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Marc has been shared in 46 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Neil Bailey14,659If you received the notice you are in this circle, then well done.If you would like to be included in the next #Circle Share, you only have to do these simple steps:1 - Include me in your circles (If you haven't already)2 - Share the circle (Publicly) - (cc) me in the comments on the share and I can add you to the next circle immediately. Otherwise I may not notice your activity!3 - Add +1 to the post.4 - Leave a comment if you like.5 - Add the circle or just check it out.Follow your dreams, Share and Be Shared.More you share more you get! :)Thanks!#financial #centers #Due #to #its #large #and #extremely #competitive #information #technology #industry #India #has #become #a #major #hub #for #outsourcingIn #Asia #had #million #millionaires #people #with #net #worth #over #US$ #million #excluding #their #homes #slightly 2015-04-06 07:35:29474191330
Kenneth Nicholson16,536This circle contains people who are very active on Google+.People in this Circle are top google+ engagers and great resharers. These are people that will share and re-post your circles and other content. This is a good circle to connect with each other and gain followers. I highly suggest adding each person in this Circle to your circles as they are likely to interact with you.If you want to continue or wish to get in the next version, please complete 1-4 below.INSTRUCTIONS1. Add me to your circles, if you haven't done so already.2. +1 this circle.3. Publicly share this circle to public, your circles and extended circles.4. Comment to inform me that you have done the above three things.#circlesharing   #publiccircle   #publicsharedcircles #SharedCircles   #circlesharing   #circleshare #circleoftheday #sharedpubliccircles #sharedcircle   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles   #circleshare #circlesharing #fullcircleshare #topsharedcircle   #circleoftheday   #sharedcircle   #topsharedcircle  2015-02-04 07:18:25450181832
Greg Strandberg942Sci-Fi and Fantasy Readers CircleWant to connect with #fantasyauthor  and #scifiauthor  ?This #circleshare  has those folks and chances are you'll get some interesting things in your feed. #circlesharing   #googleshare   #circleoftheday   #sharedcircles   #fantasywriters   #sciencefictionfantasy   #scifi  2014-07-10 23:13:52173000
Trevor Penwarden3,884This seems like a good time to share my Walking Dead circle.What are you most looking forward to in Walking Dead? #twd #thewalkingdead   #walkingdead   #thewalkingdeadseason3 #sharedcircles #sharedpubliccircles #zombies #amc_tv #zombieapocalypse #thewalkingdeadcircle  2013-02-10 20:20:33249403
Jessica Wood11,521There was a request to share my The Walking Dead Circle. Here it is!For an incredibly complete of all TWD fans I highly suggest everyone follow our page +The Walking Dead Circle If you are not in my circle let me know if you would like to be included. Remember it is SHARED PUBLICLY so if you don't want random influxes of followers it isn't the circle for you. All posts I make are public so you will have access even if you are not in the circle.+Toya Black  here is my Walking Dead Circle2012-10-30 17:12:55251317
Moe “Gilvan Blight” Tousignant3,217#RPG   #RPGcircle   #Circleshare    A week or so ago I was asked to share my G+ RPG circle. This is me continuing to do so.As I have found so many awesome gamers on G+ and you can only share 500 at a time I've broken my RPG gamers down into smaller circles sorted by "First Name" or whatever counts as that as far as google is concerned.This particular circle is my M-N circle. Now this contains people that in some way or another have indicated to me they are into pen and Paper RPGs.  It includes designers, writers, podcasters, artists, world builders, publisher, games masters, players, fans and fanatics. If you do circle any of these fine folks it would be nice if you took some time to introduce yourself. You can do that by putting all the new people in their own circle, called say NEW PEOPLE and sending a message out to that circle. Once done you can sort them into whatever niche they belong in.2012-10-19 19:20:39418014
Circles (CircleHub)7,327Humor Public Circleif you are a lover of Humor and would like to be included click on this link http://goo.gl/MDVitNote: If you have already shared this circle, you can delete the previous one from your profile. #Circleshare   #ShareCircle   #FunCircle   #FunnyCircle   #Humor   #HumorCircle   #Circle   #Circles  2012-10-09 10:17:538151317
Kiat Huang2,349Paleo circleWeek 3 of Paleo (the Whole30 kind) and feeling really good so far.  First week was tough energywise and moods - really truggled to balance the loss of carbs, as well as dealing with none of my favorites like cheese, potatoes, pasta, rice, noodles, bread, biscuits, milk - even missed beans and tofu!Searching out the Paleo community has been fun, including websites, phone apps, real books and now, of course, Google+.  What a great platform for Paleo!Sharing this circle built from all the other paleo circles I could find.  I also added any that came up in the search that were joint-interest with other related food interests like Primal, Ancestral but not non-food like crossfit. If you are interested in creating a circle like this, then search for: paleo "shared a circle with you".Real Food, Real Living!2012-10-07 07:51:39360623
