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John Nuntiatio25,447#circles #sharedcircles #circlesharing #circle #circleoftheday #bestofcircles #bestcircleshare #share #tech #business #sport2014-01-25 19:47:3537311113CC G+
Morten Idriss Nygaard5,506This is my first shared circle on G+. A great circle of photographers and people that I admire. #circles   #sharedcircles   #circlesharing   #circle   #circleoftheday   #bestofcircles   #bestcircleshare   #share   #pixelworldcircle   #thebestcirclesongoogle   #thebestcircle              2014-01-11 18:13:22275819CC G+
Pierre Beaubié291Active Canon Photographers===========================This is a public circle of talented, gifted, generous, kind, awesomeCanon Photographers on G+!Look at their work, communicate and learn from them.If you would like to be circulated here in order to discovernew people with similar interest and to gain more followers,please follow these steps:HOW TO BE PART OF IT:====================1) Add this circle to your circles - Add circle2) Share added circle with option "include yourself in shared circle" and original text + hashtags (copy, paste). Done -#cercle #Circle   #Circles   #Public   #PublicCircle   #CircleShare   #CircleSharing #SharePublicCircle   #QSC#circleoftheday #publicsharedcircles   #publiccirclesproject   #sharedcircleoftheday #fullcircleshare   #addmetoyourcircles   #awesomeness   #awesomepeople   #awesomecircle   #awesome     #awesomepeople   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles2013-04-08 09:43:3050113112CC G+
Charles Lupica60,136►►►►►►►═════════════════════◄◄◄◄◄◄◄         Top 500 most followed photographers          ►►►►►►►═════════════════════◄◄◄◄◄◄◄Once again it's time to share my circle of the top 500 most followed photographers.  I'm sharing the circle here but I posted the the full list as a series of posts on +Most Followed Photographers on G+. Photographers with an " * " in front of their name are not included in the numbered count because they only share outside content,  their content is content suitable to a blog and usually has no images associated with it, or they have become mostly or completely inactive on G+.This list was complied from two previous lists and a line-by-line search of CircleCount.  If you know of someone that should have been on the list and isn't, the most likely cause is that their +CircleCount profile doesn't include the word photographer, or camera, photo, or foto. Or, I had a senior moment and missed them.  I thought I had avoided that this time but I still managed to miss +Magnus Ericson should should be around 454. I noticed some interesting things when compiling this circle.  There are a lot of people that moved into the top 500 that abandoned G+ for some reason or their interaction has become one post a month.  I have also noticed that many of the photographers in this group have a lower follower count than they had 6 weeks to 8 weeks ago.  I'm not sure what conclusion can be drawn from this but I find it very curious.To view the lists please see the following links.001 to 080: http://goo.gl/mmr7w  4'431'409 - 55771081 to 160: http://goo.gl/mXuup  55368 - 37454161 to 240: http://goo.gl/rLmy1  37343 - 30457241 to 320: http://goo.gl/o06Hy  30131 -25785321 to 390: http://goo.gl/747Lf  25760 -23013390 to 450: http://goo.gl/xDc2D  23006 - 21347450 to 510: http://goo.gl/sEnac  21321 - 194402013-02-23 23:33:1450013641100CC G+
Jeff Sullivan1,152,722Most-Followed 500 Photographers CircleWhile a circle like this has the obvious drawback of missing some excellent photographers newer to the site, Charles often follows up his Top 500 Most Followed Photographer circle with circles going all the way down to photographers with less than 5000 contacts.  Here are four circles Charles has created to help us discover and recognize photographers at all levels within the G+ community:Under 5000 -    Under 7500 -    Under 15,000 - 500 Most Followed Photographers - (here)I like to interact with people who are active in photography... share at least a photo or two of their own original work per week, so I'll slowly whittle the circle down to a stream of excellent photography (I've started, but may not finish for a few weeks).---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+Charles Lupica  Charles Lupica Dec 25, 2012 (edited)  -  Public►►►►►►►═════════════════════◄◄◄◄◄◄◄         Top 500 most followed photographers list                   circle of 500             and Group 6: 421 to 500►►►►►►►═════════════════════◄◄◄◄◄◄◄If you're not in this circle and you think you should be, I'm sorry.  I have missed a few people by pure accident.  My methods are entirely manual and I do miss people.  I have checked every profile and I have included only those people that share their own work, and share it on G+. Bloggers and people doing mostly reshares weren't included. Some big name photographers that don't share a lot of their own work were included - sorry for the double standard. Here is the 6th and last part  of my list of the top 500 most followed photographers - Here are links to the previous parts of the list.Group 1: http://tinyurl.com/cf58vws - 1 to 100Group 2: http://tinyurl.com/bodaspk - 101 to 193Group 3: http://tinyurl.com/bsb87u4 - 194 to 250 and circleGroup 4: http://tinyurl.com/d4ulv6q  - 250 to 340Group 5: http://tinyurl.com/cjpmgy4 - 341 to 420 Group 6: 421 to 500 and circle of 500 (this post)If you are on this list, I urge you to comment, plus and share the post. I have sifted through lots of pages and circles as well as http://circlecount.com/  to try to get an accurate list. If I'm missing anyone, please let me know.  I have specifically left off a few people who only share links to their content housed elsewhere,  people who share a lot of other people's work without sharing their own, or people that appear to be inactive. The rank numbers are off by 1 because I included the same person twice in an earlier list.#Top500CircleDec   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles  420 +Jennifer Luzio 21797421 +Matt Suess 21794422 +2013-01-07 15:33:25500221451CC G+
Tracy Sydor661Hey just wanted to share this circle with you guys.2012-12-11 16:13:2250013011CC G+
