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Not My Earth (Not My Problem)5,322This Circle Should Be ObviousLet Us Know If Any Edits Need To Be Made Here.. Additions... Subtractions.. Etc.. #sharedcircles   #green   #environmental  2014-03-23 16:54:22275000CC G+
Not My Earth (Not My Problem)5,124eco circle thingy with green stuff, possible naturalness2014-02-17 03:14:05275000CC G+
Geeks Who Care411You may be curious as to why Geeks Who Care posts are now numbered such as 201XXXXX_postXX. This is our way of tracking how many posts can be plussed and/or shared by the Geeks Who Care page before Google freezes the page due to automated anti-spam or abuse process being triggered due to what Google has determined as over-sharing and/or over-plussing.Because of this policy the Geeks Who Care page cannot share and plus every post that the Primary Causes it supports post day in and day out, so please consider adding this circle.20130915_post382013-09-16 06:20:54149000CC G+
Sindicatum Sustainable Resources0Please join and share the Sindicatum Sustainability Circle, read our blogs and join the discussion http://sindicatum.com/category/blog/ ~Thanks and have a nice day!2013-09-12 09:00:03376000CC G+
Geeks Who Care409You may be curious as to why Geeks Who Care posts are now numbered such as 201XXXXX_postXX. This is our way of tracking how many posts can be plussed and/or shared by the Geeks Who Care page before Google freezes the page due to automated anti-spam or abuse process being triggered due to what Google has determined as over-sharing and/or over-plussing.Because of this policy the Geeks Who Care page cannot share and plus every post that the Primary Causes it supports post day in and day out, so please consider adding this circle.20130911_post372013-09-12 05:31:45149300CC G+
Matthew Shuey1,446Top Brands & Companies On G+Do you have a brand and would like it to be included in this circle?1. Share this circle publicly2. Leave a comment with a link to your G+ Business or Brand Page3. I will add your business to this and other circles. #sharedcircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleday  2013-03-20 22:54:12476202CC G+
Not My Earth (Not My Problem)2,993circle of groups, companies, orgs, and collectives - that do things - most likely positive things - greener style - see for yo' self - Add & Share #SharedCircles   #circleshare   #GreenCircle  2013-02-02 15:45:52247106CC G+
Not My Earth (Not My Problem)2,681A circle of Green, Environmental, Hippie, Trees, Recycle, Awesome, etc... groups or companies.. or things... Including Us - of course(Please) Share & CareLove,+Not My Earth (Not My Problem)  #SharedCircles   #PublicCircleShare   #Green  2012-11-16 16:53:05207118CC G+
Marc Pitman4,748Whoops. I wanted to share my Nonprofit Org circle, but it has 694 organizaitons and, apparently, I can only share 500 at a time! Sorry. But enjoy this many anyway!2012-08-24 00:52:47500501CC G+
Julian Belilty172Added 2 Shared GREEN Circles today & thought it would be nice to share an integrated Sustainability Circle with Google+...enjoy! :)Thank you +Not My Earth (Not My Problem) & +Gideon Rosenblatt for sharing! #green   #sustainability   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #climatechange   #globalwarming  2012-07-26 14:50:30386306CC G+
Jeff Cline0Here is my circle, could you share yours with me? 2012-07-05 23:33:31500002CC G+
Best Shared Circle2,122Time to share most interactive Brand page CircleTags: #brandpagecircle #circleshare #businesspages #brandpages #sharedcircles #brands #circles +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You 2012-06-12 21:45:084773188CC G+
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Full Circle1,402Updated Brands Only Circle 5.8.12 -- Google Plus Pages Only #brandscircles #brandpagescircles #brandpagesonly #sharedcircles2012-05-09 03:06:41500015CC G+
Technicia Blog1,318Circle of Brand Pages.. #sharedcircles #circleshare #brandspages #brandpagecircles #circlesharing #publiccircles #publicsharedcircles +Best Shared Circle +Shared Circles Shared a Circle with You +SharedCircles +Shared Circles on G+2012-04-19 05:52:38479295CC G+
Full Circle1,168Updated Google + BRANDS ONLY CIRCLE 4.11.12#circleshare #circlesharing #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedcirecles #shared #addcircles #followers #brandspages #brandcircles2012-04-11 09:49:27491000CC G+
Daniel Harrington12,055490 Non-Profts - Brand Pages Only #circleshare #sharedcircle #brandpages #nonprofits2012-03-26 07:41:57490131CC G+
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Manuel Ángel García (magarcia)2,168Lo vi ayer en la sección de círculos compartidos de +CircleCount. Originalmente contenía 500 marcas, pero misteriosamente se ha perdido una por el camino :)2012-03-01 16:05:17499000CC G+
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Daniel Harrington10,695The Whopper BRANDS AND BUSINESS PAGES ONLY CIRCLE - Please Share! (You Can Add This To A Brand Page)#brandpagescircles #brandcircles #circlesharing #brandpage #circleshared #circles #marketing #socialmedia #circleshare #brandpages #pages #brands #sharedcircles #publiccircles #publiccirclesproject #brandspages #seo #sem #brandpage #publiccircles #tech #business #socialnetworks #googleplus #circleoftheday #socialmediamarketing2012-02-26 02:50:17500012CC G+
Daniel Harrington10,570Great #BrandPages Only Circle! - Can Be Added To Brand Pages. Enjoy and Please Share! Thank You!#circlesharing #publiccirclesproject #sharedcircles #circleshare #circles #circlesdatabase #circlestoshare #sharecircle #brands #business #marketing #businesspages #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #googleplus #sharedcircles #circles2012-02-21 16:25:03500010CC G+
Daniel Harrington10,083Do You Have A #BrandPage or #BusinessPage and Want More Followers? Well You Can Only Add Brand Pages To Brand Pages On #GooglePlus So You Have To Find a Big #Circle That Includes Only Brand Pages and Not One Personal Page or It Will Be Rejected When You Try To Add It - SO....Here Is That Circle!! Please Share! #brands #business #marketing #products #companies #logos #tech #cars #food #recipes #institutions #organizations #corporations #smallbusiness #circlesharing #sharedcircles2012-02-17 00:42:19500101CC G+
Nonprofit Organizations1,593Just added my 600th nonprofit to my "Nonprofit Organizations" Circle. However, it appears you can only "Share" a maximum of 500 pages circled. 600 in this circle, but only shows 500 when shared. Hmm... will have to think about that...2011-11-18 16:49:105009513CC G+
The Chronicle of Philanthropy0An updated circle of nonprofits on Google+. Help us build our list by sharing others.2011-11-14 22:48:0317427476CC G+
SocialCX0Wondering what brands are up to on Google+? Check out this shared circle of 400 brand pages for some great examples!2011-11-14 18:32:084001077CC G+
Beth Kanter68,942Here's my open nonprofit brand circle and my scoop.it curation of google + for nonprofits resources - http://www.scoop.it/t/google-for-nonprofits2011-11-11 22:20:25101281918CC G+
G+ Business Pages Directory0Charities, Non-Profits, Organizations ... Leave your own, friends' and ones you've circled!!!#pages #googleplus #sharedcircle#coolpages2011-11-10 08:17:36721126CC G+
The Chronicle of Philanthropy0With an assist from +Beth Kanter we've been able to further expand the list of nonprofits that have created Google+ pages. Keep sharing examples in the comments area and we'll keep building the list.2011-11-09 16:12:37115762CC G+


