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Tiffany Henry has been at 32 events

Isabelle Fortin27,338It is time again, ladies !! The Official G+ *"Ladies Of Movember"*  started 2 Years ago, some of us ladies wanted to show our support for #movember and as we cannot grow Moustaches, we thought maybe we can post our pictures with fake ones  The success of the event was so phenomenal it's time to do it for the 3rd year !  thank you so much for all your photos and messages. This event will be open for the month so please stop by anytime & don't be shy to post your pics, I have created a donation page called "Ladies Of Movember" for Canada you can find it here : mosista.co/isabellefortin Please don't be shy to post encouraging messages to those affected by cancer. thank you all so much ❤  Lastly, #fckcancer   !Ladies Of Movember 20142014-11-01 05:00:00177  
martin shervington1,436,867Well, I have arrived in SF but only seen a few people from Google+ so far, including +George Cohn +Marilyn Ritter and +Jörg-Peter Rabanus. As such, I am putting this event 'out there' now as it would be great to meet up with some more people before I head to San Diego in March. I know, I know that is ages away but time is running at a pace these days. So... The location will be as shown above (on Mission) and people can stay as long/short as they want. Also, I am planning we go somewhere near the water :D Hope to see you then. _p.s. HIRL means 'hangout in real life' - it is a G+ thing..._San Francisco Google+ HIRL!2014-02-01 14:00:0025  
Isabelle Fortin27,338Hello again !! Last year, some of us ladies wanted to show our support for   #movember  and as we cannot grow Moustaches, we thought maybe we can *post our pictures with fake ones*  The success of the event was so phenomenal it's time to do it all over again  !  thank you so much for all your photos and messages. This event will be open for the month so please stop by anytime & don't be shy to post your pics, I have created a donation page called "Ladies Of Movember" you can find it here : mosista.co/isabellefortin Please don't be shy to post encouraging messages to those affected by cancer. thank you all so much ❤  Lastly, #fckcancer   !Ladies Of Movember ... Part 2 !2013-11-01 05:00:00264  
Crystal Fogleman2,009Chicago, Ireland, New Jersey and California reps are taking over Florida. Who else wants to join? Friday Sept 20th Florida Take Over kicks off at: Harp And Celt Irish Pub And Restaurant 25 S Magnolia Ave Orlando, FL 32801 Join us at 7 pm for food and drinks.  Please let me know if you will be able to join us so I can give them a heads up with a headcount. On Saturday Sept 21st join us in the 15th Annual Miracle Miles as Florida Take Over heads to Lake Eola to help benefit Alexander Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. Event Schedule: 6:00 am - Day of race registration  7:00 am - 5k (3.1 miles)  7:20 am - 15k (9.3. miles) 9:30 am - Kids' Fun Run  9:45 am - Walk-for-Winnie 10:00 am - Awards Ceremony Location: Lake Eola Park, Downtown Orlando N. Eola Dr & E. Central Blvd Orlando, FL 32801 For more information and to register: http://www.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1049619 Saturday Night starting at 7:30pm we will be doing a pub crawl through Wall Street Cantina.  http://wallstplaza.net/venues/cantina/   Bring your cameras because a #photowalk may be taking place at the same time.   Sunday: For those of us still in the area a trip to the beach and/or football time for those who need to watch.  Frenchy's Rockaway Grill on Clearwater Beach.  7 Rockaway St. Clearwater. Be there anytime.Florida Take Over2013-09-20 17:00:0025  
Maria Quiban429,633Stream   http://www.oc16.tv  at 6:30pm HST (9:30pm PST)Watch MommyLovesTech: Hawaii Edition!2013-07-28 06:30:0095  
Rob Michael263,940Internet instrumental supergroup, LegoLand Empire (LLE), will be debuting our new release, _*Solar Particles*_ during a G+ Hangout Listeners Party and you're invited to among the first ears to intersect with this new music. We're psyched! *Have your good headphones on for this one.* We'll be talking about the making of the record, the techniques that were employed during the recording and fielding questions from you! We have a couple of open seats, so if you would like to be in the Hangout On Air with us, give a shout here on this event and we'll invite as many as possible to join us. LLE is an experimental internet project that includes jazz/ fusion musicians from across the US that have collaborated to produce this, our second EP. Keyboard wizard +Neil Alexander  bassist +Trip Wamsley and guitarist +Rob Michael navigate the compositions of +Allen Wentz. We're looking forward to speaking and sharing our new music with you. You will find the broadcast at http://www.youtube.com/user/AtmosMusic/liveListening Party/ CD Release of LegoLand Empire2013-07-20 18:00:0033  