Michael Husband (DazeHub)1,970This Circle simply if the Best Creative You Can Find Today from all Branches of the Spectrum! I've built this Circle and It's time to Share with all! 2012-11-04 23:05:54500606CC G+
Adam Kumiszcza25,614Wildlife photographers v. 23Another full update. All people here were checked "manually" by me to see if they still post wildlife. Some people (+Jari Peltomäki, +Alexander Safonov and others) became inactive here, but there are also some new. Please reshare.To check if you're included here, click on View shared circle and then search for your name in a Search in this circle box.If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here and I'll include you in the next update.2012-10-17 12:39:58500313330CC G+
Rami Saarikorpi14,842The World's Best Photographers circle update is here again! Some modifications, adds and edits done in these circles. This is Circle 2/5. So remember to check the other circles to, if you are looking for your self.IMPORTANT!If you are in one of these circles. Mark + to this update and share it! That's the only way to get more people in these circles and get your self to other circles.2012-10-01 09:37:55498171314CC G+
Robert SKREINER30,054New Circle I-L "10000 Photographers around the world"►► The circles are sorted alphabetically by first name!*All members of the group 10000 Photographers around the World* are now asked to share this brand new Photographer – Circles!See also the page +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World and the daily photo theme:#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER Important: Those, who do not share this circles public, will not be included in the next circle round! It's that simple! And that's only fair! Because if you want to be recommended, you should continue to do so for the other members.If you want also to become a member of Group "10.000 Photographers around the World" , please add the G+Page +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World   and the administrator +Robert SKREINER  to your circles and share this circle public! Then give +1 and post here for adding!See the wonderful Group-List +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World  here:http://www.group.as/10000+photographers+around+the+world/If you are a photographer and you are already in the circles of +Robert SKREINER  and +Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY  , but not in the group and not in the circles, so please post also here! #10000photographerscircleIL2012-08-20 12:36:35393397188CC G+
Anna Nguyen23,683Love my photography circle!2012-08-16 02:11:1150111313CC G+
Ryan Lynham11,576Still having trouble finding G+ to be an active photography community?This is a list of the major players in my photography circles. Add this puppy and I think you'll solve your problem. In fact you might be overwhelmed and wish you had only added a few from it, which is another good idea, depending on your sitch, and what not.The standard circle share spiel: If you want to be in this circle and you aren't, then start sharing good photography and participating. Interaction on my posts / posts of people I follow helps, too. Easy peasy. Please don't ask me to add you. Thanks!Cc-ing +Darren LoPrinzi, who was looking for some good folks to follow. : )2012-07-30 18:23:5920234010CC G+
Christopher Trevino0My Photography Circle continues to grow and grow.While the Circle contains over 1000 people, I can only share 500 of them with you!2012-07-29 04:59:18501201CC G+
Jason Mayes12,371G+ Photography CircleGood day fellow photographers! So over the past year I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many great photographers here on G+. I would therefore like to share with you 500 photographers you probably want to follow if you are looking for like-minded people to add. Let me know if any users are stale and I shall remove them in future shares.Happy circling!2012-07-27 12:00:135015411CC G+
Margaret Tompkins25,055<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Great Photographers With < 25,000 FollowersThe photographers here are all in my personal circles.  The choices are mine and mine alone.  No one asked, begged, or pleaded to belong.  No bribes were offered or accepted.  These are the people that I follow because I appreciate their great quality photography and their interaction.  Most I have met as I help curate several of the photography themes.  There are NO requirements to share this circle.  I would appreciate the people in this circle plus the post, leave a comment, and share the circle as public.  Each profile has been verified by me.  Each has < 25,000 followers (when they were put into the circle), and most are between 10,000 and 25,000 followers.  They each have high quality original photography content.  You won’t find many animated gifs!I wasn’t included, what do I do?  If you meet the criteria, weren’t included, but think you should be, then leave me a comment.  Maybe I don’t know about you.  There are millions of people on G+ and I don’t know everyone.  However, I’ll be happy to have a look at your work if you will call it to my attention.There’s a really great photographer XXX that you didn’t include.  Please feel free to recommend qualified people.  I discover new people every day and would be happy to look at their work.  Please make sure that the recommended person meets the criteria.  If they don’t then that tells me a lot about you! #Circleshare     #Sharedcircles  2012-07-25 23:09:23497213120211CC G+
Martin Bailey37,482It's been a while since I shared my Photography circle, so here goes.This circle is the result of a year on Google+ interacting with many, many amazing photographers. It isn't a comprehensive list of the best photogs on G+, and it doesn't contain everyone that I interact with or follow. I have a few other circles for people that share good info but don't interact, and I have some lists of friends that haven't taken the time to upload enough photos to make their profile look pretty. I'll shift them over when their profiles look good. Superficial? Yes, but I like things to look pretty.This isn't a list that I'll add people to on request. If our paths cross and you share good content, I'll add you in due course. If you think you should be in here but aren't, I'm sorry. Let's stay friends and you'll be in their someday if you continue to share original and interesting photography related information.There are also a number of people that write in Japanese in here. If you don't like posts in languages you don't understand, weed those plussers out later, but they are in the list primarily because they're great photographers, so hopefully you'll keep them circled.Enjoy...2012-07-18 12:47:18438501350CC G+