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2014-04-11 08:35:17 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 28 +1s)

Meet Selina, who lives in Nyamikamba, Rwanda. Because you bought a goat for Christmas from Oxfam Unwrapped, she got a goat.

Because she has a goat, her family's crops will flourish so she can eat well. What's more, her family can now sell goats to afford school uniforms, so Selina can get an education and look forward to a bright future.

It's that simple.

posted image

2014-04-04 15:03:35 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 21 +1s)

Meet Gori and Shazzia, two girls doing schoolwork in Pakistan. 
We're working to help improve the quality of education provided and encourage more families to send their girls to get an education.
Since 2006 we've been renovating schools affected by floods, as well as inspiring communities to value education, especially for girls and children to campaign for their right to go to school.

posted image

2014-04-01 12:52:01 (76 comments, 11 reshares, 59 +1s)

The world has been steadily winning the fight against hunger. Now climate change threatens to unravel decades of vital, hard-won progress. Extreme weather is decimating crops, killing livestock and pricing food beyond the reach of the world’s poorest people. 

David Cameron needs to fight for ambitious EU carbon cuts and more support for clean energy. +1 if you agree.

posted image

2014-03-27 17:57:52 (1 comments, 4 reshares, 30 +1s)

Dora lives in Bolivia with her four young daughters. We're supporting farmers in communities such as Dora's to practice environmentally sustainable farming techniques, as well as helping out with training, tools and seeds.

