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Neil Porter has been at 7 events

Android Police155,084Android Police Podcast Ep.107 Live (Unedited)Android Police Podcast Ep.107 Live (Unedited)2014-04-18 01:19:3616  
Sauber F1 Team79,223*F1 Nuts Anonymous* Are you F1-addicted? Would you like to talk about it? Can't cope with the withdrawal symptoms? *Share your mysery!* We can't make the F1 season start any sooner. We can't cure you. But we can offer some relief! Join this event and talk about your problems with others! We'd like to thank @101014149122557107399 who inspired us and @117053950917406976756 who pushed us to create this event. *Talk about your problems! Share pictures of your suffering! And #NeverGiveUp - F1 will be back on a TV set near you soon!* ;-) Our thoughts are with you, @110152491531383457836 F1NA - AA meeting for F1 nuts2014-03-08 16:00:0062  
Android Police155,084Join us as we record our weekly podcast live!Android Police Podcast Ep.96 Live (Unedited)2014-01-24 02:00:0018  
Fraser Cain975,566Virtual Star Party - January 12, 20142014-01-13 02:31:5487  
PUMA481,205Fresh off winning three gold medals at World Championships in Moscow, Usain Bolt makes some time to hang. Five participants from around the globe have been picked for a chance to #HANGWITHBOLT on Tuesday, August 27. You can join by tuning in at 2:00 PM EST.Hangout On Air with Usain Bolt2013-08-27 20:00:00874  
Jens “Google Plus Yoda” Graikowski581,960HANGOUT FOR THE FIRST F1 GRAND PRIX OF THE SEASON Last year we did several "Formula 1 Race hangouts" and though I'd have wished attendance to have been a bit higher, we had great fun with the few who did come. This year (after G+ has settled down a bit) I hope that we get a few more peeps to watch the races together with us. Here is how it works: ➢ We all watch the race on our own individual TV sets. There is not going to be a race broadcast in the hangout for several reasons. ▸ A broadcast would take over the hangouts audio and would make it impossible for us to talk. ▸ It means, we can all watch the race in the language we prefer (in my case it's German). ▸ The broadcast would take up a hangout spot. I'd rather have one of you guys there. ➢ I'll invite participants in two steps. ▸ About an hour before the race starts (find out here, when exactly that will be in your time zone: http://bit.ly/Ynm5nT) I will invite all of those of the "Google+ Paddock Club".  ▸ Just before the race I will invite my Formula 1 circle. GET YOU GOOGLE+ PADDOCK CLUB PASS! So if you want to make sure, that you get a spot, join the "G+PC"! To join the club you can either click on "Going" at this event or +1 the second comment at this post: http://bit.ly/ZfYUhL. Either way you'll be added to the "G+PC" circle. I'd also like your ideas on how to make the Formula 1 Race Hangout more interesting.Formula 1 Race Hangout - Melbourne/Australia2013-03-17 07:00:0048  
Revision31,357,330Tune in to watch via the Google TV Google+ Page (https://plus.google.com/106322104148750976656/) or right here on the Event Page! Hang out with the experts behind the upcoming 2nd generation Google TV! Join us this Wednesday, July 25th 2012 at 4:00PM PST to discuss the hardware, software, updates, new features, and tons more. The product teams and developers from Sony, Google TV, and Revision3 will be there to give you all the information you're dying to know - so be sure to get your questions ready! See you then :) Stay connected for the latest updates: Revision3 http://twitter.com/revision3 http://facebook.com/revision3 http://revision3.com Sony http://twitter.com/sonyelectronics http://sony.com http://plus.google.com/107316151152900332757/ Google http://twitter.com/googletv http://facebook.com/googletv http://plus.google.com/116899029375914044550/Get the Insider Scoop on the 2nd Generation Google TV by Sony!2012-07-26 01:00:00677  

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