Wendy Stever3,462Wanted to share this circle for all those that love to do floral photography.  If you know of someone I missed, PLEASE let me know.  ENJOY!2012-07-04 14:13:472042417CC G+
Johan Ottosson0Some great photographers to follow #photography   #sharedcircles Stolen from another shared circle, but wtf2012-06-21 20:54:27500502CC G+
Adam Kumiszcza24,094Wildlife photographers v. 22Another full update. All people here were checked "manually" by me to see if they still post wildlife. Please reshare.To check if you're included here, click on View shared circle and then search for your name in a Search in this circle box.If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here and I'll include you in the next update.2012-06-18 06:02:16490686373CC G+
Charles Lupica41,429∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞         The most followed Photographers on G+          ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞                       550 photographers to follow                   ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ #550MostFollowedPhotographers corrections, please add:+Sangeeth VS   +Radek Vik +Christa Laser +Robert van Koesveld+Pierre Steenkamp  Have you ever wondered who are the 550 most followed photographers on G+? I mean, you've seen circles for "Most interactive photographers", The Kick Ass Photographers", "The Inspirational Photographers", "The best Nature and Wildlife Photographers", and the list goes on.This post contains a list and a circle. The circle contains the 500 most followed photographers with less than 60'000 followers.  The list is a list of photographers that have more than 60'000 followers.  Most people on the list have over 1 million followers because they are on the G+ list of suggested users (commonly referred to as the SUL).  But who are the most followed ? Here is an updated version of a circle  I shared a few months back. I have tried to find all of the top photographers and add them to this circle. Obviously the last 50 places probably change daily so this is the list as I checked it before sharing. The number of followers needed to be on the list has changed a lot over the last 4 months.  Back in February you needed  13'117 followers, in mid-June that number is around 17'200. Why is this circle of interest ? Well, because it wasn't chosen by me or any other individual. It was chosen by the G+ community. Some of the people in the circle are great photographers, some are great at being interactive, some are just plain good at marketing themselves, and many have a combination of the above. But, in the end, the G+ community has chosen them as the top 550 photographers to follow.• Why is xxxx not on the list ?  Photographers that haven't been active on G+ for more than 6 weeks weren't included.  Several photographers that only post sporadically and generally less than one post a month aren't included• If you find someone on the list that you don't really think is a photographer, send me an email and / or a private post and I'll look into removing them or leave a comment below.• If you know of someone that I missed that has more than 17'200 followers, let me know and I'll add them to the list for next time.• You could call this the User's Choice Award circle because people on G+ have chosen to follow the people in this list and circle. Why share this circle ? Photographers were among the first people to embrace G+. Over the last few months I have seen photographers add significant numbers of followers and fall in over all standings. Wordy people and celebrities are overtaking photographers. +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk and +Lisa Bettany are the only photographer2012-06-14 13:42:29500244215241CC G+
bish s10,331500 people from my photography circle for +Stephanie Fecik. My circle has more people but the sharing feature limits me to only 500 of them!2012-05-29 19:48:23500503CC G+
Robert SKREINER25,983+10000 Photographers around the World - Circle 1.2 (second update)All members of the group 10000 Photographers around the World are now urged to share this brand new Photographer - Circles!Important: Those, who do not publicly share this circles will not be included in the next circle! It's that simple! And that's only fair!If you want also to become a member of Group "10.000 Photographers around the World", please read the rules of +10000 Photographers around the World, share this circle, give +1 to this circle and comment here to this original post and circle!See the wonderful Group-List +10000 Photographers around the World here: http://www.group.as/10000+photographers+around+the+world/If you are a photographer and you are already in the circles of +Robert SKREINER and +Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY , but not in the group and not in the circles, so please post also here!+Colby Brown - +Star Rush - +Victor Bezrukov - +Leanne Staples - +Athena Carey - +Kjetil Greger Pedersen - +Takahiro Yamamoto - +Jessy Eykendorp - etc.2012-05-11 01:25:514986810264CC G+
Mike Shaw1,146,786Circle Share ThreeThis is a circle that I have been putting together since I joined G+, it a selection of photographers in all different stages of skill levels that I feel are up and coming and some to look out for.Last share of the day :)2012-04-17 13:41:293279352148CC G+
Mike Shaw1,146,786Circle Share DaySomething I have fallen out of the habit of doing and I need to get my backside back into gear for, I have three circles to share, this being the first.This is Women Photographers Of G+ and yes you will notice that +Olav Folland is both male and in there but after a cock up by me I decided to make him an honourary woman photographer, I don't think he is complaining though considering the company he keeps ;)2012-04-17 13:35:395007747134CC G+