Now Dora is growing enough food to earn an income which she'll use to lift her daughters' lives for good. All thanks to a little support from YOU!

posted image

2014-03-25 17:20:35 (34 comments, 17 reshares, 74 +1s)

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Really. Leaders still aren’t showing enough political will to truly tackle climate change and hunger. As our planet warms up, extreme weather is killing the crops and animals that some of the world's poorest people rely on to feed their families. 

SHARE this if you agree European leaders and big business need to cut carbon emissions and stop climate change making people hungry.

posted image

2014-03-21 16:06:33 (4 comments, 4 reshares, 35 +1s)

There aren't many children named after a cyclone, but baby Yoly was just two week’s old when Typhoon Yolanda ripped through her home in the Philippines last year. Mum, Cherry Chrisaldo snatched Yoly and ran for her life as buildings collapsed around her. Thousands of people lost their lives, but Cherry’s family survived, and her miracle baby now has a name that will always remind them of how lucky they were.

Please share to show your support for our brave mum of the week.

posted image

2014-03-17 09:21:50 (10 comments, 17 reshares, 41 +1s)

Read that again: Just five families in the UK are richer than the 12.6 MILLION poorest Brits. Inequality like this is a massive problem, but it's far from inevitable – it's a result of political choices that can be reversed. 

It’s time for change, and we're determined to tackle inequality head on. Help us by SHARING this post to spread the word about the injustice of inequality on our doorstep.

posted image

2014-03-13 12:05:46 (2 comments, 6 reshares, 20 +1s)

This week marks the three year anniversary of the start of the crisis in Syria. Since the fighting began, over 100,000 people have been killed, and over 9.3 million forced to leave their homes. We've teamed up with Save the Children UK, Amnesty International UK, and others to hold a candlelit vigil tonight in Trafalgar Square, London, as part of the #WithSyria campaign. 

Come and join us, and show global solidarity with the people of Syria.

posted image

2014-03-11 11:54:40 (1 comments, 3 reshares, 13 +1s)

Celebs take to the air for Oxfam! 

Why is Nicole Scherzinger taking to the air? Why is Simon Pegg going all Superman on us? Some of our celebrity friends teamed up with photographer Rankin for these amazing photos all about how lifting lives around the world with Oxfam makes you feel. 

SHARE these photos with your friends to give them that uplifting feeling today!

posted image

2014-03-03 17:15:46 (1 comments, 7 reshares, 41 +1s)

Vaishna’s laugh is infectious and for her mum, Sayantha, the perfect antidote to a long day looking after her cows. Being a widow in rural Sri Lanka isn’t easy, but Sayantha is working hard to feed, clothe, and send her two daughters to school. And thanks to the arrival of her new ‘Oxfam’ cow, delivering high-quality milk every day, there will definitely be more things to smile about in the months ahead.

We think Sayantha is a well-deserved winner of our Mum of the Week. +1 this if you agree!

posted image

2014-03-03 12:46:44 (1 comments, 4 reshares, 6 +1s)

Mothers are some of the world's most powerful people. They feed us, teach us, and protect us. In this video we went asked Londoners 'What's the best advice your mum ever gave you?' 

So we want to hear from you - what's the one piece of motherly advice you've kept with you? Let us know in the comments.

posted image

2014-03-02 11:46:16 (1 comments, 3 reshares, 36 +1s)

When your survival relies growing your own food, knowing when a storm is brewing is crucial. So alongside tools and seeds, a handful of mobile phones are ringing the changes for farmers like Vansy in Cambodia. Vansy gets weather warnings, and updates on the best market prices for her veggies.Crucial profits that pay for medicines and send her kids to school. Share this to spread the word about how small things can lift lives.

posted image

2014-03-01 11:42:22 (2 comments, 3 reshares, 32 +1s)

People often say to us that not all the money raised goes to people who need it. But we reckon six-year-old Aisha would disagree. Her family lives in a drought-hit region of Chad, but Oxfam's training them to grow veg and farm chickens for eggs. It's just one of the ways we're helping families like Aisha's feed themselves for good. SHARE this to help spread the word of the huge difference your donations makes.

posted image

2014-02-26 15:06:25 (0 comments, 11 reshares, 21 +1s)

Can you believe it's been one whole year since we launched our Behind the Brands campaign? And what a difference a year makes! Take a look at our updated scorecard to see great improvements from Coke, Unilever, Associated British Foods and many more. 

