Photo.  Challenge page and rules: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107706750361808972316/events/c5beanmjgjmlvjossrt68vmmmmc Drink and Click Blog: http://drinkandclick.com/blog/Drink and Click™ San Antonio St Pattys Day River Parade2015-03-15 20:00:008  
Google Fiber45,306Google Fiber and the ATX Television Festival invite you to a mini-marathon of House of Cards, Season 3 episodes 1-6. Join us live in Austin for a special introduction with creator Beau Willimon over hangout from London. Anyone can join the Hangout. RSVP: https://fiber-events-2.appspot.com/events/1404/registerHangout on Air with House of Cards creator Beau Willimon2015-03-01 06:30:0047  
Lindsey Allen329create a lower third banner2015-03-01 02:00:007  
Plus Your Business!12,402*This Thursday!* On this week's show I am delighted to be joined by someone I have great respect for when it comes to business,@105103058358743760661. We will discuss the 'intersection of technology and business as a force for good' - 'Social Business'. *What else?* Will it be funny too, you are asking? Well, maybe! We will discuss Amazon's drone delivery system, and whether we need to leave the house by 2035! And there will be PYB Academy tips and some special shout outs to community members too. Hope to see you there. It is going to be a great ride...The 'Plus Your Business' show!2015-02-26 20:00:00119  
Plus Your Business!12,402This week I will be back in the driving seat once more. And, other missions permitting, I will be joined by fellow PYB Academy Level 5 co-pilots @115620878851836664537 @107022061436866576067 @108210288375340023376 @100034828195835575273 and you never know, @108384201920217141722 may be in the audience too! @117280999720765084191 will be here to help with all thing tech, and we are exploring some cool ideas for HOAs over the coming months... AND just as importantly, I would like to have a conversation with YOU. I've been on my own personal journey relating to branding, community, trust, authority, friendship and putting on a show (and when not to), and would love for you to be part of it. If you would like an open dialogue about what works and what doesn't on Google+ then this is the place to be on Thursday 2pm EST. This is the start to the next wave for PYB and I hope to see you there, M p.s. if you received an invite, it was because you attended another PYB show over the past few months and I assumed you would want to see this one! Note: if you don't want an invite in future, please do let me know.The PYB Show - a conversation! (new format)2015-02-12 20:00:00110  
Emerging Futures, What's Next?0In 2012, a very brutal gang rape incident happened on the streets of Indian capital city - Delhi, it is so gut wrenching to even recall that incident & quote it here; this horrible incident made huge news waves and awakened a nation of billion to act up. The girl dint survive, she went by a pseudonym as 'Nirbhaya' (fearless) for her valor in fighting the assailants. Her real name was never released in any news media to protect her modesty and identity...   Shortly after, a startup by two women, @103531087953607039467 and +Surya Bansal, decided to change the way women are treated in public places and put an end to sexual harassments, cat calls and abuses, by using technology & the power of Internet. Thus @104951738286144871694 was born, a not-for-profit initiative that aims to 'pin the creeps' on a crowd-sourced Google Maps through anonymous entries of data submitted by women who are subjected to harassment of any kind at public places. Today, over 4000 incidents are reported on Safecity.in, and they are tirelessly working on addressing this problem by working with local communities, police, etc., to make India a better and safer place for women. *Women changing the world* @103531087953607039467 is the Managing Director and leads the team. She is an experienced aviation professional who made a career switch about 2 years back to the social space in order to improve the lives of women, youth and senior citizens through awareness, interaction and education. Safecity is the first of her social projects. She is also a trained counsellor in both the directive and non directive methods of counseling. She is a Vital Voices Lead Fellow, an alumni of the Swedish Institute and a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee in the Women Leadership programme.   Surya Velamuri is a sustainability professional for the past ten years and one of the Co-founders and Director of Safecity, her first social venture. She believes that every person has a right to "be safe" and feels that technology can be a strong enabler to achieve citizen engagement to combat sexual abuse and violence. She is an alumni of the Swedish Institute.   @112426083502298062700 is the founder of DesiCrew, a for-profit organization employing over 300 people that’s focused on creating knowledge-based livelihood opportunities in small towns and rural areas. An engineer from Pune University, she previously worked with WebChutney, an interactive media start-up. Her initiatives at DesiCrew have been acknowledged with several awards  such as TiE Stree Shakti, Business in Development, Manthan Award and Sankalp. She is currently the CEO of ProCraft. ----------------- #womeninbusiness   #womensafety   #india   #hangoutsonair   #rape   #assult   #womenrights   #travel   #technology   #innovation   #bigdata  Can technology make India safe for Women?2015-02-10 03:00:00163  
Emerging Futures, What's Next?0When I asked @102654116826368353784 (The former head of product experience and a founding team of Google X, creator of Glass and the driveless car) to join me on a hangout and talk about the future of things.. how will technology affect our lives..robots and the likes, he asked: what for? Why don't we talk about practical solutions to today's most urgent problems? And you know my respect for the guy that was already way up there, just increased 100 times more. So join us as we talk with one of the smartest in the world, about *moving from the world we have to discovering and creating the world we want together.* So what will we talk about... ✓   Anything from Google X... ✓   Building companies, creating a product and selling it in 48 hours               (yes, he does that!)... ✓   Going deep on global challenges and/or technology shifts ✓   Understanding whether you are working from your highest point of              leverage ✓    Learning to see sales as service ✓    Having your identity be a verb instead of a noun *Who's Tom Chi...* Tom Chi has worked in a wide range of roles from astrophysical researcher to Fortune 500 consultant to corporate executive developing new hardware/software products and services. He's play's a significant role in established projects with global reach (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Search), and scaled new projects from conception to significance (Yahoo Answers from 0 to 90 million users). Tom has pioneered and practiced a unique approach to rapid prototyping, visioning, and leadership that can jumpstart innovative new ideas as well as move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. These approaches have benefited over a dozen industry-leading companies. He most recently served as head of product experience at Google X developing technology such as Google Glass and Google's self-driving cars. His current focus is delving into human development issues with social entrepreneurs around the globe, rebooting the fundamental frameworks of entrepreneurship itself, and teaching a limited number of workshops to select organizations. http://about.me/thegoodtomchi ---------------------------------- Join us to speak with one of the smartest people around about the world we want and can create. And bring 2-3 friends. ------------------------- #hangoutsonair   #googlex   #tomchi   #googleglass   #drivelesscar   #googlecar   #technology   #innovation   #humandevelopment  Tom Chi on Practical World Changing Ideas.2015-01-27 03:00:00340  
Kami Huyse8,400There is a lot of talk about online communities in social networking circles, but very few people and companies are building these online communities effectively. This month, we will be discussing how to build a strong online community that allows everyone to grow and succeed. Our conversation this month is with Amy Robinette who has built a dynamic Facebook community that meets and networks both online and offline in Houston. We will discuss what she has learned over the last year in the trenches of community building. Please come armed with lot of questions and your own experiences with community building. Let’s start off 2015 with some major learning. We will discuss: • What makes an online community grow exponentially? • What are the biggest pitfalls when building an online community? • How can you monetize an online community? • Why is Facebook the best platform to build an online community? • How do you build your email list? • What are the benefits of meeting in person as well as online?  • What are the drawbacks to live meetings? If you have any other thoughts and questions, please add them to the comments. SPEAKER Amy Robinette is the founder and president of The Gold Buying Girl, a Houston-based company she started in 2008 with only $500. Last year The Gold Buying Girl bought more than $15 million worth of gold. The company works with women to make buying and selling their discarded jewelry more accessible. As her business grew on referrals from woman to woman, she started to recognize how women naturally wanted to help each other. In 2014, she created a networking Facebook page to tap into this sharing spirit. “Women Helping Women 2 Network” (#WHW2N”) is a platform created so female entrepreneurs can connect with one another, network, succeed, and thrive in a business world that oftentimes encourages the growth and success of men more than women. The community has grew to nearly 3,000 members in less than six months. The community is designed to connect women in Houston and provide resources and includes meetups across the city. She is now converting the Facebook page into a paying membership with added value for its members. Before she started either of these two ventures she had a successful career in the personnel industry working for national firms and also founding her own company Staffing Strategies. Contact Info Twitter: https://twitter.com/goldbuyinggirl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/642299972525208/ Website: http://whw2n.com Website: http://www.goldbuyinggirl.comBuilding a Dynamic Online Community2015-01-09 15:30:0046  
Emerging Futures, What's Next?0_Unscripted conversations with world leaders._ *Women* - do you find yourselves craving sugar, sweets and that you're easily getting upset even over little things? *Men* - Do you find yourselves fatigue, feeling "blah" and with a sense of boredom or flatness? @100529508287223488695, author of Men are from Mars, women are from Venus says that *you're probably stressed out*. a lot. *The good news* - One supplement,  PGX, a tri-fiber that absorbs carbohydrates and regulates blood sugar levels, helps the brain more readily manufacture needed chemicals. But he gets even more specific, since men and women's brains are different, we react differently to stress and we need different *natural cures* to help with our chemical differences. ----------------------------- *Alternatives to Medication* _Scientific proof for natural remedies._ ----------------------------- When major disease hit (like cancer, Parkinson's, ADHD, etc) it is more comfortable to relay on Western Medicine to take care of us. John Gray was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and used natural remedies to heal himself, and proved that by using food, supplements and exercise we can achieve the right chemical balance, get off anti depressant and cure ADHD in boys. But in our everyday lives, *stress is the number 1 proxy killer* (according to the Institute of HeartMath) not only of our health, but also of our relationships. We need more than new communication skills and an understanding of our differences to have healthy relationships these days. We also need the nutritional support necessary for positive moods, sustained energy and most importantly, focus. Without focus, communication breaks down in all relationships and frustration increases. *Without focus in romantic relationships, passion is lost and there is an increase in breakups and divorces.* Without focus at work, people are increasingly dissatisfied and bored, often feeling unappreciated, distracted, exhausted or overwhelmed. ----------------------------- *COME HANGOUT WITH JOHN GRAY* _Join the Inner Circle and take a seat in the Film Strip._ ----------------------------- Go on *OFFICIAL SITE* to join us, and you'll be emailed a link to join the hangout so you can ask John Gray any question you might have - unscripted, authentic and totally you. Learn natural remedies that can save you and yours - your relationships, your children's health and get a good start for the new year. *VIEW ON MOBILE* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEMOvVV4Aak -------------------- #johngray   #menarefrommars   #womenarefromvenus   #stress   #naturalremedies   #adhd   #exercise   #nutrition   #stayingfocused   #hangoutonair  John Gray on Relationships, Men, Women & Stress2014-12-16 03:00:0081  
Yifat Cohen77,756*What if....* Google+ is not a social network at all - never intended to be a Facebook killer, nor a Twitter wanna-be and definitely not in a rush to keep up with everything else out there...? *What if....* Google+ is Google's way of analyzing our personal relationships across all their products (because relationships can't be faked) and use that knowledge to fuel services like Google Now, Nest, Home automation and Driveless cars...? *"So what the fuck is Google+ for anyway?"* @102034052532213921839 is an ex-Google employee who helped design the UX of Google+ before he left Google a year ago, and whose name came up again on the Plus stream when he shared his *Thoughts on Google+* asking [quote] "So what the fuck is Google+ for anyway?" and got the community talking. *SO LET'S -TALK- HANGOUT ABOUT IT.* Chris is very disappointed with Google+ because he expects better from Google. But maybe he's expecting the wrong things? @113117251731252114390 rebutted Chris' post and defended Google+ in a Google+ post that was shared 524 time and sparked conversations across the Plus (https://www.gplusgotogal.com/MikeElganRebuttal1)  Chris responded - https://www.gplusgotogal.com/ChrisMessinaRebutal And Mike claimed that Chris lost the argument because he didn't answer the main questions: "What site has 1) a better community; 2) better troll control; 3) better photo tools; 4) better integration with a leading wearables platform; 5) better conversations; 6) better monetization; 7) better search?" (https://www.gplusgotogal.com/MikeElganRebuttal2) Basically, comparing Google+ to Facebook again. (_sigh_) *IS CHRIS USING GOOGLE+ WRONG?* Chris, who was an integral part in the development of Google+ for 3.5 years was told by @107742059751171695340 that he was using Google+ wrong. He should have been talking and listening to Top Contributors (which Jaana is one) who have their ears to the ground: _"Which is the direction it's taking? That depends. Also on us, the users.  Google listens."_ (You should definitely read the comments on Jaana's post, where she and Chris get into an agreement - https://www.gplusgotogal.com/JaanaNyströmGooglePlus) *IS IT ABOUT THE SHARED INTEREST GRAPH?* Perhaps the best insight is that of @105103058358743760661 who read between Chris' lines and brought up the point of Big Data and information networks: [Google+] "should have been 1000% focused on helping people build a rich information network around the things we care most about - our interest graph - and then to use that interest graph to connect us with *new* people who share those interests with us - our "shared interest graph." And if it's about the interest graph, then who's better than @115620878851836664537 to remind us that that takes time: _ It requires building a bunch of things, integrating them and then waiting to see how people will use them and what the data will show you. This means that we have to wait to see some results (many of which will impact search) andGoogle Rebuttal - Chris Messina's Perspective.2014-12-11 19:00:00173  
Yifat Cohen77,756There's a movement happening that empowers you to live a better life, to offer your children a disease free future and to save your loved ones (and yourself!) from cancer, obesity, diabetes and painkillers - *and it's free.* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *THE ORIGIN MOVEMENT - SOLUTIONS.* _Our Roots. Our Planet. Our Future._ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How easy is it to take Monstanto out of your body and your life? For a busy mom (like myself), how can I feed my child instead of the pharmaceutical industry? How can I heal my body without hurting my wallet..? Or have to make such drastic changes that are doomed to fail? *If you want better health and feel that there’s little denying that our collective health has been compromised, then join and share this hangout.* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *FACE TO FACE CONVERSATION* _Unscripted. With you in the film strip._ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Thursday @104328553869453938019 brings you the producer of “Origins" @116032103026848741258, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, founder of Well.org who has devoted his life to making transformational media. Joining us is my fellow Austinite @116967840493627325068, No. 1 Bestselling Author and Host of the Award-Winning Top-Rated Fat-Burning Man Radio Show. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *GET EARLY ACCESS, WATCH THE MOVIE FOR FREE* _Click Official Site below._ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The movement begins Starting *Saturday, November 22nd* but you can watch the movie for free *now* simply by clicking on the Official Site below, and then *join our hangout* to talk about it with the producer and the brain behind it themselves. *PLUS* Get Rare access to 38 of the world’s most respected authorities – from Harvard-Trained physicians to natural beauty experts to heads of sustainability councils to board-certified nutritionists and others. EASY-to-implement tips and how-tos on everything from greening up your home to urban gardening to hormone balancing to beating food allergies and so much more. Available online at absolutely no cost – all you need is an Internet connection. 6 video interviews available each day for 24 hours. ---------------- #hangoutsonair   #OriginsFilm #health   #nogmo   #nogmofoods   #documentary   #healthyfood  Origin - The film. A talk with the brightest minds behind the movement.2014-11-21 00:00:0088  
Christine DeGraff126,108*#TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 will interview @113426828273677356184 to discuss the various online marketing tools and techniques he recommends and talk about how he has leveraged them to grow both his business and his clients' businesses.    @113426828273677356184 is a well respected veteran of online marketing and highly regarded in the SEO industry. Since 1996 he has worked with clients of all sizes, in all markets, and in every way (in-house, agency, and private consultant).  He’s as well known for his frank, no-nonsense, practicality as for the innovations he brings to the field, and the testimonials and recommendations he has indicate the respect, and influence, he has in SEO. @111294201325870406922 of @112544075040456048636 has said “Ammon Johns is one of the brightest minds and most talented individuals in the field of search engine & Internet marketing. I can think of few people in the field from whom I've learned more or been more impressed by. If you have the rare opportunity to leverage Ammon's immense intellect and experience, say yes. It will rank among the best decisions you've made for your business." *Watch Previous Episodes* YouTube Playlist (Season 1): http://bit.ly/1mV7BJY  YouTube Playlist (Season 2): http://bit.ly/1xLqchs Flipboard by @115091224082668507135: http://flip.it/BrEMe  #TNTBootcamp airs every 3rd Monday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET Please RSVP 'YES' to be added to our invite list. #SEO #InternetMarketing #Marketing #OnlineMarketing   #TNTBootcamp - Ammon Johns2014-11-17 20:30:00136  
Christine DeGraff126,108*#TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 will interview @101696764219780312734 to discuss the various online marketing tools and techniques she recommends and talk about how she has leveraged Google+ to connect with influencers and grow her business.    @101696764219780312734 is a professional host, interviewer, and strategist of Google Hangouts On Air and YouTube Shows. She has been highly successful at building interconnected communities. Mia has been the producer and star of more than 300 episodes of shows ranging from The Mia Connect to The Food & Booze Show to 15 Minutes with Christine & Mia. Her energized style of presentation improves the position of guests and allows brands to create more leverage with online video. Mia was recently hired by @116266498226740184904 to host their new service #End2EndHangouts .  *Watch Previous Episodes* YouTube Playlist (Season 1): http://bit.ly/1mV7BJY  YouTube Playlist (Season 2): http://bit.ly/1xLqchs Flipboard by @115091224082668507135: http://flip.it/BrEMe  #TNTBootcamp airs every 3rd Monday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET Please RSVP 'YES' to be added to our invite list. #InfluenceMarketing #ContentMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing  #TNTBootcamp - Mia Voss2014-10-20 20:30:00181  
We First180The 3rd annual 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit will be held Oct 7-8 in Beverly Hills at the beautiful SLS Hotel. Our 2-day executive hands-on training intensive is the only event focused on the intersection of corporate purpose and social marketing.   Register before June 15 and lock in early-bird pricing: www.WeFirst14.com This year’s must-attend event will feature an exclusive line-up of world-class marketers and business leaders including: -Javier Rodriguez, Global Marketing Director, Sustainability Strategy and Communication at The Coca-Cola Company -Marc Mathieu, SVP of Marketing at Unilever -Andy McKeon, Global Customer Marketing Lead at Facebook -Simon Mainwaring, Best-selling author and Chief Creative Officer at We First === Here’s what makes We First '14 so special === - It’s a two-day hands-on training during which all attendees create their own customized and actionable 2015 Social Branding Blueprint™ based on the latest marketing research, case studies, and best practices.  - Every registration comes with a FREE standard ticket for your favorite non-profit - Every attendee will receive a $50 credit for Uber, the revolutionary on-demand car service. Simply tap a button, get picked up in minutes, and arrive at We First ’14 in style!  See you in October!2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit2014-10-07 09:00:009  
Black Lotus1,076*DDoS and Cybersecuirty Power Talk - Episode 2* #BLPowerTalk  is a bi-monthly discussion presented by @113502117707460925188 and features some of the most important discussions surrounding website #security . Useful to webmasters, #hosting companies, and brands, this is a show full of practical takeaways and behind-the-scenes revelations from industry insiders that will keep you up-to-date and prepared to take on the latest threats in the #ddos and #cybersecurity  landscape. Visit www.blacklotus.net for more details!  This episode is set for *Monday, September 29th at 1 p.m Pacific / 4 p.m. Eastern.* Watch On YouTube: *DDoS and Cybersecurity Power Talk - Episode 2* Please use the hashtag #BLPowerTalk  and Click To Tweet this event: http://ctt.ec/0Z6GA This second show will feature @110578003263050442517 from @115137529845630739202 - a serial entrepreneur focused on solving complex internet security and cyber-defense problems. In this hangout, Jason and our host @101696764219780312734 will be discussing some of the most popular forms of #ddosattacks , how they have evolved over the years in sophistication and complexity, and an overview of some of the more popular #hacktivism  groups who carry them out. *Connect with Jason Polancich* Web: https://www.surfwatchlabs.com Google+: https://plus.google.com/110578003263050442517 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/surfwatchlabs YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/surfwatchlabs LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/surfwatchlabs Twitter: https://twitter.com/surfwatchlabs *Connect with Black Lotus* Black Lotus provides full service consultation for service providers and enterprises in the design and implementation of #ddosmitigation solutions. Web: www.blacklotus.net Google+: +Black Lotus   Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ddosprotection YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ddosdefense LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/black-lotus-communications Twitter: https://twitter.com/ddosprotection *Be Prepared: Download the Threat Report* https://www.blacklotus.net/connect/ddos-threat-reportDDoS and Cybersecurity Power Talk - Episode 22014-09-29 22:00:0052  
On Track Tips | Wiser Sites2,245*Digital Intimacy and Business - Is it really necessary?* This week we are talking with +Yifat Cohen and +Marc Gafni about Digital Intimacy. You're probably wondering, what the heck does this have to do with business? To tell you the truth I'm curious to find out myself. On Track Tips has been invited to participate in a project Yifat and Marc are working, where they are using a series of HOAs as chapters in a book they are authoring. The two have appeared on at least three other shows and so far they have focused on what Digital Intimacy means to the individual or the consumer.  They've discussed vulnerability, integrity, and responsibility. They've discussed privacy, anonymity, and cyber identity. Are we spending more time in the virtual world than in the real world?  This is all delicious content for philosophers, sociologists, and cultural anthropologists, but how does it apply to small business owners and marketers?  We will find out.  I plan to ask these kinds of questions:  ⇒ In business, how intimate do we really need to be?  ⇒ Do we really need fluff and flowers with engagement and relationships in order to conduct business? Is this really the future? ⇒ How can we keep our personal lives and business lives separate today, and how much longer will we be able to maintain this separation in our society? ⇒ A recurring theme that Yifat and Marc talk about is the profound relationship between intimacy and vulnerability. In what way is vulnerability an asset in business, especially in the corporate world? ⇒ Should it be my goal to become friends with my clients? This interview is not for everyone for sure. But if it is for you, please stop by and let’s try out this intimacy thing. What do you say?  See you this week at Get on Track, Stay on Track.  Oh! and don’t forget to push the BIG red button http://OnTrackTips.com ========================================­============== Start asking questions now AND invite 2 friends! Did you click "Yes" on the event invite? Push The BIG red button - http://OnTrackTips.com  Subscribe on YouTube - http://jtw.bz/OTTlist Tweet This - http://jtw.bz/YCMGTweet Join us on Twitter using the hashtag - #OnTrackTips   Upcoming Guests: Jay Baer  Ian Cleary Mark Traphagen  ========================================­­============== Connect with +Yifat Cohen and +Marc Gafni on G+ and visit their  websites:  http://www.gplusgotogal.com/ (Yifat) http://www.marcgafni.com/ (Marc) #digitalintimacy #emotionalseo #smallbusiness #socialmedia #SoMe #OnTrackTips #digitalprivacyDigital Intimacy and Business - Is it really necessary?2014-09-29 19:00:00129  
