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Motorola Mobility has been shared in 46 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
zdig one6,467official and verified #Google platform (internet, mobile, business ... ) have fan to share with your geek friendPS: if you know other official page not listed plz write it on comment, so i can add it2014-02-21 08:30:04141000CC G+
Jed Lloyd2,672SATURDAY CIRCLE SHAREHi Guys , Heres a #circleshare for you to take a look at.42 Tech HeadsGet involved :1. Comment on my post2. Add some people that you like and circle them3. Share the circle again4. Number +1 my postEnjoy The Tech Heads #share #circleshare #add #follow #+1 #circles #technology #cool #engagement2013-09-07 22:38:5242715CC G+
Jack C Crawford67,462My collection of Google centered pages (includes a few that are not official)2013-07-13 06:15:4175015CC G+
Stefan Svartling45,555Here is my Subs circle that I explain how I use in this video: Here is how I use Google Plus instead of RSS and RSS ReadersIt is what I use to find Tech & Gadget news instead of RSS and RSS Readers. Please +1 and Share this circle!2013-06-04 17:41:35981429CC G+
david masters0New Public CircleThis is a public circle of people that would like to be circulated in order to discover new people with similar interest and to gain more followers, if you would like to be included please follow these steps.1. Follow/Add our page(this is needed in order for us to add you to the circle).2. Share the circle publicly.3. (Optional) if you would like to be include in a more specialized circle click on this linkNote: If you share this circle, you can delete the previous one from your profile.#Circle #Circles #Public #PublicCircle #CircleShare #CircleSharing #SharePublicCircle #QSC #querosercirculado  #circleoftheday #publicsharedcircles #publiccirclesproject #sharedcircleoftheday #fullcircleshare  #addmetoyourcircles #awesomeness  #awesomepeople #awesomecircle  #awesome   #awesomesauce #awesomeness #awesomepeople #sharedcircles  #sharedpubliccircles #awesomesauce#круг #SecretSanta #circulo #cercle   #ForFriends #photo #EarthMyMother  2013-05-28 13:40:17101313CC G+
LJT CS0Smartphone World Circle Share1. SHARE AND +1 THIS POST2. ADD the Circle3. COMMENT Below that you want to be added*4. Subscribe to Smartphone World on Youtube and leave a comment.      https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM7c95y5MyfJE8zGSBCA2FQALL steps are REQUIRED to be added #circleshare #sharedcircle #circlesharing #publicsharedcircles #smartphone #smartphonecircle #wireless #android #VIP #Snowball #Circle #FindPeople  #Discover  #Circleshare #sharepubliccircle  #Publiccircle  #publicsharedcircles #AwesomeCircles #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday  #sharedcircleday   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circleoftheday  #circles  #bestcircle   #sharedcircle   #circletobeshared   #circleoftheday  #bestengagers #bestgoogleplususers  #circle   #circ2013-05-08 16:50:0221032CC G+
Matthew Shuey1,446Top Brands & Companies On G+Do you have a brand and would like it to be included in this circle?1. Share this circle publicly2. Leave a comment with a link to your G+ Business or Brand Page3. I will add your business to this and other circles. #sharedcircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleday  2013-03-20 22:54:12476202CC G+
david masters0New Public CircleThis is a public circle of people that would like to be circulated in order to discover new people with similar interest and to gain more followers, if you would like to be included please follow these steps.1. Follow/Add our page(this is needed in order for us to add you to the circle).2. Share the circle publicly.3. (Optional) if you would like to be include in a more specialized circle click on this link Note: If you share this circle, you can delete the previous one from your profile.#Circle #Circles #Public #PublicCircle #CircleShare #CircleSharing #SharePublicCircle #QSC #querosercirculado  #circleoftheday #publicsharedcircles #publiccirclesproject #sharedcircleoftheday #fullcircleshare  #addmetoyourcircles #awesomeness  #awesomepeople #awesomecircle  #awesome   #awesomesauce #awesomeness #awesomepeople #sharedcircles  #sharedpubliccircles #awesomesauce#круг #SecretSanta #circulo #cercle   #ForFriends #photo #EarthMyMother 2013-03-12 11:16:06102013CC G+
Justin Fournier534Tech Engage CircleHello Everyone just following the footsteps of +martin shervington  and attempting to circle share fully engaged circles with you.  Below I'm sharing a circle of definite Technology posters. If your new to this platform and needed a circle for sure fire tech news and help.  *Be sure to add and re-share this circle.*  Later Guys!2013-03-10 16:15:55296516CC G+
Ian Tang0Google+ is the best Internet destination to intimately connect with the people you care about most. But, it's also a place to share just things with the right people, just like in real-life. Not only can you keep up with your friends, but also with the companies you love, without ruining either experience.The products and services each of us daily come from some amazing companies. The Internet has provided new ways to interact with the creators of the many things we rely on. However, +Google+ steps the game up a notch on how you connect with these companies, from #Hangouts to Events.+Google, +American Airlines, +AT&T, +Yahoo!, +Chipotle Mexican Grill, +Arby's, +Gameloft, +Harvard University, +Nickelodeon, +Macy's, +San Diego Zoo, +Nike and +TOYOTA are just a few of the brands that have embraced and flocked to Google+. Here's a circle of more than 330 brands utilizing Google+ that you can add to your Circles. Obviously, there's a lot more, so Search On.#ThatsAPlus2013-02-07 06:37:51341001CC G+