SHARE this and spread the word about how much YOUR campaigning has achieved!

posted image

2014-02-25 12:00:40 (2 comments, 3 reshares, 34 +1s)

Mums are always there. Doing whatever it takes to keep us safe and healthy. If we’re lucky, they’ll be a role model, a best friend. Maya Giorgadze and her 15-year-old daughter, Dea have an unbreakable bond that has helped them through some tough times. They live in one of the poorest regions of Georgia, where medical treatment is extremely expensive. So Maya has ensured that Dea is part an Oxfam-funded health care scheme -- because Dea is just too precious to lose.

Please share if you think Maya is an inspirational mum of the week.

posted image

2014-02-24 09:54:13 (1 comments, 9 reshares, 41 +1s)

Thanks to our brilliant supporters, Oxfam works hard to make life better for vulnerable people living in poverty. But there’s one catch. They must be living on this planet we all share. You know, our home.

posted image

2014-02-18 14:01:49 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 32 +1s)

Sri Lanka’s brutal civil war has left Anne with memories and scars that may never heal. As a child she had to flee with her family to escape the violence. But Anne is a survivor. And now the conflict’s over, she is back home and enjoying being a first time mum. Anne’s cheeky little boy has brought joy into her life at last. And with Oxfam’s help, they are building a brighter future together.

+1 and help us celebrate Anne and her incredible journey.

posted image

2014-02-15 20:00:20 (13 comments, 0 reshares, 22 +1s)

The situation in Syria may look like a complex puzzle, impossible to solve. But there are many ways world leaders can provide immediate support to people in urgent need - and build a path towards peace. Which are the first three you see? Let us know in the comments.

posted image

2014-02-14 10:00:25 (2 comments, 4 reshares, 31 +1s)

Love - it can bring pure joy, even in the darkest times. Forced to flee Syria, Ahmad and Nariman met in Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan. "It was fate," says Ahmad. "It was love at first sight. I knew straight away that I wanted to marry her." So they found a way, they danced their first dance and they smiled. Please SHARE this - for Ahmad and Nariman and for love.

posted image

2014-02-07 11:46:03 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 20 +1s)

Oxjam Regional Coordinators play a pivotal role in the success of the UK's biggest grassroots music festival by providing support to our volunteers. We are recruiting for 11 of these roles in various locations across the UK. Hurry! Deadline is Sunday: http://bit.ly/1a7hy5H

posted image

2014-02-04 10:46:32 (0 comments, 6 reshares, 22 +1s)

Twelve-year-old Mohamad lives in a refugee settlement in Lebanon. He misses home, going to school, having fun with his friends. Among the horror and the hardships Mohamad has kept hope alive by growing vegetables, herbs and even roses. If Mohamad can pull off such a miracle, surely world leaders can find a way to secure peace...?

+1 if, like us, you believe the children of Syria should be seen AND heard.

posted image

2014-01-30 12:22:50 (3 comments, 4 reshares, 55 +1s)

Mums are incredible - they're there for us no matter what. Adoaga, a widow, lives in Chad and has been there for her kids through the harshest times. A severe food crisis meant that, before Oxfam's food distribution, she had to search anthills for grains. Every mum wants to provide for her children - that's why we launched our Mother Appeal, to help mums worldwide do just that. 

Please +1 this if you want to celebrate amazing mums - yours included.

posted image

2014-01-25 19:02:16 (2 comments, 13 reshares, 34 +1s)

Are you celebrating Burns Night tonight with some haggis and a poetry reading? We can't help with the former, but here's a beautiful poem written by 12-year-old refugee Reema about returning to her home in Syria. LIKE this to help us celebrate the incredible power of the written word to help people through the hardest of times.

posted image

2014-01-22 11:25:17 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 18 +1s)

The Syria crisis has killed more than 100,000 people. World leaders must use today’s talks to put hope back on the agenda for men, women and children in urgent need, and start on a path towards lasting peace. Please +1 this if you agree.

posted image

2014-01-21 16:02:56 (1 comments, 11 reshares, 17 +1s)

Although the South Sudan crisis has had some news coverage recently, it’s not exactly hitting the headlines every day. Take a look at our infographic to find out what’s going on there.

And thanks to everyone who has supported our emergency appeal so far – please +1 this to show how you’re helping us get life-saving aid to the people who need it most.

posted image

2014-01-20 17:09:32 (11 comments, 30 reshares, 47 +1s)

The gap between the have yachts and the have nots is getting wider. But it’s not just about money. Growing inequality means a rich minority own most of the world’s resources and have a huge influence over decisions that affect ordinary people’s lives. We’re determined to make change happen. 

