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Khawar Syed has been at 11 events

Jen R0Reminder to keep it clean! Lol "As a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can." - Yousuf Karsh -- Weekly Photo Challenge: Female2014-01-31 13:30:0035  
Christine & Mia7,584*New Year's Day 4HR HOA-A-THON!* Join us as we spotlight some amazing people here on Google Plus! Hosts +Christine DeGraff & +Mia Voss will be interviewing an all star panel of guests throughout the 4 hour show! #NewYearsHOA *Sponsored By:* +Webfluential  Webfluential is the platform linking brands to influencers to monetize syndication to their audience. Beginning today, Webfluential is accepting applications from US based influencers. It will open to US advertisers from 1 February 2014. The link to apply is https://webfluenti.al/users/register. *Sponsored By:* +Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House  +Christine & Mia would like to give a special thanks to our faithful sponsor Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House for their continued support of our efforts here on G+. We look forward to staying at http://www.InnDC.com in 2014 for a live show and HIRL. Guests and topics include: 1:30pm-2:30pm EST  Topic: The Importance of Branding (Business/Personal) and Authenticity in 2014.  Guests: +Dustin W. Stout +Demian Farnworth +Keith Bloemendaal +Nicholas Cardot  Guest Host: +Jason T. Wiser  2:30pm-3:30pm EST  Topic: How to Cut Through the Clutter and Make an Impact in 2014. Guests: +Dino Dogan +Mike Allton +Ronnie Bincer +Ben Fisher Guest Host: +David Oldenburg  3:30pm-4:15pm EST  Topic: Some of our past guests and guest hosts are back to tell us what they are working on in 2014. Guests: +Greg Trujillo +Carolyn Capern +Bethan Davies +Sam Stormborn Ormandy +Krithika Rangarajan  Guest Host: +Lance Fields  4:15pm-5:00pm EST  Topic: What's Your Story? and Predictions for 2014 Guests:  +David F Leopold +Stan Bush +Michael Mason +Craig Fifield Guest Host: +Shannon Hernandez  5:00pm-5:30pm EST (30 minutes) Topic: What's Your Story? Guests: Audience Participation Guest Host: +Shannon Hernandez  Our guests will be sharing their stories, recapping 2013, predicting what's to come for 2014 and more. Topics will include: business, social media tools, blogging, strategy, resolutions we plan to break... you name it! The audience will also be able to "jump on the stage" during the last half hour of the programming - we'll turn the floor over to YOU, the audience, and bring some of you into the panel to tell us your story.  *Wednesday, January 1, 2014* starting at 10:30am PST/11:30am MST/12:30pm CST/ 1:30pm EST Find your timezone here: http://bit.ly/NewYearsMarathonChristine & Mia's New Year's Day 4HR HOA-A-THON2014-01-01 19:30:00396  
Christine & Mia7,584Join +Christine DeGraff & +Mia Voss  as we chat it up with +Bethan Davies and hear her amazing story.  We'll also have +Lance Fields - one of our Google+ favorites join in on the interview. Wednesday, December 11 11:30am PST/12:30pm MST/1:30pm MST/2:30pm EST Find your time zone here >>>  http://bit.ly/18v94ik Here's a little more about our guest, +Bethan Davies of +TheCraftStar.com  _My journey to where I am now, crossed the Atlantic Ocean over 150 times, went around the world twice, and landed me back where I grew up  - in Los Angeles._ _When I arrived back in LA, I got a call from a friend who worked for Ryan Seacrest, asking me to help on a project as a consultant ... so I agreed to go work for Ryan for "a couple of weeks." _ _I'm a HUGE believer in "everything happens for a reason."  Those couple of weeks turned into a full time job.  The very day I was a full time employee, and therefore the very day I was covered by insurance in the good ole' USA, I was wheeled out the studio (mid-show) in an ambulance.   Over the next few months, I was wheeled out of that studio 3 times in an ambulance ... which was becoming pretty embarrassing!_ _EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.  Turns out I was dying.  I knew it, the doctors kept telling me it was something else. Over 18 months of being very ill, I found the right doctor and was feeling good enough again to take a consultation job at The Home Shopping Network; that, along with the changes being made at Etsy, led me to where I am now ... running a site for small businesses called The CraftStar.  