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Daniel Enloe has been at 12 events

Tim Clary250,378Come get yer drink and yer draw on with the fine folks at Roc Brewing Co. (http://rocbrewingco.com/)! Enjoy a tasty brew while checking out my very first solo art show! Who knows, you might even see yourself on the wall! The final week of June is a great time to be in the city as Rochester plays host to the Rochester International Jazz Festival (http://www.rochesterjazz.com/). There are several free shows scheduled for that weekend, so the town will be rockin’ long after we’re tired of doodlin’. My show will be up until the end of July, so if you can’t make it for this event and you’re in the Rochester, NY area stop in anytime. Hope to see ya there!Drink N Draw - Reception2013-06-29 00:00:008  
Sarah Hill2,867,350Calling all inhabitants of the Ghost Town.   Let's #HIRL in Austin, TX!!!   (Hangout In Real Life). Hear how ★ Plusketeers are using the +Google+  platform to create their own #humanmedia posse and how 2013 could be the year for + Google +.  Our venue only holds 100 so you *must RVSP* early and email googleplus@vu.com if you'd like to join us for lunch. +Veterans United is picking up the tab for free food and drinks but you're ghosts...so you don't eat much right?  ♥♥♥   #SXSWHIRL  HIRL in Austin, TX2013-03-09 12:00:00242  
Scott Jarvie443,884UPDATE: it's online now: http://youtu.be/-DItFCAg4jM  *We like to call this a "PLUS ONE PARTY"* Because people submit links to their albums and we look through the pictures and _*we plus one the pictures we like*_ in the album. It's my way of giving quick feedback to people about which pictures really catch my attention out of their images. It's quick and yet helpful. Last time we looked at over 120 albums *LIVE PUBLIC HANGOUT* Yep it'll be a live public hangout again. Shorter and more awesome than last time. So if you LINK us an album make sure you know they will be on video and then on youtube. We're both really nice people and with people pictures we worry about commentary for fear they're related to you or something. But we may make commentary and you gotta be alright with that as well.  The video won't be edited when it goes onto youtube. I'm basically saying: _*The easily offended need not apply*_ *THEME = PEOPLE PICTURES* @109486822103622036238 and myself have a separate project going on where we're spending dozens of hours researching to find great photographers and create the most awesome list of "people shooters" https://plus.google.com/u/0/100962871525684315897/posts/UMBDiPKJqKa So therefore we've made the theme this time to People pictures as well because that's what mood we're in. If you already have an album like that share it. Or maybe put together another one in the next 24hrs that you'd like us to go through.  Professional work, weddings, families, kids, selfies, street candids, models etc *JOIN IN* This time we'll be linking the albums and having people join us as we go through the pictures... so you may be getting a lot more plus ones (eyeballs) than normal. *FAQ* We won't be looking at non-people pictures even if they're in the album. We'd rather not look at crazy large albums so try to keep them under 50 (but we can be a bit lenient) Please submit open/public albums specially since other people than myself will be wanting to view. Make sure you're following myself (@100962871525684315897 ) and @109486822103622036238  who'll be the moderators of the video. We're looking for someone awesome to help out on the show and provide interesting insights about the people who's work we're looking through so we can focus on the task at hand. *SHARE* Let your friends who photograph people know that it's a fun and easy opportunity. *VIEW* Hope to see you there during the live viewing saturday night at 9pm Mountain time We'll be using this Event as the chat log for the event. *ALBUMS* 1. +susan marinello - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109486822103622036238/albums/5787749627481544897 2. +scott jarvie - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/100962871525684315897/albums/5628519010157340641 3. +Jason Jakober - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/111397628815301589258/albums/5790838803220260353 4. +Paul R. Giunta - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/116197193480724162859/albums/5635977219905633425 5. Eustace James - https://pluAlbum Viewing Party - People Themed (A Jarvie Production)2012-09-24 05:00:0076  
Isabelle Fortin27,338Whatever your poison of choice is, I am hoping everyone can raise a glass to celebrate Mark Rodriguez's Birthday on Sunday Sept. 23rd. Mark will be away on a trip in wine country so I thought we could all post a photo raising a glass and toasting one of the best people on G+ Cheers !! Raise your Glass to International Godriguez Day ! Happy Birthday Mark :)2012-09-23 05:30:00144  
beatstone2,106,483Join us for @103083353388507768122 "In The Spotlight!" this Monday with guest Singer Songwriter @102200998221061156689! You can view "In The Spotlight!" Live on Google+ or our YouTube page at goo.gl/qS77Z  Future Shows goo.gl/j6cyI"In The Spotlight!" Laura Marie2012-09-11 02:00:0083  
Tim Clary250,378It’s been one year since my first post on G+! Let’s celebrate with some live drawing and some surprise guests. This will be an On-Air hangout so I’ll be drawing first and drinking later, but feel free to bring your own adult beverage of choice and/or your sketchpad.Friday Night Drink & Draw2012-08-18 03:00:0011  