Bob Mulholland6,799#StarTrek   #CircleShare  "May the schwartz be with you."[I know.... wrong movie. I was just looking to give you a cheap laugh to start your day off right]+1 this post if you aren't in thie Circle yet and you want to be.+1 my first comment if you also want to be notified when I share Star Trek related posts.2012-06-14 14:06:44400404
Bob Mulholland6,799#DiscoverIndie   #CircleShare  A Circle of independent artists, musicians, writers, game developers, and their supporters.+1 this post if you aren't in thie Circle yet and you want to be.+1 my first comment if you also want to be notified when I share Discover Indie related posts.2012-06-14 14:01:56285414
Quinn Conklin2,149+Adam Boenig if you need people to game with there is probably some one in this circle who will play with you. 2012-06-13 03:19:01500803
Kevin Medeiros3,101Yeah yeah, this is a huge circle to share. These guys and girls are a bunch of geeks. Geeks of what type you might ask? Well, of all sorts..you'll just have to find out. I've gone through and weeded out some of the inactive users myself in order to stay under the 500 person limit. These guys make up a big portion of my stream and never fail to keep me informed about awesome shit.You may also be asking why I didn't sort them out into sub-geek categories? The answer to that is because I'm not your damn secretary :-)Just check'em out :)2012-05-26 19:20:2947711714
Circle Plus2,013Circle update: CP-3+Circle Plus #addcircle #sharedcircles #googleplus #googlepluscircles #circleplus #sharecircle #googleplusmembers #circle #plusmembers2012-05-22 15:02:25434112
Circle Plus1,448+Circle Plus , Circle: CP-03#addcircle #sharedcircles #googleplus #googlepluscircles #circleplus #sharecircle #googleplusmembers #circle #plusmembers2012-05-07 14:32:34426448
Circle Plus1,275Circle update: CP-3/v0.3+Circle Plus #addcircle #sharedcircles #googleplus #googlepluscircles #circleplus #sharecircle #googleplusmembers #circle #plusmembers2012-04-25 07:24:21398014
Armando Lioss10,237“Active Engagers Shared Circle” 2.3In this shared circle you will find some interesting people to add to your circles, all of these GPlussers currently are actively engaging with my posts as well as with other GPlussers’ posts, so you can be sure they are getting involved in the G+ community.The main purpose of this series of Shared Circles is to expose new GPlussers, but you may find even first generation ones in them, in order to give everybody an opportunity this version include only GPlussers that have not been included in previous “Active Engagers Shared Circle” 2.X, if you are looking for a more comprehensive list of active engagers you may want to review these lists as well:AESC 2.0: https://plus.google.com/u/0/111635150542674847021/posts/KVJLKb25SatAESC 2.1: https://plus.google.com/111635150542674847021/posts/hhnjPfBmvMgAESC 2.2: https://plus.google.com/111635150542674847021/posts/AN71YkfKSDWIf you do not wish to be included in my future shared circles, please let me know with a comment to this post. I will remove you from this and any future shared circle I create, but I will keep you in my G+ circles.Furthermore, with each version I try to include new active engagers that are looking to meet other GPlussers to interact with, but I understand the old users may not have as much interest to meet new users and won’t circle them back, so I will prefer including users that really want to interact with new users.For TIPS TO GET PEOPLE TO CIRCLE YOU you may want to check:https://plus.google.com/u/0/111635150542674847021/posts/Q6c3ikBhdT3Thank you for your help making Google Plus adventure and exhilarating one…#SharedCirecles #CircleShare #ActiveUsers #Engagers #Commenters #TopCircles PS: I don’t necessarily share or identify with the views of these GPlussers, in fact with some of them we have completely antagonistic points of view and dissimilar interests…2012-04-21 17:40:39270336
Peter Edenist1,172Being a little different this time, I've shared a whole new bunch of people from my Scifi Circles. The usual circle will be reshared later, but if you like, see how this works for you :) Let me know if you like the circle (New people added to it)I'm titling this my second circle (not everyone fits in one!). #scifi #scififans #scififriday #scifichat #sciencesunday #sciencefiction #scienceisawesome2012-04-21 09:11:34429706
Bob Mulholland5,392Permission to share my Star Trek Circle, captain?Make it so.If you want in, click +1. If you want in and want #StarTrek notifications, click +1 on the first comment.2012-04-20 13:40:333657114
Peter Edenist1,052My last circle share for some today. These are people I have had in my old circles for some time. I rarely see their posts, but I know they have things to say. If you can wake these sleeping giants, our #sciencefiction community here would be richer!A big huge giant thank you to all who frequent my stream and share with me. #scifi #scififans #sciencefiction #sleepinggiants Notifications have been sent to people who could make a difference!2012-04-16 14:00:202602010