Nurcan Azaz12,803My "Photographer Friends" circleThis is the first time I wanted to share my circle. Most of you already know these great photographers. I recommend for new followers if you did not add yet.We are not mutual friends or did not mutually interact some of them yet, but I like calling all as my friends, because making my days more colorful and inspiring my photography with the great works every day.Feel free to share this circle !2012-04-11 20:36:0129139115CC G+
Adam Kumiszcza21,730Wildlife photographers v. 21Full update.It has been two months since my last full update. I browsed through each person here to check if she/he continues to share own wildlife photos. Many were found inactive again, but also some people reappeared. Please reshare.To check if you're included here, click on View shared circle and then search for your name in a Search in this circle box.If you post wildlife photos regularly on G+, please comment here and I'll include you in the next update.2012-03-30 07:11:05500578166CC G+
Fred Wierda810I share this interesting circle whit you2012-03-12 10:24:3049915815CC G+
Wayne Marinovich11,156Following on the heels of my Wildlife and Landscape circles that I shared over the last 2 weeks, comes my more general categories. These are great pros's and amateurs that shoot across a varied range of genres and topics.Below is the Circle number 2 of 3 Photographer and photography related folks that I follow. I have tried to include people that share their own content, update the profile and update their great work on a regular basis.Enjoy, share and follow.I will share the last one soonStay well2012-03-09 17:23:144961147CC G+
Robert SKREINER20,376Group 10.000 Photographers around the World Circle 1.1 (1st update)http://www.group.as/10000+photographers+around+the+world/http://gpc.fm/l/10photographers+10000 Photographers around the World If you like the circle, please give +1 and share it!All members and interested photographers please share this circle and post!I'm sorry, but missing some members. I cannot find the error. Please report here.Members who have not shared the original post, were deliberately omitted, because it is not clear, whether they also want to be in the next public circle. But these are just a few. All other members will be in the second circle in the following days. All those who are not yet in the group will be added as soon as possible. Please be patient. If you like the circle please share it!If you want to become a member of Group 10.000 Photographers around the World, please read the rules and comment here:+10000 Photographers around the World +Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY +Dog Lovers Worldwide - DLW +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide2012-02-27 22:42:06500149152119CC G+
Mike Shaw758,388Women Photographer's Of G+It has taken a while to compile this circle as women photographers only account for around 30% of the photographers currently on G+, hence the reason for the share. I have to say in building this circle (and any other circles out there) you really get to see the depth of talent that is on G+.I hope you add this as it will only enlighten your on line experience.2012-02-26 14:38:03500187128237CC G+
Joe Vallee5,740*Good morning / good afternoon / good evening where ever you are in the world*TOP +PE PhotogsThis circle is one that is worth having in your circles.(1 of 2) (due to 500 person circle limit)See the info belowIt is a very good one for new people to jump-start their selves if they are fans of good photography and helpful photographers! Re-share it with your own friends.There are some must haves like +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Mike Shaw +Alan Shapiro +Klaus Herrmann +Austin Thomas +Benjamin Chase +Patrick Di Fruscia +Darren White +Joe Azure +Hengki Koentjoro +Jesse Estes +Peter From +Olivier Du Tré +Alvin Ing +Alexander Safonov +Mihailo Radičević +Johan Swanepoel2012-02-21 17:30:184951487CC G+
Rami Saarikorpi10,129World's best Photographers in G+ (Circle 2/5)These photographers circles is a collection of world's best photographers. Over 2000 members!If you are not in these circles (and you should be), just share it and you will be added. (if you are a photographer)ATTENTION! If you are not in the first circle, check the other 4 circles that are published by me.2012-02-20 08:14:085015310CC G+
Wayne Marinovich10,421Hello everyone.Though it was about time to share a my first circle with the good folks in Googleshere. And my first share is on a subject that is close to my heart - Nature and wildlife.This is my Wildlife and Nature Photographers circle that i follow and there are some great pros in this circle as well as some up and coming talents. The main criteria for this circle was always that they shoot their own content. Happy to add more, or include folks that you think should be included as longs they have their own content and have a reasonable update profile.Hope you enjoy their great work and feel free to pass it on..Stay well2012-02-17 17:28:2743219810CC G+
Billy Wilson30,060Interactive People on G+: Part OneYesterday I asked people who they thought was the most interactive person they have found on G+ and I got a lot of responses. Since people from many different communities responded I ended up with a sampling of people from across a lot of the G+ world. Since there was interest in having a circle created of the people nominated in my threads I made this circle. I'm still working through all of the nominations and will have another circle ready once I'm done working through my threads. You can still nominate people on this post: https://plus.google.com/105706178492556563330/posts/bTjXGJcRNcK The original post hit the 500 comment maximum. You can also nominate on this circle share post as well. #CircleShare2012-01-31 20:54:52501249133190CC G+
Joao Alves3,734I share with you my photographers' circle.2012-01-27 20:28:14500103CC G+