matthew rappaport222,696*NYC @116758906530929229377 Concert on Friday, August 10, 2012 as part of #nychirl2  weekend*   Join us as we rock and roll all through the night with +Amazing music, laughs, and more at this @101066233324483545716 @107733598197138913821 Free Concert @The Living Room NYC (No Tickets Required!) It'll be amazing to see each other after 6 months and reunite where we had an EPIC Party the 1st time round & meet new PLUSpals.                             An All-Star+ Music Lineup & Surprises: Starting at 9pm : @114728696012925918708 & @107291158434082397409  The Living Room NYC Located at 154 Ludlow Street http://www.livingroomny.com Are you coming to the Official #nychirl2  Weekend concert? OH WHAT A +NIGHT! A Major @103052407716987048126 to rock your world and it'll all be BROADCAST live via a #hangoutsonair ! You won't have to miss a thing! (Although we do want to see you dance & smile!)                     Lots of fun in store for the Night and entire weekend! For more info about the #nychirl2  Weekend happening the 2nd weekend of August : Thursday, August 9 - Monday, August 13, 2012 Check out the @101560853443212199687 @117173351243749913463 Page:  https://plus.google.com/events/cca0dj8ro36ruegud2go8ap9rg0/111048918866742956374 Any Questions? Comment below or @111048918866742956374!  #plusversary   #nychirl   #livemusic   #coolhangouts   #nowTHISiscommunity   Latest Post with +H.I.R.L.tinerary for the weekend to check out: https://plus.google.com/111048918866742956374/posts/7pbifsbxuRk H.I.R.L. - Hangout In Real Life Memories2012-08-10 21:00:0069  
matthew rappaport222,696New York City @116758906530929229377 - #nychirl2  is the second gathering of plussers from all over the world in the *Big Apple* ..people that have met through hangouts, the stream and each other after all this time will see each other for the 1st time (some for a +2nd or +5th!) For more Info, check out this as the MAIN LINK: https://plus.google.com/111048918866742956374/posts/bPdLAHb9Zxq If you plan on attending, please fill out this Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHVzbVZYRkpIVUhGUURjOG9rM3E3M3c6MQ#gid=0 Latest Post with +H.I.R.L.tinerary for the weekend to check out: https://plus.google.com/111048918866742956374/posts/7pbifsbxuRk Including:  *LIVE+2* Concert on Friday, August 10 with  @107291158434082397409 @114728696012925918708  and tons of surprises!  Free & No Tickets Required  - Check out the @117173351243749913463 Page: https://plus.google.com/events/cm0ba50jg4serfo2nhdqr7mt09s/111048918866742956374 Central Park Photowalk on Saturday, August 11 at Dusk lead by @111562638514922412630 and @116772729918158930905  @117919035512385730921 will be joining the Photowalk so make sure you circle them to receive a special piece of swag on Saturday.  Pubcrawl/Dinner headed by Chef @110765037159669773691  Art of the @116758906530929229377 RSVP EVENT PAGE: https://plus.google.com/events/cfufpu275s3f8mtdd66fmdg3k0o/111048918866742956374 Submit your Work Page via Photos (Until Wed. Noon ET): https://plus.google.com/events/c53no71a1v2u0blr7568vchjcis/111048918866742956374 and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!! @115626641875816620951  #nychirl2  Logo Above by the @107733598197138913821 @117344786984788205452     For more of his Awesome Art: http://mikesearleart.comNew York City SUMMER H.I.R.L. - Hangout In Real Life #nychirl22012-08-09 15:00:0041  
Google Play9,900,024Get your song requests and questions ready for @110748045588517484202! On August 3rd at 12PM PST Suite 709 will be hanging out live on @106886664866983861036. If you want to be chosen as one of the lucky participants, circle @106886664866983861036, submit your best questions and song request below. Please also submit the best way to contact you here: http://goo.gl/Bx2Ic.  Suite 709 is a Chronicle-Award-Winning soul band based in Austin, TX. Constantly innovating and finding new ways to bring music to fans on G+, they have been recognized as "Top 5 Soul Bands of 2011" - Austin Chronicle. Check out their music on Google Play http://goo.gl/3wl9u Google Play presents: Suite 709 Hangout on Air2012-08-03 21:00:00108  
Lotus Carroll1,771,645Join @107430862196617669986 and myself on June 30th for a Live, On-Air Hangout Concert with @110748045588517484202 in celebration of Google+ turning 1 Year Old! We'll be partying with the band in their studio and we want you all to rock out with us. :)  Be here on my account at 2:30 Central and check it out. We'll be ready to party, and you won't want to miss the performance by @110748045588517484202 - and they say they're giving a special gift to all their Google+ friends, so be there!On-Air Hangout Concert with Suite 7092012-06-30 21:30:0068  
Lotus Carroll1,771,645Has it been a year already? Yes it has! Let's celebrate the one year anniversary with an awesome photowalk! Join @107430862196617669986 and me for a walk - all skill levels, any kind of gear. Bring yourself, your camera/phone, and your good mood. We're blowing this mutha out. Meeting Spot: South Side of the Tower on the UT Campus, Downtown Austin Meeting Time: 10AM / Walk Start 10:30 Walk: From campus down to South Congress, ending at Guero's Taco Bar for drinks and lunch. What's that, you say? Party afterward? BUT OF COURSE. It's Austin! Join us at the Soco Studio for a party and live performance with @110748045588517484202 , drinks graciously provided by Spirit of Texas http://www.spiritoftx.com/. This is limited to the first 40 people who RSVP here: http://plancast.com/p/bxqz . The party will not be in walking distance from our stopping point, but we are arranging for cars to be available to get us all back to our vehicles (for those who joined the photo walk). Can't join us for the party but still want to groove to @110748045588517484202? Well, we've got you covered - we'll be broadcasting the entire performance and party via an On Air Hangout. It's a party, and in one way or another, you are all invited! BOOYAH. Tell your friends. :) #photowalkaustin   #photowalk   #GplusAnniversary  Google+ 1 Year Anniversary Photowalk in Austin Texas2012-06-30 17:00:0066  
Victor Bezrukov1,648,799 Everybody welcome to join the coffee party BYC ( bring your coffee ) don't forget to upload your coffee-images ! Virtual coffee party2012-06-27 22:30:00144  

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