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Harold Chester has been at 3 events

Traci Loudin6,107This is an online event! Since we can't give out candy via the interwebz, myself and some writer pals are going to give out some free and discounted ebooks. As of now, I think the count is at least a dozen books FREE or heavily discounted. On October 31st, M. Todd Gallowglas will post all the books to:  http://www.mtoddgallowglas.com/promo-event/ Scifi and fantasy books by these authors will be *discounted or free!*  @106858314406418832122  Traci Loudin (event host) @101389749046867412548  @110052026801749634977  @111052686160519060933  @111047500792106685252  @105442555442281864482  @109008109666778239512  @100265954833343764048  @113260817417939508467  @114486080890799451835  & Joe King @105229472495595582348  @105906027867306495546  @105902439664561190852  (Please also feel free to circle us) Join this event so G+ will remind you when it begins! Halloween Jack's Genre Goody Grab Bag2015-10-31 16:00:0094  
Eustacia Tan1,268The discussion this time was pretty short, so I'm skipping the voting part and moving straight into announcing the theme/asking for submissions. And the theme for the next issue is.... *drumroll* _*CHARACTERS*_ _What we're looking for_ - Blogposts/book reviews/pictures/memes/really anything goes on the theme (characters) - Book reviews (on books by first-time authors/small publishers/self-published authors or on writing) - Announcements about your new book/your friend's new book/giveaways - Cover photo (about characters).  _How to submit_ - Email me (if you don't have my email, shoot me a message) - Use a private share.  _Deadline_ 23 April 2014 (If you're going to be a day or two late, let me know in advance so that I can make space for your post) _Additional information_ If this is your first time contributing, please send a short introduction of yourself (with links to your website/google+ page/etc if you want).  Thank you! Please feel free to spread the word(:An Excuse for Company May 2014 Issue2014-04-23 12:00:007  
Henry A. Otero (Hanko9)129,720The HISTORY® original series Vikings transports us to the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbrok _(Travis Fimmel)_, a Viking warrior and farmer who yearns to explore—and raid—the distant shores across the ocean. His ambition puts him at odds with local chieftain Earl Haraldson _(Gabriel Byrne)_, who insists on sending his raiders to the impoverished east rather than the uncharted west. When Ragnar teams up with his boat builder friend Floki _(Gustaf Skarsgard)_ to craft a new generation of intrepid ships capable of conquering the rough northern seas, the stage is set for conflict. But for all its warfare and bloodshed, Vikings is also a story of family and brotherhood, capturing the love and affection between Ragnar and his wife, Lagertha _(Katheryn Winnick)_, a respected warrior in her own right. It is the tale of Ragnar’s brother Rollo _(Clive Standen)_, a fierce fighter who simmers with jealously; of Earl Haraldson’s wife Siggy _(Jessalyn Gilsig)_, a dutiful beauty who may be less than loyal; and of the monk Athelstan _(George Blagden)_, whose Christian morals clash with the Vikings’ pagan society. As ambition and innovation rattle a civilization, these characters will be put to the test—and their way of life will never be the same again. Vikings was created and written by Michael Hirst _(Elizabeth, The Tudors)_. Vikings, HISTORY's first scripted series, premieres Sunday 3.3.13 at 10/9c. http://history.com/vikings Add the +Vikings Circle Page to your TV Show circles for show updates and... Join the Vikings G+ Community to discuss the show and each episode! https://plus.google.com/communities/114114270073600513051 #Vikings  Vikings [Series Premiere]2013-03-04 04:00:0079  

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