Sheila B. DuBois47,338+HEATHER FAY  has graciously agreed to let me  talk to her about how Google Plus  has enriched her life .  She will be singing a couple of Songs. (that is a must) :)    She  is amazing!   July 2 ,2013         It is  3:00 pm pacific. 4:00 pm Mountain. 5:00 pm Central. and 6:00 pm Eastern time.  Feel free to invite your friends.  Those who say they are attending I will add to the invite circle. Invites will start a  half hour early/Interview with Heather Fay2013-07-03 00:00:0051  
beatstone2,106,483+Artists In The Plus is proud to bring you a very special "Concerts In The Plus!' with Guitar Legend +Preston Reed. (Banner Photo By +Ralf Hebauf ) +Preston Reed has virtually reinvented how the acoustic guitar is played. Reed practices a flamboyant self-invented style, characterized by percussive techniques and simultaneous rhythm and melody lines that dance and ricochet around each other, giving his music a level of excitement that is unparalleled among today's guitarists. Playing an array of guitars from acoustic to electric to classical Reed's vast range of explosively original music will forever change your expectation of a guitarist. First-time listeners find it impossible to believe that they're hearing just the one musician, in real time. Reed attacks the entire instrument in a never-ending search for the orchestra he knows is lurking inside. At full tilt, his fingers, thumbs, fists and hands at once suggest a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and several guitarists at work. The most impressive thing about Reed's technique, though, is that it doesn't draw attention to itself. His compositions are far from abstract virtuosic displays; even without lyrics he creates vivid, engrossing scenes. Sometimes the effect is almost onomatopoetic. Reed generates visual stimuli with every tweak of his instrument, thus augmenting his wordless compositions with an aura of the poetic. Each tune is a story in itself with a potent, cinematic atmosphere and an almost tangible thread of communication between Preston Reed and the listener. Reed's entry into this guitar odyssey was inauspicious enough, his path thereafter largely self-discovered. A few chords learned from his guitar playing father, a brief, very brief, flirtation with the ukulele, clandestine practice sessions of his favourite Beatles and Stones songs on dad's guitar .... and then a too-strict classical guitar teacher led to premature retirement. At 16, however, Reed heard Jefferson Airplane's rootsy blues offshoot, Hot Tuna. His interest was rekindled big time. Acoustic guitar heroes John Fahey and Leo Kottke were studied, their styles absorbed but not imitated, and at this point things really begin to get interesting because, at 17, Reed, by now precociously proficient, played his first live gig, supporting beat poet Allen Ginsberg at the Smithsonian Institute. Just getting on a train from his native Armonk in New York State to Washington was a cool adventure. And it was just the first of many, not least of which was the one which resulted from his signing his first deal with a major record company, MCA, through the auspices of his friend, country singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett. Determined to make the most of this opportunity, Reed pushed himself to go beyond the standard fingerpicking styles he'd perfected. The result was the beginnings of Reeds startlingly innovative style, with its percussive, two-handed fretboard attack, that you hear today and which has caused guitar luminaries such "Concerts In The Plus!" Preston Reed2013-05-26 21:00:0070  
Lori Friedrich57,204Join us on Friday, May 17th for our 4th episode of *Friday Live!* when our featured guest will be +Carter Gibson!  Tune in to hear more about the upcoming launch of +The LittleBigFund , reaching *1 MILLION* followers, and more!  *The Little Big Fund* _Giving little actions a big impact._ https://littlebigfund.org/  I hope to see you there! Friday Live! Ep 4 - Carter Gibson2013-05-17 20:00:0023  