Bob Mulholland5,006This is my weekly share of my Star Trek Circle.This one is self explanatory, if you like Star Trek and you want to be included in the Circle, let me know by clicking +1 on either of the first two comments. :) #StarTrek #DammitJim #CircleShare #SharedCircles #FollowFriday (yes, I know it's Thursday. I like being early)2012-04-12 21:08:473589315
Bob Mulholland5,006My weekly Share of my Discover Indie Circle.This does not only have indie artists/musicians/writers/developers in it, this also includes the fans and supporters. If you should be in this Circle, let me know by clicking +1 on either of the first two comments. #DiscoverIndie #SharedCircles #CircleShare #FollowFriday (I know it's only Thursday)2012-04-12 21:04:241321425
Bob Mulholland4,722#StarTrek Circle Share Time!Lots of "engaging" Trekkies here. If you're not in here and you should be, just let me know and you'll be included in next week's reshare! :)2012-04-05 23:40:5334419414
Bob Mulholland4,722Here's this week's Share of my Discover Indie Circle.This Circle is full of not only Indie artists, musicians, writers, etc. but also Indie supporters and fans.If you think you should be in this Circle, let me know.If you know someone who should be in this Circle, let me know.Don't forget to add and reshare!2012-04-05 17:07:46117313
Sivan Rehan6,130The coolest Android people circle.If you want to be added please let me know!2012-04-04 18:58:0846249319
Bob Mulholland4,366While we're in a Circle Sharing mood, don't forget to support your favorite independent artist. This is my Discover Indie Circle.If you should be in here, or if you know someone who should be in here, please tell me. I am resharing this Circle weekly.2012-03-29 21:18:10861539
Kevin Medeiros2,549This is my circle of geeks. Definitely an active circle that share geeky shit that "others" may not understand, but you do, right?Circle them if you want instant fun. Seriously..I weed out the lame ones all the time..be prepared for the onslaught of awesome when you add this circle!2012-03-23 21:02:4544913918
Amanda Blain881,258*Game Of Thrones / Song Of Ice and Fire Shared Circle*Here are some fans of the George R R Martins Series... Either the books, tv show or both... Want in? Comment here and ask to be included!Only one more week! CAN NOT WAIT #gameofthrones #songoficeandfire Mobile link to circle: https://plus.google.com/u/0/107982618909749811163/posts/i2Aw2C88Yb9(Remember to share this circle if you are in it!)2012-03-23 15:43:527595464
Gabriel Fitzpatrick2,846This circle is made up of those especially dedicated to anti-censorship activism who wish to be notified of particularly important posts on the topic. It was originally shared by +Moan Lisa but I'm going to be maintaining it as well, so if any of you would like to be added to mine please do speak up.<By "speak up" I mean post. I have no idea what your +1ing might mean lol>2012-03-05 23:55:51511818
Mike Clancy1,885My select group of true Sci-Fi fans. If you think you should be added to it, just +12012-03-05 00:31:231514217
Christopher Franko (Sr)6,707This is my #Suggested user circle.Everytime I see someone suggest cool plussers, I usually put them in this circle.#Circle, #share , Include yourself in shared circle. #winningwednesday2012-02-29 19:05:48254815
Sivan Rehan4,457My updated Android interactive users circle.Share it so we can meet more awesome people!2012-02-29 15:33:27476221113
Peter Edenist549This is my circle of science fiction (Sci-fi) related people. Great people to have in your circles! Let me know if you want to remove / add people. I'm new here so this is my first time sharing a circle! Feel free to share your own valuable circles :)2012-02-27 07:47:39500424
Jessica Clark-McDowell4,517It's been a while since I've shared a circle so I wanted to share this one for those who are new to my page and would like to get connected with other Christians on G+2012-02-26 03:43:39378537
Rahul Roy3,971Top Gplussers who deserves more followersCircle of awesome G plussers who deserves more followers because they produce quality content. Most of them have less than 10k followers with few exception like +Gabriel Vasile+Gabriel Vasile - He has more than 35k followers, but I think he deserves lot more than that+Shamil Weerakoon - Google+ Addict sharing tutorials, tips and other cool stuff.+Alex Grossman - Hewlett-Packard, Global Technology Consulting+Euro Maestro - Foucuses on latest news+Tom Voute - his intro says he's not a "photographer"+Dave Besbris - He works at Google+Randy Hilarski - He is a Metals Specialist who teaches people about the importance of metals in their lives. He is a Veteran that is now anti-war with Libertarian views.+Gideon Rosenblatt - He post manily about Social Media.+Shaden Mohamed - She works at Google, anything else doesn't matter+Luke Shiras - He is an Architect and he Enjoy playing games like City of Wonders, Zombie Lane and Angry Birds............................................................................................+Arvid Bux - Blogger, fAndroid, Gadget freak, Google enthusiast, Space Nerd, Early Adaptor, Trendwatcher+B.L. Ochman - She is a blogger and internet marketing strategist.+Joshua Hastings - He posts about Sports.+2012-02-20 11:46:581001317565
