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2015-12-06 18:50:04 (3 comments; 1 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

Christmas Time Ohio State Style!

One Holiday window display done OSU style. Very old classic style with the raggedy dolls. Nice!

#holidaywindows #christmas #worldwidechristmasalbum #ohiostate #gobucks #mountvernonohio #window

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2015-12-06 20:32:20 (1 comments; 1 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

the yule log adventures, a collection of Xmas stories
it was snowing, and together they smiled, a yule time story about ants and their own little friends

The day changed before their searching eyes as the humidity kept building up, and before you knew it drops of water was hurling down toward them from the clouds, thick and utterly gorgeous drops of water splashed across the leafs and branches that was scattered above them with near silent, yet if you truly listened, it was like a carpet of thundering clashes that played a wayward march of a million drums.

The little aphid cow right next to the ant looked startled at the sea of thickening tears that came hurling down all around them.

"My very first winter rain, my gosh, just look at those drops, how big and thick they are"

Yes, the soldier ant Said, they are close to becoming hale and... more »

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2014-12-26 12:36:09 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 7 +1s)Open 

+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album​

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2015-12-10 17:29:06 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

Beautiful +Carina Marsh 

10 December
Christmas tradition: Christmas tree decorations___Beautiful +Carina Marsh 

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2015-12-10 17:25:42 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

Another great Christmas post by +Michael A Koontz 

A ghastly Christmas ghost story by Charles Dickens
The chimes

Music of the day as you read chapter 1.
The constant by Anthrax

The first half of chapter 1.




There are not many people—and as it is desirable that a story-teller and a story-reader should establish a mutual understanding as soon as possible, I beg it to be noticed that I confine this observation neither to young people nor to little people, but extend it to all conditions of people: little and big, young and old: yet growing up, or already growing down again—there are not, I say, many people who would care to sleep in a church. I don’t mean at sermon-time in warm weather (when the thing has actually been done, once or twice), but in the night, and alone. A great multitude of persons will be violently astonished, I know, by this position, in the broad bold Day. But it applies to Night. It must be argued by night, and I will undertake to maintain it successfully on any gusty winter’s night appointed for the purpose, with any one opponent chosen from the rest, who will meet me singly in an old churchyard, before an old church-door; and will previously empower me to lock him in, if needful to his satisfaction, until morning.

For the night-wind has a dismal trick of wandering round and round a building of that sort, and moaning as it goes; and of trying, with its unseen hand, the windows and the doors; and seeking out some crevices by which to enter. And when it has got in; as one not finding what it seeks, whatever that may be, it wails and howls to issue forth again: and not content with stalking through the aisles, and gliding round and round the pillars, and tempting the deep organ, soars up to the roof, and strives to rend the rafters: then flings itself despairingly upon the stones below, and passes, muttering, into the vaults. Anon, it comes up stealthily, and creeps along the walls, seeming to read, in whispers, the Inscriptions sacred to the Dead. At some of these, it breaks out shrilly, as with laughter; and at others, moans and cries as if it were lamenting. It has a ghostly sound too, lingering within the altar; where it seems to chaunt, in its wild way, of Wrong and Murder done, and false Gods worshipped, in defiance of the Tables of the Law, which look so fair and smooth, but are so flawed and broken.

Ugh! Heaven preserve us, sitting snugly round the fire! It has an awful voice, that wind at Midnight, singing in a church!

But, high up in the steeple! There the foul blast roars and whistles! High up in the steeple, where it is free to come and go through many an airy arch and loophole, and to twist and twine itself about the giddy stair, and twirl the groaning weathercock, and make the very tower shake and shiver! High up in the steeple, where the belfry is, and iron rails are ragged with rust, and sheets of lead and copper, shrivelled by the changing weather, crackle and heave beneath the unaccustomed tread; and birds stuff shabby nests into corners of old oaken joists and beams; and dust grows old and grey; and speckled spiders, indolent and fat with long security, swing idly to and fro in the vibration of the bells, and never loose their hold upon their thread-spun castles in the air, or climb up sailor-like in quick alarm, or drop upon the ground and ply a score of nimble legs to save one life! High up in the steeple of an old church, far above the light and murmur of the town and far below the flying clouds that shadow it, is the wild and dreary place at night: and high up in the steeple of an old church, dwelt the Chimes I tell of.

