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Dave Cole

Dave Cole 

Exploring the world one image at a time, through my camera

Occupation: Photographer (D.J.Cole Photography)

Location: Auckland NZ

Birthday: 10/27

Followers: 14,720

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Views: 2,235,962

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Dave Cole has been at 18 events

Google Science Fair3,089,559Please join us on August 4th at 1pm CST, as we announce the 20 global finalists of the fifth annual Google Science Fair live from the Google Fiber Space in Austin, Texas.  We challenged the next generation of young scientists, inventors, and innovators from around the globe with one question: “What will you try?” And if past endeavors are any indication - ending world hunger, solving the energy crisis, and helping Alzheimer’s patients, just to name a few - these 13-18 year olds might just change the world. Kicking off a fun day of science, this half hour event will also feature a chat with a few very honored guests. We hope you can join us, along with our partners, LEGO, National Geographic, Scientific American and Virgin Galactic, in celebration of these 20 brilliant and brave Google Science Fair finalists.Announcing the 20 Global Finalists of the 2015 Google Science Fair2015-08-04 20:00:00474  
Daria Musk3,803,548HANGOUT CONCERT WITH DARIA MUSK 2015-04-12 00:00:00248  
Joanne Manaster118,790Tune in on Tuesday, February 17th at 12 noon EST as Joanne and @104733415626297507218 with science writer and editor,@110337041053859181296  who edited Bill Nye's latest book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. We will talk about his work on the book as well his other numerous projects at Discover, American Scientist, Popular Science, and so much more! If you can't make it, visit the event page later to view the archived chat!Undeniable Science Edition! with Corey S. Powell2015-02-17 18:00:0045  
S.C. Barrus1,125Steampunk readers rejoice! For one day only, Friday November 14th, a fantastic collection of steampunk novels from your favorite authors will be on sale for only $0.99 each. Action, Adventure, Romance, Mystery and more! Find the full collection of 21 amazing steampunk books here: http://awayandaway.com Throughout the day, you can drop by this page and ask the authors your most pressing questions on steampunk, writing, influences, and more! Participating authors & their novels: >>S.C. Barrus - "Discovering Aberration" and "The Gin Thief: Episode 1" >>Jonathon Burgess - "Chasing the Lantern" >>Wendy Calahan - Aetheric Artifacts bundle (which includes "The Gilded Gun", "The Chronos Clock", "The Daemon Device", and "The Enigma Engine") >>James Calbraith - "The Year of the Dragon, 1-4" >>Pauline Creeden - "Chronicles of Steele: Raven" >>Ren Cummins - "Steel & Sky" >>Rebecca Diem - "The Stowaway Debutante (Tales of the Captain Duke #1)" >>Karen Kincy - "Shadows of Asphodel" and "Storms of Lazarus" >>Mark Lingane - "Tesla Evolution" series including "Tesla", "Decay", and "Faraday" >>Ava Morgan - "The Armored Doctor" >>Daniel Ottalini - "Copper Centurion" >>Travis Sivart - "Aetheric Elements: The Rise of a Steampunk Reality" >>Ichabod Temperance - 5 books including "A Matter of Temperance", "A World of InTemperance", "For the Love of Temperance", "A Study in Temperance", "In a Latitude of Temperance" >>Steve Turnbull - "Murder Out of the Blue" >>Jack Wallen - "Klockwerk Kabaret"The Indie Steampunk Book Extravaganza 22014-11-14 17:00:0017  
Joanne Manaster118,790Join Jeff and Joanne on Read Science! as they are joined by the Kitchen Pantry Scientist herself, @110768492090057570044 to talk about teaching science concepts to children with things you have at your house! There may even be live demonstrations. Questions will be accepted from the audience. Thursday, September 25, 7pm EDT.Read Science! Kitchen Science Lab Episode2014-09-26 01:00:0033  
Margaret Tompkins149,675*Landscape Photography Community Fans, This is the contest that you have been waiting for!!  Give us your best Landscape Photograph of 2013!* *SPECIAL RULE THIS TIME ONLY*: The date/time in the Photo Details of your photograph MUST indicate that the photo is from 2013. Those that do not will be deleted. *General Rules* 1) You must be a member of the Landscape Photography Community. 2) Only ONE photograph per member is allowed.  If you submit more than one photo, all of your photos will be removed. 3) Your photo MUST be ORIGINAL.  If you post the work of someone else, you will be banned from the community. 4) This must be a Landscape Photograph. 5) Voting: This is People's Choice so whoever gets the most +1s wins!! 6) Photos must be posted no later than January 6, 2014, 3 pm CST.  Those posted after that time will be removed. 7) Voting ends at January 8, 2014, 3 pm CST. 8) Moderators of the LPC may participate but they cannot win the contest.LPC People Choice Contest # 5 : Best of 20132013-12-30 22:00:00352  
