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Jeff Goldblum has been at 1 events

Karen Hutton1,794,156*Tomorrow night on @101457540902915376745 ... it's allll about @118357019708110162087!* If you think you know all there is to know about this amazing company, guess again! We'll be exploring _behind_ the curtain of Oz with the awesome team of  @103719067712188912978 @106711803105103787711 and @107740057098782600857. Who are these superheroes? What were their humble beginnings? What is the deeply personal motivational engine that has driven SmugMug to its current destination as the *largest photo site* in the world?? *You'll find all that out and more, as this kickass team also shares business tips* for photographers from the front lines of today's business market... as well as some cool 'how-to's" for navigating their (new and improved) website! In true *LIFE Through the Lens* fashion, you'll leave full and feeling inspired with food for thought and tips you can apply immediately after this most AWESOME show!! Join the chat here: http://blyve.com/event/88766150e358e00ac8000000 PLUS... we'll be *giving away a free SmugMug Pro account*... and have a special announcement to make, which you WON'T WANT TO MISS.  *Please join us!* You'll be sorely missed if you can't... but you can always watch the recording tomorrow on the @101457540902915376745 stream* ;-)) @108215644829092784557 @102384669117825357195 @117681034834791918293 @107494834634231938072 @116678377243407600427 @107650451991930674897 LIFE Through the Lens presents: The One and Only SmugMug Dream Team!2012-09-26 03:00:00136  

Jeff Goldblum has been shared in 1 public circles

AuthorFollowersDateUsers in CircleCommentsReshares+1Links
Charles Strebor (Rantz)1,861Let's InteractThis circle consists of 23 people that have circled me that I have circled back - or the other way around. Whilst there have been times when I've added large circles to my circles (Science Fiction or Photography, of course), I now go through the profiles and posts of those who have circled me to see if there's anything of interest that we have in common - there's only so much time and I've no reason to crowd my stream with people who have merely added me to their circles from a larger shared circle if there's nought that we have in common.In this group of 23, there is much interest to be found: a few artists and photographers, a heap of nerds and, mostly, myriad lovers of Science Fiction.Whilst I initially joined +Google+ because that's what modern-day nerds do, I at first thought it would be a grand place to meet other photographers/artists who have similar artistic/photogaphic interests as myself: whilst that is somewhat true, my main inspiration for photography is still +Flickr. This place, for me, has become primarily a place to meet and interact with others keen on science and science fiction: ymmv.Investigate what you find here - you might find a few new people for your +Google+ experience.+232012-04-25 20:48:44231104


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