Christine DeGraff126,108*#TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 will interview @115854344437995415484 to discuss the various online marketing tools and techniques she recommends and talk about how she has leveraged Google+ to connect with influencers and grow her business.    @115854344437995415484 is the owner of http://TrafficGenerationCafe.com, a website focused on teaching business owners various ways to increase website traffic through list building, search and social media with an emphasis on how to convert that traffic into subscribers and buyers. *Watch Previous Episodes* YouTube Playlist (Season 1): http://bit.ly/1mV7BJY  Flipboard by @115091224082668507135: http://flip.it/BrEMe  #TNTBootcamp airs every 3rd Monday at 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET *Please RSVP 'YES' to be added to our invite list.* #InfluenceMarketing   #ContentMarketing   #SocialMediaMarketing  #TNTBootcamp - Ana Hoffman2014-09-15 20:30:00246  
Joshua Berg36,243On Aug 28th Google announced termination of the Authorship program, via an announcement from *John Mueller.* goo.gl/QgyUSH *[This HOA Special is TODAY, see event for local time.]* To say this came as a shock to many loyal Google authorship fans & Google+ users would be an understatement. Needless to say there are lots of questions being asked about what all this means... Why did this happen? What does it mean for authors, for SEO & ranking? What about Author Rank, or Agent Rank, are they still coming? What's going to replace authorship & what about schema.org & other markup? So on very short notice, I decided to see if we could get the experts together on this, share our thoughts & answer your questions. Amazingly within a few hours & at the end of the week, we'd reworked our schedules & planned this event. Although I'm pretty sure this panel of well known industry thought leaders don't need an introduction, I'd like to say very special thanks to them all for coming. So a warm welcome to @107022061436866576067, @113690073826160821557, @115620878851836664537, @115106448444522478339 & @102572320061138442096. All are welcome to come & bring your questions. I also recommend the following related posts: *My Q&A with John Mueller On Ending Authorship* goo.gl/Ntdi9Q *The End of the (First) Authorship Era* goo.gl/tCXIzq *It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results* goo.gl/zrpuhp #Authorship #SEO #EndOfAuthorship  The End of Google Authorship! - Now What?!2014-09-05 22:40:0061  
Lotus Carroll1,774,292This is the Event for our August Self Portrait Challenge: Jump! Time to practice your "ups" and catch an action shot of you jumping in some fashion. Get creative and make something fun - remember to use a fast shutter speed if you want to freeze that action! Here is where you enter your ONE Self Portrait with a "Jump!" theme. Your photo must have been captured during this month. This Event remains open until 11:59 CST August 31st, so you have until then to create and enter your best photo from this month. (The dates on the Event are truncated, but you can submit a photo anytime, all month long.) Please read all rules (scroll down). Not adhering to rules will get you disqualified. *Inspiration* @111397628815301589258 created a great Action Shots Tutorial Video - watch it here:http://goo.gl/O5Isu Need advice about remotes and some jumping tips? Read @114435675631396141366's awesome tutorial here:http://goo.gl/T0LvR The image in the header is a #JumpyPantsJeff  original. ;-) Moderators of the Art of Self Portraiture Community are not eligible to win, but we'll be putting our photos into the Event in the hopes that you'll be inspired. If you have questions or need help, please pop into the Community http://goo.gl/M7XTQ and ask away! We have categories for questions and discussion and are happy to help with anything.  *Prizes* @100266938567862344330 Blue City Walker 20 http://goo.gl/LbDMIy @100424993750772730018 1 Year Awesome Account @101789561086090624750 Discontinued Strap http://www.capturingcouture.com/collections/the-sale-rack $150 Gift Certificate for @108289626026839048870 http://www.borrowlenses.com 1 Year of @118357019708110162087 Basic http://www.smugmug.com/photos/photo-sharing-features Please circle these sponsors - we love their products and services and it's great that they support our learning and growing together. Having them circled is a requirement to be a winner. :) There will be 5 winners. 1st place winner selects choice of 5 prizes. 2nd place selects choice of 4 remaining prizes. 3rd place selects choice of remaining 3 prizes. 4th place selects choice of remaining 2 prizes. 5th place receives the remaining prize. Winners must respond within 24 hours of being contacted or new winners will be chosen. At the end of the month, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will vote on the submissions and choose 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 4th, & 5th place winners. Please note that this is subjective (art always is!) and so we'll be basing our votes purely on our own opinions. Everyone who enters a photo is already a winner, of course. :) *Please Remember These Rules:* *Enter Only Your Own Work *Enter Only ONE Photo *Only SELF PORTRAITS *Must adhere to this month's theme. *Photo Must Be Taken in August 2014 (EXIF data must reflect this) *Can Only Win Once Every 6 Months *Winners Must Respond Within 24 Hours of Contact *Circle Our Prize Sponsors *No Trickery or Spamming *We Reserve The Right To Remove Entries/PartAugust Self Portrait Challenge: Jump!2014-08-30 07:00:0069  
Mia Voss34,981This week on @109324423871490315778 Power Chat we chat with @104328553869453938019 - her very first time on the Power Chat!  We will definitely be talking all things Google Plus and as well as what has happened in the Online World so far in 2014. Friday, August 29th 9am PT | 10am MT | 11am CT | 12pm ET Find Your Timezone: http://bit.ly/TMCPC-YifatTime More about our Guest! @104328553869453938019  has become the genius of Hangout technology, by pushing its capabilities beyond its limits she has secured herself an expert role in this growing platform. A Google Plus expert, founder of @106909313027624222688 and YCN (Yifat Cohen Network) she ranks as one of the leading Google Plus, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing experts. Business Rockstars, DocStoc, DataMation, The Rise to the Top, Diamonds in Your Backyard and Entrepreneur on Fire, are just a few of the mediums that have featured this Hangout savant. The Genius behind Yifat is that she is one of the very few non-Google employees who have been invited by Google to present as an expert one of their products (The Hangout) at a Google office. Her expertise is such, that she is often flown globally to countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and Israel to speak on behalf of Google. Yifat is a member of the Beta team, testing Hangout features before they’re available to the public. Besides Google, her client roster includes The Office of the Governor of Texas, Mashable Social Good, and Versus to name a few. As part of her accolades she has ranked as the No.1 Top Google+ Users within G+ Marketing. She was also voted in 2011 as the Best Google+ user by the Google+ community, along with ranking 286 on the Who’s Who for Google+ and as well as being found amongst the top 1000 Google+ user in the world for 2012. To her credit are speaker, strategy, and G+ coach skills. She teaches How to Hangout, How to optimize Google+ and how to use Google+ for business @109324423871490315778  Power Chat: Each week we cover a variety of business topics and feature influencers & innovators from all types of industries who share their smarts. In a word: #Infotainment      - and we always get a little #BatCrapCrazy                 HEADS UP: Anyone who comments, responds "Yes" or "Maybe" to  @109324423871490315778  Power Chats are placed in an "Invite Circle" which means you will receive a notification for future shows via Google Plus. Let me know if you do not want to be included on future invites. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for notifications on future shows.   #HaveItYourWay      - I just don't want to lose touch with you if you are interested in the shows! #BatCrapCrazy       #GetYourLearnOn      The Mia Connect Power Chat - Yifat Cohen2014-08-29 18:00:00217  
Trey Ratcliff8,419,968*Burning Man PhotoWalk!  Tuesday, Aug 26, 7 PM ! :)* An amazing event!  It gets bigger every year, and this one will be very special!  Anyone is welcome.  All skill levels with any kind of camera from DSLRs to Mobile Phones.  It's a super-family-friendly event, so feel free to come and bring some friends!   Location:  Center Camp (just outside of Center Camp in the direction of The Man Day and Time:  Tuesday evening at 7 PM.   Hashtag for event:   #BMPhotowalk2014   Prizes:  Something special from @101267415330292444271 ! http://goo.gl/yKz2pG and maybe more! For this photowalk, we'll have a special theme:  Self-Expression.  Naturally, you can take photos of everything, and I'll be giving instruction, tips, tricks, etc etc... but for the prize, when you post your photos, I'll be choosing a random photo that best exemplifies this theme.  This is gonna be great... I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone!  Burning Man PhotoWalk! Tuesday, Aug 26, 7 PM ! :)2014-08-26 19:00:00169  
Ronnie Bincer110,123*#TNTBootcamp - Using NOD3x & Circloscope Together* Learn how well @108883357423682942734 and @109096245971703802400 work together to help you find influencers and engagers to add to your Google Plus circles!  *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 launched *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* aka #TNTBootcamp to an audience eager to learn more about the tools used to identify and engage with key influencers on Google Plus and to understand how to "get on the radar" themselves.  ************** *Upcoming Shows in the Series* *Monday, August 18th* @108883357423682942734 and @109096245971703802400 ************** *Previous Episodes: Tools* Series Kickoff Overview: http://bit.ly/MhiA4x   @111487545374003509241: http://bit.ly/1eOmIol  @109096245971703802400: http://bit.ly/1k6hBSM  @109096245971703802400: http://bit.ly/1ti8Zg8  @116266498226740184904: http://bit.ly/1lpAQo0   @108883357423682942734: http://bit.ly/1gWHG5w  @108883357423682942734: http://bit.ly/VghXvr  Review of Tools Covered: http://bit.ly/Qm8VuS    *Previous Episodes: Techniques* *Using Hangouts on Air to Build Influence* http://bit.ly/1mTctAf An interview with @115620878851836664537: In his most recent best-selling book, _Google+ Hangouts for Business: How to use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business and Communicate in Real-Time_, David says “Hangouts on Air are a unique opportunity. This is the most disruptive marketing opportunity we have had for a long time.” *Connecting With Influencers To Improve Search Results* http://bit.ly/1mV7tu5 An interview with @113690073826160821557: “If you can build a strong audience of your own, or if major influencers in your market space +1 or share the content, this can get you a lot of exposure to your target market.” _Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results_ (http://bit.ly/1tXnC7v) *Using Google Authorship to Increase Visibility and Influence in Google Search* http://bit.ly/1kcmaFI An interview with @107022061436866576067: “Anyone who wants to make use of Google+ as part of an overall strategy of increasing visibility and influence in Google Search should be actively pursuing all of the following tactics: Build a strong network within Google+; Cultivate quality links from trusted websites; Use Google Authorship for your content across the Web” _How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority_ (http://selnd.com/1mShoVB )  *The Importance of Building Your Community* http://bit.ly/1kMwtqf  Community building has been at the foundation of @114918475211209783081’s success. He often uses circles to bring together small groups of people to opt into various campaigns and has published several case studies (http://bit.ly/1rdJiNH) using data mined from NOD3x that show the importance of getting others from your community involved in order to ensure the success of your campaign. Martin recently announced a new initiative, “PYB Neighborhoods” (http://bit.ly/1j#TNTBootcamp - Using NOD3x & Circloscope Together2014-08-18 20:30:00133  
Simi Shonowo636Hi all, We are headed to East 5th Street for a photo walk  in the morning, there is some pretty cool architecture and sights. There is the Saltillo plaza were meet which is cool looking and there is the Train station and some of the improvements that have been made on East 5th. We would like to capture the East 5th look while socializing. You can see the event details at http://photowalk.artsimis.com/2014/07/30/august-2014-announcement/. You can email me at simi@uchephotography.com or RSVP here. Please invite others who might be interested in coming.August 2014 Photowalk on East 5th Street2014-08-16 08:00:0010  
Wade Harman19,267Have you tried out +NOD3x for your G+ account yet?  It will literally open up a brand new world for you to explore here on Google Plus! http://goo.gl/hVniiZ   Also check out some upgrading options in Nod3x here: http://nod3x.com/pricing-table.html  Get a 20% discount on anything on that page with the code WadeH2O Join @111552522175915203592 and @110133760398936676625 as they continue to add to the conversation in the first part of this series about #SEO . We talked a little about SEO tools that you can use, Wordpress plugins that help/hurt, and how to do keyword research. I want to go a little deeper this week to learn keywords inside posting.  Variations of your keyword and how Google sees it.  Plus a lot of other great stuff involved too! This week we're going to be adding @104328553869453938019 to the panel as well so we can get more viewpoints in the panel on this.   Subscribe to the podcast! http://goo.gl/qh4fhB Get the Relationship Marketing mobile app here: http://goo.gl/5E5dR3 More on Josh & Yifat Check out Josh's site here: http://realsmo.com Check out Yifat at http://gplusgotogal.com Don't forget to click on the *Make A Friend* button on WadeHarman.com and see what happens! http://wadeharman.com *Disclaimer* Everyone who participates in this HOA in the comment stream will be deemed "interested parties" and be included in a HOA invite notification circle for all the Relationship Marketing shows.  If you would rather be taken out, please let me know.* #seo   #seotips   #seoblogging   #seoforbloggers   #searchengineoptimization   #searchmarketing   #searchenginemarketing   #searchenginetips   #relationshipmarketing  Understanding SEO-Part 22014-08-14 23:00:0059  
Lisa Engles5,805*Digital Intimacy: What is it, and can it be used to serve the evolution of humanity?* Watch the replay here or on YouTube at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX57-FhP25Y I recently watched _Her_  --- the movie staring Juaquin Phoenix, a recently divorced man who ends up falling in love with his operating system-- a digital woman named Samantha.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but as the movie progressed, I found myself being drawn in to the captivating idea of "digital intimacy" in the most extreme sense of the term.   We live in a world dominated by technology.  Not only are personal computers and smart phones a part of most people lives in the modern world,  these devices have become tools that allow us to make prolific connections with other people anywhere, at any time in the world.  And thanks to social media, we've become a society that's constantly connected…. but are we really *connected*?  Or are we more isolated and alone than ever before?   I think it depends on how you use technology. It's my belief that technology and the digital world can be used in ways that support the awakening-- the emergence-- of human and social potential, which is why I'm so passionate about using google hangouts to connect and communicate with people all around the world.   I'm beyond thrilled to be hosting a hangout on Tuesday, August 12th at noon PT with @112833497779360005918  and @104328553869453938019  as my guests-  They're co-authoring a book together called _Digital Intimacy_ and we'll be exploring this concept.   What is digital intimacy, and how can it be used to serve the evolution of humanity? Join us in this evolutionary discussion.  Just respond "Yes" to the event, bookmark this page and come back at show time.   Do you like this topic?  Invite 2 friends to come to the hangout, and get involved in the discussion by posting your comments below. (Reshares are welcomed :)) ============================================== *About Marc Gafni*: Marc Gafni is a visionary thinker, philosopher, wisdom teacher, and provocateur. He is the initiating thought leader, together with Ken Wilber, of World Spirituality based on integral principles, and is the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self Enlightenment. He is the author of ten books, including Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, which was named #1 Spirituality in 2012 (USA Best Book Awards). Connect with Marc: http://www.marcgafni.com http://www.ievolve.org/ G+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MarcGafni/about FB: https://www.facebook.com/DrMarcGafni *About Yifat Cohen*: Also known as the G+GoToGal, Yifat Cohen is your secret weapon for G+ marketing.  She's been on google + since before it was available to the public  and she's  passionate about the possibilities Google plus brings to our lives and to our business. You can find her discussing Google+ strategies, Google+ marketing, engagement and relationship building on her weekly hangout show - Unscripted!   Yifat Digital Intimacy: What is it, and can it be used to serve the evolution of humanity?2014-08-12 21:00:0083  
Simon Mainwaring1,837,242Join Simon Mainwaring, Founder and CCO of We First, on a live hangout with Aaron Sherinian, VP of Communications and PR at the UN Foundation. We'll talk about how climate change transcended the realm of politics to become a cultural topic, what Aaron and his team have learned from the uber-success of #GivingTuesday , and the UNF's plan to crowd-source the new Millennium Development Goals. Please RSVP, invite your friends, and ask your questions in advance using the hashtag #WeFirst14   here and on other social channels. See you then! * Aaron Sherinian will also be one of the fantastic speakers at the 2014 Brand Leadership Summit. This event is limited to 200 leaders but there is still time to reserve your spot at www.WeFirst14.comLeveraging Cultural Conversations to Build Your Brand, Community, and Impact2014-08-11 21:00:0093  
Paul Terry Walhus40,141Austin, Texas, SXSW, film, music, photography, robotics, 3D Printing, web design and CMS like Drupal and WordpressSpring.net Podcasting Network2014-08-11 19:00:005  
On Track Tips | Wiser Sites2,245*Budget your Finances without being a Human Calculator* This week we’ll round out our Budget your Life series with Part 4 - Budget Your Finances WITHOUT being a Human Calculator with special guest @104267556228949747305 . Stephanie refers to herself as a recovering investment banker who champions the small business owner. She understands business finance. She knows how business owners feel when they lay awake at night worrying about funding their startup or growing business, finding financial partners, and how to develop an exit strategy.  This week, Stephanie is going to help us understand budgets for the small business owner and entrepreneur. We’ll be discussing *7 Ways to budget without being a human calculator*. ⇒ How to keep your business and personal spending separate ⇒ Which questions you need to ask about spending and do the research ⇒ How to detail an “average month” ⇒ Use the envelope system ⇒ Round up before purchasing ⇒ Which rules you need to put in place, as the owner ⇒ Control employee expenses with more rules Tackling a budget to grow your business, it isn’t easy, it’s no fun.  But *I tell you what is fun, profit!*  See you this week at Get on Track, Stay on Track.  Oh! and don’t forget to push the BIG red button http://OnTrackTips.com ========================================­============== Start asking questions now AND invite 2 friends! Did you click "Yes" on the event invite? Push The BIG red button - http://OnTrackTips.com  Subscribe on YouTube - http://jtw.bz/OTTlist Tweet This - http://jtw.bz/SSTweet1 Join us on Twitter using the hashtag -   #OnTrackTips   *Future Guests:* Sue Zimmerman - Instagram  Official Podcast Party! - *Win free stuff* Pam "Marketing Nut" Moore - Marketing  Dennis Yu - FaceBook Ads and Local Business  ========================================­­============== Connect with @104267556228949747305   on G+ and visit her Website:  http://www.finance-ability.com/  ========================================­­============== #businessfinance   #HOA   #businesstips   #businesstips   #finance   #OnTrackTipsBudget your Finances without being a Human Calculator2014-08-11 19:00:00117  
Jeffrey Hellman24,918I messed up the Q&A app last week, very sorry. We'll use it again this week, only this time I'll have it open in the hangout so we can see your requests and messages from outside the hangout. While we won't necessarly choose our songs from the following show setlist, I wanted to point out that this show will be available in early September and it is truly special: http://www.dead.net/store/1990s/wake-find-out-nassau-coliseum-32990-3-cd?intcmp=home/bigbanner2 This week the shows happens on the anniversary of Jerry's passing. Its always been a difficult day, but we'll try and Sing Your Blues Away and find some solace in the music he left us with. One More Saturday Night 8-9-142014-08-10 04:00:0024  
Ammon Johns & Company279This is the *pilot episode* for a brand new series of HOAs: "Ammonize" Featuring @112140265311719498977 and a guest appearance by @104267556228949747305 all joining me, @113426828273677356184 for this pilot show. *Ammonize* is a new series in which I'll be sharing my unique approach to marketing.  Each week I'll be sharing my insights, processes, approaches and perspectives, from almost 20 years of experience as a leading Internet Marketing Consultant.  The aim is helping you to 'Ammonize' your own projects and business ventures by understanding exactly how I approach various marketing objectives and situations. What is _really_  special about the shows is that every other week, the show will be an hour of actual consulting, live on air. Real-world cases, real solutions, in real time! Please join me for this pilot show where my -willing sacrifice- wonderfully generous guest is @112140265311719498977 allowing me to share with you an hour of consultation on his business and marketing.  Join the show to lend him your own support, views, and insights, as I examine his business and marketing plans, evaluate his market position and align what he wants to achieve with the resources he has available.  The end result ... tune in to see!Ammonize: The Series2014-08-09 20:00:00229  
Christopher Vogelmann2,337*Behavioral Science is Sexy - How to Create Engagement on a Grand Scale*  Scientist+Strategist+Sassy = @106279635800132388713  That's the formula that describes our special guest this week who was featured in Times Square this year (See Trailer Photo). Clarissa Silva is a behavioral scientist and clinician with 16 years of experience in mental health, behavioral science, and public health. She created “You’re Just a Dumbass,” as a very tongue-in-cheek relationship wellness blog to help people select and maintain healthy relationships and avoid some of the difficult life lessons that one encounters in suboptimal relationships. On the blog, Clarisa shares techniques that she developed to help clients with creating relationship wellness in their lives from 16 years of practice. Join us for a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the *scientific* blogging strategies that Clarissa Silva employs in order to create *Massive Engagement*. A frequent guest on Fox, NBC and Huffington Post, Clarissa, is an in-demand guest on the talk show circuit.   Get ready to learn about the scientific side of blogging and how you can engage your readers for greater responsiveness. Clarissa's PR Newswire Link:  http://prnewswiremedia.wordpress.com/tag/clarissa-silva/ #behavioralmarketing   #behavioralscience   #bloggingtips   #influencers   #engagement   #relationshipmarketing  Behavioral Science is Sexy - How to Create Engagement on a Grand Scale2014-08-07 21:00:00111  
Brooke Brown218,361@102381419239627441324 joins me again for another episode of @108232871665749625051 to talk about the predictions and expectations for this upcoming 2014 @102139249949018843498 season!  Are you ready for some football? Sports Chat TV (2014 NFL Preview)2014-08-07 03:30:0015  
Jeffrey Hellman24,918"I beg you call the tune"  Last week we asked you for requests and suggestions. This week we'll let the players decide what to play. We still welcome your requests in the event page chat, so don't hold back if you have a burning desire to hear something special.One More Saturday Night 8-2-142014-08-03 04:00:0027  
Yifat Cohen77,756*Together we can achieve more.* Did you ever wonder how you can use the web to grow your business?  Did you ever want to brainstorm with business professionals, developers, techies and experts in your community to figure out what tools they're using and what's the strategy behind their business success is? *Are you tired of going at it alone?* So are we.   Join @104328553869453938019 and @101301016616733443250 for lunch as we launch our local Austin Business Group and talk Hangouts for your business.  *WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?* _This is the first event in this series, and you can help shape it._ Through social gatherings, workshops, online hangouts, larger events and other activities where like-minded business professionals  can connect, learn and get inspired on how Google products and web technologies can improve efficiency, productivity and impact overall success of their business. This could be to better market your company online, successfully sell products or services on the internet or improve internal / external business processes for their organization. *WHO IS THIS FOR?* Anyone is very welcome, if you are an owner of a company, business professional, or just interested in Google products. *WHO WE ARE* Yifat Cohen is your @106909313027624222688  (http://www.gplusgotogal.com); Laura Donnelly is the Chief Operations Officer of Las Latinitas (http://laslatinitas.com). We have both used technology to grow our business and our audience, we understand how it works and we want to help you use the right tools in support of your desired outcome. ------------------- #austintx   #liveevents  Utilizing Google+ and Hangouts for Business2014-08-01 11:30:0045  