In the meantime, please share our image to start a chain reaction that rights a huge wrong.

posted image

2014-01-16 10:03:49 (2 comments, 4 reshares, 20 +1s)

We think it's a scandal that not everybody in the UK has enough to eat. That's why we're working with partners like the Trussell Trust to improve access to food.

+1 if you think everyone in the UK has the right to affordable food.

posted image

2014-01-15 12:04:54 (5 comments, 9 reshares, 30 +1s)

We've been busy creating the Good Enough to Eat Index, the first of its kind that compares data from 125 countries on everything from food quality to food prices. The Netherlands comes out on top, while Chad is named as the worst place to eat.

+1 if you agree that everyone deserves to have enough food to eat.

posted image

2014-01-12 18:54:15 (5 comments, 1 reshares, 16 +1s)

Last year, the remote Armenian community of Ayrum got the lift of a lifetime...

For decades, families had struggled to sell their fruit at roadside stalls, with little reward. But thanks to an Oxfam loan (to build the factory), and lots of business training, every bit of fruit will now be used to produce jar-loads of jams -- making life just that little bit sweeter for everyone.

The loan was only possible because of your donations, too. So click LIKE for small acts leading to big change.

posted image

2014-01-07 20:04:15 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 29 +1s)

We're lucky. We often get to meet people who change the way we think about the world. People like Kalpana Oli, who lives on her own in one of Nepal's poorest and most cut-off communities. Joining an Oxfam seed-growing co-operative was the little lift she needed to send her children to school - and totally transform her family's future. Write a comment below to tell everyone who's changed the way YOU think about the world.

posted image

2014-01-06 12:40:19 (3 comments, 2 reshares, 22 +1s)

When Oxfam supporters like you gave Ipaishe the lift she needed to grow more food, it didn't end there. Now, she's lifting others - setting in motion a life-changing chain reaction that's spreading through her whole community in Zimbabwe. The first step to becoming part of our global life-changing movement is clicking here --> http://www.oxfam.org.uk/donate/lift-lives-for-good

posted image

2014-01-06 09:30:13 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 11 +1s)

It's unusual for women to own land in Zimbabwe. But when Ipaishe was given her own plot, just look what she did with it. Oxfam water project sends ripples through Zimbabwean community

posted image

2014-01-05 11:12:15 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 16 +1s)

Now this is what we call getting the plumbers in! Our water engineers can build a long-lasting, life-saving water pump in next to no time, and this amazing time-lapse video shows it all happening in under a minute in Pakistan. In an emergency, we're there fast in the first few hours, but we're also there in the long term, ensuring that people's lives are better in the long run, even after a major disaster.

posted image

2014-01-04 19:02:12 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 12 +1s)

"Bringing a child into the world is so wonderful, so amazing that you can never forget it." Cecilia is a fantastic, joyful midwife in Ghana, working with us to make sure women get access to the lifesaving healthcare they need. If you spend just one minute watching her story, we guarantee you'll feel lifted for the rest of the day! Supporting midwives to save and lift lives in Ghana

posted image

2014-01-04 11:30:16 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 20 +1s)

In 2011, Zambia's health care system was letting everybody down. Clinics, health workers and life-saving medicines were all in short supply. But then Oxfam used the country's elections to help local people campaign for a better deal. The result? Zambia's newly elected leader committed to increase the health budget by 45% - a huge lift with the power to bring lasting change to the whole country.

SHARE this post to help us celebrate how with your help, we changed the healthcare system of an entire country.

posted image

2014-01-03 18:58:18 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 23 +1s)

In Bolivia, children like Ruth were going hungry - until people like you gave them a lift. You helped families here to protect their crops from regular floods by planting on raised areas of land. It means they're growing more and more delicious, nutritious food, so their children can grow strong and have a better future. LIKE this post to help us celebrate putting food on people's plates across the world.

posted image

2014-01-03 13:02:15 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

How are you planning on spending the next 43 seconds of your life? How about watching a flood-proof house being built in Bolivia, with super-fast ukulele music in the background? (That's less than a minute well spent, we'd say).

posted image

2014-01-02 11:26:13 (1 comments, 4 reshares, 16 +1s)

