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Larry Fournillier1,566,144Make this Valentine's Day a special one on Google Plus, by joining me in welcoming foodie extraordinaire,@104466367393245909954 to a special edition of *Food Stories*.  Azlin, will treat us to her sinfully decadent, *Bailey’s Mocha Cheesecake*, a perfect dessert for you and yours this Valentine’s Day.   Azlin and I will be *_spreading the love_* on *Friday,14th, February (Valentine’s Day) at 1:00PM(EST), 2:00PM(AST) and 6PM(GMT)*.  Do you want to make her temptingly delicious featured cake?  Go here for the recipe: http://goo.gl/swEOC6  You can also visit her website to see more of her other mouthwatering dishes : www.linsfood.com I would also like to thank my sponsor @114035095761571532708. To get *15%* off  your next purchase OF their healthy and delicious food bars visit www.twodegreesfood.com and use the *_promo code_* *FOODSTORIES15* #hoa   #foodstories   #cheesecake  Food Stories | Valentine's Day Special featuring - Azlin Bloor2014-02-14 19:00:0081  
Larry Fournillier1,566,144On this episode of *Food Stories* I will be featuring @116964560192816837828.  Ally  will be sharing a vintage recipe from her Croatian mother and grandmother, *Zivila Kata Cheesecake*.   It's part of her heritage and her Bohemian Bold culinary trademark, so come see how this rustic peasant cheesecake was such a treat for Ally as a little girl.  To get the recipe go to http://goo.gl/VCifwN Join us on *Sunday, 9th, February* at *12:00PM(PST), 3:00PM(EST) & 4:00PM(AST)* for food, fun and a rocking good time! I would also like to thank the show's sponsor @114035095761571532708 for supplying their delicious and nutritious healthy bars.  To order and receive *15%*off go to www.twodegreesfood.com and use the *_promo code_* *FOODSTORIES15*.  Thank you! #hoa   #hangoutsonair   #foodstories  Food Stories S01E05 - Featuring Ally Phillips2014-02-09 21:00:0064  
Larry Fournillier1,566,144On the first show of *Season 3*, we’re heading off to beautiful *Curacao* where our favorite home-cook, and my good friend, +Sheedia Jansen will be treating us to some delicious Arepitas (Arepas).  Nowadays, this simple Venezuelan dish can be found in most of the Caribbean islands' eateries.  For Sheedia’s *Arepitas recipe* go here: http://goo.gl/hCEhXj We will also be spicing things up a bit with classically trained pianist +Mario Ajero who will be providing some *mood music* while Sheedia cooks.  Incidentally, Mario also offers a couple of  *FREE* Google Helpouts on *Learning to Play Piano* and if you are interested in taking a class, you can signup here: http://goo.gl/W2DNji   So join us on *Sunday 19th*, as we have fun, learn to make an awesome dish, listen to some great music and experience true Caribbean magic.Caribbean Cooking with Larry Fournillier S3E01 - Arepitas2014-01-19 21:00:0066  
Larry Fournillier1,566,144Have you ever wondered how the constellations of *Pisces and Cancer* made it into the sky?  According to the ancient folklore of the *Nvong Nvong* tribe of *Cameroon, Africa*, this story unravels with friendship, betrayal and revenge when a  fishing expedition goes awry.  See what happens when you add *three generations of family, home cooking and spiritual songs* to the mix. Join @106407963814165910213 , her daughter,  Arianna Ngnomire, and the family's matriarch, Therese Mpoumedjol on *Sunday 22nd at 3:00PM(EST)* as they fry *plantains* (staple Cameroonian food) and relate this intriguing story. Also joining us will be @114421888053699301272's @115067320991003485080 and @114138535638705065682  who will be telling us all about their Ghanan Moringa project which involves improving lives there with the many uses of this 'miracle' tropical plant. #hoa   #foodstories   #hangoutsonair   #plantains  Food Stories – featuring Pisces and Cancer2013-12-22 21:00:0055  
Larry Fournillier1,566,144+Julia Senesac will be cooking a tasty island seafood dish *Ahi Tuna with a Caribbean Mango Salsa*. So join us on *Sunday 3rd at 3:00PM(EST), 12:00PM(PST) & 1:00PM(MTN)* for a fun and always unpredictable HOA :-) *Here is a link to the recipe*: http://goo.gl/xwMYh9 I do encourage audience participation so please direct your questions to Julia or myself using the HOA Q&A App.  See you guys on Sunday!! :)Cooking Caribbean Cuisine w/ Larry Fournillier S02E12 - Ahi Tuna w/ a Caribbean Mango Salsa2013-11-03 21:00:0044  
Google+14,046,181The Google+ team will be sharing a few updates. RSVP to this event to watch the broadcast live.A Morning with Google+2013-10-29 17:30:0033489  