James Dearsley5,436Welcome to *The Midweek Marketing Mix* HOA. A new show with only the best guests and the most up to date news about the digital marketing world. Do Join me (@111872150536766030421 )  @117778937939543425499  @107499215004519214139 @107323726887023845557  @106798584077861448949   for a quick fire update on all that is new. Our Aim: To discuss only what is new and exciting in the key areas of marketing; an education and overview for both viewers and filmstrip guests    Format: These will run every two weeks and there will be 5 segments, each 10 minutes long. These segments will include a segment on each of these areas: 1/ Google+ 2/ Other Social Platforms 3/ SEO/Content Marketing 4/ Video Marketing and Hangouts 5/ Special Guest slot – book launch, influential website owner or influencer There will be 10 minutes to top and tail it which hopefully leaves some time for some extra questions should this be required. #MarketingMix  The Midweek Marketing Mix2014-07-30 18:00:00159  
Google Local Austin356,299*Don't forget to RSVP here*: http://goo.gl/lfruUN Interested in becoming a City Expert and want to learn more? You're invited to uncover the mysteries of east Austin's local gems on our exclusive neighborhood crawl. Get to know your fellow aspiring City Experts while exploring the secret locations of our team adventure, using clues solved only by using your friendly @111401917971052287374 app. Led by trusted #CityExperts guides, each team will enjoy mouthwatering local bites, refreshing libations and more fun interactive experiences to be revealed at every stop. Learn more about Austin's growing City Experts community while we show you the ropes when it comes to writing high-quality reviews across Google.  Ready to join us? This exclusive event is for those who have signed up for City Experts (g.co/cityexperts) and want to learn more about our program. *If that's you, RSVP through this form (http://goo.gl/lfruUN) to reserve a spot by Friday, July 25. Due to event capacity, only the first 100 people to RSVP will be invited to attend*. Please note that guests are welcome to attend but must also be signed up for City Experts.  What is City Experts? Sign up to learn more today — http://g.co/cityexpertsEast Austin Mystery Tour2014-07-30 01:00:00161  
Eve Reele789Tonya and I will be speaking about hypocrites.  Live link:http://youtu.be/5iOZYHcqiKcThank gOD For Hypocrites.2014-07-29 03:10:0038  
Brooke Brown218,361Time for another episode of SportsChat.TV (#SCTV) with the awesome Craig Sager Jr. For those who are new, his father has worked the sidelines of @107685861911873301019 games for @107555622836389914901 for YEARS. We plan to chat about the latest headlines in sports for you to enjoy!  http://sportschat.tvSports Chat TV (Sports...Oh my! featuring Craig Sager Jr.)2014-07-24 03:30:0014  
James Fierce18,803*And Not Lose Your Moral Compass* Most companies can brand themselves initially without compromising their integrity, however, things can get saucy after you've been around the block a few times.  In this weeks show we're going to talk to Dustin about how he keeps his brand fresh, what's the secret to his design aesthetic, tips for increasing your creativity mojo,  where he finds his awesome digital downloads, and what tricks he uses to personalize those images. We are also going to pick his brain about his homie (Jesus), why being a man of faith is so important to him, and how we all can balance business, family, and morality.  Please join us for an uplifting hour where we will for sure #GetOurLearnOn   *About Dustin*:  *Tagline* Social Media, Creativity, Branding, and Design with just a dash of inspiration. *Introduction* Dustin is a web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie. Creativity is his fuel, social media is his game, and *Jesus is his homie*. *Social Web Strategy Design* "Crafting creative ideas and turning them into visual and verbal brilliance. Dustin helps individuals and brands excel online through design and social media integration, strategy, and execution." http://dustn.tv/ http://churchm.ag/How To Brand Like A Boss - With Dustin Stout2014-07-22 17:00:0060  
Ronnie Bincer110,123*TNTBootcamp  - A Closer Look at Circloscope* We are going to “circle back” to take a closer look at  @109096245971703802400 now that it has been re-launced to better understand how it can help you build an active, engaged following on Google Plus. *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* @117778937939543425499 & @108210288375340023376 launched *Influence Marketing Tools N' Techniques* aka #TNTBootcamp to an audience eager to learn more about the tools used to identify and engage with key influencers on Google Plus and to understand how to "get on the radar" themselves.  ************** *Upcoming Shows in the Series* *Monday, July 21st, Monday, August 4th and Monday, August 18th* We will revisit the tools part of our series by providing a more indepth look at the *new versions* of @109096245971703802400 and  @108883357423682942734 as well as discussing circle management techniques and best practices.  ************** *Previous Episodes: Tools* Series Kickoff Overview: http://bit.ly/MhiA4x   @111487545374003509241: http://bit.ly/1eOmIol  @109096245971703802400: http://bit.ly/1k6hBSM  @116266498226740184904: http://bit.ly/1lpAQo0   @108883357423682942734: http://bit.ly/1gWHG5w  Review of Tools Covered: http://bit.ly/Qm8VuS    *Previous Episodes: Techniques* *Using Hangouts on Air to Build Influence* http://bit.ly/1mTctAf An interview with @115620878851836664537: In his most recent best-selling book, _Google+ Hangouts for Business: How to use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business and Communicate in Real-Time_, David says “Hangouts on Air are a unique opportunity. This is the most disruptive marketing opportunity we have had for a long time. At a stroke you can dispel doubts about who you are and what you do, reach people, form relationships, and create new potential customers, and you can do it both in real time and asynchronously, increasing your marketing footprint with time.” *Connecting With Influencers To Improve Search Results* http://bit.ly/1mV7tu5 An interview with @113690073826160821557: “If you can build a strong audience of your own, or if major influencers in your market space +1 or share the content, this can get you a lot of exposure to your target market.” _Google+ & SEO: How Google+ Impacts Search Results_ (http://bit.ly/1tXnC7v) *Using Google Authorship to Increase Visibility and Influence in Google Search* http://bit.ly/1kcmaFI An interview with @107022061436866576067: “Anyone who wants to make use of Google+ as part of an overall strategy of increasing visibility and influence in Google Search should be actively pursuing all of the following tactics: Build a strong network within Google+; Cultivate quality links from trusted websites; Use Google Authorship for your content across the Web” _How Google Plus Profiles & Pages Gain Search Authority_ (http://selnd.com/1mShoVB )  *The Importance of Building Your Community* http://bit.ly/1kMwtqf  Community building has been at the foundation of @1149184752112#TNTBootcamp - A Closer Look at Circloscope2014-07-21 20:30:00187  
Paul Terry Walhus40,141We are pleased to announce that the July 2014 American Solar Challenge is going to be an 8 day 1700+ mile road course traveling through 7 states from Austin, TX to Minneapolis, MN. We are also excited that Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP 2014) Powered by Austin Energy will be returning to the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX! COTA provided excellent facilities and served as a great host for FSGP 2013. We are looking forward to working with them again and allowing even more teams to experience this awesome Formula 1 racetrack. Whether you get involved as a participant, volunteer, sponsor, or bystander, this event offers a great opportunity to learn about and enhance the world of solar car racing. We hope you’ll join us as cars embark on this long journey “Solaring Up the Midwest”.American Solar Challenge2014-07-19 07:00:0017  
Brooke Brown218,361Please join me for my latest endeavor! Let's chat about the trending topics YOU want to talk about.  This could be entertainment, media, education, and more!  In order to bring you quality content, I ask that you become a Patron by visiting http://www.patreon.com/saxy15.  Would really like to be able to keep this going, and be able to get more of you heard!  Please comment if you would like to be included in the panel in hangout. I want to have interesting and interactive conversations with y'all! Trending Topics with BB #72014-07-19 03:30:0030  
GPLUSSPOTLIGHT967*Google+ Business Spotlight (2014-07-16)* This week we welcome @104328553869453938019 aka Your @106909313027624222688, to talk to us about her passion of Google+, hangouts, and business. Bring your questions and your notepad, this is going to be fantastic! *About Yifat Cohen:* Yifat - also known as your G+GoTo Gal, is passionate about the possibilities Google plus brings to our lives and to our business. She is a Google+ veteran, and you can find her discussing Google+ strategies, Google+ marketing, engagement and relationship building on her weekly hangout show -Unscripted! *Connect with Yifat:* *Web:* http://www.gplusgotogal.com/ *Google+:* https://plus.google.com/+YifatCohen/about *YouTube:* http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEthosChallenge *Twitter:* https://twitter.com/MotechMarketing *Help us spread the word* *Pinterest:* http://www.pinterest.com/stephanhov/google-plus-business-spotlight/  *Twitter:* http://ctt.ec/O5aqU *Hashtag:* #gplusspotlight   (NEW: There's a Twitter list of everybody who tweets about our shows right here: https://twitter.com/stephanhov/lists/google-spotlight) *Join our email list* (http://gplusspotlight.com/join) to get insider info on guests, and Google+ tips from co-hosts @102572320061138442096 and @105076725141939280120 #googleplus #hangoutsonair #googleplusbusiness  Google+ Business Spotlight - Yifat Cohen2014-07-16 18:30:00158  
Simi Shonowo636Hi all, We are headed back to Mueller Lake Park for a photowalk at night, there are some pretty cool lit fountains and lights. There is the Thinkery and the Thinkery garage which I am excited to take photos of at night. There are also people so the idea would be for us to meet and get shots of all the cool features. I believe there is a giant spider somewhere which we can go looking for. We would like to capture what it looks like to be at Mueller at night with unique perspectives. You can see the event details at http://photowalk.artsimis.com/2014/06/28/announcement-july-2014-photowalk/. You can email me at simi@uchephotography.com or RSVP here. Please invite others who might be interested in coming.July 2014 Photowalk at Mueller Lake Park2014-07-11 18:30:008  
James Fierce18,803*Check Out Team Referral Network - Virtual Chapter*  Team Referral Network Group has launched a tech centric virtual chapter. Team is a members only organization that helps you grow your business through building strong relationships. We have recently expanded our offerings to the virtual world and have started a chapter whose members include an app developer, a virtual fitness trainer, a virtual computer technician, a crowdfunding startup consultant, and an innovation coach. We are seeking to bring on three additional members including a web developer, virtual assistant, blogger, e-commerce business owner, or anyone who wants to grow their business in the virtual space.   Our next meeting is this Thursday at 3:30 pm PT. If you would like an invitation to join us and learn more about this awesome opportunity please either PM me or let me know in the comment section. Virtual Team Meeting Plus Open House2014-07-11 00:30:0052  
Steady Demand5,659Join the Tools of Google Plus @116266498226740184904  @108883357423682942734  @111487545374003509241  @109096245971703802400 @105750980959577516811  as we talk about the top 3 tips on how to get the most of @101560853443212199687 using tools to get the best ROE ( Return On Engagement ). This event will be packed with insights, information, informality and prizes! @109096245971703802400 - (1) Free Pro Plan @105750980959577516811 - 1 Starter Plan Free For Life! @111487545374003509241 - (3) T-Shirts with a NEW Logo @116266498226740184904  - ( To ALL ) SD Pro 30 Days Accounts  @108883357423682942734 (1) 3 months full NOD3x access to all data sources and premium UIs @107665939201638457855 of @118277786822373935125 will be the Host of this event. Producer: @102572320061138442096  Host: @107665939201638457855  Cast: @109032873352508658020 @110240596237283903526  @100034828195835575273  @102572320061138442096  @117778937939543425499  @103778702993142591484 @112472587150551442541 @105076725141939280120  Remember the game, and bring a #drink  with you to this event, every time you hear the word *TOOL* , you must take a sip! ? http://www.steadydemand.com/Google-Plus-Brand-Audit-Tool.php http://www.nod3x.com http://www.circloscope.com http://www.friendsplus.me http://www.circlecount.comGPlus Tool Party! - #Drink - Stay Hydrated My Friends #GPlusTools2014-07-10 20:00:00267  
Jessica Northey1,824,833Join the cast of @105554354520464514097 TV's @113252019867431969281 for a Video #CMchat  @115263347034954886450 at 6:30PPT/9:30pET. Watch here or on twangout.com hosted by @105901258272269401150  Video #CMchat Twangout with cast of A&E's Big Smo2014-07-10 03:30:0036  
Yifat Cohen77,756The World of the Web would seem to be the place for connection. Its very name - Web – means the very same. And yet paradoxically the Web seems to bring with it a great loss of intimacy. We are no longer face to face. There is an ever more confusing terrain of gadgets and gizmos. Never before in history have we been so “connected” yet desperately seeking contact. The gap between connection and authentic contact seems to be an ever widening chasm. Are our Facebook friends really friends? Is their depth, commitment and meaning in our connections on line? Does the virtual have virtue in its web of values? Can connection yield true contact? Can digital information and method of connecting birth new intimacy? Can the virtual make us vulnerable in the best of ways? We have stepped into that chasm inviting us to a new narrative of the digital. *We call it Digital Intimacy.* I met @112833497779360005918 when I spoke at a MetaMind event that Eben Pagen put together a few months ago, and being 2 Jews we began debating our online life and digital intimacy. Marc told me that he was writing a book about it and asked if I wanted to add a few chapters to it, and naturally I agreed. Those few chapters have turned into a collaboration and Marc and I are now writing the entire book together, and this hangout is the first in a series that will make up the entire book - *and you get to add your own story to it.* See, many people claim that we are becoming more and more distant, more and more disconnected from each other, from our humanity because of technology. Videos like Look Up receive over 43M views and thousands of comments demand that we *Give People Your Love, Not Your 'Like'* but Marc and I argue that technology also brings us closer and allows for more intimate relationships than ever before. *DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE?* Join our hangout series and share your voice, your experience and debate with us. And invite your 2-3 friends, cause great things are better shared. ==================== *Who is Marc Gafni.* Marc Gafni is a cutting edge spiritual teacher, author, television personality, mediator, corporate consultant, iconoclast, and gentle provocateur. He has written seven books, including the national bestseller Soul Prints, which won the prestigious NAPRA award for Best Spirituality Book of 2001, and was a main selection of the One Spirit Book Club and the Amazon.com Best Book in the Jewish Thought category in 2001. This book was also made into a National PBS special and an audio series by Sounds True recordings. Soul Prints is published by Simon & Schuster. Marc Gafni's second major English language book, also published by Simon & Schuster, was The Mystery of Love. It unpacks an esoteric Kabbalistic tradition about the profound relationship between the sexual, the erotic, and the sacred. The Mystery of Love was critically acclaimed and made into an audio series called The Erotic and the Holy, published by Sounds True. ------------------- #Marc Gafni & Yifat Cohen - Digital Intimacy, for real?2014-07-04 02:00:0045  
Jason T. Wiser21,538*Google Plus TNG - Strategy for the Future* This week we are talking about Conspiracy, Big Brother, and Evolution. Did you know that Google plus has connections to a Federal Initiative to build Cyber Identities? What about Google Predictive search and the integration of Android and “OK Google” into our cars and homes? What if Google could predict your customers for you and literally bring them to your front door? What does this all mean to you as a personal user, and as  business owner. @104328553869453938019  will catch us up to speed on the early days of G+ until now, and where this social network is going. She has lived this evolution. She has an amazing ability to translate the writing on the wall.  You need to know this stuff.  We're also going to throw you some Tips, tactics, and strategies that are quick and easy to learn.  We will look at how to use hashtags and Google + search to find your ideal audience.  Watch Part 2 to learn more Google Plus tips and strategies with hashtags and relationship marketing. *Click here to watch Part 2* http://jtw.bz/YCHOA2 See you this week on Get on Track, Stay on Track.  Oh! and don’t forget to push the BIG red button. ====================================================== If this interests you, start asking questions now AND Invite 2 friends! Did you click "Yes" on the event invite? *Push The BIG red button* - http://OnTrackTips.com  *Subscribe on YouTube* - http://jtw.bz/YouTubeOTT    *Tweet This* - http://jtw.bz/YCTweet *Listen on iTunes* - http://jtw.bz/iTunesOTT  Join us on Twitter using the hashtag     #OnTrackTips    ========================================­============== Visit @104328553869453938019  on her websites: The GoToGal - http://www.gplusgotogal.com/  If you like this series, Please Share this with 2 friends. ======================================================== #Googleplus   #googleplustips   #googleplusforbusiness   #smallbusiness   #socialmedia   #SoMe   #OnTrackTips  Google Plus TNG - Strategy for the Future2014-06-30 19:00:00200  
H. Joseph Davis1,602Tune in tonight at 9pmCST for a quick overview of what makes us so different from anything else you have ever heard in the entire business world. LegalShield is a service everyone needs, everyone can afford, hardly anyone knows about, and the majority of people GET once they understand it!  Put on your business hat for a second....  * As a smart person, you enroll as a LegalShield member (if you're not already).  * You invest $75 to start your business as an Associate.  * You enroll TWO PEOPLE for LegalShield and you're in profit mode (people are doing this in a matter of one HOUR).  * As a home-business owner, you'll have great tax benefits to help you keep more of the income you're earning now (W-2, for example) rather than giving it all away to Uncle Sam.  * And, as a LegalShield Associate, you'll have access to even more money-saving opportunities through our fantastic benefits program.  ► It can COST YOU MORE MONEY to NOT become a LegalShield Associate right now than what it takes to get started. ◄ The month isn't over and already our team has helped MORE people all across North America get started, paid and promoted in June ... than any other month so far!!  If it was $7,500 or even $750 to start a part-time home business, you might have to pause to ask, "What if it doesn't work?" But, for a one-time, lifetime investment of $75 (June special only)... you have to ask, "What if it DOES?" Not ONLY can you get started in June for HALF what it normally takes, but anyone who starts with us in June is grandfathered in to reach a higher pay level for HALF the normal requirements!  There's never been a BETTER TIME than RIGHT NOW to get started!  Once you hear that and realize how much SENSE this makes... you'll also realize how many DOLLARS you can earn with us from home, around your current schedule. You Deserve Better and Now You can Be Better2014-06-30 04:00:0013  
James Fierce18,803*Over $5B Has Been Raised Through Crowdfunding in 2013 alone*  New platforms are popping up every day bringing business owners more and more opportunities to raise cash in creative and innovative ways. But just because they exist doesn't mean that they are right for your situation. In addition if you decide to embark on a campaign it's important that you do it the right way so that you achieve your goals.  @100834818426157285257 founder of RealityCrowdTV.com will be joining us this week and we are going to talk with him about the many different platforms that are available, how to select the one that will work best in your situation, and how to execute it effectively.  Did you know that you can use crowdfunding to raise money for Real Estate deals? There are specific crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits, personal situations, and almost any other type of business you can imagine.   Join us on Tuesday where we'll explore all things Crowdfunding Related. Can You Crowdfund Your Way To Prosperity?2014-06-24 17:00:0072  
Rebecca Woodhead (Rebecca Bardess)29,543Join me and Gavin Mountford to learn how to use a simple WP plugin to build a tribe. Team Site Traffic - The Tribe Building Plugin2014-06-23 21:51:3512  
Elizabeth Quintanilla8,195Note: Elizabeth will send a Starbucks e-card to those attending online (limit 100 - must stay online for entire event) B2B Inspirational Meetup, Conversation with Elizabeth Quintanilla Elizabeth Quintanilla is an impressive young entrepreneur. She's made it work. What is it about her journey and opportunities that she has leveraged that can help you whether you are young to business or young at heart? Join the conversation online. Small business owners can join the Business Success Center online meeting. During the meetup, time will be reserved for members to bring up concerns and ideas in order to receive feedback from others. FREE but please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/business-success-center-b2b-meetup-elizabeth-quintanilla-tickets-11511257481 1. Please join my meeting.https://global.gotomeeting.com/meeting/join/3913753572. 2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone. United States: +1 (312) 757-3121 Access Code: 391-375-357 Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting Meeting ID:391-375-357 About Ms. Quintanilla: Elizabeth is a positive, people-oriented, performance-driven Marketing Gunslinger, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective. She consults on: market research, messaging, channel strategies, understanding the impact of emerging business trends, web technologies and strategies, social, and product marketing.  Elizabeth actively serves as a Vice-Chair on the Austin Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission. Lastly, she is a Senior Managing Partner with her fiancé at Rockabilly Investments, a Real Estate Investing Firm who enjoy fixing that "Ugly" House! Here's to your success! Marsha Teague Client Services Manager Business Success Center Sales & Finance Vision, Strategy & Structure for Growing Businesses 7600 Burnet Rd. #130 (Chase Bank Tower) Austin, TX 78757 512-933-1983-phone 512-933-1984-faxB2B Inspirational Meetup, Conversation with Elizabeth Quintanilla2014-06-23 19:00:0016  
Plus My Reach608*Inviting Hangout Event Attendees, How Many Is Too Many ?* *Broadcast Times:* 14:30 -   2:30 PM (PMT) 15:30 -   3:30 PM (MST) 17:30 -   5:30 PM (EST) 22:30 - 10:30 PM (GMT) *Confirmed Guests:* @114482686646572776469 (New Earth Living Foods) @101696764219780312734 (The Mia Connect) @108210288375340023376 (The Hangout Helper) @117778937939543425499 (Circlescope) A short Hangout to discuss the techniques, strategy and most importantly the etiquette behind inviting guests to your Hangouts events effectively. Have you ever tried inviting circles of people only to get an error and be reduced to sending handfuls of invites or even 1 invite at a time...? We have all known that pain at one point or another and there are methods you can use to make sure that your Hangout event gets the exposure it deserves.Inviting Hangout Event Attendees, How Many Is Too Many ?2014-06-19 23:30:0037  
Simi Shonowo636Hi all, We are headed downtown for the Republic Of Texas (ROT) rally parade, in Austin TX. The plan is to get photos of bikes, bikers, and goings on at the parade. We would love to have anyone who is interested in joining us Friday night for the walk. We will start in front of Austin City Hall and end up in the middle of downtown hopefully shooting. We would like to document the night with some unique perspectives. You can see the event details at http://photowalk.artsimis.com/2014/06/03/announcement-june-2014-photowalk/. You can email me at simi@uchephotography.com or RSVP here. Please invite others who might be interested in coming.June 2014 photowalk in Republic Of Texas (ROT) rally parade Downtown Austin, TX2014-06-13 18:00:0010  
The Drink and Click Show312It's that time again! Join hosts @107430862196617669986 and @102476152658204495450 this coming Wednesday with guest @108527329601014444443 who will be filling us in on the incredible journey she's been on with her photography in the past couple of years including becoming a Sony Artisan of Imagery, delving deeply into travel photography and publishing a book! Also joining us to talk photography and share some great images are panelists @105350396156550184511, @104102743248207705784, @114437821607569957251 and @109518554952996239441. We'll also find out who won the May Long Exposure Challenge sponsored by @118357019708110162087, @108059254813258363499, and @105237212888595777019's @108013589332077559621! See all submissions here: http://goo.gl/27eTdi RSVP here now and then join us for the live show on Wednesday night! Remember, all of our past shows are here on the show page behind the "YouTube" Tab for later viewing if you miss out during Live Broadcast. See you all soon!  _Image courtesty of Vivienne Gucwa, all rights reserved_  #drinkandclick   #photography   #onair  The Drink and Click™ Show, EP12 with Guest Vivienne Gucwa2014-06-12 04:30:00129  