Charles Lupica22,689▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬►►►►►►►►►►►►►◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄►►►          Version 3 - The final cut         ◄◄◄►►►          500 great photographers        ◄◄◄►►►       with less than 20'000 followers     ◄◄◄►►►►►►►►►►►►►◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Here's a circle of photographers with less than 20'000 followers. I think all have some great images to share. Some are fantastic, some awesome. Add this circle, find the ones you enjoy, remove the ones that just aren't to your taste. I think there's a nice cross-section of photographers doing portrait, landscape, B&W, ... ► Only you can decide which are really awesome, enjoy and share.► What's that you say ? There's only 501 !!! I thought maybe you wouldn't mind if I added myself to this circle even though I have more than 20'000 followers"► Many of the people in this circle were recommended by their piers, the G+ community► Every profile was verified. If I saw animated gifs, a slew of shares or too little photography, the profile wasn't added. As a result of re-verifying the profiles, some people that were in the earlier circle aren't in this one. Some people that expect to be in this circle, aren't.► +Colby Brown shared an important circle, "Photographic Circle of Inspiration". A lot of people in this circle are in that circle - just normal overlap. However, a lot of people that were in this circle have shot way past it.► +Mike Shaw also shared an important circle, "Women Photographers on G+". This also helped to put people way over the limit. If you're a woman photographer on G+ you'll want to look at Mike's stream to add the circle and / or ask Mike to add you to the next version.Unfortunately, when you do a circle like this, some people will be unhappy because they were left out. I made the final decision and I'm sorry if I left you out. ► +Mike Shaw is also building a circle of interesting people (not necessarily photographers) who have less than 30'000 followers. Anyone can make oen and only one recommendation. ► If you're a landscape photographer and you don't know +Johan Peijnenburg and his landscape and Nature Photographers circle, be sure to make his acquaintance ► Architecture and B&W photographers should become acquainted with +David Bowden and +Joel Tjintjelaar (B&W + Long Exposure) ► Check out +Daily Photography Themes and +2012-01-27 16:29:325011438679CC G+
Johan Peijnenburg27,379Selected Nature & Landscape Photographers (update v6)Here's an update of the Nature & Landscape Photographers circle. I have reviewed 350 new requests and re-checked the existing 450 and selected the 400 photographers I liked best.Want to get in? Leave a comment or contact me directly, if you feel you meet the criteria: an on-line portfolio with good images + posting nature and landscape work regularly on G+. Feel free to re-share!http://www.niophoto.com/2012-01-25 14:34:37400305178118CC G+
Lammert Doddema (Photos)1,774ð BREAKFAST CLUB CIRCLE ð TOP 200made for Google+ users, by Google+ usersOriginal idea by +Stuart Williams ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE (instructions below)Requirements: Enjoy & be Enjoyed HOW TO JOIN IN:1) ADD this Circle & SHARE this post.2) Add the tag #BreakfastClub to any of your morning uploads.Optional: Visit +Breakfast Club & select FOLLOW for all future updates and Photo Features. 3) use "SEARCH GOOGLE+" type in - #BreakfastClub whenever you want to view any of the latest morning uploads from around the World. It's always Breakfast time somewhere, so there will always be a fresh image to view whenever you like. SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW BREAKFAST CLUB G+'rsNow that more people can see your work, let them know by visiting. And, it's always nice while you're viewing to add a +1, Comment and/or Share whenever possible, it helps someone's day start with a smile.2012-01-24 13:17:53201001CC G+
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Daniel Ely Rankin13,619+Max Huijgen requested a recent share of this circle.I asked for peoples 3 favorite Gplussers and this is what they gave me so far!The thread is still going, I love these posts because they quickly stray from typical shared circles and break out past normal social clicks:https://plus.google.com/109596373340495798827/posts/X7Q8EvGEbEa2012-01-22 19:15:0678446CC G+
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Daniel Sjostrom16,425Think it's about 5 months since I last shared my "Inspirational" circle and since the population has increased with almost 100% here we go again.These photographers are the one's I interact with most on Google+, ranging from pure amateurs to full-blood pro's. This is my "go-to" circle when I want to be inspired, have interesting conversation or just get a good laugh!(I'm sure I've missed to include some people or even accidently deleted some. If that's the case, please let me know and I'll review your profile again).2012-01-18 16:58:1816715315CC G+
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Joe Vallee3,108*Good morning / good afternoon / good evening where ever you are in the world*TOP +PE Photogs*This circle is one that is worth having in your circles.(1 of 2) (due to 500 person circle limit)It is a great one for new people to jump start their selves if they are fans of good photography and helpful photographers! Re-share it with your own friends.*There are some must haves like +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Mike Shaw +Alan Shapiro +Klaus Herrmann +Scott Jarvie +Benjamin Chase +Patrick Di Fruscia +Darren White +Joe Azure +Hengki Koentjoro +Jesse Estes +Peter From +Olivier Du Tré +Alvin Ing +Alexander Safonov +Mihailo Radičević and many other incredible photographers that share their photos and knowledge.If you have not yet experienced the daily dose of what +2012-01-10 15:44:02495021CC G+
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Anja Mackenbach0I want to share my circle of female photogs ... lots of lovely talented ladies in there ... if I've forgotten someone pls leave a message in the comments and I'll add you ...2012-01-04 14:22:1638811411CC G+