Trey Ratcliff8,846,146*Meeting Time:*  5:30 PM PT on May 14 *Meeting/Starting Location:*  http://goo.gl/maps/6u1gq - Yerba Buena Gardens - in the grassy area in front of the waterfalls  *Route Map:* http://goo.gl/maps/oYzA9  *Ending Location:*  Union Square on the Geary Street Side *Hashtag:*   #GlassPhotoWalk   *How to Win Google Glass:*  This will be a random selection for people at the PhotoWalk.  At the Photowalk you will given a ticket with unique number. Hold onto that ticket! Look for @118191303233704861327 to get yours! At the end of the photowalk we will draw a random winner from the tickets that were handed out. To be elegible to win Google Glass you must be 18 years or older (bring ID), a US Resident with proof of residency, and be present to win when we call your number!  Join @104987932455782713675 and @105237212888595777019 for a once-in-a-lifetime free event!  If you've never been to a photowalk, this will be a great one.  We'll help teach you more about photography and you can join in the fun!  Bring a friend or come alone.  It's a family-friendly event, and we look forward to seeing you! *The Plan*: Look, it's possible security may throw us out of our meeting spot right away, and I may not be able to jump up on a bench and give my Mussolini-esque speech.  If that happens, here is the plan: - _Focus on PhotoWalkers:_  - Even though we'll be taking photos of the city as we weave through it on our route, it's OPEN SEASON on other PhotoWalkers! Take all sorts of photos of your fellow walkers, and later, tag away.  Get close, get far, get creative! - _Photo Lessons_ - I'll be stopping a few times throughout the walk to set up for shots.  I'll talk through my settings and describe my setup.  People are welcome to look through my camera. - _Need Photo Advice_ - Come up any time throughout the walk and ask me or Thomas anything!  We're happy to help.  No question is too dumb, and we are happy to help! - _Sharing_ - Get back home to the sweet internet after the event and upload your photos to the event.  Tag people in the photos, and tag the photos with #GlassPhotowalk    We'll have a TON more details soon...  this will be a great celebration of photography! *Watch Live:* Can't make it?  @112471890387110967375 will be hosting a @106837773805813749834 session.  I'll share it live to my stream too! *What to Bring:* Any camera will do - from a mobile phone to a big DSLR.  It's all good! :) *Party Mode:* Put your Android or iPhone into Party Mode for the event! This means photos you take will be auto-uploaded to the event! Just see this video at http://goo.gl/VA858 in case you don't know how to do this.Google+ San Francisco PhotoWalk with Thomas & Trey! All skill levels are invited - Grand Prize: Google Glass!2013-05-14 17:30:001381  
Trey Ratcliff8,846,146We have a great crew in to talk about all this stuff.  We'll get started with the fun news about the free Google Glass giveaway - cool!  Also, we'll be sharing new photos,  Google+ Discoveries, and more!   And even better, we have LIVE CHAT that is embedded on http://www.StuckInCustoms.com during the live broadcast.  The chatroom maxes out fast, so be sure to get in when the show starts! Join us -- the fun crew will include +Thomas Hawk +Brian Matiash +Frederick Van Johnson +Sara Byrne +Nicole S. Young +Mike Wiacek +Dylan Howell  !   Glass Giveaway Announcement during the big show tonight. Plus, the main topic: "Business & Marketing for Photographers!" with Thomas Hawk, Frederick Van Johnson, Brian Matiash+++ (Monday 7 PM PT, 10 PM ET)2013-05-07 04:00:00574  
Larry Fournillier1,567,760On Sunday's show, we will be hanging out in +WIIMK   kitchen in *Paris, France*.   There my good friend, +Thierry Delabre's three children *Lola, Maceo and Jules* will cooking a simple, delicious and healthy dish.  An interpreter will also be in the Hangout translating from French to English and vice versa. Here is the link to the recipe: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G11RgdFhs-duntlML53a47NPl1imkKQLGgTSKJ6JEl4/edit                                                                              **************** Le spectacle de dimanche, nous allons traîner dans la cuisine de +WIIMK   dans *Paris, France*. Là, mon bon ami, les trois enfants de +Thierry Delabre    *Lola, Maceo et Jules* se faire cuire un plat simple, délicieux et très sain.   sera également la traduction du français vers l'anglais et vice-versa. *Here is the link to the recipe in French*: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1meO1luMsEIAHTV2zfV4Ox1sHi4zPN_Xf7kgwuUq8lVA/edit?usp=sharing  So join us on *Sunday April 21st* at a very *_special time_* - *1:00PM(EST) 7:00PM(CET)* for lots of fun and cooking entertainment. Watch the Event LIVE right here or on +Larry Fournillier's profile. #hoacook   #hoa    #hangoutsonair   #healthykids   #kidsinthekitchen  KIds In The Kitchen S01E05 - Cannelés2013-04-21 19:00:0025  