Larry Fournillier1,566,144Everyone has a story, they want to tell it and I want to share it.  My new series of food/cooking HOAs will introduce you to some great folks who, like me, have  a passion for food and for cooking. Allow me to introduce you to my first guest, he’s *15 year old David Garcia*, a native of Mountain View, California, the epicenter of Silicon Valley.  While some youths at this age are glued to the TV, David’s not.  His passion for cooking began at the tender age of three.   Every time his grandmother cared for him, she cooked eggs and David wanted to learn how to make them.   Baking for David is a way to relax, have fun and learn new things.  He loves the saying *“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”*  After high school, David plans to attend college and major in philosophy and minor in music, and then to continue mastering his cooking skills with a culinary degree.  This young man is awesome!! So join us on *Saturday 26th, at 4:00PM(EDT), 1:00PM(PDT)  & 2:00PM(CDT)* to hear David’s story and watch him make one of his favorite desserts, *Julia Child's Reine De Saba(Queen of Sheba) Cake* - http://goo.gl/W9yGDT   I do encourage audience participation so please feel free to ask David or myself any questions via the Hangout's Q&A App. #foodstories   #desserts   #larryfournillier  Food Stories - featuring David Garcia2013-10-26 22:00:0029  
Rob Michael263,829Internet instrumental supergroup, LegoLand Empire (LLE), will be debuting our new release, _*Solar Particles*_ during a G+ Hangout Listeners Party and you're invited to among the first ears to intersect with this new music. We're psyched! *Have your good headphones on for this one.* We'll be talking about the making of the record, the techniques that were employed during the recording and fielding questions from you! We have a couple of open seats, so if you would like to be in the Hangout On Air with us, give a shout here on this event and we'll invite as many as possible to join us. LLE is an experimental internet project that includes jazz/ fusion musicians from across the US that have collaborated to produce this, our second EP. Keyboard wizard +Neil Alexander  bassist +Trip Wamsley and guitarist +Rob Michael navigate the compositions of +Allen Wentz. We're looking forward to speaking and sharing our new music with you. You will find the broadcast at http://www.youtube.com/user/AtmosMusic/liveListening Party/ CD Release of LegoLand Empire2013-07-20 18:00:0033  
Eric Aultman22,452::Updated location:: Capitol City Brewing Company - Arlington We WILL be in DC the weekend of June 7-9. We WILL be HIRL'ing. How many are planning to head to the city for an unforgettable June Friday night? On June 8th, I'm doing the Run or Dye run: http://www.runordye.com/locations/Washington-DC-2013 Registration will be under the team name: TBFitClub A password is required to sign up for the team; it is: runordye I don't have a huge DC base, so spread the word for this HIRL to anyone in the area, or those willing to drive/fly/bus/swim/TARDIS into town that weekend! See you in June!!! Since +Florida HIRL is a nonprofit entity, I am looking into what charitable functions might be going on for Sunday the 9th for anyone interested. I'll update that when I get more information. Florida HIRL goes to Washington DC!2013-06-07 19:00:0048  
Anna Lowry29,883Let's start at Local 16 (if it's nice out, plan on meeting on the rooftop) and then we can work our way down the U st corridor.  Remember, any type of camera will do and all are welcome. Come on DC, let's get the internet social by way of drinking and clicking.  Please share the event with your circles as you might have people that haven't made it into mine. And be sure to circle the page https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/112097746219931978398/112097746219931978398/posts See you guys soon!  Also, there is going to be a Photo Challenge for the month of September for all of the Drink and Click groups.  Here are the details: The September challenge is Reflections. Look around, more things reflect that you really care to notice when you are walking around. Water, Chrome, Mirrors, sunglasses, etc. You need some inspiration? here are some images to get you started with ideas http://digital-photography-school.com/27-resplendent-reflections-images-to-inspire-you Challenge Rules: -Images must be taken on a Drink and Click ™ event during the month of September.  Photos can be submitted by joining the Challenge event: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ccqtjh576u9vfapvhs5b5ulaim4/107430862196617669986 cc: +Juan Gonzalez and +Lotus Carroll Drink and Click DC2012-09-08 16:30:0028  

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