Margaret Tompkins149,675*Landscape Photography Community Fans, Let's have some more FUN!!!* Welcome to the Landscape Photography Community People's Choice Contest Theme of Trees Rules 1) You must be a member of the Landscape Photography Community. 2) Only ONE photograph per member is allowed.  If you submit more than one photo, all of your photos will be removed. 3) Your photo MUST be ORIGINAL.  If you post the work of someone else, you will be banned from the community. 4) This must be a landscape photograph with at least one tree.  It can be 1 tree, 10 trees, or a whole forest.  It can be a big tree or a baby tree.  It can be any species of tree. 5) Voting: This is People's Choice so whoever gets the most +1s wins!! 6) Photos must be posted no later than December 23, 2013 3 pm CST.  Those posted after that time will be removed. 7) Voting ends at December 25, 2013 3 pm CST. 8) Moderators of the LPC may participate but they cannot win the contest.LPC People's Choice Contest # 4 Trees2013-12-17 02:00:00344  
SmugMug47,121*SmugMug Is Looking For Your Cover Photos* After a short hiatus to get the New SmugMug launched, the SmugMug Cover photo contest is back! We are looking for FOUR incredible cover photos to grace the SmugMug's Google+ page for the month of December.  Week 1 winner - Year of SmugMug Basic -$40 value Week 2 winner - Year of SmugMug Power -$60 value Week 3 winner - Year of SmugMug Portfolio -$150 value Week 4 winner - Year of SmugMug Business -$300 value How to Enter: *Disclaimer - By submitting a photo, you are granting SmugMug permission to upload and share the photo, with all credit of course, to any of our social channels...and that is all...only social channels (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)! How else could we share your photo with the public when you win? :)* One Photo per person *Sign up for the SmugMug Cover Photo Submissions For December event. (You are on it now) *Click the "Add Photos" Button in the event, and upload your submission. The new cover photos can be up to 2120px by 1192px, so please submit a photo with this minimum size requirement. Photos will be displayed in a 16:9 Aspect Ratio, so please make sure submissions as close to 16:9 as possible, so we don't lose any of the valuable image *Take a look at all of the entries, and feel free to +1 and comment on the photos that you are drawn too. Clicking on "Actions"--->"Show Photo View" will display all of the photos in a beautiful gallery. *After the contest closes on November 30st at 11:59PM PST, a panel of judges, will select the winners, and the new cover photo and first winner announcement will be made on December 1st, 2013. *Submissions will be judged on uniqueness, creativity, and overall "Wow" factor. *Sign up for the January event, which will also be open for submissions by January *You do not need to be a SmugMug customer to enter, so please share with your fellow photographers.SmugMug Cover Photo Contest For December 20132013-11-01 08:30:0071  
SmugMug47,121August 29th 8:00 PM ET, 7:00 CT, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT and 1:00 AM BST Link to register - https://www4.gotomeeting.com/register/614375879 _A truly great photographer finds balance and has a mastery of both of two seemingly opposing disciplines - being a geek and an artist. On the geek side you have the technical details like f-stops, shutter speeds, lens and gear. On the artistry side things are a little tougher to define: shape, color, composition, mood, balance and light.  Most photographers tend to lean towards one direction or the other, but it's important to achieve a balance to create beautiful images, especially when photographing nature._ _This webinar will focus on the many elements that make up the composition of a beautiful nature image, using hundreds of examples and practical, real world situations.  You'll learn the “rules” of composition as well as when and why to break them.  You'll find out how to find the picture, and how to work a subject to maximize the potential of every situation.  In addition, we will cover how to control such things as lighting, backgrounds, depth of field, and perspective to enhance the composition._Webinar - Composing Images in a Natural World2013-08-30 02:00:0013  