Rob Michael263,940You're invited to Hangout Live with +Rob Michael & The Atmos Trio for our first LIVE +Google+ Hangout On Air in-studio Concert! We're calling this a *Reverse World Tour* since the world is coming to the studio vs us traveling the globe. You want to join us? C'mon over! We are deploying some fun and interesting production ideas that will make this a different hangout experience than other concerts you may have seen here on G+. You'll certainly want ot have your good headphones handy for this one. ;-) Joining Rob is Atmos Trio co-founder and drummer Joe Shotwell and bass virtuoso Wolf Wein. This will be live streamed to +YouTube and  embedded here on this event page. Be sure to RSVP if you would like to be one of the select few invited into the hangout.  We're always doing crazy guerilla-style "hits and splits." The best way to keep up with that stuff is via our spam-free, easy-to-unsubscribe-from-with-with-no-hard-feelings-in-the-event-you hate it  *MAILING LIST!*   Go to : http://eepurl.com/vuoSDAn Evening with Rob Michael & The Atmos Trio2013-04-14 03:00:0062  
Stacy Frazer78,730On this Wednesday's show I'll be grilling up some *Chicken and Pork Satay* and serving it with a fresh *Cucumber Salad*. *Our adult beverage is brought to us by @114345213752319066681, a lovely 2010 Tangent Albarino.* http://www.sipcertified.org/wines/  You're encouraged to post questions for me to answer live during the show. Use the hashtag #AskStayFray on Google+, Twitter and YouTube. Show starts at 6pm PST Use this link to check your time zones; http://bit.ly/Z721dQ Watch me live on this Event Page or on @100948891249021511115's Profile page. #ThaiOneOn   #ThaiFood   #ThaiRecipes   #Thai   #HangoutsOnAir   #HOA    Thai One On with Stacy Episode - #102013-04-11 03:00:0026  
Paul Roustan44,957Some of you guessed correctly the model I'll be painting this Thursday... +Jessi June!  Hooray! I know the 11am EST start time is strange because most americans will be at work, but guess what? So, will Jessi and I... at least some of you Europeans will finally get to view one of these body paint hangouts in the evening.  *WARNING* There will be nudity. So this is not for the faint of heart. Oh, and gamers, just wait until you see what I paint on her :) I will be posting the On Air Hangout here when the url is available. p.s. this is my first time trying the _Event_ setup dealy. My apologies if you get unwanted notifications.NSFW Body Painting JESSI JUNE Live On Air NSFW2013-02-28 17:00:00858  
NASA3,039,836Having trouble watching the event? Try watching directly on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8LI5JiWEfs --------- Have you ever asked a question to someone in space? No? Well now’s your chance. In a first for the agency, NASA will host a Google+ Hangout live with the International Space Station on Feb. 22 from 10:30 a.m EST to 11:30 a.m. EST. Google+ Hangouts allow people to chat face-to-face while thousands more can tune in to watch the conversation live on Google+ or YouTube. This unique opportunity will connect you, our fans, with astronauts living and working on the orbiting laboratory 240 miles above the Earth. During the event, several video questions will be selected and answered by astronauts on the space station and on the ground. Additionally, NASA will ask real-time questions submitted by our followers on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Unique and original questions are more likely to be selected. You can view the Hangout live on the NASA Google+ page or the NASA Television YouTube channel to watch the astronauts answer the questions. SUBMITTING REAL-TIME QUESTIONS To ask a real-time question during the event on Google+ or Twitter, please use the hashtag #askAstro. You can also post a comment on a thread on NASA’s Facebook page that will open for questions on