The chimes I tell of

They were old Chimes, trust me. Centuries ago, these Bells had been baptized by bishops: so many centuries ago, that the register of their baptism was lost long, long before the memory of man, and no one knew their names. They had had their Godfathers and Godmothers, these Bells (for my own part, by the way, I would rather incur the responsibility of being Godfather to a Bell than a Boy), and had their silver mugs no doubt, besides. But Time had mowed down their sponsors, and Henry the Eighth had melted down their mugs; and they now hung, nameless and mugless, in the church-tower. Not speechless, though. Far from it. They had clear, loud, lusty, sounding voices, had these Bells; and far and wide they might be heard upon the wind. Much too sturdy Chimes were they, to be dependent on the pleasure of the wind, moreover; for, fighting gallantly against it when it took an adverse whim, they would pour their cheerful notes into a listening ear right royally; and bent on being heard on stormy nights, by some poor mother watching a sick child, or some lone wife whose husband was at sea, they had been sometimes known to beat a blustering Nor’ Wester; aye, ‘all to fits,’ as Toby Veck said;—for though they chose to call him Trotty Veck, his name was Toby, and nobody could make it anything else either (except Tobias) without a special act of parliament; he having been as lawfully christened in his day as the Bells had been in theirs, though with not quite so much of solemnity or public rejoicing. For my part, I confess myself of Toby Veck’s belief, for I am sure he had opportunities enough of forming a correct one. And whatever Toby Veck said, I say. And I take my stand by Toby Veck, although he did stand all day long (and weary work it was) just outside the church-door. In fact he was a ticket-porter, Toby Veck, and waited there for jobs. And a breezy, goose-skinned, blue-nosed, red-eyed, stony-toed, tooth-chattering place it was, to wait in, in the winter-time, as Toby Veck well knew. The wind came tearing round the corner—especially the east wind—as if it had sallied forth, express, from the confines of the earth, to have a blow at Toby. And oftentimes it seemed to come upon him sooner than it had expected, for bouncing round the corner, and passing Toby, it would suddenly wheel round again, as if it cried ‘Why, here he is!’ Incontinently his little white apron would be caught up over his head like a naughty boy’s garments, and his feeble little cane would be seen to wrestle and struggle unavailingly in his hand, and his legs would undergo tremendous agitation, and Toby himself all aslant, and facing now in this direction, now in that, would be so banged and buffeted, and touzled, and worried, and hustled, and lifted off his feet, as to render it a state of things but one degree removed from a positive miracle, that he wasn’t carried up bodily into the air as a colony of frogs or snails or other very portable creatures sometimes are, and rained down again, to the great astonishment of the natives, on some strange corner of the world where ticket-porters are unknown. But, windy weather, in spite of its using him so roughly, was, after all, a sort of holiday for Toby. That’s the fact. He didn’t seem to wait so long for a sixpence in the wind, as at other times; the having to fight with that boisterous element took off his attention, and quite freshened him up, when he was getting hungry and low-spirited. A hard frost too, or a fall of snow, was an Event; and it seemed to do him good, somehow or other—it would have been hard to say in what respect though, Toby! So wind and frost and snow, and perhaps a good stiff storm of hail, were Toby Veck’s red-letter days. Wet weather was the worst; the cold, damp, clammy wet, that wrapped him up like a moist great-coat—the only kind of great-coat Toby owned, or could have added to his comfort by dispensing with. Wet days, when the rain came slowly, thickly, obstinately down; when the street’s throat, like his own, was choked with mist; when smoking umbrellas passed and re-passed, spinning round and round like so many teetotums, as they knocked against each other on the crowded footway, throwing off a little whirlpool of uncomfortable sprinklings; when gutters brawled and waterspouts were full and noisy; when the wet from the projecting stones and ledges of the church fell drip, drip, drip, on Toby, making the wisp of straw on which he stood mere mud in no time; those were the days that tried him. Then, indeed, you might see Toby looking anxiously out from his shelter in an angle of the church wall—such a meagre shelter that in summer time it never cast a shadow thicker than a good-sized walking stick upon the sunny pavement—with a disconsolate and lengthened face. But coming out, a minute afterwards, to warm himself by exercise, and trotting up and down some dozen times, he would brighten even then, and go back more brightly to his niche. They called him Trotty from his pace, which meant speed if it didn’t make it. He could have walked faster perhaps; most likely; but rob him of his trot, and Toby would have taken to his bed and died. It bespattered him with mud in dirty weather; it cost him a world of trouble; he could have walked with infinitely greater ease; but that was one reason for his clinging to it so tenaciously. A weak, small, spare old man, he was a very Hercules, this Toby, in his good intentions. He loved to earn his money. He delighted to believe—Toby was very poor, and couldn’t well afford to part with a delight—that he was worth his salt. With a shilling or an eighteenpenny message or small parcel in hand, his courage always high, rose higher. As he trotted on, he would call out to fast Postmen ahead of him, to get out of the way; devoutly believing that in the natural course of things he must inevitably overtake and run them down; and he had perfect faith—not often tested—in his being able to carry anything that man could lift. Thus, even when he came out of his nook to warm himself on a wet day, Toby trotted. Making, with his leaky shoes, a crooked line of slushy footprints in the mire; and blowing on his chilly hands and rubbing them against each other, poorly defended from the searching cold by threadbare mufflers of grey worsted, with a private apartment only for the thumb, and a common room or tap for the rest of the fingers; Toby, with his knees bent and his cane beneath his arm, still trotted. Falling out into the road to look up at the belfry when the Chimes resounded, Toby trotted still. He made this last excursion several times a day, for they were company to him; and when he heard their voices, he had an interest in glancing at their lodging-place, and thinking how they were moved, and what hammers beat upon them. Perhaps he was the more curious about these Bells, because there were points of resemblance between themselves and him. They hung there, in all weathers, with the wind and rain driving in upon them; facing only the outsides of all those houses; never getting any nearer to the blazing fires that gleamed and shone upon the windows, or came puffing out of the chimney tops; and incapable of participation in any of the good things that were constantly being handed through the street doors and the area railings, to prodigious cooks. Faces came and went at many windows: sometimes pretty faces, youthful faces, pleasant faces: sometimes the reverse: but Toby knew no more (though he often speculated on these trifles, standing idle in the streets) whence they came, or where they went, or whether, when the lips moved, one kind word was said of him in all the year, than did the Chimes themselves. Toby was not a casuist—that he knew of, at least—and I don’t mean to say that when he began to take to the Bells, and to knit up his first rough acquaintance with them into something of a closer and more delicate woof, he passed through these considerations one by one, or held any formal review or great field-day in his thoughts. But what I mean to say, and do say is, that as the functions of Toby’s body, his digestive organs for example, did of their own cunning, and by a great many operations of which he was altogether ignorant, and the knowledge of which would have astonished him very much, arrive at a certain end; so his mental faculties, without his privity or concurrence, set all these wheels and springs in motion, with a thousand others, when they worked to bring about his liking for the Bells. And though I had said his love, I would not have recalled the word, though it would scarcely have expressed his complicated feeling. For, being but a simple man, he invested them with a strange and solemn character. They were so mysterious, often heard and never seen; so high up, so far off, so full of such a deep strong melody, that he regarded them with a species of awe; and sometimes when he looked up at the dark arched windows in the tower, he half expected to be beckoned to by something which was not a Bell, and yet was what he had heard so often sounding in the Chimes. For all this, Toby scouted with indignation a certain flying rumour that the Chimes were haunted, as implying the possibility of their being connected with any Evil thing. In short, they were very often in his ears, and very often in his thoughts, but always in his good opinion; and he very often got such a crick in his neck by staring with his mouth wide open, at the steeple where they hung, that he was fain to take an extra trot or two, afterwards, to cure it. The very thing he was in the act of doing one cold day, when the last drowsy sound of Twelve o’clock, just struck, was humming like a melodious monster of a Bee, and not by any means a busy bee, all through the steeple!