Business Rockstars3,548Join @111480413428119678209  and @104328553869453938019  in a back stage Q&A session with @102305438832315209054 and ask him your questions *face to face.* ***A FREE GIFT*** Jay has so generously agreed to gift a copy of *2 of his most popular books*  to all those participating live in the Hangout. Download it here - http://abraham-pop.s3.amazonaws.com/GettingEverythingNew.zip ***WHERE TO WATCH*** On our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBusinessRockstars On our website:  http://www.businessrockstars.com/watch-live-10-noon-pst.html Right here :) ***MORE ABOUT JAY ABRAHAM*** As Founder and CEO of Abraham Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), Jay has spent his entire career solving problems and fixing businesses. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries, and over 7,200 sub industries, worldwide. Jay has dealt with virtually every type of business. He has studied, and solved, almost every type of business question, challenge and opportunity. Jay has an uncanny ability to increase business income, wealth and success. He uncovers hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities. This skill set has captured the attention and respect of CEOs, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Jay’s clients range from business royalty to small business owners. But they all have one thing in common – virtually all of them have profited greatly from Jay’s expertise. Many clients acknowledge that Jay’s efforts and ideas have lead to millions of dollars of profit increase. ------------- #businessrockstars   #hangoutsonair   #hangoutsforbusiness   #liveradioshow   #entrepreneur   #growabusiness   #businesssuccess   #businessstrategy  Back Stage Q&A with Jay Abraham and a gift2014-06-03 21:10:0098  
Jessica Northey1,824,833We recently had Amy & Ronnie Shirley stars of hit Reality TV Show,  @113894524398153316688  on to talk about Ron's new CD  *LICK LIFE* and agreed to try to get back together as often as we could.....so we wanna TWANGOUT with you the same day as the premiere of their new season on truTV this Monday May  at 5pPT/8pET right here on Twangout.com. We plan on doing a Watch, Watch and Win....you will want to tune into our Twangout, then watch the show, you'll chance to win something cool... What a fun time we had the last time there were on! You can see the #CMchat TWANGOUT Wrap up here. http://www.cmchatlive.com/lizard-lick-towing-twangout-cmchat/Get Licked when Lizard Lick Towing stops by #Cmchat for Twangout2014-05-27 02:00:0027  
The Drink and Click Show312Join us this Wednesday night when our special guest will be @111166628430361488384, maker of all manner of wonderful imagery, most known for his amazing macros and often referred to as "The Snowflake Guy." :)  Hosts @107430862196617669986 and @102476152658204495450 will be welcoming him along with panelists @116166930518893390711 & @110105384020219882756. We'll see what everyone's been up to, see some great images, and also find out who won last month's "Black and White Portraits" Challenge sponsored by @100266938567862344330, @115144405488496176221, and Pan Am Brands http://panam.com See all the submissions here: http://goo.gl/4RfN6a RSVP here now and then join us for the live show on Wednesday night! Remember, all of our past shows are here on the show page behind the "YouTube" Tab for later viewing if you miss out during Live Broadcast. See you all soon!  _Image courtesty of Don Komarechka, all rights reserved_ #drinkandclick   #photography   #onair  The Drink and Click™ Show, EP11 with Guest Don Komarechka2014-05-15 04:30:00121  
martin shervington1,117,657*"Let's get visual on Google+" with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick!* A exploration of which images seem to fly on here, what design principles can we apply when creating content, and what did we learn from using canva.com to create our content. Thank you to @104858643838035519891 and @112374836634096795698 for agreeing to be a part of it. And a BIG thank you, as always, to all the community members who are a part of the sharing on Tuesday 6th May."Let's get visual on Google+" with Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick!2014-05-07 19:00:00264  
The Venus Project France310Vendredi 18 avril les thèmes abordés seront: - La terre n' a pas besoin de plus de 100 000 personnes ? - Éducation religieuse et éducation. - Questions & réponses *Le lien de la discussion officielle sera affiché par le gestionnaire de la page uniquement.* >> Vous pouvez poser vos questions dès maintenant Rencontre TVP Hangout (n°4)2014-04-25 21:00:0012  
Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas1,226We are heading back East. This time we will meet at Yellow Jacket Social Club. This is an awesome place to take pictures and work the crowd for some impromptu portraits. We will stay at the Yellow Jacket for a while but then we will move to another location in the same area. Bring your friends over to network with an awesome group of Photographers in the Austin, Texas area. We geek out about Photography and techniques and have fun having a few drinks. You don't need to have a fancy camera. Bring your cell phone or older point and shoot. We are not Photography snubs.   You don't have to drink alcohol either. Many of our members do not drink and they still come over for a good talk and networking. *This month's chapter wide challenge is "Black and White Portraiture"* For me, black and white portraiture has drama. You can change the mood of an image by doing the switch from color. You can see some fantastic examples of B&W portraiture here http://goo.gl/Qfkc6H Now go out there and find someone to photograph. This month prizes brought to you by our awesome sponsors: 1st Place @100266938567862344330   Retrospective® 40 (Blue) $220 Value 2nd Place @115144405488496176221   one year subscription $60 Value 3rd Place  PanAm Passport Cover $20 Value YOU CAN SEE THE CHALLENGE PAGE AND SUBMIT YOUR IMAGES HERE: http://goo.gl/VWXbeK You need some Drink and Click™ gear? Come visit http://drinkandclickshop.spreadshirt.com/ We are part of a few affiliate programs. It will help us grow if you make your purchases through any of the useful links below.   Thank you.   Amazon.com  http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=wwwdrinkandcl-20 B&H  http://www.bhphotovideo.com/?BI=19371&KBID=11432&DFF=d10-v1-t8-x4 Think Tank Photo http://www.thinktankphoto.com/categories/camera-beltpacks.aspx?code=AP-758Drink and Click Austin, Texas Heads East2014-04-17 19:30:0040  
Yifat Cohen77,756How to Use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business, and Communicate in Real Time. @115620878851836664537's latest book - Google+ Hangouts for Business lays out the basic strategies of the mindset needed to run a great hangout as well as some of the technical aspects of managing one. Though we won't be diving into the mechanics of a great hangout, *we will be discussing:* The Hangout Revolution Using the Hangout to Drive Brand Equity How TV Values Evolved into Web Video Control How Brands Use Hangouts on Air And  - how to use Hangouts to build long lasting relationships with your ideal audience. *Share the love, invite your friends* ------------ #hangoutsforbusiness   #hangoutsonair   #brandingstrategy   #brandequity   #gplusgotogal   #unscriptedhangout  How to Use Hangouts to improve Brand Impact2014-04-11 21:00:00161  
Yifat Cohen77,756*If you've ever wondered...* What is Google+ and why you can ignore it no more... How online life became exactly the same as offline life & what it means to your biz... The one word that will change everything you do now Online Exposure is a given, this is what you should really worry about  DIVING IN... What are Hangouts and how they can: Give you back your time.. Free you from business travel (give you back those special family moments)... Increase collaboration... Level the Media play field - you can do better than famous TV stars... Do it professionally - just like the TV stars.... Make you money from the things you LOVE to do... Then join @114482686646572776469  as she interviews me about Google+ and Hangouts... *Leave your questions in the comments so I can get them answered* PS. If you haven't heard my talk at Eben Pagen's event a few weeks ago and you didn't receive my 3 strategies for increasing visibility and positioning, but you want to - then RSVP and show up. *Oh, and invite your friends - because great things are better shared* ;) ------------ #howtohangout   #howtogoogleplus   #newbie   #hangoutsonair   #gplusgotogal   #gplustraining   #googleplustips   #hangoutstrategies  How Google+ Hangouts Allow You to Monetize Your Passion2014-04-02 21:00:00191  
Google Local Austin356,299*RSVP Here*: http://goo.gl/2mZ7DI Rouse your inner child, we’re renting out the new Children's Museum, Thinkery, to tell Austinites about #GoogleCityExperts !  Join us for an extraordinary evening filled with finger painting, Nintendo 64 face offs, lite brites and Mad Libs, a live DJ spinning throwback tunes, and more epic surprises to help you relive the magic of just being a kid. Did we mention each guest will receive one complimentary drink ticket and delicious appetizers, like gourmet Lunchables, PB&J Pop Tarts and Tomato Basil Mac n' Cheese bites?  *To attend our playful celebration, all you have to do is RSVP (http://goo.gl/2mZ7DI) and sign up for Google City Experts*: g.co/cityexperts. Currently active City  Experts—and *anyone else who writes 10 new high quality reviews of local Austin places—will be given priority admission to skip the line, an extra drink ticket, and will have access to a private VIP area.* The deadline to RSVP is Mon., March 17th. If you made it on the list, we’ll send you an email confirmation invite on Tues., March 18th.  Why all the hoopla, you ask? We're spreading the word around Austin about Google City Experts, our top reviewer program that rewards users who share their opinions about local places across Google. This event is open to the public, so tell your friends by sharing our event with the #GoogleCityExperts hashtag.  *What’s a Google City Expert, exactly*? This community program recognizes and rewards top reviewers who share their experiences with local places across Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ Local. Active contributors receive invitations to exclusive events, special access to contests and more. To stay active, City Experts (users with at least 50 high quality reviews) only need to write five new reviews in the current month.  To sign up and learn more about our program, click here: g.co/cityexperts. To learn more about Thinkery, visit their website: http://thinkeryaustin.org/Google City Experts: Playtime at Thinkery2014-03-20 20:00:00219  
Google Local Austin356,299*RSVP Here*: http://goo.gl/fSCo7P From the street, it looks like the Capitol Saddlery Building. But wander up the staircase—inside one of Austin’s oldest hidden treasures—and you will discover the magic of Palazzo Lavaca… Google City Experts, those with 50+ high-quality reviews, are invited to a behind-the-scenes look at the Versailles-inspired opulence of a local diamond in the ruff. We’ll delight you with Parisian cocktails, rich wine, and charcuterie provided by Henri’s. Experience our very own “Château de Versailles” by wandering through the vintage corridors, savoring “let them eat cake” balls and gilded truffle towers, or having your French portrait drawn by artist Aron Taylor (thematic props included). To join our lavish celebration, make sure you’re a qualified Google City Expert, meaning you’ve written 50+ high-quality reviews, with five new reviews in the past month. Don’t forget to RSVP (http://goo.gl/fSCo7P) to let us know if you can make it. *Due to venue capacity, only the first 30 GCEs to review and RSVP will be able to bring a +1 this time around.* *Once we’ve checked your reviews, we’ll send a confirmation email on Wed., Feb. 19th, to confirm that you’re on the list*. New to Google City Experts? Discover more here: http://goo.gl/env8nSGoogle City Experts Exclusive: Château de Versailles2014-02-26 02:00:00126  
Yifat Cohen77,756*What is The single most important skill to master to make more money now?* _Join our hangout to  receive Marcia’s unique brand of laser coaching to catapult you forward on your goals._ +Marcia Wieder is a seasoned expert having appeared on Oprah (twice!), because she helps successful companies *exceed their potential* as thought leaders on visionary thinking.  *SHE MADE MILLIONS DOING WHAT SHE LOVES, & SHE'LL SHOW YOU HOW* In this Hangout, Marcia will walk us through -  ·         Secrets for accomplishing big goals even when money is tight. ·         5 steps to be paid well for doing what you love. ·         How we sabotage our big ideas and a proven methods to avoid this. ·         How to think, speak and act like a visionary! *Special Gift* - Access to Marcia's *How Be a 21st Century Visionary Kit*  - powerful tools that provide the clarity to help you achieve your important dreams. ================== More about Marcia: Dream University’s CEO and Founder, Marcia Wieder is also the personal dream coach to +Jack Canfield, she starred in Beyond the Secret with +BOB PROCTOR, and is the past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners often in +The White House she met former presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr. Last, Marcia has been an instructor at the Stanford Business School. Marcia is committed to changing how we think, speak and act upon our dreams. The author of 14 books, she has appeared on *Oprah, the Today Show and was featured in her own PBS-TV* show called Making Your Dreams Come True. As a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle she urged readers to take “The Great Dream Challenge.” She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council along with thought leaders +Jack Canfield  and +John Gray. As past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners she assisted 3 U.S. presidents and serves on the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.How to think, speak and act like a visionary!2014-02-21 18:00:00116  
Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas1,226That is correct. @108977422735122571732  is going to meet us for this event with 10 OM-D E-M1 cameras for us to try and ask questions about it. Several bloggers have named this as their top camera for 2013. I can't wait to get my hands on this baby. If the turn out is huge we might have to limit the time people can spend with the camera, but I'm sure you will get plenty of time to check out this beauty. We are meeting in Spider House since we have plenty of room at the backside of the patio to demo these babies. Go ahead invite that friend that has been looking for camera and have them talk to the Olympus rep. You can get all the buying camera research done in one place plus you can have a drink ;) This month's chapter wide challenge is "Rules of Third" 1st Place One Year Account from @118357019708110162087  2nd Place prize an awesome @101805767958295092343  3rd Place a Pixel Pocket Rocket from @100266938567862344330  Here is the February event page in case you want submit something. You need some Drink and Click™ gear? Come visit http://drinkandclickshop.spreadshirt.com/Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas and OLYMPUS Event2014-02-20 19:30:0037  
Yifat Cohen77,756*Simply having your site mobile compatible is not enough any more.* Think about it - Why did Facebook take a *mobile first-approach* when they launched Paper today? Why didn't they start with a web experience and think, “How can we strip this down and put it on a small screen?”  Because we engage with our phones and consume information on it differently. *How -Can- Do You Reach Your Customers On The Go?* It's not a question of IF, it's a question of when and how, and to answer your most urgent mobile questions I bring to you @110204961428230314896 who is known to be *Holding the hands of the "WHAT IF" and leading them to the "WHY NOT"* *The Power of Partnerships and Networks* Here's the beautiful part of this entire process - you really don't have to go at it alone. Jim is a master connector and he's taking his app to market by partnering with other influencers and big companies. We'll be discussing -  * Mobile marketing and SMB  * Social Network is free but what now and why is it not working  * Advertising does not work?  * The new customer and the forgotten current customer  * The forgotten goal and the "What is in it for me society"  * Power of Partnerships Join us and bring a friend! ------------ #facebookpaper   #mobilemarketing   #hangoutsonair   #mobileapps   #socialnetworking   #partnershiptosuccess   #partnershipsmatter   #unscriptedhangout  How Do You Reach Your Customers On The Go?2014-02-06 18:00:0064  
The White House2,926,812Join President Obama as he "travels" across the country in a virtual whistle-stop tour. The President will join Google+ Hangouts with people across the United States and talk with Americans about the issues laid out in his speech. RSVP now to watch the live Hangout on Friday, January 31. Watch the full video of the State of the Union and learn more about all the ways you can engage with us at http://WhiteHouse.gov/SOTU. #POTUSRoadTripA Virtual Road Trip with President Obama2014-01-31 20:00:0013492  
Yifat Cohen77,756*What's the Voice of Your Google+ Page, and How is it Different than Your Profile?* What is the voice of your brand on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter... are they all the same? Do you have to learn to speak differently or do you hire an Engagement Manager, like Kim, to speak for you? +Kimberly Reynolds  is the social media voice of all the characters of the *Left Behind * movie (coming out June 2014), and will be engaging for each character on a different social media platform. Chloe Steele will be on Tumblr and I bet you'll never guess who'll be on Google+! As social media becomes a crucial part of any business' marketing strategy,  *How do you represent your brand without losing your own voice?* Which voice do you use on your Google+ Page and how is it different than a Profile? Join us this Thur. on another amazing Unscripted Hangout, where we  discuss - -  Challenges and opportunities when being the voice of your brand in social media, - The importance of knowing who you are - Modifying your voice for each platform - Creative ways to use different voices in social media marketing Aside from being the wonderful voice of movie characters, Kim is also a social media strategist with +SocialNotz  and part of the marketing team for +Social Media Examiner. ================== Unscripted Hangouts put you face to face with thought leaders in the entrepreneurial industry where you get to ask them anything you want - unscripted! The hangout is open to the public on a first come first serve basis. RSVP to reserve your spot and *bring a friend!* --------------- #socialmediamarketing   #leftbehind   #brandingstrategy   #engagement   #hangoutsonair   #voc   #livehoa   #unscriptedhangout   #gplusgotogal  How to be the Voice of Your Brand on Social Media2014-01-23 18:00:0094  
Yifat Cohen77,756**Ready to learn exactly what your customers are doing on your site?** Google Analytics gives you more insights into your web presence than you can probably want to know, and - *it's too complicated!* Isn't it? Not really. Join +Yifat Cohen as she interviews +Liz Lockard on how to navigate through the mess that can be Google Analytics to *pull out real marketing insights* you can use so you can *stop wasting time on marketing that isn't doing anything for your business* and start spending more time *doing what you love*. Liz has been seen in The New York Times, Social Media Examiner, The Rise to The Top, LKR Social Media and more, Liz Lockard has been in the marketing-tech world for over 10 years and is a passionate about helping small businesses *get more of the RIGHT kind of traffic* to their website with minimal effort.  Unlike many other techie marketing consultants who make marketing online to be way more complicated than it needs to be, Liz focuses on *keeping things approachable and simple*. She's a Google Analytics nut and SEO coach & consultant who loves helping small businesses stop spending time on marketing that isn't working for their businesses so they can spend more time doing what they love.  She's also the creator of the *free Google Analytics Quickstart course* for small businesses which you can grab here: http://goo.gl/vfyYzL ------------ #analytics   #seo   #sitetraffic   #hangoutsonair   #unscipted   #gplusgotogal   #roi  How to Stop Wasting Time on Marketing That Doesn't Work & Get More of the Clients You Love2014-01-16 18:00:00147  
The Huffington Post3,334,943+The Huffington Post is proud to present its 1st Hangout On Air featuring TV Critic +Maureen Ryan and +Hangout Conversations Host +matthew rappaport discussing the Winners, the Snubs, and all the Moments from Sunday's broadcast.. especially the _FUNNY_ via Hosts Tina Fey & Amy Poehler! Join us as we talk about the best speeches and take live questions from all of you, the #awesomesauce audience on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT We want to hear from you as to who should win before the show starts (and who should've won, once it ends). You can submit your questions in both comments and using the Q&A app attached to the Hangout. We're excited as we make another +G+ Achievement Unlocked, G+ers! #goldenglobes2014   #television   #hangoutsonair   #tvshows   #tinafey   #amypoehler   #goldenglobeawards   [Video Thumbnail credit: Getty]HuffPost's 2014 Golden Globes Recap Show w/Mo Ryan and Matt Rappaport2014-01-13 23:30:00217  
Norman MacLeod10,835Lights from Trees, Menorah, Wreaths, Patios, Stars of David on door, and Floral arrangements, Streets, Windows, Stores, Sidewalks.   *No no selling!* contest winner decided Feb 1st 2014 to receive a small gift.   Invite and re share the event please.  use #holidaylove  (#newhashtag)  so your pluses count!  allow an album like flow.   I do want new year so I must extend competition until after January and announce you can enter photos now; otherwise no entries necessary until Jan 9; 19; and new year china, orthodox daisies.  The prize will be a painting of your picture.  Enter as many pics as reasonable for time serration or  and your skills and mastery.  Obviously being a very  good photographer, please add up to 50.  Please add video up to 3 min or longer if contact +Norman MacLeod Holiday Of Pictures Floral & Lights2014-01-13 01:00:00164  
Yifat Cohen77,756METal is an exclusive gathering of and for dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers in the media, entertainment and technology space. Their events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaboration in our community. *One time sneak-view into METal's private meetings* This week, Tim Sanders, a New York Times bestselling author, public speaker, and former Yahoo! executive will be speaking about *Creating the Sale* The soul of this belief, comes from that creatives of all types have a passion for what they are doing because they are chasing the truth and doing “what’s right” with their lives. This is the fuel for their inventive thinking. They don’t deduce their way to the close, they create new worlds that bring everyone together. Much like a marketing executive or a software engineer, they bring their creativity to work everyday and find new joy in selling. *Many of us have one thing in common:* We are creative types trapped inside a body that is focused on a professional career, at this week’s COED METal, Featured speaker Tim Sanders will show us how to *become a creative sales genius.* Tim will show how the “funnel system” of sales is outdated, primal at this point in it’s assumptions. Each time we look at sales as a numbers game, we reduce people to statistics. That’s bad for our brand, future relationships and our sales-karma. This talk is perfect for any professional who faces a complicated sales process or an entrepreneur who is up against a high wall of resistance in selling his or her idea This week’s featured speaker is Best Selling Author Tim Sanders. Tim’s business expertise and deep research capabilities make him indispensable to some of the biggest brands in the world. He speaks for strong business relationships, both internal and external. *“Get them right,” he says, “and you’ll grow your business during good and bad times alike.”* Tim’s relevant point of view and reputation as a people expert makes him one of the most in demand keynote speakers on the conference and convention circuit. *ENTERTAINMENT* Enjoy the music of Freddie Ravel and Jhameel during this event. *Freddie Ravel* has two infectious passions: creating purpose-driven music and applying its proven effectiveness in helping entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations thrive. As an internationally-acclaimed Producer, Pianist, Presenter and Founder of the transformational engine BUSINESS HARMONICS® - an award-winning peak performance program and methodology to enhance leadership, collaboration and time management - Freddie brings an extensive track record of star power success in innovation, performance and product creation. Battlefy started as a league management platform that catered to micro-organizers like college eSports clubs. It quickly advanced into heavyweight territory when an independent game publisher with a zealous following approached Battlefy to run a world championship on its platform. Battlefy is making history by reacExclusive sneak view Hangout to Metal International's meeting2013-12-21 18:30:0087  
Yifat Cohen77,756*What are your 2014 goals?* Did you realize that in actuality - You’re not chasing the goal itself, *you’re actually chasing a feeling*? What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays - your life? *MUCH LESS PROVING, WAY MORE LIVING* Join me on a an Unscripted Hangout with +Danielle LaPorte where we talk about her journey, her success, the fact that most goal-setting systems fail to harness the most powerful driver behind any aspiration and how Danielle solves it by getting back to the basic thing that moves us all - *desire* *THIS IS A PUBLIC HANGOUT - Feel free to share it and invite your friends* You'll be able to join the Hangout about 10 minutes before we start through this link - www.gplusgotogal.com/live It's on a first come first serve basis - but I take your questions in the comments. Check out the Desire Map here: http://goo.gl/gzFufj --------- #goalsetting   #newyearsresolution   #newyear2014   #desiremap   #hangoutsonair   #unscriptedhangouts   #gplusgotogal   #livehoa  The Desire Map with Danielle Laporte2013-12-05 18:00:0097  
martin shervington1,117,657Well, it has been a long, long month with these critters growing a life of their own on our upper lips! And in this final show one hour we will discuss the journey with many familiar faces from Google+ Pop it into your diaries, tune in and please help us show what G+ can do when it comes to raising awareness for men's health. See you all then :DThe final day of Movember - phew we made it!2013-11-30 17:00:00182  
Google AdSense1,631,519On November 26th, learn how you can make the most out of your e-commerce site by tuning in to our Hangout On Air at 9am PST (5pm GMT). In the session, we’ll talk through some of the steps you can take to ensure your site is well set up to capture the seasonal opportunity, from ensuring it’s as user-friendly as possible on all devices to having the right strategy in place for maximizing your non-conversion revenue. We’ll add the live stream link to this event page shortly before the session begins at 9am PST (5pm GMT) so add this event to your Google Calendar by RSVPing “Yes” and we’ll meet you back on this event page on November 26th.** See you then!  ***Note: If you can't watch the Hangout on Air live, not to worry! A recording will be shared on this event page shortly after the live broadcast.* _After the event:_ Share your thoughts with us by filling out this short survey: http://goo.gl/bvvSiqMake the most out of the holiday season - a Hangout On Air for e-commerce publishers2013-11-26 18:00:00278  