Robert SKREINER1,230,491@110538600381916983600 ► *❶st Contest* Theme: *Natural Water Photos* includes all  Seascape-, Waterfall-, River-, Lake- Photos, etc. by @117000139571713536948 & @110806949181190360839  *Contest Rules:* ● Sign in to the Contest with a short comment! ● *Photos must be your own photos and work!* ● Max *10 Photos* per participating Photographer ● Photos must be uploaded to this *❶st Contest–Page* ● Please add @110538600381916983600 & @105124330145456519952 to your circles,     as well as @117000139571713536948 & @110806949181190360839  ● Post a short own comment to your photo incl. location ● You can also give +1 to your own photo! ● Please be fair and comment also to other photos! ● Please share this ► *❶st Contest* Invitation in your stream! ● Please invite your Google+ Friends and Followers. ● *Don't upload BW-Monochrome Photos!*    There is also a Contest of the Page:   @118354348104191320538  ● Don't delete the automatically shared Contest Photos    in your stream! So you will get more +1 *The best 100 ►TOP Photos on Google+◄* will be shared also at the Page: @110538600381916983600 and in  our Community: *TOP Photos on G+* https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/102730381095199131702 *The 3 ►TOP Photos◄* of the *Winners* will be shared also in the stream of @117000139571713536948 & @110806949181190360839  *All participating Photographers will be incuded in*   *public shared circles of *     @117000139571713536948  & @110806949181190360839  & @110538600381916983600 & @105124330145456519952  *The final decision about the winners is made by an international and independent jury!* ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ @102506901448022034742  @114944941956349340056  @109655133541434616383 @107009098215521569646  @112840736235573716407 @115580685364349575355 @114507611997390703788    @102551956772228628364  @112271908611925541359  @102664053835780029639 @105782727431661976037   @104047237564402491584 @105124330145456519952  @101843523903788031573 @105798359393030559274  @117985549028905293535 @103374725189855996747  @112527225704468158520 by @102202857193383470434 +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS -▶❶st Contest◄ - Natural Water Photos2013-07-23 09:00:001995  
Google Science Fair3,089,559*The Science of Photography* Digital photography offers amazing flexibility to capture and modify images. But how does the science of photography actually work? What are the basic principles of light, and how do they affect how photographers shoot? How do different cameras and lenses capture images differently? And how do software tools change the way those images are ultimately viewed? Come to this Hangout On Air with +Trey Ratcliff, the world-class photographer whose work is displayed at StuckInCustoms.com. He will be interviewed by +Robert Scoble, well-known blogger, technology analyst, and amateur photographer, as well as our very own Google Student Ambassadors. Here's your chance to learn about the science behind those amazing images. Have questions for our guests? Post comments on Google+ with #GSF2013. Tuesday, May 7, 2:00PM PT / 4:00PM CT / 5:00PM ET / 2200 GMT / 2300 CE / 900 NZT (8 May) ---------- *Find out more about the #GSF2013 Hangout series:* goo.gl/H0pNq *Official Google Science Fair website:* http://goo.gl/FU1hyTrey Ratcliff - Google Science Fair 2013 Hangout On Air2013-05-07 23:00:00648  
Leigh Diprose34,358**UPDATE** **WINNER ANNOUNCED** The Google+ Photographers Photo Competition has finished and the winner has been announced. Check out the LIVE Google+ Photographers Photo Competition Judging here -  http://youtu.be/kq1peO-WS0U The winner with the highest overall score was:  @101062426971907362935  with his winning image of a Sheep!  Congratulations Gerald you have won yourself a $100 B&H Voucher! I will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you to all the Judges for choosing a winner: @109988627215780955901, @110485182713231530837,  @103851629838958886416, @111835024921462866899,   @117231143895654371899   (you can find him on Youtube "ThatNikonGuy", @108680931587975282163 ,  @108470782772821648496   and myself -  @116673938126812294472  ***UPDATE*** The Judging of the _Google+ Photographers Photo Competition_ will happen on Saturday 22nd December 2012 at 6.30pm (Perth, Western Australia time) CONDITIONS OF ENTRY 1.  Add +Leigh Diprose to your circles 2.  Be a member of the 'Google+ Photographers Community' 3.  Enter only ONE photo to this event - it has to be your best photo. 4.  Share this event with your circles WHAT IS THE THEME? Enter your best photo here on this event WHAT IS THE PRIZE? $100 B&H GIFT CARD (can be spent online) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/find/giftCard.jsp HOW WILL THE PHOTOS BE JUDGED AND HOW WILL THE WINNER BE CHOSEN? To be fair there will be eight judges. Each of the 8 judges will choose their favourite entry. These selected entries will form the 8 finalists. From the selected 8 finalists the photographs will be judged and be given a score out of 100 on the following criteria - How creative, original and what the technical quality is like in the photograph. The finalist that receives the highest overall combined score (out of the individual score from the judges) will be selected as the winner. In the event the winner is disqualified for any reason, the photograph that received the next highest total score will be chosen as the winner. *REMEMBER TO WIN YOU MUST FOLLOW THE CONDITIONS OF ENTRY* The judging of the top 8 photos will be conducted live on a Google Plus Hangout visible on Leigh Diprose's YouTube Channel.  