‘Dinner-time, eh!’ said Toby, trotting up and down before the church. ‘Ah!’

Toby’s nose was very red, and his eyelids were very red, and he winked very much, and his shoulders were very near his ears, and his legs were very stiff, and altogether he was evidently a long way upon the frosty side of cool.

‘Dinner-time, eh!’ repeated Toby, using his right-hand muffler like an infantine boxing-glove, and punishing his chest for being cold. ‘Ah-h-h-h!’

He took a silent trot, after that, for a minute or two.
‘There’s nothing,’ said Toby, breaking forth afresh—but here he stopped short in his trot, and with a face of great interest and some alarm, felt his nose carefully all the way up. It was but a little way (not being much of a nose) and he had soon finished.
‘I thought it was gone,’ said Toby, trotting off again. ‘It’s all right, however. I am sure I couldn’t blame it if it was to go. It has a precious hard service of it in the bitter weather, and precious little to look forward to; for I don’t take snuff myself. It’s a good deal tried, poor creetur, at the best of times; for when it does get hold of a pleasant whiff or so (which an’t too often) it’s generally from somebody else’s dinner, a-coming home from the baker’s.’

The reflection reminded him of that other reflection, which he had left unfinished.

‘There’s nothing,’ said Toby, ‘more regular in its coming round than dinner-time, and nothing less regular in its coming round than dinner. That’s the great difference between ’em. It’s took me a long time to find it out. I wonder whether it would be worth any gentleman’s while, now, to buy that obserwation for the Papers; or the Parliament!’ Toby was only joking, for he gravely shook his head in self-depreciation.
‘Why! Lord!’ said Toby. ‘The Papers is full of obserwations as it is; and so’s the Parliament. Here’s last week’s paper, now;’ taking a very dirty one from his pocket, and holding it from him at arm’s length; ‘full of obserwations! Full of obserwations! I like to know the news as well as any man,’ said Toby, slowly; folding it a little smaller, and putting it in his pocket again: ‘but it almost goes against the grain with me to read a paper now. It frightens me almost. I don’t know what we poor people are coming to. Lord send we may be coming to something better in the New Year nigh upon us!’
‘Why, father, father!’ said a pleasant voice, hard by.

But Toby, not hearing it, continued to trot backwards and forwards: musing as he went, and talking to himself.
‘It seems as if we can’t go right, or do right, or be righted,’ said Toby. ‘I hadn’t much schooling, myself, when I was young; and I can’t make out whether we have any business on the face of the earth, or not. Sometimes I think we must have—a little; and sometimes I think we must be intruding. I get so puzzled sometimes that I am not even able to make up my mind whether there is any good at all in us, or whether we are born bad. We seem to be dreadful things; we seem to give a deal of trouble; we are always being complained of and guarded against. One way or other, we fill the papers. Talk of a New Year!’ said Toby, mournfully. ‘I can bear up as well as another man at most times; better than a good many, for I am as strong as a lion, and all men an’t; but supposing it should really be that we have no right to a New Year—supposing we really are intruding—’
‘Why, father, father!’ said the pleasant voice again.