Vago Damitio8,732Super Technology CircleI am so impressed and enthused looking at the MicroVictoryArmy Stream  that I'm going to do something radical. I"m going to share my other circles, invite the members to join MVA, and then I'm going to delete all those circles so I can give more attention here.  I will keep  one circle of people like the +Dalai Lama  and +Richard Branson  who I would love to have join MVA but I don't want to lose track of if they don't. And that's it.  The Micro Victory Army is Victorious in my Circles and if you join - so are you. https://plus.google.com/communities/100245247140773385767  #microvictory  for figuring out how to enjoy G+ and manage my circles better!This is a circle of super technology people. I'm about to delete you (unless you are in MVA - it's not personal - I still love you)2013-01-12 21:32:3936101CC G+
Tetsuya Kitahata (Plus)2,595Google+ Pages For IT Developers/Engineers (As Of 15th Nov. 2012 / GMT)This circle (Google+ Pages Only) is for the developers and engineers of IT related. Please feel free to (Re) share. Thank you!! by +Tetsuya Kitahata   #circleshare #sharedcircles #sharedcircle #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #circleshare #circlesharing2012-11-15 02:25:043183105CC G+
Tetsuya Kitahata (Plus)2,118Google+ Pages For Developers/EngineersThis circle (Google+ Pages Only) is for the developers and engineers of IT related. Please feel free to (Re) share. Thank you!! by +Tetsuya Kitahata  #circleshare #sharedcircles #sharedcircle #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #circleshare #circlesharing2012-11-12 12:30:47269272CC G+
Andrew Jackson0So it's a Friday thing.. here's a few Android folks I follow#sharedcircles   #circleshare   #sharingiscaring   #followfriday   #ff  2012-10-05 14:28:01501104CC G+
Paul Kinlan24,685Nearly 280 Developer related Google+ pages and profiles.  If you into software development you should add this circle to make sure you are up to date with the latest and greatest.2012-08-31 10:18:4027962178349CC G+
Best Shared Circle2,122Time to share most interactive Brand page CircleTags: #brandpagecircle #circleshare #businesspages #brandpages #sharedcircles #brands #circles +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You 2012-06-12 21:45:084773188CC G+
Best Shared Circle2,115Circle of Brand pages onlyTags: #sharedcircle #circlesharing #bestsharedcircle #brandpages #brandpagescircles #brand #brandpagesonly2012-06-11 03:18:32477001CC G+
Full Circle1,402Updated Brands Only Circle 5.8.12 -- Google Plus Pages Only #brandscircles #brandpagescircles #brandpagesonly #sharedcircles2012-05-09 03:06:41500015CC G+
Saleh S.Kathery4,800Almost All Android Pages in Google PlusCollected By +Saleh S.Kathery Share it and +1 it if you like it :) #android #اندرويد #circlesharefriday #circleshare #sharedcircles +Best Shared Circle #bestsharedcircle #publiccircles +Public Circles , +Shared Circles on G+2012-04-20 02:38:544003611CC G+
Technicia Blog1,318Circle of Brand Pages.. #sharedcircles #circleshare #brandspages #brandpagecircles #circlesharing #publiccircles #publicsharedcircles +Best Shared Circle +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You +SharedCircles +Shared Circles on G+2012-04-19 05:52:38479295CC G+
Full Circle1,168Updated Google + BRANDS ONLY CIRCLE 4.11.12#circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedcirecles #shared #addcircles #followers #brandspages #brandcircles2012-04-11 09:49:27491000CC G+
Full Circle1,058437 Total Brands Only Circle (Google + Pages only)#circleshared #sharedcircles #publiccirclesproject #publicsharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #reshare #sharedcircles #publiccircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedpubliccircles #circleoftheday #circleoflife #brandpagescircles2012-04-03 19:56:51427012CC G+
Full Circle939Revised Brands Only Google + Circle Version 3 (Updated 3-26-12) #sharedcircles #brandspages #brandpagecircles #businesspagecircles #sharedcircle2012-03-26 16:32:56425001CC G+
Full Circle797423 Updated Brands (Google Pages) Only Circle Version 3, Updated 3.20.12 #sharedcircles #brandpages #branding #pages #sharedpubliccircles2012-03-20 14:01:40423442CC G+
Full Circle637419 Google + Brand Pages Only Version 3 - Updated 3-17-12+1 for inclusion in this circle (Google Pages/Businesses Only)2012-03-17 13:29:44419028CC G+
Full Circle562489 Google + Brand Only Pages Version 1 - Revised2012-03-14 13:51:22489011CC G+
Full Circle562408 Brand Only Google + Pages Version 32012-03-14 02:38:43411011CC G+
Full Circle490411 Brands Only Google + Pages Version 32012-03-09 03:35:14411104CC G+
Full Circle391498 Google + Brand Only Paged Revised Version.12012-03-03 12:53:03498114CC G+
Full Circle378500 Brand Only Google+ Pages2012-03-02 12:26:03499202CC G+
