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David Neilson has been at 2 events

Christopher Cantwell35,246At midnight, the United States Federal Government will run out of cash. It's agents have taken to the airwaves to tell us how horrible a place the world will become, without our national parks and other "non-essential" personnel, but we're pretty sure we can do without them. So let's celebrate the beginning of the end, for our enemy, the State! "As politicians and main stream media outlets scramble to convince Americans that the sky is indeed falling, others are making hors d'oeuvres, chilling champagne, and preparing playlists. They plan to party like it's 1776." http://www.christophercantwell.com/2013/09/28/americans-celebrate-possibility-of-government-shutdown/Countdown to a Government Shutdown, Party!2013-10-01 01:00:00154  
First Friday Art Walk654,865The August #FirstFridayArtWalk  is here! It is open to all. Whether you are an artist, or simply an art lover, there is a way for each and every one of us, who wishes to, to participate.  The August First Friday Art Walk will be held on Friday, August 2, 2013. ------------------------------------------------------ How it works: To participate, please join our community, Google+ First Friday Art Walk: https://plus.google.com/communities/117542371460000181203 Artists, simply share work of your own, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, an illustration, to the Community and add the hashtag #FirstFridayArtWalk.  Of course, you are also welcome to use the hashtag on your own profile. The Art Walk is open to non-photographic work, in traditional, and digital media. Art lovers and artists alike are welcome to reshare the work of other artists with the   #FirstFridayArtWalk  hashtag as well, both to the Community and to your own circles. This way, we should be able to get a flurry of art circulating in everyone's stream.  Thanks, and we look forward to seeing your work! Please feel free to invite artists and others that you feel may be interested in this event. :)August First Friday Art Walk2013-08-02 15:00:00129  

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