Latest posts

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2013-01-17 17:12:36 (18 comments, 8 reshares, 83 +1s)

Light & shadow.

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2013-01-09 15:45:32 (7 comments, 1 reshares, 43 +1s)

The pale autumn. Just dug this photo out of my October archives.

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2012-12-10 13:45:27 (1 comments, 0 reshares, 14 +1s)

The Master Shift - 12.12.12 - Global UNITY Moment - Let's Make History!

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2012-10-25 12:05:49 (9 comments, 3 reshares, 48 +1s)

For #leavesonthursday curated by +Ray Bilcliff and +Marilou Aballe.

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2012-10-23 12:49:00 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 44 +1s)

Two tiny fungi hidden in moss. I don't think I'd have noticed them but for all the acrobatics I was doing on the ground with the camera lol. #bokeh

Exposure - 0.001 sec (1/1250)
Aperture - f/2
Focal Length - 135mm
ISO Speed - 100

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2012-10-21 18:25:40 (9 comments, 2 reshares, 31 +1s)

For #SpiderSunday curated by +Chris Mallory and +Kjetil Greger Pedersen.

I unfortunately don't know the ID of this spider. If anyone does, please share. :)

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2012-10-19 17:50:24 (9 comments, 0 reshares, 35 +1s)

#FallFriday curated by +Karin Nelson and +Stephonie Ogden.
#ColorsOnFriday curated by +Karsten Meyer.

posted image

2012-10-19 14:30:33 (4 comments, 0 reshares, 2 +1s)

Not a photo this time, but something about a topic I've always been concerned about. Genetically modified food. This video is the best I've seen so far. Please watch. It's long, but it's worth it as long as we want like to take care of our own and our kids' health better.

What's your opinion about GMO food? Are you OK with it, or do you try to avoid it at all costs? This topic is quite controversial, and I'd love to hear your opinions. (I'm not going to argue with anyone whatsoever because everyone can have their own point of view. I just really wonder what people think.)

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2012-10-19 11:32:45 (6 comments, 1 reshares, 29 +1s)

For #floralfriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

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2012-10-19 05:06:06 (1 comments, 3 reshares, 27 +1s)

Still catching up on the red fox images I took back in May and June.  This cute pup was caught with some really nice warm light.

Red Fox Kit - Vulpes vulpes - Missoula, Montana

www.andrewkandel.com for more images of red foxes and other wildlife of the Rocky Mountains.


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2012-10-18 15:24:18 (12 comments, 0 reshares, 46 +1s)

For #leavesonthursday curated by +Ray Bilcliff and +Marilou Aballe.
Also for #paintography curated by +Sherry McBriar, +Gail Beerman, +Carol Small, and +Ray Bilcliff.

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2012-10-18 04:59:24 (3 comments, 0 reshares, 14 +1s)

Meticulously Masterful At Mesmerizing With Magic

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2012-10-17 16:59:18 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 33 +1s)

We walk and hardly notice it under our feet, but miraculous is the moment when we stop and realize how beautiful simple grass can be...

posted image

2012-10-17 10:35:01 (4 comments, 2 reshares, 31 +1s)

Is it #MacroMonday already? Curated by +Kelli Seeger Kim, +Jennifer Eden and +Kerry Murphy of course!