A link to the YouTube video will be posted in the 'Announcements' Category. WHO ARE THE JUDGES (awarded a $20 B&H voucher for their time) +André Appel  +Joshua Fisher +Leigh Diprose  +Andy Gray  +Don Noll +Matt Granger +Jack Salzke  +helen sotiriadis THE LITTLE LEGAL SECTION - THE SMALL TEXT:     1.    You acknowledge that is Your responsibility for protecting your entry against image misuse by any third party. Leigh Diprose assumes no responsibility and will not be liable for any image misuse. 2.   There are no alternatives available for the prize winner. 3.   The winners photo will be published online on www.fstoplounge.com; the F Stop Lounge Google+ page and Facebook page. 4.   Photoshop and other editing techniques are allowed. 5   The prize will be sent to you within a reasonGoogle+ Photographers Community Photo Competition2012-12-11 12:00:59230  
Fraser Cain987,906Join us once again as we connect several telescopes into a live Google+ hangout and stream the night sky into your computer. The Moon won't rise until after we wrap up, so it should be a wonderful dark night with great seeing. Most of the planets are down, but Jupiter might make an appearance right at the end of the evening if we're lucky. If you want to get notifications of these events, make sure you circle the @100902337165997768522 on Google+. #vsp-oct13Virtual Star Party - Oct. 7, 20122012-10-08 04:30:00538  
Fraser Cain987,906*If you want to get a reminder of the Virtual Star Party, you need to confirm that you're going.* *Are you going? Click "Yes"* Every week we connect up multiple telescopes into a @100902337165997768522, and showcase the night sky, right here on Google+. We'll point our telescopes at any planets, Moons or deep sky objects up at the time - even the Sun! We'll also have Ph.D. astronomers on hand to explain the science behind what we're looking at. We'll even take requests. _I'm attaching last week's episode so you can get a sense of what this is all about_ If you want to be notified about future broadcasts, make sure you add the @100902337165997768522 to your circles. #virtualstarparty-sep23Virtual Star Party - Sept. 23, 20122012-09-24 04:30:00425  
CosmoQuest42,841International Observe the Moon Night is bringing all of humanity together to gaze at the Moon. It's simple to participate... go outside and look up!  We'll have a series of Hangouts throughout the day so you can observe the Moon with people from all over the world. Exact times TBA, but expect them to be centered around Australian, European, and American time zones. You can also visit the website and participate in a local event near you. Be sure to share your pictures and experiences here and on Twitter with the hashtag #MoonNight .  *First Moon Observation Session* Taking place at 0800 UTC // 0000 PDT from Australia and New Zealand Archived: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_PPufpWk3c *Second Moon Observation Session* Taking place at 1600 UTC // 0800 PDT from Malaysia ---- Cancelled due to clouds ---- *Third Moon Observation Session* Taking place at 1830 UTC // 1030 PDT from Turkey and Denmark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKWcy9rfW7oInternational Observe the Moon Night2012-09-22 09:00:0083  
Fraser Cain987,906We're back from hiatus and ready to report on everything new in space and astronomy. Find out what Curiosity is up to. What about that comet/asteroid that just hit Jupiter?  We'll report on the recent space news and then take your questions live, right here on Google+.Weekly Space Hangout - Sep. 13, 20122012-09-13 19:00:0096  
Fraser Cain987,906This will be a live recording of Astronomy Cast, episode 271 with Fraser Cain and @109036978092446954908. Join us, watch us record the show live, and then give us any questions you might have about the show we just did, or space and astronomy questions in general.Astronomy Cast Episode 271: Who does what in space and astronomy?2012-09-10 21:00:0030  
Fraser Cain987,906After a one-week hiatus, we're back with another Virtual Star Party. Lots of good stuff in the night sky as we shift towards the autumn constellations and objects.  @108750361778865447048 captured Pluto for us a few months ago, and now he's going for another @100902337165997768522 first: Neptune.  If everything goes well, we should be able to get a tiny blue disc in the hangout window.Virtual Star Party - Sep. 9, 2012 (Neptune Edition)2012-09-10 05:30:0091  

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