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Andrij “Andrew” Harasewych463,504*March 14, 2015 9:26:53 will be epic.* Why? 3.141592653 = π Take advantage of this day to spread some love of math and science. Teach something, share something, learn something, or read something!Pi Day!2015-03-14 14:26:00564  
CosmoQuest42,273Schedule: http://cosmoquest.org/x/hangoutathon-36-36-fundraiser/2014-hangoutathon-schedule/ Donate now: http://cosmoquest.org/x/hangoutathon-36-36-fundraiser/ More info: http://cosmoquest.org/x/blog/2014/04/hangoutathon-and-36-36-fundraiser/The CosmoQuest 2014 Hangoutathon2014-04-26 17:00:00214  
Fraser Cain984,328Join me and a team of space scientists and journalist to talk about the space news of the week. I can't be sure what we'll be talking about, but I suspect it'll include waking up Rosetta, ice plumes on Ceres and the supernova in M82. We'll have two special guests, +Ray Sanders will unbox and try to build the new Curiosity Rover LEGO model during the show, and we'll also have the designer of the kit, +Stephen Pakbaz on hand to talk about how it came to be.Weekly Space Hangout - January 24, 20142014-01-24 21:00:0092  
Fraser Cain984,328Weekly Space Hangout - December 20, 20132013-12-20 20:40:3341  
CosmoQuest42,273YouTube link Part 8 http://youtu.be/Qe9WqjEwAFU *TL;DR. +Pamela Gay & +Nicole Gugliucci will bring you a whole slew of guests, science, and fun during this 24-hour long fundraiser for CosmoQuest! http://cosmoquest.org/blog/donate/?title=donate Event links for... Part 1: https://plus.google.com/events/c8hipsag07ngda5h3r06bqbprv8 Part 2: https://plus.google.com/events/cglasd846s15n0n7sqdvs9nol3o Part 3: https://plus.google.com/events/c7ntqnrh01rejv3smtq9dmmub4o Part 4: https://plus.google.com/events/cagts10npsub757psnh1e4mbj0g Part 5: https://plus.google.com/events/cchro36b2mlth0nv27ftgm1elqo Part 6: https://plus.google.com/events/c3lu15j2t9p2o3tc0hv11ubjuu0 Faced with governmental funding cuts to science education and research, the CosmoQuest Virtual Research Facility (CosmoQuest.org) at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has decided to go old school with a twist: On June 15-16, +Pamela Gay & +Nicole Gugliucci  are hosting a telethon using Google Hangout on Air – A Hangout-a-thon – to raise money to support public engagement in science.   The Hangout-a-thon will start on June 15 at noon Eastern (GMT – 5).  Over the weekend, they will host numerous guests, ranging from scientists who will do science demos, creatives who can unite science and art/music, and researchers who will discuss citizen science and address science education from the perspective of research and metrics. Each segment will be released after the event as a stand-alone YouTube video on the AstrosphereVids channel, thus creating a library of content while raising money for future programs.  Planning for this Hangout-a-thon was triggered by the cuts created by sequestration, and by the current White House plans to transition education out of NASA. If the President's current budget is passed, all the funding programs CosmoQuest relies on for will be zeroed (see http://bit.ly/11m5XYg) and the project will be defunded. Rather than accept that fate, CosmoQuest is working to raise the funds needed to keep their programs going, to build new citizen science programs for researchers that don't otherwise have the means to accomplish their projects, and to contract, as they are able, extraordinary people laid off by these cuts at other institutions to keep doing great things through CosmoQuest. (Links to essays on these cuts are listed below).   CosmoQuest wants to make sure astronomy education survives and remains strong. While one team, and one telethon can't fix everything, they hope this event can raise awareness, while protected one small corner of astronomy research and education. #hangoutathon  The CosmoQuest 24 Hour Hangout-A-Thon - Main Event Page2013-06-15 18:00:00315  
NASA3,039,794To watch on YouTube, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7_BZe6cGoI ----- The director, a writer and some actors in the film "Star Trek Into Darkness" will join NASA astronauts as we host a Google+ Hangout On Air from noon to 12:45 p.m. EDT, May 16, about how work aboard the International Space Station is turning science fiction into reality. Participating in the hangout will be NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, who currently is living and working aboard the space station; astronauts Michael Fincke and Kjell Lindgren at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston; director J.J. Abrams, screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof; and stars of the film, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and John Cho. The participants will ask questions of each other and take questions from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City (home of the space shuttle Enterprise), the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, and social media followers.  Ask a question prior to or during the event by posting a comment here or on Twitter using the #askNASA hashtag.NASA Connects Space Station and "Star Trek Into Darkness" Crews2013-05-16 18:00:002721  