It's my dream = crafting and production, and helping small businesses grow.  It took one hell of a ride to get here, but I couldn't be happier_ This week's show is sponsored by: +Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House  http://www.inndc.com/ Each week  +Christine & Mia  spotlight a new guest who will share their inspiring stories of ingenuity, tenacity and courage! Follow our community for updates on upcoming shows as well as guest and sponsor opportunities >>> http://bit.ly/HwlX52 Follow the buzz on Twitter and Google+ using hashtags   #15Minutes   and #WhatsYourStory          #15 Minutes with Christine & Mia featuring Bethan Davis & Guest Host Lance Fields2013-12-11 20:30:00131  
Christine & Mia7,584Join us for #15Minutes with +Christine & Mia featuring +Katherine Kotaw! We will also have +Craig Fifield join us for our pre-interview banter. This week's show is sponsored by: +Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House  http://www.inndc.com/ *Yes, we have changed up the time! We've decided to have the show at 11:30am PST/12:30pm MST/1:30pm CST/2:30pm EST each week. Please make a note of it!* This week we turn the spotlight on special guest +Katherine Kotaw:  _A one-word definition of Katherine Kotaw:  storyteller.  It’s not just what she does, it’s who she is.  She sees life with a once-upon a time perspective. She sold her first story when she was 10, convincing a Reader's Digest editor to publish a joke.  Since then she’s written newspaper and magazine articles, a New York Times-acclaimed book and a memoir that is being produced by Lifetime. Yes, Katherine’s life story is, literally, a movie-of-the-week. Or part of it was. She left a marriage that went from bad to dangerous which is, sadly, a common story.  But it was not a story that was supposed to happen to someone like her – a well-educated, successful, strong-willed woman  -- and it was not a story that anyone expected her to tell. And that’s exactly why she wrote it – to reclaim her voice, which had been silenced by shame._   _Today, she has something to say about practically everything.  Ask her why she founded KOTAW Content Marketing in June.  Why she loves getting lost.  Why she borrows dogs.  Why she became a vegetarian.  Why she’s on a mission to brand pit bulls as lovable dogs.  Or why she vows to be the last person on earth to own a smart phone. Ask Katherine anything you want. And she’ll have an answer – and a story – for you._ *Wednesday, November 20th* 11:30am PST/12:30pm MST/1:30pm MST/2:30pm EST Find your time zone here >>>http://bit.ly/1aa4MR6 Each week +Christine DeGraff & +Mia Voss (+The Mia Connect) will spotlight a new guest who will share their inspiring stories of ingenuity, tenacity and courage! Follow our community for updates on upcoming shows as well as guest and sponsor opportunities >>>http://bit.ly/HwlX52 Follow the buzz on Twitter and Google+ using hashtag #15Minutes     #15Minutes Featuring Katherine Kotaw w/ Christine & Mia2013-11-20 20:30:00152  
Brett Lipton22,967#PlusPhuckPhriday Hosted by @116010352328913920666  DEFINITION: A PlusPhuck is a display of true (well maybe not true) love when one plusses all the posts & photos of a phriend. Like a big phrikkin notification wake up call to get that red box glowing. I get that it says July, 18th - July 20th - I am just accounting for global time zones. The last event was Friday, March 29th 2013 and out combined efforts were able to choke Google Plus bad enough to stall it for hours. Over 700 people RSVP checked in and over 5,000 participated... https://plus.google.com/events/c8l229phco57tacvtt6n7kl5rfk *Please share this & invite your friends to join in the celebration.* MmmKayThxBai, see ya there.Plus Phuck Phriday V.2 #PlusPhuckPhriday2013-07-18 07:00:00539  
Eduardo Martian14,274Armenian Genocide 1915Remembering innocent victims of Armenian Genocide2013-04-23 22:00:00132  
Brett Lipton22,967Pick some friends & bang um silly!Plus Phuck Phriday! DEFINITION: A PlusPhuck is a display of true (well maybe not true) love when one plusses all the posts & photos of a phriend. Like a big phrikkin notification wake up call to get that red box glowing.2013-03-29 05:00:00683  