Toby heard it this time; started; stopped; and shortening his sight, which had been directed a long way off as seeking the enlightenment in the very heart of the approaching year, found himself face to face with his own child, and looking close into her eyes. Bright eyes they were. Eyes that would bear a world of looking in, before their depth was fathomed. Dark eyes, that reflected back the eyes which searched them; not flashingly, or at the owner’s will, but with a clear, calm, honest, patient radiance, claiming kindred with that light which Heaven called into being. Eyes that were beautiful and true, and beaming with Hope. With Hope so young and fresh; with Hope so buoyant, vigorous, and bright, despite the twenty years of work and poverty on which they had looked; that they became a voice to Trotty Veck, and said: ‘I think we have some business here—a little!’ Trotty kissed the lips belonging to the eyes, and squeezed the blooming face between his hands.
‘Why, Pet,’ said Trotty. ‘What’s to do? I didn’t expect you to-day, Meg.’

‘Neither did I expect to come, father,’ cried the girl, nodding her head and smiling as she spoke. ‘But here I am! And not alone; not alone!’
‘Why you don’t mean to say,’ observed Trotty, looking curiously at a covered basket which she carried in her hand, ‘that you—’
‘Smell it, father dear,’ said Meg. ‘Only smell it!’

Read the rest of the book
http://www.anorseview.com/?q=thechimesbydickens___Another great Christmas post by +Michael A Koontz 

posted image

2015-12-10 17:24:59 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

Such a great idea +Carina Marsh 

7 December
Christmas tradition: Christmas Handicraft
Origami stars
During Advent the children make the decoration for the Christmas tree. Sometimes these ornaments are sold for charity.___Such a great idea +Carina Marsh 

posted image

2015-12-10 17:24:44 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

Fabulous Christmas sweets by +Carina Marsh 

8 December
Christmas tradition: Christmas sweets
Königsberger Marzipan

To produce these sweets is the complex and expensive. It takes me seven minutes to produce a single piece. Several days prior to the actual manufacture, various dried fruits are mixed with alcohol. This year we have: Ginger with vodka, pineapple with rum, apricot with amaretto and apple with Calvados. On the day of the preparation of the Konigsberg marzipan alcohol is sieved and the fruits are pureed. Then the actual production starts. First, you make a hollow body of marzipan. Mold the edge decorativ with tweezers.Brown the molds in the oven until the sugar is caramelized. After that, fill the cookies two-thirds with fruit pulp. Upon this comes a lid made of chocolate. It should be beautifully decorated, so that you can distinguish between the different varieties. The result is incredibly delicious, but actually being with the family is highest reward of this tradition.___Fabulous Christmas sweets by +Carina Marsh 

posted image

2015-12-10 17:24:15 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

So beautiful +Marilyn Benham 

December 9th. The Christmas countdown...
Jingle Bells
Jingle Bell Rock Bobby Helms 1957
This is the christmas pin I wear every year whenever we go christmas shopping.. everyone always makes a comment about it when they realize what exactly it says...
The countdown clock
Santa Tracker

#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015 +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album___So beautiful +Marilyn Benham 

posted image

2015-12-07 19:26:40 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

This reminds me so much of childhood +Tip Junkie <3

I SERIOUSLY LOVE to count down to CHRISTMAS. So do my boys. Here's some great ideas for making your own calendars.

#christmas #countdown #advent #calendars #DIY #homemade___This reminds me so much of childhood +Tip Junkie <3

2015-12-07 19:25:49 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 1 +1s)Open 

Beautiful shots by +Jana Sovadinová 

Added photos to Christmas Countdown for Cats #XmasWithDaisyBlue2015.___Beautiful shots by +Jana Sovadinová 

posted image

2015-12-07 19:22:56 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

Love this +Marilyn Benham 

December 7th. The Christmas Countdown....
Singing Christmas carols around the neighborhoods brings joy to all who stop to listen. Such great memories. Always so fun gathering with family, & friends heading out like a bunch of giddy children : )

The countdown clock
Santa Tracker

#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015 +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album
#ChristmasCaroling ___Love this +Marilyn Benham 

posted image

2015-12-06 20:37:56 (0 comments; 0 reshares; 3 +1s)Open 

Christmas book suggestions by +Riverside Regional Library 

Count down to Christmas with these holiday favorites!___Christmas book suggestions by +Riverside Regional Library 

posted image

2015-12-06 20:37:20 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 5 +1s)Open 

Fabulous Christmas Tree +Treetopia Christmas Trees 

Heidi from home-by-heidi went big with her metallic glow theme for her Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas tree.