Meet Susana Edwards, a woman with possibly the most infectious laugh in Liberia. Watch her uplifting story, and then click SHARE if her get-up-and-go attitude made you smile too.

posted image

2014-01-01 19:34:23 (0 comments, 6 reshares, 37 +1s)

When people like you give a regular donation, it means we can give families a lasting solution to the problems they face. For children like Anna, it's the difference between a school book and the education that will transform her future. And that's because regular gifts mean we can plan our work, and help people to help themselves rather than giving hand outs. LIKE this to help us thank every single person who gives regularly to help us lift lives!

posted image

2014-01-01 12:00:26 (5 comments, 2 reshares, 21 +1s)

Happy new year! 2013 was a big year, and together we had a big impact - thanks in part to regular donations from supporters like you. Monthly gifts are the backbone of our work - they mean we can respond immediately when disaster hits, without having to wait for funds to come in. And we can start long-term projects, so everyone can plan for a better future. It all adds up to big change - so please SHARE to spread the word of how you helped lift lives in 2013.

posted image

2013-12-31 15:16:18 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 13 +1s)

When we asked the nation for their most uplifting moment of 2013 in our new survey, 'supporting a charity' topped the chart - beating Andy Murray's Wimbledon win and the birth of Prince George! We know what you're thinking(!), but it was all done fair and square, and people had no idea they were completing the survey for a charity. It seems that giving really is the number one way to feel good!

2013-12-30 18:44:11 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

We talk about inequality a lot, but what does it really mean to you? Fill in the blanks in the comments below: "To me, inequality is ___________."

posted image

2013-12-30 10:36:16 (4 comments, 5 reshares, 19 +1s)

No matter how you slice it, everyone deserves a fair chance at building a better life for their family. We work with poor people everywhere to make sure this happens. But with inequality blocking our way, we've launched a major new campaign, Lift lives for Good, to get our teeth into inequality once and for all. SHARE this post, if, like us, you believe inequality can be ended once and for all.

posted image

2013-12-29 15:06:21 (2 comments, 1 reshares, 21 +1s)

On New Year's Eve, we're celebrating those magic moments when life felt amazing in 2013. Andy Murray's Wimbledon win sent spirits soaring nationwide. The birth of Prince George started a feel-good frenzy. But which moment lifted YOUR spirits this year? Let us know in the comments below!

posted image

2013-12-28 19:46:18 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 22 +1s)

Chances are there's no ribbon-cutting ceremony every time you use a new loo. But this is no ordinary loo. Not only is it preventing the spread of disease in this slum in Kenya, it's also feeding families. Sounds weird? Well, the waste from the loos is converted into fertiliser for crops, so families can grow and sell food, and build a better future for their children. This loo grows food. LIKE this if you think that's pretty amazing.

posted image

2013-12-28 14:34:12 (0 comments, 1 reshares, 11 +1s)

How can a toilet help grow food for families? This may not be the poshest toilet in Kenya, but it's definitely one of the hardest-working. Watch this video from Kenya and see how a toilet leads from job opportunities to flourishing crops that feed families.http://youtu.be/mOVRMu96BTk

posted image

2013-12-27 19:28:20 (6 comments, 3 reshares, 37 +1s)

These girls in Pakistan are just one example of how you're lifting lives for good. Because of people like you, they're getting an education - an education that will give them the power to lift their own families for generations to come. +1 this post if you believe, like us, that everyone deserves an education like these girls!

posted image

2013-12-27 16:30:13 (2 comments, 2 reshares, 16 +1s)

Oxfam is doing whatever it takes to get more children -- particularly girls -- in classrooms. Because when you invest in education on a big enough scale, entire societies can be transformed.

posted image

2013-12-26 17:08:23 (0 comments, 3 reshares, 22 +1s)

Ending poverty isn't about handouts - it's about changing lives forever. And today we launch our biggest campaign for years, called Lift Lives for Good, for exactly that reason.

It's a celebration of what happens when you support Oxfam - you don't just help one person, you lift entire families, entire villages and entire communities, now and for good.

Watch the TV ad below, and see for yourself how, when you support Oxfam, anything is possible.

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2013-12-25 11:46:18 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 28 +1s)

We have one simple, short message today. THANK YOU to each and every one of you, whether you've donated, volunteered, signed up to an Oxfam campaign or shared one of our Facebook posts. It's only because of you that we're able to change thousands of lives around the world, and we want you to know that every single thing you've done with us this year has made a difference. If you're celebrating today, happy Christmas!


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