Here's a water droplet refraction photograph, taken yesterday. I usually take one or two pics when I take my students on workshops, and yesterday was the field trip for my Macro Photography class. Everyone went home with a refraction photo in a spider web, but this one was made using flower seeds.

And, unlike my normal macro work, this image is not focus stacked. Only one frame was used in this image. View large!

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2012-10-16 14:43:36 (3 comments, 4 reshares, 22 +1s)

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

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2012-10-16 08:23:30 (7 comments, 0 reshares, 19 +1s)

The Ladybug wears no disguises.
She is just what she advertises.
A speckled spectacle of spring,
A fashion statement on the wing...
A miniature orange kite.
A tiny dot-to-dot delight.

~ J. Patrick Lewis, "The Little Buggers"

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2012-10-15 12:03:11 (13 comments, 2 reshares, 35 +1s)

One more to the collection of #MacroMonday curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden and +Kelli Seeger Kim.

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2012-10-15 05:30:05 (7 comments, 2 reshares, 35 +1s)

My contribution to #MacroMonday curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden and +Kelli Seeger Kim. I hope you girls still remember me. ;)

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2012-10-14 19:35:04 (8 comments, 0 reshares, 16 +1s)

Hi everyone!

How have you all been doing? This chicken's expression is approximately what I look like now after several month break from G+, lol (peering into it... and trying to see what's new...)

posted image

2012-05-18 05:35:55 (12 comments, 2 reshares, 41 +1s)

For #FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock. ~Henry Ward Beecher

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2012-05-16 05:45:40 (5 comments, 0 reshares, 43 +1s)

...and the endless blue sky. :) For #WildlifeWednesday curated by +Mike Spinak.

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2012-05-15 08:34:12 (5 comments, 1 reshares, 39 +1s)

#GrassTuesday by +Ray Bilcliff, +Marilou Aballe, and +Margaret Tompkins

#GrassPoker by +Jules Falk Hunter

#allthingsgreen by +Cicely Robin Laing

posted image

2012-05-14 12:59:00 (12 comments, 0 reshares, 44 +1s)

Something for #MacroMonday curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Kelli Seeger Kim and +Jennifer Eden.
These are the hairiest antennae I've ever seen!

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2012-05-12 06:35:03 (9 comments, 4 reshares, 69 +1s)

It's #Caturday! :D +Christophe Friedli and +Lee Daniels, here I am finally with new cat shots. ^^ This kitty isn't mine though, she was visiting us and exploring our yard. Her emerald eyes were captivating. ♥

posted image

2012-05-11 13:19:35 (14 comments, 2 reshares, 70 +1s)

Sometimes just looking up and seeing the light is enough. ~Terri Guillemets

With this shot, I was looking down at grass at about 8 AM. Morning has become my favourite time of the day for photography, especially if it's sunny. The dew under your feet takes you to another world full of purity and sunlight. At moments like that, I wish I could turn into an ant for an hour. ;)


posted image

2012-05-11 10:42:03 (2 comments, 4 reshares, 25 +1s)

“Who will tell whether one happy moment of love or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies.” ~Erich Fromm

For #floralfriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

posted image

2012-05-11 08:11:20 (10 comments, 0 reshares, 49 +1s)

For #FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

posted image

2012-05-10 10:08:38 (13 comments, 8 reshares, 77 +1s)

Vivid wings of summer. :)

posted image

2012-05-05 16:13:02 (10 comments, 2 reshares, 5 +1s)

Image Theft Again

My friend +Manuel Votta notified me about a fellow named +Paul Borges who steals images and post them as his own. Look what he did to my picture. He took out my copyright notice and added his own. Well... That is fraud. That guy is in for a nasty surprise...

I want to ask all of you to check his feed since it's full of images that he obviously did not take. This dude is a thief and we should let him know that the Google+ way. Head over to his feed, leave a comment there on what you think about that and flag his pictures with copyright infringement.

Let's keep Google+ clean.

Thank you in advance.

posted image

2012-05-04 15:35:53 (5 comments, 2 reshares, 26 +1s)

One more delicate flower for #FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

By the way, does anyone know how this flower is called? It was small, about 2.5 cm in diameter. There's something in my head and I'm sure it's an easy name that I know but I just can't remember. :)

posted image

2012-05-04 13:40:21 (5 comments, 6 reshares, 13 +1s)

This just made me laugh out loud! xD

posted image

2012-05-04 09:30:46 (6 comments, 0 reshares, 46 +1s)

My #floralfriday contribution. Curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

2012-05-04 06:22:48 (0 comments, 0 reshares, 4 +1s)

Hi guys!