LeWeb1,106,917Join us in a Google+ Hangout with LeWeb Speaker Jeff ClavierLeWeb Google+ Hangout with Jeff Clavier2013-11-25 20:00:0042  
Jessica Northey1,824,833*Get #MusicMonday started right, by having #CoffeeWithKristian*  That's right set you're alarm, make a pot of coffee and join  Singer/Songwriter and Male half of Super Country Duo +Sugarland +Kristian Bush  for Coffee and some  +Country Music Chat ~ #CMchat+   on Monday November 25 at 7aPT/10aET. Can't wait to  +TWANGOUT   with the #CountryCadre! +Scotty Bredin +Got Country +Bethany Priest +Tyler Winters  Let us know if you want to grab a cup and +TWANGOUT   with us next Monday!!!!Coffee with Kristian Bush #CMchat Twangout2013-11-25 16:00:00131  
Mia Voss34,981The #SocialMediaPowerChat  happens every Friday & we get our chat on about all things social media & online. This week we feature @105901258272269401150 & @113055030863291439319 -  topics include Social Media & all things trending online. We'll be taking your questions & shouting out your comments LIVE so join us this Friday  - don't miss it. Invite your friends & share this event - show the love. We'll also bring one of our favorite guests on as well!  (ok, it's @117778937939543425499 !) Jessica is the Host of #CountryMusicChat  aka #CMchat  on Twitter Mondays 8-9pCT. Multi-Media Personality/SocialPR Consultant. Specializing in using Social Media when you ARE the brand, she is consistently ranked as an influential online personality and named as a Forbes 2013 Top 50 Power Influencer.  Chef Dennis is the Host of #GoodDayGooglePlus  Executive Chef, Culinary Instructor, Recipe Developer and most recently an Award Winning Food Blogger and Photographer. Innovator and a Facilitator....Chef makes things happen. Special thanks to our sponsor #EdgeAdExchange  !  Looking for amazing targeted web traffic? click here! - http://www.edgeadexchange.com/ *Friday, November 15th at  9am PST | 10am MST | 11am CST|12pm EST* Find your timezone: http://bit.ly/1hxQjnI *How & where to watch:* - Google Events: Watch, comment & ask questions right here  - YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMiaConnect - Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheMiaConnect - TweetHappy? Follow @TheMiaConnect and use hashtag   #BatCrapCrazy            Can't make the show? Not to worry - you can catch the Youtube replay right here on the event or at http://themiaconnect.com/episodes/ #TwangOut   #BatCrapCrazy     #GetYourLearnOn     #SocialMediaTips           #OnlineMarketing             Social Media Power Chat with Jessica Northey & Chef Dennis Littley2013-11-15 18:00:00145  
martin shervington1,117,657Catch up with our taches, and probably a laugh or two on the way...Week Two of Movember with The Plustachios2013-11-09 18:00:0036  
martin shervington1,117,657Well, you probably know we are doing Movember but what you may not have realised is that we are going to keep you informed of every bristle along the way. Yes we are.  So, please join us tomorrow for some laughs and awareness raising for the great causes of Movember. See you then!Movember: our first HOA - all welcome!2013-11-02 18:00:0030  
Jessica Northey1,824,833 Hey guys! Join us for a discussion about things you should be considering when you are negotiating your Social Media influence.  Maybe you're even thinking "wow, I spend a lot of time online...how can I make it make money for me?"    I've learned a LOT over the years on how to maximize influence and create a sustainable revenue stream. A great deal of what I've learned has come from my peers, notably my Agent/Mentor @101620823497739763601  and great friend as well as Master of all things Media @116917622532960535097  .  They will join us for Google Plus Hangout and interactive Discussion on Wednesday October 30th at 11am PT/2pm ET.   You will be able to watch live from this page and join the conversation across all social media platforms by using #HomeSweetSocial     Feel free to leave questions on this page you want answered even if you can't join us the day of.  MORE ABOUT Micah & Jenni. +Micah Johnson  founded MediaStars in 1998 and has become one of the top executives at discovering and mentoring talent.  In his more than 25 years of work in broadcasting, he’s earned a reputation as someone who is knowledgeable, insightful, and with an undeniable “eye” for recognizing talent. http://www.mediastars.tv/micah-johnson +Jenni Hogan  is an Emmy award winning journalist, lifestyle expert and entrepreneur. She is passionate about inspiring others to embrace the power of social media to impact people in a positive way. http://www.jennihogan.com/about/Protect & Maximize Your Social Media Influence2013-10-30 19:00:00121  
martin shervington1,117,657I thought I would take the opportunity to chat with Jessica, who I haven't hungout with for ages, and see how she has taken the online world by storm in relation to country music. A bit of fun for the Plus Your Life community! Tune in to hear about some of the incredible interviews she's done in the past year and how Google+, combined with Twitter, had enabled it all to happen. She has a great story, is real fun, and knows how to be turn social into the music business. Hope to see you all then!Interview with Jessica Northey!2013-10-23 18:00:00106  
Lotus Carroll1,774,292Join +Juan Gonzalez and +Lotus Carroll this Wednesday at 9:30PM Central as we welcome guest +Christopher Clements and panelists +Richard Miller, +Amalia Diaz, +Natalia Stone, and +Joel Horwath to hang out and talk photography. You can view the show right here on the Event and ask questions in the comments. Have you ever thought about shooting film and what it might take for you to get into that? Christopher is going to lead a discussion on shooting film - gear, technique, and process. He'll talk about his experiences and knowledge, so that we can all learn a little bit. Some of us have shot film before, some of us have never done it, but this is sure to be an interesting discussion. Get your questions ready, as we'll be answering them during the show. In addition, we'll unveil the 3 winners of the Drink and Click™ August Challenge: "The Four Elements". Thanks to our fantastic prize sponsors: +BlackRapid, +c't Digital Photography, and +Trey Ratcliff's +Stuck In Customs! If you're paying close attention to Christopher during the show, you'll be able to answer a special question at the end (the show only lasts one hour, so don't miss out) and win One Year of +ViewBug - Photo Contests - a community where you can participate in contests with "the coolest brands and awesomest judges, gain recognition, and exposure."  We'll also see some great photos from all of our panelists and I'm sure there will be plenty of laughs, so please join us this Wednesday! RSVP here now and then join us tomorrow night! Hope to see you all watching. :) ***** More information about Drink and Click™ http://drinkandclick.com Subscribe to Drink and Click™ on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/DrinkandClick Join the +Drink and Click™ Community: http://goo.gl/R7hTZ Questions? drinkandclick@gmail.comThe Drink and Click™ Show - EP42013-09-12 04:30:00141  
Google Plus Week TV Show483Can we blame a bug for the reason we're getting the event invite out late? Probably not, but we'll be talking about a rash of bugs on Google+ the past week. Share your own experiences via YouTube or comments in this event as we go crashing towards the end of another Google Plus Week! #gpw20130906Google Plus WEEK!2013-09-07 02:30:0033  
Lotus Carroll1,774,292This is the Event for our September 2013 Self Portrait Challenge: A Great Cell Phone Photo. Just because you use a cell phone doesn't mean your self portrait has to be of the "facebook style" mobile or reflection variety. That little guy has a camera inside it, so treat it like one! Here is where you enter your ONE Self Portrait using only a cell phone to capture and process (no computer software post processing!). Your photo must have been captured this month. This Event remains open until 11:59 CST September 30th, so you have until then to create and enter your best photo from this month. Please read all rules (scroll down). Not adhering to rules will get you disqualified. *Tutorial & Tips* Need some tips and inspiration for this challenge? Have no fear! That's why we're here. :) The amazing @110573952887886961621 made a tutorial about shooting cell phone photos to get you inspired - see it here: http://goo.gl/z3IZ23 He also posted a video of his process - see it here: http://goo.gl/vzcRHL *Remember these Do's and Don'ts to get the best photo:* *DO take the time to set up your shot thoughtfully. *DO invest time and effort and try more than once to get it right. *DO make sure your lens is clean. *DO take your photo in adequate light so it's not grainy, blurry, or dark. *DO put the cell phone down and use a timer - stop taking all your photos by holding the phone and pointing at yourself or a mirror. *DO try different angles for the best composition. *DO read the posts in our Tutorials Category and try the concepts and ideas you learn from them: http://goo.gl/uSUULE  *DO try different apps and see what works best for you. *DO be aware of your background! It makes a huge difference! Is there junk in the room behind you? If yes, it's not a good place to shoot. ETC. *DO NOT just slap a filter or cheesy effect on and call it a day - take the time to try different edits and pay attention to the elements of your photo.  *DO NOT point your phone at a mirror and take a reflection photo where we can see your phone. *DO NOT have your arms in the photo as you're holding the phone out in front of or above you. *DO NOT duckface. *DO NOT showcase your cleavage as the main subject. *Here's a list of Photo Apps you can try out:* Snapseed VSCOcam Retouch (cloning tool!) Camera+ Camera! PhotoStudio Pixlr Express Aviary InsPhoto *Prizes* 1 Year of @118357019708110162087 Basic http://www.smugmug.com/photos/photo-sharing-features @101789561086090624750 Discontinued Camera Strap - you choose from a variety available. :) http://www.capturingcouture.com Please circle these sponsors - they make these prizes possible, so having them circled is a requirement to be a winner. There will be 2 winners. 1st place winner selects choice of prizes. 2nd place receives remaining prize. Winners must respond within 24 hours of being contacted or new winners will be chosen. At the end of the month, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will vSeptember Self Portrait Challenge: A Great Cell Phone Photo2013-09-01 07:00:00177  
Google Plus Week TV Show483Back in April, we discussed if Google VP, and occasional special guest on Google Plus Week, +Vic Gundotra would make a good replacement for Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer. Tonight, with the official announcement from Balmer that he will retire within a year, we'll be revisiting that topic. We'll also be looking at the latest changes in our favorite social layer and across the Google product line, as well as take your questions and comments. All this, and more, as the sun sets on another Google Plus Week! #gpw20130823  Google Plus WEEK!2013-08-24 02:30:0037  
Jerry James Stone446,309Join me for a LIVE chat with Lieutenant Governor +Gavin Newsom on the challenges California vineyards face with respect to sustainability and climate change. We'll touch on how wineries influence what other farmers are doing and why the Lieutenant Governor is interested in this space. Oh, and we'll probably talk about his hair too.Live Chat with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on Sustainable Farming Practices in California Vineyards2013-08-21 20:30:0079  
Google Plus Week TV Show483Lots of updates to Google+ this week, and we'll be exploring what they mean for this platform we love and loathe. A new Android app, photo integration with Google Drive, and a new API that lets programs write to your stream (with some caveats). Our panelists will be sharing their thoughts, and we welcome yours as well via YouTube or the comments on this event. This will be a great way to wrap your head around all the changes, not to mention wrapping up an awesome Google Plus Week! #gpw20130816  Google Plus WEEK!2013-08-17 02:30:0047  
Drink and Click ™ SA273*August Drink and Click™ | San Antonio  @SoHo Wine & Martini Bar* _hosted by the Chapter Lead +Jackie Burroughs Anderson_ *Time to revive ourselves from a long dry spell in this Texas heat!* This month we are meeting up at SoHo Wine & Martini Bar in downtown San Antonio.  Located on Crockett Street it is actually in the old San Antonio Loan and Trust building and has converted the 1892 vault into it's wine cellar.   If your interested in knowing more they have 53 G+ Reviews. https://plus.google.com/u/0/108767433557268577196/about *Drink and Click™ Challenge: "Four Element" * _______________________________________________________________ Welcome to the #12 Drink and Click ™ August's Chapter Wide Photography Challenge IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To be eligible for this month's Drink and Click ™ challenge attendees need do the following: (If you win a prize and your stream does not show you completed the sponsor mention your prize will be forfeited)    - We love our sponsors. This month we got +BlackRapid, +c't Digital Photography  and Trey Ratcliff's +Stuck In Customs.  Create a post on your stream and give them some love. They deserve it =)  - Circle Drink and Click's Google + Page at http://goo.gl/AmgV6 and like our FB page at  http://goo.gl/2lsCE - Join our Drink and Click community here in Google+ http://tinyurl.com/bjhpq27 This month's chapter wide challenge is "The Four Elements" Look all around. You can find in your city excellent opportunities for this month's challenge. You need to get inspired for some Earth, Water, Air and Fire? Check Flickr's 4 elements group http://www.flickr.com/groups/the4elements/ This month prizes brought to you by our awesome sponsors: 1st Place prize from +BlackRapid  (Camera Strap) 2nd Place prize +c't Digital Photography  One Year Magazine Subscription  3rd Place $20 off code for Trey Ratcliff's  +Stuck In Customs  tutorials and presets. Challenge Rules: -Images must be taken on a Drink and Click ™ event during the month of August -Three images per person max -The images must be submitted into this event page -No WATERMARKS (This is mainly to remain anonymous during judging). We will select the top 5 or 6 images. At the end of the month we will have a Hangout and invite +Google+  Photographers to select the top three images.  You need some Drink and Click™ gear? Come visit http://drinkandclickshop.spreadshirt.com/Drink and Click SA™ August @ SoHo Wine & Martini Bar2013-08-16 20:00:0012  
MediaShift588,259It’s a scary but exciting world for newspaper owners right now, especially if you’re in a selling mood. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post last week (while our podcast was on vacation — great timing!), and Red Sox owner John Henry bought the Boston Globe before that. As newspapers continue to struggle to raise advertising or subscription revenue, will the journalism industry be aided or hindered when it’s owned by billionaires? Special guests Nick Wingfield from the New York Times and Jack Shafer from Reuters join this week’s episode of the Mediatwits. MediaShift’s +Mark Glaser hosts, along with Mónica Guzmán from the Seattle Times and GeekWire, Ana Marie Cox from the Guardian and Andrew Lih from American University.Mediatwits #90: When Billionaires Buy Newspapers2013-08-16 19:30:0017  
Google Plus Week TV Show483We have an exciting show planned for this week. We will be joined by the dazzling +Natalie Villalobos - Google+ Community Manager. She'll be explaining what a CM does, fielding your questions live, and will reveal what cool features we can expect next! (Well... probably not the last one.) So join us via YouTube, Google+ comments, and Hangout Questions as we wrap up another awesome Google Plus Week! #gpw20130809Google Plus WEEK!2013-08-10 02:30:0070  
Google Plus Week TV Show483Another Friday, and the end of another Google Plus Week! We'll be testing some changes to the Questions app, so feel free to give it a try on the video above (when it appears), or on YouTube. And speaking of YouTube - with only 100 followers needed to a channel, what is Dan going to do now that he has Live? Are we still loving our Chromecasts? Kick back, chime in, and party like its another Google Plus WEEK! #gpw20130802  Google Plus WEEK!2013-08-03 02:30:0046  
Paul Terry Walhus40,141ChromecastCast - Episode 2 - Chromecast News and Views2013-07-27 02:00:004  
Derek Ross1,203,166*Google Press Event: Breakfast with Sundar Pichai* *Feel free to speculate. I'm guessing we'll find out about Android 4.3 and a new Nexus 7.* Live Stream URL added. Possibilities: Android 4.3 New Nexus 7 H2G2 media streaming device New Chromebook Chrome Dongle for TV (Chromecast?)Google Press Event: Breakfast with Sundar Pichai2013-07-24 18:00:00356  
Ronnie Bincer110,123*Recently Google+ Changed some things regarding a Plus One to a Post*. Come watch a Live discussion with at least 3 Google+ Power users as to how this has changed things. Learn from the discussion what you may want to do differently or if nothing has changed for you. *Mobile Viewers can watch via this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt7wjtzOa60 ...* and those wanting to try out the Questions App can visit this link or click the *"Official site link below"* once it shows. I'll be joined by +Mark Traphagen & +Dustin W. Stout ... there may be more people on the Panel by the time we get going on Tuesday. There will be a LIVE Video just to the left of this text at show time. The Event time will translate to your local time (unless you are on Mobile) Start time reference is 7pm PT/10pm ET USA. _There is a chance we may be using the Questions App {Beta - Field Trial} during the show, if so, we will leave a link to guide you there if you want to see it in action during the show._ *Plus 1's now are truly recommendations*. Many of us used Plus 1's for other things like "Got it" or "I see this" - a form of acknowledgement, or other "social kindness" but with the new normal, some of this is changing. Leave your questions, concerns, etc. in the comments... we'll try to address them in the live show. Remember, shorter comments/questions (that still make sense!) have a better chance at showing up on screen. Here is a post that can help get you started on this topic if you are not sure what we are talking about: http://goo.gl/ojsMc - This one is a follow up that helps explain more of the details: http://goo.gl/nUe2i  - - -  #GooglePlusUpdates   #PlusOne   #GooglePlusTips   #PostingStrategy  To Plus 1 or Not to Plus 1... That is the Question!2013-07-17 04:00:0078  
Chef Dennis Littley780,012*G+ First Annual Bloggers Conference - Session 5* Join us as +Adam V. Barnes +Taylor Mathis and +Naomi Robinson Present *How to Make Google Worthy Images* 6:00 PM New York Time #gplusfoodbloggerscommunity   #gplusbloggersconfernce  G+ Bloggers Conference - How to Make Google Worthy Images2013-07-14 00:00:00110  
Gagosian Gallery156,790Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present a major exhibition of photographs by Inez & VinoodhInez & Vinoodh2013-07-12 18:00:002  
martin shervington1,117,657I will be doing an interview with +Mark Traphagen this Friday to look at 'how to' set up authorship. This session will only quickly cover the 'why to' and dive into the differences between rel= author and rel=publisher, and what you need to make sure you have in place. Hope to see you then!All about the 'How to' of Google Authorship, with Mark Traphagen2013-07-05 18:00:00135  
Sheila B. DuBois46,793+HEATHER FAY  has graciously agreed to let me  talk to her about how Google Plus  has enriched her life .  She will be singing a couple of Songs. (that is a must) :)    She  is amazing!   July 2 ,2013         It is  3:00 pm pacific. 4:00 pm Mountain. 5:00 pm Central. and 6:00 pm Eastern time.  Feel free to invite your friends.  Those who say they are attending I will add to the invite circle. Invites will start a  half hour early/Interview with Heather Fay2013-07-03 00:00:0051  
George McCane274June 29th is the second anniversary of the G+ photowalk. I happen to belong to the Landscape Photography Show Link on G+ and saw this episode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmO_DdJs5F8. Since Austin is not a current city of participation for this event, I decided to be the "Front Man" for it here in Austin. This event has a contest associated with it. The areas you can summit for are: Macro, Wildlife, Portrait, Landscape, Architecture, Black and White, and Sunrise/Sunset. The only real rules for submitting are that the picture needs to be taken on June 29th and you can not enter it in more than one category. We will meet at the Southwest corner of 11th and Congress across from the State Capitol. Depending on the people that show up, we will go from there to allow people to take pictures of different people and buildings, plus the different scenery in the downtown Austin area. As it gets later, we will walk down 6th toward Red River and then up towards Stubb's Bar-B-Que (801 Red River). Hopefully, there will be others that will be interested in going along Town Lake to take pictures along there as well. G + 2 Year Anniversary Photowalk Austin, Texas2013-06-29 21:00:0010  
Trey Ratcliff8,419,968We go live tonight! +Nicole S. Young  has a new eBook called The Inspired Photographer at http://www.flatbooks.com/featured/the-inspired-photographer -- she'll be joining me along with +Thomas Hawk  +Gino Barasa and maybe more!  Also, as a bonus-topic, we'll open the show with +Steven Levy  from Wired magazine to talk about the Project Loon from Google...   As usual, we'll have live chat and take questions live over in the embedded player at http://www.StuckInCustoms.com  -- see you soon! :)New show! Finding Your Photography Inspiration + Google Loon Balloon recap! Join me with Thomas Hawk and more - 7 PM PT, 10 PM ET2013-06-18 04:00:00271  
Google Local Austin356,299What better way to welcome the arrival of a Texas summer than with good ole Sunday BBQ, live music and Bloody Marys?  Join Austin's Community Manager, +Bryn Harrington, and other Google+ Local users for a casual meet up to sample the tastiest brisket, ribs, and smoked meats at John Mueller's new location on E. 6th and Pedernales: http://www.johnmuellermeatco.com/home/ We'll be doing separate tabs, but there will be plenty of free Google swag for all the friendly users who check in with Bryn, upload photos, and learn about reviewing on Google+ Local.  There should be plenty of open picnic tables, so RSVP if you'd like to attend and +Bryn Harrington will see you there!  _As part of our monthly Newcomer series, we invite Google+ users to explore new places in Austin to review. All Austinites are welcome, so tell your friends to join!_June Newcomer Brunch: John Mueller Meat Co.2013-06-16 10:30:0028  
Jens “Google Plus Yoda” Graikowski581,034_*PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU CLICK ON "GOING" OR "MAYBE"!*_ It's race weekend again! Let's hang out! Here is how it works: ➢ We all watch the race on our own individual TV sets. There is not going to be a race broadcast in the hangout for several reasons. ▸ A broadcast would take over the hangouts audio and would make it impossible for us to talk. ▸ It means, we can all watch the race in the language we prefer (in my case it's German). ▸ The broadcast would take up a hangout spot. I'd rather have one of you guys there. ▸ Since it's a HoA (Hangout on Air) we'd have copyright issues. ➢ I'll invite participants in two steps. ▸ About an hour before the race starts (find out here, when exactly that will be in your time zone: http://bit.ly/16HoQeb) I will invite all of those of the _Google+ Paddock Club_ ... ▸ Just before the race I will invite my _Formula 1_ circle. *Get your _Google+ Paddock Club_ pass! ...* So if you want to make sure, that you get a spot, clicking on _"Going"_ will get you into the _Google+ Paddock Club_ and clicking on _"Maybe"_ into the _Formula 1 Circle_! I'd also like your ideas on how to make the _Formula 1 Race Hangout_ more interesting. _*Please guys, share this event!*_ Let's give the whole G+ community the opportunity to join our F1 circle and this week's _Formula 1 Race Hangout_! Greez, +Jens Graikowski Formula 1 Race Hangout - Montreal/Canada2013-06-09 19:00:0032  
Jens “Google Plus Yoda” Graikowski581,034It's race weekend again! Let's hang out! Here is how it works: ➢ We all watch the race on our own individual TV sets. There is not going to be a race broadcast in the hangout for several reasons. ▸ A broadcast would take over the hangouts audio and would make it impossible for us to talk. ▸ It means, we can all watch the race in the language we prefer (in my case it's German). ▸ The broadcast would take up a hangout spot. I'd rather have one of you guys there. ▸ Since it's a HoA (Hangout on Air) we'd have copyright issues. ➢ I'll invite participants in two steps. ▸ About an hour before the race starts (find out here, when exactly that will be in your time zone: http://bit.ly/10VUrAs) I will invite all of those of the _Google+ Paddock Club_ ... ▸ Just before the race I will invite my _Formula 1_ circle. *Get your _Google+ Paddock Club_ pass! ...* So if you want to make sure, that you get a spot, clicking on _"Going"_ will get you into the _Google+ Paddock Club_ and clicking on _"Maybe"_ into the _Formula 1 Circle_! I'd also like your ideas on how to make the _Formula 1 Race Hangout_ more interesting. _*Please guys, share this event!*_ Let's give the whole G+ community the opportunity to join our F1 circle and this week's _Formula 1 Race Hangout_! Greez, +Jens Graikowski  Formula 1 Race Hangout - Monte Carlo/Monaco2013-05-26 13:00:0043  
Virtual Photo Walks™4,941,237Created in 1920, the Raspail Market (le marché Raspail) has become one of the trendiest in the capital. You can find magnificent fruits and vegetables from local gardens or from around the world. It is not unusual to spot celebrities, wicker basket in hand, squeezing melons or tomatoes. Nearly forty vendors are on site with some of the finest biological products, in the centre aisle of the boulevard Raspail, to the delight of their demanding clients.Sunday Morning May 5th A walk through the Raspail Market with +Laurent Jean Philippe2013-05-05 14:00:0044  
Naked News Uncovered424Naked News Uncovered - Exclusive Premiere Hangout2013-05-03 04:00:0049  
Tejas Richard19,198It's EEYORE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Come play at Pease Park! _ Parking is FREE at the state parking garage "E" and lot 3 on Colorado between 16th and 17th streets where our shuttle busses will pick you up and return you all day long!!!_ _Handicapped parking is also available at the same location, we have special needs busses chartered in our fleet for our shuttle service_ _The Capital Metro bus 338 Lamar/45th route runs on Lamar and stops at Martin Luther King. It runs until 11:00pm._ _Capital Metro has informed me that they will be adding extra busses specifically for our event this year!_ _Thanks Capital Metro!!_50th Annual Eeyore's Birthday Party Celebration2013-04-27 11:00:0014  