Manuel Ángel García (magarcia)2,168Lo vi ayer en la sección de círculos compartidos de +CircleCount. Originalmente contenía 500 marcas, pero misteriosamente se ha perdido una por el camino :)2012-03-01 16:05:17499000CC G+
Full Circle357500 Brand Only Google + Pages2012-02-29 13:35:38500001CC G+
Full Circle303499 Google + "Pages Only" (Brands Circle)2012-02-27 17:07:44499124CC G+
Daniel Harrington10,695The Whopper BRANDS AND BUSINESS PAGES ONLY CIRCLE - Please Share! (You Can Add This To A Brand Page)#brandpagescircles #brandcircles #circlesharing #brandpage #circleshared #circles #marketing #socialmedia #circleshare #brandpages #pages #brands #sharedcircles #publiccircles #publiccirclesproject #brandspages #seo #sem #brandpage #publiccircles #tech #business #socialnetworks #googleplus #circleoftheday #socialmediamarketing2012-02-26 02:50:17500012CC G+
Apple iPhone and iPad Apps, News and Updates0Brand Pages Only Circle! #sharedcircle2012-02-23 18:34:11388000CC G+
SEO0Brand Pages ONLY - Circle IV #circlesharing #sharedcircle #businesspages #brandpages #brands #circleshare #socialmedia #googleplus2012-02-23 03:42:27401000CC G+
JD „Hondo“ Wallace0Just thought I would share businesses that I have in my "Business" circle. Maybe you circle some, maybe you don't. I just wanted to share who I have circled.2012-02-22 16:16:2011000CC G+
Stephanie Liu5,689If you're getting excited about MWC and want to follow all the Android news, here's a shared circle of all the ecosystem partners @ MWC that have +Pages. (If you're onsite, these booths will be the ones to visit for pins, also :)2012-02-21 23:38:02250319CC G+
Daniel Harrington10,570Great #BrandPages Only Circle! - Can Be Added To Brand Pages. Enjoy and Please Share! Thank You!#circlesharing #publiccirclesproject #sharedcircles #circleshare #circles #circlesdatabase #circlestoshare #sharecircle #brands #business #marketing #businesspages #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #googleplus #sharedcircles #circles2012-02-21 16:25:03500010CC G+
Daniel Harrington10,083Do You Have A #BrandPage or #BusinessPage and Want More Followers? Well You Can Only Add Brand Pages To Brand Pages On #GooglePlus So You Have To Find a Big #Circle That Includes Only Brand Pages and Not One Personal Page or It Will Be Rejected When You Try To Add It - SO....Here Is That Circle!! Please Share! #brands #business #marketing #products #companies #logos #tech #cars #food #recipes #institutions #organizations #corporations #smallbusiness #circlesharing #sharedcircles2012-02-17 00:42:19500101CC G+
Chris Robinson14,669Android/Google TV Circle Updated 1/28/12This is a really nice Android/Google TV circle with relatively little noise. The circle consists of 41 profiles and 34 pages, and it will definitely satisfy your Android needs. Feel free to share this circle with your friends. Comment on the original post (http://goo.gl/GCNlr) if you know of other profiles or pages that should be included in the next shared Android circle.Profiles/Pages to be added to next circle: +Land of Droid +Android Developers +Cult of Androidhashtags: #Android #GoogleTV #PublicCircles #SharedCircles2012-01-28 22:58:457514414CC G+
Clark Taylor0Sharing My Google+ Brand CircleI shared my "Brand Circle" several months ago, but there were only 10-12 brands represented. I'm sharing again because it has now grown to 140+. Most of these are national, verified brand pages, but some are lesser known or regional brands such as +Sheetz, pro sports teams (sorry I''m not circling every team) and other organizations with brands pages. Many of the big brands in this Circle have literally only had their Google+ Page up for a few days or a couple of weeks. Click "add circle" to add all these brand pages to your own Circle or pick and choose.This is not an all inclusive list of brand pages...I'm guessing there are tens of thousands by now. I don't necessary endorse these (some I do!). I am a +Dallas Cowboys and +Baltimore Orioles fan, and I drive a +Ford Motor Company truck and a +Nissan, for example. And there are some specific to the online marketing industry I work in such as +Stone Temple Consulting , +Brafton , +SEOmoz and +Extole, Inc.. So, have at it, but some might not be relevant to you!2012-01-24 12:54:29144421CC G+
G+ Business Pages Directory5,276Selection of +Google+ Your Business Pages from M-Z SHARED CIRCLEThis is a small selection of the many pages in the directory to check out. Pages included were done more in a general way and not specific ...in any way except for being in the 2nd half of the alphabet!A fun way to find pages you may not know about! #coolpages2012-01-08 20:17:30343261218CC G+
Share a Circle0Great Circle of people you have to add ...2012-01-04 11:13:57497001CC G+
G+ Business Pages Directory903A Wide Collection of +Google+ Your Business Pages SHARED CIRCLEAdd all, choose ones you might enjoy, tag +G+ Business Pages Directory in future page shares and add us to your own #coolpages circle for us to reshare plus add you to our circles.#coolpages #shardedpagesFeel free to comment with you own page tagged and ones you like & follow!Lots of other awesome pages that went over 500 in this shared circle.. the limit include+Select Performers & +Restaurante Terra!2011-11-17 07:38:0050012715CC G+
SocialCX0Wondering what brands are up to on Google+? Check out this shared circle of 400 brand pages for some great examples!2011-11-14 18:32:084001077CC G+


