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Kimberly Hurlbut

Kimberly Hurlbut 

A penguin in a ducks world.

Location: Syracuse, NY

Birthday: 11/22

Followers: 36,821

Following: 450

Views: 2,002,005

Cream of the Crop: 04/03/2013

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Kimberly Hurlbut has been at 2 events

Heidi Anne Morris67,203#dogweekend AUGUST 27 & 28th Please post some pictures of dog/s! Event starts Saturday morning (gmt) ends Sunday night No limit to the amount of images. Please try not to post whole albums at once. *exception = if you are working with an Animal Shelter or Animal Rescue please share images of the dogs that need homes* This is a weekend long event open to all. *PLEASE KINDLY SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS* Share with us *:)) it's #dogweekend on Google Plus You can post a picture in the event or if use the tag #dogweekend (your pictures won't show up in the event stream unless you post them directly there - BUT - if you use the #dogweekend tag and post public - everyone will get to enjoy them) :)))IT'S #DOGWEEKEND on GOOGLE PLUS - AUGUST EDITION2016-08-27 10:00:0099  
Craig “The Tech Teacher” Chamberlin81,638*Tune In Tuesday Night on YouTube at 9 PM EST for PCM Tech Talk Live!* In today's LIVE broadcast, get ready to discuss these topics with Craig Chamberlin while on the air on YouTube! - Your Questions! Anything Goes! - How The Hacking Crisis Will Affect You - Facebook Video Advertising Further Dooms Facebook - Small Screen And Reasonable Windows Surface Tablets! - How YouTube Makes Most Of It's Money - How Adobe Moving To The Cloud Is Good News For Apple - Two Factor Authentication Will Not Stop The Hacking Crisis - Google Glass Banned In Las Vegas Casinos - Google Fiber In Yet Another City That Isn't Mine - Will The Windows 8 Blue Update Revive PCs? - Google+ Hangouts Add More Awesome Features - Hear The Inaudible and See The Invisible - Syria Loses Internet Again - Yahoo Interested In Purchasing Hulu *Read all of the articles for tonight's episode in the official flipboard PCM Tech Help Show Magazine: Episode 50* http://flip.it/qItl9 *Join the Community!* https://plus.google.com/communities/103552239261416834535 #googleplus   #googleplushangouts   #gplus   #gplushangouts   #livestream   #hangoutsonair   #hoa   #techhelp #technews   #hacking   #hackers   #anonymous   #facebook   #facebookadvertising   #facebookmarketing   #facebookvideo   #asus   #windows8   #windowssurface   #windowstablet   #mobile   #microsoftsurface   #youtube   #youtubeadvertising   #youtubetips   #youtubevideo   #youtubepartner   #youtubemarketing   #adobe   #adobecloud   #creativecloud   #apple   #applecloud   #icloud   #twofactorauthentication   #privacy   #security   #protection   #computersecurity   #googleglass   #projectglass   #googlefiber   #internet   #internetfreedom   #internetblackout   #pc   #pcgaming   #windowsblue   #windows8blue   #googleplusupdate   #googleplushelp   #googleplustips   #hangoutupdate   #syria   #government   #politics   #yahoo   #hulu   #streamingvideo   #netflix   #huluplus  PCMTTL! 51: Beware The Impending Hacking Crisis. Tech News! Live Q&A!2013-05-08 21:00:3410  

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