Richard Cleveland792Podcast U Roundtable #2 : Getting Started in Internet Broadcasting  CancelledPodcast U RoundTable #22013-04-18 01:00:0025  
Google Local Austin356,299*To enter the contest, please visit:* https://www.google.com/local/contest/austinrestaurantweek Austin is brimming with fantastic local restaurants, and we want to know what you think of them! Enter our contest at the link above, then start writing reviews of all the Austin eateries you’ve visited using Google+ Local (http://plus.google.com/local). We want to hear about your experiences at Austin restaurants, cafes, bistros, food trucks-- even your favorite local pizza delivery place! We'll assign points to each review you write based on quality, and whoever has racked up the most points at the end of the contest wins. You've got until midnight on April 21st, the final day of Austin Restaurant Week, to write your reviews on Google+ Local. _So what counts as a high quality review? Here's an idea of the things we'll be looking for:_ _Originality - how creative or original is your review style?_ _Capturing the spirit of the places - how well do you describe the atmosphere?_ _Unique viewpoints - do you bring unique or different viewpoints?_ _Writing style - how well written is your review?_ _Remember: you can't win if you don't review._ We'll contact the winners on April 22nd, and each winner will win a $50 gift certificate for a lovely dinner at the ARW participating restaurant of their choice. *ENTER HERE:* https://www.google.com/local/contest/austinrestaurantweek To see the list of eateries participating in Austin Restaurant Week, visit their website: http://restaurantweekaustin.com/Review Austin Restaurants to Win Dinner for Two!2013-04-05 20:30:0018  
Ronnie Bincer110,123Mobile HOA Debrief - Broadcasting Live Hangouts on Air (HOA) via Mobile is an exciting development... join in this Live Event and interact with me and my guests as I explain in detail the challenges, adaptations, and best practices I learned while broadcasting 18 Live HOA Shows from the Streets of Austin Texas during SXSW 2013. Read up on what I used (equipment list with links) and how it worked out via this post: http://goo.gl/3UM5L & Watch the behind the scenes video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJnjPdkxJS4 - and watch the live debrief show up top. We'll discuss the Rig I created to hold the equipment as well as the techniques developed over the 6 days of live broadcasting. *_Scroll down for more info..._* I changed quite a bit from the first day through the last. We'll discuss what worked best and what needed to be changed. Learn from my experiences and make your efforts that much better. Look for the Mobile HOAs inside Events you can find via this hashtag: #LiveOnTheStreets  or #SXSW2013   I will be monitoring the comments during the live show. Plus *feel free to ask questions here in the comments* before, during *and after the event.* If you'd like some personalized Hangout Help visit www.TheHangoutHelper.com/Services - - -  #HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #HOA   #HOAmobile   #MobileHOA   #HangoutEquipment   #TheHangoutHelper   #GooglePlusTips   - - - Mobile HOA Live Broadcasting - Lessons Learned (Click Blue Tab)2013-03-28 22:30:00133  
Trey Ratcliff8,419,968Also you are invited to come to my featured (Google+ heavy!) speech at SXSW - "A Life Worth Living is a Life Worth Recording" - http://schedule.sxsw.com/2013/events/event_IAP16031  *Google+ PhotoWalk Details!* $1000's in Prizes! A ton of Google+ swag! Members of the Google+ team!! Bring your camera (even mobile phones are cool!) and bring your sense of adventure and discovery!  We'll walk around the streets of Austin together and grab some cool photos to share with one another.  If you've never been to one of these events before, then this is your chance.   Bring a friend or bring the kids -- it's a family-friendly event and all are welcome! :)  I'll be giving lessons and teaching how I set up for various shots.  Anyone can ask me anything at any time... sort of an in-person AMA! :)   When:  Monday, Mar 11 at 6:30 PM Austin Time Where:  City Hall - Gather in this Google Map location: http://goo.gl/maps/qXEdR Route Map:  http://goo.gl/maps/aGn0X  What to bring:  Anything from a mobile phone to a DSLR with a tripod Tag to use for photos:  Attach the photos to this event and use the tag #AustinPhotowalk2013  ! :) *Prizes (in addition to free Google+ swag to be randomly distributed):* - Really Right Stuff Tripod goodies (BH-40 LR and some LB-40s) - Xumeadapters Prizes (http://www.xumeadapters.com) - $500 (5 $100 gift certificates from @110837982014303057310   - Syrp (A NEW Genie!!!) worth $1000 - http://www.stuckincustoms.com/time-lapse-photography-syrp-genie-review/  - FStop Loka Bag and 1 ICU (http://fstopgear.com/product/mountain/loka) - Camera Sutra t-shirts (http://store.stuckincustoms.com/gear/shirts/camera-sutra) - Many Stuck In Customs Camera Straps (http://store.stuckincustoms.com/gear/camera-straps) - 5 Copies of Midnight in Paris! ( http://store.stuckincustoms.com/tutorials/midnight-in-paris-tutorial-bonus ) *How To Win A Prize:* "Best Photos of Fellow Photowalkers!" Share your photos on Google+ and/or in The Photo Community with the tag #AustinPhotowalk2013 - winners will be chosen by a Team of Humans at Google and other coaches from the photowalk. *PhotoWalk Route* - See Google Maps Route Walk at: http://goo.gl/maps/aGn0X  We'll all start together at City Hall.  That's a great time to start trying to win the prizes by taking photos of fellow PhotoWalkers!  We'll then work our way up to 4th street, then 6th street and end the route inside the Hilton, where maybe one of you will buy me a drink.  We'll be taking photos of the city, the sights, and other PhotoWalkers all along the way.  The "ending" of these is always a bit strange because there is no formal gathering, but just keep taking photos until you peter out... you can drift away into the night like a firefly, then go home and get back on the sweet sweet internet with a beverage of your choice and post away.  You have a week to add photos to the event before the winners are chosen! :)  Thanks again in advance, and I think we'll have a great time together! Be sure to post yoGoogle+ SXSW Austin PhotoWalk with Trey Ratcliff - All Levels of Photographers - All Free! - Monday 6:30 PM CST2013-03-12 00:30:00987  
Mary Helen Leonard1,160,623The hus-beast and I are teaming up for this year's Austin Food Experiment Competition. The theme this year is smoke, so you can be sure that the local Texan home cooks will be bringing the heat.  Come to the competition to show your support, enjoy twenty different dishes from competing cooks, and guzzle free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Tickets are $15 and WILL sell out before the event, so buy your tickets now!! http://thefoodexperiments.com/tickets/ We took home the "Most Experimented" prize last year with our Tomatillo Ice Cream Sandwiches. This year we're getting weird again, with another experimental dessert. Follow my G+ Page for clues and updates about our dish. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MaryHelenLeonard/posts The Food Experiment is a blast, whether you are cooking or tasting, so please come. You'll be glad you did! #sxsw2013   #sxsw   #foodexperiments   #hirlsxsw  The Austin Smoke Experiment2013-03-10 13:00:0039  
Sarah Hill2,818,155Calling all inhabitants of the Ghost Town.   Let's #HIRL in Austin, TX!!!   (Hangout In Real Life). Hear how ★ Plusketeers are using the +Google+  platform to create their own #humanmedia posse and how 2013 could be the year for + Google +.  Our venue only holds 100 so you *must RVSP* early and email googleplus@vu.com if you'd like to join us for lunch. +Veterans United is picking up the tab for free food and drinks but you're ghosts...so you don't eat much right?  ♥♥♥   #SXSWHIRL  HIRL in Austin, TX2013-03-09 12:00:00246  
Google Local Austin356,299*Make sure you RSVP through the following form if you'd like free drinks:* http://goo.gl/7kHaA We’re ready to throw one final party for Austin locals before the SXSW craziness starts! Join us at Takoba (http://goo.gl/6S0iz), where we’re renting the beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and the pleasure of your company.  This event is free and open to the public to attend. *Want to up your party quotient? Each guest who posts reviews (or uploads photos) to five East Austin places (any restaurants, bars, or businesses east of I-35) will receive two free drink tickets!* We’ve got plenty of room, so tell your friends too! Just remember, only one RSVP per person! _Need a suggestion of where to get started?  Why not try reviewing Three Little Pigs (http://goo.gl/xasRP), Cenote (http://goo.gl/eNKMP), or The Volstead Lounge (http://goo.gl/DV2wZ), or just type 78702 in the zip code field for Google+ Local._Google Local Pre-SXSW Party at Takoba!2013-03-05 19:00:00160  
MediaShift588,259This week's podcast includes our regular roundtable of +Mark Glaser +Ana Marie Cox +Felix Salmon +Monica Guzman +Andrew Lih with special guest +Guy Kawasaki. We'll be talking about Guy's new book, "APE" about self-publishing your e-book and his tips for authors to promote via social media. Other topics include the Boston Globe up for sale, and Time Inc. planning to sell most of its magazine division. Plus, people are asking Google for its Glass eyewear at #IfIHadGlass . And AllThingsD might spin off from the Wall Street Journal. (Oh yeah, it's also Mark's birthday on Friday.)Mediatwits #69 Podcast Live! with Guy Kawasaki2013-02-22 19:30:0086  
Jessica Northey1,824,833After the nominees for the 48th Annual +ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards are announced on Wednesday Morning (2/13) during a digital press conference, Country Music Chat brings together a panel of Country Music Industry Experts/Insiders/Bloggers to discuss their reactions to the news. http://bit.ly/ACM2013NominationReactions  including +Tammy Ragusa  from Country Weekly, +Beville Darden  from AOL MUSIC The Boot, +Chuck Dauphin from +Billboard, +Katie Morse from +Billboard, +Molly Haas from Country Music News Blog, +Lydia Picknell  from Keeping It Country Blog, +Danielle Bowers from Country Music Chat, +Nikki Thomas from KAT Country 103, +Becca Walls  from WKDF. Country Music Industry Insiders will be giving you their reactions to event on Twangout.com using Google+ technology for LIVE #HangoutOnAir Broadcasts.  2013 ACM Awards Nomination Reaction #CMchat2013-02-13 17:00:0064  
Jeff Smith61,979Welcome to The Selfy Sunday Project for February 10/13. *No theme for this week, just an open project.* There are 16 moderators who can assist you along the way with SPP. The Selfy Sunday Project is the cornerstone event in the Art of Self Portraiture Community. This Community was designed as a place to share self portraits and to learn, grow, and challenge one another. The Selfy Sunday Project allows everyone to share their results on a bi-weekly basis all in one event.  __ Selfy Sunday FAQ can be found here. http://goo.gl/ngQeF Please check there first if you have any questions. Thanks _ UPLOADING The event will open for uploading at 9:00 PM EST. You can upload your photo by viewing the event and clicking on the "Add Photos" button. This is a Public event open to everyone. Any questions, again please check the FAQ or let post here in the community. Cheers and have fun! JeffThe Selfy Sunday Project2013-02-10 03:00:00249  
Google Local Austin356,299Attention all shutterbugs! Meet up with your Austin Community Manager, @109078332387708890824, for a photo scavenger hunt where you can win fun prizes, meet new people and take some funky snapshots!  We will meet at Jo’s Coffee, where each assigned team will each receive a clue sheet with information about the locations to hunt for on South Congress. The team with the highest number of  photographed items uploaded to Google+ business pages (or via Party Mode) will win a special Google prize pack! After the scavenger hunt ends at noon, we will head back to Doc’s for refreshments, plus award prizes to our top teams. This event is free and open to the public, so bring a friend to take some snapshots with you. Don’t forget to download the Google+ Local app to help your team locate these scavenger hunt haunts in record time!SoCo Photo Scavenger Hunt!2013-01-26 11:00:0036  
Oleg Moskalensky9,855We'll catch up, talk politics, news, etc.Post End-of-World Merry Christmas Hangout with Dan & friends2012-12-22 20:00:006  
Virtual Photo Walks™4,941,237Christmas Lights World Tour December 15th 2012 will be an awesome day.  @106837773805813749834  will be in and out of hangouts all day doing Christmas Lights World Tour. @106837773805813749834   photographers will be showing our community, and veterans Christmas and Holiday Lights from their corner of the world.  We have partnered with @111457839887728165697  @107323726887023845557  and their volunteers to make this a magical day. Some @106837773805813749834  events during the day will be Hangout on Air some will be by invite. @107323726887023845557  and veterans are scheduled to join us between 12 (noon) and 1:30 est. We have also partnered with @112873520313436899309  and @103083353388507768122 . Performers will be joining us throughout the day to play a holiday song or two. And a special surprise visit from that jolly old man in a red suite . Our intent is to bring joy to people that have served and protected us over the years and now are not in a position to go out by themselves. "Walk The Walk For Those Who Can't". Please understand we will do our best to bring in as many performers as possible time allowing. Times to be somewhat flexible do to some national ceremonies we have schedule to cover.  A special surprise visit from that jolly old man in a red suite. cc @112471890387110967375 @108215644829092784557 @105718045706606975227 @106237174356318230057 @100274461999766001338 @103038287804535196503 @107707592416977920764 @102356002992627997696 @105602899824045433714 @103851629838958886416   Thank you in advance to all you do here on Google+. You are the best G+ friends one can ask for.Christmas Lights World Tour (Virtual Photo Walks)2012-12-15 13:30:00260  
Google Play8,484,605Join us for a special hangout with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John on Tuesday, December 4th, at 6 pm PT as the original stars of _Grease_ (http://goo.gl/gHb32) talk about their acting careers and latest album. About the Hangout John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's recently released album, _This Christmas_ (http://goo.gl/qu45m), marks their first collaboration in more than 30 years. Google Play presents: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John2012-12-05 03:00:00678  
Mary Helen Leonard1,160,623I'm thrilled to be teaching my first cooking workshop in Texas! Join me at the Le Creuset Outlet in Round Rock, TX on December 2 at 1:30 pm!  Learn to make three simple Japanese dishes, perfect for filling lunch bags or bento boxes. Each of the dishes in this workshop can easily be prepared to suit vegan and gluten-free diets.  *Onigiri are balls of seasoned rice that can be stuffed, seared, or enjoyed cold. Onigiri is a simple, heart-warming treat. Eat them with crisp sheets of nori, or smothered in toppings, like fresh scallions, soy sauce or spicy mayo. *Is there anything quite as comforting as a simple bowl of soup? With the help of a few modern conveniences, authentic tasting miso soup can be prepared in just a few minutes in your home kitchen.  *Daifuku is a simple confection made from glutinous rice flour and sweet red beans. This highly addictive dessert is surprisingly easy to make, and involves a simple, but versatile no-cook recipe.Japanese Lunch Box Recipes with blogger, Mary Helen Leonard of Mary Makes Dinner2012-12-02 20:30:0041  
Google Local Austin356,299*RSVP by writing 10 new Google+ Local reviews and submitting this form: http://goo.gl/pfp7J * Everyone knows November is all about mustaches! Support men’s health initiatives by attending our Google+ Local Official Movember-support party at Handlebar (http://goo.gl/y013S). Free drinks will be flowing thanks to our sponsors, Southern Comfort and Tuaca. During the soiree, there will be a silent auction featuring exclusive items from Austin businesses in order to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer research.  We'll also have a contest to crown our "Mo Bro" and "Mo Sista", based upon the best mustache (real or fake!) Guests can strike a pose for our professional photographer with stick-on mustaches, temporary mustache tattoos, and more free Google swag. Our projected live stream of the fabulous Party Mode event uploads, Google+ posts and tweets will add an interactive element you can share with friends. *So how do you get in?* Anyone is welcome to attend, but to get free drink tickets, write 10 new Google+ Local reviews, and fill out this form: http://goo.gl/pfp7J. Encourage your friends to join in on the fun by writing reviews of their favorite places on Google+ Local! Movember Official Website: http://us.movember.com/Google+ Local Supports Movember Party!2012-11-20 20:00:0061  
LeWeb1,106,917DoubleRobotics is such a fascinating product, the only way to really understand it is to see it in action.  The best way to do that, is to watch their video: https://vimeo.com/47000322#at=18 Then join us for a hangout with founder, David Cann as we delve into where they came from, how they got started, the amazing stories they've created and where they're headed in the future. The links to the hangout will be posted in the comments on this event page, so make sure to add it to your calendar, and come back to this page on Tuesday at 10am PT. You can see David take the stage in Paris at LeWeb Paris '12. Register here: http://www.leweb.co/register/parisHangout with David Cann, Founder of DoubleRobotics2012-11-20 19:00:0025  
Dell356,574Join @117161668189080869053 (@DellSMBUS) and @107541140737897190868 from @111979267402487646552 (@TrendMicro) on Twitter for a chat about *5 Ways Mobile Workstations Fuel Innovation.”* _What we’ll cover:_ 5 ways mobile workstations fuel innovation, including: 1)     Allow connectivity 2)     Enhance visualization 3)     Foster productivity 4)     Instill cost reduction 5)     Protect with advanced security _How You Can Participate:_ We recommend using a tool like TweetChat to follow the conversation. Just sign in with your Twitter account, enter the #DellWorkstation hash tag, and join the conversation as if you were in a chat room. Find more details here: http://dell.to/TtE61h We hope you can tune in! #DellWorkstation  5 Ways Mobile Workstations Fuel Innovation - TweetChat2012-10-30 18:00:0030  
Google Local Austin356,299Want to explore your city in a whole new way?  Join us for a downtown photo-scavenger hunt where you can win fun prizes, meet new people, and take some funky photos! Meet up with our Austin Community Coordinator, @109078332387708890824, in front of Opal Divine's where we'll assign teams, hand out the clue sheets and start the adventure.  Teams of up to four people will rove our fair city, uploading pictures of the "hunted" locations to their respective Google+ Local business pages. All you need to participate is an Android or iPhone and the Google+ Local app. (On Android, it's part of Google Maps.)  After the hunt, we'll circle back to Opal Divine's for beers and bloody marys, plus award prizes to our top three teams! This event is FREE and completely open to the public--just RSVP and we'll see you Sunday, October 21st!Smartphone Photo Scavenger Hunt2012-10-21 10:30:0038  
Liz Quilty76,277The line up for the first show are the following guests @117735786919944218372 Should be in showing us his home made Arduino based coffee machine   @115420961179277990370 Sans Cable - a website that is a DVR for YouTube videos. (Tracks your watched time, adds subscribed videos) @105484284735002007613 Cross-Platform Mobile Development - (iOS dev) @102953614522521365925 Homebrew entertainment center and lighting control (mostly software, but will get some photos of the hardware together) http://home.caerleon.us/brian/TSandT/ @101147402122867422953 The Angry Beanie Recording  Setup For those who are in the hangout, make sure you have the plugins installed and enabled and have tested it in a hangout already, I will invite you in 10 mins prior to start time. For everyone else, i will be opening it up to people in my circles to fill up remaining spaces, and making it live for anyone else to watch and comment!Tech Show and Tell2012-10-20 22:00:0041  
J. Greene & The Steady412,079RSVP on Do512.com for Free Entry and a chance to win an autographed CD! http://do512.com/event/1109406 FREE SHOW at Threadgill's Wednesday, October 17th!  Suite 709 on at 8pm! Edison Chair at 7pm! Come kick off a BRAND NEW KGSR Series w/ Suite 709 and special guest Edison Chair! Hosted by Andy Langer! KGSR Discovery keeps you up to date with the best new and undiscovered music, and now we're ready to take things to the next level. Enter the KGSR Discovery Series, where we'll bring you some of the best up-and-coming music that Austin has to offer. Starting October 17th at Threadgill's South! The music is free and the big event kicks off at 7PM. Check out the inaugural lineup below! Suite 709 Suite 709 played their first public shows during SXSW 2010 with no recordings, press, or even band photos; yet, the band quickly received multiple accolades including “Top 10 New Bands of 2010″ from the Austin Chronicle Music Awards, “Top 35 Bands of 2011″ Do512.com, “Best Find at SXSW 2011″ from QRO Magazine, “Hot 100 Unsigned Bands of 2011″ from Music Connection Magazine, and most recently “Top 5 Soul/Blues Bands of 2011″ at the 2011 Austin Chronicle Music Awards alongside notable acts Gary Clark Jr. and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. The group continues to sell out shows in their hometown of Austin, Texas, and has developed a strong national and international following through their innovative use of social media outlets. The band embodies the soul of DIY musicianship in everything from graphic design to marketing to engineering their own recordings. Reviewers repeat, “Words cannot describe a Suite 709 performance experience.” Every show is like a party from beginning to end. www.unlocksuite709.com Edison Chair An energetic four piece rock band from Austin Texas, Edison  Chair honors the style of timeless rock such as The Who and The Beatles, while making innovative strides in the wake of popular modern bands such as The Fratellis and Oasis. Formed in 2007, the band quickly attracted attention from multi-platinum producers and major labels such as Interscope Records. With three part harmonies and songs you'll be singing long after the show, Edison Chair has developed a sound that will be hard to forget.FREE SHOW: KGSR Discovery Series With Suite 709 & Edison Chair - Hosted by Andy Langer2012-10-17 19:00:0011  
LeWeb1,106,917Join us for a google hangout with Le Web speaker, Rafi Haladjian, CEO of Sen.se. "At Sen.se, we believe there is no such thing as the Internet of Things. We rather believe in an Internet of Everything where Humans, Nature, Machines, Objects, Environments, Information, Physical and Virtual spaces all mix up, talk, intertwine, interact, enrich and empower each other in all sorts of ways. This is what we are building and we think that we are not alone."LeWeb Speaker Hangout with Rafi Haladjian, CEO of Sen.se2012-10-16 19:00:0027  
Chef Dennis Littley780,012Stop by for my class on pesto, and we're not just talking about Basil!  From the classic Genovese, to Sun Dried Tomato, join me as I show you how easy it is to make pesto at home and my favorite way to serve it!ChefHangout- Let's Make Pesto2012-10-12 01:00:00111  
LeWeb1,106,917We're super excited about this speaker hangout with Carly as we'll learn more about how she came up with the idea for Ubooly, how they brought it to market, and where their company is headed.   We'll also invite you, members of the LeWeb community to join in and ask questions. What is Ubooly?  It's a childrens toy that turns your iphone into a plushy interactive critter. You can learn all about it here http://www.ubooly.com/what-is-an-ubooly-pet Remember all the toys you played with as a kid?  Ubooly truly inspires imagination and makes you ponder the amazing potential of technology and how it interacts with every day things. See you there!LeWeb Speaker Hangout with Carly Gloge, CEO of Ubooly2012-10-11 19:00:0028  
LeWeb1,106,917Smart Things is one of those companies that as soon as you hear about it...it just blows your mind.   It opens your eyes to the magical things that technology will do in the near future.  It's the kinds of thing that we imagined as kids, or saw in movies.  We've arrived at that day in "the future". The concept is simple.  Smart Things is building a platform that allows every day things to connect to the internet.  Watch the video on their (super successful) kickstarter page to see exactly what it can do. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/smartthings/smartthings-make-your-world-smarter Then join us on Thursday for what's sure to be an amazingly insightful hangout with LeWeb speaker Alex Hawkinson, the CEO of SmartThings. If you don't want to join the actual hang out, don't worry, you can watch the whole thing live on YouTube, and ask questions in the comments. Can't make it live?  We have you covered too.  All the videos will be available on our YouTube page at http://youtube.com/leweb And remember, Dec 4-6 is coming up fast.  Get your tickets to LeWeb Paris now, and see more amazing speakers like Alex take the stage and blow your mind.  http://www.leweb.co/register/parisLeWeb Google Hangout with Alex Hawkinson, CEO of Smart Things2012-10-09 19:00:0094  
Arnold Schwarzenegger123,540Come hangout with Arnold to discuss his new autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. www.schwarzenegger.com/totalrecallHangout with Arnold2012-10-05 23:30:001497  