Shiverme Timbers33,564According to the Mayans, we all die in December.  Party _Gangam Style._ *Come celebrate the end times with our Jaguar Warriors in full war plumage, wicked obsidian blades, and purpledrank for everyone!* _Watch the nuclear bombs drop, watch the seas overtake coastal cities, watch worldwide earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Enjoy the tornadoes ripping across Moscow and New York._ Enjoy watching the world end.  It's some SRS BSNS. *Feel free to reshare and invite relatives and G+ friends. It's the last time you will see them anyway.*     #mayancalendar   #endofworld   #maya121212   #maya122112   #endoftheworld  Mayan Apocalypse and End of Earth Itself! Hooray!2012-12-21 07:01:00195  
Syuzanna A.74,913I'm celebrating my (19-th) birthday, you're invited come and have a drink and HUGS , piece of cake !!! :)MY Birthday - 12/12/12 12:122012-12-12 09:12:00697  
Carra Riley52,940Help celebrate International Peace Day September 21, 2012 Post your photos of peace on this event and share the concept of World Peace....EASY..... just go up to "add photo" and post your photo of peace.   #PeaceDay Then tell your circles to come over and share too! Google+ friends sponsoring this event @111983961140937248134  Canada   @116905863525318361853   Arizona @117978225340034837729  Chicagoland Illinois @107463194690369779643  Florida  @108210288375340023376  Colorado   @113129299593678810557   Israel  @110314870942359593103  France @106049828009478130206  California  @107958599012052618167   Kansas City, Missouri  @103236949470535942612  Switzerland  @103698889037599783920  from midwest USA and @107617466014078748111  from Rhode Island USA @108274011286866375808  from Malaysia is helping with creating the final #peaceday  Circles   Thank you Vince!   @110314870942359593103 from #France  is personal friends with the Founder of @114229915466266170391  and the actual person who got the UN to recognize #PeaceDay  in 2002, Jeremy Gilley. There will be a LIVE from #London  event live streaming on youtube on the actual Peace Day, Friday, September 21, 2012.   Less than 5 hours away.... attend #PeaceDay with the founder Jeremy Gilley  Be part of the live streaming from London: "....headline performance from Elton John in his only London show this year plus performances from James Morrison, 2CELLOS and introductions by Peace One Day founder, Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day Ambassador, Jude Law and Lily Cole. The show is set to be the biggest event of Peace One Day’s groundbreaking 13-year history and you can watch it on our official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/peaceoneday) and on the @114229915466266170391 page." The UN link shares a bit more about the International Day of Peace also known as #PeaceDay "I urge everyone, between now and 21 September, to think about how they can contribute. Let us work together ...... sustainable development, sustainable peace… and a secure future for all." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPIhF_GRLIQ  UN #peaceday support video!   Much more about the Peace Day and link to all events around the world. http://peaceoneday.org "The International Day of Peace, a.k.a. "Peace Day" provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. It was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982........ Anyone, anywhere can celebrate Peace Day. It can be as simple as lighting a candle at noon, or just sitting in silent meditation. Or it can involve getting your co-workers, organization, community or government engaged in a large event. The impact if millions of people in all parts of the world, coming together for one day of peace, is immense." *Join in shaPeace Day2012-09-26 09:30:00625  
Henry A. Otero (Hanko9)129,371In honor of Duran Duran's new CD/DVD/Blu-ray release this week, I'm dubbing it *THE 1980's WEEK*!!! I will be taking us all on a stroll down amnesia lane by playing some of the music videos that defined the era. *THE 1980's* return tomorrow (Monday, July 9th @ 7pm (EST) - I hope you will re-share your favorite videos and post comments about the first time you heard each song. Let's make this fun and interactive... Sound cool? Our unique event hashtag is: #the1980s  The 1980s Week2012-07-10 01:00:0052  

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