the morning of the event. WATCHING THE GOOGLE+ HANGOUT To join the hangout, and for updates and opportunities to participate in upcoming hangouts, visit NASA's Google+ page at http://plus.google.com/+NASA. During the hangout, astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn will answer questions and provide insights about life aboard the station. Station crews conduct a variety of science experiments and perform station maintenance during their six-month stay on the outpost. Their life aboard the station in near-weightlessness requires unique approaches to everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and exercising.NASA Long-Distance Google+ Hangout to Connect with Space Station2013-02-22 16:30:008295  
Maria Quiban429,633Come join us for our Live HOA with *KEVIN BACON* !!!!!! 8:30amPST @111485336776535088248 What's your Bacon number?!2013-02-18 17:30:0037  
pio dal cin82,189Samantha will be sent with four other astronauts to the ISS where she will spend six months experimenting . Join me on a live Hangout where she will talk about her new great challange. She was chosen among thousands of candidates for the 2014 mission.Interview with Samantha Cristoforetti Astronaut on the ISS2013-02-15 17:00:00276  
Daria Musk3,813,846*WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? ❤* _Come for a song and a virtual kiss and let's share the love!_  My relationship with you G+niuses was literally love at first sight. That first Hangout filled up with your gorgeous faces and my heart's been yours since. On Thursday, Feb 14th let's get romantic and revisit the scene where it all started... I'll bring the love songs (and rockin' anti -love- songs too), the roses and the chocolates... You just bring _you._ If you've got a hot date you can show off your candle-lit night and treat your sweet to a live love song. If you're flying solo, I'm your wing-girl. Love is in the air! Hangout On Air that is ;)  *You are loved.* ❤ Share this invite with someone(s) you love!! XO, Daria _Ps. Find your global time zone start times here:_ http://bit.ly/V7kacp _Pps. I think we should try a "kiss around the world"!_VALENTINE'S DAY ❤ HANGOUT CONCERT2013-02-15 01:00:00489  
Error 500 (Server Error)!!19,899,998Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, two of film’s biggest comedy stars, are now its most unexpected interns in their new movie, “The Internship.” Join Vince and Owen in a live Google+ hangout hosted by Conan O’Brien on Wednesday, February 13 at 11am PT to get the inside story about their latest comedy and be the first to view the trailer.  For a sneak peek at what’s in store, check out Vince and Owen in the video, and submit your questions for the comedy duo using #TheInternshipHangout with Google Interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, as they debut “The Internship” trailer, hosted by Conan O’Brien2013-02-13 20:00:0010905  
Larry Fournillier1,567,760                        *SPECIAL TIME - 3:00PM( EST)* #SuperBowlPlus   *Please Note: Viewers, please follow this link to get the Event's start time in your local time-zone* : http://bit.ly/T7fqBf On Sunday, February 3rd, all roads are leading to New Orleans, Louisiana for 2013's Super Bowl XLVII between the *Baltimore Ravens* and the *San Francisco 49ers*.  This promises to be a great game and I have a fantastic Caribbean Super Bowl recipe inspired by the *heat* in some of Louisiana's spicy cuisine.  I'm offering, *Trini Geera(Cumin) Wings and Jamaican Jerk Sliders with my own Trinidaddy Cool & Creamy Sauce*  *Here is the link to the great recipes*: http://bit.ly/T7ew7U We will be having our own friendly *Super Bowl Cook-Off* +John Rakestraw   will be prepping and grilling the *_Jerk Sliders_* and +Julia Senesac   will be preparing the  *_Geera Chicken Wings_*  So join us for the fun and excitement!!  *You can watch the cooking action LIVE right here on the Event Page or on my  Profile Page, +Larry Fournillier        #superbowlplus   #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #geerawings   #jerksliders   #SuperBowlPlus  Learning How To Cook Caribbean with Larry Fournillier S02E04 - Super Bowl XLVII Special2013-02-03 20:30:0049  
Error 404 (Not Found)!!113,166*Knowledge Is Power*...an interview with Frank Garufi Jr., founder of *The Crohn's Colitis Effect.*  What Is Crohn's Disease?2013-01-23 03:00:0049  