Google Local Austin356,299FULL TOPIC LIST: Day 1: Review your favorite place to eat breakfast. Day 2: Review a hair salon or barbershop. Day 3: Review a great place to grab a margarita. Day 4: Review a business that specializes in pets. Day 5: Review your dentist. Day 6: Review a local bakery, candy store or place with great desserts. Day 7: Review wherever you go to get in shape. Day 8: Review your favorite local clothing store. Day 9: Review the best local watering hole or swimming pool. Day 10: Review a place that's keeping Austin weird. Day 11: Review your favorite Austin theater. Day 12: Review a local park or city attractions. Day 13: Review a steakhouse/review a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Day 14: Review a place where you buy gifts for others (or yourself!) Day 15: Review any place with great art--museum or otherwise. Day 16: Review an Italian restaurant. Day 17: Review your favorite book store or record store. Day 18: Review a local coffee shop or tea house.  Day 19: Review a place in Austin with the best (or worst) customer service. Day 20: Review a place where you go for repairs/alterations/cleaning (auto body shops, tech gadget repair shops, dry cleaners, tailors, etc).  Day 21: Review a BBQ joint. Day 22: Review your favorite date spot or picnic spot. Day 23: Review a local Indian, Chinese, or Japanese restaurant. Day 24: Review an Austin hotel (or hotel restaurant/bar). Day 25: Review a place in north Austin. Day 26: Review your favorite place to take out-of-town visitors. Day 27: Review a place that's opened within the past year. Day 28: Review a place you believe is overrated. Day 29: In honor of  #Reviewsday , review whatever you want!  Day 30: FINAL DAY!  In honor of Halloween, review a creepy spot, or a place to get a great costume. *Deadline: complete all reviews in the challenge by Friday, November 2nd to make sure you get invited to our Mission Complete party!* Original Post: Do you know Austin better than all your friends?  Are you in the know on all the hippest spots, newest openings and "weirdest" finds? Prove it! We're challenging YOU to participate in our first-ever Google+ Local 30-Day Reviewing Challenge! Here's how it works: 1. Make sure you've added @103609387223372966927 to your circles, then RSVP "yes" to this event. (We'll add you back to a circle just for #30DayChallenge members!) 2.  Each day, we'll post the review topic-du-jour. Pick a business that meets the qualifications, write a quick review of them using Google+ Local, then share the review using the hashtag #30DayChallenge .  _Miss a day? No biggie!  Just post two reviews the next day to catch up!_ 3. At the end of October, we'll do a check to see who wrote their 30 reviews, and invite those users to an EXCLUSIVE, all-expense paid event in their honor, with great food, drinks, swag and more. It's that simple! Sign up today, and we'll have the first topic going out tomorrow, October 2nd. Recruit all your friends to participate and get ready to party with us! #30DaAustin 30-Day Reviewing Challenge!2012-10-01 07:00:0099  
J. Greene & The Steady412,079RSVP Here to save $3 on Admission: http://do512.com/event/1022510 Friday September 28th, Suite 709 will be debuting their First Official Suite 709 Music Video to the single "Life Won't Let You Down," which they filmed in Chicago while on tour.  Also joining Suite 709 for their release is local Austin Blue, Rock, Roots band, StrawberryJAM, also fresh off the debut of a brand new album.  Houston's critically acclaimed Deep Ella will also be performing, along with the Eric Turner Band, half of which you may have seen as a finalist on America's Got Talent's latest season. Suite 709 has been taking Austin by storm since they launched at SXSW 2010, racking up the Austin Music Awards for "Top 10 new Bands" in 2010 and "Top 5 Blues/Soul Bands" in 2011 alongside Gary Clark Jr. and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.  The Band released their new record, "Night & Day" in July which debuted at #13 on iTunes R&B/Soul Charts. Recently off their first major national tour and first Rolling Stone feature, the band's new single "Life Won't Let You Down" has been in the Top 10 most played songs on Austin's 93.3 KGSR. Doors are at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm. Tickets are $7 w/ an RSVP on Do512.com or $10 at the door at Antone's.Antone's Presents: Suite 709 MUSIC VIDEO Release w/ StrawberryJAM, Deep Ella, & Eric Turner Band2012-09-28 20:00:0033  
Hubble Space Telescope6,170,640A new, improved portrait of Hubble’s deepest-ever view of the universe, called the eXtreme Deep Field, or XDF, looks far away and back in time to reveal faint galaxies at one ten-billionth the brightness of what the human eye can see.  This is the culmination of 10 years of observing a patch of sky that contains thousands of far-flung galaxies. The full-color XDF image shows previously unseen galaxies as they looked in the early universe, billions of years ago. Astronomers continue studying this area of sky with Hubble. Extensive ongoing observing programs, led by Harry Teplitz and Richard Ellis at the California Institute of Technology, will allow astronomers to study the deep-field galaxies with Hubble to even greater depths in ultraviolet and infrared light prior to the launch of JWST. These new results will provide even more extraordinary views of this region of the sky and will be shared with the public in the coming months.                                Want to know more? You can participate in an online webinar and hear three key astronomers of the XDF observing team describe how they assembled the landmark observation. They will illustrate and explain what Hubble’s powerful new view tells us about the evolving universe.   Viewers can send in questions for our panel of experts to discuss. The webinar will be broadcast at 1 p.m. Thursday Sept 27. Join us here for this Google Event, or watch and leave questions at the HubbleSite YouTube Channel. (http://www.youtube.com/hubblesitechannel). You can also ask your questions in advance here in comments, and we'll pass them on to our panel. The panelists will be: Garth Illingworth, astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the principal investigator of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2009 (HUDF09) Project.   Pascal Oesch, astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is a co-investigator with the HUDF09 Project.   Dan Magee, programmer/data analyst at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is a co-investigator with the HUDF09 Project. There's some more info here: http://hudf09.ucolick.org/xdf.html #xdf  Meet the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field Observing Team2012-09-27 19:00:00435  
Jon Ray13,406Google for Entrepreneurs is coming to Austin! See full schedule and get your FREE tickets at: http://g4eaustin.eventbrite.com The City of Austin Small Business Development Program is partnering with Google to host Austin's first ever Google for Entrepreneurs day on September 27th. Our Google team will be on site to host trainings and take questions on Google's tools for businesses and entrepreneurs. Topics will include how to utilize Google+ to attract, engage, and understand your online users, tools to reach and engage new audiences, and an insight into how Google's startup culture fosters innovation. Entrepreneurs who have a business or just a great idea are all invited to apply to attend all this event. We hope to empower entrepreneurs to build and scale businesses and be successful online. UPDATE: You're also invited to join Google and RISE Austin for a special evening celebrating Google for Entrepreneurs Week! The evening will feature Bridgette Sexton, Google’s Global Entrepreneurship Manager, in a lively keynote discussion on entrepreneurship in the digital age, followed by a Google Q&A. RSVP: http://g4ehhaustin.eventbrite.com/Google for Entrepreneurs Austin2012-09-27 08:00:0055  
Social Sports and Entertainment Show #SSEshow698,109Join @100583001796836053942 for her first Google+ Hangout live performance where she will be singing her heart out for all of us to hear and taking questions from anyone joining us.  Noelle will also be débuting on iTunes starting September 25th. Join us and ask questions about her life growing up in Texas and find out where she get's her inspiration from. Be sure to subscribe to her here on Google+ and these additional networks: _Facebook:_ www.facebook.com/noellebeanmusic _Twitter:_ www.twitter.com/noellebean _YouTube:_ www.youtube.com/user/TheBigBeannBean Performs Live2012-09-27 03:30:0027  
Dell356,574*Hearing myths about Consumerization of IT?* Join Dell SMB U.S. & Microsoft TODAY, Wednesday, Sept. 26th, at 12 PM CST for a chat debunking four such myths. Learn more and register here: http://dell.to/SjRIv8   Sign in with your Twitter account, enter the #DellCoIT hash tag, and join the conversation.Debunking 4 Myths in Consumerization of IT - TweetChat2012-09-26 19:00:0026  
Carra Riley50,707Help celebrate International Peace Day September 21, 2012 Post your photos of peace on this event and share the concept of World Peace....EASY..... just go up to "add photo" and post your photo of peace.   #PeaceDay Then tell your circles to come over and share too! Google+ friends sponsoring this event @111983961140937248134  Canada   @116905863525318361853   Arizona @117978225340034837729  Chicagoland Illinois @107463194690369779643  Florida  @108210288375340023376  Colorado   @113129299593678810557   Israel  @110314870942359593103  France @106049828009478130206  California  @107958599012052618167   Kansas City, Missouri  @103236949470535942612  Switzerland  @103698889037599783920  from midwest USA and @107617466014078748111  from Rhode Island USA @108274011286866375808  from Malaysia is helping with creating the final #peaceday  Circles   Thank you Vince!   @110314870942359593103 from #France  is personal friends with the Founder of @114229915466266170391  and the actual person who got the UN to recognize #PeaceDay  in 2002, Jeremy Gilley. There will be a LIVE from #London  event live streaming on youtube on the actual Peace Day, Friday, September 21, 2012.   Less than 5 hours away.... attend #PeaceDay with the founder Jeremy Gilley  Be part of the live streaming from London: "....headline performance from Elton John in his only London show this year plus performances from James Morrison, 2CELLOS and introductions by Peace One Day founder, Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day Ambassador, Jude Law and Lily Cole. The show is set to be the biggest event of Peace One Day’s groundbreaking 13-year history and you can watch it on our official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/peaceoneday) and on the @114229915466266170391 page." The UN link shares a bit more about the International Day of Peace also known as #PeaceDay "I urge everyone, between now and 21 September, to think about how they can contribute. Let us work together ...... sustainable development, sustainable peace… and a secure future for all." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPIhF_GRLIQ  UN #peaceday support video!   Much more about the Peace Day and link to all events around the world. http://peaceoneday.org "The International Day of Peace, a.k.a. "Peace Day" provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. It was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982........ Anyone, anywhere can celebrate Peace Day. It can be as simple as lighting a candle at noon, or just sitting in silent meditation. Or it can involve getting your co-workers, organization, community or government engaged in a large event. The impact if millions of people in all parts of the world, coming together for one day of peace, is immense." *Join in shaPeace Day2012-09-26 09:30:00625  
LeWeb1,106,917Join us on Tuesday, Sept 25th for a Google Hangout with Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings.  We'll be asking him questions about building his company, about the future of the internet of things and much more. We'll also be inviting members of the LeWeb community to join in the hangout or tune in on the livestream on our YouTube page: http://youtube.com/leweb RSVP to add this to your calendar, and we'll be creating the hangout and sharing the link on our G+ page right before the interview starts. -- Cédric and his company Withings is hustling at the front lines of the "Internet of Things" movement.  They've reinvented previously simple technology like baby monitors, body scales and blood pressure monitors to take advantage of the technology that people have at their fingertips today in smart phones and tablets. You can check out their amazing products and learn more about the company here: http://www.withings.com/Hangout with Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings2012-09-25 19:00:0079  
Yifat Cohen77,756*THIS IS A SOLD OUT EVENT THAT YOU CAN ATTEND VIA HOA* I've always wanted to host a Hangout from Austin's land mark - the Alamo Draft House and this is one of the best events to take place there. As part of this Hangout you will get to watch the amazing speakers and even *interact with the panel* - asking the questions and offering your suggestions. *FEATURING:* Hugh Forrest, *Director, SXSW Interactive* as the main speaker *Panel I: Change Makers*  Dan Gillett, CEO, Kimbia Karen Bantuveris, CEO, Volunteer Spot Erine Gray, CEO, Aunt Bertha Jose Alejandro Flores, Founder, VOS  *Panel II: Change Facilitators* Steve Wanta, Exec. Program Dir. Whole Planet Foundation & Co-Founder/Chief Compadre, Center61 Kevin Koym, CEO, Tech Ranch Paul O'Brien, Co-Founder, Cospace *BACK STAGE GOODIES* We're working on offering back stage interaction during the break, so stay tuned. *INVITE YOUR FRIENDS* This event is open the the public, so feel free to share it with any of your friends who  wants to see Digital. Global. Action. *Official web site* http://mashable.com/sgs/Mashable's Social Good Summit on Google Hangout2012-09-24 16:00:00140  
Billy Wilson1,546,091Come watch another episode of my fun weekly on air G+ variety show @108595299975404341987 that brings together the best of everything on G+! This week I'll have joining me Guitarist and Founder of the @118042591107628705154 @104529496791803750773; Guitar Maker @106107545059347365686; Vocalist and Writer @112005390393978914665; and Special Musical Guest @107291158434082397409 ! You can talk with us and other people watching the show by commenting on the show's post once it's live! The episode will be broadcast on my G+ stream: http://goo.gl/K9ICs and the player will also be embedded to this event. You can watch previous episodes here: http://goo.gl/ceHtHTSBW #25 Traveling Guitar Foundation, Live Music and More (On Air Hangout)2012-09-22 04:00:00112  
Mary Helen Leonard1,160,623Let's make dinner together!  This won't be a class, more like a casual conversation while we prepare our own dinners.  On the menu?  Sushi rolls!  I'll provide a simple recipe for sushi rice ahead of time, as well as a list of suggestions for stuffing your rolls.  Anything goes, the more creative the better.  Let's see who comes up with the tastiest, craziest, or just plain weirdest creations.   While we cook we'll chat about food, cooking, blogging, and anything else that comes up!  RSVP to receive recipe updates and an invite to the hangout on 09/20.Mary Makes Dinner: Sushi Night2012-09-21 01:30:0032  
ChefHangout.com1,647,076Tune in, get to know Mary Helen Leonard, as she shows you how to peel ginger and is interviewed by Shawna Coronado!ChefHangout Tips! Peeling Ginger with Mary Helen Leonard2012-09-18 17:30:0049  
ARTISTS IN THE PLUS1,967,864@103083353388507768122 Presents A Special On Air Concert Event with @114728696012925918708, @102002299339025067376 , and @102200998221061156689! Hang out with us or watch Live on Google+ and YouTube! It all starts at 8PM EST on Saturday September 15th.   ********************************************************************************************* The On Air Event tonight can be found at this link goo.gl/Shml5 or on YouTube at goo.gl/qS77Z also. See you at 8PM EST! *********************************************************************************************Artists In The Plus Presents Rebecca Perl, Heather Fay, and Laura Marie!2012-09-16 02:00:00177  
Mister FruitCup31Half 'n' Half will perform Saturday, September 15th at Jessie Street Eats! Half 'n' Half is a SOUL SINGING FOURSOME featuring Austin's own Chad Howard on the keys. They will cover genres from way back when music was stripped down and harmonic to some of the more popular music of today. Why do they call the group Half 'n' Half? ...good question..it's because they cover a little bit of this and a little bit of that! You don't want to miss this one! There will be something for everyone and alot of great food and drinks! Remember to BYOB!Music at Jessie Street Eats presents Half 'n' Half2012-09-15 21:00:003  
Google Play8,484,605Google Play presents: Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in their first ever Hangout On Air where they will be exclusively premiering the trailer for their upcoming movie, Lincoln. Google Play will update this event invite with a link to the live hangout a little before 4pm PT. You can also watch the hangout at play.google.com/+ starting at 4pm PT/7pm ET.  #lincolnhangout   ABOUT THE MOVIE: Steven Spielberg directs Joseph Gordon-Levitt in  “Lincoln,” a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.Google Play presents: Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt2012-09-14 01:00:006789  
Dell356,574Join us for a *Live Broadcast* this *Thursday, September 13th* as we host *A Day of Innovation in Education*, Dell’s fourth *Social Think Tank* to focus on education, in Cambridge, MA at the MIT campus. Learn more about the Think Tank and how to tune in to the live broadcast here: http://dell.to/QfoFdj The goal for this Think Tank is to create an open, honest and collaborative forum with 20+ leaders in learning and innovation, including students, parents, bloggers and school administrators. *Discussion topics include:* _*Data Driven Innovation and Student Driven Transparency_ _*The Future of Innovation in a Non-Text Book World_ _*Closing the Learning Gap_ *FYI:* The second live broadcast, *Education Nation Town Hall*, will take place at 2 PM – 3 PM CST on the same day. #DoMoreEdu #EdTech  *A Day of Innovation in Education - Social Think Tank*2012-09-13 16:00:0034  
Jessica Northey1,824,833*Every wondered what exactly is COUNTRY MUSIC?*  Love it, hate it...or work in and around it...Country Music has evolved into many sub and fusion genres. From artists like Cowboy Troy, Kid Rock, Colt Ford, The Moonshine Bandits...to Waylon Jennings, Patsy Kline, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton....to Miranda lambert, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Reba...to Randy Rogers, Roger Creager, Reckless Kelly...Rhonda Vincent, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jason Crabb On Wednesday Sept 12 at 6pm ET JOIN #CMchat on Google+ as we discuss:v “”The Flavors of Country":  with  COWBOY TROY - currently on tour with *BIG&RICH* and Hick Hop Artist @116567816511023110444 from @104684949156835023056's "The 615"  @111956683258824284439 Morning Show Host of 92.9 Shooter FM in Central Texas and Blogger *RawhideandVelvet.com* @115395525848796883375 from REAL Country Australia.  http://www.RealCountryMix.com   hosted by @105901258272269401150  produced by @100720409235366385249  #CountryMusic   #CMchat   #FlavorsOfCountry  #CMchat on Google+ Presents The Flavors of Country2012-09-13 00:00:0050  
Google Local Austin356,299Calling all geeks! You know, here at Google, we're geeks. And that's why we love to spend our time geeking out at Geeks Who Drink trivia! So for the next open-to-the-public Google+ Local meetup event, we're heading to Scholz Garden for some pub trivia awesomeness. Why the Scholz Garden trivia, you ask?  Two words: video round!  Yeah, we're pretty psyched about it too. Get there around 7:30 and look for @107644961955157618152 and @109078332387708890824.  We'll group all the Google attendees into teams, and buy a couple of pitchers for each table to help get your "smart" juices flowing.  Plus, we'll have free Google swag for any of our teams that finish in the top three! To get on the list for a Google trivia team (and to help us plan) just RSVP here and then review at least 5 new businesses on Google+ Local.  You can review your favorite trivia spots, or just general places where smarties like you can be found.   And remember, the more you review on Google+ Local, the more fun social events like this we can plan.  So get reviewing, and may the best quizzer win!Google+ Local Austin Pub Trivia Night2012-09-10 19:30:0041  
Google Local Austin356,299* RSVP HERE: https://sites.google.com/site/zagatax * In celebration of the first-ever Zagat Austin Shopping Survey, we've teamed up with TabbedOut and 101x to throw a rollicking happy hour, just for Austinites!   With free drinks flowing from Zagat, in-app offers from Tabbedout, the first NFL game on the big screen (go Cowboys!), and a live remote with Jason Dick of 101x, it's the best time you could have on a Wednesday. *TO GET IN, YOU MUST RSVP HERE (http://goo.gl/QeBJi) AND THEN DO AT LEAST 10 REVIEWS IN THE ZAGAT AUSTIN SHOPPING SURVEY!* We'll be checking names at the door, and if you haven't done your 10 reviews yet, you'll be sent to our computer stations, delaying your entry for the event.  Once inside, guests will enjoy drink tickets from Zagat to get you started, and then $3 off any $4 or more tab from TabbedOut.   _About Zagat:_ Zagat Survey® is based on the belief that the shared experiences of large numbers of users is inherently more accurate than the opinions of a few critics. Ratings capture the distinct qualities of an establishment on Zagat’s signature 30-point scale. Zagat editors summarize users’ feedback into concise reviews with high standards of accuracy. _About Tabbedout:_ www.Tabbedout.com is the free mobile app for iPhone and Andriod that lets you PAY your TAB with your PHONE. Skip the wait to pay your tab at participating bars and restaurants by opening a tab with Tabbedout. View your tab details in real time and leave when you are ready to go. Tabbedout puts you in control of when you pay your tab so you never miss out on a good time or leave your credit card at the bar. Don't have Tabbedout yet? Download & set it up now: Google Play: http://goo.gl/QJfrB      Apple Store: http://goo.gl/kV1wxATX Shopping & Foodie Happy Hour with Zagat, Tabbedout & 101x at the Dogwood!2012-09-05 17:30:0035  
Texas Longhorns184,449Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late, Wear Orange! Join the Texas Longhorns this Saturday at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium as they host the Wyoming Cowboys in the 2012 season opener, presented by Southwest Airlines. If you can't make it to the game, Longhorn Network is hosting a game watching party in Republic Square Park 400 Guadalupe, Austin. More details at http://on.fb.me/POzvt8. Hook 'em, Horns!Texas Football vs. Wyoming: 2012 Season Opener2012-09-01 19:00:0050  
J. Greene & The Steady412,079RSVP on Do512 for FREE Admission: www.do512.com/event/1015766 All, We're back from our first national tour, and we want to celebrate and show our appreciation for all our amazing Austin supporters by throwing a FREE SHOW sponsored by 93.3 KGSR and Do512.com! It's all happening Thursday, August 30th at the Parish! Our friends Southbound Drive will kick it off at 9pm followed by the smooth R&B vocal stylings of the one & only Tje Austin! @110748045588517484202 will hit the stage at 11pm. See you there! And remember to invite everyone you know because...It's FREE! Also be sure to Tune in to 93.3. KGSR to hear Suite 709's new single "Life Won't Let you Down" now in regular rotation! or if you want to hear it sooner call in and request it! :) KGSR Request Line - (512) 390-5477KGSR & Do512 Present: Suite 709 Homecoming Party w/ guests Tje Austin & Southbound Drive - FREE SHOW!!!2012-08-30 21:00:0013  
ZAGAT5,405,912Join us with @100986389497254173014 on Wednesday, August 15th at 12pm EST for a Google+ Hangout and talk to the man himself!  Have a question for Tony? Ask here! Want an invite to the Hangout? RSVP and make sure you've added @104111246635874032234 to your circles.  In the meantime, check out what Tony's been up to and what's coming up with his new tour at http://AnthonyBourdainOnTour.com Zagat Hangout with Anthony Bourdain!2012-08-15 18:00:00656  
NASA2,409,278The most advanced robot ever sent to another world is set to land on Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT). Will you be watching? Mars Science Laboratory will deliver the Curiosity rover to the surface of Mars at approximately 10:31 p.m. PDT on Aug. 5 (1:31 a.m. EDT and 5:31 a.m. UTC on Aug. 6). Curiosity, carrying laboratory instruments to analyze samples of rocks, soil and atmosphere, will investigate whether Mars has ever offered environmental conditions favorable for microbial life. NASA TV will broadcast live from mission control at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., during Curiosity’s critical entry, descent and landing phase. Two live feeds of video during key landing activities from mission control rooms at JPL will be carried on NASA TV, NASA TV online http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html and Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/ between 8:30 and 11:00 p.m. PDT on Aug. 5 (11:30 p.m. Aug. 5 to 2:00 a.m. Aug. 6 EDT), and between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m. PDT on Aug. 6 (3:30 to 4:30 a.m. EDT). The NASA TV Public Channel and http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl will carry a feed including commentary and interviews. The NASA TV Media Channel and http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl2 will carry an uninterrupted, clean feed. Follow the mission on Facebook and on Twitter at http://www.facebook.com/marscuriosity and http://www.twitter.com/marscuriosity.NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Landing2012-08-06 02:00:002196  
Google Play8,484,605Get your song requests and questions ready for @110748045588517484202! On August 3rd at 12PM PST Suite 709 will be hanging out live on @106886664866983861036. If you want to be chosen as one of the lucky participants, circle @106886664866983861036, submit your best questions and song request below. Please also submit the best way to contact you here: http://goo.gl/Bx2Ic.  Suite 709 is a Chronicle-Award-Winning soul band based in Austin, TX. Constantly innovating and finding new ways to bring music to fans on G+, they have been recognized as "Top 5 Soul Bands of 2011" - Austin Chronicle. Check out their music on Google Play http://goo.gl/3wl9u Google Play presents: Suite 709 Hangout on Air2012-08-03 21:00:00108  
Google Local Austin356,299*HANGOUT ALERT! @107348640516198966784 continues our Live from Google Austin Concert Series tomorrow at 1pm!* RSVP to join our Hangout on Air, where you can hear Derek perform songs from his new album "Living Amongst Animals" and ask him questions while interacting with fellow music lovers. So join us tomorrow, and spice up your lunch with a little live music.Live from Google Austin Hangout Series featuring Derek Evans2012-08-02 20:00:0030  
Lotus Carroll1,774,292Has it been a year already? Yes it has! Let's celebrate the one year anniversary with an awesome photowalk! Join @107430862196617669986 and me for a walk - all skill levels, any kind of gear. Bring yourself, your camera/phone, and your good mood. We're blowing this mutha out. Meeting Spot: South Side of the Tower on the UT Campus, Downtown Austin Meeting Time: 10AM / Walk Start 10:30 Walk: From campus down to South Congress, ending at Guero's Taco Bar for drinks and lunch. What's that, you say? Party afterward? BUT OF COURSE. It's Austin! Join us at the Soco Studio for a party and live performance with @110748045588517484202 , drinks graciously provided by Spirit of Texas http://www.spiritoftx.com/. This is limited to the first 40 people who RSVP here: http://plancast.com/p/bxqz . The party will not be in walking distance from our stopping point, but we are arranging for cars to be available to get us all back to our vehicles (for those who joined the photo walk). Can't join us for the party but still want to groove to @110748045588517484202? Well, we've got you covered - we'll be broadcasting the entire performance and party via an On Air Hangout. It's a party, and in one way or another, you are all invited! BOOYAH. Tell your friends. :) #photowalkaustin   #photowalk   #GplusAnniversary  Google+ 1 Year Anniversary Photowalk in Austin Texas2012-06-30 17:00:0066  