Inspired by her unique take on a Technicolor Christmas? Learn what her design mantra is here: http://ow.ly/Vwy6F http://ow.ly/i/f06hz___Fabulous Christmas Tree +Treetopia Christmas Trees 

posted image

2015-12-06 20:32:20 (1 comments; 1 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

'the yule log adventures, a collection of Xmas stories' by +Michael A Koontz a must read! 

the yule log adventures, a collection of Xmas stories
it was snowing, and together they smiled, a yule time story about ants and their own little friends

The day changed before their searching eyes as the humidity kept building up, and before you knew it drops of water was hurling down toward them from the clouds, thick and utterly gorgeous drops of water splashed across the leafs and branches that was scattered above them with near silent, yet if you truly listened, it was like a carpet of thundering clashes that played a wayward march of a million drums.

The little aphid cow right next to the ant looked startled at the sea of thickening tears that came hurling down all around them.

"My very first winter rain, my gosh, just look at those drops, how big and thick they are"

Yes, the soldier ant Said, they are close to becoming hale and snow by now. I can already feel it in the air. Come, let us go back inside before winter catches us. We are in northern lands now, and the freeze can happen instantly here. And if it do, it is strong and powerful enough to hurt us

"The freeze?" The Young aphid sounded as frightened and hesitant as he looked now.

Yes, wait here, I have to close the hatchet too. Our Norse tribe would not be too happy with us if I forgot to close this entrance for the winter. You see, up here with the fairies and trolls, those white and brown Bears and Santa Claus. Things turn to real ice and snow up here for month at a time. It is impossible to survive outside for little ones like us. Everything, even the rain becomes hard as metal and stones against your skin.

"but, it was sunny and warm yesterday?"

Yes, winter has come.
But no need to worry about that, we usually spend our summer and autumn up here, we are a migrant tribe after all, and once Santa has dropped off his bag of presents next week it is time for us to take the southern tunnel down back to Africa, and from there, we might hitch a hike with the Spider ballon trail, and in return for us helping them stay safe, they will carry us all the way out to the ocean trading route.

From the trading route, ocean currents, winds and our own ladybugs will take us all the rest of the way to Brazil, it´s lovely during this time of the year. So, no worries, in a month or so we will once again see summer and you can graze as much as you want in our southern hemisphere capital, until we head back north for the arctic summer of course.

Perhaps, next year, we will go and visit the eastern outpost, Japan has such a beautiful blossoming tree and the clan chief has sent words that next year will be an extraordinary display of wonders, the trees and bugs have been producing an extraordinary amount of milk for us.

who is santa Claus

"Who is Santa Claus?" the little aphid said.

Well, Santa is, you know. Think of Santa as more of a magical being than a person. He lives up in the wild north, somewhere far away and deep in the snowy mountains of the ancient places only known to vikings and frost giants.
He walks amongst the humans, the ants and every little critter and animal. Almost like Odén, the old viking king of all the norse gods.

He has many names and shapes, but once a year Santa lets the world see him almost the same way no matter who you are. He walks this planet, an old and very bearded man, slightly puffy and quite over weight, but perhaps that is just the shape he wants you to see that very day.

Come xmas eve, when you close your eyes and the ferries take you to the world of dreams, Santa somehow finds his way inside your house, leaving presents behind, and behind him he sprinkles a crunchy trace and scent of ginger bread and a most delicate lingering feeling of wonders.

The point is, no one really know´s who Santa is, or how he can change his shape like that, to grow as tall as the tallest of giants, or as small as an ant. No one knows how he actually look like, or how he can travel the entire world and be at millions of places almost all at once. Is there a hundred thousand different Santa beings? An unknown species that only shows itself to the rest of us during Christmas. Or is it just one Santa that some how manages to find himself in hundreds of millions of places each and every second.

I do not know.

It´s magical like that. Like nothing else in life.

He shows up, and he vanishes, like he almost never was there to begin with, and behind him, the scent of magic and the physical gifts which he has left behind is all that remains.

Well, that and gratitude i hope, because you should be grateful.

For life itself, each person that truly cares about you, and for all the wonders in the world. For the kindness that somehow gave you that gift.

Grateful for the cycle of life, light and dark. Snow and warmth, it´s all an wondrous part of life.

And yeah, it´s magical, Santa and the reality of the yule log traditions.

Just remember to not lay awake. Because Santa never ever shows up before each and everyone inside the house have soundly entered the dreamy lands that is guarded by the moon and the stars. Some how he always knows if you are silently laying awake trying to catch a glimps or sound of him, and if you stay up for too long, all that you will have accomplished is that he will not show up at all. And if that happens, well tough luck kiddo - you are officially down and out with Santa and you better hope that someone in your life is kind enough to buy you gifts of their own.

So you see, you have to fall asleep little one if you really want santa to come around, so nn and dont let the bed bugs bite. Because I want him to leave some gifts behind him, I have waited all year long for that.

..... "but,tell me about the lady bug trail!."

Hush now little cow,
I do not want us to chase away Santa this year too, I will tell you all about our lady bug trail tomorrow, and soon you will get to see it with your very own eyes as we leave the new fallen snow behind. But for now, please let´s close our eyes and visit the sandy ant mans shores.
I have heard that he is having a barbeque tonight together with a bunch of hybernating vikings that just woke up, and I doubt you would want to miss that.