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2014-04-24 15:01:29 (23 comments, 9 reshares, 276 +1s)

Some java to start your day.

This awesome photo was taken on a #MotoX in Brazil by Instagram user Matheusespindola.

posted image

2014-04-23 20:00:12 (17 comments, 4 reshares, 169 +1s)

2014-04-23 19:44:56 (6 comments, 6 reshares, 112 +1s)

Chat live with +Punit Soni from our software team.  Have any questions you would like to see answered?  Ask them in the comment section of our event page or on Twitter using hashtag #AskMoto  

posted image

2014-04-23 14:55:04 (75 comments, 19 reshares, 430 +1s)

To G, or not to G? Really not too much to question about that.

2014-04-22 18:28:08 (7 comments, 10 reshares, 145 +1s)

Chat live with +Punit Soni from our software team.  Have any questions you would like to see answered?  Ask them in the comment section of our event page or on Twitter using hashtag #AskMoto  

posted image

2014-04-18 15:20:04 (51 comments, 13 reshares, 477 +1s)

OK Google Now: What rhymes with meow?

posted image

2014-04-17 20:21:34 (93 comments, 52 reshares, 913 +1s)

8 months, 50 software updates. Celebrate all the latest Motorola has to offer with +Punit Soni  VP of Product Management, and ask him anything: http://bit.ly/1qQnS5w

2014-04-17 18:29:45 (155 comments, 35 reshares, 241 +1s)