CosmoQuest42,273*UPDATE*: Greetings from Austin, everyone! I'm afraid we won't be able to run our usual Weekly Space Hangout this week. The crowd for SXSW is HUGE and we just won't be able to find a semi-quiet spot with awesome internet to broadcast from. In addition, many of our space journalists who are not at SXSW are otherwise occupied this week.  HOWEVER! We are taking photos and video to share with you all in real time as we can on Google Plus and for post-production. Our team on the ground is: @110701307803962595019, @109036978092446954908, @109479143173251353583, @117494594159696687799, and +Kortney Hogan. We'll share from the +CosmoQuest page all the fun as well. ALSO, @109479143173251353583 and @111723545767173542935 are planning some live Hangout events as space, time, and bandwidth are available. Though we won't have the usual weekly news round-up, they will be sharing the NASA SXSW experience with you all. Follow both of them for updates! See you next week at our usual time and place.  #WSHSXSW   #HangoutsOnAir   #SpaceHangout   #SpaceHangoutSXSW  Weekly Space Hangout -- SXSW Edition - CANCELLED2013-03-08 13:00:0038  
CosmoQuest42,273Join +Fraser Cain and our rotating round of space journalists and aficionados as we round up the last week in space news. Weekly Space Hangout2013-03-01 21:00:00160  
NASA3,039,794Having trouble watching the event? Try watching directly on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8LI5JiWEfs --------- Have you ever asked a question to someone in space? No? Well now’s your chance. In a first for the agency, NASA will host a Google+ Hangout live with the International Space Station on Feb. 22 from 10:30 a.m EST to 11:30 a.m. EST. Google+ Hangouts allow people to chat face-to-face while thousands more can tune in to watch the conversation live on Google+ or YouTube. This unique opportunity will connect you, our fans, with astronauts living and working on the orbiting laboratory 240 miles above the Earth. During the event, several video questions will be selected and answered by astronauts on the space station and on the ground. Additionally, NASA will ask real-time questions submitted by our followers on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Unique and original questions are more likely to be selected. You can view the Hangout live on the NASA Google+ page or the NASA Television YouTube channel to watch the astronauts answer the questions. SUBMITTING REAL-TIME QUESTIONS To ask a real-time question during the event on Google+ or Twitter, please use the hashtag #askAstro. You can also post a comment on a thread on NASA’s Facebook page that will open for questions on the morning of the event. WATCHING THE GOOGLE+ HANGOUT To join the hangout, and for updates and opportunities to participate in upcoming hangouts, visit NASA's Google+ page at http://plus.google.com/+NASA. During the hangout, astronauts Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn will answer questions and provide insights about life aboard the station. Station crews conduct a variety of science experiments and perform station maintenance during their six-month stay on the outpost. Their life aboard the station in near-weightlessness requires unique approaches to everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and exercising.NASA Long-Distance Google+ Hangout to Connect with Space Station2013-02-22 16:30:008295  
Philip Plait (The Bad Astronomer)107,785I will be discussing both the Russian meteor and the near miss by asteroid 2012 DA14 as it passes the Earth. Ask me questions! I'll have video and pictures, too.Asteroid 2012 DA14 Nearmissapalooza2013-02-15 20:00:00372  
Google Play9,900,446Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, two of film’s biggest comedy stars, are now its most unexpected interns in their new movie, “The Internship.” Join Vince and Owen in a live Google+ hangout hosted by Conan O’Brien on Wednesday, February 13 at 11am PT to get the inside story about their latest comedy and be the first to view the trailer.  For a sneak peek at what’s in store, check out Vince and Owen in the video, and submit your questions for the comedy duo using #TheInternshipHangout with Google Interns Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, as they debut “The Internship” trailer, hosted by Conan O’Brien2013-02-13 20:00:0010905  
Billy Wilson1,540,181Thank you guys for all of the support during my weekly G+ variety show @108595299975404341987 ! The show is one of the longest running on G+ and brings together a variety of the most interesting people on G+ for a hangout! This week we're joined by some photographers including Photographer @104723167398398004122; Photographer @113847951893881070422 who'll be talking to us about the @104223664080828255303; Photographer @113395912577264627875 who'll be talking to us about the @106283783252555220893; and our special musical guest will be @113249697464941249341 ! The show will be embedded on this event where you can watch and chat with us and other people watching the show, the recording will be available immediately afterwards. You can get reminders about the show if you RVSP by saying you're "Going". @111188574736819390850 loves to share screenshots of himself posted to the event!  You can watch previous episodes here: http://goo.gl/ceHtHTSBW Variety Show #37: Photography and Community Projects with Live Music from Cecilee Linke ! (On Air Hangout)2012-12-15 04:00:0094  