.... "Oh wow, the sandy ant and vikings, I cant wait to see that"

....."What are they barbequing?"

..... "Oh I can hear him, did you hear that! Santa is here, I can hear him"

......"How did he get inside, we dont have a chimney!!"


read the rest of the stories in the yule log adventures

___'the yule log adventures, a collection of Xmas stories' by +Michael A Koontz a must read! 

posted image

2015-12-06 20:30:01 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 4 +1s)Open 

So lovely +Marilyn Benham 

December 6th The Christmas Countdown
Santa Tracker

#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015 +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album
#Snowman ___So lovely +Marilyn Benham 

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2015-12-06 19:55:52 (1 comments; 0 reshares; 6 +1s)Open 

Super sweet +Carina Marsh 

3 December
Christmas tradition: Reading Christmas stories to someone
Picture Book

Advent is a time for family. Especially in the evening are Christmas stories told or it is read aloud. The teddy bear holds my favorite Christmas book, which I want recommend warmly to you. ___Super sweet +Carina Marsh 

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Time to get writing those Christmas cards, +Carina Marsh has the right idea <3

4 December
Christmas tradition: Write Christmas Cards

Dear g+friends,
may your heart be warmed by the sweet magic that Christmas always brings, and may all your dreams be fullfilled.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Yours, Carina___Time to get writing those Christmas cards, +Carina Marsh has the right idea <3

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Beautiful Advent wreath by +Carina Marsh 

5 December
Christmas tradition: Advent wreath

You will receive an explanation for the picture on Monday. I am a bit short time, because I have guests.___Beautiful Advent wreath by +Carina Marsh 

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The magic of Christmas by +Lars Clausen 

December light___The magic of Christmas by +Lars Clausen 

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Blue doesn't have to be sad, beautiful shot by +Lars Clausen 

Blue spin___Blue doesn't have to be sad, beautiful shot by +Lars Clausen 

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Instant smiles, do check out +Lars Clausen great photography! 

UPS___Instant smiles, do check out +Lars Clausen great photography! 

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All this snow, totally awesome +Lars Clausen 

Busy shopping days ahead___All this snow, totally awesome +Lars Clausen 

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Wonderful shots by +Joe Frazee 

Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus…

I hope everyone been good this year. And here to stuff into your holiday stockings is a Christmas Before and After from me!

Starting in Lightroom, I first cropped the photo before starting making adjustments in the Basic panel. In the Basic panel, used the following settings: Highlights -82, Shadows +70, Whites +18, Clarity +52, and Vibrance +32. Under Color panel, I increased the Orange Saturation to +42 and decreased the Luminance to -37. Next in the Split Toning panel, changed Highlights Saturation to 5 and Shadows Saturation to 5 as well. Next, I increased the Sharpening Amount to 86 in the Details panel and increased the Dehaze to +18 under the Effects panel before open the photo into Adobe Photoshop as a Smart Object.

Open in Adobe Photoshop CC, I tried my new plugin Intensify CK by Macphun. Once again, the problem I have with this plugin is that when I reopen the Smart Object into the plugin, all my settings are reset. Sigh. So I can’t share my exact settings, so I am going to have to get into the habit of writing down the settings before I apply them. But I do know I started with the Lo Fi High Detail preset. Well, once I am done in Intensify and return to Photoshop, I began to apply some additional adjustments starting with an Iris Blur from the Blur Gallery. Next came a Photo Filter adjustment layer (Warming Filter (85) at 25%, plus an Curves adjustment layer to darken the vignette some. Then I removed the horse crap under the carriage, where is there a shovel when you need one? I used a second Curves adjustment layer to brighten Santa and the carriage. After all of this, one thing kept nothing me about the photo: the street lamp. I kept wishing it would be lighted or have a yellow glow to it. So, I added a new layer and filled with a white fill and then used a mask to mask out everything but the glass on the street lamp. Then I applied a Color Overlay effect with the color #e8c938 and set it to Multiply. Okay, then set the blend mode of the layer itself to Overlay. Next, I added a third Curves adjustment layer to darken the yellow fill of the street lamp and finally used a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to increase the saturation of the yellow to finish off the photo.

Left: The final post-processed photo.
Right: The original photo I started with.

#beforeandafter #postprocessing #christmas #chrsitmasparade #santaclaus #santa #worldwidechristmasalbum #chrsitmastown #googlecollections___Wonderful shots by +Joe Frazee 

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Loving it +Joe Frazee 

It's Holiday Windows Time!

It is that time to check out the local holiday window displays! Btw, to help make sure that EVERYONE can find my photo albums, including this one called Holiday Windows, I started a new Google collection called (what else) Photo Albums by Joe Frazee. Eventually I plan to add my other photo albums to this collection to make sure everybody can find them since Google has spun off the photos albums separately from Google+.

Note that this is time of year I will be adding some photos to this album as I took some photos of the window displays this evening. So stay tuned!