Chat live with +Punit Soni from our software team.  Have any questions you would like to see answered?  Ask them in the comment section of our event page or on Twitter using hashtag #AskMoto  

2014-04-16 22:30:03 (35 comments, 9 reshares, 213 +1s)

Earn Google Play credit just by giving us your 2 cents. Your feedback helps improve Motorola products. Download Google Opinion Rewards now: http://bit.ly/1kzXUkZ

posted image

2014-04-16 16:05:03 (14 comments, 14 reshares, 268 +1s)

Swapping your Moto G shell, in six seconds or less. #Mototip http://goo.gl/jxjpTA

posted image

2014-04-15 21:15:46 (75 comments, 46 reshares, 1038 +1s)

We measured hundreds of hands to make sure that Moto X fits yours perfectly. Da Vinci would be proud. 

posted image

2014-04-14 15:36:04 (16 comments, 10 reshares, 533 +1s)

Pretend like you know a second language with Moto G and Google Translate - even offline. http://goo.gl/KhQE3F

posted image

2014-04-12 15:44:21 (52 comments, 16 reshares, 716 +1s)

Weekend essentials. (via IG: julielin23)

posted image

2014-04-10 15:01:26 (55 comments, 36 reshares, 820 +1s)

Here’s the story, of a fam named Moto. #siblingday

posted image

2014-04-09 17:45:51 (21 comments, 33 reshares, 359 +1s)

Hot off the press: Rick Osterloh is the new President and COO of Motorola Mobility. http://goo.gl/MPtyDN

posted image

2014-04-06 18:10:34 (23 comments, 14 reshares, 655 +1s)

Sunday cruising never looked so good. Thanks to Instagramer Yagnaotia for the shot! 

posted image

2014-04-05 20:14:37 (105 comments, 46 reshares, 1365 +1s)

Orange is the new back. http://goo.gl/H7zPJK

posted image

2014-04-04 21:08:08 (160 comments, 17 reshares, 450 +1s)

You’ve got 48 hours to go anywhere in the world. Where are you going? (via IG: ed_monteiro)

posted image

2014-04-03 16:29:46 (237 comments, 14 reshares, 578 +1s)

What was your first impression of #MotoX?

posted image

2014-04-02 21:11:50 (48 comments, 48 reshares, 676 +1s)

One UFO, one Loch Ness Monster, one Yeti and 192 frames. Get a behind-the-scenes look at yesterday’s April Fool’s surprise: http://goo.gl/yLI4mC

Haven’t seen it yet? Just restart your Moto X or Moto G.

posted image

2014-04-02 15:35:45 (16 comments, 3 reshares, 328 +1s)

This moment brought to you by Moto X. (Via IG: Behmoraes9)

2014-04-01 15:15:30 (106 comments, 57 reshares, 648 +1s)

We're not fooling around. Restart your Moto X or G as soon as you see this. Seriously.

posted image

2014-03-30 16:15:52 (20 comments, 12 reshares, 592 +1s)

Sundays are for snoozin’. (via FB: Marc G)

posted image

2014-03-27 16:45:09 (75 comments, 26 reshares, 939 +1s)

Looks like we’ve got a Cinderella story or two in the works.

posted image

2014-03-27 01:33:02 (25 comments, 18 reshares, 527 +1s)

Ah, the power of voice. Find out what the #sweet16 schedule is with Touchless Control: http://goo.gl/79kkq4

posted image

2014-03-25 12:25:04 (134 comments, 21 reshares, 756 +1s)

Not all apps are created equal. Which has a special place in your morning?

posted image

2014-03-24 01:05:08 (15 comments, 6 reshares, 431 +1s)

Decisions, decisions. Picking the perfect color…http://goo.gl/sVDS5b

posted image

2014-03-22 14:22:07 (48 comments, 19 reshares, 509 +1s)

Springtime is road trip time. Go exploring with the #MotoX nav dock from +Griffin Technology: http://goo.gl/cCP6cp

posted image

2014-03-21 17:57:04 (20 comments, 8 reshares, 508 +1s)

Even your phone can show its school spirit with the College Collection: http://goo.gl/FO653A

posted image

2014-03-21 00:06:05 (32 comments, 19 reshares, 616 +1s)