NASA3,039,794If you are having trouble seeing the video, watch it on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHXW9bZtgpc Stories about the fictional planet Nibiru and predictions of the end of the world in December 2012 have blossomed on the Internet. Contrary to some of the common beliefs out there, Dec. 21, 2012 won't be the end of the world as we know, however, it will be another winter solstice. Social media users are welcome to join NASA and other scientists for a lively discussion at 2:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 to discuss the 2012 rumors propagated across the internet. We'll have a great panel of experts on hand including: - David Morrison, astrobiologist from NASA's Ames Research Center - Don Yeomans, asteroid scientist from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Mitzi Adams, solar/archaeoastronomer from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center - Lika Guhathakurta, heliophysicist from NASA Headquarters - Paul Hertz, astrophysicist from NASA Headquarters - Andrew Fraknoi, science educator from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, Calif. Followers on Twitter may ask a question in advance of or during the event using the hashtag #askNASA. On NASA Facebook and Google+, a comment thread will open for questions on the morning of the event. To join the hangout, visit this event page on the date of the event or visit NASA's Google+ page: http://plus.google.com/+NASABeyond 2012: Google+ Hangout with NASA2012-11-28 20:00:002815  
CosmoQuest42,273Join @102372690636453052676 and @109479143173251353583 for a roundup of this week's most important space-related events, Carl Sagan Day and the Total Solar Eclipse as seen from Cairns, Australia. Get your cosmos and apple pie and join the discussion!Science Hour with Scott and Nicole - Sagan and the Eclipse2012-11-15 01:00:00127  
Fraser Cain984,328Join us once again for another trip to visit the furthest reaches of the Universe. A hardy team of dedicated astronomers will set up their scopes and journey from object to object. We might get a waning Moon, a rising Jupiter and lots of other deep sky objects. We'll even take requests. Because evening arrives earlier, we're able to start earlier, so make sure you doublecheck the start time. If you want to be notified each week about our star parties, make sure you circle @100902337165997768522 on Google+ #vsp-nov4Virtual Star Party - Nov. 4, 20122012-11-05 03:00:00490  
Fraser Cain984,328Join us for a @100902337165997768522  Every week we connect up a bunch of telescopes into a live Google+ hangout and broadcast our view of the night sky. What will we be able to see? We're moving into the Fall constellations now, so many of the bright galaxies like Andromeda and M33 will be visible. It'll be a big bright Full Moon on Sunday, so... there's that. Maybe Jupiter? We'll get started once it gets dark on the West Coast. If you love these star parties, make sure you circle @100902337165997768522 on Google+. Then you'll get an invite each week. #starparty-sep30 I've attached last week's star party so you can get an idea of what this is about.Virtual Star Party - Sep. 30, 20122012-10-01 04:30:00624  
Fraser Cain984,328Join us for a weekly roundup of breaking space news from a dedicated team of space journalists. We may or may not talk about: - The space shuttle Endeavour's transfer to California - Curiosity's analysis of the rock "Jake" on Mars - NASA's plans to build a base beyond the Moon - The possibility that Comet ISON will be the brightest in living memory - A new stratospheric freefall attempt - The Milky Way's galactic halo - The new Hubble eXtreme deep field survey ... and other space stories as they develop. I've attached last week's episode so you'll see what this is all about.Weekly Space Hangout - Sep. 27, 20122012-09-27 19:00:00259  
Fraser Cain984,328*If you want to get a reminder of the Virtual Star Party, you need to confirm that you're going.* *Are you going? Click "Yes"* Every week we connect up multiple telescopes into a @100902337165997768522, and showcase the night sky, right here on Google+. We'll point our telescopes at any planets, Moons or deep sky objects up at the time - even the Sun! We'll also have Ph.D. astronomers on hand to explain the science behind what we're looking at. We'll even take requests. _I'm attaching last week's episode so you can get a sense of what this is all about_ If you want to be notified about future broadcasts, make sure you add the @100902337165997768522 to your circles. #virtualstarparty-sep23Virtual Star Party - Sept. 23, 20122012-09-24 04:30:00424  
Fraser Cain984,328It's time again for another Virtual Star Party. Join us in a Google+ Hangout on Air and see a live view from multiple telescopes broadcasting their view of the night sky. You can even make requests.Virtual Star Party - August 12, 20122012-08-13 05:30:00108  

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