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Cherryl, Myrrah, Pauline, Claire and Jill at Neighbors in Bastrop, TX at +PetitionQueen (Linda Curtis) Indy Texans event.

Cherryl, Myrrah, Pauline, Claire and Jill at Neighbors in Bastrop, TX at +PetitionQueen (Linda Curtis) Indy Texans event.___

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Volleyball. Thanks to +Robert Jeloe Faderon who took t he original picture.  +denz alvarez +myrrah rara and me on one team.  +Jesseth Rosales clairemarie llave and +Mary Jill Sangalang on the other team.  The teams were well matched.

Volleyball. Thanks to +Robert Jeloe Faderon who took t he original picture.  +denz alvarez +myrrah rara and me on one team.  +Jesseth Rosales clairemarie llave and +Mary Jill Sangalang on the other team.  The teams were well matched.___

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Todays intern pool duty went to +Chrison Masangkay and +Robert Jeloe Faderon and I was so glad to get their help with my injured thumb.  The pool is very green so I hypershocked it after Robert got done vaccing and scrubbing.

Todays intern pool duty went to +Chrison Masangkay and +Robert Jeloe Faderon and I was so glad to get their help with my injured thumb.  The pool is very green so I hypershocked it after Robert got done vaccing and scrubbing.___

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Time for pool basketball and volleyball. Summer days are here again.

Time for pool basketball and volleyball. Summer days are here again.___

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"40,000 followers"___

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+Jesseth Rosales​ 21st birthday party video

+Jesseth Rosales​ 21st birthday party video___

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+denz alvarez tries on some Nikes.

+denz alvarez tries on some Nikes.___

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The Green House in Winter - Our great renters Austin and Taylor found the perfect place in East Austin near their barrista and event planner jobs so this place is now up for rent. $800/month plus electric. It's highly energy efficient located on15 wooded acres in Cedar Creek and is half an hour from Sixth and Congress, Austin, TX.  Call or text 501.365.1001.

The Green House in Winter - Our great renters Austin and Taylor found the perfect place in East Austin near their barrista and event planner jobs so this place is now up for rent. $800/month plus electric. It's highly energy efficient located on15 wooded acres in Cedar Creek and is half an hour from Sixth and Congress, Austin, TX.  Call or text 501.365.1001.___

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The Green House in Cedar Creek is for rent starting January 1st, 2015

The Green House in Cedar Creek is for rent starting January 1st, 2015___

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Green, energy efficient home for rent in Cedar Creek, half an hour from downtown Austin.  512.365.1001

Green, energy efficient home for rent in Cedar Creek, half an hour from downtown Austin.  512.365.1001___

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I've been going to Nike Training Club at UT for a few years and +Martin Egwuagu and Flor Beckman are a couple of the best trainers.  Here they lead a session at #sxsw  and my son Shey was in the group.

I've been going to Nike Training Club at UT for a few years and +Martin Egwuagu and Flor Beckman are a couple of the best trainers.  Here they lead a session at #sxsw  and my son Shey was in the group.___

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Next http://austinhangout.com is 6/3/2015 Weds at 7 pm.

Next http://austinhangout.com is 6/3/2015 Weds at 7 pm.___

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SXSW Day 1 shot

___SXSW Day 1 shot

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Interns Pauline Joy Pasco, +Robert Jeloe Faderon and +nerilou semeniano after a hard day's work at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa 

Interns Pauline Joy Pasco, +Robert Jeloe Faderon and +nerilou semeniano after a hard day's work at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa ___

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What a great river walk!

What a great river walk!___

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Patricia Denize Malaiba and Pauline Joy Pasco experience Austin, Texas for the very first time at UT's RecSports, the Green Mesquite and Barton Springs.  They are here as hospitality interns at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Cedar Creek, Texas where they are staying at the +Spring.net Lodge.

Patricia Denize Malaiba and Pauline Joy Pasco experience Austin, Texas for the very first time at UT's RecSports, the Green Mesquite and Barton Springs.  They are here as hospitality interns at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Cedar Creek, Texas where they are staying at the +Spring.net Lodge.___

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Remembering mom on Mothers Day

Remembering mom on Mothers Day___

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Hair blowing the breeze, riding home after a day of interning as culinary workers and greeters at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Cedar Creek.

Hair blowing the breeze, riding home after a day of interning as culinary workers and greeters at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Cedar Creek.___

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Riding home in the pickup after a hard day of interning at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Cedar Creek, Texas

Riding home in the pickup after a hard day of interning at the +Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Cedar Creek, Texas___

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Thanks +myrrah rara for taking me out to the Chinese Buffet!

Thanks +myrrah rara for taking me out to the Chinese Buffet!___

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!___

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Eeyore's drum circle

Eeyore's drum circle___

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Still keepin' Austin weird, Eeyores Birthday Party is a fund-raiser to benefit non-profit groups in Austin. Some of these groups sold hot and cold food (including vegetarian), soft drinks, juices, spring water, and Texas beer at the event.  It was a perfect 90 degree day and it was as if the rains parted just for this event.

Still keepin' Austin weird, Eeyores Birthday Party is a fund-raiser to benefit non-profit groups in Austin. Some of these groups sold hot and cold food (including vegetarian), soft drinks, juices, spring water, and Texas beer at the event.  It was a perfect 90 degree day and it was as if the rains parted just for this event.___

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+myrrah rara and +Jesseth Rosales going up the hill. Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - 

+myrrah rara and +Jesseth Rosales going up the hill. Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - ___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hay fight

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hay fight___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - with +myrrah rara 

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - with +myrrah rara ___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hug

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hug___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - guitar

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - guitar___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - tin hat

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - tin hat___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - flying

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - flying___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - acro yoga

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - acro yoga___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - more acro yoga

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - more acro yoga___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - around sunset

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - around sunset___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - cat riding on shoulders

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - cat riding on shoulders___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - acro yoga

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - acro yoga___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hay fight

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hay fight___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - piggyback ride

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - piggyback ride___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - purple mug

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - purple mug___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hookem

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hookem___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - vapor

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - vapor___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hug

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - hug___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - lookin' mean

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - lookin' mean___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - flowers in your hair

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - flowers in your hair___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - planet of the ape 2

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - planet of the ape 2___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - planet of the ape

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - planet of the ape___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - rasta

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - rasta___

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Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - blue hair

Eeyore's Birthday Party, Pease Park, Austin, Texas 4/25/2015 - blue hair___


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