An updated Motorola Gallery brings a new way to browse through photos in your timeline, making it easy to navigate galleries large and small. Just one of the updates in the latest edition of The Download: http://goo.gl/DYBqwC

posted image

2014-03-20 12:00:10 (26 comments, 9 reshares, 530 +1s)

Time to pack that winter jacket away? Let’s cross our fingers. (via IG user: just2smoothe)

posted image

2014-03-19 18:29:54 (118 comments, 92 reshares, 823 +1s)

posted image

2014-03-19 15:20:38 (60 comments, 55 reshares, 689 +1s)

Only a few hours until our Hangout with Jim Wicks, lead designer of #Moto360. Have questions? Ask them here: http://goo.gl/HR5aZA

posted image

2014-03-18 23:05:34 (88 comments, 283 reshares, 1635 +1s)

Learn more and meet the team behind #Moto360, our new modern timepiece. #ItsTime 

posted image

2014-03-18 16:37:05 (462 comments, 2936 reshares, 5352 +1s)

It's time a watch told you more than just the time. http://goo.gl/pQdeAM #Moto360  

2014-03-18 16:33:10 (499 comments, 374 reshares, 1869 +1s)

Join us for a live Hangout with Jim Wicks, lead designer of Moto 360, Motorola’s new watch powered by Android Wear. During the Hangout, Jim will discuss the design and style features that make Moto 360 unlike any watch on the market today. #Moto360

For more information visit our blog: http://goo.gl/yZ5b2a 

posted image

2014-03-17 17:03:06 (24 comments, 11 reshares, 667 +1s)

Pretty pleased with this pot of gold.

posted image

2014-03-16 22:00:07 (24 comments, 10 reshares, 476 +1s)

Who's getting ready to set the perfect bracket? #MotoMadness

posted image

2014-03-14 18:00:12 (14 comments, 56 reshares, 876 +1s)

Data visualization never looked so delicious. Happy #PiDay, friends. http://goo.gl/Zk5sNz

posted image

2014-03-12 17:45:05 (17 comments, 6 reshares, 265 +1s)

Unleash your epic air guitar with Sol Republic TRACKS AIR's 150 feet of roaming (rocking out) space: http://goo.gl/8Zlphb 

posted image

2014-03-11 19:05:49 (54 comments, 42 reshares, 646 +1s)

Here’s something worth cheering about… $60 off a new, off-contract #MotoX when you use your .edu email: http://goo.gl/ucmnxI 

posted image

2014-03-10 21:03:04 (74 comments, 64 reshares, 887 +1s)

First phone call EVER was made 138 years ago. Wonder how that convo went...

posted image

2014-03-10 17:05:28 (10 comments, 30 reshares, 391 +1s)

If you think Buggy Night is frogging awesome, join Director Mark Oftedal and the other makers tomorrow in a Google Hangout to get the behind the bugs scoop on the latest Spotlight Story. http://goo.gl/yrlKLy

posted image

2014-03-09 18:24:11 (64 comments, 35 reshares, 841 +1s)

15 GB of free Drive space is sweet and all, but 65 is sweeter. #MoreToMoto http://goo.gl/cjFVrY

posted image

2014-03-08 19:28:53 (24 comments, 15 reshares, 527 +1s)

Remember when you had to manually turn your clocks forward? We don’t either.

posted image

2014-03-07 15:24:09 (50 comments, 40 reshares, 545 +1s)

We’ve got a whole new lineup of colors ready for the Big Dance. Check out the all-new College Collection: http://goo.gl/Qq7fRf (licensed by Uncommon)

posted image

2014-03-06 17:26:43 (110 comments, 105 reshares, 922 +1s)

What's up, doc? With our new update to Touchless Control, just ask Moto X, "OK Google Now, What's up?" to hear a quick rundown of your latest notifications. Just one of the updates in the latest edition of The Download: http://goo.gl/MuTMzC 

posted image

2014-03-05 17:01:03 (65 comments, 114 reshares, 777 +1s)

With super smooth responsiveness and ultra-rich graphics, Buggy Night takes Spotlight Stories to a new and crazy fun level: http://goo.gl/DA0r8t 

posted image

2014-03-04 14:14:04 (37 comments, 35 reshares, 781 +1s)

It’s time to carnivale, y’all.

posted image

2014-03-03 05:06:39 (22 comments, 33 reshares, 690 +1s)

What a great year for film. Congrats to all the winners!


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