#christmas #christmastown #holidaywindows #worldwidechristmasalbum___Loving it +Joe Frazee 

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Loving the old feel about this +Joe Frazee beautiful capture.

Christmas Time Ohio State Style!

One Holiday window display done OSU style. Very old classic style with the raggedy dolls. Nice!

#holidaywindows #christmas #worldwidechristmasalbum #ohiostate #gobucks #mountvernonohio #window___Loving the old feel about this +Joe Frazee beautiful capture.

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We always look forward to the Christmas countdown +Marilyn Benham 

December 5th... It's the Christmas Countdown!

Santa Tracker

#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015
  +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album  #Nutcracker   #Christmas2015  ___We always look forward to the Christmas countdown +Marilyn Benham 

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Seriously hungry now +Marilyn Benham Love it! 

December 3rd. Time to Make your Christmas Baking List
This is one of the varieties of cookies I bake every year.
Family recipes passed down with love... : )
#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015
+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album___Seriously hungry now +Marilyn Benham Love it! 

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Happy holidays dear +Marilyn Benham <3

December 4th.. It's the Christmas Countdown...

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

He's making a list,
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out!
You better not cry.
Better not pout, I'm telling you why.
Santa Claus is coming to town.
written by John Frederick Coots and Haven Gillespie

Click the link to listen with those special children in your life

Your Christmas Countdown
Santa Tracker

#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015
+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album___Happy holidays dear +Marilyn Benham <3

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Beautiful shot by +Carina Marsh <3

6 December
Christmas tradition: On the eve of St. Nicholas
put the shoes in front of the door

In Germany there is a tradition to put on the eve of St. Nicholas to the shoes outside the door. Nicholas comes at night and fills your shoes with sweets and with apples, nuts and tangerines. If you were very good, he puts little present to this. This may be a pair of socks or a pajama. But beware! Nicholas is accompanied by his servant Ruprecht (bogeyman). He is not to be trifled with! If you were not well-behaved, you get a birch. ___Beautiful shot by +Carina Marsh <3

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Love this +Heiko Köster 

30 years after the Return of the Jedi ...
The Force Awakens
... this Christmas

Like this and follow me on Instagram, here: https://goo.gl/1me4pe

I've foreseen this long ago in 2011 when I took this shot ;)

#hqspmacro +HQSP Macro curated by +Stefanie Schächtel +Igor Schevchenko +Peter Marbaise +Evi Verstraeten and +Anja Wessels

#GingerBreadThursday  +Christmas Town +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album  

#EpisodeVII   #StarWars   #starwarstheforceawakens  
#christmas2015   #Christmas   #Christmastree   #Bokeh   #DoF   #macro   #Lego   #DarthVader   #GingerBread   #Fir   #FirTree  ___Love this +Heiko Köster 

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Fabulous front porch by Becca Ross

Christmas Front Porch
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house!  I'm still not lifting or moving too much since my back surgery, but my pointer finger works just fine.  My kids and my hubby really like it when I ask them to do something and then just sit and point...___Fabulous front porch by Becca Ross

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Wonderful +The Red House 

The Red House 24 Days of Christmas - Day Two: Decorating My Christmas Tree
Success - I'm back for day two of my 24 posts for Christmas challenge, only 22 more days to go!! Today I am sharing one of my favourite parts of my Christmas preparations - my Christmas Tree. I love decorating my Christmas Tree and go for a different style ...___Wonderful +The Red House 

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Great recipe ideas via +Angie Holden 

You don't want to miss our Nutter Butter Christmas cookie ideas!  #ad http://www.ebay.com/gds/Nutter-Butter-Christmas-Cookie-Ideas-/10000000206365030/g.html?roken2=ti.pQW5naWUgSG9sZGVu #christmas #christmascookie #holiday #santa #cookieideas  ___Great recipe ideas via +Angie Holden 

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If you are near Rockefeller Center, head there tonight! +SignYourName 

Tonight is the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree! Don’t you just love the holiday season?! 🎄

#rockefellercenter #christmastree #christmas2015 #holidayseason #holidaygifts #etsyshop #merrychristmas  ___If you are near Rockefeller Center, head there tonight! +SignYourName 

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Some fabulous Christmas ideas +Free My Gypsy Soul 

12 DIYs of Christmas: Festive DIY projects for a Beautiful Bohemian Christmas in a Small Apartment or Living Space
12 DIYs of Christmas: Add some Holiday Cheer to your  Small Apartment or Living Space with these  Festive DIY projects for a Beautiful Bohemian Christmas It's that time of year again! How does it always sneak up so fast?! And why do we always decide to move...___Some fabulous Christmas ideas +Free My Gypsy Soul 

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Beautiful Christmas dreamy shot by +Mikko Tyllinen 

Today in Helsinki was open christmas season. It was such a great show with Santa Clause and all other fairy tale creatures! I had lots of fun with my camera there!
oh and as you see Snow Queen sending a greetings to you! hahah!
Cheers!___Beautiful Christmas dreamy shot by +Mikko Tyllinen 

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Totally loving this Mikko <3 +Mikko Tyllinen 

Moment from opening of christmas season in Helsinki..