Isabelle Fortin27,338Some of us ladies wanted to show our support for   #movember  and as we cannot grow _Moustaches_ we thought maybe we can post our pictures with fake ones. This event will be open for the month so please stop by anytime & don't be shy to post your pics, We also encourage anyone who would like to post encouraging messages to those affected by cancer. thanks so much ❤ Lastly, #fckcancer   !Ladies Of Movember2012-11-02 00:00:00136  
Shinae Choi Robinson886,775Join me (+Shinae Choi Robinson) here (on this event) as we make Ceviche and Arroz Con Pollo together. Cook along or just follow along. If you're cooking along, please post your pics and questions here. Don't forget to tag me on questions, please! *Intro to Cookalongs:* http://goo.gl/Psz8r *Equipment & Ingredients List (PRINT)* https://plus.google.com/u/0/105466596306740968847/posts/BuCjSkuajyo *CEVICHE RESOURCES* *Ceviche de Camaron Recipe (PRINT)* https://plus.google.com/u/0/105466596306740968847/posts/7G3qs69hQG9 *Ceviche de Camaron Album* https://plus.google.com/u/0/105466596306740968847/posts/RiUTkKiB8z8 *Peeling & Deveining Shrimp Video* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h--3tOeCt80&feature=youtu.be *Knife Skills For Ceviche Video:* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFdPdWGg2CA&feature=plcp *ARROZ CON POLLO RESOURCES* *Arroz Con Pollo Recipe & Album (PRINT)* https://plus.google.com/u/0/105466596306740968847/posts/WqN99p7aFj2 *Dissecting A Whole Chicken Video* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If812oZq5wU&feature=context-cha *GAME PLAN (PRINT)* https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ShinaeChoiRobinson/posts/azzm9ZnFqxc That's everything you'll need to make the ceviche and arroz con pollo. Look forward to cooking with you! :)Ceviche de Camaron & Arroz con Pollo Cookalong2012-10-28 18:00:0049  
Larry Fournillier1,567,760*Yo Ho, Yo Ho!* Join Us For A Friday Night Of Pirate Fun! @116638958379604473194  @100948891249021511115  and @111734237778995429762  set sail with their scurvy crew every *Friday Night @ 6:00PM(EDT)* If you like *Grub, Grog, Live Music With Awesome Music Guests Along With Pillaging And Walking The Plank The Pirate's Pub  Is For You!* Watch it all happen Live In Our *Hangout On Air* This Friday At 6:00PM(EDT) View All The Skullduggery LIVE, right here on this Event or at  www.hangoutnetworks.com  and/or *G+ The Pirate's Pub Page* at http://thepiratespub.com/gplus    *Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me!  Arrrrr... Avast!*The Pirate's Pub2012-10-20 00:00:0048  
Christopher Lira31,652*The Dates are the Art submission time frame for this event. I will be updating the start date everyday till we reach the ending date for submissions which will be oct. 1st* _9/27/12 edit:_ *The deadline is getting closer!! remember to email your submissions to both kaosq3k@gmail.com and manda.r.lira@gmail.com oct 1st is a few days away :)* Hi everyone many people have been asking me what this book is all about. Well this book is about Hope, it's about Love and It's about Strength, it's about saying "Life is beautiful, Cancer can suck it!"  8 months ago the love of my life Gladis was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. When we broke the news to our kids @112903919681703164454 decided to create this art book "Art For The Heart" and asked artists on deviantart and the artists here on Google+ if they would help her by submitting pieces for this book so she can give it to her mom as a gift of Hope Strength Courage and Love. So between school, cross country and everything else in a teenage girls life she began working on this book collecting submissions, arranging the pages, adding memorable quotes from her mom, inspirational quotes and memories of things she loves about her mom.  This past week Wednesday Sept 12th after all the treatments (Hysterectomy, Lymph nodes removal, Chemo, external and internal radiation) Gladis's latest scan results came back. The results weren't what we had prayed for. This horrible disease has now spread to her lungs and possibly to her brain. My Gladis now has stage 4 cancer. This link here is Gladis's journey on whatnext.com http://www.whatnext.com/users/lirasgirl33  So getting back to Manda's art book Art For The Heart While Manda was editing this book this past week she came to me and told me she ran out of pages for the price range she was working in. So I told her just bump it up to the next price range which in turn opened up the book for 20 more pages till it bumps up in price again. This is when Manda and I came to you all here on Google+ again.  