If you have cats, please consider adding this page to your circles - +IBDKitties. The main topic of the page is how to prevent and treat Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and there's also a lot of useful information about cat health and care in general. :)

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2012-05-03 09:30:09 (9 comments, 1 reshares, 43 +1s)

A few weeks ago I shared this shot in black and white. Which do you find more interesting, this one or the original BW one?

The black and white shot can be seen here:



posted image

2012-05-02 14:05:43 (17 comments, 2 reshares, 61 +1s)

Morning dew. It's one of the most amazing things to look at, if you look closely and attentively, with your heart open to the ethereal beauty of this world. :)

#macro #macrophotography

posted image

2012-05-02 08:44:53 (11 comments, 0 reshares, 44 +1s)

A very wild fly for #wildlifewednesday +Wildlife Wednesdays curated by +Mike Spinak.

#macro #supermacro #macrophotography #macrophoto

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2012-05-01 14:32:32 (18 comments, 1 reshares, 72 +1s)

My contribution to

+Bokeh Tuesday #bokehtuesday curated by +Bob Baxley


+Grass Tuesday #grasstuesday curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Marilou Aballe and +Margaret Tompkins.

posted image

2012-04-24 12:07:33 (16 comments, 3 reshares, 33 +1s)

Anyone wants to guess what it was? :)

posted image

2012-04-23 13:55:42 (1 comments, 2 reshares, 8 +1s)

If my memory is true, there was a #DailyInspiration tag or something? I hope it's still in use.

I just came across this page and - wow - that's the kind of photography that makes me want to shoot something stupendous, too. A great idea wonderfully done. Just look at those faces! ♥

+Seth Casteel is the photographer. (I wish he was more active here on G+!)

Anyhow, enjoy! :)

posted image

2012-04-20 08:21:32 (16 comments, 1 reshares, 53 +1s)

My #FloralFriday contribution. Curated by +Tamara Pruessner.

posted image

2012-04-18 14:11:31 (0 comments, 2 reshares, 23 +1s)


Add it to your circles +Water Bird Wednesday - All kinds of Water Birds.

Curators +Sherry McBriar +Margaret Tompkins +Ray Bilcliff
Use Tag. #WaterBirdWednesday

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2012-04-18 08:32:42 (11 comments, 3 reshares, 51 +1s)

Black and white glitter.

posted image

2012-04-16 12:57:04 (23 comments, 1 reshares, 57 +1s)

It's been a while since I participated in daily photo themes on G+, so it's time to catch up! Here's my contribution to #macromonday curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden and +Kelli Seeger Kim.

This photo is a result of me forgetting to change the aperture from f/2.8 to f/11. ^^ Obviously, the DOF here is not what you'd usually want in macro photography, but I like this particular shot anyway because - wow - I managed to get the main details somewhat in focus with f/2.8!

posted image

2012-04-13 05:53:58 (4 comments, 5 reshares, 10 +1s)

It was a trap!

Anyone needs a smile this morning? I stumbled upon this video yesterday, and this little cat prank made me laugh my head off, really. :))

posted image

2012-04-12 14:00:51 (14 comments, 0 reshares, 57 +1s)

Wow just look at that... you turn away only for a bit and everything around has already changed! (Meaning the new Google+ design.) I won't grumble about the white space on the right since I've already seen a lot of rant about it, I just hope a fix will come at some point. :)

Time to update my droplets album!

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2012-03-05 05:37:53 (25 comments, 3 reshares, 71 +1s)

#MacroMonday jewellery. :) Have a nice week everyone!

posted image

2012-03-03 16:41:28 (12 comments, 2 reshares, 40 +1s)

It's #Caturday ! More pictures for +Christophe Friedli and +Lee Daniels!

In case you start wondering why he had such an expressive look, here's the pre-story. He sprayed. We used NO (!) punishment but words about how bad he had behaved and how disappointed we were. I think he got the idea lol. Now tell me animals don't understand words!

posted image

2012-03-01 18:54:35 (29 comments, 2 reshares, 69 +1s)

Snowflake spree goes on! :)

posted image

2012-03-01 14:14:45 (0 comments, 6 reshares, 20 +1s)

Snowflake-a-Day #92:
Leap-day snowflake! We had a wet snow storm followed by freezing rain yesterday, definitely not the most ideal situation for beautiful snowflakes - but I did find a few! Here's my favourite from February 29th. A special thanks to the followers that found me recently from +Lana Walker - much appreciated Lana! View this image large! :)
#ThirstyThursday by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra

posted image

2012-03-01 06:34:51 (0 comments, 4 reshares, 20 +1s)

Snowflake-a-Day #90:
Into the home stretch now! I really like the level of detail in this one, and the branch jutting out of the surface adds some nice dimension to it. It's funny, I often fine snowflakes that form this way and sometimes break off the protruding branches for a cleaner image. This one gets away with it though :)

View large to see the detail - you won't be disappointed!


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