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Dat Moose has been at 3 events

My Music Hangout33,663_My Music Hangout Productions Presents_ *11 Incredibly Talented Google+ Musicians Playing Mostly Cover Songs! Music On The Plus: Cover Time!*  _TRIBUTE/COVER SONGS_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MnsjpkGja8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqPopdqHNVA @101439746092215731211  Straight Shooter, Mamas & Papas Got a Feeling, Mamas & Papas Homeward Bound, Simon & Garfunkel Something, The Beatles Tell Her No, Zombies California Dreamin', Mamas & Papas Walk Through the Fire, Joss Whedon @110138429162147839064  Shooting Star, Bad Company All Along The Watchtower, Bob Dylan  Run Around (original) (original?) @117901554331754441205  Needles & Pins, The Searchers On and On, Steven Bishop Just Like Heaven, The Cure  Annie's Song, John Denver Don't Worry Baby, Beach Boys Bennie and the Jets, Elton John @104095212999325601474  Wayfaring Stranger Southern Cross, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young The Backwood's Song  The Pilgrim, Kris Kristofferson Spanish Pipe Dream, John Prine @113447234658420269519  Teenage Kicks, The Undertones Hey Man (Now You're Really Living), Eels @106692480878651994202  (original) Stand By Me, Ben E. King Hey Baby, JJ Kale (original) @110933630432883530099  Stella Blue, Grateful Dead  Sierra (original) @106051494709883110093  Elderly Woman Behind The Counter, Pearl Jam @113249697464941249341   Mon manège à moi, Edith Piaf Sans contrefaçon, Mylène Farmer @109622899057206070303   The Plank, The Devil Makes Three Wrong Way, Sublime @105602899824045433714   (original) Ponder On (original) Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel (http://bit.ly/MMH-YouTube) and watch the edited versions of this show for your listening pleasure! I also encourage to to follow all of these musicians and go check out more of their music! *Wednesday, September 17th 9pm-11pm EST* We are scheduling 2 hours for this event but we will go all night if enough musicians show up! If you are interested in playing, let us know in the comments and list the songs you might want to play! *Attention Musicians:* Please join our open mic community (http://bit.ly/1welPyx) and let @114696714591886852783 know if you need to do a sound check between now and then to make sure you are ready! *We Need Sponsors/Support!* http://patreon.com/MyMusicHangout If you enjoy what @106050675641651299878 is doing to help support and showcase musicians, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming our patron. Thank you to @100404882167360209822 @110844103681368925448 @109530504863148930681 @107755814114148587564 and @100727068364709756265 for believing in us and for your support!  #MyMusicHangout #music #openmic  Music On The Plus: Cover Time!2014-09-18 03:00:00167  
Google+13,939,157The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0033489  
Brett Lipton23,079Pick some friends & bang um silly!Plus Phuck Phriday! DEFINITION: A PlusPhuck is a display of true (well maybe not true) love when one plusses all the posts & photos of a phriend. Like a big phrikkin notification wake up call to get that red box glowing.2013-03-29 05:00:00683  

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