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Wayne Burrell

Wayne Burrell 

#Photography #Travel #AustralianPolitics #Android #UFOs #Technology #Melbourne #Australia #Community #elearning #MarriageEquality

Followers: 5,039

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Dan McDermott133,077*Here some of our Top Stories for tonight:* •  Amazon asks judge to throw out patent troll Apple’s “false advertising” claim over “appstore name” http://goo.gl/2V3Wq •  Tim Cook is sorry, recommends Google Maps, Bing, others http://t.co/U1ZdpnCR •  Google’s Brazil head arrested, YouTube pulls political ad http://goo.gl/ilePI …  background on video http://goo.gl/HQeCJ …  Local reaction from Layani Prado in Brazil http://goo.gl/T92iH *Google+ News:* •  View counts now added to photos. http://goo.gl/QJGCk  •  Google shows movie trailers right in search results http://goo.gl/Cdypn •  Google says +1s mean “Great Post.” Do they? http://goo.gl/3rOlt •  Download all your YouTube videos at once http://goo.gl/dNeFS •  Google merges Trends and Insights http://goo.gl/2Vt1Z *Other Tech News:* •  Tesla revolutionizes electric cars http://goo.gl/6iRhj •  Gangnam Style Schmidt raps Apple http://goo.gl/NB7Ip •  Chicago may be trying to woo Google, or anyone else, to be a city-wide fiber provider. http://goo.gl/Yi9qv  •  Rumor - $99 Nexus 7 this year http://goo.gl/mUyQe •  Barnes & Noble’s impressive entry into big tablet war http://goo.gl/f8fgf •  Field Trip app tells you about interesting things wherever you are http://goo.gl/e5Ta3 *Fun Stuff:* •  Replacement Google http://replacementgoogle.com/ •  Google Meme Generator http://goo.gl/8GtKKGoogle Plus Week TONIGHT2012-09-29 02:00:0019  

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