Here's the link to that original post https://plus.google.com/104857406109954440836/posts/bR1p4edhtdr after posting this @109602109099036550366 suggested I post this as an event so I took his wonderful advice and now here were are.  Since the original post I have 7 submissions already in my email! Thank you all that have already submitted!! Hopefully we get all 20 pages filled! and if by some chance we go over the 20 pages I will buy more pages or rearrange to book somehow to make everyone get their page. All art is beautiful. all will be accepted. The goal of this book is to bring a smile to Gladis's face and give her Hope and strength throughout this horrible journey she is on.  deadline for submissions is oct.1st. all submission can be emailed to kaosq3k@gmail.com or manda.r.lira@gmail.com You may also post them here in this event page as well. I think I covered everything if you still have any questions or any ideas suggestions I am open to anything and everytArt For The Heart2012-10-01 09:00:0043  
beatstone2,106,483"In The Spotlight!" with @104529496791803750773 can be viewed at the following links at 8PM EST!  The On Air Event can be viewed at this link goo.gl/Shml5 or on YouTube at goo.gl/qS77Z  *********************************************************************************************** "In The Spotlight!" is the new Hangouts On Air interview series from @103083353388507768122 bringing you closer than ever before to your favorite Artists. This new series will introduce you not only to the Artist's work, but their journey in the music industry, and their lives outside of music. On September 14th we talk to @104529496791803750773. Join us as we discuss his music career, his work with the @118042591107628705154 , and learn more about the man himself. Be sure to confirm you are going to watch. Guests will be invited in to ask a few questions and speak to @104529496791803750773. Invites will be sent out to fans who said they would be watching by selecting going first.     *The On Air Event can be viewed at this link goo.gl/Shml5 or on YouTube at goo.gl/qS77Z also.*"In The Spotlight!" Damon Marks2012-09-15 02:00:0073  
Yifat Cohen87,852*JOIN ME FOR THE FASTEST HANGOUT EVER!* We'll only be online for the length of time it takes @102068274215594781889 to read a bedtime story.. so blink once and you'll miss it. :) Seriously though, **this is going to be one of the most fun packed HOA ever.** Aside from the multiple world records that Fran holds (read more below), she is also one of the funniest women I know. She is a motivational speaker, adventurer, comedian, TV host and a voice-over artist. There's hardly anything she hasn't done yet, and she is super amazing at finding the good in everything. *FINISH YOUR WEEK WITH AN ACHING BELLY LAUGHTER AND COME MEET 5 WORLD RECORDS HOLDER FACE TO FACE* @102068274215594781889 is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley's Believe it or Not!  and the Book of Alternative Records. She is currently listed in the *Guinness World Records as the fastest-talking female, having broken the record twice.* Fran also holds a record for *highest elevation for a book signing*, as the only author to do a book-signing *on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro*,AND the record for *lowest elevation for a book signing*, at the wreck site of the RMS *Titanic*  Fran has been on over 250 television shows and 1000 radio shows including *Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live*, Last Call with Carson Daly, Good Morning America, Nick at Nite, Discovery Channel and the Martha Stewart Show.Meet the World's Fastest Talking Female!2012-08-23 18:00:0017  
Tim Clary250,378It’s been one year since my first post on G+! Let’s celebrate with some live drawing and some surprise guests. This will be an On-Air hangout so I’ll be drawing first and drinking later, but feel free to bring your own adult beverage of choice and/or your sketchpad.Friday Night Drink & Draw2012-08-18 03:00:0011  
