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Gabriel Guzman has been at 1 events

Christopher Lira0*The Dates are the Art submission time frame for this event. I will be updating the start date everyday till we reach the ending date for submissions which will be oct. 1st* _9/27/12 edit:_ *The deadline is getting closer!! remember to email your submissions to both kaosq3k@gmail.com and manda.r.lira@gmail.com oct 1st is a few days away :)* Hi everyone many people have been asking me what this book is all about. Well this book is about Hope, it's about Love and It's about Strength, it's about saying "Life is beautiful, Cancer can suck it!"  8 months ago the love of my life Gladis was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. When we broke the news to our kids @112903919681703164454 decided to create this art book "Art For The Heart" and asked artists on deviantart and the artists here on Google+ if they would help her by submitting pieces for this book so she can give it to her mom as a gift of Hope Strength Courage and Love. So between school, cross country and everything else in a teenage girls life she began working on this book collecting submissions, arranging the pages, adding memorable quotes from her mom, inspirational quotes and memories of things she loves about her mom.  This past week Wednesday Sept 12th after all the treatments (Hysterectomy, Lymph nodes removal, Chemo, external and internal radiation) Gladis's latest scan results came back. The results weren't what we had prayed for. This horrible disease has now spread to her lungs and possibly to her brain. My Gladis now has stage 4 cancer. This link here is Gladis's journey on whatnext.com http://www.whatnext.com/users/lirasgirl33  So getting back to Manda's art book Art For The Heart While Manda was editing this book this past week she came to me and told me she ran out of pages for the price range she was working in. So I told her just bump it up to the next price range which in turn opened up the book for 20 more pages till it bumps up in price again. This is when Manda and I came to you all here on Google+ again.  Here's the link to that original post https://plus.google.com/104857406109954440836/posts/bR1p4edhtdr after posting this @109602109099036550366 suggested I post this as an event so I took his wonderful advice and now here were are.  Since the original post I have 7 submissions already in my email! Thank you all that have already submitted!! Hopefully we get all 20 pages filled! and if by some chance we go over the 20 pages I will buy more pages or rearrange to book somehow to make everyone get their page. All art is beautiful. all will be accepted. The goal of this book is to bring a smile to Gladis's face and give her Hope and strength throughout this horrible journey she is on.  deadline for submissions is oct.1st. all submission can be emailed to kaosq3k@gmail.com or manda.r.lira@gmail.com You may also post them here in this event page as well. I think I covered everything if you still have any questions or any ideas suggestions I am open to anything and everytArt For The Heart2012-10-01 09:00:0043  

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