Gabriel Fitzpatrick1,771New Anti-censorship circle has filled up. Add and share to reward them for their dedication to freedom.The first one is below.https://plus.google.com/u/1/115645093395056483635/posts/FtwDEkN1j822012-02-10 14:02:01497503
Lisa Bimmerz7,038Per request, I am sharing my Galaxy Nexus circle again...It has grown some, since I shared this circle last week. If you ARE in this circle, please add this updated one to your existing Galaxy Nexus circle, and then please share it publicly. The more the merrier - right?! =o)If you have a Galaxy Nexus or are planning to get one, and would like to be included in this circle, simply add this circle name it Galaxy Nexus (or whatever you want), then add yourself to it, and then share it publicly.Please note; if you are not adding people back from this circle and you are in it, then it kind of defeats the point of having a Galaxy Nexus circle. Since Google has removed incoming streams, we will not see your postings shared with us, unless we have mutually added one another to circles.2012-02-04 02:34:323823206
Mike Norton2,227SWTOR Circle Share 1 of 2Please put somewhere on your profile that you are interested in SWTOR so everyone knows what circle to put you in.2012-01-17 15:00:53495000
Mike Norton2,060SWTOR Circle Share Circle 1 of 2 of the main circle.Please add SWTOR somewhere to your profile so others will know where to add you when they come looking :)2011-12-29 15:13:54496100
Mike Norton1,896SWTOR Circle Share 1 of 2Please be kind and add SWTOR or TOR somewhere on your profile so others know to add you.2011-12-09 14:29:14498000
Eoghann Irving4,645The SciFi Lovers Shared Circle is in the process of transforming into a more curated and directed circle.I have been reviewing the members of the circle and am in the process of culling it so that it will feature only people who are actively posting about science fiction. Many of the people I removed from this circle I have placed into other circles, because they post interesting stuff. They may well enjoy science fiction, but they aren't posting about it.In the future anyone added to the circle will have to be posting something about science fiction at least occasionally. Reviews, news, questions, suggestions. I don't mind what. I want to turn it into a list of the people that anyone into science fiction will want to follow.If you'd like to be considered to be added to the circle, please leave a comment on this post.The update will also be submitted to the Google+ Shared Circles Database (http://goo.gl/PrcGo).If you want in, leave a comment.Tags: #scifi #sci-fi #sciencefiction #skiffy2011-12-05 00:40:281011214
Alister Macintyre43Here is my circle of fans of science fiction, which grew dramatically thanks to +Shared Circles on G+ in which +David Brin and +Isaac Asimov are the only two I recognize as authors who have contributed to the body of literature we enjoy.Incidentally, I have enjoyed science fiction mainly in printed literature (books and magazines), also audio books, movies and TV, the arts, and some weird stuff at science fiction conventions. I have attended a Pern hatching where baby dragons bonded with their riders to be. I have met some authors at some cons, asked about plots, why went this or that way. I have designed some science fiction games, although over the years we have lost many of the artifacts. But thanks to people play testing each other's game prototypes, I still have some unique stuff like a UFO simulation game.2011-11-14 04:41:04129102
Eoghann Irving3,054Sci-Fi Lovers CircleTime to share an update of the Sci-Fi Lovers circle which has been growing steadily. The update will also be submitted to the Google+ Shared Circles Database (http://goo.gl/PrcGo).If you want in, leave a comment.Tags: #scifi #sci-fi #sciencefiction #skiffy2011-11-13 20:30:541123079
Tito M11Here is My First Circle Share For PS3 Fans Only!Tito M shared a circle with you.2011-10-27 03:30:541491004
Bill P39A place for Packer fans to hangout, post news, or anything Green bay Packers. +1 or comment on this post to be added. #greenbaypackers #nfl #football #packersBill P shared a circle with you.2011-10-24 15:33:3772614
Jessica Wood785Remember tonight is episode 2 of The Walking Dead....Can't wait! Posting my current TWD circle.If you don't see your name on the list and would like to let me know by commenting below. Some of our posts are only shown within the circle so if you want to see everything we do come join us!Remember to keep the list under control I remove anyone who has NEVER posted to G+ fairly regularly.This is a PUBLIC circle and is shared about once a week by several people. You will get lots of new people circling you. Jessica Wood shared a circle with you.2011-10-23 15:06:23200702
Neal Cropper46Thought I'd share my Paleo circle with everyone. If you want to be added just let me know :)Neal Cropper shared a circle with you.2011-10-15 23:28:44652437


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This game is a fucking masterpiece 

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This game is a fucking masterpiece 

This game is a fucking masterpiece ___


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