Trey Ratcliff8,846,146I can't wait for this great event!  I'm flying from New Zealand to New York and a few hours after landing, I'll see you here.  It'll be great fun! *What to bring:* ANY Camera, even mobile phones.  And yes, if you have a tripod, you can bring that too.  They can't stop all of us! *Who to bring:*  It's a family-friendly event, so bring your photo-curious kids, friends, or anyone! *When:*  Aug 14th starting at 6PM New York time!  The sun sets at 7:54 PM that day. *Cost:* Free.  All my PhotoWalks are free as a way to give back to all of you that have given me so much.  These photowalks are simply a great celebration of photography. "Where:" We'll start in the WTC area and end up in Battery Park.  Here is more exact info below: Google Map Spot:  http://goo.gl/maps/PEdHO 24 Cortlandt St New York, NY 10006 If you do streetview and look across the street from Century 21, there is a long wall where we can meet: http://goo.gl/maps/Kauff *Sharing Afterwards:*  Attach your photos to this event And/Or use the tag #TRNewYorkPhotowalk Thanks to @108531255239680225213 for helping me out with this!  Also, maybe my friend @114092052797730247075 can help me set up for the @106837773805813749834  so that we can get even more people to join in the fun!New York PhotoWalk! Join me for a Free and Fun evening!2012-08-15 10:00:00470  
Daria Musk3,813,846*IT'S OUR FIRST HANGOUTIVERSARY* _G+niuses, I'm so thrilled to announce this biG+ concert celebration! Last summer I met you in my first Hangout Concert and you changed my life overnight. Now it's one year later and whether you're in New York City or around the world on Aug 10th, I want to see your faces and sing your praises, like alwayses. ❤ Details below!_ *JOE'S PUB GOES PUBLIC* On August 10th we're going rock out and hangout live from on of New York City's most famous stages - Joe's Pub! It might sound like the name of a little dive bar like the one I was lugging my amps through the rain to play this time last year, but it's actually an incredibly beautiful music spot, widely-known as the best sounding venue in the city. It's a part of The Public Theater (think Shakespeare In The Park). Adele, Bono, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and many more have sung from its stage..._And now we're taking that stage together with a giant on-stage Hangout!_ _It'll be the first live-interactive global show in the venue's storied history. We're crashing the party guys! ;)_ *READY TO CELEBRATE?* Here's details to come be there live in person - _Hugs! Cupcakes! Bubbly Toasts! Balloons!_ and if you can't get to NYC here's the details to join the hangout live and a guest-star on stage. _BE THERE IN PERSON:_ ♬ Get Tickets: www.joespub.com or 212.967.7555 ♬ Address: 425 Lafayette St, NYC ♬ Doors open at 9pm  ♬ Show starts at 10pm ♬ Raise a glass, sing along, rush the stage, celebrate the night away with me and our nyc family _Note: I hope to be joined by some other awesome musicians who you know from Hangouts here! Special guests TBA!_ _HANGOUT FROM AROUND THE WORLD:_ ♬ Comment here to be added to the first-invite circle! (We'll rotate like always) ♬ Find the Hangout on my G+ Page: +Daria Musk and my YouTube page: www.youtube.com/dariamusk ♬ Global Times: http://bit.ly/P0Rwzu *Thank You For The Best Year Of My Life* This relationship is getting serious G+. We've spent every waking minute together for a year. You've changed my life. You've changed my heart. I've written you love songs. You've met my mama. And now it's time to celebrate our first anniversary together. See you there. XO, DariaDaria Musk :::: Hangoutiversary Concert :::: Live In NYC2012-08-10 22:00:00110  
Vivienne Gucwa (Travelinglens)1,801,531This is the official page for this awesome event. Led by myself (Alan Shapiro and Sharon Strandskov were there in spirit :) ) The meeting up point is Columbus Circle at 1:00 pm.  We have a nice path planned that will include several really beautiful locations throughout Central Park including (but subject to change): The Mall (and Literary Walk), Bethesda Fountain, Bow Bridge, Shakespeare's Garden, Strawberry Fields and Belvedere Castle! We also have some fun ideas up our sleeves for everyone that will utilize this event page space (particularly the shared album). Bring your walking shoes and a smile. This walk is open to everyone with or without a camera. Even if you don't have a camera but just want to come and celebrate, feel free! This event is all about celebrating the awesomeness of G+ on its one year anniversary! :) --- #gplusanniversary #gplusanniversarynycThe Official NYC Google Plus One Year Anniversary Photowalk2012-06-30 13:00:0068  

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