#photography   #nature #10000photographers #flowerphotography   #colors #flower #art #textureblendphotography #colors #mobilart #mobilephotography ___Totally loving this Mikko <3 +Mikko Tyllinen 

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Fantastic +Maria Herodt 

Copenhagen, Denmark - Tivoli Christmas market....___Fantastic +Maria Herodt 

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Do check out the +The Stitchin' Mommy 

___Do check out the +The Stitchin' Mommy 

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Beautiful +Modern Magazin 

http://modernmagazin.com/christmas-decoration-ideas/ #Christmas #Decoration #Ideas___Beautiful +Modern Magazin 

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Instant smiles thanks to +Joe Frazee 

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Lucy were here!

Shot from our Christmas Parade.

#christmasparade #christmas #mountvernonohio #charliebrown #snoopy #lucy___Instant smiles thanks to +Joe Frazee 

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Loving this by +Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. 

Make your holiday celebrations larger than life!

Our Biggest Sale of the Season is extended until midnight PST! Enjoy 50% savings on Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and decorations to delight your guests this season. Shop now: http://ow.ly/Vie0w___Loving this by +Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. 

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Brilliant shot by +Eric Wagner 

Alma and the Yule Tree

Christmas Tree and Goddess of Victory statue, Union Square, San Francisco, California.

#Christmas #SanFrancisco___Brilliant shot by +Eric Wagner 

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Amazing cause by +Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. 

This season, Balsam Hill has invited more than 30 celebrities to autograph our ornaments for auction on Ebay from December 1 to 11. 100% of the funds raised will be donated to Operation Smile to provide life-changing surgery to children all over the world.

View all the celebrity-signed ornaments and start bidding for ‪#‎GivebackTuesday‬: http://www.celebritiesforsmiles.com___Amazing cause by +Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. 

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Great Christmas Ornaments from +Guidecentral English 

Make Pretty Christmas Ornaments with Guidecentral.___Great Christmas Ornaments from +Guidecentral English 

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Your words are so deeply moving and true +Marilyn Benham beautiful shot!

December 2nd... Countdown of Christmas..
The Hope of Christmas can be found in every corner of our beautiful world....
Even where it seems like all hope is lost... still hope remains...

#ChristmasCountdown #WorldwideChristmasAlbum #ChristmasCountdown2015
  +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album___Your words are so deeply moving and true +Marilyn Benham beautiful shot!

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+Marilyn Benham always does a fabulous Christmas countdown, do check it out! 

Day One of the Countdown is officially here....
Blessings to you for your holidays to be filled with hope.. : ) xo

#HolidayCountdown #ChristmasCountdown 
+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album
___+Marilyn Benham always does a fabulous Christmas countdown, do check it out! 

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Beautiful Christmas pic by +Carina Marsh 

1 December
Christmas tradition: Christmas cookies

Dear g+friends,
I wish you a peaceful holiday season!
Every day I have a picture for you, to get you in the mood for Christmas. I have packed these pictures into a collection, so that you can find them more easily. We start with my "Nussecken", which I have baked yesterday. It is a variation of a traditional recipe. These consist of spelled flour, cashews, pistachios, persipan and apricot jam. I will attach the recipe yet. But now I am busy with the Christmas decoration.
Carina___Beautiful Christmas pic by +Carina Marsh 

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Loving the contemporary nativity scene by +Carina Marsh 

2 December
 Christmas tradition: nativity scene 
White Christmas___Loving the contemporary nativity scene by +Carina Marsh 

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Beautiful shot by +Heiko Köster <3

Star Cookie

Impression from the christmas market in Aachen.

+Christmas Town +Lynn Langmade +lane langmade +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht 

+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album 

#streetphotography   #Bokeh   #WideOpenLens  ___Beautiful shot by +Heiko Köster <3

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The best of Christmas bokeh by +Berit Schurse ! 

Some Christmas Bokeh

for #saturdaynightlight +SaturdayNightLight by +Dirk Heindoerfer
#worldwidechirstmasalbum +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album by +Louisa Catharine Forsyth +Randy Jay Braun___The best of Christmas bokeh by +Berit Schurse ! 

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Brilliant +Hans Tiefdeuchter , love it!

There we've got this certain time in year again where cookie baking industry gets into top gear. I also participated in this traditional act only to recognize its results did not last for long.

These would fit for clothing ;)

#button #cookies #christmas #christmas2014  
#christmastown +Christmas Town +lane langmade +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht +Lynn Langmade
#worldwidechristmasalbum +G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album +Randy Jay Braun +Louisa Catharine Forsyth
#DailyDepthOfField +Daily Depth Of Field curated by +Vince Ong +Nuraini Ghaifullah and +f.a. fiebig
#freshpics +Fresh Pics +Trevor Farrell ___Brilliant +Hans Tiefdeuchter , love it!

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Beautiful capture by +Tom McGowan , hoping your Christmas was the best! 

+G+ Worldwide Family Christmas Album​___Beautiful capture by +Tom McGowan , hoping your Christmas was the best! 


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